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(This was past thoughts and is not relevant now but may be of some interest.)

This is a little far out but accounts for the Noels who were at Sportsman's Hall, St. Vincent's, Latrobe, PA in the early 1800's using the records and Oral History of several families. These Noel's were once thought to be the children of Nicholas Noel who moved to Loretto. This does not seem to be the case and they are unaccounted for in any line.

[ Since the writing of this Page a list of all the Noel's in the French Army in the Colonial War has been found and there is no Adam Noël listed or any names similar to the Noel's  at Sportsman's Hall in the early 1800's, "Les Combattants Francais' 1905.  Also it has been suggested that my Joseph Noel could have been Adam Joseph as he named his first son Adam Peter and to carry this back to Blasius he could have been named Adam Blasius which would concur with the oral history. However all of this information was in the lost records of the Conewago Chapel.]

1.  A European Noel whose six sons came with the French under Louis Marie de Noailles
      in the American Revolution and may have fought their last battle at Yorktown, VA in 1783.

      2. Jacob Noel        At Sportsman's Hall

      2. Sylvester Noel  - Stayed in Baltimore by oral history of the Noel's who lived in Baltimore in 1946.

      2. Abraham Noel

      2. Simon Noel

      2. Alban Noel (maybe Adam)  born 1750 if he was 25 when Joseph was born     At Sportsman's Hall
             3. Mary Magdelina Noel maybe b. 1774 &  John Henry b. 1777              At Sportsman's Hall
             3. Joseph Noel  B. 1775 if 25 when Adam was born  & Margaret Griffen   At Sportsman's Hall
                       4. Adam Peter    6-11-1800
             3. John Noel & Petronilla   (Born 1778 if married when 25)                         At Sportsman's Hall
                       4. Mary Jan 1804

     2. Peter Noel    (Born 1750 if 25 when Peter was born)
            3. Peter Noel & Margaret ---   (Born 1774 if married when 25)                     At Sportsman's Hall
                      4. Peter 10 May 1800
                      4. Susan 15 Sept
                      4. Isaias bapt. 3 June 1804
                      4. Michael 1 Dec 1806?
                      4. Henry 18 Dec
           3. Simon Noel  married Mary Ann Andreissen in 1812. (Born 1787 if married when 25)
                                    At Sportsman's Hall later went to the Loretto, PA area
                      4. Anna Matilda married Daniel Kline in 1845
                      4. Matilda Rebecca
                      4. Margaret    5 March 1815
                      4. Mary Ann    5 June  1817
                      4. Sarah      19 Oct   1819
           3. Abraham Noel  & Mary Magdalen ---  (Born 1790 if married when 25)
                                      At Sportsman's Hall later went to the Loretto, PA area
                      4. Daniel        3 Dec 1816
                      4. Mary Barbara 30 Jan 1820

However, except maybe for Joseph, this could be the family of Daniel Noel the son of Peter Noel of Adams County.

Oral History like this pops up too often to disregard. In a letter from Iowa:

Dear Dominic, I am the great great grand son of Adam Noel and I live on the farm John T. Noel established in Scott county Iowa. . It seems to me that the Noel history reflects the history of this great country and can serve as a model for future generations to study and make connections with. I spent two years in Germany when I was in the USArmy and traveled to the area in   France where our ancestors came from. But at that time I did not know how to connect up with people to do the research on the family. The oral tradition in our family has it the the Noel family were from royal blood and that is why they considered it their duty to be good members of the community. They also were very musical and played and sang or taught music to others. I would be interested to see if this talent is present in the various branches of the family.

 Jerome D. Noel

A letter from Joan    -   Another Ackerman researcher in 1997 wrote me saying "...if everyone who was supposed to have  crossed the Delaware with George Washington was actually there, the boats would have      sunk!"  Peter lived, so I assume he  was a world class swimmer. Another detachment of Washington's army were not able to cross that night do to the ice and did  so only several days later.

