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Davenport, Iowa  1835
Early Pennsylvania Catholic Church Records

Barbara NOEL born 1818 married Abraham KIME on 15 Sept 1836 in Hilltown, PA.  Out of this union they had eleven children.  Jennie    <Skweeky@charter.net>

Cincinnatus F. Graves Married Rachel St Clair.  Rachel  was daughter of Thomas Ives St Clair & Massey Feurt Noel.    Ohio  <snevets@execpc.com>

 Etta Allred Noel was of the congregationalist faith (her father Rev. Renne Allred was a minister.  My Noel ancestors who came from Ohio sometime before 1820 to 1890  My ggggrandfather was David Noel who married Mary.  Their son, John Calvin Noel, married Sarah Elizabeth James in 1885 in Wayne County, IA.  It is believed that John Calvin was born in Wayne County, IA. and that he and his father, David, worked in the coal mines. John and Sarah's sons name was Claube Bert Noel, Sr. and he was born in 1887 in Wayne County, IA.  Claude Bert Noel Sr. and Etta Noel were married 02-06-1907 in Russell, Wayne County, IA.  They had seven children, their fifth was my grandmother, Betty Elizabeth Noel. Etta Allred Noel was of the congregationalist faith (her father Rev. Renne Allred was a minister.      Dana Foster Waters       <waters@lisco.com>

Henry Clay Noel was married to Sarah Ann McClary.  Ohio    Rebecca Stapleton  <chare1@zoomnet.net>

James Noel Born: Nov. 24, 1867 Melmore Ohio  Raised: Star City Indiana  Parents: William Percival Noel
Caroline (Graves) Noel >From Virginia   No Offsprng - Married 3 times (Humphrey, Madison, Downing)
My dad told me that his side was from the Tiffin Ohio area. William P. Noel's  mother may have been a DeVilbiss. He said that they were from Methodist  background.       MDKORL@aol.com

John Henry Noel b 1844 in Prussia.He settled in St Louis, Mo and married Amelia Franke in 1867. They had 1 chi;d Harry b 1870. Harry had a daughter Louisa.         Bruce Willstaedt <brucew@inet4u.com>

Joseph Noel who was born in  Pennsylvania, married Mary Cooper and died in White County, Indiana, in 1848? His son, James Noel, had six children, including Alfred Cooper  Noel, who married Clara Tice   Melinda Noel   MindyBeck@aol.com

1Philip Noel born Feb. 01, 1817 in Adams Co. PA; Died 1873 in Whitewater, Walworth, WI   Married:  1841
  + Polly Laurinda Webb born May 25, 1818; died Nov. 20, 1908
        2 *Albert Messenger born abt 1838 in IL
        2 *James Messenger born abt 184O in IL
* Albert and James were sons from Polly Laurinda Webb's first marriage to Mr. Messenger of Ohio
        2 Harriet Noel born June 11, 1842 in Wisconsin; died Sept. 03, 1893 in Minneapolis, MN  Married: 1862
          +Henry D. Stevenson
                3 Adda Stevenson born abt. 1867                  +Will Crisler
                3 Ella C. Stevenson born Sept. 05, 1867 in Jefferson Co, WI; died June 17, 1958
                 Married: June 15, 1885   +Ernest Elmer Cadwell
                        4 Phillip Earl Cadwell born Oct. 07, 1886; died April 14, 1966                           +Mabel Louise Sjordal
                3 Eva Rena Stevenson born Nov. 11, 1870                   + Mr. Wood
        2 John Noel born April 14, 1848 in Koskonong, WI; died Jan. 09, 1897 in Whitewater, WI
        2 William Noel born Sept. 24, 1849 Jefferson Co, WI; died Oct. 16, 1933 in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI
          Married: July 28, 1867 in Koskonong, Jefferson Co., WI
          +Harriet Louisa De Grodt born May 07, 1850; died Jan. 04, 1927
                3 Della Louisa Noel born Nov. 05, 1876;      +Waldo Warren Hibbard
                        4 Gail Hibbard born Nov. 15, 1900
                          + Mr. Wilkie
                3 Emma Honnok Noel born April 23, 1882; died 1964
                  +Rush L. Chapman born Oct. 31, 1880
                        4 Russel Chapman born March 12, 1900
                3 Eva Laurinda Noel born Jan. 05,1869   +Peter Ferguson Daven
                        4 Hazel Daven born Oct. 25, 1887
                          +Harry Wilson Farr born Aug. 17, 1887  +(2nd husband of Eva Laurinda Noel) E.F. Wilson
                3 Ira Philip Noel born May 23, 1874; died 1937  +Etta Harrison born Feb. 05, 1885; died 1949
                        4 Harriet L. Noel
                        4 Richard Noel  +Virginia
                        4 William Ira Noel born Jan. 09, 1910 in Fort
Atkinson, WI; died June 28, 1983 in Ellensberg, WA
                          Married July 01, 1933 in Fort Atkinson, WI  Marie Floerke
                        4 Grace Noel born 1911
        2 George Washington Noel born Feb. 22, 1850 in Koskonong, WI; died
May 25, 1935 in Whitewater, Walworth, WI
                Married:  April 13, 1875
          + Sarah Margaret Rutherford born Nov. 07, 1852 in Bellville, Dane
Co., WI; died October 11, 1950 in Whitewater, WI
                3 Anna Noel born May 22, 1882 in Koskonong, WI; died Sept.
22, 1960 in Whitewater, WI
                  Married: June 01, 1904 in Whitewater, WI  +Edward Winn born Dec. 06, 1879 in Whitewater, WI; died
                  July 09, 1938 in Whitewater, WI
                        4 Noel Edward Winn born Oct. 25, 1906 in Whitewater, WI; died April 13, 1967 in Madison, Dane Co., WI
                          + Janet Elizabeth Clark
                3. Sanie Elizabeth Noel born Oct. 17,1884 died July 09, 1935 in Waukesha, WI
                  +Gordon W. Johnson born March 05, 1886; died Feb. 07, 1950
                3. Harriet Polly Noel born Dec. 13, 1892 in Koskonong, WI; died March 17, 1968  resided in Whitewater, WI
                  + Dr. William Henry Fritsche born March 20, 1895 died Jan.24, 1923 in New Ulm, MN
                        4 Margaret Louise Fritsche Dec. 13, 1918; died 04, 13, 1922
                        4 Amalia Fritsche born Nov. 04, 1920; died Oct 04, 1922
        2 Louisa Noel born Nov. 29, 1853; died 1931       + Mr. Crittenden
        2 Philip H. Noel born July 11, 1855 in Koskonong, WI; died Feb. 28, 1926 in Whitewater, WI
          Married: 1879           +Lulu Krebs born Feb. 13, 1857 in Fort Atkinson, WI; died in Madison, WI
                3 Infant Noel
Deb Konietzki              < imawinn2@gmail.com >

Jacob Noel Jr. married a Grace Leonard on 24 Feb. 1842 in Trumbull County, OH. His father was Jacob NOEL, Sr. and married a Susanna _____.   Don't have her last maiden name.  He was born around 1787 somewhere in  PA    Rosemary West       <Westseek@san.rr.com>

