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2 Mar 2003   noel@mcn.org
 I have found Joseph Andrew Noel in North Dakota where he died  September 10, 1919. He was the son of Adam Peter Noel and was born in Davenport, Iowa, March 09, 1840.  Adam was the son of Joseph Noel who was born in York/Adams County PA in about 1777 and came to Westmoreland County PA before 1800 from the Taneytown area of Maryland. While there is no documentation we believe that his father was Blasius Noel the son of Peter Noel who came from Europe with his family at the age of sixteen in 1736. Peter's father was also named Joseph Noel and born in 1680.


Joseph Andrew Noel 1840 - 1919
Joseph died in Stutsman County, North Dakota
1st Wife      Mary M Blessington 1841 - 1916
2nd Wife   Emily B Welsh

J F and W E Noel could be the sons of Joseph however the was another Noel in the

County and not from Iowa and must have been Edward J Noels which could have been
a miss spelling of Knowles.

Below:     Student - Age - Parent - other

1915  SCHOOL CENSUS for Stutsman County, North Dakota   compiled by   George L. Barron

NOEL           ED              6   J. F.       NOEL           Jamestown 1    1915
NOEL           JOHN         7   J. F.       NOEL           Jamestown 1    1915
NOEL           LEON         6   W. H.    NOEL           Jamestown 1    1915
NOEL           MARY        8   M.         NOEL           Jamestown 1    1915


NOEL              EDWARD       8   J. F.  NOEL           Jamestown 1    1917
NOEL              JOHN              8   J. F.  NOEL           Jamestown 1   1917
NOEL              LEON              8   W.    NOEL           Jamestown 1   1917

NOEL              MARGARET  6   J. F.  NOEL           Jamestown 1    1917
NOEL              MARY                  J. F.  NOEL          Jamestown 1    1917


EDWARD      NOEL      12     J. F.  NOEL     623 Law. Ave S.      Jamestown1      1922
JOHN             NOEL      14     J. F.   NOEL    623 Law. Ave S.      Jamestown1      1922
JOSEPHINE   NOEL      10     J. F.  NOEL    623 Law. Ave S.     Jamestown1      1922
LEON             NOEL      13    W. E   NOEL   411 1/2 3rd St. W    Jamestown1      1922
MARGARET NOEL      10      J. F.   NOEL   623 Law. Ave S.      Jamestown 1      1922
MARY            NOEL      16      J. F.  NOEL    623 Law. Ave S.      Jamestown1      1922
RAYMOND   NOEL        7       J. F.  NOEL    623 Law. Ave S.     Jamestown1      1922

Stutsman County, North Dakota Mortuary Record

For surname lookups  write the RRVGS at Box 9284, Fargo, North Dakota
58106-9284, Ph:(701)239-4129,
 Send $2.00 for each name or each page along with an SASE.

Digital Index Copyright (c) 1999 RRVGS


Noel    Joe                               1840  1919               111-89
Noel    Joseph Francis           1874  1938                   IIII-68
Noel    Mary Anna M.           1852  1936                  VIII-137


Noel?, Joseph         25   son  farm laborer   IA         Jmstn Ward1
Noel?, Joseph A.    60     H    farmer          IA         Jmstn Ward1
Noel?, Mary           48      wife                   DE        Jmstn Ward1
Noels, Edward J.   42 H   RR conductor   NY         Jmstn Ward1
Noels, Edward R.     6       son                   ND        Jmstn Ward1
Noels, Eleanor        34      wife                   WI         Jmstn Ward1
Noels, Katherine E.  7      dau  at school     ND        Jmstn Ward1
Noels, Marguerite D.3     dau                      ND       Jmstn Ward1
Noels, Mary A.        8     dau at school        ND

 2 Mar 2003     joanach@wayfarer1.com
I have a Viola Noel / Neal who married my Howard McAlister in Harrison County, Iowa in 1875. I wonder if you might have heard of Viola and know of her parents, of have heard from someone who might have information.

I have the marriage record, and it says Viola Noel. Perhaps it was Neal but I can't be sure. Also have a marrage record for a S. Noel to Viola McBird. He is in the 1870 census working for the McBird family, I believe he was age 20, and Viola was age 16.   Joan

 3 Mar 2003  CarolVass@comcast.net
The following newspaper clipping just appeared on the Cambria County, PA rootsweb list.  Perhaps it will help some NOEL descendants.
Silver Wedding. (1900)
On Thursday, June 21st, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Noel, of Cambria township, celebrated their silver wedding. A High Mass was said by Rev. Father Ludden, at 7:30 in the morning in honor of the occasion. There were about eighty invited guests who spent the day very pleasantly in different amusements and after a sumptuous dinner and supper had been served, all returned to their homes well pleased with the days' enjoyment. Mr. and Mrs. Noel received many pretty and costly presents. Following are the names of those present: Rev. Father Ludden, Matthew Heitchue and wife, of Johnstown; T.A. Weible and wife, and A. Strittmatter, of Carrolltown; Martin Manion and wife, Peter Noel, father of Joseph A. Noel; John B. Noel and wife, Christina Noel, Mrs. Augustine Strittmatter, J.S. Davis and wife, John R. Davis and wife, E.J. Bennett and wife, J.M. Hughes and wife, George Lytze and wife, Lawrence Weimer and wife, Joseph Urda and wife, Joseph Skelly and wife, John Stibolitzki and wife, John!  Long and wife, James Scanlan and wife, W.D. Jones and wife, Adam Lantz and wife, Thomas Hoover and wife, Daniel Carney and wife, Richard Owens and wife, Harry Pryce and wife, Mrs. William Byrnes, Mrs. Agnes Zorn and Mrs. Christena
Zorn, Misses Jennie Hughes, Mary Manion, Bertha Marsh, Harriet Bennett, Armenia Hoover, Mary Ann Farren, and Margaret Good, Messrs. A.E. Marsh, John James, Frank Lantzy, Luke Dunlap, Harry Bennett, Clint Bennett, John Hoover, William Kaylor, Herbert Jones and John Farren.

 6 Mar 2003  KathrynDoyle@aol.com

Miss Pauline Doyle, aged 21 years, died last evening at 7:40 o’clock at the
home of her aunt, Mrs. Frank Noel of North Irwin, after a two month illness
from heart trouble. She had resided here for the past three years, coming
to Irwin from Seward following the death of her father, Edward Doyle.
Surviving are her mother, Mrs. Tressa Doyle, housekeeper at the Immaculate
Conception parish house, and ten brothers and sisters: James Doyle, Mrs.
Mildred Taylor, Leo Doyle and Thomas Doyle of Seward, Frank Doyle and Mrs.
Augusta Neu of Pittsburgh, Mrs. Elizabeth Lidwell and Mary Doyle of
Detroit, Sister Thomasine of Pittsburgh and Sister Emmanuel of Ambridge.
Funeral services will be held Saturday morning at nine o’clock in the
Immaculate Conception church. Interment will be made in the Seward
Republican Standard & Westmoreland Journal
2 June 1933
Pauline and her mother, Theresa McDonald DOYLE, had gone to Irwin to work and
live with Theresa's sister. I have been looking for that sister for three
years and finally have a name -- Mrs. Frank NOEL.
1910-1920-1930 N. Irwin Borough census reveal:
Frank C. NOEL  Birth: abt 1875, PA  Occ: Plumber, independent
Spouse: Elizabeth M. McDONALD Birth: abt 1876, England
Children: Margaret E. (~1897-)
Mildred M. (~1901-)
Mary Elizabeth (~1903-)
Francis W. (~1906-)
James Wayne (~1908-)
Thelma V. (~1913-)
Elizabeth's birth in England, age and naturalization in 1887 match nicely with the MCDONALD siblings that I have found so far. I need some help in tracing this family forward. Does anyone have a directory that could do a look up for me? I had previously contacted Immaculate Conception Church but got little help there. Does anyone know of complete cemetery listings for Immaculate Conception Church cemetery, or the others in Irwin? Frank was a plumber -- perhaps someone remembers him? Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated!

