Westmoreland County Newspapers   Compiled by   Bob McCabe

The PA State Library  at Harrisburg has newspaper microfilm.  However,  you have to remember that newspapers in the early days carried little in the way of obit data, except for prominent citizens.  Even then, it might just a paragraph or two.

The State Library of Pennsylvania does have a complete collection of newspapers on microfilm from Harrisburg as well as the rest of the state. These microfilms are available through interlibrary loan at your local library. All you have to do is give them the name of the city and the date or range of dates you are interested in and they will send the microfilm that applies. Ray Rhoads has used this service many times and it has provided a great deal of information.

I called the PA State Library (717-783-5950) and they indicated that they do participate in intra-library loans.   You mere go to your local library with the information and they can request the microfilm.


AMERICAN Herald    See Greensburg Herald

Greensburg DEMOCRAT     w N 18, 1853-1864.    Merged with Westmoreland Republican and Farmers1 Chronicle. orig:  D 30, 1853-Je 8, 1854; Ja 8, 1856-D 1, 1857

FARMERS' Register     See Greensburg and Indiana Register.

Greensburg GAZETTE   See Greensburg Herald.

Greensburg GAZETTE and Farmers' Mechanics' Register         See Greensburg Herald.

Greensburg HERALD     w Ag 22, 1811-1872.    1811-Ap 22, 1823 as Greensburg Gazette; My 1823-F 1, 1828

Gazette and Farmers' and Mechanics' Register     F 8 , 1828-1832

Gazette     F 1832-N 8

1850 Westmoreland Intelligencer    N 1850-F 1856 Intelligencer. F 5, 1856-N
1857 American Herald        Merged with Greensburg Tribune to form Tribune-Herald.micro:  Ja 23, 5 24, 1819; 0 19, 1821-S 10, 1824; My 9-D 25, 1828; F 7, 1834-Mr26, 1841; Ja-D  1849; Ja-D 1852;; N 1856-Ja 19, 1870   orig:    D 1823-Ag 24, 1827; F 8, 1833-Ja 1834; N 8, 1850-N 11, J852; D 23, 1852-0 1856

INTELLIGENCER   See Greensburg Herald.

NATIONAL Issue   See Greensburg Press.

PENNSYLVANIA Argus    w My 25, 1832-1922 ?  Subtitle varies: Pennsylvania Argus and Farmers' and Mechanics' Advocate; Pennsylvania Argus and Westmoreland  Democrat.    micro:    My 23, 1834-0 30, 1835; Mr 10, 1837-Ji 2,
1841; Ja 21, 1842-D 1854; Ja 6, 1864-D 1866; D  25, 1872-D 16, 1874; D 20, 1876-D 11, 1878; D  15, 1880-Je 7, 1882; D 20, 1882-D 1, 1886;  Jl-D 1889; D 1890-Je 1903; Jl 1904-Je 1910; Je  20, 1911-s 1912

PENNSYLVANIA Argus and Farmers' and Mechanics' Advocate   See Pennsylvania Argus.

PENNSYLVANIA Argus and Westmoreland Democrat      See Pennsylvania Argus.

Greensburg PRESS    w 1878-1927 ?  1878-My 1881 as National Issue. Je 1881-1908 Press. Merged with Tribune-Herald in 1908 under title: Press and Tribune Herald. Title changed to present title in 1909.    micro:    S 1887-D 24, 1912

PRESS and Tribune Herald       See Greensburg Press.

Greensburgh and Indiana REGISTER w My 24, 1799-S 1818.   My 24, 1799-1810 as Farmers' Register; Jl ? 1811-Jl 1812

Westmoreland and Indiana Register       micro:    Je 21, 1799-Ap 24, 1802

 REPUBLICAN and Democrat      See Westmoreland Democrat.

Greensburg SENTINEL   w My 15, 1840-1841.   Merged with Westmoreland Intelligencer.    micro:    My 15, l840-My 14, 1841

Daily TRIBUNE   See Tribue-Review.

Greensburg TRIBUNE   See Tribune-Herald.

TRIBUNE-HERALD   w Jl 22, 1870-1908.   Jl 22, 1870-F 8, 1872 as Greensburg Tribune. Merged with  Greensburg Herald in 1872 to form present title. Merged with  Greensburg Press to form Press and Tribune Herald.   micro Ja 1875-D
19, 1876; Ja 1882-Je 1908

TRIBUNE-REVIEW d F 4, 1889 + F 4, 1889-1955 ? as Daily Tribune. Merged with Morning Review   in 1955 to form present title. micro:    F 8, 1889 +

UNPARTHEYISCHE Westliche Presse 1821-?     In German.  micro: N 16, 1821

WESTMORELAND and Indiana Register   See Greensburgh and Indiana Register.