NOEL, Anna Marie born Westmoreland County PA died Glen Connel 4 March 1857 age 64 years 6
Months  There's no indication if she married a Noel or if she was single. John Joseph Weakland married Anna Elisabeth Noel  (1846-1882); my 2nd great grand uncle Anthony Anstead was married to Catherine Noel (daughter of Phillip Noel 1821-1895); my 2nd great grand aunt Louisa Glasser Bauman was married to Joseph Schwab whose mother was Mary Magdalen Noel (born 1812) married Aloysius Swope (Schwab). Patti   <jpg79@stargate.net>

Henry Wilkens NOEL b. November 4,1811 in St. Peters Port, Isle of Guernsey, Channel Islands son of Jean NOEL and  Elizabeth Wilkens.  There was an older brother named Jean.  Jean NOEL and  Elizabeth Wilkens were from the Isle of Jersey.  Would like help with any information about parents or siblings.  Henry W. NOEL was in New Orleans in  1845.  I have no information about the years between 1811 and 1845. Henry W. NOEL born abt 1815 on the Isle of Guernsey.  He died in March 1858 in Cincinnati, OH.  I believe he is the husband of  Louisa TURNER NOEL (have not been able to prove marriage which probably took place in New Orleans in the late 1830s or early 1840s) mother of William Henry born in New Orleans March 1845, Joseph born in Ohio about 1849, John born in Ohio 1856, and perhaps Henry NOEL born in Ohio autumn of 1858.  Henry would have been born after Henry W. NOELs death.  Cannot find burial or any other information on Louisa NOEL and cannot prove the connection at this time.
Ruth Matuch  email JMatuch537@aol.com

Sylvester (Silvester) Noel son of Blasius Noel.  He is living at Salem Cross Roads in Penn Borough, Westmoreland County, PA in 1870.  He is around 30.  He has two young women living with him Sarah and Susanna McCleland, one is his housekeeper.  Sylvester died from disease contacted in the Civil War.

Robert  Bentley Noel, Born around 1865, he died in Chadds Ford Pennsylvania in 1932 at the age of 67.  He was married, had children  and his wife died (don't know his first wife's name either) then he married my grandmother, Gertrude Moore Swartley.  They had one son, my father, Robert Bentley Noel, Jr. My was of french decent.
         Roherta Lee             <rlee4@home.com>

James and Joanne Noel who were from Marion county KY. As far as birthdates go we do not know at present time. My grandparents are Clyde (deceased) and Ruby  Noel who are originally from Marion county KY. but moved to Danville KY in the late 50's this is what I have to start with.
Joseph & Stephenie Noel                <snoel@uky.campuscwix.net>

James T. NOEL b. 1870's married to Nora HUNTER.  They had 3 daughters: Catherine, Lillian and Mae Elizabeth.  (Mae was my grandmother.)  James was the son of Benjamin NOEL and Amelia ?, and was born in Westminster, MD.  James also had a sister named Rachel b. abt 1869. Benjamin was the son of George NOEL and Rachel ?.  Banjamin also had 2 brothers George NOEL and William Francis NOEL b abt 1854.  I believe all were born in Pennsylvania. Allan J. Rosenberger  <allan_mary@mindspring.com>

Lewis Noel who married a Sally Amy McCammon on Nov 24, 1800 in KY.  Sallys paerents are Matthew and Martha Trimble McCammon.  From what I can find, Lewis and Sally lived in Rockville, IN and was bureid in Rockville Cem.          Robert l. McCammon           <rmccammon@wworld.com>

Michelle            < noelwalka@aol.com>

Edward Noel
    b. 7 June 1894 Cecil, Washington, Pennsylvania
    d. 27 Jan 1919 Lock 4, Washington, Pennsylvania
    m. 12 July 1916 Wellsburg, Brooke, West Virginia to Eva McKinley
Eva McKinley
    b. 13 Aug 1894 Bridgeport, Montgomery, Pennsylvania
    d. 29 Apr 1953 Belle Vernon, Fayette, Pennsylvania
                   ch. Merle Louise Noel
                          b. 1917 Lock 4, Washington, Pennsylvania
                          d. Aug 1931 Charleroi, Washington, Pennsylvania
                   ch. Edward Wetzel Noel
                          b. 25 May 1919 Lock 4, Washington, Pennsylvania
                          d. 16 Dec 1983 Carroll Township, Washington, Pennsylvania
                          m. 3 July 1943 Little Redstone Manse, Fayette, Pennsylvania to Kathleen Bernice Hewitt

Our surnames on this side of the tree are NOEL, HEWITT, STIMMEL, THOMPSON, and WRIGHT. Most of the immediate family was born in Perryopolis, Belle Vernon, and Charleroi (North), PA.

Mathias Noel was born: (On one census it is spelled Noeal) 11 Nov. 1822/21 Dec. 1821  - The date I feel most accurate is 11 Nov. 1822 in Alsace-Lorraine, France Married:  About 1848/49 in  France,Germany, Prussia Died:  24 July 1887 in Utica, Nebr. of Lung Disease (Have Obit.) Buried:  St. Patrick's Catholic Cem. in Utica, Neb. Anna Marie Friedrick/Friedrich d/o Marie (Haus)Friedrich B-22 Feb. 1832 in Coblenz, Germany D-14 June 1884 in May Township, Lee Co., Illinois Buried - St. Mary's Catholic Cem., May Township, Lee Co., Ill.            Gail K Barnes            <wane3@juno.com>

The two Philip Noel's and Polly Webbs are different people.  My parents had Philip Noel's (born 1817) obituary plus the have his hand painted birth certificate from Adams Co., PA.  Polly Webb was married once before to a Mr. Messenger and had two boys by him..they are listed in the Jefferson Co., WI census as being born in Illinois. Polly then married Philip.  My folks also have Philip's will (he died in 1893). My Philip and Polly's children's name are completely different from the ones of your Philip and Polly.

Philip Noel and Polly Laurinda Webbs Children:
Albert Messenger born abt. 1838
James Messenger born abt. 1840
Harriet Noel born 1842
William Ira Noel born 1845 (prisoner at Andersonville, GA and survived)
John Noel born 1848
George Washington Noel born 1850 (my gg grandfather)
Louisa Noel born 1853
Philip H. Noel born 1855

Deb Konietzki              <imawinn2@gmail.com>

John P Noel married Eliza J. JAMISON. His daughter Mary Catherine married David Filmore SMITH.and his second wife was  Sarah Jane MANSFIELD - the two may have been sisters.
 Karen Booth          <kasbo6320@aol.com>

I was able to connect your Noels (Ligonier, PA) to my wife's Nicelys.
Bob Hayden           < RHayden100@aol.com>

John Noel married  Sarah Taylor in 1866. My ggggrandmother was a Margaret Noel who married Henry Williams. They  were certainly from NEAR Westmoreland County (all of the Taylor/Williams/Grove/Croft part of my family were from Cambria, Blair, Huntingdon or Bedford Counties. I have no precise years for them, but my gggrandmother, Ann Williams (who married George Washington Taylor) was born in 1843 and is believed to have been their first child.
          Lee Taylor < Lataylo@aol.com>

My NOEL relatives are from Latrobe, Derry and Ligonier, PA areas. John P. NOEL (b. app. 1814) whose daughter Mary Catherine NOEL (15 Apr 1848 - 5 Oct 1925) married David Filmore SMITH (16 Aug 1842 - 23 Feb 1916). David's father
and mother were William SMITH (b. 1791) from Germany and Mary WADSWORTH (b. 1805)
Karen Booth            <kasbo6320@aol.com>

Here is what I have on John and Mary Burk Noel.  He was the son of Nicholas
and Elizabeth Kuhns Noel who lived first in Adams and then Cambria Co., PA.

