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 Trivia - The Noel surname ranked 1130 in surnames in the USA in  2000 census and gives about
 28,401Noels in the U.S.  In France in  that year there were about 54,400 NoŽls. That equates to
 1.1 NoŽl per 1,000 Frenchman or about one for every ten square miles of France.

 Canada and New England by Nancy Borman
 Francois NoŽl from France in 1665
 Descendants of FranÁois NoŽl by Louis Philippe Frechette

 Joseph Noel from Alsace-Lorraine  in 1736 by Bob Stevens
 Theodore E von Mechow's Joseph Noel Line

Cornelius Noel from the Netherlands by 1660  


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