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  27 Jul 2001    "Kris Alsteen"    <MommyTaz022200@new.rr.com>
The Noel's I am Looking for is my Great grandmother Pearl. She was born in Town of Schley, Lincoln County, Wisconsin on May 23, 1903. She Married Edward Fehlberg on Sep. 9, 1930 and had 2 children with him- Delores and Kenneth (my grandfather). Pearl and Edward got divorced at sometime and both of them remarried, she to Andrew Rochelt. Pearl's parents are Octave Noel & Anna Peterson married on Dec. 7 1895 in Lincoln County, Wisconsin. Beside Pearl they had 2 other children named Emma, born Aug. 7 1905 and Inga. I know Octave was married before Anna to someone and had children named Sadie, Edmond, & Gertrude. If any of this matches with what you have Please let me know. It is hard for me to get any
information on this side of me family because my grandfather Kenneth died when my mother was only 5 and her mother remarried and never kept in touch with any of her late husband's family.

Sat, 28 Jul 2001       jeanshar40@aol.com
JACOBUS1) was born 1814 in kubelberg ,germany, and died December 24, 1875 in east carroll twp cambria co pa.  He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH BENDER November 24, 1835 in st michaels loretto pa, daughter of EMERICUS BENDER and MARY YOST.  She was born February 1811 in cambria co, and died September 10, 1836 in cambria co.  He married (2) MARY CATHERINE NOEL May 07, 1838 in st micheals loretto pa.  She was born May 04, 1820 in germany, and died 1880 in east carroll twp cambria co pa.

More About JACOB A SHARBAUGH: Burial: 1875, st benedicts cemetery carrolltown

PETER4 SHARBAUGH (JACOB JOSEPH3 SCHABACHER, JOANES PETRUS2, JOHANUS JACOBUS1) was born June 1824 in Kubelberg, germany, and died April 03, 1912 in cambria co.  He married ANNA NOEL February 29, 1848 in st michaels loretto pa.  She was born January 26, 1825 in germany, and died April 10, 1902 in cambria co.

More About PETER SHARBAUGH: Burial: 1912, st benedicts carrolltown pa

More About ANNA NOEL: Burial: 1902, st benedicts carrolltown pa

10 Aug 2001      Bdjul@aol.com
My dad,just related a story to me about his Noel side of the family history.

He said that his ancestor was a count in France during the French Revolution.  He also said he dropped the little thing over the O in Noel at some point.   He fled to England and then came to America.  He had gold that he brought with him that either he or one of his descendents kept in a stove on his farm in or near Cresson, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.  The gold was then handed down to his children and sent them all to college in California, Pennsylvania at what was then known as California State Teachers College.   All the girls, unsure of any names, became schoolteachers.  One of the descendents who lived on that farm was a Bernard Noel and was my great uncle.  My great-grandfather was Edward J. Noel b. 11-16-1897 m. Verna L. Powell b. 1897 d. 1962.  They resided in Coal Center, Pennsylvania in what was called by locals, Sally Town Dip.  They had two children, Donald Cabe Noel, b. 3-18-1921 and d. 7-1972, and a daughter, Verna Mae Noel b. 1918 and d. 1935.  My dad was "Cabe's" son.              Jonna Lee Noel Julian

 12 Aug 2001     <gnoelaw@op.net>
My great grandfather Emmanuel Noel died on May 12, 1893.  I believe he spent most of his life in the area of Williamstown, Pa. but returned to Adams Co in his later years.    His first wife was Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (D/M - MAY 16, 1869) and my grandfather George was one of his sons, born on April 9, 1870.  Elizabeth died on April 1, 1878 and Emmanuel subsequently remarried.  His second wife was named Altelda Bueck and that wedding took place on Jan 30, 1881 in Lykens, Pa. We have not been able to locate Emmanuel's date or place of birth but do know that he served in the 165th Pa Regiment Co F from Nov of 1862 to July of 1863.  He was 18 at the time he entered the service. I do not know how when or why the family moved to Williamstown, apparently from Adams Co or why he returned there.

Emmanuel had 4 sons and 1 daughter with his wife Elizabeth:  George, John, Joseph, Annie and William.  Annie died at an early age.  My grandfather George spent most of his life in the Natlalie-Shamokin area and died on October 11, 1942.  He was blinded in a coal mining accident on Nov 4, 1917.  My aunt who provided me with much of this info is adamant that we should
be able to connect Emmanuel with John Noel, who was a passenger on the Princess Augusta, and I would love to have any additional information from any source.   George P. Noel

18 Aug 2001    "pat bobbitt" <patbobbitt@alltel.net>
My grandfather was Albert Skelly from Cambria Co. Pa.  I have the Skelly information and am now working on their wives.  Albert's  grandmother was Susan Noel Skelly. She was married to Daniel  Skelly and as far as I've found they were from Cambria Co.  also.   Their son William was my grandfathers father.
(Note: Susan was the daughter of Nicholas Noel the son of Peter Noel from Adams County and Europe - DN)

 22 Aug 2001    Judy Vincent <judyvincent@usa.net>
I am searching for my Noel family line. I have found the following listed in the SW Louisiana Records:

1  Francois Noel
..      + Isabelle Frilde  (sp?)
.........2 Joseph Noel  b: Abt. 1810    d: December 11, 1848 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana (at age 38)
............+ Julie Stelly       b: August 1811 in Opelousas, Louisiana  d: February 05, 1862
....................3  Joseph Martial (Marcial) Noel    b: January 15, 1841
........................+Philomene Marks        b: December 19, 1846 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana       d: Abt. 1906
...............................4        Jules Noel      b: 1866
...................................     + Delphine Stelly
...............................4        Alexandre Alen Noel     b: Bet. 1866 - 1880 d: Bet. 1920 - 1969
...................................     + Marie Isola Stelly     b: September 22, 1882 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana d: November 1945
...........................................5    Eva Noel        b: November 30, 1898 in Blue Springs, Louisiana   d: March 04, 1984 in
                                                  Carencro, Louisiana
............................................... + Jean Baptiste Guilbeau b:
April 14, 1894 in Arnaudville, Louisiana        d: September 20, 1975 in Lafayette, Louisiana
...........................................5    Numa Noel       b: September 09, 1901
...........................................5    Claudia Noel    b: May 14, 1904 d: August 1974 in Sunset, Louisiana
............................................... + Louis Stelly
...........................................5    Joseph Aldus Noel       b: June 13, 1906    d: November 1976 in Carencro, Louisiana
...........................................5    Angelina Noel   b: January 09, 1909
...........................................5    Eleus Noel      b: January 19, 1912    d: December 1982 in Carencro, Louisiana
...........................................5    Viola Noel      b: October 24, 1914
............................................... + Joseph Bergeron  b: December 19, 1914  d: August 09, 1993 in Carencro, Louisiana
...........................................5    Anita Noel      b: April 11, 1920
............................................... + Antoine Laneaux        b: February 18, 1921        d: February 21, 1993
..........................................5     Inez Noel
....................3  Francois Noel  b: March 26, 1843 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana  d: December 24, 1887 in Grand Coteau,
........................+ Marie Alicia Marks
...............................4        Jean Eustache Noel      b: April 01, 1873  in Grand Coteau, Louisiana
..............................4         Eduard Noel             b: October 10, 1875 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana
...............................4        Joseph Julien Noel      b: January 27, 1878 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana
...............................4        Louis Noel              b: May 11, 1880 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana
...............................4        Joseph Jean Adolphe Noel        b: February 08, 1883 in Grand Coteau, Louisiana
....................3  Marie Susanne Noel               b: February 28, 1846

I would like to find where Francois and Isabelle came from. I am thinking possibly Canada or directly from France. Any information I can get wouldhelp. Thanks.             Judy Vincent

10 Sep 2001    Nylynn2@aol.com
 I am an African-American Noel. One of our family names is Essex Noel. He is the fourth Essex Noel. I hope this helps.

13 Sep 2001     "rmhenry@wpa.net" <rmhenry@wpa.net>
[ Joachim Noel ]
One of the most melancholy accidents it has been our duty to chronicle for some time happened at the residence of Mr.
Joachem Noel, in Derry township,near St. Clair, on Thursday of last week. Mr. Noel's son and wife reside with him and they
had a son, a bright little fellow about ten months old. A short time ago he was taken very ill with the measles, and for quite a
while they did not expect him to live, but he was spared, for a fate, it seems, ten-fold greater. After an illness of about three
weeks he began to revive and show symptoms of final recovery, when on the 16th instant, he met death in one of its worst
forms. He had just been washed and cleanly dressed by his mother, after which she nursed him to sleep and placed him in his
crib. She then placed a covering of some light material over his face to keep the air from him as much as possible, and went to
the kitchen to attend to something pertaining to the culinary department of the household. Her sister, who was with her during
the child's illness had just gone up stairs for some article of dress and had been gone but a short time when she heard a strange
noise proceeding from the room below. Thinking the child might probably need her services she hastened down the stairs and
upon entering the room was horrified to behold the child's clothing and the clothing of the crib wrapped in flames. With more
than ordinary presence of mind she rushed to the side of the crib and rescued the child from its ??? of torture, but not until it
was most frightfully burned. It lived until about ten o'clock that night when it was relieved from its terrible suffering by the
merciful hand of death. The fire is supposed to have originated from a piece of hot slate or coal flying from the grate. Mrs. Noel
was formerly a resident of Cambria county, and her many friends will be shocked to hear of this terrible affair. The parents
have our heartfelt sympathy, in this their hour of trouble, for the loss of their darling child.

