A Letter From Harvey Noel About 1997

Harvey did the basic research, finding that  Joseph Noel was the father of  the Noel's who went to Davenport, Iowa and Jacob Noel who may have went to Iowa after his fathers death in 1839 at the age of five and returned in about 1852 at the age of eighteen. This would explain why Uncle George and my Aunt said that their grandfather built the Conestoga Wagon.

Hello Dominic you gotta be a Cousin.  It appears we are related.  The Joseph who married Margaret Griffen had as their oldest son an Adam P. Noel bp * St Vincents Archabbey - Latrobe PA (*once called Sportmans Hall) in June of 1800. 2nd son was Joseph.  Now Adam P Noel was my great grandfather the son of Joseph who married Margaret Griffen.

There is a bit of confusion in this family.  There were no more children after John b 1811 - bap 1815 at the Hall.  I could find no record of her, Margaret Griffen, death or burial.  She may have been buried in the Griffen Cemetery and Joseph too.  As I mentioned there is only last rights for Joseph, none for Margaret.

The plot thickens, Joseph married another woman - a german name - I believe - Joseph's mother was German - which I can't recall off hand and a son Peter came of this union.  Bap. at the Hall.  Then a Joseph married a Maria Kreitzer and Jacob was born.  These two wives may have died in child birth or shortly there after.  I found no record.

Then in 1835 my great grandfather Adam with his brothers Joseph, John, Peter and Jacob (half brothers) migrated to what is now Davenport.  Peter was shot in the leg at the battle of Champion Hill outside of Vicksburg in 1863, developed blood poison and died in St Louis.  Buried at Calvary Cemetary.  John died after this - much later - he is burried at the other Catholic Cemetery - Holy Family.  Adam was at St Mary's Cemetery but was moved to Calvary.  Now if this is the Jacob of your line, and i'm sure it is, he went back to PA when he was 18.  This is recorded in a history book at the Latrobe  public library.  One of his sons settled at Old Crabtree becoming wealthy and his descendants lived on Noel Hill.  I have been there and talked to several including Raymond.  This article tells the whole story - write and get it.  The Jacob and his sons were barn builders in PA - several people in the Kecksburg area told me this.  Joseph lived near Kecksburg.

Here is a listing of the males of Joseph.

Joseph Noel - my gr-gr-grandfather whose sons were:
Adam - Joseph - John - Peter - Jacob. By the way Jacob translated from the latin is James.

1800-1872 Adam & Susan Lindsay Noel had 4 children:
Jane - John Thomas - my grandfather - then a girl and another boy Joseph.

1837-1914 John Thomas- J T had many children - the youngest was my father. I am the last of my family b 1912.  I am 84 and have no children.  One thing more - I cant recall the name of the church near McSherrytown but w/my records in Davenport is a booklet from there for the name.  If you have any success with Georgrtown let me know

Best Harvey

Being old I forgot to say, yes I meet Leo and he turned me over to a sister I don't recall her name.  Raymond his brother I believe sent me to your father.  They lived on Noel Hill at Old Crabtree.  So we are half cousins many times removed.  Now remember we are part of that Joseph who came from France in 1736.  Which son we are descended I can't tell as records were not available.

NOTE!:  Leo was my father, born in 1887 and the sister was my Aunt Molly (Mary), born in 1868. Raymond, born in 1916, was the son of Edward, born in 1884, and the grandson of my Uncle George, born in 1860. Ray was my second cousin and was 15 years older than myself an odd situation. But odder still is the fact that my maternal grandmother was younger than my father with children, my Aunts and Uncles, younger than me. My mother was born when her mother was fourteen. They each had five children born within months of each other. After my mothers death, my grand mother had two more before my grandfather died. Today, 1999, I have a granduncle still living at a hundred and two while on my fathers side Adam, my granduncle  was  baptized in 1800, That will soon be a 200 year separation of granduncles.  When last I seen Ray, there was with him a newly born decendent of his who was seven gererations removed from my grandfarther Jacob our first comon ancestor. Sometimes I wonder if I got off on the correct planet.  DN

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Scott County Iowa USGenWeb Project

From the early records of St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, Davenport, Iowa


             On the 7th day of September 1839 was buried Joseph Noel husband of Margaret Noel living one mile north of Davenport.
                   He died of bilious fever, aged 30.


            On the 18th of August 1840 was buried Mary Noel daughter of Joseph Noel deceased and of Margaret.
                   She died of billious fever at the age of 5.


           On the 14th of November 1841 was buried George Noel son of Joseph and Margaret Noel. He died of scarlet fever at the age of 12.
           On the 18th day of November 1841 died Augustus Noel brother of the preceding. He died of scarlet fever at the age of 7.
           On the 22nd day of November 1841 died at the age of 9 years of scarlet fever Joseph Noel brother of the preceding.
           On the 5th day of December died at the age of 2 years of scarlet fever Susannah Noel sister of the preceding.


            Died on the 21st of November 1844 Mrs. Maguire mother of Mrs. Lindsey. Aged 81. She arrived from Pennsylvania a week before.


           On the 25th day of August 1847 was buried Elizabeth Noel aged 16 years daughter of Joseph Noel deceased and of
                 Margaret Noel  living one mile and a half north of Davenport. She died of congestive fever.
           On the 25th day of August 1847 was buried Elizabeth Ann Doyle aged 10 months and 15 days daughter of Andrew and
                 Mary Ann Doyle of Davenport.


            On the 21st day of February 1848 was buried Joseph Vincent Noel aged one month son of John and Rachel Noel.


           On the 9th day of May 1852 was buried Elizabeth Doyle aged about 70 years. She died of the cholera.  
           On the 7th day of August 1852 was buried Mark Griffen, aged 45 years.


          On the 21st day of October 1857 was buried a child of Richard McGuire born the day previous.

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