William Bazel NOEL

William Bazel NOEL was supposedly from Baltimore, MD., where he owned ships until they were lost in a storm and where he was married to his first wife. He was born 1762, possibly in England. By 1794 he was in Shelby Co., KY, where he married Mary GREGG. My goal is to find the parents and/or siblings of William Bazel NOEL. However, in looking through my material I found a family group sheet made out by mother which I didn't realize I had. It gives the children of William Bazel NOEL and Mary GREGG. I was under the impression that my gr grandmother, Mary NOEL, was their only child. She was their youngest child according to this sheet, b. July 1811. There are no dates regarding the other siblings.

William Bazel NOEL, b. 1762 m. Mary GREGG Shelby Co., KY 1794

Julia m. WHITE

Matilda m. JONES


William (Lost in the woods - probably killed by an animal).

Mary b. July 1811 m. 1) Isaac KITCHEN m. 2) James HATFIELD

I have a sampler made by Delia NOEL with just her name and the letters of the alphabet. I have been wondering for years who she was and now find in my mother's notes that Adelia was a sister of my gr grandmother, Mary NOEL. The notes also say that Mary GREGG NOEL was living with Adelia when she died.

I am hoping that this information might be of value to someone.

Florence Jensen