8 Mar 2003   Sharon <shamac@wavecomputers.net>
Dear Mr. ___:

You certainly must have come across a very old Genealogical Helper, and as much as I can understand from your letter, you must want some PAGE information from me. I advertised for parents of JOHN PAGE (came from King & Queen Co., Va.) 1742 to Goochland in December, buying land next to his brother ROBERT PAGE, who preceded him in August, 1742, but whose first purchase deed shows Robert Page of Goochland County, instead of King & Queen Co. for some inexplicable reason. I have seen the very old, large ledgers and they are the first PAGES recorded. Now they did not belong to the one wealthy JOHN PAGE family that is the only one written up anywhere. There are magnificent linen backed charts of the same
family, plus one who settled in New England, in the Library of Congress&.but no record of any other PAGES. Above Robert bought 1540 acres and John, 100 acres. From the ages of their children they were young married men when they came to Goochland Co., Robert's first wife's name is unknown, only his second. I believe John's only wife was Hannah.

As far as Cornelius Noell or Cornelis Noell, p. 15 of Emigrant Cornelius Noel from Holland to Virginia, and his Descendants in America, compiled by Mary Roberts Noel & Jeannie Noel Weeks, 1977, shows Pedigree Chart from Jacque Noel of Francheval & wife Jeanne Vintier down to JAN NOEL, chr. Feb. 1, 1632 in Leyden or Leiden, So. Holland., married in Virginia to Lydia Perkins. Am enclosing photo copy of page from records of Leiden showing marriage Banns of Jacob Nowels 14 Jan. 1621, saying he was born in Leyden instead of Sedan, Ardennes, France, and bride, Tryntgen Cornelis; also baptism of my ancestor JAN NOEL on 1 Feb., 1632. That was the proof required for my long and tedious journey of two copies of everything legal down to parents marriage license as well as my birth certificate for joining the Hugaenot Society. You are eligible, or perhaps you already belong, for they are PROUD of their Protestant ancestors. I have written to the Archives Departementales Des Ardennes, 10 Rue de la Porte de Bourgogne, 0800 Charleville-Mezieres, France, twice, last September in English, enclosing 2 International Coupons at 65 cents  no answer so in March 1983 tried in French @ $10.00 to translator.

Then they answered, saying the records were not there but at the Bibliotheque de lHistoire du Protestantisme francais, 54 Rue des Saints-Peres, 75007 PARIS. I wrote in May, copying the 1st letter as was in French and finsished off in English a few words I could find in old French grammar...guess I'll have to pay someone else to write the whole thing in French again, although all I asked was their fee IF the records were actually there. I thought people in such an office in Paris would
certainly understand English.

By the way, the above was given because I thought you might be interested in tracing your NOEL ancestors. The man who wrote so promptly from Leiden, Holland, said that TRYNTGEN CORNELIS NOEL was buried in Hooglandsche Kerk, December 6, 1644, and was living on a street, Velderagracht, that remains today. Her husband, JACOB NOEL, was harder
to identify, because first names were not given:
A. Man known only as Noe, buried February 8, 1649, in Pieterskerk, but living on above street.
B. A Nouwel buried June 28, 1656. No place or 1st name.
C. A Jacob Nowe buried January 6, 1655 No Place or 1st name.

Of course, I have the copy of Will of COL. THOMAS PAGE, (March 10, 1676. Prov. May 20 1676.) naming daughters, Elizabeth, who married Cornelius Noel; and among others Mary, who married Valentine Allen, and their son, named as my grandchild, Samuel Allen, my plantation and land belonging to it., etc. This was contested by the husbands of two of his sisters,
Christian and Mary. I believe Samuel, instead of his son, was the father of Susanna Allen, who married March 31, 1719, Hutchins Burton of Herico Co. Valentine Allen emigrated May, 1650, with ____________, John Nicholas Catlett___ their half-brother, Ralph Ronsey, Sittingooarne Parish, Kent Co., England. While I checked marriages and land grants, I did not check Col. Thomas Page on Ship Passenger Lists. Will you answer this: What ship did Tho. Page  A. Taylor  29 who is 29? Who is A. Taylor? Elizabeth - 28 1. Thomas ) 2 are these stated to be children of Page? 2. Kathryn 1

Like my John and Robert Page of Goochland Co., Va., there were tow other brothers later there, of the rich Pages, all families PAGE have to have a John and a Robert...so that was a hard one to unravel. There was a Thomas Page with wife, Elizabeth, in Essex Co., after Col. Thomas Page, although he mentioned no son, Thomas, or did not disown him, so whether he was kin or not I do not know. There has been no evidence of any relationship between Col. Thomas Page and my John and Robert Page&. But here were quite a few PAGES in Essex Co. Now, you know all I know about the PAGES  you descend through his daughter Elizabeth and I through daughter, Mary, so we are 64th cousins or something in that vicinity.

 9 Mar 2003 11:55:37 EST  KathrynDoyle@aol.com
I think I have found Frank C. NOEL's birth family in the 1880 census in Greensburg -- Frank (Francis) was 4
years old.  Anyone have Emanuel NOEL in their data?

Name                     Relation     Marital Status     Gender     Race     Age     Birthplace     Occupation
Father's Birthplace     Mother's Birthplace
 Emanuel NOEL       Self            M                 Male            W            41          PA                 Laborer                 PA
 Magaret A. NOEL       Wife            M                 Female       W            37      PA                 Keeping House &
House Work For Others       MD       MD
 Charles S. NOEL       Son            S                 Male            W            13         PA                                  PA       PA
 Ann E. NOEL            Dau            S                 Female       W            12           PA                                  PA       PA
 John M. NOEL       Son            S                 Male            W            9              PA                                  PA       PA
 Mary R. NOEL       Dau            S                 Female       W            8               PA                                  PA       PA
 Francis NOEL            Son            S                 Male            W            4           PA                                  PA       PA
 Richard W. NOEL       Son            S                 Male            W            7M      PA                                  PA       PA
Source Information:
      Census Place     Greensburgh, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
      Family History Library Film       1255205
      NA Film Number       T9-1205
      Page Number       434B

20 Mar 2003  <rmhenry@wpa.net>
Westmoreland County Courthouse, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Deed; Sylvester Zinck to Killian Bechtold and Egidius Bechtold:
This indenture made April 1st A D 1845 Between Sylvester Zinck of the township of Mount Pleasant county of Westmoreland state of Pennsylvania Fredericka his wife one part and Killian Bechtold and Edigius Bechtold of the borough of Youngstown county and state aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that said Sylvester Zinck and Fredericka his wife for and in consideration of the sum of Five Hundred Dollars to them in hand paid by the said Killian Bechtold and Egidius Bechtold at and before the ensealing and delivering here of the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and thereof acquit and forever discharge the said Killian Bechtold and Egidius Bechtold their heirs and assigns by these presents Heaven granted bargained alienated enfroffed released and confirmed and by these presents Do grant bargain alien enfroff release and confirm unto the said Killian Bechtold and Egidius Bechtold A certain tract of land in the county and state aforesaid Beginning at a chesnut oak corner North forty five and a (Page 309) half degrees East seventy two perches to white oak South fifty five and three perches degrees East thirty seven perches to a pin oak South twenty eight degrees West nineteen perches to a black oak South eighty degrees East forty nine perches to a post then South fifty five and three fourths degrees East fifty seven perches to a post South twenty nine and a half degrees West one hundred and fifty one and one tenth perches to stone North fifty six degrees West thirty six perches to a poplar North thirty degrees West twenty seven and eight tenths perches to stones South twenty degrees West twenty seven perches to a post North sixty two degrees West one perch to a post South twenty three degrees West twenty six perches to a post North seventy nine degrees West thirty five perches to a chestnut North seventeen degrees East fifty seven perches to a white oak South fifty degrees East forty two perches to a post North twenty degrees East thirty nine perches to a white oak North thirty nine degees West fifty perches to a post North seventeen degrees East twenty five perches to a white oak North forty one degrees West forty nine perches to a chestnut oak and place of beginning Containing one hundred and twenty acres strict measure It being the greater part of that one hundred and ninety seven and nine perches and allowances of land granted by the commonwealth Pennsylvania to Henry Marks as by patent dated the 8th day of March 1838 and enrolled in Patent Book H vol 29 page 148 reference thereunto being had all of which will more fully appear and the said Henry Marks and Catharine his wife conveyed the same by their indenture dated March 20 of 1840 to Sylvester Zinck and to his heirs assigns reference being had which will more fully appear to Heave and to Heold the said 120 acres strict measure unto the said Killian Bechtold and Egidius Bechtold their heirs and assigns to the only proper use and benefit and behoof of them the said Killian Bechtold and Egidius Bechtold their heirs and assigns forever and the said Sylvester giveth and Fredericka his wife the aforesaid described land against theirselves and all persons lawfully claiming or to claim they will warrant and forever defend. In testimony whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seals to the year and day above written.