Latrobe Advance         Wednesday, February 24, 1875

18 Sep   "Barry and Sue Smith" <barry-sue@home.com>
 Looking for info on these People:

George Noel s/o Peter Noel & Sophia Good was b 1797 in Scioto Co., Ohio. He married 9 Apr 1826 to Eliza Landers.
George died before 1850. Exact date? What happened to Eliza? 1830 census shows 3 children under the age of 5. Names?
What happened to them? Marriages, etc.

Maria Louisa Noel d/o Isaac Noel & Harriet Johnson born 1832 in Scioto Co., Ohio. Moved with parents to Grant Co.,
Wisconsin. In 1860 she is in the Nebraska Territory with two of her siblings, Warren & Sarah. Who did she marry? Where did
they go? Death date & place?

Who is the father of Peter Noel b 1822 in Ohio who married Serepta Brewer in Will Co., Illinois in 1844

Who were the parents of Philip Noel b 1824 & died 13 Oct 1851? He is buried in Zarley Cemetery, Will Co., Illinois

The 1850 Mortality schedule shows a Euphemia Noel age 1 who drowned in Will Co., Illinois. Who were her parents?

19 Sep 2001   Lisa    KEEEEKA@aol.com
I think that I am descended by from Mary Catherine Noel (daughter of Jacob and Catherine) - she would be my 4th great grandmother.  A Robb researcher told me that she actually had two children by Arthur St. Clair Robb, one being the William you mention, and the other being born the year before and named John Murray Robb (Jr.)  He is supposed to have been taken in by Arthur's brother John Murray Robb (Sr.) and raised with that family (JM Robb Sr. married Barbara Schoenfeldt and had other children.)  Arthur disappeared after the second son William was born.   I was told that Mary Catherine Noel and Arthur Robb never married.

 21 Sep 2001     "Kurt McDowell" <kurt@millcraft.com>
 My great grandmother was Keziah Noel, she was from the Westmoreland County/Ligonier area. I believe her mother was
named Mattie.  She married a gentleman named Burkholder...I am pretty certain that she died in Coraopolis Pa?  Her parents resided in Latrobe.

The time frame would have been mid to late 1800's.  Most of my ancestors were Lutherans, I am not descended from a Burkholder but rather the McDowell's in Ligonier area.   Mr. Burkholder was my Grandfather's Step-Father.

 23 Sep 2001  <noel@mcn.org>
 These must have been some of the Black Noel's who came from the French Islandsto Wilmington, DE during the French Revolution and maybe worked for the Du Ponts. Others are to have gone to Baltimore and Louisiana among other places.

On  this Page is a link for Noel's     http://www.springhillfarm.com/broomhall/xaf-i-n.html

which is this Page http://www.springhillfarm.com/broomhall/afric7.html

On this Page search for NoŽl not Noel


Blacks in Delaware Catholic Records
       Contributed by Karen Barth

St. Peter's Cathedral in Wilmington, New Castle County, DE served parts of
Chester County PA before parishes were established there. Most of these are
Delaware records; those for Chester County are noted.

"Catholic Parish Registers - Diocese of Wilmington," LDS microfilm # 1846653.
This is a translation into English done by a priest in the 1980's. He notes that
the earliest records are in French. The translator has reproduced the marginal
notes, and notes at the end of entries, that mention the person's race. He has
entered the data into a register with boxes for name, date of birth, date and
place of baptism, name of father, maiden name of mother, and sponsors. So the
words "born," "baptized," etc. are supplied by me, as is the form of the date.

The area served by St. Peter's included the industrial complex that the Duponts
and others had built. Both owners and workers appear in the register. The
sacramental records suggest something of the nature of the interrelationships
among the owner families, their slaves, and the free blacks.

Baptisms, 4/1796 - 5/1834

Daughter of Andrť NoŽl - Marie Zoť Marianne - born 5 Apr 1800, baptized 27 July
daughter of Andrť, a free Negro, and Laurette, his wife, a mulatto. Sponsors:
Mr. Dumont LaGrange, Marie Louise.

Jeanne NoŽl, born 20 Apr 1811, baptized 20 May 1811. Parents Andrť NoŽl,
Laurette NoŽl. Sponsors: Germain NoŽl, Marie
Louise. [Note: there is no designation of Jeanne's race.]

Marie Louise NoŽl, born in Wilmington, 14 Mar 1817. Baptized privately 30 Mar
1817. Ceremonies supplied 6 July 1817. Father: Andrť NoŽl. Mother Laurette NoŽl.
Sponsors: Rev. P. Kenny, Mary Charlot.

Henry (black) Born Wilmington, 23 June 1817. Father: Gerard. Mother: Lucy.
Sponsor: Henrietta. Note: "All black. Mr. O.
Horsey's family."

******* Laurette NoŽl served as a proxy sponsor at the baptism of William Horsey, son of Outerbridge Horsey and Elizabeth Lee, in place of Miss Mary Ringgold.

6 Oct 2001     <jb509@msn.com>

CORNELIUS NOEL is my Line (via THOMAS NOELL WHO MARRIED MILDRED CALLAWAY ;A daughter of Col. Richard Callaway). I am a PROUD MEMBER of the DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN COLONISTS; COLONIAL DAMES; AND DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. A  cousin from Bedford, Va., Mary Jane Noel (later I visited her in Tucson, Arizona) gave me the necessary information for my memberships.     Jane G. Brien


My "Noell" Family, as given to me by Mary Jane Noell Carter (now deceased)-She had records from Compiler, Jennie Noel Weeks (l978- 245 North Vine St., Salt Lake City, Utah 84103). Earliest family members:

"NOWE PASSCHIER of Halewijn, VL (b:?)Married STINJNTJE JASPERS of Menen, VL, Belg.(b.?) M: 19 March 1583,
Leiden, Neth. Children:JACOB - TREINTJE CORNELISDR (b:abt. 1599, S.H., Neth.Md: 2 Feb. 1621.

Their Children: CORNELIS (b:11 April 1622) Leiden, Neth.(d:19 June 1622 Leiden,Neth.)
(My Line begins here: CORNELIS (b: 8Nov. 1623,)Leiden,S-H., Neth. married ELIZABETH PAGE OF Essex Co, VA. (d: June 1699,VA)-

Their Children:(1)DANIEL (b:abt. 1665, Essex Co..Va. md. ELIZABETH ELLIOTT/
                      (2) MARY (b:abt. 1669, Essex Co.,VA,md.THOMAS CLOUTSOME 10 Feb 1692/
                      (3) MARGARET (b. abt.1671, md: EDMOND CONNALEE ,10 Jan/ 1692/
                      (4)CORNELIUS (b: abt. 1675, Essex Co.,VA)md: SARAH STALLARD/
                      (5)ELIZABETH (b: abt. 1678, Essex Co.,VA)md: JOHN RIDGAILE/
                      (6)JAMES (b: abt. 1680, Essex Co.,VA).md: ELIZABETH EVANS. / Died (will) 17 Apr. 1741.

Information came from records :HOOGLAND CHURCH, LEIDEN, S-H., NETHERLANDS. With these names you should
be able to go to any Library and find more information among Genealogical Records.    jgb

Here is the letter with a computer translation:

Genealogy - South America   Date:      Fri, 5 Oct 2001
   "Juan Lanoel" <lanoel@impsat1.com.ar>

hola:  Me llamo Gaston LanoŽl, soy argentino, tengo 25 aŮos y quiero saber si mi apellido tiene relacion con los NoŽl. Mis antepasados son franceses de Marmande al sur de Francia y vinieron a la Argentina alrededor de 1890.
    desdde ya, muchas gracias.

Gastůn A. LanoŽl

Hello:  I am Gaston LanoŽl, I am Argentine, I am 25 years old and I want to know if my last name has a relationship with the NoŽl surname. My ancestors are French from Marmande in the south of France and came to Argentina around 1890.
  desdde already,         thank you very much.           Gastůn A. LanoŽl

12 Oct 2001      "Ava" <ava@essenheal.com>
I was directed to your page by 'Ted' and was pleasantly surprised to find mention of my 5th great-grandparents there!  Mary Noel (we have it as Mary Anna Noell) and Anthony Sell (he was actually Anthony Sells, Jr. from the Jacob Zellen line.

This is a wonderful find!  I had nothing on the Noel line, other than grandmother Mary, but I do have ALL of Mary and Anthony's descendants from their daughter Hannah Sells and Henry Newport right on up to 2001 births.

Our line follows as thus:
1. Anthony Sells Jr. and Mary Anna Noell
2. Hannah Sells and Henry Newport
3. Isreal Newport and Susana Little/Lyttle (she was from Sweden
4. Mathias Newport and Mary Jane Williams
5. William Portus Newport and Lola Lloyd
6. Mary Margaret Newport and Finley Sipes
7. Raymond Merlin Sipes, Sr. and Lois Marie Waters
8.  US!  Raymond Jr., William Timothy and Ava Jeanne

25 Oct 2001    Newyearsbaby1151@aol.com
While researching my great-grandfather Samuel Elsworth Noel, I discovered he first married  Dorothy Boals of Crawford or Venango Co. (I forget which)  in Jamestown NY and George was living in Woodville, Sandusky Co. OH.  Woodville is surrounded by about 3-4 counties and was probably part of Wood Co. originally.  So I found the following information:

Woodville Cemetery
Noel, John b. 1791  d. April 14, 1876  84 yrs  10 mos. 29 da.
Margaret ( wife of John)  b.  1808  d.  Oct. 19, 1891  83yr. 21 da
C. Noel (from the census I know his name was Casper)  b.1800  d. April       18, 1861    61 yrs. 2 mo. 22 da.

