Sarah Ann Noel     14 April 1845 - > 1920
Her Ancestors and Descendants

by Carol Vass

I have just been able to put together a chain of documentation leading to the conclusion that my paternal great grandmother, Sarah Ann NOEL, was a descendant of Joseph NOEL, [~1690- ~1753] through his son, Johannes 'John' NOEL, [~1722-1765] and his wife Margaret Unknown, through their son, Andrew NOEL, [1854-1821] and his wife, Teresa DILLON (DELONE), through their son, Andrew NOEL [Jr] [1770-~1856], and his wife, Elizabeth WALTER and finally through their son, William NOEL, [1801-1882] and his second wife Bridget Ann Unknown.  [William NOEL was first married to Anna Emily WILSON who died in 1841.  Sarah was the older of two daughter's William NOEL had with his second wife.

I have heavily relied on abundant research information about Joseph NOEL and his descendants found on Dominic Noel's web site [1], 'The NOEL Tree' by Charles Noel,  and have additionally done enough primary source research to reach the above conclusions, including finding William NOEL'S 1881 Will which verifies his two marriages and eight children, aside from Sarah. [transcription below]  Following is the information I have found and the conclusions I have made.

According to a family bible in my possession [2], Sarah Ann NOEL was born 14 August 1845 and a number of her descendants report her birth as occurring in Pennsylvania on various US and Iowa State census records I have found for them, as well as Sarah's own statement on the 1920 US Census, Howard County, Iowa,  and other US and Iowa State census, that she was born in Pennsylvania. [3]

Sarah Ann NOEL married John George GLASS on 7 June 1864 at St. Benedict's Church, Carroll Township, Cambria Co, Pennsylvania. [4]  John George GLASS was born 15 March 1838 [2] and his year of his birth is further verified by the 1850 US Census for Susquehanna Twp, Cambria Co, PA and the 1860 US Census for Susquehanna Twp, Cambria Co, PA where he appears in the household of his parents, William A. GLASS and Mary Ann (MILLER). [5] William and Mary Ann (MILLER) GLASS and virtually all of their children and spouses, plus a larger group of extended relations from Miller, Glass, Weakland families moved to the Howard/Chickasaw Counties, Iowa starting in the mid 1860s. [6]

A search of the Cambria County census shows only one NOEL family with a daughter named Sarah who was the correct age to be the Sarah NOEL who married John G. GLASS.   The 1850 Susquehanna Twp census shows a William Noel, age 50, born PA [indicating birth ~1800], with his wife Ann, age 44, born Ireland [indicating born ~1806] and the following children:  Ephraim, age 18 [b.~1832], Andrew, age 14 [born ~1836], Lydia, age 13 [born ~ 1837], Emily, age 10 [born ~1840], Sarah A., age 6 [born ~1844] and Ann, age 4 [born ~1846]. The 1860 census for Chest Twp,[which had been created out of Susquehanna and does not represent a household move] shows the same William Noel, age 59, born PA [b.~1801],wife, Ann, age 50, born Ireland [b. ~1800], Andrew, age 23, b. PA [b. ~1837], Sarah A., age 17, b. PA [b.~1843] and Anna C., age 15, b. PA [b. ~1845].  Allowing for typical slight discrepancies in age reporting on censuses, I conclude that this has to be my great grandmother, Sarah Ann NOEL and her birth family.   Attempting to identify a William NOEL who was born in PA circa 1800/1801 lead me to explore The Noel Tree by Charles Noel, he cites the following information for William NOEL, son of Andrew NOEL [Jr] and his wife Elizabeth WALTER:

N4C1C4 -- William Noel, born 5 July 1801, baptized 22 Nov 1801 at Conewago Chapel [7], sponsors Nicholas Noel and Christine Cuhn.  He appears in the Menallen Township [Adams Co, PA] tax records as follows:  1824, single man; 1829-1834, owner of livestock and tradesman; 1837-1842, farmer and owner of a gristmill and sawmill.  In the 1830 census for Menallen, he is married and has a daughter under five.  In the 1840 census for Menallen, he is living with his wife, a son under 5, two sons 5 to 10, 2 daughters under 5, 1 daughter 5 to 10, 2 daughters 10 to 15.  His wife, Anna, died 7 Aug 1841, aged 33 years and is buried at St. Ignatius.

