Thomas and Magdalena Noel

Magdalena Noel, a daughter of Andrew Noel and Teresa Delone of Menallen Township, Adams Co., PA. She was one of two daughters of Andrew that did not get their share of his inheritance, rather the shares were to be held by the administrator and paid to them as the need arose. We looked a long time for any marriage information and came up blank in the Conewago Chapel records. Finally at the Adams Co. Historical Society we found a record of civil marriage of Thomas Noel and Magdalena Noel (alias Walter) dated the 5th day of Feb 1801. It was witnessed by two of her brothers, Jacob and John, and a sister Catherine, as well as a future brother-in-law, John Lowestetter, and several others. This raises questions. Who was Thomas Noel? Why "alias Walter?" (Walter was the maiden name of Elizabeth, who married Magdalena's brother, Andrew, Jr.)  In such a devout Catholic family, why a civil ceremony?  There also is a record in the Adams Co Historical society of
Magdalena Noel's first  marriage  to Jacob Flaut (1798), with one child Margarita. His death is listed as 1801, and the year of the marriage of  Magdalena and Thomas as 1802, in February. The children of Thomas and Magdalena were born in Adams Co. and several are recorded in the Conewago records as being baptized there. Thomas and Magdalena, with most of their 10 children, moved to Cherrytree Twp, Venango Co. sometime after 1821, after their last child was born. In October 1836,
the children of Magdalena Noel petitioned the administrator of Andrew's estate (apparently Magdalena's son-in-law, Sam'l McCreary) to release the balance of her estate to her children, so it would seem that she was deceased at that time. One of Magdalena's daughters, Charlotte, married Otis Green (my GGGrandfather) in 1831. At that time he owned donation land property at Cobbs Corners, Warren Co. a short distance away. We have a full record of their children, and a little bit of information of some of the rest of Charlotte's children.

Alan Green

  This is a copy of the agreement added to Andrew's will showing the names of Magdalena's daughters and their husbands as they signed the request to pay her inheritance.

But with respect to my two daughters, Madalena and Margaret, it is my will and I order and direct that their share of my estate be retained by my executor and administered to them respectively as they may stand in need at their discretion and the balance, if any, at at their decease to be divided equally among their children respectively.......and where Letters of administration ......... Have been  lately granted to Samuel L. McCreary of the borough of Gettysburg, in Adams County, Pennsylvania by the register of said county-Now know all men by these presents that we the undersigned, the children of Madalena Noel, one of the aforesaid general legators, who would be entitled to the residuum of her share lying, if any, in the estate of the said Andrew Noel, deceased or his.........,do hereby for and behalf of ourselves or heirs, executor and administrator agree, authorize and the direct that the aforesaid Samuel L. McCreary, administrator as aforesaid shall, out of the monies and estate of the said Andrew Noel, deceased now in his hands or for which he is legally accountable and chargeable as administrator, or which may hereafter come into his hands, for which he may be so accountable and chargeable pay to the said  Madalena Noel the full share or proportion that would be coming to her as one of the daughters of the said Andrew Noel, deceased, at once in like manner as if the restriction and qualification aforesaid.....................had not been inserted in his said will by the said testator hereby ....... it to be our wish and desire that such payment shall be ............. and do by these presents for ourselves, our heirs, executor and administrators, remove, release, quit claimer and forever discharge the said administrator, his heir, executor, and administrator, of and from all and any further claims, demands or liability to us, which in name or hereafter may or might have for any part, portion or ....... of the estate, real, personal, or mixed of the said Andrew Noel, deceased, by virtue of the aforesaid bequest to the said Madalena......and this......... thereof giving us a rendering, interest in said bequest to or for as by name of any other matter, cause, or.......  ......set my hand and seal this tenth day of October, Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and thirty six.


Sarah McCreary,  Samuel McCreary;  Jeremiah Noel, Catharina Noel;
Thomas Noel;  Oliver (X) Spenser, Hanah (Hannah)(X) Spenser
Tarressa (Theresa) Starling, Elisha Starling
Frances Fleming, George Fleming;  Will Reynolds, Susannah Reynolds
Peter Bennehoff, Catherine Bennehoff:  Elizabeth (X) Noel
Otis Green, Charlot (Charlotte)(X) Green                               (X)=their mark

Thomas Noel, Jr

My family has not been able to find out much about him. Traced his wife Magdalana, but have run into a wall on Thomas . This is the basic info we have:

MAGDALENA4 NOEL (ANDREW3, JOHN2, JOSEPH1) was born Bet. 1772 - 1775 in York Co., Pa, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Cherry Tree twp. Venango Co. PA. She married THOMAS NOEL Abt. 1800. He was born Bet. 1774 - 1775 in Pennsylvania, and died Bet. 1856 - 1860 in Cherry Tree twp. Venango Co. PA.

Notes for THOMAS NOEL:

Thomas and Magdalena lived in Menallen twp. Adams Co where Thomas worked as farmer and mason. In 1825 they settled in Cherrytree twp Venango Co. By 1826 Thomas had purchased 100 acres in Cherrytree twp from a Mr. L. Rirdon. In 1851 Thomas was taxed for 136 acres, but by 1854 his farm had been sold to William Hamilton. Thomas is listed on the Cherrytree twp tax rolls in 1857 and taxed for 1 cow. Thomas probably died by the next year as his son Thomas was listed as Thomas Jr. in the 1857 tax list, but from 1858, Jr. was dropped from his name.

The relationship between Thomas and Magdalena is not known, but they were probably cousins as many members of the Noel family were living in Adams Co.

Robert Noel, Jr.