The Noel, Noell and
NoŽl Surname Y-DNA Project
Since the Y chromosome is used, candidates must be a direct male descendant.
 A female participant can use her father, brother, paternal uncle or his son.

 It's optional for the Project members who have done the Y DNA testing to do the mtDNA and other tests.
Others should seek out their own surname DNA Project to do the testing.      Surname Projects at FTDNA

The Service provider is Family Tree DNA.
Surname Project
members benefit by receiving a discount on all tests.

Disclaimer:   I am not an FTDNA Affiliate and I do not make any money from this study.

Request to Join the Noel DNA Project

"The objective of DNA testing for genealogy is to test locations that are "not" unique to an individual.  The DNA locations tested by Family Tree DNA are on the Y chromosome.  A section of the Y chromosome is passed from father to son, virtually unchanged.  If several males were tested who had a common male ancestor, their Y chromosome Genetic Genealogy test results would match or be a close match. Therefore, this type of test does not identify an individual, rather a lineage."

The objectives of DNA testing for law enforcement and DNA testing for genealogy are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The objective of Genetic Genealogy is to find all those who match, and therefore had a common ancestor. The objective of DNA testing for law enforcement is to identify a unique individual. - Taken from a letter from FTDNA
Remember that the 12 marker test only shows that one is not related if there is no match. If there is a 12 marker match then the 25 marker testing is necessary to determine a close relationship. In other words if two people match on the 12 marker test and their documentation confirms this relationship then the odds are very good that their documentation is correct.  If there is no documentation and there is a 12 marker match, then the 25 marker test is needed to confirm their close relationship.

The default is the 12 marker Test. If you desire the 25 marker, which is recommended,
or other tests click on the tab on the linked page above.

Also when you summit a request to join the Group  I would like to have the e-mail letter from you stating if is OK or NOT to reveal your e-mail address to all others in the project who have already done so themselves. Also the name, location and date of birth of your oldest documented ancestor. This is to facilitate the exchange of information and opinions within the project.

No e-mail addresses will be displayed on a web page except the Administrators.

If there are any questions contact the  Project Administrators