Philip Noel was born February 1, 1817 in Adams County, PA. He was the son of John Noel and Elizabeth Beamer. According to notes provided by my cousin, Tom Noel, Philip was baptised June 15th, 1817. His sponsers being Andrew Kendrick (McKendrick) and Elizabeth Noel. I know that my parents have Philip's handpainted birth certificate (rather large). Very neat! They also have his large "whale back" traveling trunk (includes his painted intitials). The photo is of a blanket made for my ggg Grandfather Philip Noel.  Philip moved from Seneca Co., Ohio to Illinois and then to Jefferson Co., Wisconsin. He bought 40 acres in 1843 and 80 acres in 1846. The farm was located in Koshkonong, Jefferson County. He married Polly Laurinda Webb in 1841. This was Polly's second marriage. Her first was to a Mr. Messenger. She had two children with Mr. Messenger...sons Albert (born abt. 1838, Illinois) and James (born abt. 1840, Illinois).

According to the 1850 census, Philip was a farmer with real estate valued at $2500. It also appears that a lady named Susanna Bates, age 33, lived in the household. Susanna was born in Ireland. She could not read or write.

In the 1870 census the value of Philip's real estate was $12,000 and his personal estate was $1920.

Children of Philip Noel and Polly Webb are: Albert Messenger born abt. 1838 James Messenger born abt. 1840 Harriet Noel born June 11, 1842, Wisconsin; died September 03, 1893, Minneapolis, MN. William Ira Noel born September 24, 1845, Wisconsin; died October 16, 1933, Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, WI John Noel born April 14, 1848, Wisconsin; died January 02, 1897 George Washington Noel born February 22, 1850, Wisconsin; died in 1935 in Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin Louisa Noel born 1853 in Wisconsin; died 1913 Philip H. Noel born July11, 1855 in Wisconsin; died February 28, 1926

The above children born in Wisconsin were all born on the family farm in Koshkonong.

Note: Philip H. Noel took over his parents farm. He promised the farm to his nephew Ira Philip Noel (son of William Ira Noel) if he would return home to run it. By the time Ira returned, however, Phillip had already sold the farm to somebody else.

Other intresting Notes on our line of Noels: William Ira Noel (see picture)served in the Civil War and was a member of Company E, 1st Wisconsin cavalry. He served under General Sherman's "bummers". He was taken prisoner near Delton, GA. On May 09, 1864 he was taken to Andersonville prison. He spent 317 days in the prison. He entered the prison weighing 170 lbs. and came out "barely tipping the scales at 70." According to Tom Noel there is a display dedicated to William Noel in the museum in Fort Atkinson. They have some of his war memorabilia (including his saber).

Ira Phillip Noel (son of the above William Noel) served in the Spanish American War. After the war he worked for the Chicago and Northwestern railroad as a conductor. He was sent to Casper, Wyoming. My cousin Tom, passed on a couple of intresting little stories about Ira. "While sitting in a Wyoming saloon, a man on horseback rode by and shot the bartender dead." Also, "Ira worked on the train pulling the Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley show for 1 1/2 years." It was after this stint on the railroad that Ira returned to take over the farm..only to have it sold before he got there.

My gg grandfather was George Washington Noel. My cousin, Tom Noel, is decended from the above William Noel and Ira Phillip Noel. I now live in Neenah, Wisconsin while Tom still lives in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. He had told me that the family farm is no longer standing but there are still pieces of the foundation on the grounds.

I do know there were other Noels that settled on the opposite side of the state of Wisconsin. This would have been the Solomon Noel family. Solomon (son of Peter Noel, grandson of Johannes) appears in the 1850 Census of Lima Township, Grant County, Wisconsin. He was born 1797 in Hampshire County, Virginia.

Some other Noel artifacts that my parents inherited were some pieces of artwork done by an "M. Noel" They depicted Colonial times...the men were wearing the powder white wigs. One I remember showed a formal occasion with women dress in beautiful hooped skirts. Who ever this M. Noel was , they were very talented. Wish I knew who this person was. These were retrieved from, I believe, Philip Noel's (born 1817) things.

Debbie Winn-Konietzki

The following information is on William Noel:

The Official Record: Entered service January 2, 1864. Enlisted into Company E First Wisconsin Veteran Cavalry from Koshkonong, Wisconsin. Taken Prisoner at Varnell's Station, Georgia; Mustered out of service June 3, 1865.

  • Engagements:
  • Dandridge, TN
  • Fair Garden, TN
  • Cleveland, TN
  • Cleveland, TN (must have had two battles there)
  • Columbus Road, AL
  • Ft. Taylor (West Point), GA
  • Red Clay, GA > Varnell's Station, GA



    There is also info on the Certificate about the regiment's history. It is the same article that is written up on this web site: It gives brief Regimental Histories of the various Wisconsin units. I also saw two other Noels, one from Lincoln, WI and the other I believe was from Marathon, WI. Didn't recognize the names and didn't have anything to write with. The next time I go down there I will be more prepared and jot that info down.

    Note! There was a second Phillip Noel and Polly Web.

