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25 Mar 1998    Ed Noel    <enoel@kpmg.com>
My family tree traces to Pierre Noel (b1609) through Francois (his son) who came from Chirzy, Poitou. to old St. Laurent. I have copied your summary & will forward you my information later. I am scarce on time right now due to my profession (tax acct).    Boston, MA

14 Jul 1998   Nathalie Ebnoether-NoŽl    <simstat@videotron.ca>
I'm very interested by the origin of the surname NoŽl.  My husband has that name.  His ancestor is FranÁois NoŽl who came from France to new France.

30 Jul 1998      Denise Noel      <denise.noel@sympatico.ca>
My ancester that first came in Quebec is FranÁois NoŽl who married Nicole Legrand in 1669.. About the coats of arms, I'm glad to finally discover that we have one. The one I have seen was the same but with blue color instead of red color.  I'm living in Blainville in Quebec Province, Canada.  My brother is living in Blainville too.  Here is his e-mail :    alencon@total.net

 06 Aug 1998    "E. Haeber"    <ehaeber@bc.sympatico.ca>
You answered my inquiry re info on Basile Noel/Marie Rose Lanteigne. I could not find a link to Basile Noel/M.Rose Lanteigne.  Aldergrove, B.C., Canada

26 Mar 1999  Alphonse Noel    <anoel@ns.cancom.net>
My first parents in Canada, both born in France, emigrated and met in Quebec, married in 1669, and settled on the "Ile d'Orleans" near Quebec city. Their names: FranÁois Noel and Nicole LeGrand. The decendants spread mostly in the province of Quebec but quite a few emigrated to the U.S., mainly to the northern eastern States. These are the ones that I'm mostly interested in locating.

27 Mar 1999    charles-yvon boisvert      <charles-@interlinx.qc.ca>
I'm Marie-Nael Lessard, but my mom and familly are noŽl's. I'm from quebec, and I'd like to just tell you come stuff about our noŽl familly, I dont know the names, cause it was so long ago, but by what i read, I'm decendant of FranÁois, or Jean noŽl. Jacques Cartier( Quťbec's discoverer) 's sister married a  NoŽl, back in france. He made 3 trips to quebec. On his last trip.  he brought along his 2 nephews, that could be franÁois and Jean. From this, they lived around the Gaspť region for many years and could have  live near quebec city ( Iles d'orlťeans) later on a NoŽl married a american indian woman. I couldn't tell the
origin, cause we are pretty confused. It could be mic mac or ever the montagnais. My Noel branch is  from St-Malo france.

8 Apr 1999     donald e. whittles    DEVOTA42@aol.com
I have traced my NOEL ancestors to my great grandfather ERNEST NOEL in the quebec area. His Father's name was GIDEON and his mother MATHILDA GELINAS, as i understand it , MATHILDA'S Mother was possibly a CREE INDIAN, And beyond her more indian  ancestry. im trying to get more info on this but haven't had much luck so
far. Could this possibly be the tie to cartier's noel's that married indian's.

7 Jul 1999  "Ellen McGRATH" <MoMs3rd-S@worldnet.att.net>
I would like to share my 20plus year collection of genealogy research of my Noel ancestors with my cousins.  Presently I am researching the entries of baptism, marriage and death entries of all NOELS in Quebec between the time period of 1820-1835 in the Druin microfilms of the American French Genealogy Society.

Two brothers, PAUL and AUGUSTIN NOEL came from Quebec to the USA around the late 1840's.  Exactly where in Quebec, it is still uncertain.  Possibly the Richleau Valley area, or in the area of a St. Charles, or Notre Dame DeStanbridge.  I've been unable to locate their baptismal records.  The only possible clue to their prior activity before arriving to Massachusetts, is that PAUL NOEL'S wife, MARY PLANT was born in 1828 in GRANVILLE, NY which is near the Vermont border.  PAUL and AUGUSTIN could have been in that area prior to arriving in Massachusetts.  Most of their children's vital records say parents were born in Canada.  From the marriage records of PAUL and AUGUSTIN NOEL, it is recorded that their parents (from Canada) were JOHN or PAUL NOEL and ADELINE. This is what I have:

PAUL NOEL born approx 1828
marr MARY PLANT 20-Jun-1850 1st Baptist Church Grafton, MA
(res. of Sutton) died  06-Oct-1872 Spencer, MA


    MARY JANE born 15-Jul-1853 Oxford, MA
    1st Marr LOUIS DUPREY 17-Apr-1870 Worcester, MA
    2nd Marr LOUIS WELLS
    died 07-May-1933 Quincy, MA  at Little Sisters of the Poor,
    Somerville, MA

    ELA ROSA born 21-Jan-1869 Spencer, MA
    marr VICTOR VASHON 15-Nov-1892 Boston, MA
    died Jul 1954, buried in Notre Dame Cem., Worcester, MA

    PAUL HENRY born 27-Sep-1855 Webster, MA
    marr LYDIA ???

AUGUSTIN NOEL born 15-Jun-1830
marr SOPHIA ALLAIRE 16-Feb-1852 Millbury, MA
died 25-Jun 1883 Claremont, NH.  Buried in St. Johnsbury VT Calvary Cem.


    SOPHIA  born 10-Jul-1853 Oxford, MA
    marr  ADOLPHUS GREENWOOD  01-Jan-1870 Monroe, NH
    died 28-Feb-1933

    AUSTIN born 18-Jun-1854 Oxford, MA

    MARY born 1855 MA
    marr JOHN KING

    ALMIRA (MINNIE) born 19-Jul-1858 Douglas, MA
    marr LEWIS LARVEY 8-Jul-1884  Barret, VT

    JOSEPHINE born 26-Feb-1861 Monroe, NH
    died 23-Jun-1947 Claremont, NH

    JOSEPH  born 25-Jul-1863 Monroe, NH

    PAUL HENRY born 12-Jun-1864 Monroe, NH
    marr  ALICE BENOIT 10-Oct-1891 Claremont, NH

    JULIA born 13-Sep-1867, Monroe, NH
    marr ALPHONSE BOSWELL 24-Oct-1887 Whitefield, NH
    died 6-Jan-1942

    ADOLPHUS born 19-Aug-1868 Monroe, NH
    marr FLOSSIE MOYE 09-Apr-1892 Whitefield, NH
    died 16-Jun-1942 Whitefield, NH

    PHILOMENA born Jan-1872  Monroe, NH
    died 16-Apr-1884 Monroe, NH

    GEORGE born May-1872
    died 28-Sep-1872 Monroe, NH

    LEWIS born 30-May-1873 Monroe, NH
    marr MYRTIE MAY MOYE 28-Feb-1891
    died 23-Jun-1948 Bedford, VA

    ELLEN JANE born 1876 Monroe, NH
    marr ANTIME LEHOUX 05-Feb-1893 Whitefield, NH
    died 1953
                              submitted by Ellen Newell McGrath at MoMs3rd-s@worldnet.att.net

24 Aug 1999    Richard Weber      Webrene1@aol.com
John P. Noel: 1845-1923 b. Bradenville, Westmoreland Co., PA
Military:         Co.`C', 11TH Pa. Vol. Inf. Reg.
Rank:            Corporal/Sergeant
Parents:         Blasius Noel 1814-1878 & Mary (Brogan) Noel
Married:         Agnes Cecelia (RANCEL/RANSIL) Noel, Dec. 26th 1867
                     Latrobe, Pa. by Rev. Jerome Kearny
                     Agnes Cecelia died 1918
                     "NO REMARRIAGES, NOR DIVORCE
                      LIVED TOGETHER 51 YEARS"

Children:         Anna Noel     Jan. 23rd,  1870 (deceased by 1915)
                      Albert Noel    Oct. 25th,  1875
                      Loretta Noel   Dec. 4th,   1877
                      Rose C. Noel July  8th,   1880 (Cared for John P. until he died)

Sister:            Mrs. Agnes F. Murphy

Brothers:        David, Placidus & Sylvester Noel

Occupation(s):Hotel Clerk, Bartender, Brick Molder (Worked ~ 6 yrs. for
Samuel Logsdon)

Buried:   Most Holy Sacrament Church Cemetery, 412 North Main St., Greensburg, Pa.

NOTE: JOHN P NOEL married SARAH JANE MANSFIELD Unity twp. 11-23-1865.  There seems to be another John P Noel and Sarah Jane Mansfield. A John P Noel married Eliza J. JAMISON. His daughter Mary Catherine married David Filmore SMITH and his second wife was Sarah Jane Mansfield. If there is one or two John P Noel's and May Jane Mansfield's is not known.

24 Aug 1999    Bob Reinsel       Breinsel@cox.net
I searched my data base and found Agnus Reinsell/Reinsele born 1837 Daughter of Conrad Reinsel (Born 1791) and
Susan Hanlin (born 1798). I  believe that this is your lady.

