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10 Oct 1999  Raymond Noel <raynoel@videotron.ca>
I am a descendant of Francois Noel and Nicole Le Grand. It is nice to see that other Noel families have also settled in America. I think that you already have visited my home page on:    http://pages.infinit.net/raymond/

16 Jul 1999     "RAYMOND McGRATH" <MoMs3rd-S@worldnet.att.net>
 My ancestors Augustin NOEL (NEWELL) and Sophia ALLAIRE (ALLEN) came from
Quebec in the late 1840's, and lived in the Blackstone Valley area of
Massachusetts for about 10 years (1850-1860).  After Augustin had enough of
laboring in the ax factories and mills, they moved to MONROE, NH. and had a
farm.   Augustin's brother, Paul NOEL, and wife, Mary PLANT, came along with
Augustin, but returned to the Worcester County area of Massachusetts and
worked in a shoe factory.  Augustin  NOEL stayed in Monroe, and raised
about 14 children.  Their families have spread out to Claremont and the
Whitefield N.H. area,  and further out several generations later.   Many of
the following family names have their lineage traced to Austin NOEL:

For many years I have been searching for the baptism or birth record of
Augustin NOEL.  Presently, I have been researching the 1820-1835 DRUIN
microfilms at the American French Genealogy Society in Woonsocket, Rhode

I have the HISTORY OF MONROE book by Frances JOHNSON, and have referred to
it many times.

I would like to share my research with other NOEL  and NEWELL cousins.
Ellen Newell McGrath

7 Jul 1999    "RAYMOND McGRATH" <MoMs3rd-S@worldnet.att.net>
I would like to share my 20plus year collection of genealogy research of my
Noel ancestors with my cousins.  Presently I am researching the entries of
baptism, marriage and death entries of all NOELS in Quebec between the time
period of 1820-1835 in the Druin microfilms of the American French Genealogy
Society.  One of these days I will organize my research and have it

I am on a lifetime quest to find my gr gr grandfather's birthrate and place.
His name was AUGUSTIN NOEL , and was born in Quebec someplace in the 1830
time period.  There is a lot of conjecture on my family's part that he could
have been adopted and took on another surname.  I have found records to make
me believe AUGUSTIN  had a brother.  His brother's name was PAUL.

AUGUSTIN NOEL (anglicized to AUSTIN NEWELL)  born June 15, 1830, Notre Dame
DeStanbridge, Quebec.  from a birth record of one of his children, but
haven't verified it.
    married Feb. 16, 1852 SOPHIA ALLAIRE (anglicized SOPHIA ALLEN) in
Millbury, MA
    died June 25, 1883, Claremont, NH.  and buried in the St. Johnsbury, VT
Catholic Cemetery.
    lived in the Blackstone Valley area of Ma. during the 1850-60 time
period.  Lived in Monroe, NH  between 1860-80.
    Augustin was a farmer, mason, and woodsman.  I have extensive research
of his 14 children.

PAUL NOEL    (anglicized PAUL NEWELL), born about 1828  in Canada according
to death certificate.
    married June 220, 1850 in Sutton Ma. to MARY PLANT, officiated by GEORGE
G. DAY, Rector of the First Baptist          Church in Grafton, MA.
    Died in Spencer, MA.  Oct. 6, 1872.  PAUL NOEL also lived in the
Blackstone River Valley with AUGUSTIN NOEL at the same time periods.  But
PAUL NOEL left Monroe, NH in the 1860's, and took up residence in Oxford and
Spencer.  He worked in a shoe factory.  I have extensive records of his
three children.

Hope there is a cousin of mine out there.  Ellen

8 Apr 1999     DEVOTA42@aol.com
In answer to your short history of noel, i am tracing my NOEL ancestors, i
have traced my great grandfather ERNEST NOEL to the quebec area. His Father's
name was GIDEON and his mother MATHILDA GELINAS, as i understand it ,
MATHILDA'S Mother was possibly a CREE INDIAN, And beyond her more indian
ancestry. im trying to get more info on this but haven't had much luck so
far. Could this possibly be the tie to cartier's noel's that married
indian's. let me know if anything turn's up on your side.        donald e. whittles

27 Mar 1999    charles-yvon boisvert <charles-@interlinx.qc.ca>
 I'm Marie-Nael Lessard, but my mom and familly are noŽl's.
I'm from quebec, and I'd like to just tell you come stuff about our noŽl
familly, I dont know the names, cause it was so long ago, but by what i
read, I'm decendant of FranÁois, or Jean noŽl. Jacques Cartier( Quťbec's
discoverer) 's sister married a  NoŽl, back in france. He made 3 trips
to quebec. On his last trip.  he brought along his 2 nephews, that could
be franÁois and Jean. From this, they lived around the Gaspť region for
many years and could have  live near quebec city ( Iles d'orlťeans)
later on a NoŽl married a american indian woman. I couldn't tell the
origin, cause we are pretty confused. It could be mic mac or ever the montagnais.

30 Jul 1998    denise noel <denise.noel@sympatico.ca>
My name is Denise NoŽl.  When I read the Noel history, I found it very
interesting.  My ancester that first came in Quebec is FranÁois NoŽl.
About the coats of arms, I'm glad to finally discover that we have one.
The one I have seen was the same but with blue color instead of red
color.  I'm living in Blainville in Quebec Province, Canada.
What I find difficult when I do research on my ancesters is to trying to
find what was their profession, if they were well-known, how they could
have died, but for that I have to find hospital registration.

My brother has an e-mail address and is living in Blainville too.  Here
is his e-mail : alencon@total.net

14 Jul 1998    "Ebnoether-NoŽl" <ebnoether@videotron.ca>
 I'm very interested by the origin of the surname NoŽl. My husband have
that name.  His ancestor is FranÁois NoŽl came from France to new France.

25 Mar 199  Ed Noel <enoel@kpmg.com>
My family tree traces to Pierre Noel (b1609) through Francois (his son)
who came from Chirzy, Poitou. to old St. Laurent.

26 Nov 1999    JMatuch537@aol.com
Looking for any information regarding Jean NOEL of St. Savior parish Isle of Jersey Channel Islands married to Elizabeth Wilkens daughter of Henry Wilkens.  Jean NOEL and Elizabeth Wilkens are recorded as parents of Jean NOEL  christened abt. 1809 and Henry Wilkens NOEL christed 1811 in St. Peterport Isle of Guernnsey Channel Islands.  Henry NOEL is located in 1840 in New Orleans Louisana. Ruth Matuch

28 Nov 1999    newyearsbaby1151@aol.com
This is what I know so far about my Noel family:

Wilber George Noel 1903-1996  b.Seneca Co. Oh  son of Samuel Elsworth Noel 1873-1936 b. Venango Co. Pa son of
George W. Noel 1839-1908 b. Pa son of possibly Thomas Noel b. 1815 living in Cherrytree twp. Venango Co. Pa as of the 1850 census.  It appears that their is more than one George W. Noel, so that is why I wanted to make contact with this other Noel, to make sure that the one in the 1850 census is mine. I will check further.

This has all come together in the last few days.  I know for sure this is the right connection, except for Thomas Noel.
Also there might be another S. E. Noel or might have been married twice. I'm going to look into this also.

 Fri, 03 Dec 1999  <noel@mcn.org>
Jacob Tarr, grandfather of Mrs. Catherine (Tarr) Carr, was born in eastern PA, and settled in Venango county, PA about 1830, where he was a farmer. He married Barbara Noel. Both were of German descent, and he made use of the German
language in their social and business intercourse.

Author: Jordan, John W. (John Woolf), 1840-1921
Title: Vol. 3 Genealogical and personal history of western Pennsylvania;
editor-in-chief, John W. Jordan.
Imprint: New York : Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1915.
Physical Extent: 3 v. : ill. ; 28 cm.

04 Dec 1999     <mtndream@ix.netcom.com>
I am looking for the family of Elizabeth Noel.  She married my ancestor John Arnold in 1840 in Boone Co KY.  She may
have been a daughter of James or John who were probably the sons of Garrett Noel.

03 Dec 1999 2  LENNIG ELAINE <elrninor@aol.com>
I am still looking to positively confirm Charles H. A. Noell's (b. 1822) parentage.  I am showing Thomas G. Noell (b. 1800 - Charles's father) then Charles Noell (b. 1768 - Thomas's father) and finally Philip Noell (b. 1738 - Charles' father).

I also have a newspaper clipping about a Philip Noell that lived in KY who had just passed the bar to become a lawyer.  I contacted the KY bar assoc. and all their old records burned.  No luck there.  The county that is listed in the newspaper article is Meade County - after some research I found that this was only a county from 1830-1880.  This would rule out the other Philip b. 1738 as the person in the article.  I doubt that there were law schools in KY before it even was part of the country  (1792).

10 Dec 1999     canoel@netscape.net
My husbands family was from Pennsylvania. Their names are : Leon Joseph Noel who married Hilda Gierschick. they had a son named Leon Joseph Noel and a daughter named Hilda Noel. Leon the 1st 's fathers name was Earnest Edward Noel.

To all on the Seven Families List,

In response to my letter to Earl,  I received this:

"Earl Noel died Dec 10 from complications of Lou Gehrigs disease.
Thanks for inquiring."

Although I have removed Earl's address from the list, he remains in the Seven Families.

 Dominic E Noel


28 Dec 1999          <TEDVONMECHOW@prodigy.net>
Looking for information, ancestors and history of  Sebastian Wise died 5/15/1802, lived in Paradise Township York County Pa.  his wife Catharine  their children Joseph, Christianna, Sebastian and Philippine who married  John Noel.  I have just confirmed he is the father of my ancestors John and Philippine  Noel

 27 Dec 1999    Barbara <belechere@rcn.com>
I saw your posting - am also researching FANELL - Rosa Fanell, m. Rocco Nicola Setora abt 1860, daughter Maria Carmela Setora b. 1888 Milnesville, Luzerne Co., PA.