Signed and delivered in the presence of us
Daniel H. Kaylor                                                                          Sylvester Zinck        SEAL
John Kaylor                                                                                 Fredericka Zinck       SEAL

Delivered on the day of the foregoing Indenture the consideration money in full.
John Kaylor                                                                                    Sylvester Zinck

Westmoreland County ss. Personally appeared before me one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county Sylvester Zinck
and Fredericka his wife and acknowledged the foregoing Indenture to be their act and deed and desired the same might be recorded
to law she the said Fredericka bring of full age and apart by me examined the full contents made known to her whereupon she did
declare that she signed of her own free will and accord without any compulsion of her said husband - In testimony whereof I have put
my hand and seal this 9th day of April 1845

Recorded 19th of August A D 1845


Herman Bechtold, son of Killian, married Cecilia Ann Hebrank. Her parents are Wolfgang Hebrank and Catherine Nessler.

Morning Review Greensburg newspaper, January 9, 1908:

"Mrs. Catherine Hebrank, 89 years old died at her home on Wayne Avenue at 8:00 o'clock Wednesday morning of general debility. The deceased was one of the oldest and best known residents of Greensburg.  Mrs. Hebrank is survived by the following children: William Hebrank of Wayne Avenue, Mrs. Seely Bectold of 127 East Otterman Street, Mrs. Lewis Painter of Wayne Avenue, and Mrs. W. S. Gessler of Indiana, Pennsylvania.  Funeral services would be held Friday at 10 a.m. at the Most Holy Sacrament Catholic Church, interment in the Greensburg Catholic Cemetery."

Catherine is the daughter of Blausius Nessler born 1784, Baden, Germany.
Tribune-Review, Thursday, July 24, 1997
Nelle F. Bechtold, 83, of Greensburg, died Tuesday, July 22, 1997, at St. Anne Home, Greensburg. She was born July 27, 1913, in East Pittsburgh, a daughter of the late Edward H. Bechtold Sr. and Nelle Guilfoyle Bechtold. Nelle was a music teacher for the Hempfield Area School District, having retired with 32 years of service. She taught at Youngwood Jr. and Sr. High Schools and Stanwood Jr. High School. She was a member of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, a member of the Pa. State Retired Teachers Association, the Westmoreland County Retired Teachers Association and a member of the Greensburg College Club. Nelle was a graduate of Greensburg High School with the Class of 1931 and graduated from Seton Hill College in 1935. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by two sisters, Eleanor Bechtold and Ruth Bechtold Conley; and a brother, Edward H. Bechtold Jr. She is survived by a sister, Mrs. William H. (Celestine) Bierman of Pittsburgh; a brother, Richard T. ``Dick'' Bechtold of Greensburg, with whom she made her home; and numerous nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. Family and friends will be received in the KEPPLE-GRAFT FUNERAL HOME INC., 524 N. Main St., Greensburg, Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. and Friday from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. A blessing service will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. in the funeral home, followed by a Funeral Mass to be celebrated at 10:30 a.m. in Blessed Sacrament Cathedral. Interment will follow in Greensburg Catholic Cemetery. The family suggests memorials to the American Heart Association, 615 S. Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 15601, in memory of Nelle F. Bechtold.

       Tribune-Review, Thursday, January 20, 1994:

Charles V. Conley Wible, 80, of South Greensburg, formerly of Mt. Pleasant, died Tuesday, Jan. 18, 1994, at his home. He was born in Phenix, R.I., on July 31, 1913, and was a son of the late Redmond P. and Susan Wilhelm Conley. He was a former employee of the Blawnox Chemical Co., the U.S. Rubber Co., and had retired from the Smith Glass Co. in Mt. Pleasant as an expediter. He was a member of St. Bruno's Church in South Greensburg and was also a member of the AARP and the U.O.A. He was preceded in death, besides his parents, by a stepfather, Charles Wible; his first wife, Ruth Bechtold Conley; his last wife, Mary Kotlar Wible; and two brothers, John R. Conley and Thomas ``Tim'' Wible III. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Ruth Conley McDonald of Greensburg; and a grandson, Sean McDonald of Greensburg. Friends will be received at the KEPPLE-GRAFT FUNERAL HOME INC., 524 N. Main St., Greensburg, on Thursday from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 p.m. A Funeral Mass will be celebrated Friday at 10 a.m. in St. Bruno Church. Entombment will follow in the Twin Valley Mausoleum, Delmont. Family requests memorial contributions to either the American Cancer Society, 152 E. Otterman St., Greensburg, or to the United Ostomy Association, Keystone Chapter, P.O. Box 901, Greensburg, Pa. 15601. Terence L. Graft in charge of the funeral arrangements.

26 Mar 2003  BCottageFarm@msn.com
Looking for information on Daniel Noel b: 1859, and Sara Brown b:  1857. Parents of Mary Kathryn Noel b: 4-10-1882, married Charles William Brumbaugh b:7-14-1886.  And Anna M. Noel b: 12-3-1893, married Bruce Barnett. Mary Kathryn and Anna M. were both born at Six Mile Run, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.  That puts Daniel Noel and Sara in Huntingdon County 1886-1893. Sorry, don't know the religion.  I know that my husband grew up as a Methodist.  Mary Noel is his grandmother, and is buried in a cemetery in Entriken, Pennsylvania.

7 Apr 2003  <dlommert@embarqmail.com>
I am looking for information on my Grandfather.  His name was Paul Francis Noel, born Sept. 19, 1911.  He married Emma Catherine Shrader (born 9-24-1911) September 16, 1929 in the Immaculate Conception Church, New Oxford, PA.    They were later divorced.  I'm unsure of the year.   My Grandmother passed away April 15, 1998.  I never met my Grandfather and have only the above info.  I was wondering if you would have any info. on Paul F. Noel and maybe how many brothers and/or sisters he had and their names, etc.  I would appreciate any help you could offer or if you could let me know of someone else who could help me.     Denise
Added Note!   Paul died  March 14, 1997 at Baresville, Adams County, PA 17331

27 Apr 2003    <rmhenry@wpa.net>
Michael E. Stahovic Jr., 57, of Latrobe, died Saturday, April 26, 2003, in his home. He was born Dec. 14, 1945, in Latrobe,
a son of Mary (Mills) Stahovic of Latrobe and the late Michael E. Stahovic Sr. He was an employee of the Greater Latrobe
School District. He was a Vietnam veteran, having served with the U.S. Marine Corps. His greatest pleasure was riding his
motorcycle. He loved his dogs, Penny and Mazie, and loved tinkering in his workshop. In addition to his father, he was
preceded in death by a grandnephew, Brian Schall. Surviving are his wife, Darlene (Shafer) Stahovic; a son, Thomas Stahovic
of Latrobe; a brother, John Stahovic of Latrobe; and five sisters, Anna Catherine Montgomery and her husband, John, of
Latrobe, Dolores Porter and her husband, David, of Manassas, Va., Mary Humphrey and her husband, Tom, of Harrison
City, Loretta Errett of Latrobe and Louise Tomanio and her husband, Michael, of Latrobe; and a number of nieces and
nephews. It was Michael's wish to have no public visitation and a private interment. The JOHN J. LOPATICH FUNERAL
HOME INC., 601 Weldon St., Latrobe, in charge of arrangements.

