Descendants of Michael Noel

                       05 Sep 1999               Contact:  Jeffrey Norris

My ancestor is Michael NOEL, b. 1798, whom I believe to be the son of Blasius NOEL of Frederick Co., MD.   Michael married into the ARNOLD family of Frederick Co., MD, and one of the Arnolds also married a NOEL female (Anna, I think).

They wound up on Wyandot Co., OH, which is where my great-grandfather Clement and his father, George, were from.  I have Wyandot Co. records that definitively link George to Michael and Anastasia NOEL.  Clement married into the KEAR family, and there was also another KEAR married into another branch of the Arnold family.

Jeff Norris
BAKER, DAVIS: VA-->Knox Co., OH;
WOOLF: Seneca Co., OH;
KEAR, ODELL:  NY-->Ross/Wyandot Co., OH;
NATHAN, Ross/Wyandot Co.;

Michael Noel (b.1798-Frederick Co.,MD;d.11 Apr 1870-Tymochtee Twp.,WC,OH)
  sp: Anastasia Arnold (b.11 Nov 1804-W,,MD;m.27 May 1823;d.17 Apr 1873-)

      Emily M. Noel (b.17 Jul 1826)
      William A. Noel (b.Abt 1828)
      Margaret C. Noel (b.Abt 1832)

      Francis Noel (b.Abt 1838)
      Mary L. Noel (b.Abt 1842)
      Marcellus A. Noel (b.Abt 1844)

      Lewis C. Noel (b.Abt 1847)
      Henrietta Noel (b.Aug 1824)
      Matilda A. Noel (b.Abt 1834)

      George Joseph Noel (b.13 Mar 1830-TT,WC,OH;d.26 Jun 1881-TT,Wyandot Co.,OH)
       sp: Margaret J. Murphy (b.1830-MI;m.12 Feb 1861;d.13 Jun 1884-TT,W,OH)
       Clement Oscar Noel (b.8 Aug 1862-TT,WC,OH;d.29 Oct 1919-Fostoria,OH)
          sp: Harriet Emma Kear (b.7 Oct 1865-Carey,W,OH;m.16 Jan 1889;d.1959-)
              Lottie Lodema Noel (b.9 May 1892-Fostoria,OH;d.Feb 1981-Columbus,FC,OH)
               sp: Fred T. Norris (b.24 Feb 1892-F,OH;m.5 May 1915;d.3 Jan 1961-)
                 Frank William Norris (b.27 Sep 1923-Toledo,LC,OH;d.1983-Columbus,FC,OH)
                 sp: Catherine Wolfe

                  Richard Noel Norris (b.7 Mar 1920-F,WV;d.28 Oct 1970-Columbus,FC,OH)
                  sp: Mary Dell Lemasters (b.8 Feb 1920-,,;m.7 Mar 1942;d.26 Jan 1978-)

          Robert K. Noel (b.1899;d.1946)
          Mary Noel (b.1894;d.1974-Lancaster,Fairfield Co.,OH)
               sp: Neal Burdette (b.3 Jul-Leipsic,Putnam Co.,OH)

          Frank D. Noel (b.1903;d.1958)
          Theodore J. Noel (b.1907;d.1959)

          Clara T. Noel (d.13 Oct 1916-Wyandot Co.,OH)
          Delbert F. Noel

          Casper G. Noel
               sp: UNKNOWN