12 Jan 2000    Dave Conrad <dconrad@dwave.net>
Found your post in Iowa counties.com/gene/ I'm related to the Amandus Woeber Family, One of the daughters married a Noel in the late 1800s or early 1900s.

13 Jan 2000    Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
 Dave, Not on Amandus but Margaret Jane Noel was the daughter of my grand-uncle Adam and she married Gallus Woeber in 1856 in Iowa. I have nothing else on the Woeber's.

Adams County Noel's  15 Jan 2000   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Most of the Seven Families who arrived at Philly in 1736 on board the Princes Augusta and settled in eastern PA have been found to have been from Saulxures in the country of Salm.  Salm is now in Bas Rhin, Alsace-Lorraine, France. However
the Enos and Joseph Noel families have not been found, although there are many intermarriages among the Noel's and the other five families.

You are invited to view the Seven Families Pages, just updated today, and join the search. See the bottom of the start page for those who are interested.

Also Wayne Strasbaugh has enlisted Hans Weebers, the husband of a of Salm-Salm descendent, whose family will visit the Prince to review the records of Salm. We hope that this will give a reason for the departure of the Seven Families. One oral history says that there was an aborted coup, but I would not count on this.
Dear Mr. Strasbaugh,

 I am invited by the present Price zu Salm-Salm to visit him and he told  me he will take care that I get some help
from the keeper of the records  in Anholt (their seat) to learn more about the history of the Principality. I will ask him
if there is information on this topic in his archive.

 Best,     Hans A.M. Weebers
My Pages start at:          http://www.mcn.org/2/noel/location.htm

With the Summary at:      http://www.mcn.org/2/noel/Area/saulxures.html

15 Jan 2000 1  "Mary Lu Keef"    marest@rochester.rr.com
Thank you, Dominic, for posting this information for all of us.  Now, if only I could find which line my gggrandfather, Henry NOEL, was descended from!  He first appeared in Adams Co. on 23 Dec 1827, when he married Maria STEINHOUR, daughter of Frederick STEINOUR.

If anyone has information that might help me connect my Henry to another line, I would really appreciate hearing from you!

15 Jan 2000   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Mary Lu,    Peter Noel of Adams County had a son Henry in abt 1802

PETER NOEL.     Born 1780/1790. He married first a Miss Dull (Doll) and lived in Mount Rock, Adams County, Pa.  Their children were Samuel E., 1810/11; Peter; Henry, 1803/04; Bernard, 1812/13; Louis; Gerome; George; Elizabeth; and Margaret. Peter Noel married second, Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Noel.  They had one son and two daughters. He died in Adams County over 90 years of age.

Have you seen these?   Marie is the same as Mary and the 'm' could be Magie.  This would mean that Henry was born about 1800-1810.  Henry  could have been a second name or the son of Peter above.

Maria  Magdalen STEINHAUER
Christening: 18 Dec 1802  Lutheran And Reformed Church, Arendtsville, Adams, Pennsylvania
Parents:  Father:  Friedrich STEINHAUER
              Mother: Katy
Henry NOEL    Sex:      M
              Mrs Mary m NOEL
              Abt. 1836
              Of Mount Joy Twp, Adams Co., Pennsylvania

16 Jan 2000 19:12:42 EST    CFGenealogy@aol.com
 This is what I have:

Passchier NOWE (____ -____)
     b. Halweijn, Vlaanderen, Belgium  d. _____
     m. March 19, 1582/83 in Leiden, Holland
          Stijntje JASPERS (____-____)
           b. _____  d._____

Jacob NOEL (ca. 1599-____)
     b. Leiden, Holland   d. _____
     m. February 2, 1620/21 in Leiden, Holland
          Treintje Cornelis (_____-____)
          b. _____  d._____
Cornelius NOEL (November 8, 1623-June 6, 1699)
     b. Leiden, Holland    d. Essex Co. Virginia
     m.1660 in Essex Co., Virginia
          Elizabeth PAGE (____-1705)
           b. Essex Co., Virginia    d. Essex Co., Virginia

Daniel NOEL (ca. 1665-September 15, 1755)
                    (Descendants of Nowe Passchier says he died in 1775, but
that would
                      make him 110 years old.
     b. Essex Co., Virginia   d. Essex Co., Virginia
     m. ca l1694 in Essex Co., Virginia
          Elizabeth ELLIOTT (____-____)
          b. Essex Co., Virginia   d._______

Bernard NOEL (1706-July 1749)
      b. Essex Co., Virginia    d. Essex Co., Virginia
      m. ______ in Essex Co., Virginia
           Sarah SCOTT
           b. Joppa, Baltimore Co., Maryland   d. _____

Bernard NOEL (1745-February 9, 1802)
     b. Essex Co., Virginia    d. Mercer Co., Kentucky
     m. ________ in Essex Co., VIrginia
         Sarah GRAY/GREY (____-____)
         b. Essex Co., Virginia    d. Virginia

Elizabeth NOEL (1771-___)
     b. Essex Co., Virginia d. ______
     m. June 15, 1789 in Mercer Co., Kentucky
          John ARNOLD (1764-1837)
           b. Essex Co., Virginia   d. Putnam Co., Indiana

William ARNOLD (January 10, 1800-April 7, 1855)
     b. Franklin Co., Kentucky   d. Marion Co, Iowa
     m. April 11, 1822 in Monroe Co, Indiana
           Hannah Hornbeck COFFMAN (1796-1888)
            b. Bourbon Co., Kentucky   d. Marion Co., Iowa

Thursby Morning ARNOLD (December 19, 1834-November 16,1909)
     b. Putnam Co., Indiana   d. Axtell, Kansas
     m. November 15, 1857 in _____
          William Francis BERRY (June 9, 1833-May 9, 1913)
           b. Pennsylvania  d. Axtell, Kansas

Charles Elmer BERRY (December 30,1864-February 26,1952)
     b. Bellefountaine, Iowa   d. Delta, Colorado
     m. November 7, 1893 in Seneca, Kansas
          Adelpha BILLINGSLEY (August 9, 1872-October 27,1957)
          b. Glasgow, Iowa    d. Delta, Colorado

Margaret Edwina BERRY (October 9, 1902-February 8, 1986)
     b. Axtell, Kansas   d. Corvallis, Oregon
     m. May 20, 1920 in Oskaloosa, Kansas
          Gregory Francis BOYD (September 9, 1902-September 11,1965)
          b. Valley Falls, Kansas   d. Salem, Oregon

Kathryn Louise BOYD (August 9,1922-January 14, 1977)
     b. McLouth, Kansas    d. Salem, Oregon
     m. February 22, 1942 in Kansas
          Charles Franklin KIDD (May 11,1920-May 3, 1995)
           b. Fluvanna Co., Virginia   d. Fluvanna Co., Virginia

Charlene Margaret KIDD  b. Springfield, Missouri

17 Jan 2000 Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
I have Mary Zink, born 1840  to Sylvester Zink of Alsace-Lorraine and Frederica Staud, a native of Bavaria and have not done any more.  A number of people have contacted me but I have not learned much.  Below are some e-mail address and misc. information. I hope it helps and if you find a connection to Pennsylvania let me know.
Jim, The map was in the Aaron papers and was built from the info in "Old Jesuit Trails In Penn's Forest" by Leo Gregory Zink.
 Samuel Zink born 1793 in leacock twp, Lancaster county, died 1/30/1883 in Fryburg.  His wife also died in Fryburg on 3/19/1852.  Her name was Dorothea.  I have tried to find census records, church records, etc. with no luck.  Any help
you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Joan Sanchini    Littleton, Co.    "TLN" <tomnagy@nauticom.net>
Hello Judy,  I received your letter and have been trying to fit the pieces together.  Thanks for your response.  Check this to
see if its correct:

Sylvester Zink m. Frederica Staud
      1. Mary S Zink   b. 12-21-1840 m. Jacob Noel
      2. Andrew Zink  b.  9-22-1842  at Mt Pleasant
      6. John Zink m. Amanda ---
            1. Philip A Zink m ---
                   1. John C Zink
                   2. George P Zink
                   3. Joseph F Zink
                   4. Isabell A Zink  m. --- Biskup
                   5. James B Zink

I am not sure where to put Margaret. Is she the daughter of Sylvester and Frederica? Their birth dates don't seem to match
Lotsa  Zink's in Gillespie County Texas page. Do a search there, you'll see.
14 Jun 1997        ME <tiggeroo@tidalwave.net>
My mother-in-law is researching the Zink surname.  Her line is:

Carl Zinke (b. Jan. 27, 1831 Kruezkirche, Posen, Posen, Preussen,
Germany/d. May 15, 1906, Moltke, MI) married Alvena Hoeft (b. Sept. 20,
1857, in Germany/d. Dec. 3, 1940 in Moltke, MI).  Her parents were
Johann Hoeft and Caroline Schroeder.  They had 12 children:  Bertha,
Henry, Son, Alvina, Lizzie, Albert, Margert, Charles, Alfred, Emma,
Herman, Lenora.

My mother-in-law has more info. than she gave me.  You may contact her
(Norma) at najohnson@juno.com, but don't expect a reply for several
weeks.  Thanks.

-Jean Johnson
Andrew Zink m. Elizabeth Livengood Had Mary Zink b.1830        (Frederick County, MD?)

