The Family Of Mary Noel And Anthony Lispenard Bleecker

Mary Noel, daughter of Garrat Noel, married Anthony Lispenard Bleecker in 1763. They lived at 74 Broadway in New York City and had land in other parts of the city. We think Anthony was a merchant and also in the real estate business and that both Bleecker St. & Lispenard St. are named after him. He was a vestryman and warden at Trinity Church. A merchant and auctioneer, he help found the NY Stock Exchange under the The Buttonwood Agreement, which took place on May 17, 1792. Anthony's brother, Leonard Bleecker (1755-1844), and his third son Garrat Noel Bleecker (1768-1833) were signatories to the agreement.

Mary and Anthony had 13 offspring, surnamed Bleecker. A L Bleecker died on April 26, 1816, in New York City, or who knows how many more they would have had.

James (1764-1842) who m. Sarah Backe
Frances (1766-1839) unmarried
Garrat Noel (1768-1833) who married Jane Byuanck
Anthony (1770-1827) who help found the NY Historical Society
William (1772-1818) unmarried
John (1774-1841) who married Phoebe Mott Smith
Alexander (1775-1844) who married Francis Wade
Mary (1777-1858) unmarried
Abigail (1779-1861) who married Dr. John Nielson
Elizabeth DeHart (1781-1864) who married Alexander Louis McDonald
Alice (1783-1842) unmarried
Leonard Augustus (1786-1841) who married Sarah Elizabeth Popham (daughter of Mayor Popham and Mary Morse)
Josepha Matilda (1788-1854) unmarried

Tom Kysilko, Saint Paul MN USA

The Buttonwood Agreement