John Noel and Jane Trial

Peoria, IL 1850 Federal Census    INDEX File 11 of 15

     Pg    Ln   Last Name    First Name     Age     Birth Place

    290a  41       Noel            John                 41        Virginia (West Virginia?) *
    290a  42       Noel            Jane Trial        29        Ohio
    290b    1       Noel            William             17         Indiana
    290b    2       Noel            Joseph              15         Illinois
    290b    3       Noel            Miller                13         Illinois
    290b    4       Noel            Albert               11         Illinois
    290b    5       Noel            Elisabeth             9         Illinois
    290b    6       Noel            Arminda             7          Illinois
    290b    7       Noel            Jackson              5          Illinois
    290b    8       Noel            Harriet                3          Illinois   
    290b    9       Noel            Margaret            1          Illinois

* The 1900 census shows that Arminda Noel was born in April 1844 in Illinois  with both parents being born in Ohio.  This discrepancy can be reconciled by the fact that Nicholas, John, Peter and Philip, the sons of John and Margaret Noel and grandsons of Joseph Noel, from Europe, who settled in what is now Adams County, Pennsylvania, moved to Hampshire County, Virginia (now W.Va.) prior to 1790. If so then the census was correct stating that he was from Virgina. All these families except one moved to Ohio, so by 1900  they may have forgot that John was born in (West) Virgina. However the death certificate for Arminda Shepard states that her father John Noel was born in England and that the mothers maiden name was spelled as Tryal.  I would put more weight on the earliest census but the birth place of John Noel is still open.  DN

John Trial married Elizabeth Bowman (my 3rd Great Grandparents) had two Daughters Ilona & Jane (2nd Great Grandmother.) Jane Trialís family lived on a farm adjacent to the widower John Noel (my 2nd Great Grandfather) whom she married. Arminda (my Great Grandmother married James Monroe who died and left her with three living of four children, she then Married Thomas (Tapp) Shepard and Lizzie Belle Shepard (my Maternal Grandmother was born.) Lizzie Married Warren Wilmer Hayslip (my Maternal Grandfather) Jeanette Charlotte Hayslip Lawrence (my Mother was born) Jeanette married Ralph Elmer Lawrence (my Father).

©2006        by     Lloyd E. Lawrence Sr.        3rd Great Grandson of John Trial & Elizabeth Bowman.

Burial Trial Cemetery Peoria County Illinois, USA

1986 News clip courtesy of Lori Sue Trial Mosteller... "TRIAL CEMETERY HAS A NEW LOOK "By Jay Johnson.... "Indians", as we often refer to those early Native Americans, at one time had control of all the land. It was sometime after the turn of the century in 1800 that John Trial, an early settler, bought a number of acres from the local Indians-likely from a member tribe of the Illini Confederation. The Trial family was joined through marriage with that of John Noel, who had also obtained acreage from the Indians. His land became the site of the Illinois Insane Asylum. The Trial cemetery on South LaFayette is a remnant of that early farmstead and a link with the past. Rather than be forgotten, the final resting place of those early folks has recently received a face lift. Jack Hertter of Bartonville has been volunteering his time for the last 5 years to bring "new life" to the old plots. Other volunteers have helped to put in a new fence around the property, straighten the monuments, keep the grass cut and add a new sign to identify the cemetery. A special thanks is extended to Bob and Edna Medford of East Peoria and to Isabel Braden of Pekin for their contributing efforts. For any who wish to help out either financially or work wise please contact Jack Hertter. The comment was made that "it's the best that cemetery has looked in 40 years."   -  L E Lawrence

John NOEL was born 1810 in Natural Bridge, VA. He married Jane TRIAL May 14, 1840 in Peoria County, IL,
 daughter of John TRIAL and Elizabeth BOWMAN.

Children of John NOEL and Jane TRIAL:

  • Arminda NOEL, b. 1844, Peoria County, IL.
  • Harriet NOEL. Harriet died of tuberculosis, and was a teacher at Harker's Corners, IL.
  • Albert NOEL. He was a farmer in Iowa for some years and then went to South Dakota, where he died.
  • Jackson NOEL, b. August 31, 1846, Peoria County, IL; d. January 20, 1913, Peoria County, IL.
  • Charles NOEL.
  • Nathaniel "Than" NOEL, m. Linda HORNBACKER. Than was a schoolteacher.
  • Jane NOEL.
  • Elizabeth NOEL, m. Mr. NIXON. Lived in Wichita, KS.
  • Maggie NOEL.
  • Warren NOEL.
  • Mary NOEL, m. Bob HORNBACKER, Glasford, IL.

 Generation No. 2

Arminda NOEL was born 1844 in Peoria County, IL. She married (1) James Monroe in 1860 and (2) Thomas TAPP SHEPARD, son of William TAPP and adopted son of Thomas SHEPARD (his mother's uncle). He was born 1843 in Devonshire, England, and came to America in 1854.

Children of Arminda NOEL and James MONROE:

  • Alice MONROE, b. 1861; d. young
  • Ellen MONROE, b. 1863.
  • John Henry MONROE, b. 1865.
  • Seth MONROE, b. 1867.

James MONROE died two weeks prior to son Seth's birth of an old leg injury received in war.