5 May 2003  <brian.messa@3web.net>
Newfoundland Noel's - My great-grandfather was Bertram Noel (Southside Harbour Grace), who was the son of Moses Noel (Harbour Grace) and Ann Goss (Bishop's Cove). I'd like to know more about Moses Noel (b. ~1860 - 1820), ie: was Patience Noel (b.1823, Harbour Grace), his sister, cousin, etc. and naturally who his parents were?      Cindy

 05 May 2003       <sclemas@comcast.net>
I'm trying to trace back a Branch of our family tree the person i'm trying to start with is my Grandmothers mother Louise Noel (married to Alcide Savoy ) Antoinette R. Savoy is my grandma

Name: Alcide SAVOIE Sex: M   Marriage 1 Louisia NOEL <------i cant find hardly anything on this last name
    Antoinette R. SAVOIE b: 2 APR 1914 in Victoriaville, Quebec
    Wilfred SAVOIE
    Mary Jeanne SAVOIE
    Edwina SAVOIE   Marriage 1 Ovide SOUCY
    Margaret SAVOIE

 9 May 2003   Bdarfen@aol.com
According to records at Conewago Chapel, Edgegrove, Pa., Peter Krim/Grim married Christina Noll Feb.25,1800. The Noels acted as sponsors and witnesses at several other Grim marriages & births. Does anyone know who Christina's parents were and what became of her and husband Peter Grim?
The Grims were Roman Catholic. George and Elizabeth Brichner (Breighner) Grimm are my ancestors; stopped at George. Peter Grim, I'm sure, was his brother.  I had thought John Grim shown on the pigeon hill map (K6) on your site was also a brother, but I am beginning to think he was possibly the father. I also suspect this family was from Alsace-Lorraine.

1880 census for Berwick Twp., Adams, Pa. lists David Null (Noel)-59 and wife Rebecca-54. Children: John-22,
Lucy (Chronister)-21 & son Henry Chronister,George-17 and Ella-16.
David Noel, born 1821 was the son of James/Jacob Noel (born 1797 Adams Co.)& Mary (Polly) Strausbaugh
                  (born 1796  Paradise Twp. York).
James/Jacob was the son of John Noel (born 1773) & Philipina Weiss.
John was the son of Peter Noel (born 1750) & Henrietta
Peter was the son of Peter Noel (born 1720 in Europe) & Margaret.

Margaret (Polly) Strausbaugh, wife of James/Jacob Noel was the daughter of
Michael Strausbaugh & Margaretha Brichner(Breighner)- born May 28,1769
Margaretha was the daughter of Gotleib Brichner(Breighner)

Rebecca Gertrude Grim, born Aug.23,1826 was the daughter of JohnGrim (born 1797) & Sarah Sauer.
     John Grim was the son of John Grimm & Catherine Eckenrode (born abt.1762)

David Null and Rebecca are living about 2 doors away from Rebecca's brother Alexius Grim and wife Kate E. Hull in Berwick Twp. Adams, Pa. in 1880.

 I was not able to find a record of a marriage between Michael Strausbaugh & Margaretha Brichner at York Historic Trust.   I did find this entry in my notes taken from the Grim family vital cards at Adams County Historical Society, of Adams County- Marriage, Joseph Noll to Elizabeth Grim, Jan.30,1824.  After doing some investigating on this couple, my best guess is that Joseph Noel was the son of John Noel & Philippina Weis, born July 8,1808. Elizabeth Grim was the daughter of John Grim and Catherine Eckenrode and was born Nov.12,1811.          Perry Brandt

14 May 2003  <Strasbaugh@ballardspahr.com>
As you know, Ted's wife and I are descended from David Noel's sister  Rebecca (also known as Margaret) Noel who married Benjamin Strasbaugh (her first cousin once removed). There were apparently three other Noel brothers - Henry, John  and Joseph. I  believe Henry married Benjamin's half-sister Catherine.  Much information about James and Mary  Noel is on Ted's
web page http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/v/o/n/Theodore-E-Von-mechow/?Welcome=1052941214

Would be glad to try to answer any questions Perry has.  I have been trying to find a source for Margaret Brichner's marriage to Michael Strasbach and parentage of Mary (Polly). A lot of internet sources say it is so, but I would like to find the original source.

I think one source of confusion to researchers is how Abraham, Jacob and Andrews (the children of James and Mary named in the Conewago records) wound up as David, Henry and Joseph in the probate records. Were there six sons (three dying as infants) or three who used different names?     Wayne

20 May     <Mray@mchsi.com>
I'm looking for information on Joseph and Martha (Lingenfelter) Noel from Portage, Pa.

Their children are:        Mary, Dorothy, Grace, Joe, Blair, Art, William, George, Albert.

My father-in-law was Blair Noel from East Freedom, Pa. And we are trying to find out family history.

11 Jun 2003     <smothersnena@hotmail.com>
I highly encourgae the DNA testing as Dominic is suggesting also. We have done this with our Smothers group and have 3 separate lines now and found out some wonderful news. Like our long lost 4x grandfather, we now have a really good idea he is connected to the Smither line of PA. My bro matched 12/12 markers with a Smathers in OHIO...so they have upgraded to the 25 marker for add'l matches which cost was just 90. and no add'l swab.

Yes, they started out as Smither/Schmedder/Schmetter, some changed to Smeathers, then some to Smathers and some to Smether and later Smothers...but all are connected, DNA is good proof! And Family TREE DNA in Houston is excellent and wonderful folks and easy to work with, always ready to answer any questions fr the Group Admn or participants or interested folks!

I really am interested in the Noel's as they tie into the Smither line which could connect to our Pa Smither's. Its certainly well worthwhile and what we found out is if someone was having any problem with the funds, we chipped in and helped, being females, we figured that was a good contribution for us since we can't do the testing.
If you would like to ck out our DNA site just to see how it works go here:

This is why I am interested in the Noel's...and if anyone is connected to any of the Smither's listed in this line, please get in touch with me to compare notes. Thanks kindly, Nena Smothers
Descendants of James Noel>Cornelius>Jacob>Nouwelsz>Passchier Nowe -

   1   James Noel  1680 - 1741 Occupacia Essex Co Va
Note:Will 1741-Lived New Holland Plantation. Will proven Apr 21 1741 Bk 6 pg
295/339. This will devises property to his : James, Cornelius, John, Edward,
Joseph, Thomas, Rice, Reuben, Richard, Esther, Milley. Property consisted of
lands on Occupation Run. Distribution of estate made Sept 15 to widow and
James jr, Cornelius Noell, Esther Garnett, dau/of James Noell and Milley
Noell. Foregoing will/distribution order proved Esther Garnett wife of John
Garnett, dau of James Noell."
..      + Elizabeth Evans  dau/o Reese/Elizabeth Evans 1695 -
    ..    2 James Noel  1717 - 1791 Essex Co Va
......      + Elizabeth Taylor
              3 Larkin Noel 1740-1767
              3 William Noel 1743-1801
              3 James Noel 1745-1802
              3 Elizabeth Noel 1747
              3 Edmund Noel 1750-1808
              3 Sally Noel 1753
              3 Leonard Noel 1756
              3 Callis Noel 1758-d Rev War
              3 Theodrick Noel 1760-1831 m Sarah Sullivan
                4 Silas Mercer Noel
                4 Mary Noel
                4 Fanny Noel
                4 James H Noel
                4 Theodrick Noel jr
                4 Robert Semple Noel - S G Rager ancestor
        2   Cornelius Noel  1719 - 1771
            + Anna Fogg
        2   John Noel   1721 - 1776 - V White ancestor
            + Ann Garnett    1725 -
             3 Thomas Noel 1741-1789
               + Drucilla Sellars m Feb 10 1774 d 1827
  Excerpts of Cumberland Co., VA Records. 24 Aug..Lawney a Negro boy belonging to Thomas Nowell is by Court adjudged 10yrs old. 10 February 1774....Thomas Noell and Drucilla of Littleton Parish Co of Cumberland to John Noell of the said Parish---50 pounds-- all that tract or parcel of land---in the aforesaid Parish it being part of that tract of land
which said Thomas Noell obtained by heirship. Beginning at the White oak on Clopton's side line running thence South 120 poles to a corner White Oak on Mason's line, thence west on Chaffins line 210 poles to corner, thence N.E. on Andrew's line 108 poles to a corner White Oak, thence east on Robert Noell's and Thomas Noell's line. 210 poles to the beginning containing 133 Acres.Witnesses...Moses Arnold     John Andrews     Thomas Arnold

