Joseph Noel's Father
Information taken from Harvey Noel's notes copied from the family records of Raymond Noel of Latrobe PA in 1961. Raymond Noel's family was descended from Adam Noel of Baltimore *. Adam Noel was an officer of supplies and transport in the time of George Washington in the Continental army. Adam was accompanied by his brothers,   Joseph, Peter, Abraham, and Simon Noel.  (Maybe the fifth brother was Sylvester)
Adam Noel was at the surrender of Cornwallis. Brother Peter was to have been on the same boat as Washington when they  crossed the Delaware River on the 25 of December 1776.

We have learned that there was no unit of supplies and transportation in the Continental Army. This was handled by civilian contract and Paul Noel has found that there were only two Pennsylvania Noel's at Yorktown and both were ranked as Privates. However one of these, Jacob, born in 1757 in Paradise Twp, York Co, PA,  the son of John Noel who was born in Europe in 1722 and the son of Joseph Noel born in 1680, later became an officer in the army and was in supplies and transportation. He was listed as a Lieutenant in the 5th Company of Capt. Tobias Kepner of the Light Infantry, 6th Regiment of  York County on February 21, 1794.

The Noel DNA Project has tied my line with a documented descendent of Joseph Noel from Europe. At this time our Joseph's father would be Jacob whose brothers Nicholas, John, Peter and Philip went to West Virginia before 1790 and all but John resettled in Ohio soon after. It could be that Jacob's name was Jacob Adam Noel as it was common to use the middle name within the family. Jacob may have followed his brothers at a later time, before 1800, and settled in Westmoreland County, PA with his family.

*  In 1787 Taneytown, Maryland was part of Baltimore County.  This is very near Conewago and where several of the Noel families lived.

My brother Lee T Noel, while with the Navy in the last great war (W.W.II) meet some Noel's from Baltimore, Maryland who said that their line came from France with Lafayette after an aborted Coup d'etat against King Louie.  That would be 1777.  They told him that Sylvester Noel drove wagons in the War. Uncle George said that Adam was from Baltimore and an officer of supplies and transport and had five brothers in the army.  Lee still thinks these people to be in our line.  The Aunt that raised me told stories which I have forgotten except that Uncle Pete was on the boat with George.  She had the bible with all the names in it and used it every night.  I wasn't interested at the time.  So  .  .  .  .  that's probably happened over and over to many of us. Uncle George is George Sylvester Noel, a first son born in 1860, while his father was Jacob Sylvester Noel born 1834
RE: Names Noel and Stolz    A Letter to Paul Noel a descendent of a Simon Noel

Box 21, Loretto, PA  15940
June 24, 1974

Dear Sargent Noel:   Our pastor, Father Joseph Weidmann ask me to answer your letter of May 5, 1974 regarding your ancestors.  The enclosed zeroxed copies of the only records we have on the Noel and Stoltz families will aid you in your search, we hope.  There is a long tradition here that the Noel family is related to Vicomte de Noailles, brother-in-law of Lafayette, lieutenant Col. of Regiment Soissonais at Yorktown.  The American family shortened the name the name to Noel because the French pronunciation sounds like Noel in English. This family also wrote the name Noll.  Father Damien Noll, T.O.R. of St. Francis College may help you in this part of your search.  Noailles is a great French family that traces its decent to the 13th century. Louis-Marie Noailles and Lafayette married sisters. The Vicomte's name is found among the French settlers at Montrose, Pa.

Another note of interest:  A skilled wagoner named Nicholas Noel brought Prince Gallitzin's possessions from Taneytown, Md. to McGuire's Settlement in the autumn of 1799 in a two-horse prairie-schooner in which were stored coffee, alter wine, flour, a bed, a bureau, an alter, vestments, sacred vessels, and about a hundred books. (Daniel Sargent: Mitri.)  You will find the book "Mitri" in the N.Y. Public Library.

This as far as we can go in your search. I hope it will help you.

 Sincerely yours,

signed - Grace Murphy

SSgt Paul I Noel
Box 1394  513 FMS
APO New York, N.Y.  09127

Adam does not seem to be the son of Blasius, the son of Peter, who came to this country with his father Joseph Noel in 1736 on the ship the Princess Augusta from Rotterdam, Holland. Our oral history says that Adam had five brothers in the war for independence. Jacob may fit since he was born abt. 1765.  The sons of Peter who were in the Revolution were:

Peter - John - Jacob - Nicholas - Daniel - Blasius

* Taneytown, the location of Blasius Noel is now in Carroll County, Maryland. Carroll County, was formed in 1837 from the western part of Baltimore County and eastern part of Frederick County. So if you are interested in the era before 1837 please check Baltimore County or Frederick County Sources and Information. Carroll County includes what were in 1800 the North Hundred, Pipe Creek Hundred, Delaware Upper Hundred and Delaware Lower Hundred of Baltimore County. It included the Pipe Creek, Westminster, Unity, Burnt House, Piney Creek, and Taneytown Hundreds of Frederick County.