Descendants of John Noel      Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN4 NOEL  (NICHOLAS3, PETER2, JOSEPH1) was born May 1792 in Adams
Co., PA1.  He married MARY BURKE July 18, 1820 in Loretto, Allegheny Twp.,
Cambria Co., PA2, daughter of EDWARD BURKE and PRUDENCE NOEL.

Notes for JOHN NOEL:
Parents named in marriage record.
1850 Washington Twp., Cambria Co., PA John 58 farmer; Mary 56; Rachel 25;
John 22 laborer

Notes for MARY BURKE:
Parents named in marriage record.
Mary Burke, dau. of Edward and Naty Burke was born in Baltimore, MD
11/12/1893 (Early Catholic Church Records by Mary and Stanley Piet.)

        Children of JOHN NOEL and MARY BURKE are:
        i.      REBECCA5 NOEL, b. February 12, 1821, Loretto, Cambria Co., PA3.
        ii.     RACHEL APPOLONIA NOEL, b. June 1826, Loretto, Cambria Co., PA4.

1850 Washington Twp., Cambria Co., PA John 58; Mary 56; Rachel 25; John 22

        iii.    JOHN NOEL, b. April 1, 1828, Loretto, Cambria Co., PA5; d. August 29,
1885, Cambria Co.,PA6.

Notes for JOHN NOEL:
1850 Washington Twp., Cambria Co., PA John 58; Mary 56; Rachel 25; John 22

        iv.     CATHERINE NOEL, b. 18337.

1850  Loretto, Allegheny Twp.,Cambria Co., PA a Catherine Noel 16 living
with William and Barbara Weaklin.

        v.      PRUDENCE NOEL, b. 18378.

Brenda Wallace           <wallace@ccia.com>

Found on the Hamilton Co Ohio Gen Soc cemetery CD the following: Union Baptist African American Cemetery NOEL, Melvin b Nov 23 1902 d May 31 1928  Kindred  Henry NOEL
Ruth Matuch   JMatuch537@aol.com

Thu, 25 Mar 1999 23:58:41 -0800
   tonyb39@idt.net (Anthony Bentivegna)

I have an interst in the early familes at Loretto, having grown up there. I reviewed your Noel webpage and was wondering if any of the early Noels there went to Loretto. There are several Noel families found among Prince Gallitzin's baptisms and marriages.

A Blase Noel married a Sophia Bukre at Loretto in 1826. A Sophia Burke is found in Sportman's Hall records in 1819.

An Isaac Noel married a Mary Magdalen Roudebush at Loretto in 1829. This Isaac may have been the son of Peter and Margaret Noel of Sportman's Hall.

A Henry Noel married a Mary Ann Plunkett and had children at Loretto between 1834-38.

One early Noel is Abraham (1788-1876), married to Mary Ann or Magdalen, had children from 1816-38.

A Simon Noel married a Mary Andressin at Sportman's Hall in 1812, but their children were born at Loretto.

But the earliest one of all is Nicholas Noel (1758-1858) married Elizabeth Coons in York County in 1789. Seems that some of ttheir children settled at Loretto.


25 Mar 1999 Johngarber@aol.com

I've been looking for a George William Noel, born December 23, 1845.  The census lists his birth place as MD.  Father was, I believe, Jacob Noel (Noell, Noles, Noels, etc).  The 1850 census lists his birthplace as MD too although I've never been able to find any trace of this family prior to 1850.  The MD census in which I found these folks was Washington County, just across the state line from Adams Co., PA where there were lots of other Noels.  I have to believe that, at some point, my Noels came from PA.

George William's family "girled out" in the next generation. His daughter, Carlotta, was my grandmother.

George had two brothers - Andrew b Abt 1839 and Jacob L. b Abt 1849. These brothers did show up, living with parents, at the 1860 census.  But they disappeared after that and I've never found out where they went or if they died before the next census.

The George W. in the line you posted intrigued me.  Do you have any other info on him?  Where did he reside?  Do you have any record of Andrew or Jacob L.?

Mar 1999 "Betty Allured" <allured@jps.net>
 Still looking for information on Maude B.Noel born 10 Nov. l877 married Harry Reynolds 2 July l902.  died l8 Feb l905.  In her possession was Civil War discharge for  Charles R. Noel, ll5th Reg Co. B Indiana Volunteers.  He was enlisted in Parke Co., Indianna in l863 and discharged 6 months later.  Commanding officer William D Mull. Charles was l8 years of age at enlistment. What was his relationship to Maude?  Any information greatly appreciated.

24 Mar 1999  "Michael J. Godshalk" <godshalk@suntan.eng.usf.edu>
 Descendants of Joseph NOEL

1  Joseph NOEL  Born: 1680 in Germany   Died: 1753
.2      John NOEL I     Born: Abt. 1722 in Germany      Died: 1765 in Paradise
Township, York County, Pennsylvania
.....           +Margaret NOEL ???
.....   3       Andrew NOEL     Born: 1753 in York County, Pennsylvania Died: 1817 in Adams County, Pennsylvania
.........               +Theresa NOEL ???
.....   3       John NOEL II    Born: Abt. 1755 in Paradise Township, York County, Pennsylvania   Died: Abt. 1826 in Frederick County, Virginia
.........               +Mary NOEL ???  Born: 1787 in Virginia  Died: Bet. 1860 - 1870
........        4       Mary NOEL
............            +Daniel OATES
........        4       John NOEL III
............            +Letitia WHITACRE                       Married: 10 October 1826 in Hampshire County, Virginia
........                *2nd Wife of John NOEL III:
............            +Phoebe WHITACRE                        Married: 18 April 1838 in Hampshire County, Virginia
........        4       Nicholas NOEL   Born: 19 January 1809 in Hampshire, Virginia
Died: 17 June 1893 in Leesburg, Indiana
............            +Nancy KERNS    Born: Abt. 1812 in Hampshire, Virginia  Died: in Leesburg, Indiana    Married: 9 April 1830 in Frederick, Virginia
Father: Nathaniel KERNS Mother: Sarah WHITACRE
........        4       Elizabeth NOEL
............            +Thomas KERNS   Born: 1808      Died: 1868
........        4       Catherine NOEL
............            +Nathan KERNS, Jr.                      Married: 1832   Father: Nathan
........        4       Joseph "Henry" Henry NOEL       Born: 2 July 1812 in Fredrick
County, Virginia        Died: 25 June 1878 in Leesburg, Turkey Creek Township,
Kosciusko County, Indiana (age 66)
............            +Lydia FARMER   Born: 20 December 1806 in Virginia      Died: 1
December 1890 in Leesburg, Turkey Creek Township, Kosciusko County,
Indiana (age 84)        Married: 13 September 1833 in Frederick County,
........        4       Elizabeth NOEL
............            +Nathan KERNS                   Married: 1821   Father: Jacob KERNS
.....   3       Peter NOEL      Born: Abt. 1756 in York County, Pennsylvania    Died:
1841 in Scioto County, Ohio
.........               +Sophia GOOD    Born: 1756      Died: 1825
........        4       13_Children NOEL
.....   3       Jacob NULL     Born: Abt. 1757 in York County, Pennsylvania    Died:
1842 in Frederick County, Virginia
.........               +Lucy OHLER
.....   3       Nicholas NOEL   Born: Abt. 1758 Died: 1805 in Ohio
.........               +Mary POLLOCK                   Married: 1777
........        4       13_Children NOEL
.....   3       Casper NOEL     Born: Abt. 1760 in York County, Pennsylvania
.....   3       Philip NOEL     Born: 1 December 1764 in York County, Pennsylvania
Died: 12 April 1849 in Scioto County, Ohio
.........               +Susannah PUTNAM    Married: 1785 in Hampshire County, Virginia

