Migration  To Westmoreland 
                     County,  Pennsylvania

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Areas of Origin in Europe:

Alsace-Lorraine - Lambing, Noël/Noel, Ruch/Rugh, Seyverth/Seifert
Bavaria  -  Kuhn, Staud, Walthour
England  -  Clifford
France   -  Rohrer
Germany  -  Castner/Cossner, Harman/Harmon, Harrold/Hoerold, Hoff, Kemmerer, Klingensmith
Knappenberger, Mechling, Rudolph, Rice/Reiss, Schatz/Shotts, Shipe/Scheib, Shirey,
 Shoemaker, Spahr, Steck, Trout, Wagner
Holland  -  Brandt/Brant, Merkel/Markel
Ireland  -  Adams, Braden, Campbell, Fisher, Hoy,
Kigore, Kinnan, McCurdy, McDaniel-McDonald, McGuire,
            McCrellis, McKee,
Scotland -  Brownlees, Cavet
Wales    -  Lewis
Unknown  -  Arentz, Buck, Clever/Kleber, Coon, Flours, Henrich/Henry, Reinsel, Wolf,

Klingensmith    1769  by Ken Lonewolf Long   Germany > Eastern Pennsylvania

In 1769, Philip Klingensmith established Fort Klingensmith, a defense against marauding Indians  at what is now  Jeannette, Penna., not far from the site of British Col. Bouquet's battle at Bushy Run in 1763,  near present day Greensburg.   Philip descended from a family that came to America in 1670 fleeing religious persecution from what is now Germany.   He was one of the first white settlers to Westmoreland County, where he farmed and hunted to provide for his family.

The amazing story of the son of Philip, White Peter.

Kilgore       > 1769    by   Rita Davis        Cumberland County, PA

David Kilgore, son of James Kilgore and Elizabeth Jack was born in Cumberland County PA 2 February 1745.   He married  Sarah Mickey in Cumberland  County PA. Shortly after 1769 they settled on land within Sewickley Manor (Mt.Pleasant Westmoreland County PA). In 1775 David Kilgore signed the Hannastown Resolution, a protest against the British, more than a year before a similar document, the Declaration of Independence, was signed.  In August 1776 he recruited a Company of 58 men to serve in the Battalion commanded by Col Aeneas Mackay, raised for the defense of the western frontier.  In January 1777 Captain David Kilgore’s Company was attached to the Continental Line and ordered to report for duty in New Jersey. The Company returned to Westmoreland County Sept. 1778. Capt. Kilgore served in the militia thereafter, 1778 to 1792, attaining the rank of Colonel. He and two of his sons, along with several of their Upper Sewickley neighbors, in 1782, pursued the Indians who participated in the burning of  Hanna’s Town. Col. David Kilgore died 11 June 1814. Burial Middle Presbyterian Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant. He was survived by his wife and nine children.

James Kilgore, father of David Kilgore, settled in Cumberland County PA in 1734.   He is believed to have arrived from Ireland  shortly before that time with two of his brothers, Charles and Samuel, in the surge of Scotch-Irish population  from Ulster which was then underway.  Inasmuch as the the name Kilgore originated in Scotland in very ancient times, we assume ancestors of the  brothers had roots in Scotland.

Colonel David Kilgore

Castner/Cossner/Cassner/Kastner/Kassner    1771     By  Stephen L. Castner     Germany > Bucks (Lehigh) Co.

Peter (b. 23 June 1733) and Mary Magdalena (b. Mar 1745) Castner migrated in 1771 from Heidelberg Township, old Bucks County, to the Sewickley Creek Settlement, Fallowfield Township, Westmoreland County, the same year Michael Rugh/Ruch and Hans Peter Altman and their families made the trek.  Peter’s and Magdalena’s first child, Joh. Michael was born 15 Nov 1769 in Heidelberg Township and was baptized there in the Heidelberg Union Church.  Upon arrival in Westmoreland County, Peter purchased from Ralph Nailor a 250 acre Proprietary government land grant known as Urania, which today is the south side of Greensburg, extending south along and either side of present US 119.  The second, third, fourth and sixth children of Peter and Magdalena, appear in the Baltzer Meyer baptismal records.  They were Maria Catherina (Issac Teeple) (bap. Aug 1772), Johannes (Elizabeth Dull) (bap. Jan 1774), Elizabetha (John Grant) (bap. Dec 1775), and Christina (Hugh Cunningham Jr.) (bap. Apr 1783).  Peter signed the Fort Allen Petition to Gov. John Penn in 1774 following the outbreak of Dunsmore’s War.  Peter and Mary sold their land on December 28, 1778,  to William Jack for 1,000 pounds (denominated in Pennsylvania Commonwealth funds) and moved their family west to the Monongahela River bottomland in Fallowfield (Carroll) Township, Washington County, where Peter had received a Commonwealth land grant in 1794 for Walnut Bottom.  Peter died in 1819 in Washington County and is buried in present Donora.  Mary Magdalena migrated with her son, Michael, to Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio, where she died and was buried in 1830.  Descendents of Peter and Mary Magdalena migrated to Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Montana and Wyoming and beyond.

The Peter Castner Descendents Web Page

Brandt/Brant   < 1773                             by     Lynn Brant          Holland

John Brandt, my original ancestor, came to this country from Holland and was a very early settler in the Ligonier area.  He obtained a warrant in 1773 for his farm and I understand this document is in the museum at the Compass Inn although I have not seen it. I also have reason to believe the family was in the area sometime prior to receiving the land by warrant.  Both John Sr. and his wife Anna and their first son John Brant Jr. and his wife Eve are buried in the Brant Cemetery located two miles south of Ligonier, which is just west of Route 711.  John Jr served in the Revolution and his grave is so marked. In the vicinity of the cemetery is a small building with an original stone foundation that was once the Brant Schoolhouse. A reference to this Schoolhouse is found in the "History of Westmoreland County" and can be found on the Westmoreland Website.