 17 Jan 2000 1   david shea <dls07@yahoo.com>
Llooking to hear from anyone related to the noel family in quebec, marie-delphine noel 1864-1956 married a  joseph chaille in 1879 in trois-riveries. these were  my greatgrandparents

 18 Jan 2000   funke@cyberport.net (Jim Funke)
 Do you have any info on Jacob Noel son of Blasius Noel?  I am having a hard time tracking down the parents on Jacob Noel born about 1790 and married Elizabeth Albright 1813.  He fought in the War of 1812 but his papers show nothing.  They lived in the Shenandoah Valley. Jim

18 Jan 2000  Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Jim,  If Jacob of Blasius married in 1828 he must have been a least 40 years old which would suggest and earlier marriage. They usually married at 26 in those days as it took that long to be able to support a family. He could have married in 1813 and lost his wife in child birth as was common then. Do you have a death date of  Elizabeth Albright or birth of any children?  Jacob must have died before the 1850 census. There was a Jacob at Sportsman Hall, Latrobe, PA in 1817 who sponsored  a child of Simon Noel with Mary Andreis which would suggest that he was not married or his wife did not arrive yet or that she was dead and he moved to Westmoreland with his brother Joseph and John and maybe Peter. Joseph arrived  before 1800, the others came later.  However there was a Jacob Noel listed on the  Sportsman's Hall building fund in 1809/1810 also. He could have
left to fight the war, married then lost his wife and returned, then went back to Taneytown, MD and remarried at Conewago across the state line. That is far out but could be.
1.  JACOB4 NOEL  (BLASIUS 'BLOSS'3, PETER2, JOSEPH1) was born Abt. 1787.  He
married BARBARA ANNA OBOULD July 03, 1828 in Conewago Chapel, Adams County,
daughter of JOSEPH OBOULD.

Thes may or may not be the children of JACOB NOEL and BARBARA OBOULD are:
 i. ALOYSIA "LUISA"5 NOEL, b. June 25, 1829.
 ii. SARAH JOANNA NOEL, b. August 15, 1832.
 iii. WILLIAM HENRY NOEL, b. November 09, 1834, Newry, PA.

gp:  Henry & Teresia Miller  bp: 11-9-1835

 iv. SUSAN NOEL, b. Abt. 1837.
 v. CECELIA NOEL, b. March 02, 1837.

bp: 7-23-1837  gp:  Daniel McConnel / Joanna Sinclair

 vi. JULIANA NOEL, b. May 18, 1840.
 vii. LUCINDA NOEL, b. April 17, 1842.
 viii. MARTHA NOEL, b. Abt. 1845.
In the 1850 Census of Derry Twp., Westmoreland County we find the children of Jacob Noel living with John and Barbara
Ann Friend. There was Luisa 20, Susan 13, Wm. H 15, Julyann 10, Lucinda A 8, and Martha 5. His daughter Cecelia 13 was
with Nancy Kimbel who was born in Maryland and again with John and Luisa Case. Lucinda 8, is also listed again with Adam
and Mary Beamer. Only Sarah Joann age 18 is missing.  Note that Jacob's brother John lived in Derry Twp. at this time.

18 Jan 2000         funke@cyberport.net (Jim Funke)
Here is what I have:
Jacob Noel Born abt 1790 married Elizabeth Albright 2 Nov 1815 in Shenandoah, VA.  He died after 1830 but before 1850.  Elizabeth was born 2 Oct 1793.  Their Children:
 1.Samuel Noel born abt 1819 in shenandoah married Phebe Hammon 29 MAy 1839
 2. Jacob Noel born abt 1819 henandoah and died 1 May 1854 in Oak Springs, CA.  Jacob Married Mary Cathy Frunk
     12 Jan 1847 in Shenandoah
 3. William Noel born abt 1822 in Shenandoah and died 1870  Married Sarah

I'm still looking for the family of Barbara NOEL-KEIM.  She was born in PA in 1818.  She married Abraham KEIM on 15 Sept 1836 Hiltown, Adams, PA.    Out of this union came 12 children. Can anyone help me find her family???

23 Jan 2000     <oris_eleanor@tri-countynet.net>
My husband's Noel Family are from Westmoreland Co. PA also.  It is Peter Noel son of Jacob and Catherine (Grainer) who settled in Ligonier in 1823.

21 Jan 2000   Webrene1@aol.com
THE FRONTIER 1783-1825 (with a fold-out map)
By Patricia Duff

NAME                   TYPE-OF-TITLE     VOL./PAGE   MAP REF.#
NOEL CHARLES    WAR                     SB-2-79F         227
NOEL PETER         WAR                     S&W-110B      228
NOEL PETER         WAR                     S&W-111A      245
NOEL WILLIAM H.   WAR                     PB-H-70-470   245

23 Jan 2000    "Jerome D Noel" <jcnoel@netins.net>

I am the great great grand son of Adam Noel and I live on the farm John T. Noel established in Scott county Iowa. It seems to me that the Noel history reflects the history of this great country and can serve as a model for future generations to study and make connections with. I spent two years in Germany when I was in the USArmy and traveled to the area in France where our
ancesters came from. But at that time I did not know how to connect up with people to do the research on the family. The oral tradition in our family has it the the Noel family were from royal blood and that is why they considered it their duty to be good members of the community. They also were very musical and played and sang or taught music to others. I would be interested to see if this talant is present in the various branches of the family.

24 Jan 2000    david shea <dls07@yahoo.com>
looking for noel family...   1864-QUEBEC
marie-delphine noel b-5-4-1864 to medard noel b-1829  and adele tremblay b-1833 married in 5-15-1854.   belive medard (jerry) noel's parents were jean noel  and angele fortin?????   and angele's parents were thomas tremblay and adelaide bolduc?

25 Jan 2000  bcyoung@together.net
Francois Noel, born in Canada around 1796, place unknown, who married Fidelia (or Phylina) Collum who was born in Canada around 1801, place unknown.  Francois' father's name was Peter(Pierre) and mother's name Mary Forbes (?) They emigrated to Williston, VT about 1841 with four children:  Francis, Jr., Phebe, Sophia and Julia.

Does anyone have any information on where they came from in Canada, or any BMD data on Peter and Mary?  The female names above are those I copied from the Town Clerk's offices and don't sound correct -- probably phonetic misspelling.

 30 Jan 2000      Len <Lmariner@telusplanet.net>
 I am trying to verify the marriage and parents of the couple:

    NARCISSE NOEL &t JULIE CHEZA  (Havelange, Namur Belgium)

I believe they would have been married circa 1865-1866. Julie Cheza was born in the village of Barvaux-Condroz (near town of
Dinant, province of Namur, Belgium on Oct 26, 1844.  She died on Dec 7, 1913 at Monin-Achet, province of Namur, Belgium.
I don't know the date or place of birth for NARCISSE NOEL but he died circa 1933 in this same region of the province, and
likely buried at Monin-Achet as well.

The children of this couple were born at HAVELANGE and its highly probable that NARCISSE NOEL and JULIE CHEZA
were married in this same village.  Narcisse was born circa 1840. The family is found in other villages in this province later on such as Barvaux-Condroz and  Hamois.  For the period 1840 to 1866 they seem to have been concentrated in the area of Barvaux-Condroz and Havelange.

The name CHEZA seems to have an Italian ring to it.  I had heard there was a Spanish connection with my NOEL - CHEZA great- grandparents but did not know if it was through the Noel or Cheza sides.

Four of the children of the above couple left at a young age for the area just north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  These were
Clara, Julie, Narcisse and Norbert.

30 Jan 2000    Kevin Noel    Klnoel2002@aol.com
My father's name is Lawrence Noel, Jr.  He was born in Stowe PA in 1929.  His  father, Lawrence Sr. was  born March 19, 1904, he had one brother Nicholas Noel born in 1906.  Their father was Jacob Noel, he was born sometime around the 1870 - 1880'.  Jacob's wife was Margaretha (Lena) Yanas was born April 22, 1878 in Austria, Hungary.  I do know that Jacob was not born in the U.S.  Lawrence Sr and Nicholas were the first generation born here.

 7 Feb 2000    "Barry and Susan Smith" <bsmith@island.net>
I'm looking for exact birth dates & death dates for parents & children in this family. Any help would be appreciated!

Gabriel Noel b 2 Jul 1820 in Scioto Co., Ohio (s/o Philip Noel & Mercy Feurt) m Elizabeth Zarley 15 Oct 1848 in Will Co., Illinois. (she was born 22 Nov 1831 in Will Co d/o Reason Zarley & Sarah Mustard)

Reason Zarley Noel Aug1849-Mar1852
Sarah Sophia Noel Jan1851-Feb1852
Albert E. Noel 1853-?
Calvin Zarley Noel 1855-?
Ervin R. Noel 1857-?
Elvis C. Noel 1862-?
Susan E. Noel 1864-?
Rosa M. Noel 1865-?
Frank G. Noel 1868-?
Plus 3 more - names unknown

7 Feb 2000  Ligonier  "Connie B. Hunter" <wgnwhls@ida.net>
The Hunters are related to the Noel's through Peter Noel 's daughter, Harriet.  Her daughter, Cora Emma) to her first marriage( to Albert Correll) married my husband's grandfather William Hunter. That Peter is Peter-Jacob-Andrew-John-Joseph.
We lived on a farm near Donegal for 30 years, and my husband was born and raised on "the ridge" - Baggaley Ridge.

