Andilly, Meurthe-et-Moselle
Andilly is 12 miles NW of Nancy. There was one reference to a Gerard and two
Noel families. At this time time there seem to be no direct conection with the
Noel's of Celles.
1718 Therese the child of Jean Alan and Anne Gerard was born.

Claude son of Jean Noel of -ieulouai- married Francose daughter of Jean Faisant of Cette(?).
      Jacques                May 1702
      Jean                   Nov 1704
      Claude Philippe        Jan 1707  
      Marguaritta                1709
      Elizabeth                  1711
      Marie Ann                  1713
      Leopold Jean               1716
      Nicholas                   1719

Joseph Noel and Margueritta  Didelos
      Margueritta     1718
      Nichola         1719