In addition, sources on the Descendants of Joseph NOEL web site [1], indicate one 'known' child for the above William NOEL/Anna Emily WILSON, Harriet C. Noel, born Feb 1828 in Menallen Twp, Adams Co, PA.  Here is my analysis of  'The Noel Tree' information for William NOEL:
Menallen Twp, Adams Co, PA tax records from 'The Noel Tree':
1824, single man = William NOEL, age 23 [indicating born 1801]
1829-1834, owner of livestock and tradesman;
1837-1842, farmer and owner of a grist mill and sawmill.   [Anna Emily Wilson died 1841]
Census index notes from 'The Noel Tree':
1830 Census for Menallen Twp, Adams Co, PA, William NOEL is married and has one daughter under five. = William NOEL/Anna EmilyWILSON married ~1827 since Harriet NOEL b. 1828
1840 Census for Menallen, Adams Co, PA he is living with his wife and:
one son under 5 =[bet. 1835-1840]                    (probably Andrew,14, on 1850 Cambria census)
two sons 5-10 =[bet. 1830-1835]                      (probably Ephraim,18, on 1850 Cambria + Unknown son)
two daughters under 5 =[bet 1835-1840]           (probably Martha, not on 1850 + Lydia,13, on 1850 Cambria)
one daughter 5-10 =[bet. 1830-1835],                (probably Mary, not on 1850 Cambria Census)
two daughters 10-15. =[bet.1825-1830]             (probably Harriet & Elizabeth, neither on 1850 Cambria;
                                                                            Emily, 10 on 1850Cambria is  not on this census; Sarah 6, &
                                                                            Ann, 4 on 1850 Cambria are children of Wm. NoelÕs 2nd marr.)

William NOEL in 1840 Adams Co. census has three sons, and five daughters.  As was shown earlier on the 1850 Cambria Co. census, William NOEL had two sons and four daughters remaining in his household.  The transcription of the 1881 Will for William NOEL [see below] indicates that at his death one son and all eight daughters are also still alive, the youngest two resulting from his second marriage.

A census search reveals that William NOEL does not remain in the Adams Co, PA area after the 1840 census, but can be tracked in Cambria Co, PA 1850 & 1860 census.  It is my contention that William NOEL, b. 1801, moved from Adams Co.  to Cambria Co. sometime between 1842 [last citation in Adams Co]  and 1850 where William NOEL appears on Cambria Co. census.  I have found information which indicates that his oldest daughter Harriet NOEL married William KANE ~ 1843 [1] which accounts for her not appearing with William NOEL'S family in 1850 Cambria Co. census.  Census evidence also strongly suggests that at least two of William NOEL'S sisters and their families had already made the move from Adams Co to Cambria Co in the 1830s and 1840s.   In addition to William NOEL, b. 1801, other children identified as children of Andrew NOEL [Jr]/Elizabeth WALTER by 'The Noel Tree' include Susanna NOEL, b. 6 April 1805 and Catherine NOEL, b. 26 July 1807.  Sources on the 'Descendants of Joseph NOEL' web site [1] identify that these two siblings of William NOEL married DILLON brothers.  Susanna NOEL married Samuel DILLON and Catherine NOEL married Peter DILLON.  Following his sisters' earlier migration from Adams County to Cambria County,  the evidence shows that after the death of his first wife, William NOEL also moved to Cambria County, either marrying  for a second time before he left Adams County or in Cambria County.  [See Source [8] for a census summary and breakdown of William NOEL and his DILLON sisters.]

One of the problems associated with properly identifying William NOEL as the father of Sarah NOEL is the 1841 death of his first wife.  I have seen her name as both Anna Emily Wilson and Emily Ann Wilson, but in either case she could have logically been also been 'called' Ann.  On the 1850 and 1860 Cambria Co, PA census, William's wife is named Ann.  I have now located the 1881 Cambria Co, PA Will of William NOEL which identifies the first names of both of his wives, '....for the repose of my soul and the souls of my wife [sic] Emily Ann and Bridget Ann.' [emphasis added] In addition, William identifies one of his daughters as Harriet which clearly links him to the William NOEL who was the son of Andrew NOEL Jr/Elizabeth WALTER who was the son of Andrew NOEL/Theresa DILLON, who was the son of Johannis 'John' NOEL/Margaret Unknown who was the son of  Joseph NOEL who arrived in America on the Ship Princess Augusta in 1736 and is so well documented on Dominic Noel's web site and links from it..

Following is my transcription of the Will of William NOEL [1801-1882].  In addition to my great grandmother, Sarah Ann (NOEL) GLASS, there are other children named in this Will.  I will be working to further document this entire family as much as possible and would be delighted to encounter other descendants so that we can all share in and add to the good research that has been done on the descendants of Joseph NOEL.  It is not my intention here to recreate the depth of information available on the earlier generations of the Joseph NOEL family, but only to add to the information.  I have a lot of information on Sarah NOEL/John G. GLASS and their descendants that I would be happy to share.                     Carol Glass Vass, January 2001, email <>