The spelling in the following is that of the census taker. The 1850 Census of Derry Township, Westmoreland County shows Conrad Reinsele age 55 as a shoemaker. Note the age is likely wrong. He was probably 59. His wife was Susan Reinsele age 53 -- born 1797. Their children were:
Catherine born July 16, 1816 Baptized Aug 2.
 Mary born Sept 30 1818 Baptized Oct. 30
 John born Jan 28 1821. His sponsors were Anthony Reintzel and his wife
 Melinda Reinsele 27 born 1823
Henry Reinsele age 22 born 1828 -   died 1895 -Buried at St. Martin's Church, New Derry, Westmoreland County
Sara Reinsele age 20 born 1830
 Thomas Reinsele age 19 born 1831
 Rosan Reinsele age 17 born 1833
 Ann Reinsele age 15 born 1835
 Agnus Reinsele age 12 born 1838

Andrew Ory       Andrew.Ory@usm.edu
All that I know is my great grandfather's family moved to Louisiana. His name was Edmond Andrew Ory ,Sr. He raised a family in New >Orleans. He had two children named Edna and Edmond Andrew Ory,Jr. (my  grandfather) Edna Ory married Denis John Bergeron. Edmond Jr married  Ethel Rapp(my grandmother) and they had a son they named Edmond Andrew
Ory, III (my father).My father was their only child.They moved from New Orleans to Jackson,MS in the early "40's. My father , Edmond,III  married Gloria Genevive Milner in 1953. They had three children,Cynthia Ann,Lydia Kay and myself ,Andrew Morris Ory.     I am the only Ory left on this end as my great-grandfather, grandfather, and my father have all passed away.I was wondering if you might have any information on any of the Ory's that moved to Louisiana it would be appreciated.

 Noel, Darrin             <DNoel@speakmans.com.au>
 G'day. My name is Darrin Noel from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. I was, out of interest, surfing the net for info on my family name and came across your site.

30 Aug 1999 Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
My g-grandmother was to have been Maria Kreitzer. She gave birth to my grandfather Jacob Noel in Mt Pleasant Twp, PA in 1834. That is all that I know. However today I have found a Maria Magdalena KREITZER and John A. SHORB  marriage. Both  were buried at St. Anthony's Emmitsburg, Frederick Co., MD. John Shorb's father is buried at Conewago, PA.  My g-grandfather, Joseph, is believed to be the grandson of Peter Noel who was sixteen when he entered the Colonies and was born in now Adams County. Joseph's father Blasius moved to Tanneytown, MD after the war and Religious freedom. Joseph moved to Westmoreland County between 1797-99 and had his first child in 1800.  Maria Kreitzer was his third wife and maybe a widow. Kreitzer could have been her married name. While Maria Magdalena was another Kreitzer the point is there is a connection in time,  location and religion. If you can shed any light on this let me know.

 5 Sep 1999  Jim Boulden     <JBoulden@compuserve.com>
 I have been doing Bleecker and Noel research for years, concentrating on Garrat Noel from Suffolk, England, Spain
and then New York City.

Currently, I am trying to find a researching to track the family in Cadiz, but with no takers yet. I can see from you web site that there is not much more known of the family than what I have. Though I recently went to the Suffolk church where Garrat's family worshiped  and where his siblings were baptized.

 5 Sep 1999    Jeffrey Norris <norris@crosswinds.net>
My ancestor is Michael NOEL, b. 1798, whom I believe to be the son of Blasius NOEL of Frederick Co., MD.  I have attached a text file that shows all of his descendants as I have them.  Michael married into the ARNOLD family of Frederick Co., MD, and one of the Arnolds also married a NOEL female (Anna, I think).

They wound up on Wyando Co., OH, which is where my great-grandfather Clement and his father, George, were from.  I have Wyandot Co. records that definitively link George to Michael and Anastasia NOEL.  Clement married into the KEAR family, and there was also another KEAR married into another branch of the Arnold family.

BAKER, DAVIS: VA-->Knox Co., OH;
WOOLF: Seneca Co., OH;
KEAR, ODELL:  NY-->Ross/Wyandot Co., OH;
NATHAN, Ross/Wyandot Co.;

                         Descendants of Michael Noel

     Michael Noel (b.1798-Frederick Co.,MD;d.11 Apr 1870-Tymochtee Twp.,WC,OH)
      sp: Anastasia Arnold (b.11 Nov 1804-W,,MD;m.27 May 1823;d.17 Apr 1873-)

      Emily M. Noel (b.17 Jul 1826)
      William A. Noel (b.Abt 1828)
      Margaret C. Noel (b.Abt 1832)

      Francis Noel (b.Abt 1838)
      Mary L. Noel (b.Abt 1842)
      Marcellus A. Noel (b.Abt 1844)

      Lewis C. Noel (b.Abt 1847)
      Henrietta Noel (b.Aug 1824)
      Matilda A. Noel (b.Abt 1834)

      George Joseph Noel (b.13 Mar 1830-TT,WC,OH;d.26 Jun 1881-TT,Wyandot Co.,OH)
       sp: Margaret J. Murphy (b.1830-MI;m.12 Feb 1861;d.13 Jun 1884-TT,W,OH)
       Clement Oscar Noel (b.8 Aug 1862-TT,WC,OH;d.29 Oct 1919-Fostoria,OH)

        sp: Harriet Emma Kear (b.7 Oct 1865-Carey,W,OH;m.16 Jan 1889;d.1959-)
         Lottie Lodema Noel       sp: Fred T. Norris

6 Sep 1999   (J K Noel)      jknol@webtv.net
I have his lineage back to 1540 in francheval.....does anyone have information further back in this line? cornelius was son of jacob  who was born abt 1599 in sedan, ardennes, france....jacob was son of pieter who was born about 1571 in Sedan, Ardennes, France....he was son of Jacque noel who was born about 1539 in Francheval...

7 Jul 1999       Rosemary West     westseek@san.rr.com
 I have a picture of Solomon Noel, brother of Lucy Noel who married Henry Older.   Solomon is young ... probably in his early 20's.    Lucy was born in 1843 in Berlin Center, Mahoning County, Ohio. She was listed as 16 years of age in the 1860 Census.   Solomon is listed as 9 years of age.     There is also a Mary Noel, 14 years of age and Susanna, 6 years of age.   Susannah married a Hoyle.  I don't know what happened to Solomon. Their father is Jacob Noel and mother is Grace Leonard.

Jacob Noel, Jr., b. 1817 somewhere (where?) in PA, d. 14 Sept. 1879, Berlin Center, Mahoning County, OH.    Married:  Grace LEONARD 24 Feb. 1842 in Trumbull County, OH.    Her parents were Samuel LEONARD and Margaret SMITH.
1.   Jacob's parents:   Jacob NOEL, Sr. born approx. 1787 (correct?) somewhere (where?) in PA.   and Susanna ________?    Does anyone have additional info?
2.   Has anyone found out anything about the Samuel Leonard and Margaret Smith?  I'm dead-ended on this one.

11 Sep 1999     Theron M. Huntley    sneakers@knownet.net
Do you have anything on a Julia Griffin, born ca. 1846 in Kingsville, Ohio and died 20 Jun 1878? She married Adelbert D. Sackett.

 13 Sep      Jeffrey Norris         norris@crosswinds.net
There are two  Michael Noels involved here.  The George J. and Margaret NOEL you referenced are my g-g-grandparents.  That George's parents were Michael and Anastasia.  Michael was born 1798 in Frederick Co., MD, and died in Wyandot CO. 11 Apr 1870.  Anastasia was born 1804 in MD, and died 1873 in Wyandot Co. but is buried in a Catholic cemetery in Seneca Co.  This Michael did have a son William A., plus children Francis, Marcellus, Emily, and Matilda.  Don't know about Louise, but my records show a Lewis, so that could be a garbled record.  The Arnolds are obviously related, and there was also an Anna Noel who married a William Arnold and ended up in Wyandot Co.

It seems you have a lot of my Michael NOEL mixed up with someone else.  Most of what you have fits, but my Michael Noel's father was Blasius Noel of Frederick Co., MD, and Michael is named in that will, so I don't know who this John is that you mention, and that Michael Noel must be a different one. Michael and Anastasia lived in Tymochtee Twp. of Wyandot Co.,  arriving there early in 1830.It appears to me that your William A. Noel of Cass Co. is son of my Michael.

There is no question that the Noels of Adams Co., PA are related, but the Michael you mention is a different Michael.

Complete list of the children of Michael and Anastasia:  Margaret, Francis, Mary L., Marcellus, Lewis (?), Henrietta,
Matilda, George, William, and Emily.

13 Sep 1999   Cheryl        V1stchair@aol.com
I've read your history page and just now reread it.  So I think I understand how my Noels fit in .  John Noel came from Adams Co. PA and first stopped in Stark Co. Oh in 1822, then to Seneca Co. Oh in 1830 according to the Seneca Co. History book. John was born Oct. 15,1777, married Elizabeth Beamer June 16, 1801, died Oct. 29,1863.  His Children included:  John, Barbara, Elizabeth, Sarah E., Michael, Andrew, Catherine, Terrisa, Lydia, Philip, Mary Magadaline, Nicholas, Peter, Susanah, and William.   I think I might be related to his son Nicholas.  Do you know anything about a Samuel Elsworth Noel born in 1874?  He is my gggrandfather.  One source says he was born in Jackson twp. Seneca Co. OH and another says Venango Co. PA.  I had a great uncle by the name of Nicholas and thought it might be a family name pasted down through the generations.

14 Sep 1999   Adrian Martin Barham Money, England       <adrian.money@virgin.net>
I am currently putting my family history on the web.  My first attempt (soon to be updated!) is at:


I am interested in the family of Charlotte Christiana Noel the daughter of the Hon. Revd. Gerard Noel.  She is my great great grandmother (a copy of the portrait I have of her is on the web page).

