Willis Bridges Noel

Dudly Noel
Dudly Noel   Believed to be from Mercer Co., KY about 1820.
       Shelton Noel
       Willis Bridges Noel
             William Jasper Noel wife Mary Ellen Mossier
                   Jessie Noel born in Noel MO abt 1888
                   William Noel
                   Homer Noel
                    Several girls

Update 4-26-2009    Willis Bridges Noel who founded Noel, MO is the brother to my great grandfather, Joel Noel.  He is of the Benjamin Noel line. Joel named his son after his brother WillisBridges Noel.  Esther

The Noel DNA Project has determined that Benjamin Noel's line from Cumberland, Virgina is of the I1 haplotype and are not related to the Cornelius Noel line of Virgina.                                                          
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Willis Bridges Noel (1818-1896) and his wife Eliza Mann (1826-1904). They came from KY where they were married in 1842, and had 11 children. Many descendants of this family live around Noel, SW MO and some in Texas and other states. The Noel Centennial Book written a few years ago tells alot about this family and the other families. I was very interested in how many descendants have claimed their ancestor was the originator of the town of Noel. Shelton Noel, brother to Bridges, also lived in Noel, MO. McDonald County has alot of information about this family, which perhaps is also in the Mormon records in Salt Lake City. I am a genealogist writer so was interested in this family a few years ago. Happy Hunting for your Noel heritage.

In the 1860 Federal census is listed the two Noel brothers: Willis Bridges and Benjamin Shelton. Unfortunately there are no twps. listed in this index. I imagine it is the Noel area, however in Mc Donald Co., MO (mostly because the other names are also from that area).... #59 was Willis Bridges Noel, 42, b. KY, Eliza (Mann) age 34, KY, Clark Wallace, male, son, 16, b. KY, W.J. male, 14, b.KY, Elizabeth E. female, age 11, by. MO, Jake , male, age 7, b. MO, "Willis M. male, age 5, b. MO, and Eliza 11/12 female, born MO. #104 was Benjamin Shelton Noel, 37, born KY, with wife Nancy A. (Arens) age 34 B. KY, Two children were born in KY---Willis W. 15, and John Dudley 13.. (After John's name is 1849-1914). William U. son, born MO was 11, Clarrisa E. age 9, Casper E. age 7, George A. age 5, Eliza J. age 3, Clark W. 1, all born in MO. I have no idea who the last one was but she could have been a family member, Ann Williams, age 5, born Tenn. They had a Williams family living next door to the Noel's also. There was a murder of a young Noel girl in 1892, which is part of Judge Sturges' history that was written, and republished by his daughter Claudia after his death. Mary Lula Noel, daughter of W.H. and S.E. Noel was murdered on 10 Dec. 1892, by a visitor named William Simmons of Joplin, MO. Mary Lula was staying with her sister, Mrs. Sydney Holly, who lived on the old Mann Farm. Simmons was found guilty of the crime in 1893 , murder in the first degree. It was contested due to the fact the girl had been found drowned so was changed to second degree and Mr. Simmons was given 10 years in the state penitentiary. (Mary Lula was the grand-daughter to Shelton and Nancy Noel.) W.H. was born August 27, 1846 in Casey Co., KY and he was brought to MO that year. On August 1, 1864 he joined the the 2nd Cherokee regiment. Confederate volunteers and served until the close of the war. He married Nannie Huffman, Collins, TX on 20 Nov. 1867 and they had 10 children. He became the County Assessor in in 1892 after being the deputy sheriff for five years: 1887-1892. It is mentioned he was a Baptist and a Democrat ... In this same Sturges History was a paragraph on A.W. Noel, son of Clark Wallace and F.M. Noel, born in McDonald Co., MO is 1868, that told how he was schooled in Mc Donald Co, and then went on to Warrensburg school and a Business College in Kansas City. When he returned home, he worked for M.N. LaMance, as a bookkeeper/clerk. He was appointed by President Cleveland to be the Postmaster of Pineville. In 1897 he married Grace Younce, of Pineville, and there were no children mentioned at this time. (This history was written in 1897). One of the books has a picture of W. Bridge Noel, whom the town was named. He has a long white beard, and appears to be on a chair with straw of dryed grass under the feet of he and his wife. She is wearing a beautiful apron, with a child between them. Not a smile on their faces, of course. The story told how the town of Noel was host to the actors and workers on the JESSE JAMES movie of 1938, that was shot around SW MO starring Tyrone Power along with others. Every year Pineville, the main town of the movie, has a Jesse James Day and quite a few festivities... I just sent this to you, to add to your history if you would like it. Thank you again for mentioning me. This is a beautiful area, with very dear people.

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