Schatz/Shotts      <  1774   By  William C Shotts         Germany  >  Northhampton County, PA

My ancesters come from Germany to Weissenburg Twp. Northhampton Co. Pa .(tax roll enrty 1761 1762) then settled in Hempfield Twp.Westmoreland Co in 1700s  Michael Shotts b. Sept. 28,1754 in Germany  d. unknown in Westmoreland Co. married Mary Elizabeth . He signed the Fort Allen Pettetion 1774 .The spelling of my last name was changed from SCHATZ to
SHOTTS by Michael Shotts children in the early 1770s ,children of Michael and Elizabeth Shotts was Johannes Shotts b. April 17 1772,  Mary Elisabeth Shotts, Heinrich Shotts b. abt 1772 , Michael Shotts b. abt 1775  the chidren baptism was in the Horrold Zion Lutheran Congregation Church Hempheld Twp.  Heinrich Shotts Milutary service was between 1778 - 1783 with the Westmoreland County Rangers.

McDaniel/McDonald ~ 1774 by Neil McDonald    VA/WVA > Baltimore County, MD
Valentine McDaniel-McDonald (spelling variants), in his Revolutionary War pension papers, says he was born 11 Jan 1760 at South Branch of the Potomac River (an early frontier settlement area now in WV), that he moved with his parents when very young to Baltimore Co. MD and thence to what was then called Westmoreland Co. PA (c1774 or earlier.)  Valentine and his father, Joseph, are found in Fayette Co. PA tax records after it was formed from Westmoreland in 1783.  Valentine's records show he first served in the Rev War from Westmoreland County in 1777, at age 17, under Capt. Zadoch Springer at Prickett's Fort (now in WV.)  During 1778-79 he served under McIntosh, helping to construct Ft. McIntosh and Ft. Laurens and participating in related frontier battles.  In the autumn of 1790, Joseph McDonald and his wife, son Valentine (who by then was married with a baby son), younger unmarried daughters Mary and Sarah, other possible family members and neighbors migrated via flatboat down the Monongahela and Onio Rivers to Mason Co. KY.  Valentine and family moved across the Ohio River into Northwest Territory, the present area of Brown Co. OH in 1796.

Joseph McDaniel-McDonald is believed to be of Scotch-Irish origin, who apparently owned no land in Virginia, Maryland or the Westmoreland-Fayette Counties area, likely using 'squatter's rights' or renting patches of ground to support his family, while laboring or sharing farm work with others as no indications of artisan skills are found.  This is fairly typical of the times as found in Dr. R. Eugene Harper's book, "The Transformation of Western Pennsylvania, 1770-1800," where up to 50% of the families in some townships of Westmoreland and nearby counties did not own land.  This is a 'must read' book by those wishing to better understand societal development of the times.  The names of 'landless' frontier families may not be prominent in local history books but were of the mainstream who helped to develop and protect Westmoreland County and our great country.

Notes On The Pennsylvania - Virgina Land Dispute
And The Early History of South Western Pennsylvania

Rice/Reiss, Barhard ~ 1766 by Gary Rice  Germany > Northampton > Cumberland
Barnhart Rice (possibly Bernhardt Reiss), came from Germany in the first half of the 18th Century, probably between 1715 and 1750 and first settled in Northhampton County near Bethleham, PA. His only son, Frederick, and two daughters were born there. When Frederick was about 13 years old, Barnhart moved the family west. Some say they stopped over in the Cumberland valley (I think this is the right area for Bedford, Franklin and Cumberland counties). The Rice histories say they moved directly to Westmoreland County, PA, in about 1766. Frederick apparently runs his father-in-law's mill near Greensburg, then builds another mill about 3 miles south of Greensburg. He also accumulates about 300 acres of land. Frederick sells this land about 1815 and moves again.

       The Rice Family History

Walthour,  Christopher Conrad    ~  1766   by Karen Lucas     Bavaria  >  Savannah, GA

John Casper Walthour is  buried in Ebenezer, Savannah, GA. He was from  Bavaria and immigrated on the "Judith" with Capt Quarme 1-22-1745/6.  It was supposedly the 4th Salzburger transport out of that part of what is now Austria. It is said that the intent was to immigrate through the port of Philadelphia, but his ship was captured by the Spaniards and rerouted to the area of Savannah, GA which now is known as Walthourville, GA.

John Casper had several children which came to Westmoreland County, PA. One being Christopher Conrad Walthour who wed Barbara Koch in 1759.

The Walthour Family History

The Andrew Phillip Harman/Harmon Family    < 1769     by   Sharen Field Williams      Germany > Westmoreland

Andrew Phillip Harman was born about 1740 in Germany. He was among the early settlers in Westmoreland County and lived between Stahlstown and Donegal on Four Mile Run.  In 1777, Andrew Harman and three of his neighbors were returning from a sale north of the area when they were attacked by Indians and killed. Later the son Andrew was captured by the Senecas and  adopted by Chief Cornplanter, and lived with them about five years. Andrew was sold to an English officer for a bottle of rum.  He lived a year or two in England and then was exchanged after the Revolution, made his way home, and then married Catherine Sandles in 1790. Andrew and Catherine had eight children, three girls and five boys.

For The Complete Story

Ruch/Rugh, Michael (Sr.)   1771   by   Phil Knox    Alsace > Bucks Co.> Northampton Co. (Lehigh Co.)

Michael RUCH (RUGH) Sr., son of George (Hans George) RUCH (ROUK) (The Sr.) and Catharina REISS was born in Gumbrechtshoffen, Northern Alsace (now France) probably in 1723 or 1724.

He came from Rotterdam Holland via Deal England with his parents and siblings on the ship "Samuel", landing (at age 10) in Philadelphia on August 17,1733. This Ruch family is known to have settled in Whitehall Township, which was first part of Bucks then Northampton and now present-day Lehigh County (Pennsylvania). On February 2, 1745 Michael Ruch swore an oath to the English King and thus was naturalized as a British subject at the Philadelphia Courthouse. In 1747 Michael acquired and settled on farm land at or near Macungie on "Truckers Creek" in old Bucks County Pennsylvania.

In 1771, he led his family west into the wilderness beyond the Allegheny mountains and with the able help of his adult sons and their families they settled a very large tract of land in Southwestern Pennsylvania which eventually became part of Westmoreland County.

