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Jean Francois Chretien
Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon
Nicholas Gerard
Eneas Noël
Joseph Noël
Francois Ory - Nicholas Ory
Nicholas Strasbach

Jean Francois Chretien
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Marie Chretien

Marie, daughter of Jean Francois Chretien and Anne Noel was born on 19 September
1733 at Plaine, Moselle, Lorraine, France.  On todays map Plaine was found 40 miles
SE of Nancy and 25 miles SW of Strassborg in Bas Rhin. Alsace. It should be noted
that the district name depended on the controling country, France or Germany.

Jean Francois Chretien
Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon
Nicholas Gerard
Eneas Noël
Joseph Noël
Francois Ory - Nicholas Ory
Nicholas Strasbach

Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon

History of the Peter Dillow Family Lineage - Pierre Delon

Jean Francois Chretien
Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon
Nicholas Gerard
Eneas Noël
Joseph Noël
Francois Ory - Nicholas Ory
Nicholas Strasbach

Nicholas Gerard

There are two possibilities for families of Nicolas Gerard. It is uncertain whether either was aboard the P. A. These appear to be different Nicolas Gerards.

Children of Nicolas Gerard and Magdelaine Mengin:
    Marie     5 Mar 1707
    Joseph    5 Oct 1716

Children of Nicolas Gerard  and Jeanne Florence:  (possibly the son of the above Nicolas Gerard)
    Jean    22 Jul 1734
       (A Nicolas Gerard died 12 Sep 1736; it is uncertain which.)

Jean Francois Chretien
Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon
Nicholas Gerard
Eneas Noël
Joseph Noël
Francois Ory - Nicholas Ory
Nicholas Strasbach

Eneas Noël

Jean Francois Chretien
Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon
Nicholas Gerard
Eneas Noël
Joseph Noël
Francois Ory - Nicholas Ory
Nicholas Strasbach

Joseph Noël

Jean Francois Chretien
Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon
Nicholas Gerard
Eneas Noël
Joseph Noël
Francois Ory - Nicholas Ory
Nicholas Strasbach


We have found a Nicolas Ory, son of Francois Ory, whose birth
record shows a date that matches the stated age of the Nicolas Ory
who was aboard the Princess Augusta with Francois and his family.
Ordinarily, that would suffice as proof of Nicolas' origins.  The
problem is that it is consistent circumstantial evidence, while there
exists direct evidence, Nicolas' will, that contradicts, not just the birth-
place, which might differ from where a person says he is 'from',
but also the names of his parents.  The will names Nicolas' parents
as Nicolas Ory and Jeanne Boye'.

Comparison of signatures from the Princess Augusta in 1736,
Mathias Ory's marriage record (which Nicolas signed in Oct 1774),
and the Nov 1775 will convinces me that the same person signed
them all; that is, the will is that of the Nicolas Ory that was aboard
the Princess Augusta.  A ZIP file of a MS Word DOC that compares
the signatures is attached.  The marriage record signature is cruder,
with poorly controlled strokes, compared with the Princess Augusta
signature, but similar in many respects.  For example, the forms of
all the letters are similar, as well as some very characteristic features,
such as the unusual stroke from the 'n' to the 'i' in 'nicolas', the stand-
alone 'o', and the shape of the 'y'.  The will has only the first name,
and even cruder, with worse uncontrolled strokes.  The marriage
record was signed 38 years later, and the will 39 years later, than the
Princess Augusta oath.  The crude forms of the later signatures seems
consistent with old age and, probably more important, illness and
debility.  There is evident progression in debility between the Oct
1774 marriage record and the Nov 1775 will signatures.

It is possible that the inconsistent facts stated in Nicolas' will were not
from his memory, but supplied by others who were not knowledgable,
and who provided information as best they could because Nicolas was
too ill to provide it.  They might have recollected some reference by
Nicolas to Bremenil, and thought that this was Nicolas' birthplace,
then recorded it as 'Brumley'.  That's possible, but it doesn't strike me
as persuasive.  Those details were not necessary to the will, so their
inclusion was not forced.  More important, it doesn't account for the
names given in the will for Nicolas' parents.

Francois' daughter Christine, who married Nicolas Marhoff, moved from
Maryland to Louisiana with Nicolas.  One would think that if Francois were
Nicolas' father, and Christine the aunt of Nicolas' children, they would be
familiar with their grandparents.  Christine was still alive at the time of
Nicolas' death, and could have provided information on his parents.  Perhaps
limitations on travel and communications in those days precluded this.