FHL  US/Can Film  1294599
Cambria County Courthouse
Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
Page 385
Last Will and Testament of William Noel, decd.
I, William Noel of Carroll Township in Cambria County, Pa Being of sound mind memory and understanding, do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made, And first I direct that my body be decently interred in the cemetery at St. Boniface according to the rites of the Catholic Church and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate in life.  And as to my property I wish to dispose of it as follows   First I order that my debts and funeral expenses be paid.  I give and bequeath my farm adjoining John Heil [?] George Habn, and others, to my son Andrew Noel for the sum of thirteen hundred dollars out of which sum he is to pay all my debts and funeral expenses and the balance if any is to be divided equally between himself and my daughters Harriet, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Lydia, Emily, Sarah and Ann, and their heirs.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth, her heirs fifty-acres of my tract of land lying on the west side of Chest Creek to be measured from the corner adjoining Heirs of James Delozier, Francis Yahuen and others by a line that will secure to her all the cleared land thereon and an outlet to the public road nearby, and the balance of said tract is to be sold by my executors and the proceeds thereof to be expended for masses for the repose of my soul and the souls of my wife Emily Ann and Bridget Ann.  And lastly I nominate and appoint Paul Yahuen and Patrick E. Dillon as executors of this my will.  In witness whereof I the said testator have to this my will set my hand and seal this tenth day of June AD 1881.
                                                                    William [his mark] Noel  (seal)
Signed sealed and published by the said testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have signed our names as witnesses thereto.  Interlineations made before signing.
Paul Yahuen                                                James [his mark] Kirkpatrick
                                                                    Anselen Weaklen
Cambria County, ss
Before me John H. Brown, Registrar of the Probate of Wills and granting Letters of Administration in and for said county person all
Page 386
came James Kirkpatrick, Paul Yabuen and Anselen Weaklen the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will who being duly sworn according to law do depose and say that they were present and saw and heard William Noel the within named testator sign seal publish and pronounced and declare the foregoing instrument of writing as and for the last will and testament and at the time of so doing he was of sound mind memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge observation and belief.
Sworn and subscribed                                 James [his mark] Kirkpatrick
this 14th day of Aug. 1882                         Anselen Weaklen
            John H. Brown                                Paul Yahuen
Registered August 14, 1882 and Letters Testamentory issued to Paul Yahuen and Patrick E. Dillon.
                                                                    John H. Brown, Register
[Transciber's NOTE:  Yahuen name could be Yabuen or some variation of either.]

NOTE:  Andrew, Lydia, Emily, Sarah, Ann,  named as his children in William NOEL'S 1881 Will, are the names of his children in the 1850 Susquehanna Twp, Cambria Co, PA census.  In addition, his will also names Harriet, Elizabeth, Mary and Martha who do not appear on the 1850 census, but can be inferred from the 1840 census which shows five daughters born before 1840.  I presume that   Ephraim shown on the 1850 census was a son of William NOEL/Emily Ann WILSON, but he was not named in the 1881 will, so he is presumably dead before that date. There should also be another son as indicated by the 1840 census, but his presumed age [b. 1830-1835] could mean that he had his own household by 1850 and remains unidentifiable to me at this point, although the logical inference is that he is also dead by 1881.

SOURCES for Sarah Ann NOEL  [1845->1920]
[1] A Genealogical History of the NOELs [Dominic Noel's main web page]:
Descendants of Joseph Noel of Adams Co, PA:
Descendants of Joseph NOEL:

[2] GLASS/CARROLL Family Bible:  'The Holy Bible, Douay Version, translated from the Latin Vulgate', Imprimatur & Approbation of John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York, H. L. Kilner & Co, Philadelphia. 1911, In possession of Carol (Glass) Vass, Kent, Washington

[3] [a] 1915 Iowa State Census, Howard County, Vernon Springs Township -- Card #30, Albert J. Glass, age 47, born Iowa, Parents:  Father b. PA; Mother b. PA [FHL US/Can Film #1437745] other examples in my files for 1895,1905 [My grandfather, Albert J. Glass, was son of Sarah (Noel) Glass]
(b) 1920 Iowa Federal Census Howard County, Enumerator's Dist. No. 4, Ennumeration Dist. No. 129 Sheet No 3271, 1A, Cresco City, Ward 1, January 3, 1920, Mrs. Bertha L. Gannett, Enumerator
221   4   4   Glass, Joseph G.   Head  R  38   Single    b. IA  parents .b.  PA/PA  Agent  Real Estate
                  Glass, Sarah A.   Mother    72*  Widow  b. PA  parents b. PA/PA
*Sarah Noel Glass was born 1845, so she would have been 74 when this census was taken.