He married twice. On April 16, 1745 in Moselem Springs, Richmond Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania he married Franzina (Anna Franzina) MERKEL (MARKLE) at the Moselem Lutheran Church. Franzina (Anna Franzina) MERKEL (MARKLE) was born in Amsterdam, Holland probably in 1723 or 1727. She was the daughter of Christian (John Christian) MERKEL (MARKLE) Sr. She died about 1782 . There is some indications that she may have been killed during the Indian raid at "Miller's" coinciding with the attack on Hannastown. On June 15, 1784 in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania, Michael married Lucy WALTZ (WALTS). He died about 1800 in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Rugh's Blockhouse

Fisher, Abel   1773    by Stephen Fisher       Ireland  >  NJ

Abel Fisher was born in Mt. Mellick, Ireland, about 1730. He married Rachel Whoowee, a Quakeress from Edenderry ca. 1753. They immediately sailed for America, the voyage lasting three months. The pair settled at Cape May, New Jersey, where they resided for about twenty years, and their children were born. While there, Abel owned a small boat in which he carried oysters to Philadelphia and brought back small domestic goods which he exchanged for oysters.

In 1773, the family decided to move West. Why is unlcear. They procured a wagon and a team of miserable horses and, after a terrible journey over bad lands and and the mountains, late in the fall they reached a point one mile west of Fort Ligonier. Here their team gave out and refused to go further. They remained near the fort through the winter and in the Spring decidedto make the neighborhood their permanent home. Abel purchased a tract of land containing 300 acres, two miles west of Fort Ligonier, on the "Two Mile Run." This land remained in the family for more than one hundred years

Paraphrased from "A History of one of the Fisher Families by One of Them."

Wolf, Andrew <   1774          by  Jody Cullison

Andrew Wolf came from Rotterdam on the ship Hero to  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 27, 1764. He married Catherine Crebs on August 8, 1769 at St. Michaels and Zion church in Philadelphia. Some time after this he moved to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Records of his children have been found at The Zion church, more commonly called "Herrolds," Andrew died in 1803 and his will was recorded in Westmoreland County Courthouse, Greensburg, PA.

The Andrew Wolf Story

Rudolph, John     1774     by     Betty Rudolph          Germany

John Rudolph was b. ca. 1760, prob. in Germany, md. Christina MEYERS, d. Westmoreland Co. 1848. The Rudolphs were in Westmoreland Co. by 1774 when a John Rudolph is found in the land records. They may have come with Balthasar Meyers, the early Westmoreland Co. teacher/minister. Christina may have been his daughter, but no documentation has been found.

John & Christinas children married into the BREWER, VARNER, WILLARD, KUHNLEY, TAWNEY, RUFFNER, and BROWN families in Westmoreland Co.

Mechling, Dewalt and John Jacob   1774   by   Wanda Mechling Gantt     Germany

Theobald Mechling was born about 1695 in Germany. He and his brother, Jacob arrived in Philadelphia on 11 September 1728 on the ship, James Goodwill and they settled in Bucks County, PA.  Theobalds sons, Dewalt and John Jacob Mechling, took land grants in Westmoreland County in 1774.  Their children were born in  Northampton and Westmoreland County, PA.

The Mechling Family

BROWNLEE <  1776     by Betty Rudolph  Scotland  > Lancaster Co. PA

John and Archibald Brownlee came to America and settled in Lancaster Co. PA. The early Westmoreland Co. records include a Hugh, Joseph, and Thomas Brownlee. Joseph and his young son, John, were killed by the Indians in the raid on Hannastown, and his wife, Elizabeth and daughter, Jane, were taken to Canada as prisoners. An interesting account is given on the Brownlee History Page.

      The Brownlee History   

 Spahr, Johan George    <  1776    by  Ellen Byrne      Germany  >  Lancaster Co.

Johan George Spahr and Maria Catrina Kauffman married in Altenberg, Germany and came to Lancaster Co PA in 1737.
Their son, Johan George Spahr and his wife Margarita Valentine, who it is said was from Chester co PA settled in Westmoreland County,  Pa.  He served  in the jury during the Revolution. Their son, Johan Valentine Spawr married Margarita Richter in 1792 in Westmoreland County.  She was born about 1770 in Germany and came to America in 1773.  Her mother died on the voyage. I have learned her father re married- Juliana--maiden name unk. Samuel Richter/Richy/Richards in 1802 left a lot in Hempfield to his daughter who married Spawr.  Juliana then married Abraham Gardner and went to Armstrong County, Pa.

Adams, John, Senior      <  1776      by  Vaughn P. Adams, Ph.D.           Ireland  >  Bucks Co.

John Adams, Sr. was born about 1720, most likely in the Ulster Plantations in Northern Ireland, and immigrated to the New England Colonies prior to 1764, . He married Martha Hamilton in Philadelphia in 1764 and their son, John, Jr., was born in 1765. John Sr. died in 1799 and is buried at the Poke Run Presbyterian Church Cemetery. John Jr. married his first wife, Margaret Hall, before 1787. He moved to Butler County, Pennsylvania in 1805 where he died in 1838..

John Adams, Senior, and son, John

Waddle   1778    by   Linda Waddle      Ireland > Westmoreland Co.  >  Ross Co., Ohio

James Waddle from County Derry, Northern Ireland migrated in approx 1750 to PA. He joined the PA 6th Infantry in 1777, in Revolutionary War. He  married Mary Courtney in late l778 and settled in Westmoreland County.  James migrated
with his two brothers, Samuel and Francis (Robert?).  The 1790 Derry Township Census in Westmoreland Co. indicates brother Samuel in residence.  The family moved on from PA to Ross Co., Ohio.

Clifford, Charles  <   1779     by   Phyllis Crawford       England  >  Trenton, N J

Four families named respectively Pritchett, Maharg, Parks, and Clifford came to Ligonier Valley in one delegation before the Revolutionary War. They all came from one section in New Jersey, near Trenton, and the Cliffords prior to that came from England. Charles Clifford was the head of the family in Westmoreland County, and took up about four hundred acres of land.

