The Noel and Noah Connection


Amelia Noel (1759 – 1818) was born Minka Levy; she married Zvi Noah on the 4th of April 1781 at the Great Synagogue, London, England.
Her father was Judah Levy an eminent American merchant; we do not have her mother’s name at this time.  Zvi Noah changed the family name
 to Noel and he want by the name Henry Noel. 


We do have a record of her marriage as reported in The Scots Magazine (1781).  There was also a court case (Horn VS. Noel) in 1807 which
provided information on the ceremony itself.  The court case also documented that the family name had been changed from Noah to Noel.  This
was further confirmed through records at the New Synagogue in London that show other Noah family members had changed their name to Noel. 


I also found a reference in Harper's New Monthly Magazine  July 1853, Vol. 7, issue 38; by Benson J. Lossing to a painting of a Madame Noel.
Upon the wall, close by, is a fine portrait of Madame Noel (aunt of Captain Levy, and also of the late Major Noah, the veteran New York Editor),
wife of M. Noel, a member of the National Assembly of France, who was guillotined during the Reign of Terror.  She was afterward a tutor of the
Princess Charlotte of England, in a peculiar style of flower painting.  The portrait was painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds.”


Amlia Noel was an artist and has many of her works in the museums.  We do have reference to her art work in connection with the Princess Charlotte.
The reference to her 'husband' having been guillotined may be a reference to another family member.  We have reference to the some of the family in France.


Uriah Levy’s father was Michael Levy the brother of Minka Levy.  Major Noah is Mordecai Noah whose father was Manuel Noah the brother of
Henry Noel (Noah).  Thus Amelia Noel was the aunt to both Uriah Levy and Mordecai Noah.


One branch of the Noel (Noah) family stayed in London and I have been in contact with a cousin there.  My branch of the Noel (Noah) family came
to the United States through Canada in 1850’s. 


I know there was some of the Noel (Noah) family that went to Australia. So there my be other Noel families that do not realize that they have Jewish roots.

James Noel