On the other side of the debate, I have checked records for Bruley and
Bremenil without finding Nicolas or his stated parents there.  I have also
made a quick check of the records for Sarreguemines (perhaps 'Sartemine'
of the will) and Puttelange (perhaps 'Peteling' of the will) without finding
records of Nicolas' second wife, Christine Michel, or her parents, given in
the will as Louis Michel of Louisbourg, Canada, and Marguerite Pfaifer of
'Peteling'.  I did find in Sarreguemines a Marguerite Pfeiffer noted in 1725,
but she was married to someone other than Louis Michel.  I'll check those
records more carefully when I return from France.  (I leave tomorrow and
will be offline until May 20.)  At this point, none of the parents or locales
stated in the will have been confirmed.

For the present, I consider Nicolas' origin an unsettled question.


Nicolas Ory was a native of Brumely in Lorrainne, France,
the son of Nicolas Orry and Jeanne Boyer.

The father of Nicolas Ory, who travelled to America, had a brother named Francois with a son named Nicholas and sister named Marie Anne who, on 1 may 1707 in Natzwiller, married Jacques Rupp, son of Ulrich Rupp and Madeleine Dellenbach. The names Rupp and Dellenbach are anabaptist. The Rupps are a "great anabaptist family". Jacob Amman's mother was "née Rupp".

Nicholas Ory  >  Nicholas Ory to the American Colonies
^ Brothers ^
Francois Ory  >  Nicholas Ory &  Marie Ann Ory

Monique Francois and Horace Ory

The web site:
has many Ory/Oury/Aulry, Gerard/various spellings, Strasbach/
most with other spellings, and Noel listings.  This combination suggests
that there should be some connection to our families; however, I have
thus far been unable to find a connection.  The site listings do include
the family of Dominic Ory and Jeanne Maison, which Wayne has
discussed;as Wayne mentioned, this is a different Dominic, apparently
unconnected to our families.

Child of Dominic Aulry (d. bef 1721) and Jeanne Maison:

Joseph Oury (d. bef 1764) m. 11 Nov 1721 La Broque, Bas-Rhin, France
Antoinette Petitjean (d. of jacques Petitjean and Marie Barthelemy)

Children of Joseph Oury and Antoinette Petitjean:

Joseph Oury m. 6 Aug 1764 La Broque, Odile Janel (d. of Nicolas
Janel and Marguerite Toussaint)
    Child:  Marie Francoise Oury

Francoise Oury m. 7 Feb 1779 La Broque, Joseph La Levee


23 Dec 1999

Encouraged by Ted von Mechow and Wayne Strasbaugh,
and their discovery of the family of Nicolas Strasbach in
Saulxures, I have started to examine the Saulxures film to
try to discern further information about connections among
the 'Seven Families.'  I've only covered a small part of the
film, and the FHC will be closed until Jan 4, 2000, so a
detailed report will not be possible for about a month;
however, a few interesting items are noted below.

First, there is a record of a 11 Nov 1710 marriage of Nicloas
Hory (signed Ory), widower of Jeanne Boye', with Catherine
Benoit.  This seems to confirm Nicolas Ory's 1775 will in which
he names his parents as Nicolas Ory and Jeanne Boye' (spelled
exactly the same).  The father, Nicolas Ory, and Catherine Benoit
later had several children, half-siblings of Nicolas Ory, the son.

Concerning the children of Nicolas Strasbach, there is a record of
the baptism, 15 Jul 1727, of Barbe, daughter of Nicolas Strarbarch
(Strasbach) and Catherine Gerard.  The godfather was Jean Michel
and the godmother was Barbe Gerard.

The date of the baptism of Nicolas, son of Nicolas Strarbarch and
Catherine Gerard, appears to be actually 6 Aug 1721, not 16 Apr.
What appears to be a '1' before the '6' is actually a broken descender
from the line above.  The 'Aout' is partially obscured and confused
by a descender from the line above.

There is a record of a baptism, 20 Jan 1718, of Catherine, daughter
of Jean Francois Chretien and Anne Noel.  The godfather was Pierre
De Ericque and the godmother was Catherine Gerard.


The Ory Web Page
Jean Francois Chretien
Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon
Nicholas Gerard
Eneas Noël
Joseph Noël
Francois Ory - Nicholas Ory
Nicholas Strasbach

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# 0760971 France - Bas-Rhin Schirmeck - Catholic - Church Records 169x - 179x Marriage - Birth & Death Index.  Index has a Nicholas Ory bap. Jan. 14 1711 & Peter Ory bap Dec 19, 1719.

His parenets were Francisis Ori and A. Marie Ragriet .
Possible Jean Francois Christen & wife Anne Noel daughter Marie.