Charles was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, his name being found on a miscellaneous list of soldiers of that war called the "Original Depreciation Pay List" on file among the public records at Harrisburg. He resided on Mill Creek, a tributary of Loyalhanna, two and one-half miles northwest of Fort Ligonier. In winter time he and his family stayed in or near the fort, and in the early spring they resumed their work on their clearings. On April 27, 1779, he and two sons went to their land to do some work preparatory to planting their spring crops. They were looking for their horses when they were captured by Indians. After securing his release from the Indians he returned to his family and he farmed his land until his death in 1815.

Harrold/Hoerold,  Johann <  1780    by Don Herrold   Germany > Lancaster  > Berks

Georg Christoph H(oe - umlaut "o")rold (1688-1747), a vinitor, and wife, Maria Scheelkopt Hoerold and their five living children, including Georg Christoph (Stophel) Hoerold, later spelled as Harrold, migrated from Steinheim an der Murr (a tributary of the Neckar river) Wurttemberg, Germany and transited the Atlantic from Rotterdam via Cowes, England to Philadelphia, aboard Rosannah arriving September 26, 1743.  They initially settled in Bethel Township, Lancaster County, PA. Georg is buried at Christ's Lutheran Church, Tulpehoken Creek, Berks Co., PA.  The eldest son, George Christopher (Stophel) Harrold (1728-1787) met and married Catherine Pontius, wed her and moved to Heidelberg Township, Berks County, PA, where several of their children were born, including Johann (John) Harrold (1745-1828).  Stophel apparently went on the expedition to W. PA with Conrad Weiser and was alloted land in Hempfield Township called "Harroldton."  It is believed that John Harrold was over 20 when the Stophel and wife moved to Westmoreland County. They dedicated 158 acres of land known as "Good Purpose" which later was the land on which Harrold's Zion Lutheran Church was built, and on which the St. Johns Church is also resident today.  George and wife are buried in one of the cemeteries there. Then when Indiana County was severed out of part of Westmoreland and ceded away by the Indians in 1776, John Harrold married Barbara Altmann, daughter of Anthony Altmann (ca. 1776) and moved to a place on the Conemaugh River N of Blairsville
called "Forerunner Plantation," which bordered Westmoreland Co to the East. John and Barbara's children included Joseph, born ca. 1788 at Forerunner, Indiana County, PA, married Elizabeth Armitage ( -- 1827), presumably in the latter part of the first decade of the 19th Century, had several children, including Henry (1814-1859). They later moved to Athens County, Ohio, where Elizabeth died in 1827 and is buried at the Plains (Wolf's Plains Cemetery) then moved on to New Durham Township, LaPorte Co., Indiana ca. 1830s.  Joseph died in 1859.  Henry married Belinda Dorr (1814-1855) in LaPorte Co., Indiana and in 1850 bore him Hiram (1850-1930), my great-grandfather.  He moved to Iowa following the civil war, and there married Sarah Ann Leverich (1850-1937) ca. 1870, to whom my grandfather David Hayes Herrold (1880-1846) was born in
Swan Lake Township, Pochohantas Co., IA.  IN November, 1889, Hiram moved his entire family via cattle car to Cleveland County, OK Territory.  And, when the Kickapoo Indians ceded their lands in Lincoln Co., OK in 1893, they resettled there, where my grandfather married my grandmother Sarah Pearl Golden in 1903.  She bore my father Reu Golden Herrold 9-9-1913, who married my mother Bonnie LaFern Herrold 1-27-1938.

Samuel McKee  < 1780    by    Don & Donna Seeley              Scotland  > Ireland

Samuel McKee died in Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co. in 1780.   I was told (no proof) he died in an Indian war, or the revolution. His minor children were appointed guardians in Orphans Court. They were probably Samuel's brothers, David and Robert. The children were:  David, d. 1814; Samuel Jr., who married Nancy McConnel; Mary (Lyons); Elizabeth (Ed. Pierce); Margaret (Patterson); Sarah Robinson; Nancy McConnel; Robert, decd. with kids.

His widow, Margaret remarried in about 1785 to JOHN VEESEY / Veasy / Vessey / Vasy. I believe my ancestor is Samuel Jr. who, if I can read the small print, got his fathers farm in 1815 with John McKee (not a brother). James McKee married Margaret, daughter of Peter Pierce.   Margaret's brother Joseph, married James sister, Sarah, the daughter of Samuel McKee and they moved to Ohio. The Widow MARGARET VEESEY, and John had children, John, Jr., who married a Margaret Pierce and went to Trumbull, Ohio, Jane Veasy married Joseph Pierce and Martha Pierce married Joe's brother, Peter Pierce.

The above named James McKee was born in 1803, Pa., and his wife, Margaret Pierce, was born in 1811 in Armstrong Co., where they were married in 1830. His parents were probably Sam'l McKee and Nancy McConnel, Westmoreland Co., Pa. The Robison name and the Wilson name are often used as middle names. I wonder if the first widow McKee was a Robison.   Wallace is the middle name of my three grandfathers.

John Cave~ 1783     by    Nancy E Shaw        Scotland  >  Lancaster County, PA

John Cavet  immigrated to Lancaster County from Scotland in about 1736. His son John Cavet was a Revolutionary War soldier and was in born in Paxton(?) Township,  Lancaster County. After the War he moved his family to Westmoreland County PA where they purchased a farm and built a fulling mill and a tannery. My information from relatives was that this was about 1783.  And my information shows a son Andrew born in Westmoreland county in 1783.

Kemmerer, Johann Ludwig     <  1786    by   Betty Smail-Cain      Germany > Maryland

JOHANN LUDWIG KEMMERER born in Germany 1718, arriving in America 1736, and from Philadelphia, Pa to the wilderness of Mayland and then to Westmoreland County died January 21, 1808 and lies at rest with numerous descendents, in Brush Creek Cemetery near Irwin, PA.

The Kemmerer Family Story

 Campbell, John    before 1783    by  Gregg Campbell      Ireland  >  PA  >  Washington Twp.