8 Feb 2000      funke@cyberport.net (Jim Funke)
 I have a Jacob Noel born 11 Feb 1788 and Married Elizabeth Albright.  I see you have a Jacob born abt 1787 son of Blasius, could this be the same Jacob Noel. Jacob died in 1850 in Shenandoah.  He fought in the war of 1812. After the war he arried Elizabeth and moved to Shenandoah where he raised his family.  I think he came from PA or MD

8 Feb   funke@cyberport.net (Jim Funke)
Born:   11 Feb 1788     Place:
Married:        2 Nov 1815      Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
Died:   20 jan 1850     Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
Buried:         St. Marys Pine Church   Place:  Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah Co, VA

Born:   22 Oct 1793     Place:
Died:   Aft 7 May 1881  Place   Shenandoah Co, VA
Buried: St. Marys Pine Church   Place:  Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah Co, VA

Other Marr.     None
1       Name: Samuel Noel       Born:   23 Oct 1816     Place: Shenandoah Co, VA
                Died:   26 June 1864    Place: Shenandoah Co, VA
 Buried Place: Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah Co, VA

        Spouse: Phebe Ann Hammon        Marr: Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
                Born: 19 Feb 1816       Place:
                Died: 6 Oct 1895 buried Mt. Jackson

1. Charles Noel- born 26 Apr 1840 Shenandoah-died 6 mar 1876, shenandoah
Buried Mt Jackson
2. Ann E. Noel-born 1843
3. Lydia Katherine-born Sep 1852        Place:    Shenandoah Co, VA
Place Buried: Mt. jackson, Shenandoah Co, VA

 2      Name: JACOB NOEL        Born: Abt 1819          Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
                Died: 1May 1854 Place:  Oak Springs, Jamestown, CA
        Spouse: Mary Cathy Druck        Marr: 12 Jan 1847       Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
                Born:   1824    Place:   Shenandoah Co, VA
                Died:    Bef 1870       Place:

3       Name: William Noel      Born: Abt 1822          Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
                Died: 1870      Place: Manous Train Wreck
                   Spouse:  Sarah

                        1. Virginia Noel born 14 Nov 1847 Shenandoah and
died 28 May 1854 Shenandoah buried Mt. Jackson
                        2. Lean Susan Noel born 24 Dec 1849 Shenandoah and
died 24 July 1851 shenandoah buried Mt Jackson

4       Name: Charles M. Noel   Born: 11 Dec 1835       Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
                Died:12 Aug 1836        Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA

HUSBAND:        JACOB NOEL              Born:   Abt 1819        Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
Married:        12 Jan 1847     Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
Died:   1 May 1854      Place:  Oak Springs, Jamestown, CA
Buried:         Place:

Born:   1824    Place:  Shenandoah, VA
Died:   Bef 1870        Place
Buried:         Place:

Other Marr.
1       Name: ELI HOMER NOEL    Born: 12 Feb 1848       Place: Millcreek, Shenandoah
Co, VA
                Died: 7 Jul 1926        Place: Polson, MT
        Spouse: FLORA ELLEN PERKINS     Marr: 26 Oct 1874       Place: Goodhue Co, Minn
                Born: 16 Sep 1856       Place: Farmington, Maine
                Died: 10 Feb 1931       Place: Polson, MT
 2      Name: Emma Noel Born:   1849            Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
                Died:   Place:

3       Name: Jacob A. Noel     Born: 26 May 1852       Place:  Shenandoah Co, VA
                Died: 7 Apr 1926        Place: Herman, Minn
        Spouse: Euretta Seamans Marr: 26 Mar 1879       Place: Morris, Minn
                Born:   Place:

Mary Cathy Druck married William Estep Sep 13 1853 and had a son J. A.
Estep.  She married William before Jacob died ???
Jacob Noel fought in the war of 1812, but as I have seen in your note you
had a Jacob Noel born about the same time that also fought in the war of
1812,  in Capt George Parks Co. of Militia of the Virginia requistion Sept
19, 1812.
Jacob, son of above Jacob, died in the gold fields of California.

10 Feb 2000      Cntycwgril10@aol.com
 I am looking for a George Melborn Noel Born in Kansas. Wife was Della Mariah Smith of MO. Somewhere around Kirksville, MO. They had one son named Harold Earnest Noel born in Near Yarrow, MO, 01 May 1905. This is my Grandfather and Grandmother. Harold is my father. I cannot find anything on my Grandparents. If anyone has any information I would be grateful.

10 Feb 2000     Webrene1@aol.com
Westmoreland County, PA       Family of Jacob Noel Ligonier 1823 on.
Anise America Libengood married Placidus J Noel 1854 - 1944.
There was a Nicely Noel marriage

19 Ac 56 P               Neighbor of Alexander Nicely
Charles Noel
Warrant 1-12-1839
SB 2-79F
Survey 2-8-1839

2Ac 4 P                    Neighbor of Adam Nicely
Peter Noel
Warrant 5-5-1866
S&W 110B
DB 118-183

5Ac 65 P
Warrant 3-25-1872
SB 2-127C
Patent 9-2-1872
PB H70-470

27Ac 39 P
Peter Noel
Warrant 8-18-1886
S&W 111A
Survey 8-21-1886

177Ac 88 P
Jacob Libengood
Survey 8-28-1789
Patent 9-16-1796
PB P 34-361

12 Feb 2000   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Does anyone have any info on this man which was found on the Adams County Page?

John [ Buckskin] NOEL  (b.28-Jun-1776 in France d.14-May-1846 in Adams Co., PA.) was said to have left France as a young man and stayed in Germany for a few years before coming to America in about 1810. He settled in the Wenksville, Menallen Twp., Adams Co., PA. area where he married Elizabeth (b.31-Apr-1793 d.27-Apr-1853). They had children  John A Noel ( b.14-May-1829 d.3-Dec-1897) who never married and David Noel (b.28-Dec-1823 d.21-Jun-1874) who married Mary Ann IRVIN (b.29-Oct-1834 d.26-Apr-1904).

17 Feb 2000    b.marsi@verizon.net
 My information is from a small  book called Most Blessed Sacrament Church, Bally, Pennsylvania (originally  known as St. Paul's Chapel of Goshenhoppen).  This history was published by  the church in 1976.

 All of the people below were members of the Goshenhoppen congregation.  They  were scattered over several counties.  I will give the family name and the  area where they lived.  These families are the very early ones at  Goshenhoppen and mostly predate the Sportsman's Hall settlement.  Some of the  given names are different from those on your list, probably because they are  fathers or grandfathers of the Westmoreland settlers.

 Bivers - A Bevertz/Bibers family lived in Allemangel (now Albany Twp, Berks &  Lynn Twp, Lehigh)

 Bock - I believe this is the same as BUCK.  Joseph and Henry BUCK lived in  Springfield Twp, Bucks Co.

 Henrich/Henry - This one I'm sure of because it's my family.  The Henrichs  lived in Albany Twp, Berks.  The Henrich house was a mass house.

 Kuhn - There are a lot of Kuhn's.  Henry, Henry Jr. and Joseph Kuhn were from  Cedar Creek, southwest of Allentown in Lehigh Co.  At various times all of  their homes were mass houses.  A William Kuhns lived in the Easton/Bethlehem  area of Northampton.

 Ruffner - The Simon Ruffner family originally lived at Croner's Mill near Red  Hill in Montgomery Co.  They later moved to the Blue Mountains in Northampton  Co. (now Lehigh).  This last would be in the Allemangel area.

 Schmidt - A Philip Schmidt had a mass house in Penn Twp, Berks (formerly Bern  Twp)

 Seyverth/Seybert - Joseph Seyfert lived in Reading

 If you find out where the Toners came from, please let me know.  They seem to  be connected to my mysterious Elizabeth Kintz whose origins are unknown.
 In a message dated 2/16/00 11:16:01 PM Central Standard Time, noel@mcn.org

Below are the people who sponsored the Noel children or the parents of  children sponsored by the Noel's at Sportsman's Hall, St Vincent's, Latrobe, PA  1800   -  1820.

  I am trying to determine where these people lived before that came to   Westmoreland. As a start I believe that the Griffin's, Kuhn's and Ruffner's  came  from Goshenhoppen. If your are in any of these lines and have any  information, even oral history, please let me know.

  Dominic E Noel



  Thomas and Elizabeth

  Joseph, Henry

  Frank and Anna


  Patrick and Margaret, Henry and Magdalen, John and Susan



  Mary, Adam

  John and Martha

  Daniel and Cecilia


  Barbara,  Catharine, George and Margaret, Mary, Peter and Anna, Christian,

  Joseph and Elizabeth, maiden

  Frederick and Catharine, Frederick and Mary, Frederick and Anna Maria, Adam


  Philip and Barbara

  John and Elizabeth

  Edward and Mary

  George and Elizabeth

  Nicholas and Mary

  George and Elizabeth, Rose

  Jacob and Catharine

  George and Anna Mary, Susan

17 Feb 2000    "wehurst" <wehurst@coastalnet.com>
My line begins with Susan Noel m. William Reynolds in 1832 in Venango Co. Penn. They lived in the Cherrytree twp.  My
research indicates that there was a branch of the Joseph Noel family from Gettysburg Penn. (Adams Co.)  that moved to Cherrytree around 1825.  This would have been Thomas Noel and his wife Mary Magadalena (Noel).  That is what I know at the present.  Thanks for any help you can give.  Evelyn

18 Feb 2000       VWhite0901@aol.com
I'm doing family research on the NOEL families that were living in Owen Co.IN....part of the family had been living in Owen Co. and Greene and Monroe Co's.since 1850.....My direct line of NOEL's I'm researching are:

HENRY NOEL b. 1811 KY.
  + MARY KAYS  b. 1807 Garrard Co.KY.
      JAMES MERRIT NOEL b. 8 July 1836 Washington Co.KY
        + ELIZABETH HALL b. 13 Feb 1838 Shelby Co.KY
              GEORGE ALEXANDER NOEL b. 20 Oct 1860  Orange Co.IN.
                + RACHEL ELLEN LIVINSTON b.11 Sep 1859 Monroe Co.IN.
                     VIRGIL NOEL b.15 Jun 1887  Gr.Co.IN
                        + STELLA ETHEL BURKS  b.27 May 1894 Gr.Co.IN
                             CLIFTON EMORY NOEL  b. 14 Jun 1920 Gr.Co.IN
                                 +FREDIA LOUISE BALDWIN b. 18 Dec 1911
Johnson Co.IN

Fernando Noel <fe.noel@ig.com.br>
Well, I asked to my grandmother about our family and she told me that's Josť Domingues
translated the last name Nouh ( Syrian ) to Noel. Ah, he went to France because the Syrian
War... Here we have a lot of guys with this last name, ones with Nouh, but I like very much
NOEL, Josť come from France to Brazil in 1910 ( + or - ), and here he had, Jorge and Adala.
It's all, but I think that have more... I have to go, I need to study.  Bye,    Fernando

25 Feb 2000       Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Here is a Scott Noel, a Afro-American, age 22 in the Census Index of Anne Arundel County, MD in 1870. If you ever learn anything more let me know.
Scott Noel. Family No.: 534
Age: 22 Sex: M Race: B Occupation: Farm hand
Birthplace: VA
Film No.: M 7233 Page: 623/78 MSA S1526-9971


26 Feb 2000    Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
 John Noel an Afro-American barber resided at  42 North Howard St., Baltimore, Maryland as reported by  Louis S. Diggs from "The Baltimore Directory", compiled by Samuel Jackson in 1819.


This may be a good site for African Americans to research their family history.

Check the link above first    -    afrigeneas@MsState.Edu  -  This is from Mississippi State Univ.

26 Feb 2000    Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Extraction's of Banat Emigrants in  Pre-WW I US Customs & Immigration passenger Ship Records

MUELLER Anton 38 16 Apr 1906 Carpathia Fiu/NY Philadelphia PA
Accompanied by wife, Barbara 30 and son, Josef 4.
Going to join brother-in-law. John Noel.

NOEL Nikolaus 24 15 May 1906 Pr Alice Bre/NY New York NY

NOEL Peter 18 21 May 1906 Pannonia Fiu/NY New York NY

NOLL Anton 31 3 Jul 1906 Slavonia Fiu/NY Cleveland NY
Going to join brother, Peter Noll.

NOLL Mathias 40 14 May 1903 Frankfurt Bre/Bal Cincinnati OH


27 Feb 2000  "switten" <stacw@gte.net>
Is anyone working on this  line.  I haven't seen anything on these people anywhere on the Internet.

1.Francois Noel
 +Anne Marie Petit
  2. Jacques Noel B. April 30, 1725 Jemeppe-Sur-Sambre, Namur, Belguim
      +Helene Guerlot
       3.Joseph Noel B. April 1, 1754 Bellefontaine, Lux Belgium
        3.Marie Noel b Oct 3, 1756     ""
        3. Helene Noel B. Feb 15, 1761    """
      3. Gerard Noel b. Dec 13, 1749 Bellefontaine, Lux, Belgium
        +Anne Josephe Chasse b. Abt 1750 m. Abt 1780
        4.Remi Joseph Noel b. Jan 31, 1781 Bellefontaine, Lux, Belguim
        4. Pierre Noel b April 16, 1784 Bellefontaine, Lux, Belguim
        4. Nicolas Noel b. Jan 133,33 1786 Bellefontain, Lux, Belgium
        4. Joseph Noel B. Oct 16, 1789 Bellefontain, Belgium
        4. Marie Francoise B. Jan 11, 1793 Bellefontian, Belgium
        4. John Nicholas Noel b. March 6, 1782 Saar, Lux. Belgium M.Abt 1808 Hachy, Lux Belgium
            D. Dec 19, 1865 Mosalem, Dubuque, IA
            5. Anna Noel B. Jan 27, 1809 Saar, Lux, Belgium
            5. John Baptiste Noel B. Feb 8 1811 Saar. Lux. Belgium
            5. Joseph Noel B July 11, 1813 Saar, Lux. Belgium D. Sep 26,1898 San Bernadino, Ca
              + Barbara Schlegel b. Abt 1827 St. Gallen, Switzerland m. 1847 Dubuque, IA
                6.Magdalena Noel b 1848 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                6. Mary Noel B. 1843 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                6. Barbara Noel B. 1854 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                6. John Noel B. 1856 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                6. Emma Noel B April 2,1858 Dubuque, Dubuque IA
                6. Catherine Noel B. Dec 8, 1863 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                6. Joseph Noel B. May 10, 1861 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                +Mary Paley b. abt 1866 M. abt 1890 Dubuque, Dubuque, IA
                            D. Dec 31, 1939 San Bernadino, Ca.

27 Feb 2000     Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
 I am interested in any Noel who was at the surrender of Yorktown.

"Thomas Johnson, father of Cave Johnson, married Mary Noel, the daughter of Mary
Noel, whose husband was killed during the Revolutionary War in Virginia, and was
the sister of Col. Cave, who commanded a regiment of militia in Virginia at the
Battle of Yorktown. She removed with her kinsman, the Rev. Richard Cave, to
Kentucky in 1789"

Search on Noel on this page


18 Feb 2000  "Strasbaugh, Wayne (Phila)" <Strasbaugh@ballardspahr.com>
I don't have it handy, but there is a biograpy of Sevrenus Noel in Prowell's history of York County.  He lists his father as Michael Noel, grandfather as John Noel (1774-1847) and greatgrandfather as having come from France.  Can this be right?  This John is tagged on to the end of Charles Noel's tree as a Noel with an unidentified connection to Joseph and his sons.  Ted and I now believe that he is in  our line of  ancestry.

26 Feb 2000
I was wondering if you had any information of the Noels from around Adair County, MO. During 1800 to current. IM looking for ancestor that are from that area. Having no lucky finding any from that area, but that is where my father was born.

Della (Noel) Gore

3 Mar 2000  <allured@jps.net>
I have been searching in vain for some information about my grandmother, Maude B. Noel ( I believe her father may have been Charles R. Noel.  The only clues I have are that the family bible gives her d.o.b. l0 Nov. l877 in Mitchell, Ind.: dod. l8 Feb. l905. in Indianapolis, Ind.  Also have her High School diploma from Vincennes High School dated l8 June l895.  She
married Harry Reynolds in July l902.  I sent to Indianapolis for death cert but came back as unknown.  Is there anyone out there who might be able to help my search.  Is there still a Vincennes High School?  Area newspapers where birth of death notices might appear.  My mother Sara Reynolds was born in Peru, Ind. 27 Nov. l903.  As you see, she was only an infant at the time of her mother's death.  Thanks for any suggestions or direction.  Betty

29 Feb 2000  <TEDVONMECHOW@prodigy.net>
Today I received the Administration for PETER NOWEL [NOEL]  JR. He is the son of Peter Noel Sr.  Peter Sr. born 1719 in France died in 1771. His son was reported to have died in 1779 however that is the date the  administration bond was filed, The inventory of his Estate was made on Feb. 19 1777 therefore he died prior to that date.

His widow Henrietta Noel was remarried by the time the Administration was filed on 6th Feb 1779.

She is married to CHRISTOPHER SPEACE.

The wording is: WE Christopher Speace and Henrietta Speace, the said Henrietta  being the late widow and Relict of Peter Noel late of Paradise township deceased and Robert J. Chester and William Mummart all of the Aforesaid county [York] are held and firmly bound. etc.


The Peter seems to be the son of PETER SR since his administration is still paying off the debts from his fathers will to his brothers and sisters. 

3 Mar 2000  <TEDVONMECHOW@prodigy.net>
Peter NOEL 1720-1771 and wife Margaret

There has been some confusion about the number of their children was it 8 or 9.

The Noel Tree by Charles Noel lists 9.  And many people think that either
Magdalena or Margaret is the Mary who married Anthony Sell.

According to his Will the actual document not an index he had TEN [10] Children:

This is the actual wording:
with numbers added by me, Note the sequence in Wills is usually by age:

"I do order and direct that the same be Equally Divided to and Between my NINE children
1 - John
2 - Peter
3 - Daniel
4 - Barbara
5 - Blasius
6 - Nicholas
7 - Jacob
8 - Magdalin
9 - Margarett.
Item I give and Bequeath unto my daughter
10- Mary the wife of Anthony Sell one Shilling Sterling money to be paid to her by my son #2 Peter which with what she has already received is to be in full of share of my Estate both Real and Personal."

Mary would not be the youngest since some of his children were still minors.
Mary the 10th listed child was not shut out because of disobedience like the daughter of Frederick BECKER.  She had already received a grant from her father.  I have seen this in other wills one of my Tiers Ancestors had a book of Accounts for each of his children and the amounts were deducted from their share in the administration of his will.
Note! that "Catholic Trails West lists eleven kids. There was a Catherine listed maybe not living at the time of the will?

01 Mar 2000 22:23:15 -0500    rmhenry@wpa.net
St. Michael's is located in Loretto, PA right down the road from the church.