1850 Census Wood Co.

John Noel   39   PA                               John Noel  73       PA
Margaret    32   OH                               Elizabeth    54       PA
Susan         11   OH                               Joseph       26      OH
William        9    OH                              William       26      OH
Casper       50   PA                                Nancy       22       OH
                                                              Margaret   18       OH

Then in Stark Co. : Noels, Casper d. May 10, 1841   age:26
                                 John Noel married Margaret Stein 14 Mar. 1828
                                 Joseph Nole married Sarah Barber  14 Jan. 1828
                                 Ann Noel married Jacob Scheidecker 9 April 1837
                                 Catherine Noel married Henry Rhodes  26 Aug. 1836

Then in Tuscarawas Co.:  George Noel  d.  8 Dec. 1882   79y 3m 2d

I know from John and Margaret Noel that these people are all related. I've looked at the various web pages and it's hard to figure out who goes where.  Can you shed some light on this?

Cheryl Treece

 27 Oct 2001 Webrene1@aol.com
Does anyone have the burials at St.Aloysious?

Sebastian OBold (Obuld/Obuldt) was Blasius Noel's son-in-law and is buried at
St.Aloysious at Littlestown with Catherine

Below is a Krichten reference. The Seven Families do not have a living Krichten represented as related Jean Francois Chretien\Krichten/Christian who  came that group.



FYI a letter sent to RBW:

    Do you have Hemlers in your line or are you interested because of the property transactions? I can tell you quite a bit about Christian Hemler. He arrived in Philadelphia about 1749. I cannot remember the exact date and ship off the top of my head. In the early mid 1760's he shows up first in Berwick Twp. now Adams Co and later in Germany Twp. There is an old tradition that he was married to Elizabeth Krichten, butthe Krichtens do not show up in either the Conewago Chapel Records or the tax records much before 1800.

    Matthias Baker left a will naming his daughter Anna Elizabeth as w/o Christian Hemler. When Christian died in 1791. It was Matthias Baker Jr. who accompanied Anna Elizabeth to Orphan's Court and was named administrator of Christian's estate along with Anna Elizabeth. Christian died deeply in debt. He seemed to owe everyone money. According to tax records he owned twenty acres that contained and oil and a hemp mill. His estate also mentions 27 hat blocks. The property fell in both Pa. and Md. The large portion according to Orphan Court records fell in Pa. The property was ordered sold. I have never looked up who bought it.

    Christian had the following children:

Susanna m Joseph Obold - This couple seemed to have provided for Anna Elizabeth.
Joseph m Anna Maria Orhendorf--my ancestors
hristian m Catherine--moved to western Pa.
Mary Ann m. George Zindorf and moved to western Pa.
John m Catherine Adams eventually moved on to Ohio and Indiana
Henry m Mary Marshall--also my ancestors
Chatrina or Catherine m. Anthony Ginder, who incidentally bought those hat blocks.

    Incidentally when Anna Elizabeth wrote her will in in 1804 she said my four daughters but named only three. She named only sons, Joseph and Henry and since she left only articles it leads me to believe Christian Jr. and John had already left the area. I think it was Henry who got her eye glasses. Christian Jr. is mentioned as owing her money in the administration of her estate.

    According to Orphan Court records it seems that John, Henry and Chatrina were still minors at the time of Christian Hemler's death. Sebastian Obld was named as guardian of the boys. If the Hemlers are part of your line I can provide you with better dates and documentation, otherwise it what was going on in the neighborhood back in the 1790's.

    Again if Joseph Obold is your ancestor, I would like to have a little more information on him if you have it.

    I am not directly related with the Obolds but they married into a couple of my lines and the name is now extinct in the area and if I do not collect some of the material on them who will? I am working on several extinct names and currently revising some of it. I would like to put a copy in the Hanover Public Library and the Adams Co. Historical Society.

13 Nov 2001     "robert noel" <robert.noel@fuse.net>
Trying to trace Noels that were in Grant and Mercer counties Kentucky in late 1800's.  Found my grandmother in 1900 census as Permelia Noel. Recognized her only because all my aunts and uncles were listed as living at home.  I believe her husband my grandfather was W.T. Noel.  Ky lost all vital records in a fire from about 1875 until 1911.  Birth and deaths in this time period will more or less be guess work. The ones I know are Robert W. (my dad)  Walker, Joe, Kirby, Pete, Addie, Ica!!  hese were my aunts and uncles, all living in Grant County Ky in 1900.  My father married his first wife in his Mothers home in 1912 listed as being in Mercer Kentucky.  Her name was Erma Webster.  Would love to hear from any one knowing any of these people.

1 Dec 2001    <rmhenry@wpa.net>
  Joseph Edward Turner
For the third time within the past six months death has invaded the home of John Turner, of No. 122 Avenue C, South Side,
the last visit of the Death Angel being last night, when the little seven months' old son of Mr. Turner, was called away The
child's mother died six weeks ago at Salemville, where the little boy had been born. She was a daughter of Andrew Zink, of the
West Side. The baby had been christened Joseph Edward, and he was Mr. Turner's only son, an older son having died last
February. Three daughters now comprize Mr. Turner's family. The funeral will be held at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon, the
interment being made at St. Vincent's.
Latrobe Bulletin
Tuesday, August 15, 1905
Front page

Michael Logsdon, a prominent contractor, of Greensburg, died early yesterday morning, after a two weeks' illness with
stomach trouble, at the age of 54 years. He is survived by a wife and five children. A brother Samuel Logsdon, of West
Latrobe, and a sister, Mrs. Margaret Noel, of Mechesneytown, also survive him. The deceased was born in Unity township
and his entire life was spent in the contracting business. Several big contracts in Latrobe were carried through by him. The
funeral services will be held at ten o'clock on Monday morning in the Catholic church at Greensburg. Mrs. Helen Logsdon
Gilmore, of Pittsburg, a niece, will sing at the service.
Latrobe Bulletin
Saturday, July 29, 1905
Front page

15 Dec 2001    badasalouisvile@webtv.net (Richard Galang)
I am looking for my father, Robert Noel, that was a sea man in the Philippines during the mid seventies.
I was also told that he would be 60 years old by now. If anyone has any information about him, please e-mail me.
Richard Galang

25 Dec 2001  <BCottageFarm@email.msn.com>
I am looking for Mary Catherine Noel, birthplace was Six Mile Run, Hungtington County, Pennsylvania. I am guessing that the birth would have been around the 1900's.  She married Charles Brumbaugh, also born about the same time in North Points, Huntington County, Pennsylvania.  Their children were Robert Leroy, Raymond Donald, Nancy, Emma, Charles, Walter, David, Frank, and Jesse.  Robert was born at a flour mill that they operated.  In fact, Mary gave birth to him down by the
stream, and immediately went back to work.

I am desperately searching for both individuals, without much success.           Cheryl Brumbaugh

15 Feb 2002 1       <cstaco@kpmg.com>
Do you have any more information on Anette Noel from Haiti born in 1840 at Jacmel ?
Camille LeVasseur-Noel

 3 Apr 2002    <jodymckim@att.net>
I am interested in the Noel's of Mercydorf.           Thanks, Jody McKim

 7 Apr 2002    "Helen Ormsby" <heleno@alaska.com>
Just one minor correction from my initial reading of John's work and that conerns Charles Dillon, son of Samuel Dillon and Susanna Noel (daughter of Andrew Noel Jr.).  Charles Dillon did not marry Julia Ann Tierney.  There were two Charles Dillons about the same page in Cambria County.  Samuel and Susanna's son, Charles, was apparently handicapped either physically or mentally, never married and lived out his later life in a county poor home.  Donna Sterling, a descendant of Samuel's brother, Peter, was the one who first stumbled upon the two Charles and then with the information I had from the diary of William Sylvester, one of Samuel's sons, we were able to figure out that we had claimed the wrong Charles Dillon.  So please credit Donna Sterling, 454 S. Woodward Blvd, Pasadena , CA 99107 with the corrected information.  Thank you, John and Dominic, for sharing all your work.

Helen Ormsby

08 Apr 2002  <hamill4@mindspring.com>
Here are the Noels which I do have in my database.
NOEL  child, parents:  Thom NOEL & Evelyn McMULLEN
NOEL Anna M. (1870-1969), Henry NOEL & Christina  WILABRANDT sp: Albert  Wilfred  IVORY
NOEL Cecilia  Parents: Henry NOEL & Mary Ann Simon P. McMULLEN
NOEL Charlotte   sp: Aleck WELLS
NOEL Elizabeth  sp:  Conrad BEHE PECHE
NOEL Ellen  Parents: Henry NOEL & Mary Ann
NOEL Henry   sp:Mary Ann
NOEL Henry   sp:Christina  WILABRANDT
NOEL John   sp:Mary Magdalene STORM
NOEL Julia A (1837-1919),  parents: Henry NOEL & Mary Ann   sp:Andrew J. DUCK
NOEL Mary   sp: Anthony BEHE PECHE
NOEL Mary C. parents: Henry NOEL & Mary Ann     sp: unknown O'CONNER
NOEL Simon  sp: Matilda Alice McGUIRE
NOEL Thom   sp:Evelyn McMULLEN

8 Apr 2002     Webrene1@aol.com
I told a lady about John's picture, and she asked if the name Adelsperger had showed up anywhere in your "finds".....I told her I don't know. She said the Adelspergers moved to Seneca Co. Ohio also. There was a John Adelsperger that handled the
will and sale of Blasius Noel's property called "Landstool". This is the Blasius Noel that died 1832. Anyway, I recently found out that "Lanstool" belonged to Wolfgang Spies(s), Blasius' father-in-law, and Wolfgang was taxed on it in 1783 (per the tax list) (Wolfgang had a son Christopher/Christian that some say was born in 1720......but?) Charles Carroll bought it in 1752. Charles Carroll was a cousin of Cardinal John Carroll the first Cardinal of the good ol' U.S.of A. (I think?)

 Sun, 14 Apr 2002    Ted von Mechow <ancestorkid@comcast.net>
It is interesting to find a Delone researcher, We have not found many, and they have not stayed active.