[4] "Catholic Vital Records of Central Pennsylvania" by Rev. Alfred H. Ledoux, Vol IV, 1858-1864, [pub. 1994] page 236, record #5070, St. Benedict's Church, Carroll Township, Cambria Co, PA, marriage record of John Ge. Glass and Sara Anna Noel, Witnesses:  John Weakland/Mary Sabage

[5]  [on-line census transcription]
1850 Susquehanna Twp., Cambria Co., PA    30 July 1850
13B 2 68 71 GLASS William 40 M Farmer 500 PA 30 July 1850
13B 3 68 71 GLASS Mary A 37 F PA X
13B 4 68 71 GLASS Christopher 15 M PA X
13B 5 68 71 GLASS Catherine 13 F PA X 1
13B 6 68 71 GLASS John 12 M PA X
13B 7 68 71 GLASS Joseph 10 M PA X
13B 8 68 71 GLASS Leo 8 M PA
13B 9 68 71 GLASS Matilda 6 F PA
13B 10 68 71 GLASS Francis A 1 M PA [on-line census transcription]
1860 Susquehanna Twp, Cambria Co., PA
 22 2114 2122 GLASS William A 50 M Farmer 3000 1000 PA
23 GLASS Mary A 51 F PA
24 GLASS John 22 M Labourer PA
 25 GLASS Joseph 20 M Farm lab PA
26 GLASS Leo 18 M Farm lab PA X
27 GLASS Matilda 14 F PA X
28 GLASS Francis 11 M PA X
29 GLASS Margaret A 9 F PA X
30 2123 GLASS Christopher 25 M Labourer 500 150 PA X
31 GLASS Mary 20 F PA X

[6] JACOB GLASS, 1741-1821 Cambria Co, PA,  His 12 Children & Their Descendants:
 Pennsylvania [Blair, Cambria, Indiana, Westmoreland] and Iowa [Chickasaw, Howard, Scott]"
by Ione Card Smith, published 1985, FHL  US/Can Film #431584

[7] William Noel shown as son of Andrew Noel/Elizabeth Walter and shown in records for Sacred Heart Chapel, 'Conewago' [page 415]  in 'Catholic Trails West: The Founding Catholic Families of Pennsylvania', by  Edmund Adams & Barbara Brady O'Keefe,  Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1989, Volume I and II.

[8]  Summary of  Census Patterns -- Pennsylvania
1830    Samuel DILLON/        Peter DILLON/             @ William NOEL/           # Charles DILLON/
            Susanna NOEL in        Cath. NOEL in               Anna E. WILSON in       Catherine in
            Jackson Twp,              Menallen Twp                Menallen Twp,               Jackson Twp,
            Cambria Co, PA          Adams Co, PA                Adams Co, PA                Cambria Co, PA

1840*  Samuel DILLON/         Peter DILLON/               William NOEL/             Charles DILLON/
            Susanna NOEL in        Cath. NOEL in                 Anna E. WILSON in    Catherine in
           Washington Twp,        Jackson Twp,                   Menallen Twp,             Jackson Twp,
           Cambria Co, PA           Cambria Co, PA               Adams Co, PA              Cambria Co, PA

1850    Samuel DILLON/        Peter is dead                    William NOEL/              Charles DILLON/
            Susanna NOEL in       Cath. NOEL Dillon in      Bridget Ann Unk. in      Catherine Unknown in
           Washington Twp,        Jackson Twp,                  Susquehannah Twp,       Jackson Twp,
           Cambria Co, PA          Cambria Co, PA               Cambria Co, PA             Cambria Co, PA

1860 Samuel DILLON/**    Peter is dead                    William NOEL/               not on any available
            Susanna NOEL in       Cath. NOEL Dillon in      Bridget Ann        on-line transcription
            Susquehanna Twp,     Jackson Twp,                   Chest Twp,                    but not all are
            Cambria Co, PA         Cambria Co, PA               Cambria Co, PA              transcribed

NOTES:  the 1830 and 1840 census' do not show the wives names, of course.  Those are the names of the wives for who I believe to be the same men as shown in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.

@ There is only one other William Noel in any 1800-1860 Cambria Co, PA census.  He is shown in the 1850 Carroll Township living as a 23 year old single man [b. ~1827] with his father Blasius Noel and mother Sophie.  This is clearly not the same William Noel shown in 1850 Susquehanna Twp, as born 1800 with a daughter named Sarah, b.~1844.

# I do not know that a Charles DILLON is related to these other DILLONs, but included him since he appears in the same area at the same time.
* in addition, in the 1840 Jackson Twp, Cambria Co, PA census, there is a Michael Strasbaugh living in the next household to Charles Dillon.  I don't know who he was, but I do know that a STRASBAUGH family has some interconnections to both NOEL and DILLON.  I did not find further record of this man.
*** In this 1860, census, Samuel DILLON/Susan DILLON have a son named Patrick who was 14 meaning he was born 1848.  In the 1880 Elder Twp & St. Boniface Village, Cambria Co, PA census, there is a Patrick DILLON, b. 1848 with a wife and six children. ________________________________________________________________________________
Cambria Co, PA on-line census transcriptions.  Main URL for these transcriptions is:
1830 Jackson Township, Cambria Co, PA
Samuel  Dillon                                                          [Peter Dillon in Adams Co, PA]
2 m<5,  b. bet. 1825-1830                                            [William Noel in Adams Co, PA ]
2 m 20-30;  b. bet. 1800-1810
1 f <5, b. bet. 1825-1830
1 f 15-20,  b. bet. 1810-1815
1 f 20-30,  b. bet. 1800-1810
1 f 50-60  b. bet. 1770-1780