Will of Thomas Noel, Mercer Co KY June 23 1789 Will Book 1,pg 24,25. bequethe to my dear and well beloved wife Dric. Sellers for her peaceful enjoyment on it and a living for the duration of her widowhood all my lands, negroes, household
furniture and stock of all kinds and everything I now possess and if she should die before the children all come of age, then,
they that are not of age, to be raised on the said estate and after all become of age then the balance that
remains to be equally devided amongest them. Elizabeth, Garnett, Musker, John, Ann, Nancy, [Lette, Benjamin=Littleberry], Becky, Moses, Taby, and Sally to these my loving children. [missing Archibald]-was he not born? If my wife Drucilla should marry she shall be entitled to a child's part. It is my will and desire that John Chiles Sr., Drucilla my wife, and Garnett Noel
should be executors of this my estate. Signed: Thomas Noel It is my desire that if there are any mistakes in this my will the executors are to rectify it. Wit. David Chiles Henry Chiles Elizabeth Chiles fr Jas Gayheart js9076@aol.com

Note-Will-Dec 25 1827= Children named in Drucilla (Mary) Sellars (Will) Elizabeth Arnold, James Noel, Mosco Noel, John Noel, [Littleberry Noel = Benjamin+Lette], Moses Noel, Rebeccah Brown, Sally Robinson, Nancy Williams, Arch Noel, Tabitha. Exe: Henry Brown, Moses Noel, witness: Daniel Sweeney and William Willis Sr. [father to Sarah-wife of Lberry?]
                4 Benjamin Noel 1761-1822
                4 Lette Noel 1765
Note: Acc/to researcher sidhe.ky@netzero.net  Benj/Lette were one person=Littleberry
1m) Sarah Willis
2m)Martha Sutton Apr 20 1801 b 1784
                4 Garnett Noel 1763-1787 m Elizabeth Bell
                4 John Noel 1765-
                4 Elizabeth Noel 1767-1787 m Wm Arnold
                4 Musker[Muscoe]Noel 1771- m Elizabeth Smith
                4 Ann Noel 1773 m David Bufford
                4 Nancy Noel 1775 1m)John Mannion 2m)Williams ?
Note:Consent of Drucilla for her dau Nancy to m Mann Mar 15 1796. Witt: Archer Noel, John Noel,
Berry [Littleberry ?] Noel-all her bro's
                4 Becky Rebecca Noel 1777 m Henry Brown
                4 Moses Noel 1779
                4 Tabitha [Taby] Noel 1781-1826 m Samuel Arnold
                4 Sally Noel 1787 m John Robinson
        2   Joseph Noel 1725 - 1771 Killed in Rev War/Va
            + Mary Smither Cave [?]****
  Note: Mary Smither her maiden name. Info says her brother was a Col Cave and possible a Rev Richard Cave of Ky. Fr Dominic noel@mcn.org  Col Cave-brother to Mary Cave Noell-wife of Joseph Noell

Note: Joseph Noel was attorney for Elizabeth Smither [wife of Wm Smither] in lawsuit 1764 against her son John Smither.

[I think this will is the Wm I of Essex Co Va in the Deed records, and Wm jr is his son md Mary Noell not Ann Rogers]

WILL of Wm Smether 1754-Mary Smither's father-17 Feb 1754 Wm W. Smether (by his mark), of St. Ann's Parish, Essex Co, VA, made a will in which he made the following conveyance: Wife, Elizabeth, land/plantation on which we now live "during her natural life." Son John Elizabeth's property upon her death plus 1/3 of Wm's apple orchard. Dau Ann Hudson, right to live on the land he conveys to her sons. Son Wm 200acs "on which he now lives." Son Robert 300acs "whereon he now lives. Dau Mary Noel and her heirs 100acs land Orange Co whereon they have lived. Grandsons Richard/Tho Hudson 100acs Orange Co to be equally divided bet them subject to their mother having "liberty to live in possession of the land"Additionally John Smether named exec of est.  H. Rennolds, Richard Hill and Joseph Cross witn to will.The aggregate area conveyed by will appears contiguous and together with the aforementioned gift to son John, of 325acs total more than the 1000 acre grant.*Wayne Smithey notes*

[think this is Wm jr]
1763-Mar 2-"Wm Smither of St Geo Parish to Larkin Chew of same county, several negroes devised sd Smither by his father, Wm Smither, dec'd of Essex Co, as by his will rec'd in Essex Co, sd Negroes now in possession of his mother, ELIZABETH Smither of Essex Co Va...."

[think this is Wm I's wife vs her son John]
Elizabeth Smether vs John Smether-1764 "I Elizabeth Smether of Parish of St Ann and county of Essex...appoint Joseph Noel to settle and account with my son John Smether for all money tobacco and profit and estate made use of the estate lent me by my dec'd husband William SMETHER which he [son John] took and disposed of without my knowledge or consent ...."

William Smither/Mary Noel Lawsuit-1788 "Whereas by a decree of high Court of Chancery made 12th day of May 1788 Mary NOEL against Smither and others, whereby Sundry Negroes was recovered and said Mary Noel being relict of Joseph Noel dec'd. AND I, WILLIAM SMITHER by marriage with ESTER NOEL of  Kentucky a legatee of said Joseph Noel have an equal claim to said Negroes. I have appoint Richard Noel as my attorney in Essex Co Va ....."
[Richard Noel brother to Joseph Noel and was an attorney]

Children of Wm and Elizabeth:
1-John Smither m Ann Watkins 1788
Note: Index to Marr Old Rappahannock/Essex Co Va-pg 219
1788 John Smither m Ann, dau of John Watkins. Book W 8, pg 89.
1748-John Watkins will: Essex Co Va Aug 1748-dau Ann Smither[married a
Smither ?], Barbaray Hill[marr a Hill?], Mary Fogg[marr a Fogg?], son Wm,
Grandch Eliz Smither[dau of his son John ?], Ann McCormick[grand dau?], Ann
Watkins[wife ?], Ann Fogg[dau of Mary Fogg ?], John Hill[ son of Barbaray
Hill?], Leonard Hill[son of Barbaray ?], Jesey Hill[son of Barbaray ?], Ex.
John Smither[son in law]. Wit: Wm Smither[bro to John?],Elizabeth Smither
[wife to Wm ?]
2-William m Ester Noel ********
3-Robert Smither m Elizabeth
Note: Apr 23 1787 indenture made bet Robert Smither/Elizabeth his wife and
Benj Stevens.
Spotslvania Co Va
4-Mary Smither m Joseph Noel *******

1771-WILL-NOEL JOSEPH "Balance of estate to be divided among all children:
Tabatha, Anne,
Easter, Rose & Molley [Polly]. Negro Sam to be sold if necessary to pay
debts. Exec: Wife Mary Noell, Reuben Noell, Richard Noell, Caleb Noell.
Signed, Joseph Noell. Witt: Wm Cavanaugh, Leonard
Andrews, Angus Vawter, Boulware Vawter. "Proved 15 Apr 1771 by Angus Vawter
and rec Further proved 17 June 1771 by Richard Noel, one of the executors,
and ordered to probate
1788-Essex Co Deed Book #33 p 181 Mary Smither Noel [dau/o Wm/Eliz
Smether/Smither, widow
of Joseph Noel, had a claim levied against her for several slaves, owned by
the Noel's. The claim
emanates fr Wm Smither of Ky who makes his claim as husband of Easter Noell,
'a legatee of said Joseph Noel'. The claim is to be pursued by Richard Noell
who was appointed by Wm Smither of Ky
as his attorney. Richard being a brother, also of the dec'd Joseph Noell.
Appointment May 20 1788

5-Ann Smither m Hudson
   -Grandson Richard Hudson
   -Grandson Thomas Hudson

John and Ann Smither children:
-Elizabeth Smither [grandchild of John Watkins]
-William Smither ?? [witt to Watkins will] or was he the son of Wm ?]