I am particularly interested in her link with Admiral Sir Charles Middleton - Lord Barham - my namesake.  I think her grandmother was the second Baroness Barham (I presume the daughter of Lord Barham).  I know her uncle was the Ist Earl of Gainsborough and 3rd Baron Barham.

15 Sep 1999   Jill Jessen Hernandez      <kpitblu@home.com>
LIVE cousins found! THANKS to ALL of YOU !!! The cousins are related to me through my 4th, Maternal G-grandmother.

EMILIE NOEL Charbonneau (Amelia Cherbino) ... Christened in Varennes, Vercheres, Quebec on April 7, 1799.

Parents are:  Francois NOEL and Marie-Brigette LAFORME.  I now have the line to Pierre NOEL and Elizabeth AUGUSTIN.  I have in the past 4 days found WEB sites that have incredible information on this line back to the family origin in B.C.E. Europe ...

NOT only have I found my ancestors but I have found family. I have found and speak to regularly, a cousin in VT, my 3-grandmother and his 2-grandfather are siblings.  So we share BOTH sides of the tree.

For the past 2 years the ONLY child of Noel and Laforme I was able to find was MY grandmother?  I still don't know who put her there!  Next quest.  Now, I have the following siblings of Emilie,  Louis, Gabriel (who's family I have mentioned above) Jean Batiste, Jean Baptiste #2, Marie Catherine, George, Marie Josette, Francois.  The list will probably grow!

15 Sep 1999        "temple2" <temple2@email.msn.com>
Mary Ann Rule (Roper) 4-26-1782, PA - Marie (Anna) Schorb 4-26-1782 - Anna Marie Noel.  My Noel connection would be in PA - my Texas connection is Jeremiah Conrad Fisher m. Mary Ann Rule, they came to Texas about 1830 - 1836.

16 Sep 1999          JMatuch537@aol.com
Would anyone researching NOEL families in Louisiana check their data and see if they have a Jean NOEL (male).  I am trying to locate Jean NOEL b. @ 1808 - 1810 in St. Peter's Port or any part of the Channel Islands.  He is son of Jean NOEL and Elizabeth Wilkens and brother of Henry Wilkens NOEL.  I do not have further information on other siblings.
Am also interested in any Jean NOELs in Louisiana @1830-1850 eras.

19 Sep 1999       Webrene1@aol.com
St.John's unmarked     <http://members.aol.com/midmdroots/frederick/index.htm>

CREITZER Margaaret (as they spelled it !) d/ 4 Mar 1879 @ 47y.11m
KREITZER Mary E. d/ 14 Apr 1885 @ 19y
KREUTZER Henry d/ 16 Oct 1881 @ 25y

NOEL George d/ 15 Feb 1887 @ 69y
Noel Francis d/ 29 Jul 1889 @ 36y

O'BOLD Henrietta d/ 26 May 1882

Sep 1999      <Webrene1@aol.com>
District No. 6, page 247 (index says district 7 - actual page says 6),
Thomas Gurley enumerator,  BLASSE NOEL 1 male 80/90, 1 female 50-60, 1 female 80-90. No one is household blind/deaf/dumb. No slaves. No free colored. Neighbors, in order of listing, GEORGE WYBLE, PAUL ECK, ELIZABETH
GOUKER, BLASSE NOEL, GEORGE FISHER, HENRY ECKARD, HENRY FINFROCK. Some distance up the road (at least one full page of listing, sometimes two pages) Jacob Smith also age 70-80 and Baltzer Hesson age 80-90, and down the road at least one page Henry Fox 60-70.

US CENSUS 1820, FREDERICK COUNTY MARYLAND, p. 179, Taneytown Election District, No Township Listed,  Sam'l  L. (Dorsey?) enumerator, census taken October 20, 1820: BLASSIUS NOEL  1 male over age 45, a female over age 45, 1 female slave age 14-26, 1 free colored male age 45 or older, i individual engaged in agriculture: Next door neighbor: PETER NOEL, 2 males under age 10, 1 male age 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 F 10-16, 1 female 16-26. Near neighbors Frederick Smith, Jacob Smith, Christian Troxall, Blassius Noel, Peter Noel, Abraham Orndorf,  (next name not legible) Frederick Black, JacobGouyger, Joseph Wible Sr, Henry Finfrock Sr, Henry Finfrock Jr.

23 Sep 1999      Sharon     <CORUM@prodigy.net>
I am searching for information about Joseph P Noel  m. Agnes Rensell, They had a daughter named Loretta (my grandmother)  who was married to Joseph McGough.  Loretta was born in Greensburg, PA. Any info you might share would be truly appreciated.
Sharon, Joseph J Noel (b. 1872) married Mary Grace Hake. He was my Uncle and we would visit him near Derry, PA.
 1   Joseph J Noel 1872 - 1965
..  +Mary Grace Hake
......... 2   Torrence Noel
......... 2   Adeline Noel
......... 2   Mary Noel
.............  +Branthover
......... 2   Waide A Noel 1911 - 1985
.................... 3   Waide P Noel
............................... 4   Greg Noel

My Uncle Charles married Alice Ransel and there was no Adeline in that family.
 1   Charles Alonza Noel 1881 - 1958
..  +Alice Ransel 1883 - 1958
......... 2   Charles Noel 1916 - 1990
......... 2   Bernard Noel 1918 -
......... 2   Eugene Noel 1920 -
......... 2   Marie Noel 1925 -
.............  +Barnard Kessler

Wed, 13 Jan 1999    Webrene1@aol.com

John P. Noel married Agnes Cecelia Ransil or Rancil Dec. 26th 1867 in Latrobe Pa.by Rev. Jerome Kearny (Was this St. V.'s??)....no remarriages and no divorce. Lived together for 48 years.

Anna Noel     b. Jan.23 1870     deceased
Albert Noel    b. Oct.25 1875     living
Loretta Noel   b. Dec. 4 1877     living
Rose C. Noel b. July 8  1880     living
Note: This paper is dated March 28 1915

Rose C. took care of J.P. until he died and was buried at "Most Holy Sacrament Church" 412 North Main St., Greensburg, Pa. July 13, 1923. John P. tended bar in Greensburg where he lived. Also was a hotel clerk. The info in the Stevens page that he married Sarah Jane Mansfield is obviously wrong.

Note: There is an affidavit by an Alexander Moore that was sent in from McGREGOR, IOWA, Dec. 9, 1891 which was interesting.

Descendants of Loretta Marie Noel
Generation No. 1

1.  LORETTA MARIE2 NOEL  (JOHN P1) was born December 04, 1877 in Greensburg, PA, and died June 23, 1959 in Johnstown,Pennsylvania.  She married JOSEPH CLEMENT MCGOUGH, son of DANIEL (MCGAUGH) and ELIZABETH LEACH.  He was born April 04, 1883 in St. Michaels, PA, and died March 21, 1956 in Johnstown,Pennsylvania.

Notes for LORETTA MARIE NOEL: Loretta was buried in the Catholic Cemetary in Greensburg PA. on June 26, 1959. Parents were John P Noel and Agnes Rensell. More Cause of Death: Generalized arteriosclerosis.

Joseph died in the Cambria County Home in Johnstown PA. He worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad as as engineer. Joseph was buried in the Catholic Cemetary in Greensburg PA.  Cause of Death: Cerebral accident (stroke)

 iii. LAWRENCE MCGOUGH, b. September 02, 1905.
 iv. DONALD MCGOUGH, b. September 20, 1907.
 v. CYRIL MATHEW MCGOUGH, b. January 09, 1909, Greensburg, PA; d. March 31, 1979, Detroit, Michigan; m. PRUDENCE VIRGINIA CLAYCOMB, December 10, 1930, Johnstown,PA; b. May 17, 1914, Johnstown,PA; d. July 08, 1989, Detroit, Michigan.

20 Nov 1998     "R & S" <rlpslp@kiski.net>
 Martha Adeline Noel Pierce was bn in Pa, Feb 13 1860, mother was Martha Hoak Noel, and father Benjamin Noel.  She died in Conemaugh Twp, Indiana Co Pa, May 31 1920.

I have not been able to find "ANY" information as far as relatives of hers to date.  I know there were alot of Noel's in this area,...Latrobe

29 Nov 1998        CMurcia7@aol.com
This is all the info I have on them.  I don' have any children for them, but I do have Mary and Anthony's parents...let me know if you want that

Descendants of Anthony Lispenard Bleecker

1 Anthony Lispenard Bleecker  b: June 13, 1741 in New Rochelle, Westchester, New York d: April 26, 1816 in New York
.       +Mary Noel      b: November 05, 1743 in Cadiz, Spain    d: August 25, 1828 in New York  m: May 04, 1763 in New York, New York; 1st and 2nd Presbyterian

Apr 1999     "queenie" <queenie19@mindspring.com>
I have been trying to find my grandfather , Herman NOEL.  I have looked at several sites on the internet, but cannot seem to find him.  He was married to Martha Lily and they had 14 children (I know, what were they thinking).  Most or some of the children were born in Lexington, Ky.  They then moved to Indiana.  I am not very close to that side of my family, but would love to know know more about them.  If you have any information on him I would appreciate it.

