Native American Noel's

PETER E. NOEL d. 1890 married LORINDA ? Peter was full blood Choctaw and Lorinda was 1/2 Choctaw and 1/2 Chickasaw.  Lorinda is found on Chickasaw Card #1455.    (According to the 1888 Choctaw Nation Census, Peter Noel, at the age of 40, had 100 acres of land under cultivation, 5 horses, 40 head of cattle and 100 bushels of corn.)  I was informed that when two tribes intermarried, the individual's had to choose one tribe or the other to enroll as.  Peter and Lorinda chose to be enrolled as CHOCTAW as were their children.

CHILDREN of Peter and Lorinda Noel are:

1. BEN NOEL called "Benny" b. abt. 1869 in San Bois County - Choctaw Nation.  He married CHANEY              SPRADLEY April 03, 1898 at home in Panther Choctaw Nation by Minister Isaac Napier.  She is the daughter of  David Spradley and Elizabeth ?  Ben is listed as full blood Choctaw on Choctaw Card #5437.  Dawes Roll #13800.

   CHILD of Ben and Chaney:  EDWARD NOEL b. abt. 1894 (Dawes Roll #13801)

2. MARY A. NOEL b. abt. 1872 m. ? BROWN.  Mary is listed as full blood Choctaw on Census Card #7463.

3. ROBERT NOEL b. abt. 1873 in San Bois County in Choctaw Nation.  He married MARY SPRADLEY December 11, 1902 in Choctaw Nation.  Mary was listed as white/non indian.  Robert's Choctaw Roll #14121. Census Card#5579.

4. MOSES NOEL b. abt. 1875 - d. October 29, 1900.  He married IDA ? Moses was listed on Choctaw Roll #9546.  Then Chickasaw Card #1467. Moses and Ida were transferred by Dawes Comm. to Chickasaw Card #1455, Oct. 21, 1902.  Proof of death filed Dec. 30, 1902.  Ida was listed as white/non indian.

5. MINNIE M. NOEL b. abt. 1876

6. EDMUND CLEVELAND NOEL b. Aug. 25, 1889 in Stigler, Haskell County, Okla.  He married VICTORIA MATHEWS, daughter of Arthur Mathews and Mattie.  Victoria was b. June 18, 1909 and d. June 29, 1995.  Edmund is listed on Choctaw Roll #14122 and on Choctaw by Blood Census Card #5579. (Both Peter and Lorinda, Edmund's parents were deceased by the time Edmund was put on the roll)  The roll lists him as 1/4 Choctaw but this should be full blood Choctaw.

       CHILDREN of Edmund and Victoria Noel:
             LEO  NOEL
             WAYNE NOEL
             LAWRENCE NOEL
             WYNEMA NOEL
             JOANN NOEL
             MARY FRANCIS NOEL (b. Jan. 23, 1932 in Stigler, Okla.)  Mary Noel m. DALLAS SCOTT HORN, son
                                                         of James Horn and Lula Davis.

                  CHILDREN of Mary and Dallas:
                       VICKI HORN b. 1954 m. DAVID SALDA
                       MONTE HORN b. 1955 m. PAULINE KRAUSEN
                       LAWRENCE HORN b. 1957
                       GERALD HORN b. 1958 m. RHONDA COOPER
                       BRADY HORN b. 1959
                       EDWARD HORN b. 1961.
7. LOUISA NOEL b. abt. 1859 was also listed on the census but not sure if she was a child of Peter and Lorinda or a relative.