24 Mar 1999 Mary Wiley Campbell <ela2@ela-iet.com>
 I'm still looking for parents and descendants of Martha Noel, born about 1760 prob. in Caswell County, NC, married Alexander Wiley 1779 Caswell County, NC, died 1839 in Anderson County, TN.   Mary Campbell

 24 Mar 1999 "Jeffrey Norris" <jeffreynorris@usa.net>
Researching NOEL  in Wyandot Co., OH.

Michael NOEL, Frederick Co., MD marr.  Anastasia ARNOLD Moved to Wyandot Co.

Probable son George Joseph b. ca 1830; died 1881 Wyandot Co.

Lemasters:  ?-->Knox Co., OH
Davis/Jenkins:  Loudoun Co., VA-->Knox Co., OH
Murphy:  ?MD?-->Wyandot Co., OH
Woolf/Kirkwood: ?-->Seneca Co., OH
Baker:  Knox Co., OH
Morrison:  PA-->Knox Co., OH
Cuthbertson:  Scot-->Wash. Co. PA-->Wayne Co. OH

Wed, 24 Mar 1999 13:47:53 -0800 (PST)
 James Noel   born Bet. 1817 - 1824 in TN or LA died  married  Sarah Ann Johnson born c. 1817-1814 in VA

Children of James Noel and Sarah Johnson are:

Susan Noel
born August 1841 in VA or MS
died Aft. 1920 in , , TX.
married December 29, 1859 San Augustine Co., TX
Mathew Calhoun Franklin
born March 3 1836 Macon, GA
died 1880-1900

Amy Ann Noel
born March 1839 MS
married  December 9, 1958 San Augustine Co., TX
Thomas Monroe Chumley

Samantha Noel
born October 1843

Pam Johnson   jessaree@lcc.net

24 Mar 1999 "Clifford C. Trimble" <cct71@nconnect.net>
Mary Noel born in 1829 and died 31, August 1889 in Adams county, Pa. She married a David Clapsadle.  They had 14 children that I know of. Any information would be appreciated.

24 Mar 1999 CarolVass@comcast.net
I am searching, searching, searching for Sarah NOEL, b. Aug. 1845 in or around Westmoreland Co, PA.  I do not have a clue as to her NOEL family, but she belongs to someone there.  Sarah married John G. Glass, most probably in
Pennsylvania and they then migrated along with John's parents, William A.Glass and Margaret Miller to Howard Co, Iowa in early 1860's.  William A. Glass was a son of Christopher Glass who lived in Westmoreland Co, PA and Green Township, Indiana Co, PA.  Christopher Glass was one of twelve children of Jacob Glass who died in 1821 in Cambria Co, PA.

Any help or directions for finding "my" Sarah NOEL's ancestors or siblings would be appreciated.

24 Mar 1999 "Dan H" <dannyh@hotmail.com>
1 Martin Noel   b: Abt. 1845
    +Caroline (Noel)    b: Abt. 1845
 2 William Henry Noel b: Feb 08, 1865 in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
    +Marion "Mirium" Higgans b: Abt. 1865 in Newfoundland, Canada
   3 John Noel b: Abt. 1895 in Newfoundland, Canada
     +Lily Gertrude Eva Hannah b: Abt. 1895 in Montreal, Canada
   3 Ralph Noel b: Abt. 1895
   3 Lillian Noel b: Abt. 1895
   3 Ronald Noel b: Abt. 1895
   3 Charles Noel b: Abt. 1895
 2 Jessie Noel b: Feb 18, 1863
 2 Ann Eliza Noel b: May 30, 1867
 2 Eldred Noel

Dan Harrison      http://www.angelfire.com/ca/dansdata

 24 Mar 1999   Ruth Matuch   <JMatuch537@aol.com>
I am still researching the family of Henry NOEL married to Louisa TURNER.  Sons William, John, Joesph and possibly Henry in Cincinnati Hamilton Co Ohio.

I have found Henry W. NOEL b. 1815 in Isle of Guernsey d. 1858 in Cincinnati Ohio.  Trying to prove his connection to Louisa TURNER NOEL and sons.  Have many descendents of William NOEL first son b 1845 in New Orleans LA.

26 Feb 1999 "Jeffrey Norris" <jeffreynorris@usa.net>
 Sources indicate Michael & William were early settlers of Tymochtee Twp., Wyandot Co., together, having come up from southern  Ohio. Michael married Anastasia ARNOLD.  I have an ancestor, Clement NOEL, who was born in Tymochtee.  His father was George Joseph NOEL, married to Margaret MURPHY.  I can't find anything on their ancestry/origins.  William may be a key.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

17 Feb 1999 "Nora Noel, Ph.D." <Noeln@uncwil.edu>
Joseph S. Noel was my great great grandfather.  He and Adaline were both Catholic and had many children, one of whom was Francis Augustus Noel. "Gus" Noel had Carl Nicholas, Sr (my grandfather), who had Carl Nicholas, Jr. (my father).  All of them had many children (5 - 10) so there are many Noels still in South Central PA descended from him.  It would be
interesting to make the connection with your family, because I'm sure there is one.  Joseph S. Noel's decendants are replete with Josephs, Nicholas's, Johns, Georges, Andrews, Marys, and Elizabeths, as are the people in the Charles Noel book.  One other clue that I have is that Francis Augustus Noel and his wife owned land and houses on the Codorus Creek near York, PA
in the early 1900's.  I got the feeling from the old stories that this property had been "in the family" for a long time.

Jacob Noel, Jr., Trumbull County, OH
17 Feb 1999 Rosemary        Westseek@san.rr.com
Jacob Noel, Jr., b. 1817 somewhere (where?) in PA, d. 14 Sept. 1879, Berlin Center, Mahoning County, OH.    Married:  Grace LEONARD 24 Feb. 1842 in Trumbull County, OH.    Her parents were Samuel LEONARD and Margaret SMITH.
1.   Jacob's parents:   Jacob NOEL, Sr. born approx. 1787 (correct?)
somewhere (where?) in PA.   and Susanna ________?    Does anyone have additional info?
2.   Has anyone found out anything about the Samuel Leonard and Margaret Smith?  I'm dead-ended on this one.