Charles  Dillon
1 m 20-30;  b. bet. 1800-1810
1 f 20-30  b. bet. 1800-1810
1840 Jackson Twp, Cambria Co, PA                                [William Noel in Adams Co, PA ]
41  15  Dillon  Peter
2 m. 5-10  b. bet. 1830-1835
1 m 10-15  b. bet 1825-1830
1 m 15-20  b. bet. 1820-1835
1 m 40-50  b. bet. 1790-1800
2 f <5   b. bet. 1835-1840
1 f 5-10 b. bet. 1830-1835
1 f 15-20 b. bet. 1820-1835
1 f 30-40  b. bet. 1800-1810

41  21  Dillon Charles
1 m 10-15  b. bet 1825-1830
3 m 20-30  b. bet. 1810-1820
1 m 30-40  b. bet. 1800-1810
1 f 20-30  b. bet. 1810-1820
1 f 50-60  b. bet. 1780-1790

41  22  Strasbaugh Michael
1 m <5  b. bet. 1835-1840
1 m 5-10  b. bet. 1830-1835
1 m 10-15  b. bet. 1825-1830
1 m 40-50  b. bet. 1790-1800
1 f <5  b. bet. 1835-1840
2 f 5-10 b. bet. 1830-1835
1 f 10-15 b. bet 1825-1830
1 f 30-40 b. bet. 1800-1810

1840  Washington Twp, Cambria Co, PA
60  8   Dillon Samuel
1 m<5,   b. bet. 1835-1840
2 m 10-15,  b. bet. 1825-1830
2 m 20-30,  b. bet. 1810-1820
2 m 30-40; b. bet. 1800-1810
1 f <5,  b. bet 1835-1840
1 f 5-10, b. bet. 1830-1835
1 f 10-15,  b. bet. 1825-1830
1 f 30-40 b. bet 1800-1810
1850 Jackson Twp, Cambria Co, PA
23  68   70  Dillin   Charles   46  M    W Farmer  2500      PA    = b. 1804
24  68   70  Dillin      Catherine   41  F    W                            PA    = b. 1809
25  68   70  Dillin      Eliza          26  F    W                            PA    = b. 1824
26  68   70  Dillin      Mary         79  F    W                            PA    = b. 1771

20  74   76  Dillin   Catherine 42  F    W                           PA    = b. 1808
21  74   76  Dillin      Amelia         19  F    W                         PA    = b. 1831
22  74   76  Dillin       Julia            13  F    W                         PA    = b. 1837
23  74   76  Dillin       Samuel        16  M   W     None           PA    = b. 1834
24  74   76  Dillin       Caroline       11  F    W                        PA    = b. 1839
25  74   76  Dillin       Susan J.        9   F    W                        PA    = b. 1841
26  74   76  Dillin       Hariet            7   F    W                       PA    = b. 1843

1850 Susquehanna Twp., Cambria Co., PA
16A 10 107 110 NOEL William 50 M Farmer 500 PA     = b. 1800
16A 11 107 110 NOEL Ann 44 F                               Ire     = b. 1806
16A 12 107 110 NOEL Ephraim 18 M Laborer          PA    = b. 1832
16A 13 107 110 NOEL Andrew 14 M                        PA    = b. 1836
16A 14 107 110 NOEL Lydia 13 F    PA     = b. 1837
16A 15 107 110 NOEL Emily 10 F    PA     = b. 1840
16A 16 107 110 NOEL Sarah A 6 F    PA     = b. 1844
16A 17 107 110 NOEL Ann 4 F    PA     = b. 1846

1850 Washington Twp, Cambria Co, PA
15 112 116  DILLON      Samuel      47 M   Farmer    2000     PA  = b. 1803
16 112 116  DILLON          Susan          43 F                              PA  = b. 1807
17 112 116  DILLON          Charles        23 M   Laborer            PA  =  b. 1827
18 112 116  DILLON          James          20 M   Laborer             PA  = b. 1830
19 112 116  DILLON          Mary A.      17 F                              PA  = b. 1833
20 112 116  DILLON          William       13 M                             PA  = b. 1837
21 112 116  DILLON          Michael L.   11 M                            PA  = b. 1839
22 112 116  DILLON          Sarah C.       9 F                               PA  = b. 1841
23 112 116  DILLON          Agnes R.      7 F                               PA  = b. 1843
24 112 116  DILLON          John              5 M                             PA  = b. 1845
25 112 116  DILLON          Patrick           3 M                            PA  = b. 1847
26 112 116  DILLON          Susan J.         8/12 F                         PA  = b. 1850
1860 Chest Twp, Cambria Co, PA
147  7   1628 1629   Noel      William     59     M  Farmer   1000 500   PA = b. 1801
147  8   1628 1629   Noel          Ann         50     F                               Ireland = b. 1800
147  9   1628 1629   Noel          Andrew    23     M   Farm Labourer       PA = b. 1837
147  10  1628 1629  Noel         Sarah A.   17     F                                    PA = b. 1843
147  11  1628 1629  Noel         Anna C.    15     F                                    PA = b. 1845