John Campbell, born about 1755 in eastern PA or Ireland migrated to Washington Twp about 1780.  His family is listed on the tax lists for 1783 and 1786.  He arrived with a wife Ann Christy and two children, Robert (1777) and John  (1778).  He had
a warrant, then survey, for 417 acres just west of the Poke Run Presbyterian Church.  He may have been one of the charter members.  His family is found in the 1790 Census.  About 1798 his family, now including Andrew (1782), James (1783),
William (1786), Joseph (1788), Jane (1792), Thomas (1795) and Samuel (1797) moved to Concord and Fairview Townships
in the about to be formed County of Butler.  He kept the Westmoreland land until at least 1829.

Clever/Kleber, Henry   1786  by   Larry A. Clever, Ph.D.   Lancaster Co.  >  Cumberland Co.

Heinrich Kleber/Henry Clever was born in Bethel Township, Lancaster County on 18 April 1754. In 1780 Henry married Elizabeth Reigard and in 1782 they were living in Hanover Township. In 1785 he is recorded on the tax rolls of Carlisle Township, Cumberland County and by 1786 he was working land in Mt Pleasant Twp., Westmoreland County. After Elizabeth died prior to 1797, Henry was remarried to Elizabeth Leasure and they lived in Derry Township between 1808 and 1815. Prior to this, Henry sold one parcel of his land to the Trustees of the German Presbyterian and Lutheran Congregation in Mount Pleasant Township to build a permanent house of worship. In Approximately 1816 he moved his family to what has been termed the "Rupp settlement at Echo" in Armstrong County.

The Henry Clever Family Story

Hoy, Samuel    1788      by      Virginia  Crilley          Ireland  > Scottland  >  Mifflin County, PA

Samuel Hoy was born 1745-1755 ? in Dublin, Ireland. He migrated to Scotland, marrying Mary McNeil around 1770.  They came to American soon after the marriage, settling first in Armagh Township in the Kishacoquillas Valley now Mifflin County.
In 1785 they moved westward to Loyahanna where he was a tanner and farmer, and by late 1788 to Westmoreland County around Murrysville. 

His   "Covenanter" religion was very important to him, and his family were all staunch Presbyterians for generations.

They had 6 daughters, and 4 sons....not all are identified.  Samuel, Jr., Catherine who married J. Adams, Elizabeth and Mary married Kearn /Kern brothers, James married Eleanor Huey, and Ann never married.

His will was made April 22, 1814 and probated May 23, 1814.

Philip Hoff     1789    by      Linda Hoff Simons          Germany 

Philip Hoff was born  in Germany in 1762 and died in Wayne County, Milton Twp., Ohio in 1844. He married Anna Maries Magdalena Trump who was born in Germany in 1762. I assume they were married around 1787-1788 in Westmoreland or Fayette Co., PA.  She died in 1834 in Ohio.  They lived in Westmoreland Co., Donegal Twp. from 1789-1819 when they moved to Ohio.

The Children were:
(1) George,  born 9 October 1789 Westmoreland Co. PA, died 17 Dec. 1867 Wayne Co. Ohio, married Catherine Hess
(2) Jhann Peter,  born 29 April 1791, died 30 June 1864 Wayne Co., married Sarah Ann Blocher
(3) Jhann Henry, born 11 April 1793 Westmoreland Co. died 1870 Wayne Co. Ohio, married Christina Hess
(4) Magdalena, born 1795 Westmoreland Co.
(5) Catherine 1797 Westmoreland Co. died 27 April 1872 Wayne Co., married Jacob Harmon
(6) Jacob, born 19 1800 Westmoreland Co. Pa, died 1840 Wayne Co. Ohio, married Sophia Blocher
(7) Elizabeth, born 18 Jan 1803,  married John B. Lorah
(8) Barbara, No dates on her
(9) Philip II, born 13 march 1811 in Westmoreland Co. Pa, died 24 Dec 1890 in Wayne Co., married Julia Ann Blocher

Jhann Peter Hoff was a blacksmith in Westmoreland Co. until 1819.  Then in 1820 his journal contained names located in Wayne County Ohio.  So we know they moved around that time.  Philip, George, and Henry Hoff bought land in Wayne Co. Ohio in 1815.

Philip Hoff owned land in Westmoreland Co.  I have copies of all his deeds.  This is the family story.  Philip and his children and their wives left Westmoreland Co for Ohio in a Conestoga Wagon.  They arrived in Wayne Co. near Wooster around 1819 because in 1820 they are listed in the tax records.  They were all farmers except Peter and he was a blacksmith. They were German Reformed in their religion and attended the Mill Run Church in Westmoreland  where their children were baptized.  Most of their children were all buried in Mt. Zion Church Cemetery on Pleasant Home Road in Milton Twp. Wayne Co. as are Philip & Magdalena.  This was also known as the Hoff Cemetery because a Hoff was buried their first and the Hoff's were responsible for building the church.  The church still stands but is now a Church of Christ.  At that time it was a German Reformed.

Kuhn, Henry   1787 - 1790    by   Patricia Cronin         Bavaria    >    Goshenhoppen

John Kuhn who married Anna Barbara --- and was born in Bavaria and died in PA in 1751, was the carpenter credited with building the Catholic church at Goshenhoppen. His Grandson, Henry Kuhn the son of Henry Kuhn and Anna Margaret ---, was among the five Catholic families who migrated to Westmoreland County, PA and founded the church at St. Vincent's at Latrobe called Sportsmans Hall. These were the families of Patrick Griffin, Philip Hartman, John Tapper and Philip Freeman who moved west between 1787 and 1790.


Buck and Henrich/Henry 1787 - 1790   by  Bill Mackey

My Genealogy primarily traces the NICHOLAS BUCK family line from Bucks Co, PA. The majority stayed in the eastern part of Pa while Joseph headed west to Sportsman Hall in Latrobe, Westmoreland Co and then on to Loretto, Cambria Co, PA. Many associated and intermarried families from Goshenhoppen are also chroniciled - ATHERHOLT, ECK, ECKENRODE, DUMM, HEANEY, HENRICH/HENRY, KOHL, McCARTY and MELCHIOR/MELCHER, as well as the interrelated lines from Cambria Co - CALLAHAN, KAY, PFOFF, ROSENSTEEL, SHERRY and VON DELINDEN.