15 Aug 1999 Leora M Rabuck <rabuck1@juno.com>
Catholic Vital records of Central PA Vol. 1 pg. 150 Record #3136 Loretto  Church Records!
Burke, Edward s/o omitted & Prudence/widow married 5/14/1822 Catharine Noel d/o Nicholas & Elizabeth. (Of course this is the s/o Edward & Prudence (Maguire) Burke. His father was deceased in 1805. This marriage is also found in History of Cambria Co. by Storys Vol. I pg. 555...Sept. term Cambria Co. orphan court. 5th Sept. 1809 Edward Burk came into court
and appointed with the approbation of the court Peter McGuire over his peraon & Estate. From Your Family Tree 1979 .(His father died 1805.) Catherine (Noel) Burke was born. 5/14/1822 and died 2/3/1828..Their children:
Susan Prudence Burke  b. 8/11/1823
Nicholas Augustine Burke b. 12/12/1824 m. 8/22/1857 Charlotte Catherine
Clark. Augustine d. 1885 bu. St. Aloysius Cem. Summit, near Cresson
Cambria Co. PA
William James Burke  b. 6/18/1826
Catherine Burke b. 2/3/1828
After Catherine (Noel) Burke died Edward remarried Ellen Keefer and their
children were:
Edward Burke b. ca. 1836
Mary Jane Burke  b. 9/22/1839
Ellen Burke  b. 3/5/1842
James M. Burke b. 4/4/1845
George Washington Burke b. 11/1/1847  m. 1/11/1893 Anna Matilda Cramer.
George W. died 1919 and is buried St. Bartholomew Cem, Wilmore, PA
Edward Burke h/o Catherine Noel d. Xmas Day 1864 at Ft. Mifflin prison.
He had done no wrong. (newspaper article).
As you can see, I am missing a lot of info on this family!!!

30 Jul 1997 Sondra Brown - cats@eosinc.com.
I think my line goes from : Joseph Noel - from Palatine in 1736 b.@ 1680  died in 1753 or 1754
Peter Noel - from Palatine   b. 1720 married to a Margaret?   He died Oct. 1771
Mary Noel  married Anthony Sell in York Co. Pa. April 19, 1759
I don't know her date of death.  Any clues?   Also would love to find the names of Joseph's & Peter's wives.

29 Jul 1997
 Linda      Lslycord@aol.com
 I'm a descendant of:
(1) Nicholas NOEL   (OH)
(2) David NOEL        (OH>IA)
(3) Albert NOEL        (IA)
(4) Ralph NOEL, Sr.  (IA>MO>IL)
(5) Ralph NOEL, Jr.   (MO>IA)
(6) Linda NOEL Slycord (That's me;-)  (IA>MO)

I have information about all of Albert's children and some of his grandchildren.  I'd love to share information.

29 Jul 1997
Tom   DirectorTH@aol.com

(1) Johannes (John) NOEL (Palatine>PA)
(2) Peter NOEL (PA>VA>OH)
(3) Philip NOEL(VA>OH)
(4) Henry Clay NOEL (OH)
(5) John Philip NOEL (OH)
(6) Edna Mae NOEL Stamm (OH)
(7) Juanita STAMM Housley (OH)
(8) Tom Housley (OH)  - me :)

 30 Jul 1997    Raseeley@aol.com
     My Line:
Joseph Noel - PA - 1771 to 1839
Adam P. Noel - PA/IA - 1800-1872
John Thomas Noel - IA - 1838-1914
Clara Neoma Noel - IA/WA - 1876-1925
Margaret Thelma Benshoof - WA - 1906-
Rita Anne Seeley - WA - 1944-        ME

 6 Aug 1997
Lynn Proud <tscudder@essex1.com>
Roll Call:
Oscar NOEL      b: 19-May-1884 place unknown
                d: 11-Dec-1963  Buried: St.Catherines Cemetery, Dubuque, IA
Angeline B. GREENWALD   b: 16-Sep-1891
                        m: 30-Jan-1912
                        d: 03-Aug-1973
                        Buried: St. Catherines Cemetery, Dubuque, IA
                        daughter of: Charles Greenwald and Mary Heer

Oscar is likely somehow descended from this man: Jean-Baptiste NOEL, born on August 20th 1794 in Medingen (LUX),
emigrated in 1837 to the United States. He lived then in St Donatus, IA, formerly called TÍtes des Morts. St. Donatus is right near St. Catherines, south of Dubuque, IA.

James Stahl <murjast@csrlink.net>
My NOEL interest lies in ABRAM NOEL and wife MARY A.? who  were the parents of my GG Grandmother,MATILDA NOEL, b ca 1821 in Clearfield Twp.,Cambria Co.,PA. She married DANIEL KLINE b ca 1822. They were married 28 Aug., 1845 at St. Josephs Ch.[Harts Sleeping Place] near Carrolltown. Indications are Matilda had sisters named Susan and Elizabeth.

Just haven't been able to find anything more on either Abram or Mary A.yet. Your Abram COULD BE the one,BUT?

15 Aug 1999 BRuthe6723@aol.com
Do you have anything on a Willaim Leake who died Esex County1700 and married the widow Mary Harper,  His will appears to show a Godson William Noeal, Noel?

17 Feb 1999          "Jeffrey Norris" <jeffreynorris@usa.net>
Looking for info on Clement O. Noel, b. 1862 died 1919 Hancock Co., OH. Married Harriet Kear.

 17 Feb 1999   "Nora Noel, Ph.D." <Noeln@uncwil.edu>
I am looking for information on Joseph S. Noel, born June 16, 1833 in Pennsylvania or Maryland, married to Adaline Helfrock (Helfrich?) June 5, 1860 in Paradise Township, PA, and died November 29, 1881. Information on Parents' Names, siblings, and place of birth would be greatly appreciated.

 Michael Fisher <jmf@lcc.net>
I received from Berks County  a copy of the entry for the warrant to Ineas Noel  in Longswamp township of Berks County  dated 12 June 1753. It was sold in three parts in 1810, 1828, and 1875. Ineas Noel arrived on the Princess Augusta in 1736. I beliueve that ineas is the same as IgnathiasNoel of Berks County, PA.

