Peter Noel (9-11-1832 .. 7-20-1863)

Peter Noel the Oral History  -  Peter was the son of Joseph Noel and Maria Longmyer / Longmeyer.  He was born in Westmoreland County, PA and was taken by his half-brothers to Iowa in 1835. Peter was wounded in the American Civil War at Champion Hill, Vicksburg and died at a Hospital on his way home in St Louis. His brother took his body and he is buried at Davenport, Iowa. Peter has no know children.  The brother could have been Jacob S Noel of Westmoreland County, PA as Peter stopped there on his way to Iowa. Jacob may have escorted him as he was very ill.

My Aunt Dillie (Ester Noel) told me that Peter stoped in Pennsylvania after the battle and gave her father Jacob S Noel the bullet that caused his wound. He went on to Missouri never to be heard from again. There is a muzzel loader that was made at Harpers Ferry in 1858. It came from Peter's brother Jacob S Noel through My father Leo A. Noel.  Jacob S Noel was not in the Civil war; so this could be the gun that Peter used.

Taken from Army Records As Written

Peter was 29 yr's old when he enlisted Aug 11th 1862 at Millersburg Iowa Eyes blue,
 hair brown, complexion light, height 5'10" Born, Westmoreland, Pa.

Oct. 31, 62 Present
Nov.& Dec. 62 Absent, Taken prisoner on picket near Helena Ark.
Dec. 29, 62 Paroled the next day.
Jan.& Feb., 63 Present March
April 63 Present
May, June 63 Absent....Left in Hosp. Wounded in battle of Champion Hill
May 16, 63 Sept. Oct. 63.

Died July 20th 63 at City Hosp. St. Louis, Mo. from wounds rec. in battle. Wounded at Champion Hill May 16th by a minnie ball fracturing radius and ulna of left arm.......Amputation performed at lower third May 26th. When admitted in very low condition...Arm gangrenous...Suffering from Diarhea.

July 10 ......much depressed July appetite
July 20th....very feeble
died July 21st....died at midnight?
On a "U.S.Hospitals certificate for government undertakers" John A. Smither, Office, No.113 Chestmut, between 5th and 6th streets, St. Louis, MO.. NOTE: Scrawled in the top right corner of cert. are the words "Taken by his brother."
Found by Richard B Weber