Sportsmans Hall, Latrobe, PA - 1816

      We whose names are hereunto subscribed do promise to pay to
      Simon Ruffner and John Rogers the sums annexed to our names
      for our part in paying for the altar,  May 15th, 1816.

      From the "Illustrated History of St. Vincent Archabby:"

      Henrig Arins
      Geo. Armstrong
      Joannes Arrens
      Joseph Arron    Dommas Arron Jr
      Handiel Banhamer
      Peter Brick
      Timothy Cawfield
      Maurice Connery
      John Connor    Dennis Connor
      Jacob Coon    Adam Coon
      Michael Corran
      Philip Crate    Daniel Crate
      Edward Delany
      William Dogherty
      Joannes Flanner
      Valendin Flouer
      Bartholomew Foley
      Joannes Henrich
      Joannes Henrig, Jr
      James Henry
      Peter Huntsbarger
      Jacobus Kamel
      James Keenan
      Francis Kelly
      Jacob Kortz
      Solomon Kuhn
      Thomas Kret
      Henrig Kriffen
      James Letton    John Letton
      Patrick McAfee
      Patrick Magugen
      William Makinley
      Patrick McBarron
      Daniel McDermet
      Michael McKeever
      Micl Meloyny
      Patrick Michen
      Joerg Miller     Pheter Miller    Martin Miller
      Henry Montgomery
      Daniel Morri
      Richard Mulin
      David Mullholland
      Simon Noel    Peter Noel
      James Quin
      Henrig Reinsdel Jr
      James Rodgers
      Joerg Ruffner    Joerg Ruffner Sr    Pheter Ruffner
      Joseph Schmit
      Philip Seiberth
      John Shivlin
      Edward Shivlling
      Patrick Short
      Edward Smith
      Edward Toner   James Toner   John Toner
      Mary Zindorf   Joerg Zindorf