Jacob Sylvester Noel 1834 - 1926

Latrobe Bulletin  Latrobe,PA
Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1913

The fifty-fifth milestone in the married life of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob S. Noel, of near Donohoe, Unity township, was passed in a happy manner, Sunday, when a family reunion was held at the old homestead, in celebration of the anniversary event. Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, together with a number of friends, were present to extend their felicitations to the honored couple who though achieving almost a record for wedding anniversaries are still hale and hearty, and still young in spirit. And even as to years, Mr. and Mrs. Noel, though they have celebrated their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary, are not old, he being 79 and she but 73. It was on the second of February in the year 1858 that Mr. Noel, then a young man of 24, led his bride, a girl of 18, to the altar at St. Vincent's Church. The Rev. Father Charles was the officiating priest. During the years 1865 and 1866 they lived in Latrobe, Mr. Noel having worked as a carpenter in the car shops which then were located here. Thirteen children were born to them, and nine of them are living, seven sons and two daughters. They also have 24 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Francis E. Noel, of Latrobe, is one of the sons.