1860 Jackson Twp, Cambria Co, PA [probable widow of Peter Dillon based on camparing  ages of son Samuel, 16 in 1850 and 25 here in 1860]
11  3034 3072   Dillon     Catherine        52   F  200                              PA    = b. 1808
12  3034 3072   Dillon        Samuel             25   M farm laborer                PA    = b. 1835
13  3034 3072   Dillon        Mary                 9    F                                     PA    = b. 1851

1860 Susquehanna Twp, Cambria Co, PA
1972 1983   DILLON Samuel 58 M Farm lab 300 PA = b. 1802
9 DILLON  Susan 53 F PA                                              = b. 1807
10 DILLON Catherine 20 F PA                                       = b. 1840
11 DILLON John 14 M PA                                             = b. 1846
12 DILLON Patrick 12 M PA                                         = b. 1848
13 McCLOSKEY Ann 10 F PA                                      = b. 1850
14 DILLON Jane 10 F PA                                               = b. 1850
15 DILLON Elizabeth 8 F PA                                         = b. 1852

UPDATE 5-28-2001

Mon, 28 May 2001 21:48:01 EDT
Seeking direction and/or information on newly discovered surname of 2nd wife of William NOEL -- Bridget Ann GRIFFEE/GRIFFEY.  Following is what I know:

William NOEL, b. 1801 in Adams Co, PA [s/o Andrew Noel Jr/Elizabeth Walter] was first married to Anna Emily WILSON [or Emily Anne Wilson], probably circa 1827.  Their children were:  [source for children is Wm. Noel 1882 will and 1840 Adams Co, PA census]
Harriet, b. 1828
Ephraim, b. ~1832; presume d. before 1882
Andrew, b.~1836
Lydia, b. ~1837
Emily, b. ~1840
Elizabeth [most likely born prior to 1840]
Mary [most likely born prior to 1840]
Martha [most likely born prior to 1840]

Anna Emily Wilson died  7 Aug 1841 and was buried in St. Ignatius Catholic Church in the Buchanan Valley of Adams County, PA.  [Source:  “St. Ignatius R.C. Church, Buchanan Valley:  Part C, Section 1, Burials” which is contained in Book F-8 of the Adams County Historical Society, Gettysburg, PA]

By 1850, William NOEL, along with a new wife, named Ann Bridget or Bridget Ann, has moved to Cambria Co, PA [joining William’s sisters, Susannah NOEL/Samuel DILLON [Delone] and Catherine NOEL/Peter DILLON [Delone, and possibly other extended family].

As shown on the 1850 census, William NOEL and his 2nd wife had two daughters whose age range shows that they were born after the death of William’s first wife.  Their names were Sarah and Anna. [Source:  Wm. NOEL 1882 will and 1850/1860 Cambria Co, PA census.]

With the exception of Ephraim, all of the above children were alive at the time William NOEL wrote his will in 1881 in Cambria Co, PA.  The will also indicates that both of William’s wives had predeceased him.  He identifies them as Emily Ann and Bridget Ann.

I have just located a baptismal record for one of the daughters of William’s 2nd marriage showing that his 2nd wife was named GRIFFEE or GRIFFEY.  This record can be found in “St. Ignatius Loyola R. C. Church, Buchanan Valley:  Baptism Register”  which is contained in Book F-6:  Part 1, Baptisms 1844-1864 of the Adams County Historical Society, Gettysburg, PA:
Page dated 1845, following entry between August 10 and September 14Noel Anna Catharine, [illegible, poss. Conjugis] Willielm Noel et Anna Griffee, 21th August [illegible] baptize at first [illegible] sp:  Tra-- Suarr[?] jur  ----- R. T. Dietz, S.J.

It is questionable to me whether this is the baptism record for William NOEL/Bridget GRIFFEE’s first daughter, Sarah Noel [my direct ancestor] or their second daughter, Anna Noel.  The dating is somewhat unclear, although the baptism definitely took place between August 10, 1845 and September 14, 1845.  Family records indicate that my g-grandmother, Sarah Ann (Noel) Glass,
was born 14 August 1845, however this baptism record is for ‘a’ Anna Catherine and could well be the baptismal record for the 2nd daughter since  the ages shown on census records for both of these daughters vary by a couple of years in both 1850 and 1860. [Sarah Noel married John George Glass on 7 June 1864 at St. Benedict's Church, Carrolltown, Cambria Co, PA.  John was a son of William A. Glass and Mary Ann Miller.  In 1864, Wm Glass and his all of his children/spouses and other exteneded family members moved to Howard Co, Iowa.]