30 Apr 1997    Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Sylvester Zink m. Frederica Staud
      1. Mary S Zink   b. 12-21-1840 m. Jacob Noel
      2. Andrew Zink  b.  9-22-1842  at Mt Pleasant
      6. John Zink m. Amanda ---
            1. Philip A Zink m ---
                   1. John C Zink
                   2. George P Zink
                   3. Joseph F Zink
                   4. Isabell A Zink  m. --- Biskup
                   5. James B Zink

Not sure where to put Margaret. Is she the daughter of Sylvester and Frederica? Their birth dates don't seem to match up.

Zink Surname, 14 Jun 1997 23:48:56 -0400   ME <tiggeroo@tidalwave.net>
Carl Zinke (b. Jan. 27, 1831 Kruezkirche, Posen, Posen, Preussen, Germany/d. May 15, 1906, Moltke, MI) married Alvena Hoeft (b. Sept. 20, 1857, in Germany/d. Dec. 3, 1940 in Moltke, MI).  Her parents were Johann Hoeft and Caroline Schroeder.  They had 12 children:  Bertha, Henry, Son, Alvina, Lizzie, Albert, Margert, Charles, Alfred, Emma, Herman, Lenora.

16 Oct 1998    Kkonet2@aol.com
 I am descended from Joseph Noel. My line goes as follows:

     Joseph Noel (Abt. 1680-Abt 1753) & Unknown Wife
     Johannes John Noel (Abt. 1722-27 Oct 1765) & Margaret (abt 1722-1799)
     Andrew Noel (1754-March 1817) & Theresa Dellone-Dillon (1763-1835)
     John Noel (October 15, 1777) and Elizabeth Beamer
     Philip Noel (February 01, 1817) and Polly Laurinda Webb (abt. 1818)
     George Washington Noel (Feb. 22, 1850) and Sarah M. Rutherford (Nov. 07, 1852)
     Anna Noel (May 22,1882)

My ggg grandfather was Philip Noel and he came over to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania and settled in the Lake Koshkonong area.  His son William Noel served in the Civil war and spent time in and survived the conditions of Andersonville.  I have quite a write-up on William.  He was interviewed by the Milwaukee State Journal back in the 1920's.

Philip Noel born 1817 (son of John Noel and Elizabeth Beamer)
  17 Oct 1998 17:30:13 EDT     Kkonet2@aol.com
Philip Noel was born February 1, 1817 in Adams County, Pennsylvania.  He was
the son of John Noel and Elizabeth Beamer.  According to notes provided by my
cousin, Tom Noel, Philip was baptised June 15th, 1817.  His sponsers being
Andrew Kendrick (McKendrick) and Elizabeth Noel.  I know that my parents have
Philip's handpainted birth certificate (rather large). Very neat!  They also
have his large "whale back" traveling trunk (includes his painted intitials).

Philip came to Wisconsin from Illinois in 1839.  He bought 40 acres in 1843
and 80 acres in 1846.  The farm was located in Koshkonong, Jefferson County.
He married Polly Laurinda Webb in 1841.  This was Polly's second marriage.
Her first was to a Mr. Messenger.  She had two children with Mr.
Messenger...sons Albert (born abt. 1838, Illinois) and James (born abt. 1840,

According to the 1850 census, Philip was a farmer with real estate valued at
$2500.  It also appears that a lady named Susanna Bates, age 33, lived in the
household.  Susanna was born in Ireland.  She could not read or write.

In the 1870 census the value of Philip's real estate was $12,000 and his
personal estate was $1920.

Children of Philip Noel and Polly Webb are:
Albert Messenger born abt. 1838
James Messenger born abt. 1840
Harriet Noel born June 11, 1842, Wisconsin; died September 03, 1893,
Minneapolis, MN
William Ira Noel born September 24, 1845, Wisconsin; died October 16, 1933,
Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, WI
John Noel born April 14, 1848, Wisconsin;  died January 02, 1897
George Washington Noel born February 22, 1850, Wisconsin; died in 1935 in
Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin
Louisa Noel born 1853 in Wisconsin; died 1913
Philip H. Noel born July11, 1855 in Wisconsin; died February 28, 1926

The above children born in Wisconsin were all born on the family farm in

Note:  Philip H. Noel took over his parents farm.  He promised the farm to his
nephew Ira Philip Noel (son of William Ira Noel) if he would return home to
run it.  By the time Ira returned, however, Phillip had already sold the farm
to somebody else.

Other intresting Notes on our line of Noels:
William Ira Noel served in the Civil War and was a member of Company E, 1st
Wisconsin cavalry.  He served under General Sherman's "bummers".  He was taken
prisoner near Delton, GA.  On May 09, 1864 he was taken to Andersonville
prison.  He spent 317 days in the prison.  He entered the prison weighing 170
lbs. and came out "barely tipping the scales at 70."  According to Tom Noel
there is a display dedicated to William Noel in the museum in Fort Atkinson.
They have some of his war memorabilia (including his saber).

Ira Phillip Noel (son of the above William Noel) served in the Spanish
American War.  After the war he worked for the Chicago and Northwestern
railroad as a conductor.  He was sent to Casper, Wyoming.  My cousin Tom,
passed on a couple of intresting little stories about Ira. "While sitting in a
Wyoming saloon, a man on horseback rode by and shot the bartender dead."
Also,  "Ira worked on the train pulling the Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley show
for 1 1/2 years."   It was after this stint on the railroad that Ira returned
to take over the farm..only to have it sold before he got there.

My gg grandfather was George Washington Noel.  My cousin, Tom Noel, is
decended from the above William Noel and Ira Phillip Noel.  I now live in
Neenah, Wisconsin while Tom still lives in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  He had
told me that the family farm is no longer standing but there are still pieces
of the foundation on the grounds.

Like I said before..I have an original copy of the newspaper article
interviewing William Noel's account of Andersonville.  Very intresting.  If
you want I will certainly make a copy of it and send it to you.  What an

I do know there were other Noels that settled on the opposite side of the
state of Wisconsin.  This would have been the Solomon Noel family.  Solomon
(son of Peter Noel, grandson of Johannes) appears in the 1850 Census of Lima
Township, Grant County, Wisconsin.  He was born 1797 in Hampshire County,

Some other Noel artifacts that my parents inherited were some pieces of
artwork done by an "M. Noel"  They depicted Colonial times...the men were
wearing the powder white wigs.  One I remember showed a formal occasion with
women dress in beautiful hooped skirts.  Who ever this M. Noel was , they were
very talented.  Wish I knew who this person was.  These were retrieved from, I
believe, Philip Noel's (born 1817) things.

 William Noel    Nov 1998 0   Kkonet2@aol.com
The Official Record:  Entered service January 2, 1864.  Enlisted into Company
E First Wisconsin Veteran Cavalry from Koshkonong, Wisconsin.  Taken Prisoner
at Varnell's Station, Georgia; Mustered out of service June 3, 1865.

Dandridge, TN
Fair Garden, TN
Cleveland, TN
Cleveland, TN (must have had two battles there)
Columbus Road, AL
Ft. Taylor (West Point), GA
Red Clay, GA
Varnell's Station, GA

There is also info on the Certificate about the regiment's history.  It is the
same article that is written up on this web site:
It gives brief Regimental Histories of the various Wisconsin units.

I also saw two other Noels, one from Lincoln, WI and the other I believe was
from Marathon, WI.  Didn't recognize the names and didn't have anything to
write with.  The next time I go down there I will be more prepared and jot
that info down.

07 Nov 1998   "Margaret E. Noel" <menoel@pwsb.com>
ARMAND NOEL, OF St. Sauveur, a Belgian who migrated to the Wisconsin Northeast.  I found this in a book entitled
WISCONSIN HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS (VOL.XIII) The book was at the Waukesha, WI historical museum.  The librarian was kid enough to make a copy of the pages I had interest in, that being "The Belgians of Northeast Wisconsin". I find it interesting, and some day I may be able to do a match to my family, which I have not at the present time. Many thanks for your info, I will search further.