Anastasia Annie DRISKEL  1894-1986
Michael J. DRISKEL Sr. 1889-1968
Matilda   WIFE OF Hugh DRISKEL  1857-1990
Michael J. DRISKEL Jr.  November 13, 1929-October 7, 1955
Hugo DRISKEL  1848-1928
Enn DRISKEL  June 1968
Joseph A. CRISTE  1902-1991
Madeline A. CRISTE   1901-1989
Emma L. CRISTE  1911-1981
Charles E. CRISTE  1906-1994
Lesa Marie CRISTE   May 1, 1964-June 1, 1966
Patrick Joseph CRISTE  March 17, 1934  (still living)
Grace Ann CRISTE   August 31, 1934   (still living)
Regis W. CRISTE  1911  (still living)
Mary E. CRISTE  1910-1983
Mary F. CRISTE  1947  (still living)
Walter F. CRISTE  1904-1977
Charles A. CRISTE  1864-1928
Margaret M. CRISTE   1868-1965
Hilderbert J. CRISTE  1894-1916
Augustine T. WATT  January 13, 1895-December 6, 1970
Catherine E. WATT   November 5, 1899-September 10, 1962
Joseph D. WATT   January 13, 1895-march 28, 1971
Eliza J. WATT   1863-1944  (stone says MOTHER)
Thomas J. WATT   June 2, 1919-November 28, 1985
Mary C. WATT   August 3, 1923-January 25, 1980
Edward J. ECKENRODE  1921-1969
Ethel M. ECKENRODE  1928-1995
Lynn T. ECKENRODE  1959-1977
Michael G. ECKENRODE   1917-1973
Mary D. ECKENRODE   1919-1923
Sylvester A. ECKENRODE   1854-1933
Mary T. ECKENRODE   1854-1929
Walter J. ECKENRODE  1890-1963
Mildred C. ECKENRODE  1898-1984
Michael L. ECKENRODE   September 6, 1973-October 24, 1987
Jerome B. ECKENRODE  1854-1926
Catherine FLICK ECKENRODE  1847-1885
Mary L. ECKENRODE  1919-1968
Leonard W. ECKENRODE  1948-1965
Mary I. ECKENRODE  1894
Eader A. ECKENRODE  1893-1936
Joseph B. LITTLE  1875-1961
Mary C. LITTLE  1882-1952
Frederick J. LITTLE  1906-1980
Rosemary V. LITTLE   1907-1980
Dorothy I. LITTLE  1903-1967
Roy E. LITTLE  1900-1970
Peter J. LITTLE  1809-1883   95 YEARS
W. A. B. LITTLE  1842-1929  AGE 87
Susan C. WIFE OF W. A. B. LITTLE  1847-1921   74 YEARS
Susan M. LITTLE   1909-1978
Edward F. LITTLE   1905-1948
Thomas LITTLE  1937-1939
Luella A. LITTLE  April 22, 1893-September 21, 1955
Glenn W. LITTLE   November 2, 1889-December 27, 1949
Carrie R. LITTLE   1866-1948
John H. LITTLE  1868-1945
Valentine P. SCHENK  Decembet 12, 1886-October 20, 1942
(same stone)
Ethel A. FELIX  October 12, 1897-February 5, 1935
Bernard J. SCHENK  April 15, 1921-May 14, 1990
  (same stone)
Charles B. SCHENK  October 18, 1918  (still alive)
Chester L. KOONS  1894-1978
Colette M. KOONS  1898-1989
Francis KOONS  1855-1944
Ora KOONS  1856-1943
Thomas A. COONS  1846-1924
Mary A. COONS   1854-1923
John COONS   died April 20, 1851
Victor T. BYRNE   1962-1981
Leroy L. BYRNE  May 7, 1927-June 26, 1988
Louise M. BYRNE   February 25, 1929  ( still alive)
Francis W. BYRNE  August 5, 1963-August 5, 1984
Merle J. BYRNE  January 9, 1921-May 21, 1983
Pauline A. BYRNE  November 3, 1921  (still alive)
Philomena E. SEYMOUR KITTELL  1914-1997
Robert A KITTELL  1913-1945
Margaret KITTELL  May 28, 1817-February 6,1894
James Thomas KITTELL   1914-1945
James T. KITTELL  May 6, 1883-November 15, 1950
   (same stone)
Alice I. COCKLIN   September 1, 1881-January 14, 1943
Harry DAVIS   1911-1994
Infant  Robert DAVIS  April 6, 1936
James E. CONRAD  1913-1997
Catherine A. CONRAD  1914-1959
Silas CONRAD  1854-1930
Edward W. CONRAD  1894-1952
Rose C. CONRAD   1894-1930
Hilda A.  1917
Joseph J. NOEL  October 28, 1862-April 6, 1921
Laura GLASS NOEL  January 27, 1868-February 1, 1941
Rose DONOUGHE WELLEN  1892-1959
Francis J. DONOUGHE  1850-1930
Matilda J. DONOUGHE   1857-1938
Ethel C. DONOUGHE  1887-1956
Appolonia  WIFE OF J. B. DONOUGHE  DIED  1852

Transcribed by Russ and Mary Henry

1 Mar 2000  crfamok@webtv.net
  I am researching Henry Noel who married Maria M. Steinour in 1827 in Adams Co. PA.

4 Mar 2000   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
The following are the names of African Americans who are listed in the book, "Baltimore Directory 1865-66."

Noel, Sister Mary Louisa, superior of St. Francis Female colored school, 48 Richmond
Noel, Susan, laundress, 480 Harford av

By Louis S. Diggs

 4 Mar 2000   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>



These pages Starts at:   http://www.louisdiggs.com/oblates/main.html

This is one of the stories that makes history worth while and adds reality.

This community composed of free Black women, living in a slave holding state,
came into being as a direct result of the Santo Domingo uprising in 1791.

1834 Lauretta Noel, Santa Domingan refugee and a woman of means, joined Elizabeth Lange.

4 Mar 2000  <TEDVONMECHOW@prodigy.net>
Adams County, PA - The Christopher Speace who married Peter Noels JR. widow Henrietta is the same Christopher SPEES whose will was probated 13 March 1821.  Wayne and I found the will on Microfilm at the PHS today.  It mentions his step children.  John Noel Married to Philibeena and their son Michael. Catherine Noel intermarried to Sebastian Wise, Mary Noel intermarried to Vincent Grible

His will was written in 1815. He crossed out 5 line in 1818. Filed 13 March 1821.

I am going to write to the Archives and get the original [interested in what was crossed out].  It may be reference to his wife if she died between 1815 and 1818.

Anyway this will locks the John Noel and Philippine Wise with Peter JR.

Thanks to Barbara O'Keefe for pointing us to this will.

The Wolfgang and Christopher may have been brothers the name seems to be spelled many different ways.

5 Mar 2000  <TEDVONMECHOW@prodigy.net>
Looking for an Elizabeth Strausbaugh who was an administrator for a will in York / Adams county Penna. Circa 1840.  Or a Will / Administration for same.

The question is she paid the Estate of Mary Noel of Paradise York County Pa $19.72 in 1842.  Why was this payment made? Was Mary Noel listed in a will or a child of the deceased?

We are searching for the maiden name of Mary Noel who was married to James Noel 1797 - 1838
a resident of Paradise Township York Co. Penna. his entire life.

15 Mar 2000     LOLLY88@aol.com
I'm trying to learn if one of my ancestors is connected to this Noel Family.  I have a Marthe Noel b. 1578/1580 Charente Angoumois, France, who married Francois Tourault b. 1579 in Poitou, France in 1599.  I know of only one child of this marriage, Francoise Tourneau b. 1600 in Dom Pierre La Rochelle, Aunis, France.  She married Jacques Archambault, b. 1604 in Aunis France.  They were married 1/24/1629 in St. Philibert du Pointe Charault, Lucon, Poiteau  France.  She also married Louis Ozanne, not sure if he was first or second husband since I have no dates for them.

10 Apr 2000    Wolfsong <dixiehrb@ipa.net>
 I am responding to part of your web page about the Noel family line. You mention that  a Noel married a Indian woman.
My great, great, great grandmother's name was Proxidia Noel, she was full blooded Ottawa Indian, though we can only find information after her marriage to my grandfather LaVeau. They had at least 7 children, one named Telesphore LaVeau, circa  1840 or 50?. They were from Quebec, Canada. Any additional infomation would be appreciated greatly. I do not
know how my grandmother got the Noel name, unless that was the Christian name she was given, which was a common occurrence for Indians back then. Any help would be appreciated.

17 Apr 2000     Bmfi@aol.com
Searching for parents, & siblings of John J Noel who is listed on 1850 Texas Census as 40 years old, and born in Pa. His wife was Malinda T Carpenter (born in Ill) and they were married in Seivers County Ar, in 1840. They had 5 children, first three were born in AR and last 2 in Texas. Malinda married 2 other times, and John died in early 1850's in Texas. Children are Mary Ann (my ggrandmother), Elizabeth (Lizzie), David, Margarette, and John J Jr.

18 Apr 2000     <sdamartz@flash.net>
We also have a Peter Noel in our family tree. He was born 1818 and dies 1901. His wife was Elizabeth Herr. Peter's father was Jacob Noel b 1772 d 1848 who was married to Catherine Grimmer (Grainer). Jacob's father was Andrew Noel who married Theresa. Andrew's father was John Noel circa 1722 whose wife was Margaret. John's father was Joseph Noel circa 1680 from Europe. Our Peter Noel and his wife Elizabeth built the family home sometime after the civil war. The house is still standing and is located on the Chestnut Ridge on Noel Rd, Latrobe PA. The Bethel Cemetary sits at the end of this road. Peter and Elizabeth however are buried at the Youngstown Lutheran Cemetary. They were not Catholic. Rumor has is that Elizabeth was half indian. Peter's daughter Harriet Alice Noel b 1855 married Albert Correll. Their daughter Cora Emma married William Hunter who was my great grandfather on my mother's side.

