Val-de-Villé, Bas Rhin

From a French Film entitled 5MI507
sent by Jean-Louis Rose and translated by Wayne Strasbaugh

Concerning a Joseph Noel, a vine grower, who fits the Joseph on the Princes Augusta and also some Strasbachs:

Unless I mistake his notes, Joseph would have had to have had a third wife on our side of the Atlantic. His first wife died in 1718 and his second in 1732. He also seems to believe that this Joseph came from Liepvre in Haut Rhin, which appears to be just over the mountain from Ville.  I never recall looking at its records, nor those of Rombach-le-Franc (which he mentions and is also in Haut Rhin near Liepvre).
The Strasbach material is interesting. There appears to be a big nest of Strasbachs in Colroy-la-Grande. Yet another FHL film we should examine. It would be meaningful if we could find some links between the surnames there and the ones in Saulxures. However,  I don't see how the younger Nicholas listed in these records could be the one who married Catherine Gerard in Saulxures. By my reckoning, he would have been only 16  in  January 1718. That seems too young for marriage.

France, Bas-Rhin, Villé - Weiler Church records

The records are presented by date and town and are written in Latin and are  for the towns of Weiller/ Ville, Elenbach, Trienbach (-au-Val), Urbeis, Bassemberg, Frienbach and Miffelsher (?).

1.  Baptêmes, mariages, sépultures 1601-1666 Baptêmes 1680-1727 -  FHL INTL Film [ 1069743 ]

Those in Blue added  by D E Noel on 04-29-2010    FHL INTL Film 1069743   1601 - 1727.  
The records are from the early spelling of the town of Uerbeis later spelled Orbey and Orbeis.

The 1601 - 1666 records are very hard to read so I did not read them. If necessary I will try later.

The 1680 - 1727 records are in good shape. I have found only the Gerard families. I did not find a birth for Catharina Gerard, 1690-1702.  There are only two births in the year 1680 and none are Joseph Noel.

Dominicus Gerard and Catharina Labrüe  in Weiler / Ville
       Simon baptized  October 1688
       Dominicus Hydaphus baptized May 1697 Sponsors: Martinus Mattkieu of Dieffenbach & Maria Gerard of Hirtselbach (?)
       Maria                    baptized October 1698

        On  November 1st & 2nd 1685 Dominicus Gerard sponsored children in Urbeis /Urber.
April 5, 1700 Dominicus the son of  --- Labrüe and Catharina Lumbert? in Urbeis Sponsors
        Dominicus Gerard and Maria Barbara
        1699 Dominicus the son of Mathia Labrüe and Margaratha Baydeau in Urbeis Sponsors: Dominicus Gerard
and Eva Lumbert.

        May 1694 Anna the daughter of Francisco Lumbert and  Anna Hubrech?, sponsor Nicholas Gerard and
        Barbara Langin of Urber / Urbeis.

Joannis Gerard and Jonna Trochee (Trochel / Tronchet) in Urbeis  (Trochel seems to be a surname)
       Maria and Anna baptized   January 1700
   Sponsor: Maria Romain.
       Joanmes  Baptized April 1701
Jeana   Jonna  baptized          January 26, 1704    Sponsors:  Joesphus Thomas and Maddelina Jacob
       Elizabetha  baptized           April 27, 1706    Sponsors:  Joarmey Mouillier and Elizabeth des Champs
       Maria Gerard a sponsor in Urbeis in 1718

Nicholas Gerard and Maria Tronchet (
Trochel)  in Urbeis  Trachel or Trachet
      Joanes       batized November 19 (?) 1695
      Nicolas    baptized  1697  *
      Simon      baptized      August 16 1699
      Josephus baptized. October 1701    Sponsors: Andreas
Lumbert and Anna Lumbert.
      Petrus baptized  September 1703    Sponsors: Catharina
Labrüe and Franciscus Lumbert
      Antoine baptized    April 29, 1706    Sponsors: Antoine Gerard and Maria Labrüe

      *  There was a son born in 1725 to Nicholas Gerard and maybe Maria Ann Gerard the daughter of Joanes Gerard.

Simon? Girard and  Barbara Lumbert  Thsi seems
        Anna?   1722     Sponsors: Nicholas De Champ s/o Valentini de Champ & Anna Lumbert d/o Nicholas Lumbert
        Simon   1724    
Sponsors: Nicholas De Champ s/o Valentini de Champ & Anna Lumbert d/o Nicholas Lumbert
Joseph? Girard and  Catharina des Champ
        Dominicus  1723
Sponsors: Dominicus Labrüe s/o Nicholas Labrüe & Maria Girard d/o Joseph Girard
2.  Baptêmes 1727-1768 -  FHL INTL Film [ 1069744 ]            not viewed

3.  Baptêmes 1788-1791 Mariages 1685-1791 -  FHL INTL Film [ 1069746 ]     

January 1687     Simon Herbach & Linda Gerard
25 July 1718      Joseph  Noel of German Rombach (Teuton Rombach) & Marie Magdalena Kirchnerin
  Maria born 1680 died 1732 from
- Jean-Louis Rose
20 August 1725   Joanes Girard s/o Nicloas Girard & Catherine Ehinre ?
                       Joseph des Champs & Maria Gerard

4.  Sépultures 1685-1759 -  FHL INTL Film [ 1069747 ]            not viewed