Barnabus McGuire Family

Phillip and Robert McGuire, the sons of Barnabus McGuire and Jane Pendergass were born in Carlisle, Cumberland County. The family moved to the Derry area of Westmoreland County sometime after Robert's birth in 1789. The family appears in the 1790 census. Their children Pendergast, Nancy, Margaret and Jane were born in Derry. Barney died in 1820 and Jane in 1835. At various baptisms and marriages, according to Fr. Helbron's book, sponsors included Millers, Eckenroths and Bucks & I conclude some of these are relatives.

There were six children: Phillip, born 1782; Robert, 1787; Nancy;c1789; (James) Pendergast; 1790; Margaret and Jane. (One of the girls was married to a Sereh or a Sherer.) Robert, served in the War of 1812 and married Mary Oster; his family primarily located in Indiana and Allegheny Counties. No information on Phillip. Nancy married Robert Sutton about 1817 and had four children: John Shannon who married Elizabeth Layton and moved to Indiana county; William, Martha and Jean. Robert died about 1845; Nancy appears as head of household on 1850 census for Derry.

Pendergast married Sarah Miller in 1818 and they had Phillip, Rose, Jacob (?), James Pendergast, Daniel, George, Sarah and Ann. The family appears in the censuses through 1850. About 1858, Pendergast, Sarah and Daniel, George, Sarah and Ann and Jacob and his family headed west, eventually settling in Illinois. Phillip McGuire and his family remained in Derry; nothing is known about Rose. Speculation is that the family acquired bounty lands for service of either Barnabus or Robert. The younger Pendergast married in Ohio in 1859. By 1860 the families can be found in Rock Island and Henry counties in Illinois. Part of Rock Island county and all of Henry county were opened to settlement as bounty lands.

No information currently on Barnabus' eldest son, Phillip. However, Robert McGuire married Mary Oster and family is found in Indiana and Allegheny counties. Pendergast married Sarah Miller in 1818 and about 1858 moved to western Illinois with families of several of his children probably to claim bounty lands for military service. However, his son Phillip and family remained in Derry. Nancy McGuire, 3rd child of Barnabus, married Robert Shannon and continued to live in Derry area until death around 1870s. Either Margaret or Jane married an unknown Sereh (possibly Sherer) based on the elder Jane McGuire's will which mentions a granddaughter, Sidney Sereh.

Note! 1-10-99

Supposedly Barnabus was born in 1755 in County Derry, Ireland. Most probably he emigrated through Philadelphia.

I must tell you that there is some controversy about his origins among several family researchers. My branch says County Fermanah (the home county for the McGuire clan in all spellings & Scotch-Irish) according to verbal history and because the family seems to be Presbyterian at that point. However, another McGuire researcher, a descendant of Barney's second son, Robert, says Derry (which could mean Roman Catholic). We have never found record of Barney's marriage to Jane Pendergast, although we know they married in Carlisle, according to Rev. war pension records. To make it more confusing, Barney's son, Pendergast (my gg-grandfather) was married by Fr. Helbron to Sarah Miller and at least two of their children were baptized Catholic. But have never found baptismal records for other four children. And from thereafter none of my Mcguires were Catholic until two generations down through inter-marriage with Catholics. The easiest answer is that he/his family probably lived in both counties & he migrated to colonies from Derry. Those of us researching are still focusing on U.S., & haven't attempted Irish records (know what a nightmare that can be.)