12 Jun 2003   CarolVass@comcast.net
The Andrew Noel who married Cecelia Byrne is one of the NOEL descendants of Joseph Noel.  If their descendants were known, the males would be excellent candidates for Dominic's DNA project.  Andrew was the only surviving son of
William Noel [ca 1801-1882] and his 1st wife Anna Emily Willson.  William was the son of Andrew Noel Jr/Elizabeth Walter.  Andrew Jr was the son of Andrew Noel Sr./Teresa Dillon.  Andrew Sr was the son of Johannes Noel/Margaret Unknown.
Johannes was one of the sons of Joseph Noel.   I sure hope that a NOEL DNA project does get going.

Kathy, if you would like the information I have found on Andrew William Noel [ca 1836-40 to aft 1910] and Cecelia Byrne, I would be happy to share it with you -- not that it is as complete as I would like to have it.   I am a descendant of Andrew's half sister Sarah Noel/John George Glass and am working to fill in the blanks on all of William Noel's children, but there's much left to discover.  Andrew/Cecelia had at least one son -- Walter Noel [ca 1876 to aft 1910].  Walter was married to a woman named Amy and they had at least one son, Eugene Noel, b ca 1910.  Walter/Amy lived in Altoona in 1910, immediately next
door to Andrew [a widower] and an unmarried daughter plus a married daughter/husband/child.   If you'd like my info, let me know.              Carol Vass

14 Jun 2003  <petenoel@hotmail.com>
Name: Clement NOEL   Sex: M   Birth:  ca 1804, Place unknown, probably Harbour Grace or Freshwater,Nfld,Canada maybe Jersey CI
Marriage 1 Mary SHEPPARD b: 24 Oct 1805 in Harbor Grace,Newfoundland
Married: 20 May 1825 in St Paul's Anglican Church,Harbor Grace, NFLD

A lot of Clement Noels seem to originally come from St.Martin, Jersey where first son was typically named Clement. This is
consistent with oral history.

15 Jun 2003   <ereed4609@comcast.net>
Cornelius Noel was born November 8, 1623, christened in Hooglandse Church, Leiden, S. Holland.  Cornelius Noel was the second son to be named Cornelius as his older brother, Cornelius died as an infant.

Land located in Essex County, VA is Occupacia Creek which still has its Indian name.  This particular creek has been called by
many names, usually the name was changed when the ownership of the land changed, and it was on this creek that our
CORNELIUS NOEL  was given a Grant of Land when he came into America. This land-grant is located on Occupacia Creek about 4 miles inland from the Rappahannock River in Essex Co., VA.  He received this land 25 September 1665. (see copy of original Patent made to him).

7 November 1666  "Whereas Cornelius Noel has lived in this County Servant and Freeman and of the Reformed Religion and has taken up land with a full resolution to make his constant abode in this County and to remain himself as a true and factful servant towards his Majesty and his Liege people hath petitioned he might be admitted a Denizen (inhabitant) of this County.  It is by the Governor Council and Burgesses of this Grand Assembly Granted or ordered that said Cornelius Noel be made a free Denizen----"
Journal of the House of Burgesses of Virginia 1659-60-1693
H.R.M. Ilvaine      page 43

While living in Essex Co. in Occupacia Creek, VA, he received his Naturalization Papers from Francis Lord Howard, Governor of VA 27 April 1686.

Again in 1692, he received a grant for 250 acres of land for transportation of five people into Essex County, Virginia.

Esther Noel Reed

15 Jun 2003     <jctripp@charter.net>
 hile transcribing the Revolutionary War pension file of John Platt I came across some testimony of Nicholas Noel.
John Platt lost his discharge papers & proved with the help of family & neighbors that he served in the war.

Here is some info that will help in determining some dates mentioned in Noel's afidavit:
In his own testimony, John said he moved from Adams Co to Cambria Co PA in 1801 or 1802.
There is documentation that John Platt resided in Adams Co PA as late as June or July 1801.

Noels just keep cropping up,
this day personally appeared before me Michael Leary a justice of the peace in and for said county, Nicholas Noel aged seventy nine years on the first of October next, a person of credibility, who has been duly sworn on his oath says that he has
been acquainted since before the revolutionary war with John Platt now of Cambria County, and a very old man. He first knew said Platt in York county now Adams county Pa and since he Platt came to this Cambria, This affiant recollects the evolutionary war and distinctly remembers that it was then publicly said and in the mouths of all; that the said John Platt was out, a soldier in the American army twice; one of the times, for another, and once for himself......
Affiant came to this county to reside in this part of the county about forty or perhaps forty one years past and Platt had lived here some time before perhaps a year or two.

Nicolas T Noel
Subscribed and sworn to this 9th day of July 1844
before me M Leary JP
County of Cambria Js

22 Jun 2003 "mary ray" <mray@mchsi.com>
The oldest member is Joseph Noel married to Martha Lingenfelter and they lived in Portage Pa. Their Children: Mary, Dorothy,
Grace, Joseph, Blair, Art, William, George, Alberta. We are trying to find more on the Noel family history .

 23 Jun 2003      <willas.smith@gbronline.com>
After receiving a dc for a gg grandmother, born in 1840 in Virginia, the document states her father is John Noel, born in France.  Unfortunately, the last name of her mother, born in Virginia, is unreadable.  What can be read is Sarah V. F ---y.
This gg grandmother met and married in her husband, a Dowdy, in Gallia County, Ohio where there are Noels, but her husband comes from Bedford County, Va. where there are Noels, also. This couple finally migrated to Lawrence County, Ky.
I have just started researching this line but cannot separate the John Noels and none with a wife named Sarah V. F--.  Does this sound familiar to anyone? 

28 Jun 2003   WildBilFla@aol.com
 I  am  the grandson of Rhoda Dillon , ggrandson of Patrick Dillon, gggrandson of Samuel & Susan Noel  Dillon. Rhoda married  Hugh Dillon & his parents were John & Elizabeth Dillon. Bill Huether

29 Jun 2003  <tntsuper777@chartermi.net>
My mother's maiden name is Noel, I've been working on my family tree and ran into a brick wall when it comes to the Noel side of the family. Hopefully you might be able to help me out. My mother has told me that her father is Indian and he was blackfoot, Ojbway. That he was born in Ottawa, Canada. (Not sure how much Indian) I do have some pictures and he looks
Indian, also that he was known as a healer. Here is the information I have so far starting with my grandfather and his side of the
family, Please any help would be appriciated.

Arthur Joseph Noel    B-2-18-1907 - D-12-21-1966
He was born in Canada

His Father is:
Napoleon Joseph Noel  B-1-12-1871 - D-11-29-1949
Born in Ottawa, Canada, Died in Bay City, Michigan

His Mother is:
Alice Mary Degg (Dage) B-11-22-1874 - D-12-22-1966
Born in Monroe, Michigan, Died in Bay City, Michigan
They married in 1894

Napoleon's Father is:
Frank (Francis) Noel  B-btw 1837-1845 - D-btw 1874-1880
Born in Ottawa,Quebec, Canada

Napoleon's Mother is:
Philomena (Rivel) Noel her nickname is Minnie   B-1843 - D-aft 1880
Born in Ottawa, Quebec, Canada

I did find Minnie Noel in the cencus of 1880, but she was widowed. I can't seem to find anything on these two people. I did get there children's names from the cencus.
Francis B-1864
Israel  B-1866
John   B- 1869
Napoleon B-1-12-1871- D-11-29-1949
Clothilda B-10-9-1874- D-1-13-1927

Now for Alice's Father:
Joseph Degg (Dage) B-1846 - D-aft. 1880
Born in Canada

Alice's Mother:
Theresa (Vineyard) Degg  B-1853 - D-aft. 1880
Born in Monroe, Michigan

I did find them in the 1880 cencus, which gives there children's names. And also found that Theresa's parents are from Canada. But that was it and nothing else. There children's name are:

Libby  B-1869
Angline  B-1873
Alice (Alace) B-1875
Anna  B-1877
Ida   B-1879
Albert B-?
Louis  B-1888

Please if you could help me, I would appriciate any information I can get on these family's. I do have Napoleon's and Alice's Death cert.  I did find your site very helpful, but just don't know where my family fits in and I hope you can help me.      Tina

 29 Jun 2003  <noel@mcn.org>
I have a copy of a letter from St Vincent Archabby (Sportsman's Hall, Latrobe, PA) which is contrary to my information. If anyone needs a copy I can send it by e-mail.