Note! Buck/Bock, Henrich/Henry, Ruffener, and Grett/Crete were at Sportsman's Hall, Latrobe, Westmoreland County, PA.

McGuire, Barnabus    1788/1789    by    Janet Miller        Ireland  >  Cumberland County

Barnabus McGuire, born in 1755 in County Derry, Ireland, and his wife, Jane Pendergast (Prendegass) McGuire moved to Westmoreland County, Derry area, about 1788/9. The family appears in the 1790 census. Barnabus and Jane were married in Carlisle (Cumberland County) in 1781 while Barney was serving in the Revolutionary army. He fought under Gen. Benedict Arnold and was captured at the Battle of Quebec with Timothy Connor, another early Derry settler. They escaped together after about six months in captivity and rejoined the Rev. army to fight in various campaigns under Gen. Washington. Barney died in Westmoreland County in 1825 (do not know where buried). His wife, Jane, died in 1835 (will on file in Westmoreland County Courthouse) in the village of New Derry.

The Barnabus McGuire Family Story

McGuire    by   Terry McGuire

John and Barnabus McGuire of Derry and Archibald McGuire of Ligonier

McGuire's and Allied Families of Westmoreland Co., PA

TROUT, WENDEL    < 1790     By    Darrel Trout      Germany   >   Lancaster County

Wendel Trout lived in the Pallatine region of Germany and arrived in Philadelphia, PA on the 5th of Sep 1738, on the ship Winter Galley.  The Trout family left Germany because of religious persecution and famine.  After spending a few days in Philadelphia , Wendel went to Lancaster County and settled in Strasburg Twp.  Wendel Trout was married twice, children by his first wife name (?) are Nicholas, George, John, Heinrich, Michael and Mary.  His second wife, Magdalena Walters, and the children names were, Paul, Mary Barbara, Anna Maria, Catherine and twins, Wendel and Magdalena.  Three Trout brothers, Henry, George and Phillip came over the mountains and arrived in Westmoreland County.  The 1790 census shows Phillip Trout  was in Huntington Twp.  Phillip (my direct linage) married and moved to Mt Pleasant Twp.  His wife was Susannah Shretter and they had the following children:  Anna Maria, born 7/3/91, Jacob and Phillip Jr twins born 1795, Isaac born 1800, Michael born 1803, William H. born 1804, Henry (still born), Samuel born 1809, George born 1805, Eliz. Born 1807, Polly and Catherine birth date unknown.  Susan and Henry H. twins born in 1810.  Phillip married a second time to Eliz. Hartman.  The names of the children of this second marrigage are Hannah born 1825, Margaret born 1825, Sarah born 1829 and Amos born 1831.  My linage is as follows:

Philip Sr Trout               1765-1852
Isaac Trout                    1800-1873
Cornellus C. Trout         1886-1909
Cornelilus Hough Trout  1868-1946
Lloyd A. Trout Sr          1909-1991

Knappenberger, Conrad     ~   1790          Germany   >   Northampton  (Lehigh County)
     By Sue Knappenberger Appleton

The Knappenberger family  migrated to Westmoreland County about 1790 and settled in the Denmark Manor area on 300 acres of land.   The patriarch of the family was Conrad Knappenberger who was born in Macungie Twp., Northampton (later Lehigh County, PA) in 1747 and died in Franklin Twp., Westmoreland County, PA in 1818.   He is buried at Denmark Manor Church which was built on land that he donated.  His wife was Barbara Blos and they had 10 children of which 7 moved with them and one was born after they arrived. Conrad's father was J. Michael Knappenberger who was born 1709 in Widdern, Wuerttemburg (Germany) and came to Pennsylvania in 1738 as a widower.  He died in Macungie Twp., Northampton County, PA in 1751 leaving 6 children and a widow.

Families of Westmoreland County that this family intermarried include Walthour, Fehr/Fair, Kemmerer, Kline, Cort/Korth, Painter/Bender, Swanger, Beacom, Burchfield, Berlin, Walton, Wentzel, Allshouse, Stump, Saul, Kepple, and more.

Family history of the Knappenbergers of America

Steck, John Michael    1791   By    Saundra Bibel          Germany

John Michael Steck came to America with his father Johann George Steck and 2 sisters in 1754. They settled in Westmoreland County in 1791. I am not sure where he was living until then. The Rev. John Steck was the founder of many of the Luthern Churches in Westmoreland county including the First Lutheran Church of Greensburg. He and his son, the Rev Michael Steck, rode horseback all over the area to deliver their sermons. For many years John delivered his sermons in German. He lived in Hempfield Township until his death.  Included in his descendents are another local well known name. Ruch or Rugh as it is in "Rugh's Blockhouse" where many in the Greensburg area took refuge during the burning of Hannahstown. Johns great grandson John Steck married Leah Rugh, great grandaughter of Michael Ruch. Another well known member down the line was William Campbell Gallagher who came to Westmoreland in 1850. He was a well known undertaker in Madison.

Other names in this family include Copeland, Markle, Kuhns, Mechling, Haymaker, Harrold, Brinker, and Eisaman.

I am currently working on transcribing the cemetery and baptism records for Hoffmans (Hope) Cemetery in Smithton. I also have a lot of info from my late grandmother Anna Marie Rhoads Harvey including a lot of cemeteries and church records of Westmoreland county and Allegheny county. All to be posted on my site as I can get the time.

BRADEN, WILLIAM  1793     By Janet K. Armbrust          Ireland

William and Euphemia (JACKSON) BRADEN emigrated from Ulster (Co. Fermanagh or Co. Tyrone), Ireland to America ca 1793.  They arrived in NY, buried their first born son who had died during the voyage, and traveled to Westmoreland Co., PA, where they joined family members who had settled there previously.  Three children, Jackson, Walter and Rebecca were born in Westmoreland Co., PA.

By 1800, this Braden family had moved westward to Scott Co., KY, where they lived and farmed until 1821.   Seven children, Richard, William, Jane, Robert, Mary Ann, an unnamed infant, and John Hall were born in Scott Co., KY.

