William P. Noel

I am a descendent of the Noels in central Indiana. My Great Grandfather was a Civil War Vet named William Percival Noel. He was a decorated officer and served in the battles of Chickamauga and Chatanooga. My dad told me that his side was from the Tiffin Ohio area. William P. Noel's mother may have been a DeVilbiss. He said that they were from Methodist background. His Children included James W. Noel who was an accomplished attorney in Indianapolis. James W. Noel was special prosecutor in The LA Times Bombing Trial of 1911 and Clarence Darrow was the Defender. Other Noels of this generation include Florence, Clara, and Anna. All were school teachers in Indiana.

My dad gave me a "Book of Tributes" written for James Noel.

Born: Nov. 24, 1867 Melmore, Ohio
Raised: Star City Indiana
Parents: William Percival Noel
            Caroline (Graves) Noel
>From Virginia

No Offspring - Married 3 times (Humphrey, Madison, Downing)

Purdue Board of Trustees
Indiana State Representative  1899
Who's Who in America, Volume 22     years 1944-1945