 Noel Gene C MSgt <gene.noel@luke.af.mil>
The History of Scioto County   Pioneer Sketches  Author: Unknown Location: Portsmouth Public Library   pp.794

Aaron Noel
Was born in Scioto County, Ohio, July 13, 1807.  His father was Philip Noel, a native of Pennsylvania, and his mother's maiden name was Susannah Putnam, a native of Virginia.  His parents had thirteen children, Aaron being next to the youngest.  His father emigrated from Virginia in 1798, with his wife and several children, Peter, John, Philip, and Jacob P., Mary, Solomon and Catherine.  After his location in the Northwest Territory, Isaac, David, Margaret, Aaron and Elijah were born.  Philip Noel came to Wheeling by land and thence to the town of Jackson, from there he removed to Oldtown.  He was a weaver by trade and a great hunter.  He died in the year 1849, at the age of eighty-five years, and his wife died October 11, 1851.  Aaron's four brothers, Peter, John, Philip and Jacob P., were in Captain Roup's Company, in the war of 1812, and were surrendered by Hull at Detroit.  Aaron worked on the farm until he was of age, and he also learned the trade of a baker
and worked at it for his brother, Jacob P., in  Portsmouth, Ohio for eight years.  Aaron Noel never saw a window glass till he was five years old.  His father's house till that time had greased paper for lights.  In 1814, his father built a frame house, where Michael J. Noel now lives and it was used for an inn for thirty-eight years.  In 1831, he traded on a boat on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, selling dry goods, groceries, etc.  In 1832 to 1835, he conducted a dry goods store in Portsmouth, Ohio.  After that, he went back to farming.  August 15, 1844 he was on the Whig Central Committee. October 8, 1867, he was elected County Treasurer on the Democratic ticket and he served one term.  The vote stood Charles A. Barton, 2,344; Aaron Noel, 2,503; Noel's majority, 159.  In October 1869, he was again a candidate for County Treasurer, but was defeated.  He received 2,078 votes to 2,530 for his opponent, Charles Slavens, his son-in-law, Majority of 452. He has been a trustee of Clay Township a number of times.  In 1886, he owned 600 acres of land within four miles of Portsmouth, all highly improved.  He was married June 3, 1832, to Catherine Ann Orm.  She died February 25, 1864. They had eleven children.  His son, Nathan Milton was drowned in the Scioto river November, 1855, aged twenty-two years, three weeks after his marriage. His older children were Josiah O., Ann Eliza, married Henry Briggs, John Philip, Elizabeth S., Aaron T., Mary C., married Charles Slavens, Jacob S., Oscar B., Maggie J. and Sarah M.  He was a Whig during the continuance of that party, and then became a Democrat.  Mr. Noel died April 1, 1895, on the same farm on which he was born.  He was a very generous man and hospitable. He was firm in his convictions and not easily moved.  He could be led but not driven.  He was remarkably charitable to the poor,.  He was never anti-slavery in his views and this fact caused him to join the Democratic party when the Whig party dissolved.  He was a man of great public spirit and in favor of public improvements.  He gave the Scioto Valley Railway the right of way through his lands,  a distance of three-fourths of a mile.  Mr. Noel was a very agreeable companion and was always disposed to make the best of every situation.  He accumulated much wealth in land and money and was very liberal with it to his children, to charity and public enterprises.  He was the last survivor of the early Scioto Valley farmers, a hardy race who conquered the forest and gave their descendants good estate.

 30 Jan 1999 NoelnHbg@aol.com
My name is Robert Noel (11-16-68) and I grew up in Butler, PA. My father is A.K. (Allison Keith) Patrick Noel (10-31-31) and also grew up there. My grandfather was a Frank E. Noel (born in 1892).

28 Dec 1998  Deb K.           Kkonet2@new.rr.com
In searching another family line, I came across the following information from an 1850 Census.  This info was taken August 28, 1850 in the State of Wisconsin, Portage County, Grand Rapids Township (this is near Wisconsin Rapids, WI).

Enos NOELL   age 29   male   Laborer   born in Canada Reel No.  M432-100     Page No. 8B


10 Nov 1998   Ruth Matuch  email  JMatuch537@aol.com
Well everyone I finally got the death certificate for Joseph C. NOEL from KY.
Now I have an even bigger mystery.  Joseph's father was John NOEL born in
England  and his mother was ? Milton from the Isle of Mann.

First mystery:  Joesph C. NOEL was born in Zanesville Ohio March 11, 1856.  Is
he a cousin of Henry William NOEL aka William NOEL born in New Orleans March
1845. Enlisted at Fort Denison and fought in Civial War.  Married Mary Estelle
CASHMAN in Cincinnati.  Died in Cincinnati November 1914.

Second myster:  Is John NOEL father of Joesph the brother of Henry NOEL father
of Henry William NOEL.  Husband of Louisa TURNER born in England?

31 Oct 1998 "Margaret E. Noel" <menoel@pwsb.com>
Hi - Received the info, but not connection as yet to Aaron Noel.
Perhaps somewhere down the line.  I did read in a copy of "The Belguim
Migration to the North" that he was one of the first Belguims to migrate
here.  So far, have not been able to make any connection.
Still seeking Mary Margaret Sawyer Taylor Noel. She died in Marinette
Co. WI 1896, but cannot trace her Sawyer family.  If they were buried in
the Wausauke Cemetary, the records got burned many years ago.  Was there
this summer and there are no grave markers for them either. Hope someone
can latch unto this one - what I did find was in the Manitowoc Co. WI area.

 09 Oct 98

Prepared by:    Donald D Osborn  Apr 24 1984

Person:      Nicholas Noel                                Place Copied:  Public Library
Subject:     Deed Abstract                                   Dallas, Texas
Event Date:  1760                               Data Source:  York Co Deeds

409 5 May 1760 - Nicholas Noel of Paradise Twp. to Caspar Rowland of Barwick
Twp. for - 150 Pds - 100 a. - Tract of land granted unto me by Proprietaries
Warrant dated 10 Sept 1750 situate and lying in Barwick Twp. Adjoyning the
lands of John Abbott and Peter Polly - Subject to the Residue of the Purchase
Money Interest and Quit Rent to the Proprietaries of Penn.

Wts: Peter wolf                         Nicholas (+) Noel
     Thos. Armor

Received of Caspar Rowland 150 Pds in  full  of above 5 May 1760.
Wts: Thos. Armor                         Nicholas (+) Noel

Nicholas Noel acknowledged the foregoing, Instrument as his Act & Deed 5 May 1760.

Copy compared with the Original at York 13 May 1760     Geo. Stevenson, Recorder

The preceding deed shows Nicholas Noel, son of Joseph Noel and brother of Peter Noel had warranted land at the future site of Abbotstown as early as 1750 and had probably lived there even earlier. It also shows that. he had since removed across Beaver Creek into Paradise Township. His brother Peter was also a resident of Paradise Township.  It is also thought that their father Joseph Noel had settled in Paradise Township east of the present location of Abbottstown. Joseph had died about 1754.  Perhaps Nicholas acquired a portion of his father's land and had moved to Paradise for that reason.  In 1760 his
brother- in-law Nicholas Strasbach Jr was also living in Paradise not far from Abbottstown.

John Abbott later was the founder of Abbottstown and his land in Berwick Township was the site of the future town. Abbott also owned land across Beaver Creek in Paradise Township near the location of the Nicholas Strasbach land.
See Deed page 443-444, Nicholas Firestone.

 barbara@sunshine.com (Barbara O'Keefe)
Four Peter Noels married in the 1830s according to the records of Conewago Chapel, Adams Co, PA.  Several were born about 1810. Two, in old age, died two weeks apart.  A doctor in Florida thinks Peter born of Nicholas in 1810 is his ancestor but was unable to prove this.  His ancestor married Cath. Mayer and is buried at Gettysburg.  A will of Nicholas might
help.  One Peter married Barbara Doll and then the daughter of Nicholas Noel while another Peter married Eliz. Doll and one married a Klunk and is buried in the west?  That leaves the one married to Mayer and lived in Butler Twp.  The twice married Peter had a son Peter as did Nicholas.  HELP!