When the "New Purchase" was announced in 1820, William Braden rode northward to Brookville, IN and purchased two 80 acre tracts of land in what would become Fugit Twp., Decatur Co., IN.  The Braden family successfully farmed the fertile Hoosier land, and descendants have lived in Decatur Co., IN since that time.  William Braden died of a "fever" in 1825.

Rohrer, Frederick    1793  By Charles E Harris     France   >  PA    >  MD

Frederrick Rohrer was born in France, July 28, 1742.  He emigrated to America during the war between France and England (1754-1763).  In 1766 he married  Catherine Deemer  in York County, PA., and soon after removed to Hagerstown, MD. The same year, he visited the western country, going as far as Pittsburgh and traded with Gen. Arthur St. Clair for a tract of land in the Ligonier Valley. In 1793  he moved to Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA., and remained  there until his death, September 21, 1825.

The Frederick Rohrer Family

Coon, Eckenroth, and Henrich    <  1800     by   Brian Cartwright

To my side, I am descended from Eckenroth, Eck, Henrich & Coons of upper Berks and western Northampton Counties. Some Henrich descendants changed to Henry. My Coons line is not of John Kuhn, carpenter of Goshenhoppen, but many of his line did marry in with the Eckenroth and Henrich. Also some Schmidt in-laws, from Philip Schmidt. Many of the Eckenroth, Henrich and Coons moved to Adams/York County, PA after the Revolution, then on to Sportman's Hall, Latrobe, PA and Loretto,Cambria County or both.

William Coons was born in Berks Co (Sharps Mountain), not far from Christian Henrich. In the 1760's they moved to Freystown, York Co, where both parents died in the 1780's. John Coons m Christina Wolf, Elizabeth m Nicholas Noel, Catherine m Andrew Gerstenweiler, John spent a short time in Westmoreland County, Catherine moved there, don't know what happened to her after. John Coons & Elizabeth (Noel) then moved to Loretto, Cambria County, PA.

The Eckenrode's

McCurdy   <  1800    by  Nancy McEwen          Ireland   >   Chester County

James McCurdy was born in County Antrim, Ireland in 1756. At the age of 18 he came to America and settled in Chester Co, Pa. He was drafted into the militia and served several tours during the Rev. War. Following the war he came to Westmoreland Co, settling in the area known as the Fork of Yough. Rostraver Twp. is the only part of this area still remaining in Westmoreland Co. James McCurdy met and married his wife, Nancy McKinney in 1783. After the birth of their 3rd child (ca 1788) they moved to Fairfield Twp. They spent the remainder of their days in the Fairfield/Ligonier Twp. area.

Allied family names: Findley, McConaughy, Trindle, McCracken, Hunter, Lafferty, Martin, Crawford, Stewart.

Noel, Joseph   < 1800   by Dominic E Noel

At this time it is believed that Joseph was born at Conewago, Adams County and came from the Taneytown /Frederick County area of Maryland and was the son of Jacob Noel, the son of John Noel and settled in Mt Pleasant Twp., Westmoreland County, PA between 1787 and 1789. However we do know there was a John, Peter, Jacob, Simon, Alban/Abraham and maybe Mary Magdalene Noel  at Sportsman's Hall, Latrobe, PA in this time period. All of these, including Joseph, could have been of the family of Daniel Noel a brother of Blasius Noel or Joseph could have been a son of Blasius Noel the son of Peter Noel and still fit into the oral history. The Noel DNA Project does put Joseph into the Adams County, PA Noel line.

Joseph's first child, Adam Noel, was baptized at Sportsman's Hall in 1800. Adam with his brothers John, Joseph, Peter and maybe Jacob, with some of their wife's families, moved to Rock Island, IL and were some of the first settlers of Davenport, IA. Another son, George,  went to South America and only his youngest son Jacob, born in 1834, stayed in or returned from Iowa to Westmoreland County, PA to raise a large family.


        The Noel History Page 

Seyverth/Seifert < 1800     byJim Cyphert                Alsace  >  Berks County

Philip and Barbara Seyverth (Philip and Barbari Seifert) are my g-g grandparents. Philip's father (Philip) arrived in Philadelphia on 25 Sept 1749 on the ship Speedwell. According to one of my aunts, Philip jr. was born on the ship. He had a brother Joseph and a sister Mary Elizabeth. They were raised on a farm in northern Berks County near Shartlesville.

Philip and Barbari moved to Westmoreland County, PA with other Catholic families from Berks County in the late 1700s; where they lived with their 10 children until Philip's death in 1823. Sometime thereafter, Barbari, some or all of the children, and many families originally from Berks moved to what is now Clarion County, Pa. They may have had a short stay at Sugar Creek, Armstrong County but settled at Crates (near Kingsville). There the Catholic families built the St. Nicholas of Tolentino

A Cyphert History  by  Dale Cyphert


Shipe/Scheib    ~ 1800      By Tom Shipe              Odernheim, Germany > Lancaster County, PA

Johanne Scheib and Catarina Scheib later known as John and Catharine Shipe came to Mt. Pleasant Twp. Westmoreland Co., PA from Lancaster Borough, Lancaster County, PA in about 1800. Children included John H., Henry, Matthias, Abraham, Mary Emily, Susanna, Isaac, and Margaret. After their deaths in Mt. Pleasant Twp., Westmoreland County, PA, most of the children moved on to Adams Co. and Hancock Co., Illinois and Noble County, Indiana.

Reinsel - Flours - Arentz 1803 - 1850    by Robert Reinsel

The Flours, sponsors of John Reinsel at Lebanon, first appear in Westmoreland County in March of 1803.

Henry Reinsel my earliest confirmed Reinsel ancestor who lived near Lebanon in the late 1790's (John and Anthony were baptized there) and moved to Derry Township, Westmoreland County before 1805.

Margaret Arentz was the wife of John H. Reinsel who moved to Crates, Clarion County, Pa from Lebanon County with his family about 1849-50.