Children of Arminda NOEL MONROE and Thomas SHEPARD:

  • Sarah Jane SHEPARD, b. 1869; m. Dug RICKETTS.
  • Emma SHEPARD, b. 1871; m. Seigle RICKETTS
  • William Thomas SHEPARD, b. 1873.
  • Catherine Minerva "Minnie" SHEPARD, b. 1874; m. Harry GRAY.
  • Maggie SHEPARD, b. 1876; d. at age 2 1/25.
  • Lizzie Belle SHEPARD, b. October 13, 1878, Bartonville, Peoria Co., IL; d. October 07, 1962, Los Angeles, California.
  • Clara SHEPARD, b. 1880; m. Mr. BOMHALD.
  • Charles SHEPARD, b. 1882.
  • Pearl SHEPARD, b. 1883.

Jackson NOEL was born August 31, 1846 in Peoria County, IL, and died January 20, 1913 in Peoria County, IL. He married Rachel Elizabeth NODEN March 11, 1869, daughter of Richard NODEN and Mary JONES. She was born April 30, 1850 in Tamaqua, PA, and died September 18, 1922 in Bartonville, IL.

Children of Jackson NOEL and Rachel NODEN are:

  • Bert NOEL.
  • Louise Reed NOEL.
  • Etta Lucy NOEL, b. December 23, 1873, Bartonville, IL; d. April 21, 1953, Bartonville, IL.
  • John NOEL, b. 1876.
  • Edmund B. NOEL, b. 1879; d. June 17, 1900.
  • Belle NOEL.
  • Richard NOEL.
  • Pearl NOEL.

Charles NOEL, who worked on the railroad, married Belle THOMAS.

Children of Charles NOEL and Belle THOMAS are:

  • Lucy NOEL.
  • Joe NOEL, d. in infancy.

Jane NOEL married John HARKER, who was a mail clerk on the railroad.

Children of Jane NOEL and John HARKER are:

  • Minnie HARKER.
  • Charles HARKER.
  • Harold HARKER.
  • Male HARKER.


 Generation No. 3

Arminda's Children

Ellen MONROE was born in1863. She married Seibold SCHICK.

Child of Ellen MONROE and Seibold SCHICK is:

  • Willie SCHICK.

Sarah Jane SHEPARD was born in 1869. She married Dug RICKETTS.

Children of Sarah SHEPARD and Dug RICKETTS are:

  • William RICKETTS.
  • Charles RICKETTS.

William Thomas SHEPARD was born in 1873. He married Rose HESS in Glasford, IL. William served as an apprentice blacksmith to Bob Hornbacker in Glasford, IL for a time.

Children of William SHEPARD and Rose HESS are:

  • Mabel SHEPARD.
  • Clara SHEPARD.
  • Ruth SHEPARD.


Lizzie Belle SHEPARD was born October 13, 1878 in Bartonville, Peoria Co., IL, and died October 07, 1962 in Los Angeles, California. She married Warren Wilmer HAYSLIP October 11, 1900 in Peoria, Peoria County, IL, son of Thomas Winchester HAYSLIP and Charlotte PETTY. He was born July 23, 1879 in Glasford, Peoria Co., IL, and died August 29, 1951 in Los Angeles, California.

Children of Lizzie Belle SHEPARD and Warren Wilmer HAYSLIP are:

  • Bernice May HAYSLIP, b. May 09, 1902, Bartonville, Peoria Co., IL; d. September 16, 1970.
  • Ruth Orpha HAYSLIP, b. October 18, 1904, Peoria, IL; d. December 12, 1937, California; m. Hugh Alexander DE NORVILLE, August 11, 1926.
  • Jeanette Charlotte HAYSLIP, b. February 14, 1906, Peoria, IL; d. November 08, 1943, Fresno, CA; m. Ralph Elmer LAWRENCE, May 12, 1925, Memphis, Shelby County, TN.
  • James HAYSLIP, b. December 04, 1907.
  • Clara Myrtle HAYSLIP, b. November 19, 1909; d. August 05, 1947; m. CARL STANLEY
  • Andrew Thomas HAYSLIP, b. November 20, 1915.
  • John Warren Noel HAYSLIP, b. November 18, 1911, Peoria, IL; d. Abt. 1986, California.
  • Elizabeth HAYSLIP, b. February 20, 1918; m. LOUIS JEFFERIS.
  • Naomi Esther HAYSLIP, b. October 16, 1923, Memphis, Shelby County, TN; d. December 02, 1923, Memphis, Shelby County, TN.

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Jackson's Children

Etta Lucy NOEL was born December 23, 1873 in Bartonville, IL, and died April 21, 1953 in Bartonville, IL. She married Robert BRADLEY October 05, 1893. He was born April 02, 1867 in Pekin, IL, and died August 04, 1945 in Bartonville, IL.

Children of Etta NOEL and Robert BRADLEY are:

  • Irma Lillian BRADLEY
  • Jackson BRADLEY
  • Ruth BRADLEY
  • Josephine BRADLEY
  • Rachel BRADLEY
  • Robert BRADLEY
  • Vivian BRADLEY
  • Stashia BRADLEY
  • Mildred BRADLEY
  • Virginia BRADLEY
  • Edmund D. BRADLEY
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