Pigeon   Hills   Settlers

Examination of the map of Pigeon Hills settlers and comparison with the Strasbach
family history discloses considerable intermarriage among these settlers.

Among Nicolas Strasbach's children:

         Nicolas Strasbach (J5) m. Madlena Delon/Dillon
         Anna Strasbach m. Nicolas Ory (N10)
         Judith Strasbach m. John Heidler (M16)
         Catherine Strasbach m. Jacob Shupe/Schoff (M11) (Princess Augusta Jacob Stubes???)
         Margaret Strasbach m. Nicolas Noel (K-11) (should be marked as son-in-law on map)

Among his grandchildren:
      Nicolas > Nicolas
           Peter Strasbach m. Barbara Noel 2-Nicolas,
           Nicholas Strasbach m. Magdelena Heidler
      Nicolas > Michael
           Nicholas Strasbach m. Mary Magdalena Heidler

Among his great grandchildren:
       Nicolas > Nicolas > Peter
               Margaret Maria Strasbach m. Charles Delon/Dillon
               Joseph Strasbach m. Christine Berger/Bauger (probably family of Frederick Bauger N9)
               Peter Strasbach m. Catherine Berger/Bauger (probably family of Frederick Bauger N9)
       Nicolas > Michael > Michael
               Catherine Strasbach m. Michael Noel
               Polly Strasbach m. Jacob Noel
       Nicolas > Michael > Henry
                Benjamin Paulus Strasbach m. Rebecca Noel
       Nicolas > Michael > Catherine (m. Anthony Little)
                Magdelena Little m. Thomas Brady (probably family of John Bready M14,M15)
Later generations show further intermarriages.

                                                                                                  By      Horace Ory