I note the reference to the Peter Delone on the Princess Augusta, I do not believe he is from the West Virginia clan, however he may be related to them from Europe.

We believe the Peter Delone of Princess Augusta settled  with the other Princess Augusta passengers in York County where the neighbors as follows from the Princess Augusta are found:
Nicholas Strasbach
Joseph Noel
Peter Noel
John F Christian
Peter Delone
Nicholas Ory
Michael Delone [son of Peter]
Some of these Delone stayed in York County, where today  the Delone Catholic High School is located. My wife had an Aunt from the 1920's who was a Delone.  Today there are Delone's in counties near York however none known in York itself.

Sun, 14 Apr 2002     JeanShar40@aol.com
I have searched the noel site and can find no parents for Christopher Noel m to Sara Ann Hoetz at Harts Sleeping place 1841.
Can you help me?
Christopher Noel and his family lived in White Township. He was a subscriber to the building of the first Frame church in St. Lawrence, Chest Township (previously called Glen Connell) during the period from November 1847 to January 1853. Fr. Lemke prior to the building of the church at St. Lawrence held services occasionally at the house of Martinh/Michael Ballweber. On 15 December 1847 Christopher pledged $18 for the building of the church, and on 3 May 1849 signed the minutes of the Building Committee extending the payment period for thecollection period.
     The 1860 Census of White Twp. (page 532) lists the following family of Christopher and Sarah Noel:( note that the dates of birth of the children were derived from the Ledoux Volumes and are in parentheses):
     2142-2152   Christopher Noel     age 38 Farmer born in Pa.
                 Sarah Noel               35                Pa.
                 John                     15 Farm Laborer   (23 April 1844 middle name Henry)
                 Simon                    14                (15 May 1846)
                 William                  11                (21 August 1848)
                 Anthony                   7                (11 February
                 George                    2                (31 July 1858)
     NOTES: 1. Missing, married or deceased, was Mary Anna born(1 June 1842)
            2. Note that John married on 21 April 1868 Mary
McKracken/McCracken who became a convert to Catholicism that same year.
Their first child, Sarah Catherine born 27 January 1869.
            3. Believe that Sarah's maiden name may have been in fact
the letter "A" with the German umlaut which is sometimes transliterated as
"oe",  or "ae".

18 Apr 200  "csnyder3259" <cosnyder@hotmail.com>
John Ross Key's daughter Anne married Supreme Court Justice Roger Brooke Taney. RB Taney's brother Augustus married Catherine Hurley half sister of both my great3-grandfather Thomas Fogarty Hurley and Father Michael Hurley priest in Philadelphia. To make it more confusing, the son of Augustus and Catherine, Joseph A. Taney married Anna Louisa White, sister of Ambrose Abram White. Ambrose was the greatgrandson of Caspar Weis of York Co. and married the daughter of
Thomas Fogarty Hurley, Mary C. Hurley-they are my great2 grandparents. My White line went from Conewago PA to Baltimore. Somewhere between, Caspar's son Abraham married an Ann Hitzelberger. Being Catholic, you'd think there would be parish records somewhere of their marriage-but i sure can't find them!

17 Apr 2002      "Strasbaugh, Wayne (Phila)" <Strasbaugh@ballardspahr.com>
This is fascinating. I am the greatgreatgrandson of Rebecca Noel, daughter of James Noel, son of Philippina Weis, daughter of Sebastian Weis, the son of Casper Weis. I assume that your Casper was the immigrant and not his son Casper (Sebastian's brother)?. As you  probably know, the cornerstone of the first Casper's home bearing the mark of his trade (shears - he was a tailor) is still extant as part of a fountain at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Abbottstown, PA. The cornerstone was preserved because his home was used as a mass house by the first settlers in the Abbottstown area.

Sat, 20 Apr 2002   noel@mcn.org
This John Noel is my grand uncle. I am interested in any oral history about him and his parents, Joseph Noel and Margaret Griffin. Joseph seems to be the son of Blasius Noel of Taneytown, MD and Margaret the daughter of Patrick Griffin of Goshenhoppen, PA.
Source: 1883 History of Henry and St. Clair Counties Missouri , National
Historical Co., pg: 617

John Noel, farmer and stock raiser, section 14, owes his nativity toWestmoreland County, Pennsylvania, where he was born November 26, 1812, being the son of Joseph and Margaret (Griffin) Noel, natives of Maryland. John grew to manhood in the county of his birth, his youth being spent on the farm. After his sixteenth year he learned the stone and brick mason's trade, at which he worked for about sixteen years. In 1835, moving to Iowa, he located in Scott County, and was one of its pioneers, residing there upwards of thirty years, engaged in farming and working at his trade. He sold this property in 1865, and in the fall of 1866, came to Missouri, and settled in Henry County. He moved on the place where he now resides in the spring of 1867. Mr.
Noel was married in Scott County, Iowa, January 9, 1846, to Miss Rachel Goldsmith. a daughter of Benjamin Goldsmith. She is a native of Preble County, Ohio, but was reared in Scott County, Iowa. They have six children: Mary A. (wife of A. McLaughlin),
Benjamin F., Lucy E., Margaret C., George A., and Jacob V. They have lost five children. Mr. Noel has 180 acres of cultivated land in his home place, upon which are good buildings and an orchard of 300 bearing fruit trees. He and his wife are members of the Catholic Church.

 30 Apr 2002     <noel@shawneelink.com>
I have been doing research on my family genealogy for some time. As a 9th generation descendant of Joseph Noel, I am very much interested in the book "The Noel Tree". Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a copy. My lineage follows: Joseph1, Johannes (John)2, Nicholas3, John4, Isaiah5, Isaiah (Zay)6, Elbert7, Leon8, Richard9(me) and Jonathon10(my son). Any information you may share about Joseph and his family would be appreciated. I would be happy to share the information about births, deaths and marriages that I have. My family and I live on Zay Noel's centennial farm in Gallatin County, Illinois.
Thank You,      Richard Noel

Nathan [Nathaniel] White was born 25 Jul 1759 Dutchess County New York.  He died 24 Jan 1836 and buried in the Greenbush Cemetery, Lafayette, Indiana.  He married first wife 1785 Hannah Finch 1766-1832. Children: Annie born 1789; Sarah born 1791 married Robert Williams; Lodema born 1794 married Isaac Reid and Hezekia Hunter; Patience born 1796; Lanson born 1801 married Mary Daugherty; George C. born 1804 married Julia A. Noel; Lucinda and Lucia (twins), born 1806; Samuel F., born 1812.  Second wife 1834 Priscilla Goldsberry.  Source Page 380, Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Indiana, 1938.     

 4 May 2002    StoroItaly@aol.com
I have a Nicholas Noel who married a Mary....     He is over 45 years old in the 1820 census..... I have a copy of his will He died August 20, 1829............  I am almost certain that he is a member of this family line...Who could he be a son of ???   There is also a John Noel living in Stark County in 1820....
Pete   Stark County Ohio

7 May 2002    StoroItaly@aol.com
I have the records for the Pinehill  Lutheran  Church in Somerset County Pa.
Here is the Births

Nicholas and Anna Maria Noel
Susannah Born  November 9, 1804
Anna born August 4, 1802
Maria born October? 18, 1807
Frerderick born June 14, 1806
Daniel Born Dec?  11, 1807

Nicholas and Maria Noel

Sarah born July 10, 1809
Christina Born March 6, 1811
Nicholas born December 8, 1812


York Co., PA  Deed Index 1749-1912  Grantees L-R  (SLFHL 0022087)

x Rowland, Casper       Nicholas Noel         A-409   5/13/1760  Berwick Twp
  Rolland, Hannah       John Leas, Sr.        2Q-482  8/15/1803  P of A

York Co., PA  Deed Book A  1749-1762  (SLFHL 0022096)

p409.  5/5/1760 rec. 1/13/1760;  Nicholas Noel, Paradise Twp, York Co.,  PA;  Caspar Rowland, Barwick Twp, York Co., PA;  150 pounds for 100  acres in Barwick Twp, adjoining the lands of John Abbot and Peter   polly<sic>;  Signed Nicholas Noel his mark.

6 May 2002  <Strasbaugh@ballardspahr.com>
What is the present thinking concerning the Nicholas Noel who married Margaret Strasbach (daughter of Nicolas Strasbach (senior) who died in Paradise Township in 1753)? Was he the son or brother of Peter?     Wayne Strasbaugh

9 May 2002   Duane Alwin <dfa@umich.edu>
The eldest daughter of Conrad II and Susanna, Catherine Alwine, married Jacob Noel, and as the court document quoted below indicates, she died in midlife, leaving three minor children, Juliana, John and Michael Noel. Noel is a family name associated with the early Catholic immigrants to the Conewago Creek settlement.  Baptismal records are available for Juliana
(b. July 3, 1831) and John (b. Nov. 16, 1832).  Jacob Noel remarried on Feb. 7, 1847 to Lydia Dollhamer (Dahlhamer) at Conewago Chapel. The 1850 Census of Adams County, Pa., lists Jacob Noel (age 45) living in Mount Pleasant Township with wife Lydia (age 31) and the following children: Juliana (18), John (17), Michael (16), Susan (13), Harriet (11), Jacob (8), Samuel (4), and Agnes (1).  My assumption is that it was also a second marriage for Lydia Dollhamer, but the three oldest children listedhere are those mentioned in the court documented quoted below.