    The two Philip Noel's and Polly Webbs are different people, believe it or
    not.  My parents had Philip Noel's (born 1817) obituary plus the have his
    hand painted birth certificate from Adams Co., PA.  Polly Webb was married
    once before to a Mr. Messenger and had two boys by him..they are listed in
    the Jefferson Co., WI census as being born in Illinois. Polly then married
    Philip.  My folks also have Philip's will (he died in 1893). My Philip and
    Polly's children's name are completely different from the ones of your Philip
    and Polly.

    Philip Noel and Polly Laurinda Webbs Children:
    Albert Messenger born abt. 1838
    James Messenger born abt. 1840
    Harriet Noel born 1842
    William Ira Noel born 1845 (prisoner at Andersonville, GA and survived)
    John Noel born 1848
    George Washington Noel born 1850 (my gg grandfather)
    Louisa Noel born 1853
    Philip H. Noel born 1855

    Deb Konietzki

    1Philip Noel born Feb. 01, 1817 in Adams Co. PA; Died 1873 in Whitewater, Walworth, WI   Married:  1841
      + Polly Laurinda Webb born May 25, 1818; died Nov. 20, 1908
            2 *Albert Messenger born abt 1838 in IL
            2 *James Messenger born abt 184O in IL
    * Albert and James were sons from Polly Laurinda Webb's first marriage to Mr. Messenger of Ohio
            2 Harriet Noel born June 11, 1842 in Wisconsin; died Sept. 03, 1893 in Minneapolis, MN  Married: 1862
              +Henry D. Stevenson
                    3 Adda Stevenson born abt. 1867
                     +Will Crisler
                    3 Ella C. Stevenson born Sept. 05, 1867 in Jefferson Co, WI; died June 17, 1958
                     Married: June 15, 1885
                      +Ernest Elmer Cadwell
                            4 Phillip Earl Cadwell born Oct. 07, 1886; died April 14, 1966
                              +Mabel Louise Sjordal
                    3 Eva Rena Stevenson born Nov. 11, 1870
                      + Mr. Wood
            2 John Noel born April 14, 1848 in Koskonong, WI; died Jan. 09, 1897 in Whitewater, WI
            2 William Noel born Sept. 24, 1849 Jefferson Co, WI; died Oct. 16, 1933 in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI
                       Married: July 28, 1867 in Koskonong, Jefferson Co., WI
              +Harriet Louisa De Grodt born May 07, 1850; died Jan. 04, 1927
                    3 Della Louisa Noel born Nov. 05, 1876;
                       +Waldo Warren Hibbard
                            4 Gail Hibbard born Nov. 15, 1900
                              + Mr. Wilkie
                    3 Emma Honnok Noel born April 23, 1882; died 1964
                      +Rush L. Chapman born Oct. 31, 1880
                            4 Russel Chapman born March 12, 1900
                    3 Eva Laurinda Noel born Jan. 05,1869
                      +Peter Ferguson Daven
                            4 Hazel Daven born Oct. 25, 1887
                              +Harry Wilson Farr born Aug. 17, 1887
                      +(2nd husband of Eva Laurinda Noel) E.F. Wilson
                    3 Ira Philip Noel born May 23, 1874; died 1937
                      +Etta Harrison born Feb. 05, 1885; died 1949
                            4 Harriet L. Noel
                            4 Richard Noel
                            4 William Ira Noel born Jan. 09, 1910 in Fort Atkinson, WI; died June 28, 1983 in Ellensberg, WA
                                    Married July 01, 1933 in Fort Atkinson, WI
                            +Marie Floerke
                            4 Grace Noel born 1911
            2 George Washington Noel born Feb. 22, 1850 in Koskonong, WI; died May 25, 1935 in Whitewater, Walworth, WI
                            Married:  April 13, 1875
              + Sarah Margaret Rutherford born Nov. 07, 1852 in Bellville, Dane Co., WI; died October 11, 1950 in Whitewater, WI
                    3 Anna Noel born May 22, 1882 in Koskonong, WI; died Sept. 22, 1960 in Whitewater, WI
                      Married: June 01, 1904 in Whitewater, WI
                      +Edward Winn born Dec. 06, 1879 in Whitewater, WI; died July 09, 1938 in Whitewater, WI
                            4 Noel Edward Winn born Oct. 25, 1906 in Whitewater, WI; died April 13, 1967 in Madison, Dane Co., WI
                              + Janet Elizabeth Clark
                    3. Sanie Elizabeth Noel born Oct. 17,1884 died July 09, 1935 in Waukesha, WI
                      +Gordon W. Johnson born March 05, 1886; died Feb. 07, 1950
                    3. Harriet Polly Noel born Dec. 13, 1892 in Koskonong, WI; died March 17, 1968 (while on vacation in Maui, Hawaii) resided in Whitewater, WI
                      + Dr. William Henry Fritsche born March 20, 1895 died Jan. 24, 1923 in New Ulm, MN
                            4 Margaret Louise Fritsche Dec. 13, 1918; died 04, 13, 1922
                            4 Amalia Fritsche born Nov. 04, 1920; died Oct 04, 1922
            2 Louisa Noel born Nov. 29, 1853; died 1931
              + Mr. Crittenden
            2 Philip H. Noel born July 11, 1855 in Koskonong, WI; died Feb. 28, 1926 in Whitewater, WI
              Married: 1879
              +Lulu Krebs born Feb. 13, 1857 in Fort Atkinson, WI; died in Madison, WI
                    3 Infant Noel