Mathias Noel
Mathias Noel was born: (On one census it is spelled Noeal) 11 Nov. 1822/21 Dec. 1821.
The date I feel most accurate is 11 Nov. 1822 in Alsace-Lorraine, France.
Married:  About 1848/49 in France/Germany/Prussia
Died:  24 July 1887 in Utica, Nebr. of Lung Disease (Have Obit.)
Buried:  St. Patrick's Catholic Cem. in Utica, Neb.

Anna Marie Friedrick/Friedrich d/o Marie (Haus)Friedrich
B-22 Feb. 1832 in Coblenz, Germany
D-14 June 1884 in May Township, Lee Co., Illinois
Buried - St. Mary's Catholic Cem., May Township, Lee Co., Ill. (Picture
of Tombstone in my book.)

The house they lived in was still standing as of 1980's.  Have picture in
my book.

They probably immigrated to the U. S. about 1858.  This is based on where
the children were born.  Have never been able to find them on a Ship's
Manifest.  There was a story that they came because of the conscription
of the sons into the military service and Mathias did not want his
children to have to go, but they were a little young.  They also may have
come over on a sailboat and there is no record of those logs.
I can tell you that the first 4 children were born in Prussia on one
census, so am assuming they came with their parents.  I do know that
according to family bible records the children were born in
Alsace-Lorraine, France, though, so am not sure why they put Prussia on
the census records.

Anna's  mother:  Maria Haus was born: 20 Oct. 1800 in Germany;
Died- 26 Jan. 1881 in May Township, Lee Co., Illinois
Buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cem., May Township, Lee Co., Illinois

My Line is:  Nicholas Noel, the oldest son of Mathias and Anna.
Born - 19 July 1851 in Germany or Alsace-Lorraine, France.
D- 25 June 1938 in Logan, Phillips Co., Kansas
Buried- 28 June 1938
St. John's Catholic Cem., Logan, Phillips Co., Ks.

Was married twice: #1. Katherine Albright/Albrecht
#2.  Katherine Auchstetter
My line is from the 2nd wife.

I still have these books if anyone is interested.  They are $25.00 each.
This covers postage.  They have pictures of the generations and include
the Auchstetter family, also.  All information has been documented.  It
really helped having lived in Logan and actually knowing and growing up
with most of the people in the book.  My great-grandmother lived until I
was 16.  She was 96 years old.

Gail K. Barnes