During a visit to Gettysburg in 1999, we spent considerable time in the Adams County Court House in the office of the Clerk of Courts looking up what information we could find on births and marriages involving persons named Alwine.  We stumbled upon some records in the Adams County Orphan's court, which provided useful corroborative information on Conrad's children and some of his grandchildren.  Several documents were found which attest to those children living at the time of
Conrad II's death on February 9, 1846. One of these is on file with the Adams County Orphan's Court, which I excerpt below.  The case had to appear before the Orphan's Court because the support of minor children was involved. These were the children of Catherine (Alwine) Noel, who died and left three children.  The case file reads as follows:

"To the Honorable judge of the Orphan's Court of Adams County:  The petition of Samuel Allwine, one of the administrators of all and singular, the goods, chattels, lands and tenements which were of Conrad Allwine, late of Hamilton Township of said County ... left at the time of his death, a widow, to wit, Susannah, and heirs, to wit, James, Conrad, John, Michael, Elizabeth (intermarried with Caleb Breighner), Susan, your petitioner, and Catherine Noel's children, to wit, Juliana, John and
Michael Noel, who are minors and whose guardian is Jacob Noel."

The petitioner in this document is Conrad II's eldest son, Samuel.  Among other things, this document indicates that Conrad II left several tracts of land totaling some 140 acres, the largest of which -- the 104-acre "mansion tract" -- was located in Hamilton Township, Adams Co. adjoining the Conewago Creek. Further research into these documents is necessary before we can learn more about the nature of Conrad II's worldly possessions and the location of the land he owned.

  15 May 2002   lnoel@earthlink.net  or lnoel@ngoa.com
I am James Lance NoŽl a descendant of Robert Charles NoŽl born January 1936 in Detroit Michigan and the grandson of Alex NoŽl. I am trying to trace my bloodline, unfortunately my father died in 1999 and kept his life and family a secret. All I know is his mothers name was Rita La Belle. He has brothers and sisters that live but I only know some of their names: John Noel, James Noel, Marylin Noel and Maurice "Chick" Noel. He may have more siblings but I am not sure. I know we are of French/Canadian descendant, of course I am not completely sure.

24 May 2002   "Sergio Fernandez Noel" <sfernandeznoel@infovia.com.ar>
Hola, mi apellido es NoŽl-lardin, proveniente de la villa de Aiguebellete, departamento de la Saboya, en Francia, dos hijos de la familia emigraron a la Rep.Argentina alrededor de 1885. Gracias

Hello, my last name is NoŽl-lardin, originating of the villa of Aiguebellete,  department of the Saboya, in France, two children of the family emigrated to the Rep.Argentina around 1885. Thanks

16 Jul 2003  <xavier.noel-lardin@libertysurf.fr>
 I am Xavier NoŽl-Lardin. I live in France, in a little village called "St Alban de Montbel" near the lake of "Aiguebelette". I did a search on the name NoŽl-Lardin on the web and I found your home page. I have read, the pages and I deduce that we are not the same family. Because our name Noel-lardin came from a mistake. Our original name was Novel-Lardin and a secretary in a town hall made the error.

Nevertheless sergio Fernando Noel, come from the same line as me. His grand grand.... father was a cousin of mine...

18 Jun 2002 1  GandGski@aol.com
I have some news abut Margaret Noel, wife of John.  A friend of mine in PA obtained John Noel's administration account filed May 29, 1767 that lists Margaret as Margaret Werner (Verner) as executrix (as well as Nicholas Bittinger) of John Noel's last will and testament.  Further down in this accounting, it lists "Peter Verner, intermarried with this Executrix Pursuant to a bequest to her by this Testator's Will".

This information ends my search that Margaret Noel paid a tax in 1783. IF she was still living, she was not Margaret Noel but Marg. Verner/Werner.

NOTE:  This JOHN NOEL, son of Joseph Noel,  was born in Europe ca 1722.  He came to America with his parents in 1736 and was a resident of Paradise Twp., York Co., Pa. the remainder of his life.  His wife's name was Margaret, and he was a shoemaker, as well as a farmer.

 28 Jun 2002  <rmhenry@wpa.net>
 I found a death notice for Frank C. Noel and it states he lived in Irwin but was raised in Latrobe. His siblings are: Mrs Stephen Dowd, Dr. Joseph E. Noel, Charles, Richard and Emanuel.

Virgetta was married to Charles Noel. Her children are Mrs. James French and Mrs. Lawrence F. Bridge.

Margaret Noel's obit states she had a son Richard, Mrs. Anna Downs, Charles, Richard and Frank of Irwin, Joseph of Wilkensburg, and Emanuel of near Ligonier. She had a brother, Samuel Lodgsdon / Logsdon.

Susan Norris was married to Dallas Noel.

29 Jun 2002    Webrene1@aol.com

1)   Warrant No.     Warrantee    Acres     Location           Date
     255                   Adam Palmer 150        Unity Twp.          1805
County             Date of Return     Acres    Patentee
Westmoreland          1838               168       Adam Palmer
George Gibson, Michael Huffman, Philip Shira,
John Brinnel, Christian Shockey

2)  Warrant No.     Warrantee    Acres     Location           Date
    261                   Adam Palmer    6         Unity Twp.         1813
County             Date of Return     Acres    Patentee
Westmoreland          1819                  3       Adam Palmer
George Gibson, Adam Palmer's other land, James Reed, Ephraim Adams,
In 1809 it had a cabin dwelling and a family of persons
residing there at the time of the survey.

3)  Warrant No.     Warrantee    Acres     Location           Date
    266                   Adam Palmer   60        Unity Twp.          1817
County             Date of Return     Acres    Patentee
Westmoreland          1838                59       Adam Palmer
Philip Shira, Adam Palmer's other land, John Brinnel

4)  Warrant No.     Warrantee    Acres     Location             Date
    240                  John Shaw     125        Mt.Pleasant Twp.  1786
County             Date of Return     Acres    Patentee
Westmoreland           1811             128 1/2  Adam Palmer Jr.
John Rooly, Barney McCawl, Robert Keas

Note: John Shaw by deed dated 1790 conveyed to Adam Palmer who since died intestate and letters of administration granted on estate in 1811 to Adam Palmer Jr.

 22 Jul 2002               robert.noel@fuse.net
Madison Noel married Sarah Van Bibber 17 Aug 1837. The marriage took place in Switzerland County Ind.  They returned and lived in Owenton Kentucky.  By the 1850 census, Sarah was listed as head of house hold with several children. One of the children was my grandfather William T Noel.  Sarah later that year married a James Lee adding more children.  I can find no information on Madison Noel, what ended the marriage or where did he go.  Any one with information on Madison please contact Me.

24 Jul 2002  <betty@fleenerb.com>
I find Cecelia  Noel, dau. of Jacob and Barbara Ann Obould living with  David and Catherine Ryan in the 1850, Cambria Co., Carroll Twp. census. Do you have any data as to who the Ryan's might be?

Cecelia Noel is(was?) my gg grandmother. She married Simon Peter McMullen and their daughter Martina Cecelia McMullen married Phillip Albert Burkhart. Martina developed TB so they moved to Denver, CO. She apparently got over it as she lived to her late 80's.

(The book, "Catholic Trails West" page 704-05 lists:  p 637 The first Catholic settlers in Sinking Valley appear to have been John McGuire and Peter McMullen from the Big Pipe Creek Settlement in Western Maryland, near Taneytown, a mission stop of the Conewago priest.)

Cecelia Noels husband Simon Peter McMullen went by Simon. The above Peter was a brother to Enos. Simons parents were James McMullen and Ann McMullen (cousins).

26 Jul 2002   "Dillon Andrew" <adillon@ix.netcom.com>
 I am a desendent of the Noels of Adams County  (via Samuel Dillon) and the Noels of Cambria County (via Mary Noel and Jacob A. Sharbaugh).

6 Aug 2002 Latrobe Bulletin, Saturday, August 2, 2002, Front page:

St. Vincent Shaft Scene Of Past Mine Accident
by Marie McCandless, Bulletin News Editor

The dramatic rescue this week of nine miners from the flooded Quecreek Mine in Somerset County focused attention on mining as away of life in this section of the state. While not the predominant force it once was, mining has left its visible traces in the company towns or "patches" of  identical houses, and less tangible traces in the memories of those who watched last week's rescue, knowing firsthand the dangers involved in working underground.

What was feared at Quecreek actually happened more than 65 years ago in Unity Township when two men drowned as a mine
flooded. According to news accounts at the time, the accident occurred shortly after 1:30 p. m. May 31, 1937, when a wall of water burst through the St. Vincent Shaft, trapping John Lane, 63, a pumper, and Barney Ransel, 50, a machinist. "The terrific force exerted by the wall of water forced it through 125 feet of coal and fractured a concrete wall which had been built as
a protection to the workers," reported the Latrobe Bulletin of June 1, 1937."It is believed to have pried between the strata of coal," the article continued.

The story noted that only two men were working in the mine at the time because of the Decoration Day holiday (now celebrated as Memorial Day). Otherwise, 125 men would have been working and killed in the flood. A pumper was needed in the mine at all times, so Lane entered the mine at 6:30 a. m. even though it was a holiday. Later, Robert F. Jones, a fire boss, entered the workings taking Ransel with him. Jones concluded his inspection and left at 1:30 p. m. Ten minutes later the water inundated St. Vincent Shaft, leaving Lane and Ransel trapped in a watery grave.

The Bulletin article reported, "They are believed to have perished within a short time after the rumbling sound made by the water pouring in to the mine came up the shaft giving warning that something was the matter below." The water rushed in with such force that the mine was flooded within seven minutes. The water level came to 38 feet from the top and covered a 25-square-mile area.

In sharp contrast to last week's incident at the Quecreek Mine, when pumps immediately were put into action to remove water from the flooded mine, in the 1937 St. Vincent Shaft accident, it was estimated that two days would be required to even begin operating the pumps, and 10 days before all four available would be going, with the mine expected to be closed at least 90 days even with 4,000-gallon-per minute pumps operating. That left the remaining 125 miners unemployed. One miner, William Dempsey, showed up for his 10 p. m. shift with his lunch bucket on that day, unaware of the accident. "The news was a great shock to him," reported the Bulletin, as he was scheduled to relieve one of the men killed.