9 Dec 1998 1 Bonnie Martin" <rmartin@netins.net>
 In the 1860 Federal census is listed  the two  Noel brothers:  Willis  Bridges  and  Benjamin Shelton,  in case you want to add this  to  your  family data.   Unfortunately  there are no twps. listed in this  index.  I  imagine  it is the  Noel area, however  in  Mc Donald Co., MO   (mostly because the other names are also from that area)....  #59  was  Willis  Bridges Noel, 42, b. KY, Eliza (Mann) age 34, KY,  Clark Wallace, male, son, 16, b. KY,  W.J.  male, 14, b.KY,   Elizabeth E.  female,
age 11, by. MO,   Jake  , male, age 7, b. MO,   "Willis M.  male, age 5, b. MO,  and  Eliza 11/12 female, born  MO.        #104  was  Benjamin Shelton  Noel, 37, born  KY, with wife  Nancy A. (Arens) age  34 B. KY,  Two children were born in KY---Willis  W. 15,  and  John Dudley 13.. (After John's name is  1849-1914).  William  U.  son, born MO  was  11,  Clarrisa E. age 9,  Casper E.  age 7,  George  A. age 5,  Eliza  J. age 3,  Clark  W.  1,  all  born in  MO.  I  have  no  idea  who  the last one  was  but  she could  have  been  a  family  member,  Ann  Williams,  age  5,  born  Tenn.   They had a Williams  family  living  next  door  to  the  Noel's also.
    There was a murder of a young Noel girl  in  1892, which is part of Judge Sturges'  history that was written, and republished by his daughter  Claudia after his death.   Mary Lula Noel, daughter of W.H. and S.E. Noel  was murdered on 10 Dec. 1892, by a visitor named  William  Simmons  of  Joplin, MO.  Mary Lula  was staying with her sister,  Mrs. Sydney Holly, who lived on the  old Mann Farm. Simmons  was found  guilty of the crime  in  1893 ,  murder  in  the  first  degree.  It  was  contested
due to the fact  the  girl  had been found  drowned  so  was  changed  to  second  degree and Mr. Simmons  was given 10  years in the state  penitentiary.  (Mary Lula was the grand-daughter to Shelton and Nancy  Noel.)  W.H. was born August 27, 1846  in  Casey Co., KY  and he was brought to  MO that year.  On August 1, 1864  he  joined the the 2nd Cherokee  regiment. Confederate volunteers and served  until the close of the  war.   He  married  Nannie  Huffman, Collins, TX  on
20 Nov. 1867  and they had 10  children.  He  became  the  County  Assessor  in  in 1892  after being  the  deputy sheriff  for five  years:  1887-1892.  It  is  mentioned  he  was  a  Baptist and a  Democrat  ...
    In this same Sturges  History  was  a paragraph  on  A.W. Noel, son  of  Clark Wallace  and  F.M. Noel, born  in  McDonald Co., MO  is  1868,  that  told  how  he  was  schooled  in  Mc Donald Co, and then  went on to  Warrensburg  school  and  a  Business  College  in  Kansas City.  When he returned  home, he worked  for  M.N. LaMance, as a bookkeeper/clerk. He  was  appointed by  President  Cleveland to be the Postmaster  of  Pineville.  In  1897  he  married  Grace Younce, of Pineville, and  there were  no  children  mentioned  at  this  time.  (This history was written in 1897).
    One of the books has a picture of W. Bridge Noel, whom  the  town was named.  He has a long white beard,  and  appears to be  on  a  chair  with  straw of  dryed  grass  under  the  feet of he and his  wife.  She  is  wearing  a  beautiful  apron, with  a  child between them.  Not a smile on their faces, of course.    The story  told  how  the  town of  Noel was host to the  actors and  workers on  the  JESSE  JAMES   movie of 1938, that was shot around  SW  MO  starring  Tyrone Power along with others.  Every year  Pineville, the main  town of the movie, has a Jesse James  Day and  quite a few  festivities...     I  just sent this to you,  to  add to your  history  if  you  would  like  it.   Thank you again for mentioning  me.  This is a beautiful area,  with  very  dear  people.    Bonnie  Martin,  the  Family Limb Lines Lady  of  Goodman,  MO

26 Jul 1998     Wallace Cooper <wallace@nh.ultranet.com>
 My great-grandfather was William S. Noel who settled in Southern Oregon.  He is by our best accounts descended from Joseph Noel.  You probably already have this information, but here goes anyway:  Wm S. Noel had 13 children, one of whom Edna P Noel was my grandmother. The Douglas County Museum in Roseburg OR has some archives and a genealogy done by a woman who is (or was) the Harbor Master/Mistress(?) of Reedsport.  The archives of the museum contain at least: 2 genealogies, some pictures of Wm S Noel, and other items I didn't have time to consult.

26 Apr 1998   SWABQ35 <SWABQ35@aol.com>
I have not been back to Penna. in the last forty two years.I do however have a vague recollection of the name Dominic and Uncle Leo.You are correct my father was Waide A. Noel. Grandfather was Joe Noel he lived in Bradenville Pa. and
worked for the Rolling Rock Company in Latrobe. Grandmother was Mary Hake.

18 Mar 1998    timnoel@juno.com (TIMOTHY A NOEL)
 I called St V's and received this information. The records are poor for the era you requested. These are all the Noels
they have in there records. I went there and only found the grave of  Sylvester Noel. The stone was worn and hard
to read. Could only make out his name and the date. I am planing to go back on a nice day and talk to
the attendants for the location of the other graves.

Tim Noel

Name                                     Date

Emmanuel Noel                    05/02/1906
Margaret Noel                        12/12/1921
Mary Noel                                12/17/1839
Joachim Noel                         07/15/1888
Mary Noel                                07/13/1851
Sylvester Noel                        06/07/1871
David Noel                              08/26/1902
Blasius (Blase) Noel           01/10/1828
Anna Noel                               01/01 1880
Robert Noel                            01/01/1888
George Noel                           04/07/1951
  From Stones
Thomas G. Noel (1906..1981) - Anna A.  (1913..)
                Theodore R or K  (1904..1925 )
                Virgina R (1907..1918)
                Loretta Noel Smith  (1921..1991)
                Joachim Noel - Mary A. (1814..1839)
         mother Margareta  (1844..1920)
                E. W. Noel  (..1906)
                Sylvester  (..1871)
                David      (1851..1921
         wife   Mary      (1811..1902)
                Blasius   (1811..187.)
                Bertha (1887..1955)
                Adeline R. (1901..1989)
                Anna Noel Terry (1912..1987)

25 Jan 1997         Dominic Noel <noel@mcn.org>
Since my last e-mail I haved looked at some micro-film from the Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City entiled   Noel family records
1700's - 1900's).  The reference #  is L-98222 0415230.  This can be obtained thru there genealogical section at their local church.  You  don't have to be a member. The following is the first few pages that I copied:

September 1736 Joseph Noel and family and Ennos Noel and family arrived at Philadelphia.  They came by best authorty from the Palatine, Germany close to the border of France.  The name is French and it would be useless at this time to speculate wheter they were of French or German blood.  They never rose to any conspicuous position but were of an industrious and
thrifty disposition and made good citizens.  The early ones appeared to have learned useful trades and were employed at them during their lifetimes. According to the records, the first to arrive in this country America settled and aquired property in York County PA.  They all raised large families and from PA scattered farther west where they settled in many of the western states.
The first ones going to the state of Virginia and hence to the valley of Scioto River in Ohio, but before that state was organized, it being the North West Territory organized under the Ordinace of 1787. The documentry truth I quote from PA German Pioneers Vol I Pages 163,165, and 167.

Among 330 people from the Palatinate and other places, imported on Ship Princess Augusta from Rotterdam via Cowes were Enos Noel (aged 36), his wife and a child; Joseph Noel (aged 56), his wife, a son Peirre (aged 16) and five other children.  Several early familes of Paradise - Conewago section of York County made the same voyage.  They qualified (took an oath of allegiance to George II and abjoured the Jacobite pretension to the Crown) at the Court House in Philadelphia Sept 17th 1736.

This from their entry into this country at an early date Joseph Noel Ist was born, according to best authority, in 1680 in a province near the border of France.  Although the name Noel has a French origin, the bibles of the older generation were in German.  No records of his ancestors is obtainable at this time.  He and his family arrived in Philadelpia Sept 16 1736.
Ennos (Aenos) and Pierre Noel made their mark in the ships list and the ships clerk spelled it 'Newell and this likely resembled the pronuncation of the name at the time.  But Joseph however could read and write and signed his name to be Noel.  They at once prepaired to York County and established homes.  No record of his wife is to be found.  They had six children when arriving and several more after locating in York County . . . . . .  .  .  ( NOTE:  This goes on and  list this whole
clan of Joseph up to into the nineteen hundreds; But there is no record of Enos and his family although there was a least one child. This could be my  problem. This hand written record is on micro-film and can be obtained to view or copy
through the Latter Day Saints in your town. The reference # L-98222 0415230 Noel family records 1700's - 1900's)

18 Feb 1997    Dominic Noel <noel@mcn.org>
Father Peter Helbrons Greensburg Register

DANIEL NOEL, s/o Abraham & Mary 12-3-1816 SP- Peter Noel & Margaret
MARY BARBARA d/o Abrham & Magdalen NOEL  1-30-1820 (Barbara Ruffner)
ADAM NOEL s/o Joseph & Margaret nee Griffin  6-11-1800  (George &
GEORGE NOEL s.o Joseph & Margaret Noel 3-16-1802  (Patrick & Margaret
JACOB NOEL sponsor to a child of Frederick & Catherine Septer/Scepter

JOHN NOEL  s/o Joseph & Margaret Noel 11-26-1811  (Edward & Mary Toner)
MICHAEL NOELL s/o Peter & Marg 4-4-1807
(Adam Kuhn & Mary Andress/maiden)

JOSEPH NOEL  s/o Joseph & Margaret Noel  8-3-1806  (Joseph Schmidt &
ISAIS NOEL s/o Peter & Margaret Noell  11-10-1804  (John & Martha
SIMON NOELL  8-12-1812 to Mary Andressin
JOHN P NOEL m. SARAH JANE MANSFIELD Unity twp.  11-23-1865

19 Feb 1997 (MR THEODORE(TED) E VON MECHOW)   ancestorkid@comcast.net
I have been looking for positive proof of my James Noel d. 1842 and Mary Noel d.1841 They were living on a piece of the land origanally part of the Noel grant in the Pigion Hills Jackson (Pardise twp.) York Co.  Benajamine Strasbaugh married thier daughter Mary Margaret April 25 1838  they had many minor children that Benajamine and Mary were guardians of until they reached 21.  I never forund James and Mary's marriage or birth records. My genealogy line is validated through census and tax records for the land but that is not real proof.