I am now trying to find out if anyone has any further information about a GRIFFEE/GRIFFEY family in Adams County, PA between 1800 and 1840.  Adams County Historical Society does not have any baptism/marriage records prior to 1844 for St. Ignatius Church.  Bridget (Griffee) Noel’s age on 1850 and 1860 census would place her birth between 1806-1810 and in both instances, she states Ireland as her birth place.  I have found some census index listings for ‘a’ James Griffey in Adams County in 1810 and ‘a’ Thomas Griffey in 1840 and 1850 Adams Co, PA.  Would appreciate any leads and will gladly share any information.  I will post some NOEL/DILLON burial information from St. Ignatius Church, Buchanan Valley, in the near future.

Below are the early search remarks prior to January 2001:

Circumstantial evidence is that she Sarah Ann Noel Lwas born in or around Westmoreland/Cambria/Indiana counties of Pennsylvania.  All I can use to base this conclusion on is by tracking her husband's family -- John G. Glass, who was the son of William A. Glass, who was the son of Christopher Glass, who was the son of Jacob Glass.  I can place all of this GLASS family in Westmoreland / Cambria / Indiana from about 1810 to the 1860's.  William A. Glass moved his entire family to Howard Co, Iowa  circa 1860/61 including his son, John G. Glass who married Sarah NOEL.  I believe that John and Sarah married in PA, but have no concrete proof.  Following my signature is the line of documentation that I can find for this family, including the IOWA state records where Sarah states her birthplace as PA.  In addition, all of her children state on census records that I have been able to find state that their mother, Sarah Noel, was born in PA.

Jacob Glass, shown living in Cambria Co, PA in 1808 Tax Lists and is on 1820 Cambria Co, PA Federal Census.  Will probated in 1821 in Cambria Co, PA [Will Book #1, p. 35, Will #75]

Christopher Glass -- named in Jacob Glass’ 1821 will.
Census records for Christopher Glass
1810 Census, Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co., PA
1820 Census, Conemaugh Twp, Indiana Co, PA
1830 Census, Green Twp, Indiana Co, PA
1840 Census, Green Twp, Indiana Co, PA
1850 Census, Green Twp, Indiana Co, PA (House #526)
1850 Census, Pine Twp, Indiana Co, PA (House #47owned prop. in both towns)
1860 Census, Pine Twp, Indiana Co, PA (in home of son James, house #2399)

Christopher Glass’ will is found in Indiana County, PA Wills, Will No. 1784, pg 549 [will probated after 15 Jul 1861] and his son, William Glass is named in this will.

The following citations are from “Catholic Trails West: The Founding Catholic Families of Pennsylvania”  By Edmund Adams and Barbara Brady O'Keefe, Gateway Press Inc. Baltimore 1989
GLASS  (page 596)
CHRISTOPHER, 1810 Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co Census;m.Mary/Margaret; c.
William, b 23 Oct 1809; Jacob, b 2 Jan 1812; John, bapt 2 June 1815;
Christopher, b 12 Dec 1815; Mary b 12 Dec 1815

GLASS  (page 676)  St Michaels Loretto JACOB/JAMES, SR.,b. 25 July 1741, d.18
Jan 1821; 1800 Allegheny Twp, Huntingdon Co Census; 1810 Cambria Twp, Canbria
Co Census; 1802—15  Tax List

William A. Glass -- born 1809 in Westmoreland Co, PA [shown on 1885 Iowa State Census in New Oregon Township, Howard Co, IA, as age 75 and is a farmer.  States his birth place as PA.]  Married Maria Anna Miller 2 Nov 1833
in Carrollton, Cambria, PA [Source: "Catholic Vital Records of Central Pennsylvania", Albert Ledoux, 1993]

Circa 1860-61, William Glass and all of his children moved to Cresco, Howard Co, Iowa.  I have not been able to determine from which Pennsylvania County he left -- there are William Glass census index entires for ‘a’ William Glass in both Cambria and Indiana counties in 1860.