My brother Lee T Noel, while with the Navy in the last great war (WWII) meet some Noel's from Baltimore, Maryland who said that their line came from France with Lafayette after an aborted Coup d'etat against King Louie.  That would be 1777.  They told him that Sylvester Noel drove wagons in the War. Our oral history has a Sylvester Noel. Uncle George said that Adam was from Baltimore and an officer of supplies and transport and had five brothers in the army.  Lee still thinks these people to be in our line.  The Aunt that raised me told stories which I have forgotten except that Uncle Pete was on the boat with George.  She had the bible with all the names in it and used it every night.  I wasn't interested at the time.  So  .  .  .  .  that's probably happened over and over to many of us. Uncle George is George Sylvester Noel, a first son born 1860, while his father was Jacob Sylvester Noel born 1834

A Letter to Paul Noel a descendent of a Simon Noel

Box 21, Loretto, PA  15940
 June 24, 1974

 Dear Sergeant Noel:   Our pastor, Father Joseph Weidmann ask me to answer your letter of May 5, 1974  regarding your ancestors.  The enclosed zeroxed copies of the only records we have on the Noel and Stoltz  families will aid you in your search, we hope.  There is a long tradition here that the Noel family is related to Vicomte de Noailles, brother-in-law of Lafayette, lieutenant Col. of Regiment Soissonais at Yorktown.  The  American family shortened the name the name to Noel because the French pronunciation sounds like Noel in  English. This family also wrote the name Noll.  Father Damien Noll, T.O.R. of St. Francis College may help you in  this part of your search.  Noailles is a great French family that traces its decent to the 13th century. Louis-Marie  Noailles and Lafayette married sisters. The Vicomte's name is found among the French settlers at Montrose, Pa.

Another note of interest:  A skilled wagoner named Nicholas Noel brought Prince Gallitzin's possessions from  Taneytown, Md. to McGuire's Settlement in the autumn of 1799 in a two-horse prairie schooner in which were  stored coffee, alter wine, flour, a bed, a bureau, an alter, vestments, sacred vessels, and about a hundred books. (Daniel Sergeant: Mitri.)  You will find the book "Mitri" in the N.Y. Public Library.

This as far as we can go in your search. I hope it will help you.

      Sincerely yours,

     signed - Grace Murphy

     SSgt Paul I Noel
     Box 1394  513 FMS
     APO New York, N.Y.  09127

Mainline Newspapers   12-13-2007

From "The History of Westmoreland County" by Boucher and Jordan, 1906

DALLAS E NOEL, an engineer on the Pennsylvania Railroad, was born in Ligonier valley, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, a son of W M and Catherine Noel.  The progenitor of the Noel family in this country was the great-great-grandfather of Dallas E Noel, who was aide decamp in the French Army, and relinquished his title in France and emigrated to America.  The great-grandfather and grandfather of Dallas E Noel came from Harrisburg.

The line is like this:

Subject     -       Dallas                     Ligonier
Father       -      William   b 1848      Ligonier
GF            -      Charles   b 1829      From Adams CO.
G-GF        -      Jacob                      From Adams CO.
2G-GF      -      Andrew                   Conewago
3G-GF      -      John                         From Europe
4G-GF      -      Joseph                      From Europe

We know Andrew did not come from Europe but the oral history could be true since it states, "The progenitor of the Noel family in this country" which is Joseph.

Above is Oral History while below are the records at St Vincent's. These people may or may not have belonged to the same family but could have very easily. Alban above was to have been at St Vincent's but could have been an error in transcription.

                     3   Joseph Noel   +   Margaret Griffin
                                4   Adam Peter Noel 1800 -
                                4   George Noel 1802 -
                                4   Joseph A Noel 1806 -
                                4   Margaret Noel 1809 -
                                4   Anna Noel 1810 -
                                4   John T Noel 1811 -
                                              +  Maria Longmeyer
                                4   Peter Noel  1830
                                              +  Maria Kreitzer
                                4   Jacob Sylvester Noel  1834

                     3   Peter Noel    +   Margaret
                                4   Peter Noel 1800 -
                                4   Susan Noel 1801 -
                                4   Isaias Noel 1804 -
                                4   Michael Noel 1806 -
                                4   Henry Noel 1810  -

                     3   John Noel   +   Petronilla
                                4   Mary Noel 1804 -

                     3   Abraham Noel   +   Mary Magdalen
                                 4   Daniel Noel 1816 -
                                 4   Mary Barbara Noel 1820 -
                                 4   Simon P Noel 1827 -   +Barbara Ellen

                     3   Simon Noel   +   Mary
                                  4   Margaret Noel 1815 -
                                  4   Mary Ann Noel 1817 -
                                  4   Sarah Noel 1819 -
                     3   Jacob Noel
                     3   Mary Magdelina Noel  m John  Henry born March 7, 1777 (from a Henry Bible)

Abraham Noel                 (1809 - 1820)
1. On the subscription list for the first chapel  in 1809
2. Daniel of Abraham Noel and Mary, his wife, b 3 Dec 1816, bapt 9 Feb 1817; sponsors Peter Noel and Margaret Noel.
3. Mary Barbara of Abraham and Magdalen Noel, b 30 Jan, bapt 22 Feb 1820; sponsor Barbara Ruffner.

