See this Page for the Armoiry's of Lee, Attlee and Atlay which are very similar.

The local de Atley family are descendants of an Irish line who were in the
invasion of England in 1066, as were the Noel's.

     Tout bien ou rien means (literally) "All good or nothing" A freer translation would be "All or nothing."
  The Armoiry shown  above must be French while the two below are of the Earls of Gainsborough, England

"Law unto themselves"



Gold with Red Trellis Work - An Ermine upper corner

The Crest is a Silver Stag with Gold Antlers

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The English Crests
Left - Sir Willian Noel 2nd Baronet    -   Right - Noel Barons Wentworth

1 & 4 Noel  2 Wentworth  3 Lovelace

From the Growth of Arms by John H Nicholls,  FAS and illustrated by Sir Lee MacMahon

Anne Wentworth inherited the Barony of Wentworth in 1656 then married Baron John 
Lovelace. Her daughter Margaret married Sir William Noel. He belonged to a younger
branch of Noel, (left above with differencing on the Noel Crest) the senior branch being
Earls of Gainsborough. Their decedents inherited the Barony of Wentworth and the
crest now became Noel Barons Wentworth. The differencing was dropped because the
new crest with the four quarters was enough to distinguish the crest from Gainsborough.
They took liberty in the placement of the quarters. It should have been Lovelace in the
second quarter and Wentworth brought in by Lovelace in the third.