One of the children of William A. Glass/Maria Anna Miller was John G. Glass, b. 1838 who married Sarah Noel, b. ~1845.  I have not found a marriage record for them, but their first child was born ~1865 in Iowa.  I do not know if they were married in PA or in IA, but I presume that they were married in PA since I can find no evidence of a NOEL family migrating to Iowa
in the same time frame.  I place a lot of weight for Sarah’s birthplace on the following IOWA record:

John G. Glass is shown in Iowa State "Population Schedule-1905" on Card #119 in Vernon Springs Twsp, Howard Co. IA, age 66, b. PA, occupation Farmer.  Mother, b. PA, Father, b. PA.  Sarah Noel Glass is on Card #120, age 59, b. PA. occupation Housekeeper.   Mother, b. PA, Father, b. PA. This record indicates that Sarah Noel, and her unknown parents, were born in Pennsylvania.   All census records that I have found for the children of John Glass/Sarah Noel state that Sarah Noel Glass was born in Pennsylvania.  I can find no NOEL families in Howard Co, Iowa or nearby counties in 1860 or
subsequent years.  The closest Iowa county which had some NOEL families residing there was Dubuque Co, IA.  Below are the census index references I have found:

1870 NOEL FRANCIS Dubuque County IA 367 Mosalem Township
1860 NOEL FRANK Dubuque County IA 789 Mosalem Township
1860 NOEL JOHN F. Dubuque County IA 665 Dubuque
1850 NOEL JOHN Dubuque County IA 109 District 7
1860 NOEL JOHN Dubuque County IA 482 Dubuque
1860 NOEL JOHN Dubuque County IA 781 Mosalem Township
1870 NOEL JOSEPH Dubuque County IA 288 5 W. Dubuque
1870 NOEL MARY Dubuque County IA 137 3 W. Dubuque
1860 NOEL NICHOLAS Dubuque County IA Dubuque

John G. Glass/Sarah Noel had the following children:
Frank W. Glass, b. ~1865
Thomas Elmer Glass, b. ~1866
Albert James Glass, b. 3 May 1868  [* my paternal grandfather]
Anna Glass, b. 1870
Leo Glass, b. 1872
Margaret Glass, b. 1874
Emily Glass, b. 1876
Joseph Glass, b. 1878
Rosanna Glass, b. 1880
John C. Glass, b. 1882

I am reviewing ALL of my GLASS files to see what I may have overlooked.  The 1821 Cambria Co, PA will of Jacob Glass, the great grandfather of the John A. Glass who married Sarah Noel, was witnessed by Nicholas Noel !!!!!!  I 'think' that Jacob Glass lived in Allegheny Twp, Cambria.  The other witnesses to his will were Joseph Lilly and Luke McGuire -- if that means
anything to you.  This proves nothing about Sarah Noel's parents, I know, I know,  but ...... it's an interesting connection.

Also, I found Sarah Noel's birth date -- 14 August 1845 -- amazingly this is in a bible record that I have had for years.  Also, a 1902 death record for one of the brothers of John G. Glass, Sarah's husband, states that he [the brother] was born in 1840 in Cambria Co, PA.  I can't pin down if John G. Glass' father, William Glass, was in still Cambria circa 1860-63 when John
Glass/Sarah Noel married, but I think I am getting closer to some better information -- right here in front of my nose -- for heaven's sake.

Census Information Found In The Search

1850 Susquehanna Twp., Cambria Co., PA

30 July 1850
13B 2 68 71 GLASS William 40 M Farmer 500 PA 30 July 1850
13B 3 68 71 GLASS Mary A 37 F PA X
13B 4 68 71 GLASS Christopher 15 M PA X
13B 5 68 71 GLASS Catherine 13 F PA X 1
13B 6 68 71 GLASS John 12 M PA X
13B 7 68 71 GLASS Joseph 10 M PA X
13B 8 68 71 GLASS Leo 8 M PA
13B 9 68 71 GLASS Matilda 6 F PA
13B 10 68 71 GLASS Francis A 1 M PA

1 August 1850
16A 10 107 110 NOEL William 50 M Farmer 500 PA
16A 11 107 110 NOEL Ann 44 F Ire
16A 12 107 110 NOEL Ephraim 18 M Laborer PA X
16A 13 107 110 NOEL Andrew 14 M PA X
16A 14 107 110 NOEL Lydia 13 F PA X
16A 15 107 110 NOEL Emily 10 F PA
16A 16 107 110 NOEL Sarah A 6 F PA
16A 17 107 110 NOEL Ann 4 F PA

1860 Susquehanna Twp, Cambria Co., PA

22 2114 2122 GLASS William A 50 M Farmer 3000 1000 PA
23 GLASS Mary A 51 F PA
24 GLASS John 22 M Labourer PA
 25 GLASS Joseph 20 M Farm lab PA
26 GLASS Leo 18 M Farm lab PA X
27 GLASS Matilda 14 F PA X
28 GLASS Francis 11 M PA X
29 GLASS Margaret A 9 F PA X

1860 Chest Twp., Cambria Co, PA
147  7   1628 1629 Noel William       59     M   .    Farmer           1000   500  Pa
147  8   1628 1629 Noel  Ann            50     F   .    .                .     Ireland
147  9   1628 1629 Noel  Andrew      23     M   .    Farm Labourer    .    .   Pa     .    .
147  10  1628 1629 Noel  Sarah A.   17     F   .    .              Pa          .    X    .    .
147  11  1628 1629 Noel  Anna C.    15     F   .    .              Pa          .    X