"Peter Noel son of Joseph Noel and Mary Borgmyer, born 26 October 1931 in Westmoreland County, PA was baptized by father James A Stillinger, Pastor, on 17 June 1832.  The sponsors were Bernard Grant and Hanna Griffith."

Peter Noel,  my granduncle, died in St Louis on his way home to Davenport, Iowa after being wounded at Champion Hill in 1863. Peter had stopped to visit his half brother in Latrobe, PA, Jacob Noel my grandfather, who may have tried to take him home.

I have the mother as Maria Longmeyer. Also the first wife of Joseph Noel was a Griffin and he had relations with this family until his death in 1839 so the spelling could be in error.

My information was from Harvey Noel who went to Latrobe and viewed the records, so I don't know which is correct although I would favor Harvey.

Dominic E Noel

 30 Jun 2003     Jim Cyphert <jimcyphert@labyrinth.net>
Mary Whalen Noel, 73, of Avalon, died Friday, June 27, 2003. Beloved mother of Mary Ellen Woollard of Evans Mills,
N.Y., and Catherine Noel of Bellevue. Sister of Francis D., Robert P. and Jerome P. Whalen. Grandmother of Janine,
Amanda and Mary. Friends received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday at LAWRENCE T. MILLER FUNERAL HOME
INC., 460 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, www.ltmillerfuneralhome.com. Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Church of
the Assumption.

30 Jun 2003       <mathnor@globetrotter.net>

Mon anctre tait Pierre Nol mari lizabeth Augustin de Poitou Vienne.  Leur fils Franois s'est mari Ste Famille le D'Orlan Qubec en 1669 Nicole Legrand Pierre Nol.

My ancestor was Pierre Nol married to lizabeth Augustin from Poitou in Vienna. Their son Franois was married in Ste Famille Island D' Orlan in Quebec in 1669 to Nicole Legrand.

My name is Pierre Nol' I am from Quebec (Canada) My father is Paul-Emile Nol and my grand father is Napoleon Nol. My grandfather comes from St-Jean, Chrysotone, Qubec. I have my family tree.

 04 Jul 2003  <noel@mcn.org>


1790  Census Maryland

  Blossius Noel                        Frederick County, MD
  John Noel                             Frederick County, MD
  Septimus Noel                      Baltimore County, MD

1800  Census

   Blosse Noel                     Taneytown, MD
   John Noel                        Emmitsburg, MD
   Dr Perry Noel                 Queen Ann's, MDCounty
   JACOB  NOEL              ADAMS  BERWICK, PA
   JOHN    Noel                 YORK      PARADISE, PA

1810 Census

     PERY E   NOEL              QUEEN ANNES County, MD
     JACOB   NOEL               ADAMS    ABBOTS TOWN, PA
     JACOB   NOEL               ADAMS    BERWICK TWP, PA
     JNO        NOEL                BEDFORD   GREENFIELD TWP, PA
     JOHN     NOEL                YORK  PARADISE TWP, PA
     PETER  NOEL                 YORK  PARADISE TWP, PA

1820 Census
     JOHN   NOEL                  FREDERICK   EMMITSBURG, MD
     MARY  NOEL                 CAROLINE, MD        2-DIST
     MRS  NOEL                     BALTIMORE, MD   9-WD
     PETER   NOEL                WESTMORELAND UNITY,  PA
     SIMEON  Noel                 WESTMORELAND UNITY,  PA
     Widow   Noel                    WESTMORELAND   MOUNT PLEASANT

1860 Census
NOEL ALOYSIUS        43    M   W      PA    WESTMORELAND      DERRY TWP,  PA
NOEL BLASSIUS         45   M   W      PA     WESTMORELAND      DERRY TWP,  PA
NOEL CHAS                  52  M   W       PA    WESTMORELAND  LIGONIER TWP, PA
NOEL  JACOB               25   M   W      PA    WESTMORELAND BURRELL TWP, PA
NOEL  SIMON                33  M   W      PA   CAMBRIA CARROLL TWP
NOEL  DAVID               50   M   W      PA    CAMBRIA   CHEST TWP, PA
NOEL  JOHN H              24   M   W      PA    CAMBRIA   CHEST TWP
NOEL  WILLIAM           59   M  W     PA    CAMBRIA CHEST TWP
NOEL  SIMON                39   M  W      PA   CAMBRIA  CHEST TWP
NOEL  MARY                 52   F   W      PA    CAMBRIA  CLEARFIELD TWP
NOEL  MARY A             50   F   W      PA   CAMBRIA  CLEARFIELD TWP
NOEL  MARY                 66   F   W      PA    CAMBRIA   WASHINGTON TWP
NOEL  JOSEPH             60   M   W      PA      CAMBRIA    MUNSTER TWP, PA
NOEL  JOSEPH             49   M   W      PRUS  CAMBRIA   MUNSTER TWP, PA
NOEL  JOSEPH             70   M   W      PRUS  CAMBRIA   MUNSTER TWP, PA
NOEL  GEORGE            60   M   W     HESS  CAMBRIA   MUNSTER TWP, PA
NOEL  JOHN                  30   M   W     PRUS  CAMBRIA MUNSTER TWP, PA
NOEL  PETER                36   M  W      PRUS   CAMBRIA   CARROLL TWP
NOEL  PHILIP                38   M  W      PRUS   CAMBRIA  MUNSTER TWP
NOEL  RACHEL             33   F   W      PA      CAMBRIA    WILMORE BORO
         wife Hester A    age 20  Selinia? age 10\12 female

 4 Jul 2003  <traveller@golden.net>
Searching for Joseph William Noel, born Apr.11.1871, Harbour Grace,NFLD.  His death cetificate states he was born in Harbour Grace, but I am beginning to doubt it.  Contacted the Provincial Archives in NFLD.  One record of a Joseph Noel born in 1868.  Unfortunately, this is not my Joseph.  It was suggested he came from the Channel Islands.  No record there either.  Where-o-where is my illusive Joseph !!            Bev.Noel

13 Jul 2003 <thistleberry@netzero.net>
My ancestor is Benjamin Noel, born 1816 of Mercer, Kentucky.  In 1841 he married Miranda N. Bishop in Mercer,
Kentucky, who was also born in Mercer, Kentucky in 1820/1821.  They had 4 children in Mercer before moving to Illinois:
Charles b.1841, Harriet b. 1844, Josephine b. 1846 and Sarah b. 1848.  They had two more children born to them in Illinois:
Mary b. 1851 and Benjamin b. 1861.  Benjamin Noel (b. 1816) died in Illinois before 1870.  I do not know who Benjamin's
parents are.  Any information that you might have would be greatly appreciated.     Angela

18 July 2003    genkid@comcast.netl
Found an interesting tidbit today.  Was looking at some pages from Maryland that are supplements to the Conawago records, notes made by the priests prior to recording in the records. and found a difference.
In the Conawago records:
DILLONE ANDREW    11-18-1832   11/28/1832
Peter & Catherine Noel Dillowe
Sponsors Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Noile
In the notes the Child is:
Dillone, Andrew P.   <- P is added a middle name?
sponsors are:
Andrew Noel, Hanna Bechtel
The Noel tree has Andrew Noel married to Anna Bechtol the helps to clarify the names.

 7-21-2003          noeln@uncw.edu
My oldest known Noel ancestor is John Noel, b. about 1810, the father of Joseph S. Noel.  Both were from York county.

25 July 2003       From The Derrick    http://www.thederrick.com/stories/07242003-4050.shtml
Obituary - Marjorie Passauer Noel

Marjorie Passauer Noel, 93, of Greensburg RD 4, formerly of Warren and Emlenton, died Sunday, July 20, 2003, in Weatherwood Manor, Greensburg. Born June 18, 1910, in Foxburg, she was the daughter of Earl F. and Ruth Mae Dunkle Passauer. Prior to her retirement, Mrs. Noel was an elementary school teacher in the Warren County School District.
Mrs. Noel was a member of Christ Episcopal Church in Greensburg. She was married to Grant Noel, who preceded her in death Surviving are a daughter, A. Lynne Castle and husband, Allen, of Greensburg; four grandchildren, Jonathan, Nathan, Austin and Emily Hine; and one stepgrandson, David Castle. In addition to her parents and husband, Mrs. Noel was preceded in death by a brother, John Passauer; and two sisters, Norma Kinter and Helen Lentz.

