Early Nowell/Noel's In Maryland

Two of the children of  Richard Kempstone/Cemston/ Kimston/Kemp ( it's spelled about 7 different ways), and Ann Nowell/Noel were an Ann and Elizabeth.  Ann married Richard Stedham/Stedman and Elizabeth married ( I think) George Simpcoe/Simcoe ( this name may also been spelled Symcocks, but I'm not sure).  There was also a Richard Kempston (Mariner) who died in 1749 in Cecil County, who I believe was a another child of Richard and Ann Noel Kemp.  I believe there was also a William, but I haven't found the rest of this family yet.  I believe Richard and Ann Stedham/Stedman moved to PA. and may have attended Nottingham Meeting House there.

This Richard Kempstone was from Kent Island before moving to Cecil County in 1711.  In two little pieces of paper at the Cecil County Historical Society, someone had written this Richard Kempstone's name was really just KEMP, he came from Kent Island in 1711, when he bought the land in Cecil County from John and Nicholas Hyland.  Also a name of Hugh or High Offley was mentioned. It stated that this Kemp family was descended from a Thomas Kemp who imm. to VA. c. 1635. I found a Richard Kempstone who died in Kent County in 1705, leaving a widow Johanna.  I believe this to be the Johanna Kemp who married 2nd James Phillips of Baltimore County, Maryland, and 3rd Aquilla Hall, also of Baltimore County Maryland, ( actually this area would now be part of Harford County).  This Johanna Kemp/Kempstone Phillips Hall, ( I don't know her maiden name) had two children by her first husband Richard Kempstone/Kemp.  The two children's names were John and Richard Kemp. I'm not certain that this Richard Kempstone/Kemp who died in 1705 in Kent Island, and the Richard emp/Kempstone who died in Cecil County in 1724 were father and son, but there certainly must have been some connection.    I read that a George Simcoe was a well known figure in Cecil County Maryland, and I believe I read where he was a felt maker.

A very nice lady, Phyllis (see below), sent me some information today regarding the Noel family.  Found in First Families of Dorchester County Maryland. "TRIPPE Henry Trippe II had a son John, who m. Ann Ennalls and they had a daughter Elizabeth, who married Hugh Eccleston ll ( who had a sister, Margaret, who m. Bazell Nowell.)

William Trippe, son of Henry Trippe I and wife, Elizabeth, m. Jean Tate, and they had: Elizabeth, who m. Edward Noel ( son of Bazell Nowell/Noell), and they had a daughter, Elizabeth who m. James KEMPT, Protestant Episcopal Bishop of Maryland; also daughter, Sarah Noel who m. Capt. Cox USN.   William Tripe also had Edward Trippe, who married Sarah Noel Byus, daughter of Edward Noel, and widow of Joseph Byus.  William also had John Trippe b. 17 April 1711, married Elizabeth Noel."

 Of some interest, I found a Captain John Kemp OF MARYLAND, who was the Captain of the ship the "GREYHOUND" out of Philadelphia.  He was captured by the British and put into prison in England at Old Mill Prison in 1781.  He attempted escape 2 or 3 times, and was recaptured at least 2 times he may have succeeded on the last try.  I don't know if he made he way back to America or died in England, but the records think he lived to come home.  I don't know for sure which Kemp family he belongs to yet, but it may be the Eastern Shore Kemps, as I know the others very well, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't a German Kemp from Frederick County.

I hope this helps someone in their research.

Kathy Kemp Dobe

The Dorchester Co, MD, family of Noell/Nowell was there by at least 1676.  I haven't found any information on their exact arrival.  This family appears to be English as they were originally Episcopalian.

James Nowell Sr m. Margaret (Harwood?? - not proven, b. ca. 1656).  Known children:  1) John m. Eleanor ??, died 1717, daus:  Elizabeth & Ann; 2) Septimus m. Mrs. Jane Taylor (widow); d. 1716, no children; 3) James, Jr, b. ca. 1683**; Brazel/Basil m. Margaret Eccleston***, d. ca. 1754; daughters Elizabeth, Hannah and Ann Kempston.

** James Nowell, Jr, may be the father of Martin Nowell who appears in the 1736 Bertie Co, NC, records.  The last record of James, Jr, in Dorchester is 1733.  It is also possible that James and Martin are the same person.  Some of the very early Bertie Co records are missing.

***Brazel/Basil estate records list the following children:  Septimus, Edward (m. Elizabeth Trippe), Elisabeth, James, Hugh, Thomas, Charles (minor), Sarah (minor), William (minor).  Basil Noell m. Margaret Eccleston, daughter of Hugh Eccleston of Dorchester Co.  Basil's descendants apparently used the spelling NOELL.

Additional reasons for believing that Martin is descended from the Dorchester Co family is the unusual names of Septimus and Basil/Brazel which also appear in the NC lines.  There is a Septimus Nowell from Martin Co, NC, who m. a Jane?? and moved to SC before 1800.  There is a William Brazel in Wake Co, NC, who is the son of Isham Nowell of Edgecombe Co, NC.

I have a little additional on other MD Nowells, Noells, but I haven't found anything to connect them to the Dorchester Co family.

Phyllis Mistrot