The Noel's of South America

My grand-uncle George Noel, the son of Joseph Noel and Margaret Griffin, was born in 1802 in Mt Pleasant Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and went to South America where he had a ranch. This is all we know of him.

The first person to contact me from South America was Fernando Noel.   This is his story:   José Domingues Nouh went to France from Syria because of a Syrian War where he translated his Syrian name Nouh to Noel.  José went from France to Brazil in about 1910. His children were Jorge and Adala. Fernando lives in São Paulo, Brazil.

Xavier Noel,  living near Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, states that his line came from Normandy, France.

Sergio Fernandez Noel states that his line, Noël-Lardin, originated from villa of Aiguebellete, department of the Saboya, in France. Two children of a family emigrated to the Republic of Argentina around 1885. However  Xavier Noël-Lardin who lives at St. Alban de Montbel" near the lake of "Aiguebelette in France states that "our name Noel-lardin came from a mistake. Our original name was Novel-Lardin and a secretary in a town hall made the error."

There were Noel's in Peru in the 18th century. We find:

Andres Noel and TOMASA CUETO Marriage: 26 Jul 1773
San Cristobal, Palpa, Ica, Peru

Johann Noel born 1797, Treves, Renania, Germany died 10 July 1859
married in 1826 to Elisabeth Catharine MATHY
born 1801
      Johann Noel       born               1827Treves, Renania, Germany  died 06 MAR 1882
      Elisabeth NOEL born  25 Nov. 1847,   Petropolis, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Johann Noel and came from Germany to the city of Petrópolis, in Brazil, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. He became a wealthy farmer and was one of the first german patriarchs to arrive in Brazil, in 1847

JOHANN NOEL was from the Village of Neuhüten and was born on April 11, 1801, the son of Johann Noel and of Anne Margareth Krämer. He settled in the Imperial Colony of Petrópolis in Brazil. He came with his wife Elisabeth Catharine Mathieu and their 6 children: Johann, Catharine, Marie, Nicholas, Marianne and Peter. They had arrived at the Petrópolis in August of 1845. In 1847 a son was born to Elizabeth and Johann, the only one born in the New World. Johann died October 7, 1859, 58 years of age, leaving Elisabeth a widower with 7 children, three being married and 4 bachelors.  See this page.

Guillermo Noel  married  Josefa BENGOLEA,   Jan 1862
Nuestra Senora De La Asuncion, Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina

Dolores Noel and Andres BALDIRIS son Jaime BALDIRIS NOEL
Born 29 Nov 1930 Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

If you have any information on the Noel's, please contact me. DN