Sportsmans Hall, Latrobe, PA 1833
      At a meeting held on July 24th, 1833, it was unamimously decided to erect a
      substantial brick church and a parochial residence. One hundred and three
      persons placed their names on the subscription list, and a summing up on the
      amounts subscribed showed the grand total of $4,162.00. Below we give the list
      of the subscribers for the purpose of showing the complexion of the parish in 1833.

      From the "Illustrated History of St. Vincent Archabby:

      George Albert
      John Andoc
      George Aurentz
      J.Y. Barclay
      Anthony Blank
      Daniel BontrightBartholomew Boyles
      James Brady    Hugh Y. Brady
      Francis Brannon
      George Bridge
      Leo Burgoon    Dennis Burgoon
      J. M. Bushfield
      John Buck
      John Campbell
      Michael Carnaghan
      Samuel Y. Carpenter
      John G. Cline
      Charles Conyan
      Richard Coulter    Joseph Coulter
      Moses Craig
      Francis Denning    Anthony Denning
      Michael Dooley
      Simon Drum
      George Felix, M. D
      James Finley
      Peter Fleger
      Henry D. Foster
      Mary France
      John Geary
      Richard Grahem    Robert Graham
      Bernard Grant
      Joseph Griffin
      Andrew Gross
      John Harkins
      Mrs. Haulen (Widow)
      Conrad Henry    John Henry
      Joseph Heitzman
      J. M. Horbough    Abraham Horbaugh
      John Huntzberger
      Matthew Jack
      Alexander Johnston
      Joseph Kelin
      James Kerr
      Jacob Kintz
      John Klingensmith
      Henry Kuhn, Sr.   Jacob Kuhn    George Kuhn    Adam Kuhn
      John Kuhns    Joseph H. Kuhns
      James Layton
      Isidore Lilly
      Benj. F. Martin
      Bernard McAtee
      James McBride
      A. B. McChesney
      Dr. Patrick McGirr   Mrs. Ann McGirr
      Patrick McKenna
      Maj. James Moorhead
      William McKinney
      Randell McLaughllin
      Martin Miller
      James Nichols
      P. R. Pearsall
      Henry Rensel    James Rodgers    Daniel Rensel
      George Rensel
      John Rodgers    Thomas Rodgers
      John Roombaugh
      John Rowen
      Peter Ruffner    George Ruffner    Simon Roofner, Sr
      George Schmer
      Edward Shirlin
      Jacob Smith    David Smith
      Rev. J. A. Stillinger
      Anthony Spigle
      John Taylor
      James Toner
      Henry Topper
      M. Underwood
      James Watterson
      Henry Welty
      Jacob M. Wise
      J. J. Young