The Leo Weber Family

Sophie BOTT 28, Bernhard GOLDBACH 24, Gerugin MUELLER 18

1851 Bremen to Baltimore

Sophie, Bernhard and Gerugin (Jurgen?) were going to "Pit" "Germans to America" Vol. 1 page 488 list Bernhard as Reinhard but the records show that he was married as Bernhard.  He and Sophie were married at St.Michael's
South Side, Pittsburgh on  May 21, 1851.  Bernhard and Sophie came from the same general area in Germany as the Weber's and the Stehling's. These families intermarried in this country.

The Story of the Marianne is at this Page

Mary Noel, the wife of Louis G  Weber and mother of Leo Weber,  was  the daughter of Placidus J Noel and the g-granddaughter of John Noel the brother of my g-grandfather Joseph Noel who were the g-grandsons of the Joseph Noel from Europe who arrived on the Princes Augusta with the Seven Families in 1736. Richard B and Leo Jr would be the 6th g-grandson of Joseph

Joseph Noel  > Peter > Blasius > John > Blasius > Placidus > Mary > Leo Weber > Richard


The Weber Family Reunion in 1927  -  192K

           Richard B Weber