---Catherine Strasbaugh married Anthony Kline  then a ? Little
-------Catharine Kline b. 4-13-1796
-------Marie Kline b.12/6/1797
-------John Kline b. 3/16/1800
-------Elizebeth Kline   ?11/29/1803
-------then Little
-------Michael Little  ?1/14/1802
-------Susan Little 7/29/1806
-------Magdalena Little 9/24/1808  married  Thomas Brady
-------Anna Little 2/16/1811
-------Joseph Little 6/13/1813
those with a ? may have been because the ?Little was a widower with a child
and the child was baptised into Catharine Strasbaugh's church  around the
time of the marriage.
The Strasbaugh's / Noel's / Kline's / Little's inter married a lot my line
is Noel and Strasbaugh and the above came from a misc. file on both
families.  included above just in case you find a link.  there are opther
Kline and Little references in my file but no Barbara in the time requested.

Sophia Good and Peter Noel
             Thu, 24 Dec 1998 09:06:14 -0600
             "Robert J. Stevens" <snevets@execpc.com>
             Obventure Software, Inc.
             Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
             1 , 2

Dominic wrote:
> Robert J. Stevens wrote:
> >
> > Dominic;
> > Have you found anything on the Parents of Sophia GOOD born Feb 2 1756,
> > York Co. Paradise Twp. Penns. who married Peter NOEL Abt. 1776. Peter
> > moved to Hampshire Va around 1780-1790. So they must have married in
> > York Cty.
> > Bob Stevens
> Bob, Those records were lost.  DN
I got this from Damon Floyd <damonf@netdirect.net> and It fills in a few
pieces. Seems Joseph and Eneas were still in Philadelphia in 1736 and
Peter was in Hampshire Cty with four other males - his Sons? and Peter
and Isaac GOOD. One of them must be Sophia's Father so Peter may have
gotten married in Hampshire County.

Search Words:  NOEL
          Or:  GOOD

CD 136, 1st Edition
Screen 5 of 17
 SNDX ----NAME----               ----TOWNSHIP----     PAGE TYPE  NOTES
>G300 GOOD, Daniel               WHITEHALL TWP      #  015 TX
>G300 GOOD, Felix                WHITEHALL TWP      #  018 TX
>G300 GOOD, Lorence              WHITEHALL TWP      #  016 TX
>G300 GOOD, Peter                WHITEHALL TWP      #  015 TX
>G300 GOOD, Peter Sen.           WHITEHALL TWP      #  016 TX

Screen 8 of 12
>N400 NOEL, Eneas                PHILADELPHIA       #
>N400 NOEL, Joseph               PHILADELPHIA       #

Screen 23 of 37
>N400 NOEL, Gelian               PHILADELPHIA       #

Screen 5 of 16
>G300 GOOD, Jacob                PHILADELPHIA       #

Screen 6 of 20
>G300 GOOD, Johannes             PHILADELPHIA       #

Screen 6 of 20
>G300 GOOD, Henry                PHILADELPHIA       #
>G300 GOOD, Johannes             PHILADELPHIA       #

Screen 29 of 44
>N400 NOEL, Johan Henrich        PHILADELPHIA       #

Screen 14 of 60
>F635 FREDMORE, Hendrick Good    PHILIDELPHIA       #

Screen 21 of 60
>G300 GOOD, John Christopher     INDENTURES         #

Screen 13 of 36
>G300 GOOD, Isaac                                   #   27       06 00
>G300 GOOD, Peter                                   #   27       03 00
>N400 NOEL, Peter                                   #   27       05 00

Search Words:  NOEL
          Or:  GOOD

CD 137, 1st Edition
PA 1790 CENSUS, YORK CO., PA 1790
Screen 57 of 168
 SNDX ----NAME----               ----TOWNSHIP----     PAGE TYPE  NOTES
>G300 GOOD, Barney               CHANCEFORD TWP     #  269
>G300 GOOD, Charles              MIXED TWPS         #  283
>G300 GOOD, David                WINDSOR TWP        #  280
>G300 GOOD, Petter               MANCHESTER TWP     #  273
Printed from GRS 2.78, Copyright (c) 1994 Automated Archives, Inc.

24 Dec 1998   "Robert J. Stevens" <snevets@execpc.com>
From Genealogical Records:  Pennsylvania Wills, 1682 - 1834 from Family Line Publications, I found this:

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834, York Co.

October 27, 1765      June 10, 1766
Noel, John.  Executors:  Margaret and Nicholas Bettinger.  Paradise
Township. Wife:  Margaret Noel.  Children:  Andrew, John, Peter, Jacob,
Nicholas, Casper, and Philip.

Sep 1999       Andreas.Noel@andreasnoel.de
My name is Andreas Noel and I really enjoyed reading the noels history page.

Especially I was interested in the part of the Noels moving to Eastern Europe. My fahter was born in Banat, his name was Michael Noel. He died 1968 in Munich, Germany where I live since I was born in 1965. My Grandmother moved 1960 to Cleveland, Ohio together with her second son Hans. She died last year in the age of 100. Still there are a lot of my families members living in both Germany and the USA.

18 Mar 1998    BLNA <BLNA@aol.com>
John Riser Noll was born in 1852 in Hummelstown, Dauphin Co,PA
His father was John Noll and mother ____Riser.
John Riser Noll married Elizabeth Shuh Page born in 1853 in Dauphin Co PA
Her father was Samuel Page born 1822 Paxton, Dauphin Co, PA Mother Maria Shuh
born 1821.PA  TheyNoll and Page families were part of the 300 1879 ers who
took the train ride to Abilene, Kansas and settled there.  BLNA@AOL.com

 I am Betty Lou Noll born in Oklahoma City in 1926 My father was John Marion Noll and motherLeora Bumgardner.

3 Nov 1998     BLNA@aol.com
What I really know is that John Riser Noll was born in 1852 to John Noll and __Riser.in Hummelstown, Dauphin Co, PA
His wife was Elizabeth Shuh Page.  Her father was Samuel Page 1822 Rutherford Dauphin Co PA.  I know that John Page Noll, my grandfather was born to them in Hummelstown, Dauphin Co, PA  In 1879 they were part of the River Brethren who
left Lancaster Pa on a train with 300 others to find land in Abilene, Dickinson Co,Kansas.    I have been to Pa for  3 days researching in Harrisburg and in Lancaster PA.  I found more on  the Pages  .  I think John Riser Noll was on a census in Mt Joy, Lancaster Co.PA    Believe it or not there is a Betty Noll Wood who is related to me Betty Lou Noll in California.  They are expecting me to research the family.  they had submitted  John Riser Noll information to LDS.  I wish we could help each other...

04 Nov 1998   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
 Hi, I have not followed the Noll surname. I did get a letter from someone but I can not find it, I have hundreds. If I do I will
put you in contact.  Below is some names that I have picked up.

------1736  Noll  Ship Harle, of London, Ralph Harle, Master, from Rotterdam,  but last from Cowes,  (Palatines to PA)
At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September 1st, 1736.
                        Mich Noll  >  Michel Noll age 17 > Johan Michael Noll  (Same person)

------1755  Noll
1755 Assessment List - Lebanon Township, Lancaster County PA
    Taken from William Henry Egle's "History of Dauphin & Lebanon
Counties PA"
                          NOLL, Benjamin
------1814  Noll
     NOLL, Adam to Catharine GERHART, last Sun, 15 Mar 1814ed.



Noll, Balser            Tulpehocken Twp
Noll, Geo                 Bethel Twp              02 02 02 00 00
Noll, John               Tulpehocken  Twp                                  1790
Noll, Peter Jr           Exeter Twp              01 01 03 00 00
Noll, Peter Sr           Exeter Twp             02 00 03 00 00
Noll, Valentine        Alsace Twp            01 01 03 00 00        1790
Noll, William          Alsace Twp            02 02 01 00 00         1790