Bernard "Barney" Ransel was survived by children Gertrude Hoza, Jane, Stella, George, Alice, Paul and Raymond; a brother, John, and sisters Mrs. Charles Noel, Mrs. Charles Haberl and Mrs. Charles Rushie. He had been employed in the mine 25 years. Lane, who had spent 19 years working in the mine, left his wife and four children, Orville, Howard, Viola Cute and Ethel Shick.

The water that flooded St. Vincent Shaft drained from several other area mines, including Whitney, Hostetter, Baggaley, Dorothy and Old Unity. The original St. Vincent mine had contained 250 acres of coal but at the time of the 1937 accident all but 45 acres had been mined. That left a capacity for a lot of water in that one mine alone, let alone all the others surrounding it.
In fact, says longtime resident Tony Pesavento of Unity Township,-- it's all water under Latrobe. There is enough water in the mines underlying the city, Pesavento said, that an early form of air-conditioning at the Manos Theater was a hole drilled into the mine beneath the building, then water pumped up to the roof, from where it ran over wooden slats as air was blown over it.

Pesavento recalled the 1937 disaster, saying, "The water broke in from the Marguerite mine." He recalled the police line barricading the mine, which was a mile and a half from his home at the time. Pesavento said the mine was about 200 feet deep. He said the mine at St. Vincent Shaft had a discharge located at Beatty. An air shaft pumped air into the mine for circulation, and another alongside contained a stairwell for escape if the electricity failed and the elevator did not work. "Six steps turn left, six steps turn left, six steps turn left," was how it was set up, he said."

Pesavento remembered when he told his father he wanted to go into the coal mine to work, as his dad did. "My father cussed me upside down," he related. "He said "Never". He said hell would freeze over before he let me go into the mine with him. Pesavento became an electrician instead.

Last week's Quecreek situation had Pesavento pessimistic. "I don't think they would get them out." He was intrigued by the name of one of the miners, saying, "There was a Popernack family from Beatty that worked in St. Vincent Shaft. Maybe they're related."

Noel Bio's    <jctripp@charter.net>
 From time to time I find some Catholic bios (still looking for a PLATT/BLATT name to show up somewhere). Here is one for a Noel. I'm assuming this Noel is of the Catholic Noels. The bio was written in 1886.

Dr. Agideous Noel, physician and surgeon, Bonneauville, who was born in Mt. Pleasant Twp., Adams Co., Penn., son of Samuel E Noel,  whose ancestors were of French descent and settled in Adams Co. in the beginning of the 18th century, near the Pigeon Hills. The paternal great-grandfather, a farmer by occupation, in an early day resided near East Berlin, this county, and died here at an advanced age; his son,Peter Noel, also a farmer, was a mill-wright by trade and died near Bonneauville, this county, aged over ninety years; he was a Whig politically. He (Peter) was twice married; the first time to miss Dull, who died leaving ten married children: Jacob, Samuel, Peter, Henry, Bernard, Louis, Gerome, George, Elizabeth and Margaret. By Peter Noel's second marriage, with Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Noel, he had one son and several daughters. Of Peter
Noel's children, Samuel, a hatter by trade, married in this township, Barbara Kase, a native of Northampton County, Penn., and of German descent. Samuel Noel died Oct 9 1860, and his widow August 20 1871, aged 76 years.They had 2 children: Francis A. who resides on the old homestead, and Agideous. Our subject receive a primary education near home and his literary education at the New Oxford Institute. At the age of 14 he became imbued with the desire of studying medicine, and
read with Dr. M.D.G. Phieffer, of New Oxford, Penn., who was also the principal of the New Oxford Institute. He afterward attended the the University of Maryland, at Baltimore, where he graduated in 1862. After graduating, the Doctor located in Bonneauville, Penn., of which place he is now the oldest physician, and here he enjoys the esteem and respect of his neighbors and has a lucrative practice. Dr. Noel was married here to Mrs. Lucinda M. Swope, a daughter of Benjamin Landis (Mrs. Noel had 3 sons by her first marriage). During the late war Dr. Noel offered his services to his country, and Sep 5 1864 ,
was comissioned, by Gov. Curtin, first assistaant surgeon of the Two Hundredth and Fifth Regiment, Penn. Volunteers, Third Division, Ninth Corps, Army of the Potomac. He served at the Third Division field hospital till the close of the war and received an honorable discharge June 2 1865.

One other bio of a Noel from Oxford Twp. , Adams Co. Pa. written in 1886.

Pius J. Noel, grocer, New Oxford, was born in Oxford Twp., this county in 1832, a son of Peter R. and Lydia A.(Clunk) Noel, who for many years have resided on a farm in the vicinity of Oxford, and to whom were born 12 children (all in Adams County) viz.: Caroline, Pius J., Mary, John, Agnes, William, Joseph, James, Louisa, Francis, Lydia A. and Lucinda. At the age of 18 Pius J. began the blacksmith's trade with his uncle, Joseph Clunk. In 1854, the family removed to Grand Rapids, Mich., where William, Pius J., Joseph and James opened a wheelwright shop, the former two being smiths and the latter wagon-
makers. The brothers continued the business until 1873, when Pius J. returned to Adams Co. and engaged in the mercantile business at New Oxford, in which he is still engaged. In 1856, our subject paid a visit to Penn. and married Miss Caroline, daughter of James & Mary (Myers) Robinson, who had been neighbors of the Noels for many years, Miss Robinson being one of his schoolmates. Mr. Noel returned to Grand Rapids, taking with him his young bride, and during their stay
there 8 children were born to them: Mary, William, James, Ella, Martha, Cora, Henry (deceased) and Carrie (deceased). After their return to New Oxford, 2 sons, Pius and Lewis were born. Mrs. Noel died in March 1882. Mr. Noel is a self-made man, and has earned every dollar he is worth. In business he has always been successful, and has avoided politics, so far as a desire for official honors is concerned. From infancy, he has been a consistent Catholic. Mary, the eldest daughter, is a Sister of Charity. Ella and Cora received a liberal education at the acadamy at McSherrystown, and are housekeepers for their father. One son, James, is engaged in business for himself at Waynesboro, and another son, William, is clerking for his father at the present time.

18 Aug 2002 13:40:06 -0400   "Alice Mary" <ambean@maine.rr.com>
Can you help? I am seeking my ancestor, Olive Noel who married a Antoine (DíAntoine) Richard, no other data however, Antoine had a son name Pierre Richard born approx. 1649 in St. Georges des Coteaux,(ev, Saintes) Saintonge, France.
I am assuming that Olive Noel also residing there Ö  (Pierre Richard, son of Antoine, married Francoise Miville)

18 Aug 2002    "jean.hinton" <jean.hinton@ntlworld.com>
I am researching my Noel family who come from Middlesex, England area. Is anyone else researching this area at all?

15 Aug 2002        Catherine Noel <catherine.noel@bbc.co.uk>
I am a Noel too! I come from Kent in England, my father comes from Kent also.It was rumoured in our family that my father had a spoon with the Gainsborough /Noel crest on it. Whether this is true or not, it was interesting to see a connection.  As far as I know, there was still a large family living in Rutland, Lincolnshire in the 19th century. I have driven though it years
ago and stopped in the local pub, called the Noel Arms!

 02 Sep 2002       ja0044@yahoo.com
My grandfather's full name was Shelby Anderson Noel...He had brothers Major, John and Earl Noel.  Sisters still unknown.  He was married to Lola Whittle...  who's mother was a Case.  They had a small farm in trigg county and was on the 1920 Census with the oldest son, Amos mentioned.  They moved at a later date to Caldwell County.  I do not have any information regarding Shelby's parents.  Does anyone have either one of them listed?  If so, please let me know.   Phyllis Noel

 9 Sep 2002    Litlcutiee27@aol.com
I'm looking for any information on Angelina Noel born sometime in the late 1800s  in Canada  married Joseph Bernard.Moved to Lawrence,  Ma had 1daughter that I know of my grandmother her name was Emma Bernard  born 2-26-1910 in Lawrence Ma, married Rudolph St.Louis.Anything you know would be great.    THANK YOU  TOM ST.LOUIS

18 Sep 2002  <rmhenry@wpa.net>
Latrobe Bulletin, Monday, April 26, 1915, Front page: Edward Schick Called By Death A complication of diseases which grew out of an attack of Bright's Disease suffered over two years ago, proved fatal, early Sunday morning, toEdward J. Schick, a well known resident of the North Side. Mr. Schick had been in ill health for the past three years, and he steadily grew weaker until death claimed him. He was 40 years of age, and is survived by his widow, one son, Edward, Jr., and one daughter, Mary katherine Schick. He is also survived by one sister, Mrs.Frank Zink, of the place; and by six brothers, George H. Schick, of this place; Joseph Schick, of Lycippus; Casper C. Schick and Augustus Schick, of Homestead; and Jacob Schick, of Seattle, Wash. The funeral services will be held at 9:00 o'clock, tomorrow morning in the Holy Family church. Interment will take place in St. Vincent's cemetery.

Andy and Mary Ransel Zink had a son, Frank and he married Isabelle Shick. I think Edward would be her brother.

27 Sep 2002      Gerrymom@aol.com
Looking for my gr grandparents and here is whatt I have-
Joseph LeBlanc b. 1866 St Ours
Ludevine Noel b. 1877 St Roberts had my grandmother Rosanna Leblanc b. Jan 5, 1892 in Biddeford, ME  (I have the birth
certificate) there were four other children
Olive b. Jan2, 1894

19 Aug 2002       "robert brazeau" <brazearo@vianet.ca>
Charles Noel born 1855 St-Etienne, Quebec, Canada
Son of Edouard Noel and Mathilde Collins.
Married to Louise St Pierre in July 1880.
One son Alcide born May 1881.

