Margaret Griffin
      It is believed that Margaret was the daughter of
      Patrick Griffin and Margaret "Molly" O'Brian who
      moved from Goshenhoppen between 1787 and 1790.
      They settled near Youngstown in Westmoreland County,
      PA. Patrick was a charter member of Sportsman's Hall
      and was in the 1800 and 1810 Mt Pleasant Census.
      Other Griffin's in the area were John and Margaret,
      John and Mary, John and Susan, George and Margaret,
      and Henry and Magdalen (Mary Ruffner) all from
      Goshenhoppen. A Edward and Maria lived near Conewago
      and Stephen Giffen was with Col.Robert McPherson's
      Second Battalion of PA Volunteers from Adams County
      on Sept. 17, 1776. Some of the Goshenhoppen families
      first went to Adams County before moving to Westmoreland.
      We find a Stephen Giffen on the Tax List of Mt Pleasant
      Twp.1811 to 1815. 

      These may all be Griffin's at St Vincent's called Sportsmans Hall at that time.
      The priests were German and had trouble with the Irish names.

      Father Helbron's Greensburg, PA Registers

      Baptisms 1799 to 1828

      George and Margaret Grevin, 
           Christina bapt  5 June 1805  SP Joseph and Eleanor Kitsly

      Henry and Mary Magdalen (nee Ruffner) Griefen\Griffy\Gryffen
            Mary Magdalen     b 3 June bapt 27 Dec  1807 SP  Simon and Catherine Ruffner
            George  b 28 Apr  bapt 12 June 1803   SP Joseph Noel & Mary Ruffner, maiden
            Henry  b 14 July  bapt 14 Oct 1810
            Rachel   b 22 June  bapt 17 Aug 1805
            Elizabeth  b 11 Oct   bapt 1 Nov 1801  Sp Christian & Magdalen 
                     (nee Isly  [Easly?] )   Ruffner
            Margaret   b 6 June ?  bapt 17 Apr 1814  SP Jacob Kuhn & Mary
      John and Mary Griffen\Griffy\Greavy\Gryffen
             Andrew b 3 Nov 1806 bapt 15 Nov 1807 SP George and Sibylla Ruffner
             Catharine b 13 May  bapt 22 Nov 1812   SP  Henry and Magdalen Griffen
             George  b 31 July 1803 bapt 22 Oct 1803  SP Philip & Mary Hartman
             Margaret    b 29 Sept 1809  bapt 15 Oct 1809  SP Simon & Catharine Ruffner

      John and Susan Griffin
             John b 2 Aug 1816  bapt 16 Sept 1818  SP John and Mary Henry
             Peter  b 1 Apr  bapt 16 Sept 1818  SP Peter and Margaret Noel
      Tax List 1811 - 1815  Mt Pleasant Twp, Westmoreland Co. , PA

      1811   Giffen,    John, James, Stephen
             Griffen,  John, Patrick
             Griffy,     Abijah

      1812   Giffen, John, John, James, Stephen
             Griffen, John, Patrick
             Griffey,     Abijah
             Griffith,   John

      1813   Giffen, John, John, James, Stephen
             Griffen,  John, Patrick
             Griffith,   John

      1814   Giffen, John, John, James, Stephen
             Griffen, John
             Griffith,  Abijah, Danl,  John

      1815   Giffen, John, John, James, Stephen
             Griffen,  John, Patrick
             Griffith,  Abijah, Danl,  John