The   Genealogical   DNA   Reading   Room

Genetics and Genealogy   |   A First Read and  Good Printout   |   Genetics 101   |   DNA Dictionary 

Basic DNA And A Little Basic Chemistry   |    Y-chromosome Markers Families Comparisons

"The Seven Daughters of Eve" by Bryan Sykes   -   Well Worth Reading - DN

"Mapping Human History" by Steve Olson

"Out of Eden: the Peopling of the World" by Stephen Oppenheimer

"The Real Eve: Modern Man's Journey Out of Africa."   by Stephen Oppenheimer

                     ^  This is the same book as above ^

"The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey" by Spencer Wells
                       Y - Chromosome Markers and more.

Archaeogenetics:   DNA and the population prehistory of Europe
   edited by Colin Renfrew and Katie  Boyle (2000)
   The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
"Reflections of Our Past - How Human History is Revealed in Our Genes", by John Relethford             
                       Good basic introductions to anthropological concepts and also to basic DNA and
                       DNA Print Biogeographical Ancestry test.   -  Reviewed by Charles . . .    

Migration  Books with Maps:

"The New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History"    by Colin McEvedy

"The New Penguin Atlas of Medieval History"  by Colin McEvedy

"Atlas of Medieval Europe" by Angus Konstam