At Mrs. Noel's request, there will be no public visitation. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday in Christ Episcopal Church, Main Street, Greensburg, with the Rev. Ruth W. Manson officiating. Those attending should go directly to the church.
Interment will follow in Warren County Memorial Park, Warren, Pa. Vaia Funeral Home, 463 Athena Drive, Delmont, is in charge of arrangements.

30 July 2003    Grunt85@aol.com
If you ever run across an Elie noel and Elizabeth Le Grand in channel islands circa late 1790's or early 1800-s let me know...I have been looking for a decade now and stilll no marriage or births.. Doug Satchwell

5 August 2003
Latrobe Bulletin, Wednesday, June 18, 1924, Page 6:
This morning at 7:30 o'clock in the Holy Family church, the wedding of Miss Elizabeth Blaine, daughter of Stephen Blaine, of Irving Ave., and Robert Zink, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zink, of North Ave., was solemnized. Rev. A. M. Benedik, D. D., assistant pastor of the Holy Family church, performed the ceremony. The attendants were Miss Anna Blaine, a sister of the bride, and Joseph Knapp. The bride wore a fawn georgette dress with a hat to match. The bridesmaid wore a Copenhagen blue dress and hat. Following a wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Zink will make their home in Latrobe.

23 August 2003
Harry Edward Noel

Harry Edward Noel, 82, of Youngwood, died Saturday, Aug. 23, 2003, in Westmoreland Regional Hospital, Greensburg. He was born Feb. 26, 1921, in Greensburg, a son of the late Harry Oral and Mary Clifford Noel. He was a retired railroad engineer for Conrail after 42 years of service. He was a member of Christ United Methodist Church, Youngwood, served on the administrative council, was co-chairman of the history and archives on evangelism committee and a member of the Triangle Sunday School Class. He was a member and past president of the Youngwood Lions Club, Greensburg, the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, and a life member of Masonic Lodge 518, Greensburg. He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II, having served in the European theater. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Edith (Barron) Noel; two brothers, Clifford and William; two sisters, Louise Zollinger Hartman and Dorothy Lakin; and a granddaughter, Denise Rae Immel. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Dennis (Jacquelyn) Immel, of Greensburg and Mrs. David (Edith) Hepler, of Youngwood; grandchildren, Dee Ann Pruett and Allyson Hepler, Dennis and David Immel; a great-grandson, Steven Pruett; and a number of nieces and nephews. Friends will be received at the C. RICHARD McCAULEY FUNERAL HOME INC., Youngwood, Tuesday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Service Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the Christ United Methodist Church, Youngwood, with the Rev. Dr. Merritt Edner officiating. Interment will follow in Westmoreland County Memorial Park, Hempfield Township.

26 August 2003     Judyschor@aol.com
Anne NOL, was born about 1650 and died in Marimont les Benestroff, Moselle, France?  She married Jean MARCHAL who also died in Marimont les Benestroff.  They had a son, Jean Georges MARCHAL, b. 1685 in Marimont, d. 20 Nov 1772 in Munster, Moselle, France.  Jean Georges m. Catherine HENRY in 1715 in Munster.   Judy St. Eve Schor

27 August 2003   petenoel@comcast.net
Mary Ellen Noel, born possibly in Sand Mountain, Ala about 1845, married William Kersey in Randolph County Georgea, 1866.
I have no information on her parentage.

Noel is used in family line as a first name, Noel Lawhon born 1776 in Cumberland County, N.C., married Sarah Bethune, maybe in Cumberland County, N.C.  No info on why his parents named him Noel, their daughter Nancy married Bannister Kersey, and they produced William who married Mary Ellen Noel.

If anyone would like more detail on these family lines forward in history I'd be more than happy to supply it.

29 August 2003     jnoel84@hotmail.com
Frank Noel, my great grandfather and my great grandmother Catherine Hensel or Henzel were Hungarian.  We are not sure of his exact birthplace but it was Hungary, possibly outside Budapest. To the best of my knowledge my great grandfather came over as a young child with his father, also named Frank (my family wasn't very original).  He had a Brother, Pete Noel of St. Louis and Catherine Pfieffer (Noel) also of St. Louis.  Frank was also married before Catherine and had children, but we don't know their names or places of birth.
My grandfather was baptized into the Catholic Church and from what I understand the family was devoutly Catholic. My Grandfather was baptized John Joseph Noel, and thought his name was John until he started school and found out his legal name was Frank.

29 August 2003      Rintintin4141@aol.com
"I am currently searching for ancestors of William Noel, born approximately 1849, possibly at St Day, Cornwall.  William married Emily Jeffrey in 1885 in St Day, Cornwall."  Thank you for your help with this.    A Williams

10 September 2003       jimn88@yahoo.com
My  ancester    George Noll, date of birth-  15 feb 1803, married-  9 feb 1858   to Gertrude Fieman, died- 11 sept 1858
all in Berks or Lebonan Counties Pennsylvina.  His father may have been John Noll but not confirmed.

In response to a letter about  Cornelius Noel of Virginia

(1) Although it has never made sense to me, the corrections Mrs. Weeks sent
out in 1985 clearly styled the name Nowe Passchier rather than Passchier
Nowe. It said that Jacob took his father's given name.

(2) Mrs. Weeks used the spelling Noel throughout her work, I assume for
uniformity and because it is the predominant spelling and that of her name.
However the important documents highlighted in her Vol. 1 show that the
original Cornelius spelled the name Noell. Apparently the second "l" was
dropped by most of his descendants over the generations, and my research
indicates that in the line of his son James, from whom I am descended, the
original spelling was retained to some extent. Pockets of this group are
numerous in Southwest Virginia, particularly Bedford County, and to a lesser
extent in Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas.

(3) As to Cornelius' faith, note that he was christened in the Dutch Reformed
Church in Leiden. I don't believe Mrs. Weeks documents his religious
experience in this country, but I have research indicating that a number of
his descendants became Baptists.

(4) I don't find the reference to Jacques Noel as the father of Nowe
Passchier you mention. Before the 1985 corrections in Mrs. Weeks work, when
it was thought that Cornelius' grandfather was Peter Noel of Sedan France,
Peter's father was shown as Jacob Noel.

(5) I have recently come into possession of a survey of the various land
holdings of Cornelius and his children in Essex County, prepared by in 1981
by a local surveyor who was commissioned by a Judge James Noell of Houston,
Texas. My wife and I rode around the general area (Occupacia Creek) in 1995,
but didn't know how to identify the location from the early grant and deed
records. This surveyor has offered to show us the precise area, and since we
plan to be in Virginia next week for other reasons, we may take him up on his

From the 1916 History of Schuylkill Co PA.

"Stephen E. Noel is one of the younger business men at Minersville.

Emanuel N. Noel was born in Gettysburg (father)
Peter Noel (grandfather) from Paris, France to Adams County, PA"

"George D. Kreitzer . . . A native of Germany, he was born April 2, 1871, son of the late Florina Kreitzer. The father followed mining in Germany, until he brought his family to America, in 1882, landing at Philadelphia, Pa. They first located in Luzerne county, this state, and on May 4, 1886"

22 September 2003     g.naugle@worldnet.att.net
I was wondering if you would know of any connection between your Noel's and mine. My mother's Father was Leo Noel who married Emma Grace Thompson. They were married in Grand Maris Michigan. My great grandfather was from St Charles, MI. His name was John Frank Noel. He was born in Ohio. He died in 1903 and was born around 1838. Records indicate his father was from Virginia and mother from Ohio. This is as far back as I have been able to find.
Thank you for any help you may be able to give.  

10-5-2003           Joynoel63@aol.com
I would like to find living family members of Donald Cabe Noel born 4-18-21.died 7-1972. Cabe was my father. We lived in coalcenter,PA. He  also had a son by the name of  donald.