NARCISSE NOEL & JULIE CHEZA  (Havelange, Namur Belgium)

I am trying to verify the marriage and parents of the above couple:

I believe they would have been married circa 1865-1866. Julie Cheza was born in the village of Barvaux-Condroz (near town of Dinant, province of Namur, Belgium on Oct 26, 1844.  She died on Dec 7, 1913 at Monin-Achet, province of Namur, Belgium. I don't know the date or place of birth for NARCISSE NOEL but he died circa 1933 in this same region of the province, and likely buried at Monin-Achet as well.

The children of this couple were born at HAVELANGE and its highly probable that NARCISSE NOEL and JULIE CHEZA
were married in this same village.  Narcisse was born circa 1840. The family is found in other villages in this province later on such as Barvaux-Condroz and  Hamois.  For the period 1840 to 1866 they seem to have been concentrated in the area of Barvaux-Condroz and Havelange.

The name CHEZA seems to have an Italian ring to it.  I had heard there was a Spanish connection with my NOEL - CHEZA great- grandparents but did not know if it was through the Noel or Cheza sides.

Four of the children of the above couple left at a young age for the area just north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  These were
Clara, Julie, Narcisse and Norbert.

Len Mariner   -   Edmonton, Canada