Sarah Jane Noel

My great, great, great grandfather (John Noel) is believed to have been born in Normandy during the 1790s (or thereabouts). There is evidence that he could have joined the 60th regiment in Guernsey, and also served aboard the Fighting Temeraire at Trafalgar.

I only know of one descendant - Thomas Noel (1825 - ?), probably born in London (unconfirmed). Thomas joined the army also, and served with the AASSC&T & 60th Regiments during the Indian Uprising. He married Elizabeth Leach on 18 April 1853 at Bengal in India, and I believe they produced at least four children:

John Henry Noel (1854 - abt.1925) - born at Jallundur, Punjab, India (my great grandfather)

Thomas Noel (1856 - ?) - born at Meerut, India

Sarah Jane Noel (1858 - ?) - born at Meerut, India

Charles Noel (1861 - ?) - born in Dover, Kent

Owing to their country of birth very little information is available, and they do not appear in UK censuses. The boys were allegedly educated at a Duke of York's School, but this is hard to confirm (there were several). Charles appears to have been in an (unnamed) institution at Chelsea, Middlesex in 1871 (aged 9) but vanishes again thereafter (probably back into the armed forces).

John Henry Noel later became Barrack Warden at Woolwich, Kent (having also served as Colour Sergeant at Wigston Blaby near Leicester). I know his descendants from this point - married Rosina Charlotte Earp, six children: Henrietta R. (1886 - 1967), John Edward (1888 - 1950), Charles Henry (1889 - ?), Florence E. (1891 - 1971), James (1893 - 1974), and Arthur O. (1895 - 1916).

There are many distinguished characters in John Henry's lineage, and I hope to produce an article covering this branch at some point.


An exerpt from military overseas birth & christening records, showing members directly related to Sarah

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