The Early Migration To Westmoreland County, PA

       The Migrating Families                           WESTMORELAND COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY
       The Oral History Of The Migration                       With a listing of all the cemeteries.
       County Township Map
       The Migration Trails                                                 Baltzer Meyer Historical Society                       
       The Mission Trails  
       Early County Land Maps                                     ARIAS  -  PA Digital State Archives
       Pennsylvania Topography Map  286K
       To Order County Records          
       Westmoreland Public Records   -   real property  - civil court   - marriage license  - estate search

      The Voyage to America     by  Durs Thommen  and  Gottlieb Mittelberger
      The Phelan Letter October 17th 1795              by  Rev Lawrence S Phelan
      About Old World Cemeteries                                                         by  Jerilyn
      Pennsylvania Migration And Help File         by   The FHC Salt Lake, Utah
      Land Record Terminology                                       by   Edward D Price
      Occupations                                                          Compiled by  Dan Burrows
      Westmoreland County Newspapers                   Compiled by   Bob McCabe
      Grave Stone Inscriptions                                Compiled by Russ and Mary Henry
      Obituaries in the Latrobe Bulletin

     The Derry Area Historical Society
     Pennsylvania Cemetery Records
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