A Letter from George S Noel at age 82,
      the grandson of Joseph Noel,
      to his grandson Charles R Noel

From: George S Noel
RD 2, Latrobe, Pa.
 December 18, 1942

Charles R Noel
Corpus Christi Texas, USA

Dear Grandson, A few lines to say a new year will soon begin and time rolls on. In tracing the Noel Family back to George Washington's time and the day the (...? maybe u.s.o.a ) became a nation. Adam Noel and his 5 bros. belonged to Washington's Army. Adam was an Officer of Supplies and Transports them days with horses and mules. Adam Noel was at the surender of Cornwallis at York Town. His son Joseph Noel was in the 1812 War. After the War of 1812 was past Joseph Noel, my fathers father, moved from Maryland to Keck's Burg, Pa. taking a land grant and died about 1842 he is at St. Vincent's Cemetary. Adam Noel with Washington and his son Joesph 1812 War and my Farthers bro. Peter Noel in the Civil War and Leo Noel World War I and Charles R. Noel in World War II there are plenty of the original Noel families in this War. Our ancestors were natives of Baltimore (..? maybe Md. Co. - County) mostly farmers and mechanicks. This would place you in about the 6 generation. How time flies. We are all well. Plenty of snow and cold weather and the army boys are called by the hundreds to help trim Hitler and the Japs. Be good and dont forget your place and duty to your country and self. I will soon start (..?) winters and I am for this (...?) and Yours Truly G. S. Noel RD2 latrobe,Pa.

Note! Joseph was in Westmoreland County before 1800.

Old and New Westmoreland Volume IV   1918

Georgr Noel