Alban (Adam or Abraham?)
1. Reported on an 1810 building fund (1809?)

Jacob Noel                     (1809 - 1821)
1. On the subscription list for the first chapel  in 1809
2. Mary Magdalen of George Wight/White and Elizabth, his wife, b 1 Jan, bapt 12 Feb 1815; sponsors James Noell and Rose Wight.
3. Jacob of Frederick and Catharine Scuptre, b on the 10th of Dec 1820, bapt 10 May 1821; sponsors Jacob Noel and Margaret Senduff.

John Noel                      (1803 - 1804)
1. Peter of George and Anna Mary Zindorff, b 12 Oct, evidently of the preceding year, bapt 24 April 1803; sponsors John Noele and Mary Kuhn.
2. Mary of John and Petronilla Noel, b in Jan, bapt the 1st 1804; sponsors Simon Ruffner and Margaret Griffy.

Joseph Noel                  (1800-1839)
1. Adam of Joseph and Margaret (nee Griffin) Noel, b 11 June, bapt 6 July 1800; sponsors George and Margaret Ruffner.
2. George of Joseph and Margaret, b 16 March, bapt 22 Mar 1802; sponsors Patrick and Margaret Griffy (Greavey?).
3. Mary Ann of Frederick and Mary Septer, b 27 Jan, bapt 23 March 1802; sponsors Joseph Noel and Catharine Ruffner, wife of Simon Ruffner.
4. George of Henry and Magdalen Griffy, b 28 Apr, bapt 12 June 1803; sponsors Joseph Noel and  Mary Ruffner, maiden.
5. Elizabeth of Frederick and Anna Maria Septer, b 23 April, bapt 8 July 1804; sponsors Joseph and Margaret Noell
6. Joseph of Joseph and Margaret Noel, b 3 Aug, bapt 5 Oct 1806; sponsors Joseph Schmidt and Elizabeth, maiden.
7. Margaret of Joseph and Margaret Noell, b 25 June, bapt 4 Sep 1809; sponsors Simon Ruffner and Margaret Griffy.
8. Anna of Joseph and Margaret Noell, b 12 March, bapt 15 July 1810; sponsors John Henry and Mary Henrich.
9. John of Joseph and Margaret Noel, b 26 Nov 1811, bapt 14 Nov 1819; sponsors Edward and Mary Toner.
10. Juliana of Adam and Mary Scepter, b 26 Oct, evidently of the preceding year, bapt 30 May 1819; sponsors Joseph and Margaret Noel.
11. Peter Noel Born 1830 of Joseph and Maria Longmeyer
13. Jacob Born 2-2-1834 of Joseph and Maria Kreitzer baptized 9-6-1835 sponsors-George and Susan Miller
14. Last Rites recorded at Sportsman's Hall in 1839.

Peter Noel                     (1800 - 1818)
1. Peter of Peter and Margaret Noel, b 10 May, bapt 7 Sep 1800; sponsors Patrick and Margaret Griffing (Griffin?).
2. Susan of Peter and Margaret Noel, b 15 Sep, bapt 8 May 1801; sponsors Nicholas Wallhy and Mary his wife.
3. Frank of Frank and Anna Doff, b 2 June, bapt 26 July 1801; sponsors Peter Noel and Anna Rogers.
4. Isaias of Peter and Margaret Noell, 10 Nov, without stating what happened on that day, previously of no religion, bapt 3 June 1804; sponsors John and Martha Magoy (McCoy?)
5. Margaret of Adam and Mary Septer, b 14 Jan, bapt 6 April 1806; sponsors Peter and Margaret Noell.
6. Michael of Peter and Margaret Noell, b 1 Dec, evidently of the preceding year, bapt 4 April 1807; sponsors Adam Kuhn and Mary Andress, maiden.
7. On the subscription list for the first chapel  in 1809
8. Henry of Peter and Margaret Noell, b 18 Dec, bapt 4 March 1810; sponsors Philip Seyverth (Seybert?) and Barbara his wife.
9. Subscribed to pay to Simon Ruffner and John Rogers for the altar at Sportsman's Hall,  May 15th, 1816.
10. Peter of John Soals and Elizabeth, his wife, born about fourteen years ago, bapt 27 April 1817; sponsor Peter Noel.
11. Peter of John and Susan Griffin, b 1 Apr, bapt 16 Sept 1818; sponsors Peter and Margaret Noel.

