The Monastery Letter

A letter from the St Vincent congregation to the Rev. B. Wimmer, O.S.B.

  The letter was written in 1846

Rev. Sir:

Having learned that it is your intention to establish a monastery of the Benedictine Order in this country, the members of which will devote themselves to the care of souls and to the education of youth, and feeling convinced that you cannot find in Pennsylvania a place better suited for these purposes than the farm attached to St. Vincent's Church, we the undersigned do earnestly request you to come here and establish here the monastery above alluded to. In our own name and in the name of the other members of this congregation, every man of whom, if he had time, we feel assured, would join with us in the sentiments we now express, we beg leave to assure you that we shall be always ready to do everything in our power to aid you in your benevolent undertakings, and console you in the discharge of your arduous mission. This farm has been given to the support of the pastor of the church for the time being. Trustees were appointed to preserve the property for the purpose for which it was granted, but being in your hands it could be used for this purpose in the most effectual manner. When worthy clergymen are living here attending this congregation and this farm, not destroyed nor injured, the people neither have nor claim any right to interfere with it. No one at the present moment would be inclined to give the least trouble or annoyance, but on the contrary all would be delighted at your coming amongst them. Lest however, anything of the kind should be anticipaated in the future, we pledge ourselves to do everything in our power to make your position independent, so that when the above objects are secured you may feel certain that no one shall even have it in his power to give you the least annoyance.

Henry Coon, Jacob Coon, Jacob Kintz, Conrad Henrich, Trustees

George Bridge

I. J. Cantwell
Chas. Conroy
Francis Denning
Joseph Georg
James Gloss
Joseph Gosch
Daniel Flanigan
Gregory Harkinson
John K. Henry,  Conrad Henry,  John S. Henry, Jr.
Joseph Hitsman
Herman Hufeler
Lewis Keiflin
Edward Kelly,  G.W.Jelly ?
Jos. Kintz,  Frederick Kintz
Thomas Kirk
Andrew Kuhn,  A.I.Kuhn,  Daniel B. Kuhn,  Daniel Kuhn  Adam Kuhn,  John Kuhn
James McBride
Patrick McGir M.D.
George Menne
George Miller,  Peter Miller,  John A. Miller
Georg A. Neumann
Joachim Noel,  Blasius Noel
Michael Palmer
Daniel Rinsel,  Henry Rinsel,  Conrad Rinsel
Johannes Roesch
John Rowen
John Showalter,  Elihu I. Showalter
John Sneder
Francis Stader
Georg Stein
Adam Stoup,  John C. Stoup
John Toner,  James Toner, Sr.,  Arthur Toner
Patrick Ward
James Watterson,
Alois Zoller,