WESTMORELAND Democrat w 1818-1946?  1818-1824 as Westmoreland Republican; 1825-1864 Westmoreland Republican and Farmers' Chronicle; Ag 1864-D 1875 Republican and Democrat.  micro: Ap 25, 1818-Ap 9, 1824; Ja-D 1849; Ja-D 1852; N 19, 1884; My 24, 1899  orig:  My 10, 31, 5 6, 20, 0 25, N 8-D 13, 1844; Ja-Ap 11, My 30, Je 20-S 26, 0 17, 31-D 5, 26, 1845; Ja-Mr 6, 27, JI 3-D 1846; Ja-Mr 10, 1847

WESTMORELAND Intelligencer      See Greensburg Herald.

WESTMORELAND Republican      See Westmoreland Democrat.

WESTMORELAND Republican and Farmers' Chronicle      See Democrat.


STANDARD Observer    d 1875 + orig:    cy


Jeannette DISPATCH    See News-Dispatch.

NEWS-DISPATCH    w sw tw d 1889-0 1981  889-1918 as Jeannette Dispatch. Merged with News in 1918 to form present title.  micro: N 16, 1921-Jl 20, 1948; 0 1948-Je 1981


Latrobe BULLETIN    d 1902 +   micro: D 1902 +

Latrobe Bulletin, Special Edition, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2003, Front page:
Submitted by Mary Henry
Latrobe Inquirer, started in May of 1861
Latrobe Advance, started Aug. 6, 1873
The Reveille, started in 1882
The Latrobe Herald, 1906-1909
The Latrobe Enterprise, 1885-1893
Latrobe Clipper, was published until 1902
Latrobe Bulletin started Dec. 18, 1902


 Ligonier ECHO    w S 15, 1888 +   micro:    5 5, 1888-D 1976


Monessen Daily INDEPENDENT    See Valley Independent.

VALLEY Independent    d 1902 +  1902-S 1960 as Monessen Daily Independent.  micro:    Je 28, 1902 +


Daily DISPATCH    w sw d N 21, 1891-0 1971.  Merged with Valley Daily News, Tarentum to form Valley News Dispatch.  micro:    Ag 1970-0 1971

VALLEY News Dispacth    See Valley News Dispatch, Tarentum.


Scottdale INDEPENDENT    See Scottdale Independent-Observer.

Scottdale INDEPENDENT-OBSERVER   w 1879 +  1879-1926 as Scottdale Independent. Merged with News-Observer in 1926 to form present title.    micro:    Ag 10, 1882-D 1888; Ja 1890-D 1905; Ap 1906-D 1909; Ja 1911-D 1915; Ja 1917-D 1925

MINER'S Record    w Je 1881-1882 ? micro:    Mr-Jl 1882

Scottdale NEWS    w N 23-D 14, 1923.   Merged with Observer to form News-Observer.  micro:    N 23-D 14, 1923

Scottdale NEWS-OBSERVER    w D 21, 1923-1926.   Merged with Scottdale Independent to form Scottdale Independent-Observer.  micro:  D 21, 1923-D 1924

The PA State Library does has a catalog web site.  Also, if you visit the library, keep in mind, they have Saturday hours.

Marti Wise, a list member used the on line index at the PA State Library for Northumberland County newspapers and went to Harrisburg only to find that they did not have everything that she saw in the index.  If you are going to make a long trip, she suggested that after you find it in the on line index, then call the Newspaper Repository at the State Library to confirm that they
do have that particular microfilm.  The same was true of the Library of Congress

The folks who work in the newspaper room very helpful.  Sam Alcorn mentioned that In the genealogy section down the hall, you'll find a volunteer worker, Ray Schott.  He's one of the most helpful and knowing people I've found.  He's helped Sam around a couple roadblocks.

The Manderino Library at California University of Pennsylvania also has quite a few Westmoreland County newspapers on microfilm.  One person, Colleen, found an obit that I was unable to locate in Monessen's local library at the Manderino Library.

These sites are great to use before you visit a library, so you don't waste your time looking in their catalogue while at the site. However, be careful.  Some libraries that have catalogs on line, only have acquisition since a certain date.  The manual card catalog may have some older holdings. There is a book , "Newspaper Accounts of Births, Marriages and Deaths 1808-1929 Westmoreland County Pennsylvania", 1994 by Mary Jane Mains for theWestmoreland County Historical Society, 951 old Salem Road, Greensburg, PA 15601. 318 pp. softbound. $25.00 + $3.00 P&H, Pa. res. Add $1.50 sales tax.  However, this publication is not all inclusive.

John Heidler provided information from a publication titled "Pennsylvania Newspapers and Selected Out-of-state Newspapers".  They have the following newspapers listed for Westmoreland Country that are at the State Library of
Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.  He has been able to order microfilms of newspapers for specific time periods through interlibrary loan.  They currently will loan to out-of-state libraries.  (This is contrary to what another list member indicated.)  The list of newspapers is as follows.