SURNAMES:  Arnst - Aaron - Crates/Gret - Egg/Eck -- Flour - Seifert/Cyphert

Shirey,  Philip  1800 by Chris Schultz                 Germany  >  Berks Co
According to "Old and New Westmoreland History Book", "the Shirey family came to Westmoreland County in 1810 in the person of Philip Shirey, the great-grandfather of Daniel Charles Shirey the subject of this sketch. This Philip Shirey settled in Unity township with his wife Elizabeth (Keim) Shirey, and they were the parents of the following children: Daniel who
married Susanna Shupe and lived in Pleasant Unity, John who from Westmoreland county went to Ohio and eventually returned to his birthplace in Bucks (Berks) county where his death occured, Abraham who went to Ohio and there passed the remainder of his life, Henry who also removed to Ohio for a time but later returned to Westmoreland Co. where his death occured, Samuel who married Martha Shurrick, and lived and died in Unity twp., Rudolph who married Christina Waugh and lived at Millwood Derry Twp. and was the last survivor of this large family of children, his death occuring at  a very advanced age, David who married Martha Aukerman, Esther who married a Nicely, Elizabeth who became the wife of Henry Kuhns and Catharerine who married a Weaver and died in Westmoreland Co."

Philip Shirey was born Jan. 29, 1757 in Berks Co. PA and was the son of Johannes and Maria Clara Shirey of Rockland Twp., Berks Co. PA. Johannes and Maria Clara Shirey had a large family in Rockland Twp. Berks Co. PA of about 14 children who were still living at the time of Johannes Shirey's death around the year 1787. Elizabeth Keim born March 1, 1760 and was the daughter of Conrad and Anna Maria Keim of Oley Twp., Berks Co. PA. Conrad Keim was the son of Johannes Keim one of the first settlers in the Oley region of Berks Co. PA.

James McCrellis     < 1810     by  Carol McCrellias                   Ireland
James McCrellis, of Scot ancestry, was born ca. 1780, probably in Antrim, Northern Ireland, and died Bet. 1834 - 1850 in Pennsylvania, probably in Westmoreland Co. He married MARTHA (?) some time between 1796 and 1799.  She was born between 1784 and 1790 in Ireland, and died in 1871 in Ashland, Ashland Co., Ohio.  James left Ireland ca. August 1798
and was naturalized in Westmoreland Co. in 1814.

James McCrellis (also McCrelles, McCrillias, McCreales, etc.) appears in the Mt. Pleasant (Westmoreland Co.) Tax Lists in
the years 1811-1835, as well as in 1810 and 1830 census reports.  He was known to have been a cordwainer (shoemaker).
Their known children were:

      Jane, m. William Irwin Hunter
      John, m. Sarah Davis (or Davies or Daniels)
      Martha, m. ? Ward and Joshua Kelley
      Nancy, m. Perry Clark
      Hannah, m. James Henry Hood
      Violet, m. (probably) David Hess.

Zimmerman, David  1820    by Paul Andree     Northumberland Co, PA  >  Union Co, PA
David Zimmerman brought his family to the area south of Greensburg around 1820. He settled in S. Huntingdon Twp, south of Mendon, near the county line. David Zimmerman was born in 1787 and was a soldier in the War of 1812. He married Mary Kelly, 1796 on 3-15-1815 at the house of Henry Kelly in Hartleton, Union Co, PA.  They raised 10 children in Westmoreland Co.

A Genealogy Link Is On My Zimmerman Web Ssite

Lambing, Peter   ~  1822  Warren Lambing   Alsace-Lorraine  >  Bucks county  >  Adams county

Christopher Lambing, came from the region ofAlsace-LorraineFrance, he settle in Nockamixion Township Bucks county. Four of Christopher Lambing's sons moved from Bucks county toAdams county, it would appear Peter Lambing (Christopher Lambing's oldest son born in France) moved first, and the three younger sons followed. Peter Lambing moved from Adams county, and settle in Westmoreland county about 1822, and settle some six miles south-east of Greensburg, where he spent the remainder of his life. Peter was followed by his brother's John Anthony Lambing, Matthew Lambing and Jacob Lambing, they settle across the county line in Armstrong County about the same time. All of these Lambing's where followed by their grown children.

Merckel/Markel, Henrich/Henry  Cready/Kred/y, Spring, Kintz    by Betty Marsicek

Markle - Berks to Westmoreland - This family is Merckel in Berks Co. and is Lutheran. The Catholic line starts with Johannes who married into the Henrich family. His descendants were Catholic.  Johannes Merckel/Markle (1773-1822)

Henrich/Henry - Albany Twp, Berks to Westmoreland   Christian Henrich (1718-1798)

Cready in Allegheny County - This name was Krede/y in Lancaster Co and was Lutheran. Some descendants converted to Catholicism in Allegheny County ca. 1825.     John Cready (1781-1834)

Spring - Berks County to Westmoreland County     Mary Barbara Spring (ca 1750- ca 1810) She seems to have immigrated with her two brothers, Jacob and George Spring.

Kientz / Kintz - Bucks County to somewhere in Maryland to Westmoreland - Apparently descended from Matthias Kientz of Bucks Co. Am missing some connections between Bucks and Westmoreland.    Matthias Kientz - (emigrated 1752, d. 1777)

Kinnan and Lewis  by Lewis Townsend 

The Kinnans of Irish descent were in NJ prior to the Revolutionary War. They then moved with the related Suttons, Dotys and others to Westmoreland Co. PA. From there the family has spread to many states with the largest number today in PA, OH, and NE. The number of Kinnans in the US has alway been very limited and all appear to be descended from one Thomas Kinnan born about 1725.

The LEWIS family came to northern Westmoreland Co. and Indiana Co. from Franklin and Huntingdon Counties,PA and from there have spread across the US.

Shoemaker and Wagner  by Sandy            Germany  >  Germantown

Jacob and Mary (Wagner) Shoemaker came to the U.S. in 1833. After working in Germantown for a couple of months, they decided to go to Pittsburgh. After six weeks of walking, they came to Westmoreland Co.  People told them that most people who went to Pittsburgh, returned to Westmoreland Co.With that in mind, they stayed and settled in Hempfield Twp., near Hannastown where he eventualy bought a farm.  Jacob,  at the time of his death, was considered to be one of the well-to-do farmers in the area. He had 11 children. Most of them stayed in Westmoreland Co, and his sons George and John, made names for themselves in the Greensburg area of PA.