FHC Film 796883

SAULXURES.    SALM   Now part of France

JANUARY 29 1718
Marriage of  (Jean) Name crossed out NICHOLAS STRASBACH and CATHERINE GERARD

JANUARY 4 1722
Death of JEAN STRASBACH [This may have been the father of Nicholas Strasbach, there is definitely a link between them since the priest originally recorded Jean as the groom of Catherine Gerard].

DECEMBER 19 1719

APRIL 16, 1721

NOVEMBER 18 1723

OCTOBER 12 1724



APRIL 3 1733

APRIL19 1734/5


How do we reconcile the differences?

ANN was over 15 born in 1719, adult passengers were considered to be 16 and only male passengers 16 and over were listed.  Therefore Ann was not included in the six children.

The only other listing that I know of the children comes from the probate records of Nicholas in York County, the following table is my reconciliation.

Born in France On Princess Augusta On Probate Record
Anna 1719 Yes Yes Married Ory
Nicholas Yes Yes
Marrie Yes Yes married Decker
Margaret Yes Yes married Noel
Jean [John] Yes Yes never married
Joseph Yes died prior to probate
Possible name matches or  could be born in York PA
Judith could be Jeanne above Yes married Heidler
Barbara could be Rose above Yes married Hindsman?
Probably born York PA
Michael no born circa 1744 Yes married C. Staub
Catherine No Yes married Schoff
Lyena No Yes Married Gogh

Based on the above analysis two of the children born in France could have had name  mis-matches with the baptism records on could  have died.  Both plausible, children did died of common aliments and the meaning of names could be different in different languages or customs.
The name changes could have been:
Jeanna = Judith
Rose = Barbara

Our line is through Michael, and we have always believed he was born in York, PA, after his parents arrived in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to find time to summarize the
beginning of the St. Stail film. However, Saulxures as the place of
origin of  Nicolas Strasbach seems fairly conclusive to me.  We found
six children in the records who match six of the children named in the
will. I believe that only Michael, Matlena, Judith and Barbara are not
accounted for in the Saulxures records, but this would be consistent
with the Princess Augusta ship record that only 6 children came over.  I
believe that both Helen Ormsby and Don Osborn's research indicate that
Judith (which is a name that I have not encountered in any of the French
parish records), Matlena and Michael were all born after 1736.  I forget
what the evidence says about Barbara's birth date. It would not be
unusual that the other children mentioned in the Saulxures records died
in infancy.  Ted may not have mentioned that Nicolas Gerard is listed as
the godfather of one of the Strasbach children.  Also, "D. Ory" signed
as the godfather of another child - perhaps this is Dominic Ory, the
father of Francois? (Ted- I could not read the copy of the godfather's
name, only the signature).  There is a Nicholas Ory listed as a father
in the records, too, but he would be too old to be the Nicholas who
married Anne.  Perhaps, he is a brother of Francois.  And then, there
are the references to Pierre Delon.  I am not sure I have seen all of
them, but we have not encountered many Delons at all in other records.
I believe someone has a listing of Pierre's children that we could

We still need to know  the place of origin of the Noels, even if
everyone is in agreement with Saulxures for the Strasbachs.  Also, there
is a basic geographic question that needs to  be answered.  What country
was Saulxures part of in 1736? There are three possibilities: France,
the Duchy of Lorraine (which did not become part of France until 1766)
and the principality of Salm (which did not become part of France until
1793).  I discovered over the weekend that Schirmeck and Celles sur
Plaine, for example, were part of the principality of Salm.
Unfortunately, I don't have a good enough map to pinpoint Saulxures's
position in relation to the 1736 boundaries. Has anyone looked at this

 18th Century Boundaries of Alsace

Here is the answer to my question as to the nationality  of the
Strasbachs.  They  were not French, not Lorrainers but citizens of Salm.
This fact may explain how they could comfortably take an oath of
allegiance to George II, the bitter enemy of the French kings and sign a
petition for relief they filed with the Pennsylvania colonial government
stating that they were "subjects of the Holy Roman Emperor" (to whom the
prince of Salm was technically owed allegiance).


Looking at the map of the area a line can be drawn from  Schirmech - some Strasbach.
Neaviller -  Ory  Francis and Nicholas found----->  What was the film number?
Plaine - Jean Francious Christian Found
Saulxures - Nicholas Strasbach found  He married Catherine Gerard.  Is she a sister of Nicholas Gerard?
Possible find of Pierre Delon.

Their are Noels in the area and intermarried with families other than ours.  We need to find Nicholas Gerard and a daughter Elisabeth who married Baltus Clymer in 1748.


Jean Francois Chretien
Peter Dulon\Delon/Dilon
Nicholas Gerard
Eneas Noël
Joseph Noël
Francois Ory - Nicholas Ory
Nicholas Strasbach