Noll,Jacob, Valentine                      1790

Noll, John      Roscomb manor Twp
Noll, Valentine  Alsace Twp
Noll, Roger  Salem  Co., NJ   1788
Noll, Hans Georg  Philadelphia Co., PA   1732
Noll, Johan Michael   Philadelphia Co., PA   1733
Noll, John Jurgh   Philadelphia Co., PA   1732
Noll, Johannes      Philadelphia Co., PA   1733
Noll Michael Philadelphia Co., PA  1736
Noll, Illian     Philadelphia Co., PA  1738
Noll, Johan   Philadelphia Co., PA  1744
Noll, Johan Frantz   Philadelphia Co., PA  1748
Noll, Johan  Henrich   Philadelphia Co., PA  1748
Noll, John Frans   Philadelphia Co., PA  1748
Noll, John Hendrick   Philadelphia Co., PA  1748
Noll, Geord Justanus   Philadelphia Co., PA  1751
Noll, Hans Henrich   Philadelphia Co., PA  1751
Noll, Philip Henrich   Philadelphia Co., PA  1751
Noll, Johan martin Philadelphia Co., PA  1752
Noll, Henry Jacob Philadelphia Co., PA  1753
Noll, Roger  Salem  Co., NJ   1788
Census Index: Selected Counties    1830
Noll, Abraham          1830  MECKLENBURG CO., NC
              Noll, Adam             1830  1ST WARD WASHINGTON,
              Noll, Christina        1830  YORK TWP, TUSCARAWAS CO., OH              011
              Noll, Edward R.        1830  SALINA, ONONDAGA CO., NY                  023
              Noll, Elizabeth        1830  CODORUS TWP, YORK CO., PA                 341
              Noll, Elizabeth        1830  WEISENBERG TWP, LEHIGH CO., PA            129
              Noll, Gaudalip         1830  BERKELEY CO., VA                          236
              Noll, George           1830  BETHEL TWP STUMPSTO, LEBANON CO., PA      020
              Noll, George           1830  HANOVER BOROUGH, YORK CO., PA             220
              Noll, George           1830  BERKELEY CO., VA                          236
              Noll, Henry            1830  CANTON, STARK CO., OH                     279
              Noll, Henry            1830  BUFFALO TWP, UNION CO., PA                339
              Noll, Henry            1830  E. DONEGAL TWP, LANCASTER CO., PA         076
              Noll, Henry            1830  HEIDELBERG TWP, LEBANON CO., PA           120
              Noll, Henry            1830  HEIDELBERG TWP, YORK CO., PA              230
              Noll, Jacob            1830  BEAVER TWP, UNION CO., PA                 371
              Noll, Jacob            1830  HEIDELBERG TWP, BERKS CO., PA             204
              Noll, Jacob            1830  PRESTON CO., VA                           021
              Noll, James            1830  SOUTHERN DISTRICT, HENRY CO., AL         317
              Noll, James            1830  MECKLENBURG CO., NC                       311
              Noll, John             1830  HEIDELBERG TWP, LEBANON CO., PA           116
              Noll, John             1830  HEIDELBERG TWP, YORK CO., PA              232
              Noll, John             1830  JACKSON TWP MEYERST, LEBANON CO., PA      023
              Noll, John             1830  LONDONDERRY TWP, LEBANON CO., PA          076
              Noll, John             1830  CULPEPER CO., VA                          128
              Noll, Joseph           1830  PITT TWP, ALLEGHENY CO., PA               095
              Noll, Lewis            1830  CULPEPER CO., VA                          128
              Noll, Michael          1830  HEIDELBERG TWP, LEBANON CO., PA           116
              Noll, Nicholas         1830  JACKSON TWP MEYERST, LEBANON CO., PA      024
              Noll, Peter            1830  BETHEL TWP STUMPSTO, LEBANON CO., PA      020
              Noll, Peter            1830  JACKSON TWP MEYERST, LEBANON CO., PA      023
              Noll, Peter            1830  KELLY TWP, UNION CO., PA                  267
              Noll, Samuel           1830  BUFFALO TWP, UNION CO., PA                339
              Noll, William          1830  DISTRICT TWP, BERKS CO., PA               272
              Noll, William          1830  WEST BUFFALO TWP, UNION CO., PA           280
              Noll, Williams         1830  ST. JAMES SANTEE, CHARLESTON DIST., SC    201

6 Nov 1998    BLNA@aol.com
I am  the last of my grandfather's  who died  when I was three and living  in Braman Okla with my grandparents.   I thought maybe John Noll  in the census for PA 1860 Lancaster  Co, Mount Joy, PA   might be mine??? John  Noll  was 8 yrs
which checks out.  His father was John Noll 50, mother Nancy, sisters Barbara 10, Elizabeth 6, and Annie 3.  Betty

06 Nov 1998     Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
"Philip Noll and his sons John Yost and George Noll, who later acquired land in the area were not of Joseph Noel's family.
Philip immigrated in 1751. When they arrived in the area is unknown. They appear to have been Protestants."

 I have found that the Noll's seem to have come from around Bravaria,Germany near the Rhine River.

This was from a draft of a book by Jim Osborn. He was talking about Adams County, PA, Adams was part of York County which was part of Lancaster County.You can find it at:

http://www.elink.net/bobbi/    At the bottom of the page is a link.

Strausbaugh Book by Don Osborn now available! Stras.Zip This is a zipped file, with three chapters, plus early map of York County neighborhood showing the Strausbaughs and others.

6 Nov 1998    dwolffden@juno.com (David C Wolff)
 I have a PA(I)GE family in Centre Co. PA in at least 1885.  They were my g grandparents.  Anna Elizabeth PA(I)GE was born in abt 1864, I believe in PA.  She married Wyrman Thomas NOLL, abt 1889.  I also believe her mother's name to be Anna Elizabeth, but my dad only knew her as Granny PA(I)GE. If anyone traces Eneas NOEL + Joseph NOEL down as far as Centre Co., please let me know. Again, I'm sorry.  If can help with the sketchy info I have given, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. David

10 Nov 1998    BLNA@aol.com
 All I have I would be glad to share.. My family is  John Noll son John Riser Noll born 1852 in Hummelstown, Dauphin Co, PA  His mother was a Riser, obviously. John Riser Noll  and his wife Elizabeth Shuh Page (father Samuel Page)  went with
the River Brethren  on a train in 1879 to Abilene Kansas.  I have information regarding this line.  I feel they were from Germany but have no information. I will pay someone to  help me since I am a long way from PA.  I did go to Hershey PA where my
husband played golf while  I researched in Harrisburg and also in Lancaster, PA Have you heard of  Rutherford, PA   I have been told to  look there.  All I found was the Fire Dept and they were not  on duty.  HELP Betty

04 Jan 1999
 Forrest Fothergill <ffothgil@ecentral.com>

Just wondered if you would like some information on the family of Peter Noll b. 13 Nov 1789, prob. Berks Co., PA d. 2 Nov 1869, Union Co., PA and his wife Christina Geyer b. 13 May 1790 d. 6 Jun 1840, Union Co., PA.  I have nothing to verify his ancestry but rather think him to be the son of John Noll b. Phila. d. Berks Co. who could possibly be the son of Ennos Noel b. 1700 Palatine and em. on the Princes Augusta from Rotterdam.  But like I said that is only a theory.  I have some of this family through Peter's grandchildren.  Let me know if your interested.
Thank you for the information.  It looks like I need to rethink my theory on Peter Noll's ancestry.  I'm sure that he was Protestant as his daughter Sarah married Peter Hursh whom I know to be Protestant (I have his bible).  If I come upon anything that would interest you I will certainly pass it along.

19 Apr 1999    Dwolffdn@aol.com
  1.  William NOLL
      + Catherine EDELMAN
             2.  Barbara NOLL  1794-
             2.  Samuel NOLL  1806-
                  + Rebecca LIBBENS
                       3.  John S. NOLL  1826-1887
                            + Christina KNECHT  1824-1906
                                  4.  William L. NOLL  1848-
                                        + Mary Ann HARKINS
                                  4.  Anthony George NOLL  1850-1928
                                        + Matilda Sarah SWANGER  1842-1909
                                  4.  George Henry NOLL  1852-1894
                                  4.  Wyrman Thomas 'Pap' NOLL  1865-1950
                                         + Anna Elizabeth PAIGE  1864-1941

 This is just about all the info I have.  Any help would be greatly  appreciated.   David

27 Sep 1999    Jill Jessen Hernandez <kpitblu@home.com>
I have just found three LIVING cousins ... descendants of Francois NOEL and M-Brigette LaForme .. My GGGG-Gmother Emelie/Amelia NOEL Charbonneau  and theirs was her brother Gabriel.
If you are connected to the Noel - LaForme union contact me.

16 Aug 1997 <a-s-tatara@worldnet.att.net>
Adam Peter Noel, born June 10, 1800 in Westmoreland County, Penn. married Susannah Lindsay May 18, 1834.  In 1835 he moved with his wife, her family and his brothers, Joseph, John, and Peter to Stephenson, Illinois (now Rock Island, Illinois).  He helped to build Fort Armstrong.  Later that year he moved across the river to Davenport, Iowa.  He was a farmer and a
prosperous business-man in Davenport.  He had four children, Margaret, John, Joseph, and Sarah.  His father was Joseph Noel, born about 1771 and his mother was Margaret Griffin.  Joseph's father was Blasius Noel born about 1762, his father was Peter  (or Pierre) Noel, born 1720 in France. He came to Pennsylvania in 1736 with his family.  His father was Joseph
Noel born in 1680 in France.  I have a lot more info.

17 Aug 1997  <a-s-tatara@worldnet.att.net>

Harvey V Noel is my great-uncle and godfather.  I got the name Blasius from Harvey's work that he donated to the Davenport library.  I have no documentation.  He has it by process of elimination.  He has a lot of information and I haven't sifted through it all yet. My line is:
        Stephanie M.
                Jerome D.  (1938-xxxx)
                        William D. (1913-1989)
                                Charles E  (1883-1973)  This is also Harvey's father.
                                        John T (1837-1914)
                                                Adam P   (1800-1872)

May 1998  Janice Devan <jandevan@cdt.infi.net>
There very well could be a connection between Stald and Staud. This could be the same family.  I believe my Stald family migrated from Switzerland in the 1700s into Bavaria, the Palatinate, and to America.

08 Aug 1998  <noel@mcn.org>
Nicholas Noel, son of Peter Noel of Adams County and his sister Magdalina Noel Flowers both went to the Loretto area.
It seens that Blasius the son of Blasius Noel of Maryland and a nephew of Nicholas Noel also went to Loretto.

My grand Uncle Adam Noel living in Westmoreland County was best man at the weding of a Blasius Noel at St Vincents at Latrobe, PA. The other Blasius in PA at that time was the son of John Noel, the son of the Maryland Blasius.

Now if I knew the name of the wife of Blasius of Loretto, I would know which Blasius Adam stood for.  I have no documentation that my g-grandfather was the son of Blasius of Maryland and this fact would add fuel to the mess.