21 Apr 2000    Treeshkr@aol.com
I am a descendant of the Ruffner family you refer to in the Sportsman's Hall History.

On a recent trip to Greensburg, Westmoreland County, I visited the Greensburg Catholic Cemetery.  Found a large Ruffner tombstone for D. Elmer Ruffner 1884-1926 and Rose V. 1877-1921.  As I stopped to show this stone to my mother, Gladys Ruffner Myers,  I spotted several smaller stones behind the large stone.

Seems my Ruffners and your Noels connect  in some way.  Perhaps you have the answers.

Here are the names and dates of  the grouping I found.  From left to right:

Agnes C. Noel   1838-1917

Agnes Wallrobenstein   May 17, 1962

Frances, Son of (unreadable)   Very old stone.

Ruffner, Simon J. 1872-1914

Ruffner, Joseph A. 1836-1896

Ruffner, Mary A.   1850-1890

Ruffner, Porter  A.  1882-1944

John P. Noel  1845-1923

Anna J. Hartman  1870-1911

Rose Noel Barron  1880-1977

If you do know how the Noels and Ruffners connect, please share.

24 Apr 2000    "Connie B. Hunter" <wgnwhls@ida.net>
I have just received a copy of an Oath of Appraisers for a second wife of William S. Hunter,(1840-1878).  It was dated Nov. 14, 1878.  Her name was "Mary M.", and I'm thinking she may have been a Noel, as the witnesses are Jonas Noll and William Noll. In looking through the only reference I have (The Noel Family), for the Noel's other than my direct line, I find Jonas and William as sons of Charles and Martha Noel.  They also have a daughter Mary (b.1836), but she supposedly married and moved to Missouri where she died.  They also had a daughter Margaret (b. 1842), and she married Harry Stein - no further info. available.  Could she have been "Margaret Mary" and maybe married a second time?

24 Apr 2000    "Marilynn Wienke" <lencad@citlink.net>

How about a Al Noel some how connected to the Hull's, McEvilly's, Bristow's or Latimers. States, Ohio, PA and ILL. I'm asking because I have a silver napkin ring with the name Al Noel on it and it was given to me by my grandmother Mary L. Bristow Hull.


28 Apr 2000  <JimBarNash@worldnet.att.net>
My Azariah Noel was born on 5 Jan 1804 in Caswell County, NC and died 3 April 1877 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He was a Presbyterian. I believe his parents were James Noel who died about 1840 in Gwinnett County and Jane (Richmond)

10 May 2000      Dottie   GandGski@aol.com
You were right about my ancestors arriving in Ligonier in 1823 from the Pigeon Hills of Pa. after landing in Phila. in 1735.
The order of direct descendancy to fulfill requirements for admission into the Daughters of the American Revolution are:

     Peter  b.1720
     Andrew  b. 1752
     Jacob  b. 1772
     Charles  b. 1808
     William  b. 1848
     Samuel  b. 1868
     Ethel  b. 1904

12 May 2000    "TED VONMECHOW" <genkid@home.com>
From the marriage records of Moravian Church, Litiz: 1746:         Noel, John, and Margaret Poet.

This is not as "slim pickins" as at first glance.  In Charles Noel's book John's wife was Margaret but he did not have the marriage or her surname. In 1746 York did not exist.  So for those who trace back to John Noel this is a break thru.  And a search of the Poet surnames can begin.

JOHN NOEL (N7C2) was born in Europe ca 1722.  He came to America with his parents in 1736 and was a resident of Paradise Twp., York Co., Pa. the remainder of his life.  His wife's name was Margaret ( my addition - now known as Margaret Poet), and he was a shoemaker, as well as a farmer.  On 5 Oct 1762 he obtained 3l5 acres in Paradise Twp. adjoining John Abbott, Matthew Bowser, William Mummert, and Peter Noel.  On 13 Aug 1764 he sold 100 acres to Valentine Preecil, which had been granted to him on 14 Mar 1755.  His will, dated 27 Oct 1765, was probated 10 Jan 1766.  Executors were his wife and Nicholas Bittinger.

13 May 2000    James Stahl <murjast@csrlink.net>
 A  few years ago we corresponded when I was searchig for the parents and ancestors of my G-G Grandmother,MATILDA NOEL,b 12 MAR 1822,d 16 DEC 1893. She was married to DANIEL KLINE and lived in the St.Lawrence area of
Cambria Co.,PA.

I thought at the time her parents were SAMUEL NOEL and MARTHA FELIX although I never found any conclusive proof.

Recently made contact with another KLINE researcher who feels MATILDA'S parents were SIMON NOEL and MARY ANDREISSEN based on the assumption Matilda and Daniel named their first son SIMON and second son Jacob for, Daniel's

My question to you is, do you have any info on SIMON NOEL and MARY ANDRESSEN??Is Simon Noel in your NOEL line and if so, how does he descend from Joseph the immigrant??

Sun, 15 Aug 1999    Carolyn J. Rock <worldevm@pdqnet.net>
I'm looking at a birthdate abt. 1754, prob. in or near York Co., PA.

Daniel Noel md. Joyce HAIRCOURT, and their dau. Jane Haircourt NOEL was born 9 Jun 1780 on the Rappahannock River, Essex Co., VA. This daughter md. John REID, who was born 9 Aug 1781 in Little York, York Co., PA. The marriage took place in Campbell Co., VA on 13 May 1805. John REID left a written account saying that Daniel NOEL was "of      English descent", and Joyce HAIRCOURT was "of the Dutch." However, I feel that she was of English, he of the      Pennsylvania Duetsch.  Daniel NOEL had a brother, Austin NOEL, who died bef. July 1844.

28 May 2000                 <jpss@erols.com>
My great, great, great grandmother was Mary Ellen "Ellen" Noel of Capon Bridge, Hampshire County, West Virginia (in an area formerly part of old Frederick County, Virginia).  They lived and died there on "Little Timber Ridge."  She was married to Christopher (born about 1770-died 1841).  Unfortunately I have no further information about Mary Ellen Noel.  There are other individuals named Noel in that area, including another Mary Ellen Noel, probably all related.  References are made to her and her husband in "Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, Virginia,"
by Wilmer Kerns, at pages 286-287, 295

In my prior message I should have mentioned some other Noel family members in that area:  The Mary Ellen Noel who was not my ggggrandmother was born in Hampshire County on July 3, 1833.  Nicholas Noel was born there on January 9, 1809.  He had a daughter, Addison Noel born about 1849, and his wife was Nancy Kerns, born about 1812 in Hampshire County.

 05/26/2000         <sunny747@msn.com>
I'm searching for information on Albert and Ira Noel - not sure what county, but I know that Albert's mother was Elizabeth Noel and his brother was William Noel. Albert and Ira passed away sometime around 1894-1900 and their children, Lance
and Clarence Albert went to live with William Noel in Gallatin County, Kentucky.

14 Jun 2000       James Stahl <murjast@csrlink.net>
I just received a 3 page handwritten letter from PAUL I. NOEL, Coalport ,PA who you referred me to for info re; Simon Noel.

One thing struck me in his letter.Paul  says Simon and Mary sold their farm In Unity Twp., Westmoreland Co before 1837.He said the deed is dated 1822 and there is a sworn statement signed by Simon and Mary by a JP that this was their property.He goes on to say Simon payed taxes in 1837 on a farm in White Twp. Cambria Co.Wonder where they were in the interim?

MOST interesting tid-bit from Paul was there is aCambria Co. Continuance Court Document dated July Term 1859, signed by Sheriff Brawley that he served papers in respect to a debt owed the estate of William Todd to the following people: Mary Ann Noel, widow of Simon Noel,Christopher Noel,,Anthony Noel,Mary Ann Wanner, ""MATILDA KLINE"",Simon Noel, and John Noel.

I think that pretty much proves my G-G-G Grandmother Matilda Noel[Kline] was Simons daughter and the others her Mom and siblings.

THANKS Dom for the lead, a big break through for me.Now all we have to figure out is "WHERE THE HECK DID SIMON COME FROM ??????

15 Jun 2000     Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
This is from the notes of Harvey Noel who did the work on my line,  Joseph Noel born abt 1774 who may have been the son of Blasius Noel of Taneytown, MD.

[My comments enclosed in this manner]

Note:  Don D. Osborn records in a letter to Charles Noel
[Noel Tree Book] the following on Joseph Noel, Jr  b. 1739
[son of Joseph Noel the emigrant]

From Jacob Heidler's will 1760, Paradise Twp., York City. "And to Joseph Noll (Noel) who was my apprentice his freedom
- - - ".  So apparently, when released from Kuhn, he was reapprenticed to Jacob Heider.  Jacob Heider's brother was the husband of Judith Strasbaugh - a Margaret Strasbaugh was married to Nicholas Noel, a brother of Joseph. Nicholas Strausbaugh, Sr. came from France with Joseph Noel, Sr.  Nicholas Noel's land, Osborn believed, was the site of the future Abbottstown, PA.

 22 Jun 2000   JeanShar40@aol.com
my GGgrandfather jacob a sharbaugh b 1814 keubelberg ger. it is located close to trier, near luxemborg. arrived in 1830 cambria co, his name was schabacher. he and his bro peter both married  in loretto 1830s . jacob married mary noel and peter married anna noel. church records have them born in germany. do you have them?  my husbands bro just returned from keubelberg with records from the town with names of people who left this small village for the usa. noel was one of the
names. i dont yet have this list, will recieve next mo when they visit. we discussed noel because of the marriages. there are over 150 names  we also mentioned kirsch.

