Peter R Noel from Adams County, Pennsylvania to Michigan in 1853

Much of the information I have is from the census records and from the "The History of Kent County",  Chapman 1881 and
"The History of Cumberland and Adams county 1886".

Peter R Noel was the son of Nicholas Noel and the grandson of Andrew Noel. He left for Grand Rapids Michigan in the 1850's. His wife was Lydia A Clunk and my records show that she was born in 1806 to Joseph Clunk and Mary Norbeck. Some record show the Clunk name being spelled as Klunk. Their children were:  Caroline,  Pius J,  Mary A,  John S,  Agnes,  William Peter,  Joseph,  James,  Lousia,  Francis,  Lydia,  Lucinda.

Caroline, the oldest daughter, is mention in the Pennsylvania  history and not in the Michigan history. Either she died before coming to Michigan or stayed behind in Pennsylvania. They came to Michigan in 1853.

Pius J Noel was born in 1832 and married a Caroine Robenson in 1856. He returned to Pennsylvania. He had 10 children:

Mary A was born Dec. 24, 1833. She married Adam Ohler and died  Feb. 19,1886. I do not have how many children she had, but my Aunt has her one daughters photo album.

John S was born August 3,1835. He married Margert McDouner in 1862, she was born in 1841, and they had nine children:         Mary,  Maggie,  Aggie,  Addie,  Frank,  Kate,  Jennie,  John, and  Teressa.

Agnes T married Jeremiah W. Boyton in 1859. They had two children Mary and Lillie.

William Peter Noel was born 1837, he was a blacksmith by trade. His wife was Sarah McConaw born in 1844. His chidren were:  Hattie born Oct. 20, 1863. Her husbands last name was Depue and she had two children Joseph and Blanch. She died Jan. 31, 1906. Ann was born Dec. 9,1865. She was married to Harry Wilson. George was born 1867. Lizzie was in 1869. Sarah Jane was born Apr. 4, 1870 and died Aug. 11,1897 and was buried in St. Andrews Cem. Charles William was born Nov. 22,1871. William Henry was born 1873 more information on him later. Joseph was born 1876. And Frederick was born1877.

Joseph died in 1849 in Pennsylvania before they left for Michigan.

James was the next son. I do not have  any information on him yet.

Louise F married E. J. Shinkman on June 2, 1868. She died Nov. 1, 1880 leaving 2 daughters and one son.

Francis Louise, a twin brother, married a women named Liza and according to the 1880 census he had 2 children and was living with his father.

Lydia & Lucinda - I have do not have information on as of yet.

William Henry Noel was born in 1872 in Grand Rapids Michigan and married Mary Henrietta Rider in 1899.  He died in 1936 in Detroit Michigan. His wife Mary was born in May of 1874 in Bronson Michigan. Her parents were George Rider and Mary Gibbons. Her family was Clifford, Charles, Robert, Myrtle, Ive who married Williams cousin Henry William Noel, Mable, and Franklin. Mary and Willam had only one child. Dorothea Maire Noel who was born Aug. 15, 1901. she married Louis Otto Faust Loebenstein in May of 1920. She was born in Grand Rapids but came to Detroit in 1910 with her parents. Dorthea and Louis had three children. Mary Helen born Jan. 12, 1922. Georgia Marie  born Aug 10, 1924, and Barbara May born in March of 1935. Louis died in 1959 and Dorthea in 1982. Mary Helen married Nolan Robert Thomas in 1950 their only child is me, Debra Ann  Born April 30, 1953. Georgia married Dominic Russo their only child Louis died in 1943. Barbara mariied Robert Gray they had one son Robert Gray born March 7, 1957. She later married George Huyghe after Div. Robert Gay. Mary died in May of 1979 and Nolan died in May of 1996. I was married in 1979 to Robert Ferris Goodall,who was born in Aug 14, 1949. His parents were Veron Ferris Goodall born in 1907 in St. James Missouri and June Nishiyama who was born in Orlando Ca.  My father Nolan was born in Hickman Ky. and was the son of Pearl Watson and William V THomas. We have six sons Jason John 1979, Justin Robert 1981, Thomas Veron George 1984, Nathan Andrew 1986, Louis Gregory 1988, Nolan Dominic 1992. I hope I have been of a help.

by   Debbie Goodall

One other bio of a Noel from Oxford Twp. , Adams Co. Pa. written in 1886.

Pius J. Noel, grocer, New Oxford, was born in Oxford Twp., this county in 1832, a son of Peter R. and Lydia A.(Clunk) Noel, who for many years have resided on a farm in the vicinity of Oxford, and to whom were born 12 children (all in Adams County) viz.: Caroline, Pius J., Mary, John, Agnes, William, Joseph, James, Louisa, Francis, Lydia A. and Lucinda. At the age of 18 Pius J. began the blacksmith's trade with his uncle, Joseph Clunk. In 1854, the family removed to Grand Rapids, Mich., where William, Pius J., Joseph and James opened a wheelwright shop, the former two being smiths and the latter wagon-
makers. The brothers continued the business until 1873, when Pius J. returned to Adams Co. and engaged in the mercantile business at New Oxford, in which he is still engaged. In 1856, our subject paid a visit to Penn. and married Miss Caroline, daughter of James & Mary (Myers) Robinson, who had been neighbors of the Noels for many years, Miss Robinson being one of his schoolmates. Mr. Noel returned to Grand Rapids, taking with him his young bride, and during their stay
there 8 children were born to them: Mary, William, James, Ella, Martha, Cora, Henry (deceased) and Carrie (deceased). After their return to New Oxford, 2 sons, Pius and Lewis were born. Mrs. Noel died in March 1882. Mr. Noel is a self-made man, and has earned every dollar he is worth. In business he has always been successful, and has avoided politics, so far as a desire for official honors is concerned. From infancy, he has been a consistent Catholic. Mary, the eldest daughter, is a Sister of Charity. Ella and Cora received a liberal education at the acadamy at McSherrystown, and are housekeepers for their father. One son, James, is engaged in business for himself at Waynesboro, and another son, William, is clerking for his father at the present time.