06 Sep 98
Johnstown Daily Tribune, May 26, 1898

Susan, relict of Daniel O. Skelly, died of pneumonia at her residence in Portage Township, this county, on Wednesday morning of last week, aged eighty-four years.

Mrs. Skelly, whose maiden name was Noel, was born at Mullen's Hill, Munster Township, on a farm now owned by Daniel Kearney, where her parents resided, her father's name being Nicholas Noel; since her marriage she resided on the farm where she died. Her hsuband died in 1870. Of her children, Nicholas, Luke, Mrs. Margaret Melloy - mother of Ed Melloy, and engineer on the Bell's Gap Railraod - Philip D., and Susan are dead. James and Ellen, who lives on the farm; Mrs. Frank
Mullen, also of Portage Township, and William, of Gallitzin, survive.

Mrs. Skelly was an aunt of Mrs. Jose[h Rainey and Mrs. George Risban, of Lilly; Messrs. James F. Skelly, James H. McConnell and Miss Kate McConnell of Summerhill Township; Surveyor William T. McConnell, of Summerhill, and Francis and Augustine McConnell of Lilly; Mrs. John McIntosh, of Freedom, Blair County; Miss jane Leckey, of Ehrenfeld; Mrs.
James McClarren, of South Fork; Mrs. David McKinney, of Morrellville; Mrs. Francis Leckey, of Johnstown; Mrs. Charles Kennedy and Mrs. Sullivan, of Pittsburgh, and Mrs. Flanagan, of Altoona.

The deceased was justly esteemed in the community in which she lived as a most exemplary person in all her relations to her family and to society. She was a devout member of the Catholic Church, and on Friday her remains were laid to rest, after a high mass of requiem and an appropriate sermon by Rev. Father Ryan, in St. Bartholomew's Church, Wilmore, in the old cemetery of the congregation where the deceased members of her family lie interred. Many relatives and friends were in
attendance at the funeral.

Notes: Catholic Vital Records lists both a Lucinda and a Luke, born the same day in 1845, died the same day (1854?) one buried at St.Bartholomew's, one at St. Michael's. I always believed they were the same person, the obit mentions the dead son Luke.

5 Sep 1998         Jan    <Thornleaf@aol.com>
 Does anyone have information on NOEL's from PA>MD>IN?

George NOEL born in PA early 1800's, married Rachael __, and lived >PA.
Children:   Benjamin I. NOEL b. ~1846
                George T. C. NOEL b.~1852
                William Francis NOEL b.~1854

Benjamin I. NOEL  b. ~1846 in PA married Amelia E. __, lived in PA Children:
Rachael NOEL b. 1869
                James T. NOEL b. Mar 1870 in Westminster, Maryland

James T. NOEL married Nora Mae HUNTER (b. 1872 in Westminster MD) married in Westminster, MD.
Children:    Catherine NOEL
                 Lillian NOEL Cangany
                 Mae Elizabeth NOEL Lotz b. Jun 21, 1901
    **Nora Mae (mother) died when children were very young. Father remarried.
Girls were sent to an orphanage in Dayton, Ohio and eventually moved to
Indiana as adults.

HUNTER line found in Baltimore, MD but little information.

28 Aug 1998  "pat collins" <grams@scan.missouri.org>

I have been working on an old cemetery here in Howell County.  At one Time there was a town of Siloam Springs but now all that is left is the Cemetery and it is back on a old log road.  There is a flat marker which I think probably is a family marker, but there is no first names and no dates on the graves close to it.  In and around the town in the late 1800 and earlier 1900 the following Noels are named in a book on all the small townships in this area, these lived in Siloam.  Albert, Bert, E.T., Ed,
Edwin, Ella, Ida, J. Noel, Jacob, James, and a Mrs. A.J. Noel.  Pat Collins

  August 26, 1998   V. Lovell <vlovell@pacbell.net>

Looking for Major Noel, who was brother to Caleb Noel.  Major took in Caleb's daughter Francis Noel after Caleb's death.
 Do you know of these folks?

26 Aug 1998 Martin Meadows <mmeadows@indy.net>
Does anyone know anything about a lady named Polly Noel? She was born in Virginia, probably in the late 1700's or early 1800's. She married a man named F.V. Hall. Together, I know they had a son named Benjamin Hall on 10/1/1826. He was the 7th child in a family of 12. They moved to Monroe County, Indiana in/around 1820.

24 Aug 1998    Ron Pierce      <rlpslp@kiski.net>
Do you have info regarding Martha Adeline NOEL, bn abt 1859, died June 1920.  She was married to James Sylvester Pierce/Pearce.  They resided in Indiana Co, not far from Derry Twp.  I have not been able to find any ancestor to this lady....

29 Jul 1998 "Paul Noel" <pnoel@Whidbey.net>
 A g-uncle, James Armstrong Noel was an MD who graduated from "medical school in St. Louis"; practiced in Sweet Springs, MO; b. 29 May 1862, Benton Co, MO; d. 18 Aug 1939, Sweet Springs, MO.

Searching for information on St. Louis Medical School, such as years of operation, location of records, if any, (particularily application for admission). Also application for State License to practice medicine.

14 Jul 1998 ary Lu Keef <marest@frontiernet.net>
 I still have not found the origin of my Henry Noel, but think he died in Perry Co. PA in 1883.

 Sun, 28 Jun 1998   Mary Rosenberger      <allan_mary@mindspring.com>
 I'm not sure if these are the right family members or not but here goes. I have a George NOEL m. Rachael ?, children:
Benjamin b.1846 PA, George b.1852, & William b. 1854.

Benjamin m. Amelia ? children: Rachel NOEL b. 1869 and James T. NOEL b. 1870, Westminster MD.

James T. NOEL m. Nora Mae HUNTER, children: Catherine NOEL, LIllian NOEL and Mae Elizabeth NOEL b. 6/21/1901.

24 Jun 1998      Ruth Matuch  <JMatuch537@aol.com>
Am researching the NOEL family.  My NOELs were in LA in 1845 and OH in mid 1850s.  My Henri NOEL  mysteriously disappears after 1845 although I believe he was alive in the Mid 1850s as a son John NOEL is born in Ohio in 1856. Henri NOEL is married to Louisa TURNER.  First son is Henry William NOEL born March 1845 in New Orleans.  Joseph b 1849 and John NOEL b 1856 are listed as born in OHIO.  Henri  NOEL worked on riverboats. In 1860s Louisa is a widow
living with three sons in Cincinnati.   I believe John moved to KY and worked on a newspaper.

William Noel (Henry William) married Estelle CASHMAN in Cincinnati in 1874 at St. Pauls Cathedral.  They had 12 children Harry, Louise (marries NOLTE), Joesph, Estelle, William, Albert, Pearl (marries James Egelston), Ralph (marries Marie MURPHY), Blanch, Laura (marries Bielifeld) Frank, and Ruth (marries WRIGHT)..

A Joesph C. NOEL is listed in Henry William NOELs civil war pension papers as a witness says he knew Henry William NOEL for 25 yrs.  Joesph C. NOEL in 1890s is living in Bellevue KY.