30 Sep 2002 <rmhenry@wpa.net>
Newspaper Unknown:

Charles E. Noel, 73, of Woodhaven Care Center, Monroeville, formerly of Latrobe, died Wednesday, May  30, 1990, in Woodhaven Care Center.

He was born May 9, 1917, in Latrobe, a son of the late Charles A. and Alice Ransel Noel.

He was a retired crane operator from Latrobe Steel Co., a member of the American Legion Post 515 of Latrobe, and a World War II veteran, having served with the U. S. Army. He received an American Defense Service Medal and two Bronze Stars in the African Middle Eastern Campaign.

He is survived by a son and a daughter; two brothers, Bernard L. of Latrobe RD3 and Eugene R. of Jeannette; a sister, Mrs. Marie A.Gessler of Latrobe, and a number of nieces and nephews.
Friends will be received from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m. Friday in John J. Lopatich Funeral Home Inc., 601 Weldon St., Latrobe.
Funeral service will be held at noon Saturday in St. Vincent Basilica, Unity Township.

Bernard L. Noel Sr obit
     Bernard L. Noel Sr., 81, of Latrobe RD9, died Saturday, Feb. 12, 2000, in I.H.S. of Mountain View, Unity
     Township. He was born Aug. 12, 1918, a son of the late and Charles and Alice Ransel Noel. He was a retired
     employee of Hempfield Foundries. He had served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was a member of
     St. Vincent Basilica, and past president of the Old Crabtree Sportsmen's Club; a member of the Cooperstown
     Vets, Frontier Club of Latrobe, Latrobe American Legion and the Pleasant Unity VFW. In addition to his
     parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Dorothy Hayes Noel; and a brother, Charles Noel. Surviving are
     his son, Bernard L. Noel Jr. and wife, Patricia, of Latrobe RD9; four grandchildren, Bernard L. III and wife,
     Natalie Noel, William and wife, Brooke Noel, Robert and wife, Heidi Noel, and Tracey Zundel and husband,
     David; four great-grandchildren, Shelby, Samantha, Andrew and Brandon; a brother, Eugene Noel of Jeannette;
     and a sister, Marie Gessler of Latrobe. Friends will be received at the KEPPLE-GRAFT FUNERAL HOME
     INC., 524 N. Main St., Greensburg, Monday from 7-9 p.m. and Tuesday from 3-5 and 7-9 p.m. A Funeral
     Mass will be celebrated Wednesday at 10 a.m. in St. Vincent Basilica, with interment to follow in the St. Clair
     Cemetery. The family has requested memorial contributions to one's favorite charity.

Eugene Noel obit

     Eugene R. Noel, 79, of Jeannette, died Friday, July 21, 2000, at his residence. He was born Aug. 18, 1920, in
     Latrobe, a son of the late Charles and Alice Ransel Noel. Prior to retirement, he was employed for 42 years by
     the Pennsylvania Railroad, Pitcairn yards. He was a U.S. Navy veteran of World War II, a member of the
     American Legion Post 344 of Jeannette and a member of the Frontier Club of Latrobe. In addition to his parents,
     he was predeceased by two brothers, Charles and Bernard Noel. Eugene is survived by his wife, Elsie Irwin
     Noel; a son, Dennis E. Noel and his wife, Nancy, of Scottdale; a sister, Marie A. Gessler of Latrobe; four
     grandchildren, Michele, Jennifer and Lori Noel and Joel Ward; and numerous nieces and nephews. Friends will
     be received at the JOHN V. GRAZIANO FUNERAL HOME INC., 228 N. Second St., Jeannette, beginning
     Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m. and Monday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. A blessing service will take place Tuesday at
     10 a.m. in the funeral home with the Rev. James Loew officiating. Interment with military honors accorded by the
     Jeannette Combined Veterans will follow in Jeannette Memorial Park, Penn Township. The Jeannette Combined
     Veterans will hold services Monday at 8 p.m. in the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to the
     Three Rivers Family Hospice, 3029 Jacks Run Road, White Oak, PA 15131.

Frank N. Fanell, 53, of Greensburg RD 9, died Wednesday, July 17, 1985, in Westmoreland Hospital, Greensburg.

He was born Dec. 7, 1931, in Latrobe, the son of the late Dominick and Philomena Santella Fanell.

Before retirement, he was employed by B&P Motor Express, North Huntingdon. He was a member of St. Bartholomew Roman
Catholic Church, Crabtree, and Teamsters Local 30, Jeannette. He served in the U. S. Marine Corps.

He was preceded in death by one sister, Mary Noel, and one brother, Thomas.

Surviving are his wife, Barbara Buchietner Fanell; two daughters, Cheryl Fanell of Greensburg and Mrs. Robert (Barbara) Cina of
Gaithersburg, Md.; four sons, Dominick, Joseph and Robert, all of Greensburg, and John Scalzitti of Greensburg; four brothers,
Sylvester and Ralph, both of Bakersfield, Calif., Philip in Florida, and Joseph of Latrobe RD 2; seven sisters, Mrs. Agnes Shandel of Latrobe RD 7, Mrs. Howard (Catherine) Schandel of New Alexandria RD 2, Mrs. John (Dorothy "Dolly") DeVitis of Latrobe RD 2, Mrs. Alphonse (Anna) Samas in California, Mrs. Josephine Topic in Florida, Mrs. Anthony (Jane) Gangemi of Latrobe and Marie Fanell of Naples, Fla.; one grandson, and a number of nieces and nephews.

Friends will be received from 7 to 9 p. m. Thursday and 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m. Friday in Clement L. Pantalone Funeral Home, 409
W. Pittsburgh St., Greensburg.

Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 a. m. Saturday in St. Bartholomew Church, Crabtree, with the Rev. Aloysius
Carasella, OSB, as celebrant.

Interment will follow in Calvary Hill Cemetery, Crabtree.

2 Oct 2002    <nroberts@apexcorp.com>
UPdate on Mary Jane Noel and Charles M Wilson. I have since my last letter found parents of Mary Jane Noel. She was the
daughter of Abraham Good Noel and Mary Glaze. Mary Jane and Charles married in Pike Co., Ohio in 1850.
Children of Mary Jane and Charles Wilson were:
Sarah Wilson,  Charlotte Wilson,  Mary Ellen Wilson,  Susan Wilson.
Charlotte was listed as a deaf person in census. Mary Ellen Wilson married Michael Herr and they also had a deaf daughter. Now I would like to know if the deafness came from the Noel side of family or the Wilson side of family. Any other Noel's with inherited deafness in the family.
Norma Roberts

13 Oct 2002    EPOLISENA@aol.com
I am searching for any information on Julia Frances Noell/Noel.  She is my gg grandmother and my brick wall.  She married Jesse Akers in Pulaski County, Virginia on May 23, 1853.  They resided in Tazewell County, Virginia according to census records.  You can view a picture of Jesse and Julia on the  Find Ancestral Photographs And Family History At Dead Fred - Genealogy Photo Archive .

The 1880 census records states that she was born in Virginia, but that is all we can find out.  Any information would be appreciated.

Children of Jesse Akers and Julia Frances Noell/Noel.
James F. b. May 22, 1856
Geneva A. b.  1859
John Henley b.  May 4, 1862
L. Elizabeth b.  1866
Laura E. b.  March 1870
Mineally b.  1872
Ollie M. b.  March 1875

23 Oct 2002  <cheznoel@vesgmail.net>
I am searching for a line of Noels in Central PA including Cambria county.  I can trace back to a James (A?) Noel, father of at
least 7 boys..Francis / Frank, Vincent / Vince, James / Jim., Charles, Joseph (Joe) Noel, Daniel (Dan) Noel, and Lawrence Augusta Noel b. 4/30/1892.  Lawrence and family lived in a coal mine town in GlenWhite PA near horseshoe curve.

    Any help appreciated.  Family known to be devout Catholics, but none of the living older generation knows any more about the ancestry.       Terri Noel

23 Oct 2002            konzal@colfax.com
My George Michael Smyser was born September 4, 1802 in Oldham Co., KY, married Martha Noel in 1825 and died November 1859 in Lewis Co., MO.  I know absolutely nothing more about Martha Noel.However, George's father, Henry Smyser, born Bef. April 8, 1765 in York Co., PA, married abt. 1801 to Jane Fible and died in 1860 in Centerfield, Oldham Co., KY.  I do know a little about the Fible family, enough to make me strongly believe that the Fible's and the Smyser's migrated together from Pennsylvania to Kentucky.  This has always made me wonder if some of the Noel's of York and Adams counties, PA, might have migrated at the same time or to the same area of Kentucky.

7 Nov 2002  <rmhenry@wpa.net>
Latrobe Bulletin, Thursday, May 16, 1918, Page 2
A pretty little wedding took place at St. Vincent's church, yesterday morning, at 8:00 o'clock, when Miss Clara P. McAteer and Raymond R. Noel were united in marriage by Rev. Gerard Bridge, O. S. B., a cousin of the bride.  The bride was attired in a beautiful gown of white crepe de chene, with a picture hat to match. Miss Hilda McAteer, a sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. She wore a gown of silver grey taffeta. James Noel, a nephew of the groom, acted as best man. A reception was held at the home of the bride's parents. Among those present from out of town were: Mrs. Amelia Kistner and sons, Walter and Francis, of Johnstown; Mrs. William Kirsch and daughter, Laura, of Monessen; Miss Gertrude McAteer, of Jeannette; Miss Margaret McAteer, of Pittsburgh; and James Noel of Scottdale.

