At Sportsman's Hall, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Hey, have you seen my cousin Very Easy?Leonardo, they did not have a camera when Joe was about.AdamI think Jake was on the dollar bill.Lee, he fought with the Army near El Paso, TX and at Verdun, FranceMa, was the daughter of dads best friend until she got pregnant.

Distant Past   G-Grandfather   Grand Uncle    Grandfather     Father         Mother
  Easy Noel     Joseph Noel    Adam P Noel    Jacob S Noel  Leo A Noel    Mary Fanell
 (xxxx..xxxx)   (17xx..1839)   (1800..1872)   (1834..1926)  (1887..1964)  (1906..1932)

The Noel's Of Sportsman's Hall - Latrobe, PA

Before 1800 Joseph NOEL, the son of Blasius, Daniel or Jacob Noel, came from Maryland to Mt Pleasant Township, Westmoreland, County, Pennsylvania. He married or was married to Margaretha Griffin whose family were from Goshenhoppen north of Philadelphia, PA. Their children were: Adam, George, Mary, Joseph, Margaret, Anna and John, from 1800 to 1811. Later in 1832, Peter was born to Joseph Noel and Maria Longmeyer. Then in 1834, Jacob was born to Joseph Noel and Maria Kreitzer. In 1835 the brothers Adam, John, Joseph, Peter and maybe Jacob all went to DAVENPORT, IOWA. George went to South America where he had a cattle ranch .  In 1858 Jacob S NOEL  married Mary S ZINK (1840..1931) and their first child, my Uncle, George S Noel was born in 1860. Jacob may have been taken  to Iowa in 1835 with Peter by his half brothers, returning  at the age of eighteen in about 1853 or he went to Iowa for a short time after the American Civil War  returning to Pennsylvania in 1867 or both. He raise a large family by CARNEY STATION, near LATROBE, PA.
            Family Lines of Interest:

      Our Noel Line  > 1680  Joseph - Peter - Blasius - Joseph  - Jacob - Leo  1964 <
                  or         Joseph - Peter - Daniel  - Joseph  - Jacob - Leo
                  or         Joseph - John  -  Jacob  - Joseph  - Jacob - Leo

The most likely candidate that fits the oral history for the father of Joseph at this time is Jacob who was born in 1757 in Paradise Twp., York Co., Pa.  He was a Militia Private in 1780 and at  Yorktown in 1783.  He was an  Ensign in 1785 and again in 1795.  Jacob, together with brothers Casper and Philip (all residents of Berwick Township) sold land inherited from their father to Nicholas Bittinger on 3 Jan 1784.  While nothing further is known of Jacob his brothers John, Peter, and Philip moved to Hampshire County, Virginia (now W.Va.)  which is very close to Westmoreland County, PA, prior to 1790. 
      *Joseph Noel 1680..1753/54    Wife unk 
          *Pierre/Peter  Born in Europe   1720..1771 
          * John   Born in Europe   1722..1765/66  He signed his will as Johannes Noel. 
            Nicholas     Born in Europe in 1723 
            Philip       Born in Europe in 1724 
            Andrew       Born in Europe 
            Jacob        Born in Europe 
            Daniel       Born in Europe 
            Joseph       Born in Paradise Twp., York County, PA in 1739
      *Pierre/Peter Noel  1720..Oct 1771 in Paradise Twp, Adams County, PA 
         Wife Margaret ---  1795 Orphans Court Records: 
         Margaret remarried Christopher Spece/Spies. 
            Mary    abt 1745 married Anthony Sell on 4-19-1759 
            Peter       1750    wife Henrietta 
            John        1753 
            Barbara     1759..1833  married Peter Strassbach 
           *Blasius     1762..1831 
            Nicholas    1764/5 
            Jacob       1765/66 
            Magdalena   1768/69 
            Margaret    1770/71 
      *Blasius Noel  1762..1831 By Will in Frederick County, MD 
         Wife Mary Ann (Caty) Speass - Father Wolgang Speass
      Joseph          abt 1777..1839
            John           5-20-1779..3-15-1854 
            Jacob           abt 1787 
            Blasius (I)         1790..1-5-1791 
            Blasius (II)   5-27-1792 
            Christopher     abt 1783 
            Mary Magdalena  abt 1785 married to a Lansinger
            Michael             1798
      m. Anastasia Arnold
            Catharine/Caty  2-7-1794 married an Oboldt

      The Documentation is from this point forward, the Joseph above
      and below may or may not have been the same person. It looks like
      Joseph could have been the son of Jacob Noel, the son of John Noel
      who came from Europe with his family in 1736 as Jacob was one of two
      Noel's at Yorktown who became Officers in the Army.

      *Joseph Noel abt 1777..1839 
      Wife  Margaret Griffen
            Adam Peter    6-11-1800..8-29-1872 
            George        3-16-1802 
            Mary          3-5-1804 
            Joseph A      8-3-1806..9-7-1839 
            Margaret      6-25-1808 
            John T        11-26-1811..abt 1903 
         Wife Maria Longmeyer 
            Peter         9-11-1832..7-20-1863 
         Wife Maria Kreitzer 
           *Jacob S            1834..1926
      *Jacob Sylvester Noel  2-2-1834..2-6-1926 
         Wife Mary S Zink 12-21-1840 
               father Sylvester Zink born Alsace-Lorraine 1798
               mother Frederica Staub born Bavaria 
      died as infant? 
            Ida    died age 20 years 
            Jacob  died age 17 years 
            George S   4-21-1860 
            John B          1863..1933 
            Francis E       1864..1-22-1929 
            Mary 'Molly'    1868..1954 
            Joseph J        1872..1965 
            Esther 'Dillie' 1879..1946 
            Charles         1881 
           *Leo Anthony     1887..1964 
            Raymond    aft  1887
      *Leo Anthony Noel     1887..1964
      Wife Mary Fanell/Fanelli
             Paul A 
             James L
             Leo T
             Francis E 
             Dominic E