SIMON NOEL    (1806 - 1819)
1. Mary Anna of Peter and Anna Ruffner, b 18 April, bapt 13 June 1806; sponsors Simon Noel and Catharine Isly (Easly?).
2. Susan of Thomas and Elizabeth Bivers, b 15 July, bapt 28 Aug 1809. Sponsors Simon Noel and Susan Zinsdorff.
3. Christina of Adam and Mary Septer, b 28 June, bapt 29 Aug 1811; sponsors Simon Noell and Mary Andreas (Andrews?).
4. MARRAGES - NOEL, Simon, 12 Aug 1812, Simon Noell (sic) to Mary Andressin.
5. Margaret of Simon Noell and Mary, his wife, b 5 March, bapt by the same 9 April 1815; sponsors Peter Noell and Margaret his wife.
6. Subscribed to pay to Simon Ruffner and John Rogers for the altar at Sportsyman's Hall,  May 15th, 1816.
7. Mary Ann of Simon Noal and Mary his wife, b 5 June, bapt by the same 24 Aug 1817; sponsors Jacob Noel and Mary Andreis.
8. Sarah of Simon and Mary Noel, b 19 Oct, bapt 28 Nov 1819; sponsors Joseph Bock and Sarah Dogherty.

Elizabeth Noell
Elizabeth of Daniel and Cecilia O'Donnel, b 1 Dec, evidently of the preceding year, bapt 18 Oct 1812; sponsors Christian Ruffner and Elizabeth Noell.
Margaret Noel(wife of Joseph or Peter?)
Simon b 25 Nov 1810, Margaret, b 6 Nov 1812, and David b 28 Jan 1815, of Frederick and Catharine Sceptre, bapt 28 Nov 1819; sponsors Frederick Sceptre and Margaret Noel.
Susan Noel   (maybe the daughter of Peter, born 1801)
Rose of George and Elizabeth Wade, b 30 April, bapt 6 June 1819; sponsors Henry Bock and Susan Noel.
Magdalen Noel   (could be Mary Magdalen who married John Henry)
Elizabeth of Jacob and Catharine Ziegler, 18 Feb, bapt 22 Feb 1820; sponsor Magdalen Noel.

Those who sponsored the Noel children or the parents of children sponsored by the Noel's
Sportsman's Hall, St Vincent's, Latrobe, PA  1800  -  1820 and their place of origin

Mary - The Will of Paul Andriss of Frederick County was witnessed 25th Oct 1804,  wife Charaty Andriss.

Thomas and Elizabeth -  A Bevertz/Bibers family lived in Allemangel (now Albany Twp, Berks &
 Lynn Twp, Lehigh)   by Betty

Joseph, Henry - Bock, I believe this is the same as BUCK.  Joseph and Henry BUCK lived in  Springfield Twp, Bucks Co.   by Betty

Frank and Anna


Griffin Griffy
Patrick and Margaret, Henry and Magdalen, John and Susan - Goshenhoppen Area, Bucks Co.

Mary -  This one I'm sure of because it's my family.  The Henrichs lived in Albany Twp, Berks.  The Henrich house was a mass house.   By Betty


Mary, Adam - There are a lot of Kuhn's.  Henry, Henry Jr. and Joseph Kuhn were from Cedar Creek, southwest of Allentown in Lehigh Co.  At various times all of their homes were mass houses.  A William Kuhns lived in the Easton/Bethlehem  area of Northampton by Betty

John and Martha

Daniel and Cecilia


Barbara,  Catharine, George and Margaret, Mary, Peter and Anna, Christian, Simon
The Simon Ruffner family originally lived at Croner's Mill near Red  Hill in Montgomery Co.  They later moved to the Blue Mountains in Northampton Co. (now Lehigh).  This last would be in the Allemangel area.  by Betty

Joseph and Elizabeth, maiden - A Philip Schmidt had a mass house in Penn Twp, Berks (formerly Bern Twp) By Betty

Frederick and Catharine, Frederick and Mary, Frederick and Anna Maria, Adam and Mary


Philip and Barbara - Philip and Barbara Seyverth are my g-great grandparents.  They came from Berks County.  The family and others moved to Clarion County after Philip's death, and the  name became Cyphert. The name has been recorded with many spellings.  Jim Cyphert

John and Elizabeth

Edward and Mary

George and Elizabeth

Nicholas and Mary

George and Elizabeth, Rose

Jacob and Catharine

George and Anna Mary, Susan