9 Aug 1998  "Russell J. Holmes" <rusholmes@paonline.com>
A quick look at my information shows that I am the gggggrandson of Barbara Noel. daughter of Peter Noel and Margaret Unknown.  Her siblings were Peter, John, Blasius, Mary, Nicholas, Jacob, Daniel, Catharine, Magdalena and Margaret according to the information that I have.  Does this sound like the same family?

My information also states that Blasius was born in 1744 in Adams Co., PA and died 27 Aug 1832 in Frederick County, MD.  He married (1) Mary CATY about 1764 and (2) Mary Ann SPEASS about 1776.

10 Aug 1998 <noel@mcn.org>
The date of Blasius birth does not jive with what I have, 1762. Please send any info on Blasius since I did not know he had
two wives. We think that his son Joseph and my g-grandfather are one and the same but without documentation. Also Mary Caty and Mary Ann must be the same person. A daughter Catherine was born in 1794

18 Aug 1998     "Russell J. Holmes" <rusholmes@paonline.com>
The information which you e-mailed to me on Aug. 15th pretty much agrees with what I have.  The variations I have are as follows:

   1.Joseph Noel b. c.1680; d. in Paradise Twp, York Co., PA.  "Pigeon Hills" is not a town but a hilly area of Paradise Twp.
   2.Barbara Noel, dau. of Peter, son of Joseph, b. 1743, 16 years earlier than your date of 1759.  We agree on 1833 as the date of her death.
   3.Blasius, her brother, b. 1744, 18 years earlier than your date of 1762.   My date of 1744 confirms that he could easily have m. Caty Noel
     in 1764.  To further support that 1764 marriage date, my info lists a son Jacob Noel b. 1765, followed by the son Blasius, Jr, b. 1790, d.
     1791.  This childless gap of 26 years, though, indicates that there is an error here somewhere.

On the Strausbaugh side, what is it that you disagree with?  I concur with all your information except: Barbara Noel was the dau. of Peter Noel, not Joseph, her grandfather.

 Russell J. Holmes <rusholmes@paonline.com>   August 22, 1998 3:29 PM
I was pleased to receive an immediate response from Bob Stevens, source ot the 36-page document, "Descendants of Joseph Noel", in which he says that he agrees with your dates that I was questioning and will amend his data to agree with your "better dates".

He also asked if I had looked at his page Descendants of Joseph Noel


I have not but I certainly intend to.  He also suggested that I contact "descendants of Peter Strausbaugh and Margaret Noel: Dominic Noel, Sondra Brown-Jim Brown, and Helen Ormsby".  As you know, it was thru Dominic that I found you.  And Helen and I have been exchanging information for over 1-1/2 years.

14 Dec 1998 "Russell J. Holmes" <rusholmes@paonline.com>
You have not been forgotten!  I spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday at the John Timon Reily Historical Soc'y Christmas party in McSherrystown, PA. It was but my 3rd visit and I used some of my non-eating time browsing thru Noel volumes by Charles A. Noel and Jean Staub.  (She was also enjoying the sociability and offered to help me with the Noel line in the future.)

I thought of you when I spotted a copy of an obit for "Blosius Noel, father of William Noel, aged 75, was a soldier in the War of 1812 and 45 years ago, emigrated from Maryland to this county."  There was no newspaper source listed and the only date looked like 1867, scrawled beside it.

23 Jul 1997 Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
 The wills of John's sons are at:

Registar of Wills
County Courthouse
Greensburg,  PA

Blasius Noel Book 6  Page 234  1878

Joachim      Book 8  Page  20  1888

24 Jul 1997  <hsrudy@worldnet.att.net>
I have some information on the brothers and sisters of John Noel.  Just to be sure we are talking about the same guy, the John Noel to whom I am referring was born 20 May 1779 at PA; died 15 Mar 1854 at St. Clair (Bradenville), PA; married Mary Magdalene Grundy.

John's brothers and sisters are as follows:

Jospeh, b. c1777 at PA.
Christopher, b. c1783 at PA.
Mary Magdalene, b. c1785 at PA.
Jacob, b. c1787; married Barbara Obold 3 Jul 1828.
Michael, b. 1789.
Blasius, b. 1790 at Frederick, MD; d. 5 Jan 1791 at Conewago Twp, Adams Co, PA.
Blasius, b. 27 May 1792 at Frederick, MD.
Catherine "Caty", b. 7 Fed 1794 at Frederick, MD.

John's father Blasius Noel was born 1762 at Paradise Twp, York Co, PA (married Mary Ann Speass c 1776), so I am not certain what you mean by "go to PA."

Just out of curiosity, and to place you in one of the Noel lines, who was your great-grandfather?  Mine was David, b. 30 Dec 1851, d. 14 Aug 1925;  married to Clara Cecelia Wagner.  David was the son of Blasius ("Blossy") and Mary Brogen.

24 Jul 1997  Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
When I said 'went to PA' I meant that John who was born in Adams County went with his family to Tanneytown, MD when he was in his youth.  Note that when Blasius ( where there two sons called Blasius?) was born in 1790 in Maryland, John was only 12 years old.  He then went to Westmoreland County, PA maybe with Peter and his older brother Joseph.  At least that is
my line of reasoning at this time.

I have that Caty was baptized at Conewago on 2-21-1794 the godparents being Joseph Chisimer and Polly Strasbach. The Strasbach line and Adams County People including the Noel's is followed by THEODORE(TED) E VON MECHOW
   ancestorkid@comcast.net     Fell free to contact him he would like to hear from you.

Please note again that I have John's wife as Mary Magdalene Grundy Storm with a John Noel, wife Petronilla and child Mary Jan 1804.  This may be another John or John's Wife may have died at child birth and he remarried, maybe a widow.  This was
common in those days.  My Great-grandfather had children from three woman over thirty-four years (1800..1834).

And also that it is Brogan (Irish!)

    Charles Brogan wife Maria ---
       Charles  1823
       Mary Brogan b Before 1808 wed Blasius Noel
          Nancy m James Murphy
          Elizabeth m Samuel Logsdon

You may want to try the Derry Area Historical Society:


and ckeck out the Scotch Irish and the Brogan Surname.

My Great-grandfather was Joseph Noel.  We do not know where he came from or who his father was; but about the only one we know of who fits the picture is the Joseph, son of Blasius, son of Peter, son of the Adams County Joseph. I know this sounds far out but my line goes like this:

Joseph (1777..1839)
   > Jacob Sylvester(1834..1926)
      > Leo Anthony (1887..1964) and me
         > Dominic Easy (1931..1985+)
              I just have not fallen over yet.

My father is buried as Leo B Noel and no one knows why; since we learned latter that he was  baptized as Leo Anthony. My mother died when I was one year old and I did not live with my father except for short periods afterwards.  But I did ask him once what the 'B' stood for and I believe he said 'Bloss'.  This could be a false memory.

24 Jul 1997   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Here are some Storm facts for what its worth
   From "Catholic Trails West" the name Joachim  pops up, a very uncommon name at that time. There are no Grundy's or Brogen's/Brogan's listed

 St Michael's Parish Loretto, PA

p 635  The sale by McGuire of tracks of land to fellow pioneers in the Conewawo area, like John Storm and Jacob and Cornelius Burgoon, led to an influx of settlers in the 1790's to the place that had come to be known as McGuires Settlement.

         Sinking Valley near modern-day Altoona, PA

p 637 The first Catholic settlers in Sinking Valley appear to have been John McGuire and Peter McMullen from the Big Pipe Creek Settlement in Western Maryland, near Taneytown, a mission stop of the Conewago priest.

p 639 He (the priest Prince Galitzin) rode with a german named Feltz who had a beautiful singing voive, probably John Feltz, and one of the wagoneering Noel's from Conewago, perhaps Nicolas. p 640 John Storm from Western Maryland was one of the original 12 families   (also stated as John Storm/Sturm the Storms were from Conewago or Western Maryland and Joachim Storm went to Frankstown Twp, Hutingdon County)

p 641  Other native Germans at Loretto were John Feltz from Mannheim, Nicolas Noel from Lothringen . . .

(In German -  Eisass-Lothringen   In French -  Alsace-Lorraine)

p 432-33

John Storm/Sturm b 21 Jan 1725 d 1 Jan 1805, 84 years
   m Elizabetb Tanner p Michael and Eva Tanner
       c Joseph, 22 Nov 1769;
         Peter, b c 1763;
         Maria, b c 1765;
         Christopher, b c 1768;
         Elizabeth, b c 1770;
         Joachim b 1771; d 1844 Greenfield Twp, Blair Co, PA
       * Magdalen
         John, b 3 May 1756; d 11 Feb 1816, Cambria Co, PA
            m Susan Wysong 6 Mar 1796, Conewago Chapel?
              b 25 July 1773/77 d 11 Nov 1837, Cambria Co, PA
                 p John Lewis/Ludwig and Ann Catherine Weissong
                     Moved to Loretto

p 707  About Loretto
    The children of John and Elizabeth Storm from above
         John b 23 Feb 1797
         Peter b 17 May 1798
         Catherine b 28 Sept 1799
         Elizabeth b 13 Nov 1800
         Mary b 14 Sept 1802
         James b 24 Oct 1804
         Susan b 29 April 1806
         Louis b 12 June 1809
         Joseph b 28 June 1811
         Michael b 31 July 1813
         Henry b 20 Feb 1815