24 Nov 2002              jovinoj@starpower.net
I have been trying to study about the early Md. crowd, and it seems to me that I came across records of a "Nowell" that used the old testament names like those you are interested in. (This was often indicative of Quaker religion.)

I'm hoping to organize my records one of these days so I can look this sort of thing up.

Try looking for old records under "Nowell". Their spelling was haphazard and often phonetic back then!

M. Iovino

30 Nov 2002    Ted von Mechow <ancestorkid@comcast.net>
My entire file on found people has been posted on a bucks County researchers web page.
Go to             http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~buckscounty/lancaster.html
Then under Lancaster County click on the link to passengers of the Princess Augusta.

11 Dec 2002  <rip@abacusarts.com>
I was told by my now deceased father & grandfather (Ross Noel gf., & Richard f.) that I am the last male heir to their "Noel" family tree. I know that my grandfather moved here to Knoxville from Missouri but that is about all. Do you possibly have any information on a Ross Noel from Missouri?               Rip Noel

12 Dec 2002  <rmhenry@wpa.net>
Latrobe Bulletin, Thursday, April 22, 1920, Page 5:
Miss Mary E. Noel and Jesse J. Stephenson, both of Unity township, were united in marriage, Tuesday, in St. Bartholomew's
church, at Crabtree, the Rev. Father Cuthbert officiating. A wedding breakfast followed, at the home of the bride.

17 Dec 2002    Webrene1@aol.com
Find a map of the Littlestown area. Start a triangle at Kingsdale, then follow Rt 194 up to Oak Grove, then draw a line down to Menges Mill, then draw the final line across to the beginning at Kingsdale. The line from Menges Mill to Kingsdale is also the "temporary line" between MD and PA. The "temporary line" is only 1/3 of a mile from Wolfgang's farm on the MD side. Wolf's grand-son John Noel married Michael Tanner's grand-daughter Mary Magdalene Storm in 1804 St.Joseph's, Taneytown.

 sent for that patent of Mihael Tanner last week and when it came I couldn't quite tell where it was. I also sent for the Digges Choice plat map at the same time. When the map came, the very last plats shown in the bottom left corner on the map,
were the neighbors of Michael Tanner. One of the naeighbors' plats didn't have the last line drawn in but if it would have been drawn in, it would be the line going from White Oak to Menges Mill. In other words Michael Tanners survey fits in there just
like a jig saw puzzle would. He got his warrant in 1754 and the "return" is dated 1762 which granted the patent. Richard and Thomas Penn. Michael Tanner's farm is bounded by Michael Roos and Jacob Shrier on the west, Michael Koontz on the
north, and Christian Crespon (Crabs or Krebs) and Augustus Sherrer on the east (This is the guy I thought was Augustus Tanner on the deed of Michael Tanner to son in law John Storm) Augustus Sherrer had lots right in Taneytown and so did Michael Tanner. The "temporary line" is the final line boundary.
The guy that sent the survey also sent a page from the Plat index book. Since Tanner starts with a "T" that's the page he sent. On that page also is a Nicholas Trosbaugh and his warrant is dated 1750. I think he's been thoroughly chased down though.

17 Dec 2002  noel@mcn.org
There was a John Noel in East Deer Township, Allegheny County, PA in 1840. Living with him was John
Davis age 54 a pensioner of the Revolution.  p355 of "Early History of Western PA And the Western Campaigns". The age
does not make sense but there were younger people mentioned.  Other than Adam and Wendel Oury, that was the only ones I
recognized but if you have a name send it along. This book was first published in 1847.

19 Dec 2002       CarolVass@comcast.net

I'm continuing research on the children of William Noel m. [1] Anna Emily Wilson and [2] Anna Bridget Griffey.  [William was son of Andrew Noel Jr/Elizabeth Walter and gg-son of Andrew Noel/Teresa Dillon.]  I have filled in several blanks on William's children from both marriages and am making progress on several others.         Carol Vass

21 Dec 2002  Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Does any one have any information on the Joseph Noel listed, the son of John?

From: "The History of York County Vol II  1907"

Sevrenus P Noel, a farmer and miller of Paradise Twp, York County, PA born 2-10-1849 and married in 1875 to Sarah King of Paradise the daughter of Joseph and Sally King. . .

 His father was Michael Noel of Paradise born 1810 and who died there in 1877 Michael's other children were Fabian; both Felix and Stanislaus who settled in Kansas, later removed to Oregon; John of Baltimore; Susan Mrs. Francis Marshall
of near Oxford; Michael A of Philadelphia, a Jesuit priest; and Salome, who was a Sister of St Joseph in McSherrytown in 1892. . .

The grandfather was John Noel, a farmer who inherited a farm from his father. He married Feby Wise. Their children were: Peter who died at Mt Rock, Adams County; John and Michael who died in Paradise twp; Joseph who died in the West; and
Jacob who died at home.

 The great-grandfather of our subject came from France.

  9 Jan 2003        <glenn.sweigart@mics.net>
I am looking for a John Noel who appears on the 1870 Census records in Conoy Township, Lancaster Co., Pa. I have no other info on him. Can you help? Many thanks.  Jane

17 Jan 2003   VWhite0901@aol.com
Henry NOEL b. 1811 KY m. Mary"Polly"KAYS b. 1807 KY m. 8 Apr 1832 Garrard Co.KY....I desc from their son James Merritt NOEL b. 1836 KY m. Elizabeth HALL b. 1838 .......then through son George Alexander NOEL b. 1860 m. Rachel
E. LIVINGSTON b. 1859 .....then through son Virgil NOEL b. 1887 m. Stella E. BURKS b. 1894.....their son Clifton E. NOEL b. 1821

Would like to have more info on the siblings of Henry, James , George and Virgil.   I have some family info but I'm always interested in finding out more family stories .   The NOELS lived mainly around Owen ,Monroe and Greene Co.'s in IN and for a few years in Orange Co IN.......anything anyone is willing to share I would appreciate, I will do likewise.   This family line is pretty well documented back to 1500's, I"m just trying to fill in some gaps on them coming from KY to IN.

20 Jan 2003    "Joseph Noel"   pattonnoels@att.net
I am a descendant of Simon Noel brother of Joseph.  I have confirmed that my g grandfather Simon P. Noel was the son of Simon and Mary (Andressin) Noel through church records from St. Benedict's Carrolltown, Cambria Co. Pa..  there was a Blasius, Peter, Nicholas, Abraham and Isaac also living in Cambria Co. at about the same time as the earlier Simon.  They seemed to support each other as witnesses and godparents according to church records of St. Joseph, St. Benedict, St. Lawrence and St. Michael church records.  Do you have any info. that could possibly tie these guys together somehow.  I would like to go back as far as possible with the Noels.  I have put together a line from the first Simon through 6 generations which includes my children.  Your site is a tremendous help.  I hope to visit several places this summer for further info.

30 Jan 2003    Webrene1@aol.com
They couldn't find anything for Christopher Speece(Spies)?
Pete Noel's place was surveyed in 1766 for a warrant dated
10th Sept.1750
Neighbors on this survey were:
John Noel
Valentine Hess
Godleib Preighner
John Abbet  ( Abbott ? )
Pete Noel's place was surveyed in 1752 for a warrant dated
10th Sept.1750
Neighbors on this survey were:
John Noel
Christopher Bezar ( Besser ) both are shown on different papers?
John Franz Christian ( Jean Francois Cretien of the Princess Augusta 1736 )??
John Abbit
Pete's request for warrant had Nicholas entered on it but scratched out
and Peter Noel put in it's place in 1750.
Petey woulda' been 30 years old in 1750.
I assume John Noel is Petey's brother eh?
John got the patent for "Eden" in 1809 however, this could be a son? John ??
No mention of Joseph Noel except Petey had to pay from the time of settlement
which was prior to the 1750 request for warrant.

 31 Jan 2003  <Strasbaugh@ballardspahr.com>
 This is good information. I have a couple of comments. John Abbet is no doubt John Abbott, the founder of Abbottstown (why wasn't it named Noeltown, I wonder). His grave is the oldest one in the Lutheran cemetery there. Godleib Preighner is Gottlieb Breighner. Ted found more information about his family - I think his daughter married Michael Strasbach Jr.

The John Noel with a patent in 1809 was most likely Peter's grandson (I recall his dates being about 1771-1847), and he is buried at the Paradise church nearby. Do I understand that the patent covered the same tract described in Peter's warrant?

31 Jan 2003    Webrene1@aol.com
Noel, Phecidus J  Age: 76 Yr: 1930 Bp: PA Roll:
T626_1963Pg: 11B PA ED: 572 Allegh Co.  Co Duquesne

Noel, William F Age: 59 Yr: 1930 Bp: PA Roll:
T626_1968  Pg: 35A PA ED: 697   Allegh Co.  Co
Munhall  Head

Noel, D Augustas Age: 46 Yr: 1930 Bp: PA Roll:
T626_1969  Pg: 5A PA  ED: 762 Allegh Co.  co Pitcairn

Noel, Minnie Age: 56 Yr:1930 BP: PA Roll: T626_1964
Pg11A PA ED:611 Alleg Co Glassport   M-in-law

Noel, August Age:  35 Yr: 1930 BP:PA Roll: T626_1964
Pg: 2B PA ED: 611 Allegh Co.  Co Glassport   Head

21 Feb 2003    <rmhenry@wpa.net>

Latrobe Bulletin, Special Edition, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2003, Front page:

List of papers;
Latrobe Inquirer, started in May of 1861
Latrobe Advance, started Aug. 6, 1873
The Reveille, started in 1882
The Latrobe Herald, 1906-1909
The Latrobe Enterprise, 1885-1893
Latrobe Clipper, was published until 1902
Latrobe Bulletin started Dec. 18, 1902