3 Jul 2000    ClaudiusI0@aol.com
I am seeking information on the descendants of Lewis Noel born Nov. 14, 1782 in Loudoun County, VA and died Dec. 17, 1851 in Jessamine County, KY.  He married Sarah "Sally" McCannon. Lewis Noel was the son of Bernard Noel and Sarah Grey of Loudoun County, VA.

I need the children of Lewis Noel and a marriage location.

I am seeking the husband of a Sarah (unknown) who was born in 1821 in KY.  She married a man named Noel probably in Woodford County, KY ca. 1842.  They had four children:

Zerelda Noel born 1843
William Noel born 1845
Peter Noel born 1847
Mary Ann Noel born 1849

Mr. Noel died before Sept. 21, 1850 when Sarah Noel appears alone on the Owen County, KY census living in Owenton (the county seat).  She remarried James Lee on Oct. 21, 1850 in Owenton.  Three of the children appear on the 1860 Owen County census:  Zerelda, William and Mary Ann

14 Jul 2000      Marnerose@aol.com
 I am looking for information on my gggrandfather.  This is the information that I have.  Daniel Noel born abt 1829 in Pa? married Mary Burk born abt 1840 in Pa.  Their children: Martha Jane, Amanda, Emma.  If you have any information on these people I would so appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks  Ann Boldt

19 Jul 2000    "Richard Graham" < rmgraham@windstream.net >
My line is from Joseph Noel from Europe to Adams County, PA:
Joseph Noel   b.1680 d.1752
  Peter Noel     b. 1719 d. 1771
    Blasius Noel   b. 1761 d. 1832
      Christopher Noel b.1783 d.1819
        Eliza Ann Noel    b. 10/12/1816  d.1/14/1898  Payson Ill Adams county
        William Noel
        Catherine Noel
        John Noel
        Mary Noel

W.H.Graham  b.1814 d.1846  m.Eliza Ann Noel 9/14/1837 Birmingham Ill
  W.H.Graham 2nd. b.1843 d.1917  m.Lorinda Louisa Ray 1869  d.1920
    W.H. Graham 3rd. b.1889 d. 1974       m. Ruby Etta Meyer 1914  d.1999
       Richard Graham                     m.Trudy Faye Smith
         James Richard Graham         m. Susan Jennette Weeks
            Christopher Allen Graham
            William Cody Graham
             Justin Daniel Graham

This is what I found on William Noel.

Joseph Noel b.1680 d.1752
Peter Noel b.1719 d.1771
Blasius Noel b.1783 d. 1832
Christopher Noel b.1783 d. 1832
William Noel b.1818 d.1-8-1879   born Wrightsville Pa. York co.died Schuyler co Birmingham Ill.
Sarah Ann Graham Noel b.1824 d.?Ill . born VA  m. William Noel 2-3-1842
   Theodore C. Noel b.1845 d? Ill.   m.Eliza C. Thompson 9-18-1866
      William Leon Noel b.7-5-1875 d.9-9-1875
   Sarah L.Noel b.1847 d?    Ill.  m.David Sapp 2-14-1867
   Charles C. Noel  b.1856 d. ?   Ill.  m.Harriett C. Sharon 7-14-1888
      Helen Ethel Noel b.4-1-1889 daughter of Charles C. Noel  m.James Phillips
   Willie G. Noel b. 1858  d. ?    Ill.   m. Ella Etta Woodward  6-26-1889

Theodore C. Noel, was in the civil war, Co. A 78th. Ill  Infantry 1863 to mustered out 1865 was a prisoner of war.

Back to William Noel b.Wrightsville Pa. after coming to Birmingham Ill he was the first School Teacher their in 1837. in 1839 he was the first Postmaster for Birmingham. was a large land owner in the township of Birmingham. their is other descendants I am sure, but at this time not able to find any more.

The web page for Schuyler Co. Ill is (http://www.macomb.com/~ilschuyl/) if you are any one wants to look up the William Noel or Eliza Ann Noel family, just thought it may help some one in their search for family members,

31 Jul 2000    Debra Goodall   <shorty313detroit@yahoo.com>
Peter R Noel from Adams County, Pennsylvania to Michigan in 1853

Much of the information I have is from the census records and from the "The History of Kent County",  Chapman 1881 and
"The History of Cumberland and Adams county 1886".

Peter R Noel was the son of Nicholas Noel and the grandson of Andrew Noel. He left for Grand Rapids Michigan in the
1850's. His wife was Lydia A Clunk and my records show that she was born in 1806 to Joseph Clunk and Mary Norbeck.
Some record show the Clunk name being spelled as Klunk. Their children were:  Caroline,  Pius J,  Mary A,  John S,  Agnes,
William Peter,  Joseph,  James,  Lousia,  Francis,  Lydia,  Lucinda.

Caroline, the oldest daughter, is mention in the Pennsylvania  history and not in the Michigan history. Either she died before
coming to Michigan or stayed behind in Pennsylvania. They came to Michigan in 1853.

Pius J Noel was born in 1832 and married a Caroine Robenson in 1856. He returned to Pennsylvania. He had 10 children:

Mary A was born Dec. 24, 1833. She married Adam Ohler and died  Feb. 19,1886. I do not have how many children she
had, but my Aunt has her one daughters photo album.

John S was born August 3,1835. He married Margert McDouner in 1862, she was born in 1841, and they had nine
children:         Mary,  Maggie,  Aggie,  Addie,  Frank,  Kate,  Jennie,  John, and  Teressa.

Agnes T married Jeremiah W. Boyton in 1859. They had two children Mary and Lillie.

William Peter  married Sarah J. McConaw.

Joseph died in 1849 in Pennsylvania before they left for Michigan.

James was the next son. I do not have  any information on him yet.

Louise F married E. J. Shinkman on June 2, 1868. She died Nov. 1, 1880 leaving 2 daughters and one son.

Francis Louise, a twin brother, married a women named Liza and according to the 1880 census he had 2 children and was
living with his father.

Lydia & Lucinda - I have do not have information on as of yet.

Fri, 4 Aug 2000   James S Gayheart     JS9076@aol.com
 My ggg-grandfather was Achillies Noel b. abt. 1805 of Mercer Co., Ky. he came to Mercer Co., in abt. 1830 from Essex Co. Va. with his wife Mary (Polly) Duglas an one child Catherine Lucinda b.10/4/1830 - 7 more kids born in Ky.Can't find anything on him before this. CAN YOU HELP???

14 Aug 2000     "Bill Schilling" <j.schill@virgin.net>
 I am descended from Daniel and Matilda NOEL KLINE.  In particular I am descended from their daughter Sarah Jane KLINE KINGSTON.  I hold quite a bit of information on Sarah and her descendants as well as a fair amount of information of the other children of Daniel and Matilda.  I hold very little info on Daniel and Matillda's ancestors.  All I know is that Daniel's parents were Jacob KLINE (Born circa 1781 in Alsace, Died 22 MAR 1855, buried St. Lawrence Cemetery, PA) and Elizabeth (born circa 1780 in France, no other info)

I believe Matillda's parents were Simon NOEL (Born Circa 1793 in Maryland, Died 11 SEP 1848) and Mary ANDRESSIN
(ANDERSON?) (Born OCT 1792 in Westmoreland Co. died 4 MAR 1857, Buried St Lawrence Cemetery PA.  Per her burial record her name was listed as Anna Marias)  There were married 12 AUG 1812 in Westmoreland Co.  I hold no direct tie between Matilda and this couple, but believe she is their daughter As they were the only NOEL's living in St Lawrence, Cambria Co., PA.   In the 1870 and 1880 Cambria Co census records Matilda NOEL Kline lists her dad as being born in Maryland so everything seems to fit that Matilda was the daughter of Simon and Mary. IN addition to positively linking Matilda to Simon and Noel it would very much tie her into the Noels who arrived in Philadelphia in 1736.

15 Aug 2000     Em1lysNana@aol.com
 I am trying to find info on Barbara Noel married to Joseph Ditto.  I have no other info on her.  Her son, Francis born 1758 in
York CA, PA is my GGGgrandfather, a twin & a Rev. soldier. In his pension papers he stated that he was an orphan at an early age--about 14 if my addition is correct.  If you have any info on Barbara or the early Noels I would grately appreciate it if you would be willing to share.  Thank you!  JoAnn

Wed, 16 Aug 2000        BEstlinbaum@aol.com
Looking for Tom Noel in Tillman County, Oklahoma during the 1920's.

4 Sep 2000      cindy.fenn@gmail.com
I am a ggggdau of Emma Strausbaugh,  youngest daughter of Joseph Strausbaugh and Rebecca Devault.  She married John Emory Harvey 16 Nov 1884 and died 14 Mar 1899, both in Vinton Co.,Ohio.  There is a connection to Barbara Noel.   Cindy

5 Sep 2000  <Strasbaugh@ballardspahr.com>
This is what I have on Ciindy's line. Her Joseph is apparently  the son of Joseph, who was the son of Peter and Barbara Noel.. Joseph Sr.'s birth is recorded in the Conewago chapel records.  Peter was the only known son of Nicolas Strasbach Jr.,  the
eldest son of the immigrant Nicolas Strasbach from Saulxures.  Wayne

(5) Joseph STRAUSBAUGH Jr.
Birth Date:     22 Mar 1819     Birth Place:    Ohio

Spouse: Rebecca DEVAULT
Marriage Date:  21 Feb 1855

Birth Date:     1780
Birth Place:    Pennsylvania
Death Date:     Circa 1860
Death Place:    Wilkesville Township, Vinton County, Ohio

Spouse: Christina BERGER
Birth Date:     1784
Death Date:     Circa 1860

Marriage Date:  8 Nov 1803
Marriage Place: Conewago Chapel, Edge Grove, Adams County, PA

Children:       Elisabeth