20 May 1998        Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
John Noel's wife, Mary M. G. Storm was willed (dated < 1804)an interest in land in Huntingdon County by her father who live in the Tanneytown, MD area. John lived there in Derry, Westmoreland and his son's are burried at St Vincents, Latrobe near my Grandfather, Jacob Noel. We are trying to tie Jacob's father, Joseph Noel with John as brothers.

 Joan    <JYoung6180@aol.com>
The earliest records of Conewago Chapel have been lost.  However, the records from 1791 to 1800 are included in the book Adams County Church Records of the 18th Century published by Family Line Publications.  There are MANY references to the Noel family in this book. Only two entries in the book include mention of Blasius and Maria Noel.  On 19 August 1792 they were baptismal sponsors for Anna Rhine, daught of Thomas and Eleonora Rhine.  On February 21 1794 Caty Noel, daughter of Blasius and Caty Noel was baptized. She was born on February 7, 1794, and her sponsors were Joseph Crisimer and Polly Strasbach.  There are quite a few other references to the surname Noel, Noll, Nohl in this book.

28 Apr 1998     CarolVass@comcast.net
I am looking for a Sarah NOEL who was probably born in either Westmoreland or Cambria Counties, PA in 1845.  I do not know her parents names, but noting the family list you posted had a Sarah NOEL, b. 1819 and knowing the habit of families of that era using the same names over and over  I believe there must be a connection.

What I do know of my Sarah NOEL is that she was born 8/14/1845 .  She married ca 1860-64 John G. GLASS, probably in Carrolltown, Cambria, PA.  John G. GLASSí father was John William GLASS, who was born in Westmoreland Co and was
married to Mary MILLER GLASS (she was born in Munster, Cambria Co, PA ca 1808).  Both John William and Mary (Miller) GLASS had parents who immigarated to Pennsylvania from Alsace/Lorraine.  In 1864, John William GLASS and wife
along with their all of their children , including Sarah NOELís husband John G. GLASS,  moved to Cresco, Howard Co, IA.  I know that Sarah (NOEL) GLASS died in Cresco.  I am making the assumption that Sarah and John G. were married in PA, but it could be that some NOELís made the same move to Iowa and Sarah and John met and married there.  Do not know which scenario is true.

Am most interested in finding Sarah NOELís family in Pennsylvania.  Have information to share on all of her descendents.  John G. and Sarah (NOEL) were my greatgrandparents and I would love to connect her  to her history.  Even if you donít think my Sarah fits into the NOELís you are talking about, I would appreciate any information and or/ direction you could provide.  She
undoubtably fits into some NOEL family in that area.

28 Apr 1998     "Terry" <noel@acad1.stvincent.edu>
My Name is Terry K. Noel. My father is Francis G. Noel. My Grandfather was Jacob S. Noel. He died almost a year ago. My 6 year old son is Jacob S. Noel. (S is for Stephen). We all live in Latrobe, PA

20 Apr 1998      Jeff Noel <fin2ka5@wcoil.com>
I am looking for info on a Thomas Noel born about 1774/75 in Pa. I have no info on his parents. He married Magdalena Noel daughter of Andrew and Theresa Noel. My line comes from their son Thomas Jerome b. 1821 d. 1898.

I surmise Thomas was a cousin of Magdalena but as to who his parents were I can find no connections.

Elizabeth COONS was born in Berks Co Pa 10 JUL 1771. Elizabeth died 1805 in Loretto, Cambria Co Pa, at 33
years of age. She married Nicholas NOEL in Conewago Pa Area, about 1789. The youngest child's, Margaret Eckenrode,
birth date comes from her death record in Catholic Vital Records. Maybe Elizabeth came to Cambria and died there. Orphan
Courts, York Co., PA Dec. 12, 1784 OC/E pg. 213. Elizabeth gets Sebastian Obold as guardian. She is listed as 14 yrs.
OC/F pg. 191 Elizabeth Noel has Nicholas Noel appointed guardian.


20 Mar 1998 Vanessa  Kime   <erik@internetmci.com>
I'm tracing my Adams County Kime/Keim family tree and came across a query you put out on rootweb concerning Noel.  I was wondering if you have heard of a Barbara Noel b. abt 1818 d. 1904 who married Abraham Keim b. 1815 d. 1902?  If you know anything about this couple or even just Barbara I'd love to hear form you.

12 Mar 1998      "Dell Noel" <lhwifi@gmail.com>
 I am looking for any information on William N. Noel (BEF 1830) and married Narcissa Lawson (born ABT 1832), in Washington Co. Ky on 25 of Dec. 1848. They most likely had other children besides James Thomas Noel.
And who was William's Father and Mother ?

William N. Noel      +Narcissa Lawson
      1) James Thomas Noel      +Amanda Jane Long - B. 1874
            1)  Daniel Franklin Noel    +Zula Pearl Thornton
            2)  Viola Noel
            3)  Austin Noel
            4)  David Noel

Martha Bernhardt <marthab@viptx.net>
The marriage date for William MANSFIELD and Grace NOEL is 7 March 1809 in Fluvanna VA.

"Dave Schubert   schubert@jerseycape.net
Anna NOEL married Andrew SCHORB. She was from PA and died after 1790.
Barbara NOEL married Joseph NEIKIRK. She may have died young. Her husband was born 1806 Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD and married her before 1830. He then remarried after 1830.

"Florence Jensen"         <   fj@zafo.com   >
William Bazel NOEL, b. 1762 in England, owned ships in Baltimore, Md. but lost them in a storm.  He was  married and had children, but both his first wife and children died in an epidemic in Maryland. Records of Baltimore Town in 1781 list Bazil NOALL appointed Measurer of Grain &c. "Kentucky Marriage Records" have a record of the marriage of Bazel NOEL and Mary GREGG in Shelby Co. in October 1794. The marriage is also noted in, "Marriages of Some Virginia Residents". A notice in "The Kentucky Gazette" 1787-1800, states on September 1, 1795 that Basil NOEL, living at the corner of Main
and Cross Streets, has a house for rent. Basil NOEL is listed in "Ohio Source Records" as an Elector in Champaign Co., Oh. on October 8, 1811 along with John NOEL and Daniel NOEL.  A daughter of Mary and William Bazel NOEL, Mary NOEL, B. 1811, married first Isaac KITCHEN in Greene Co, Oh.  They had 13 children.  After he died she married James HATFIELD in Clark Co., Oh. They had one son, Isaac HATFIELD.  Mary Gregg NOEL died at the home of her daughter, Adelia NOEL.  A descendant of William and Mary NOEL has a sampler embroidered by 'Delia NOEL with her name embroidered on it. Mary NOEL KITCHEN HATFIELD died in 1886 in Syracuse, Ks.
--Just read my e-mail I wrote about the sampler I have made by Delia Noel and noticed that I had made a mistake in a name.  Delia was a niece or cousin of Mary Noel Kitchen Hatfield (not Gregg).  The latter's mother was Mary Gregg Noel.---
8 Dec 1997 Jean-Marie Noel <jnoel@compusmart.ab.ca>
1   Pierre NoŽl:   born circa 1617, married in France about 1638 to Elizabeth Augustin. They lived at Chiray or Chire-en-Montreil, Bishopric of Poitiers, previously known as the province of Poitou. Chire-en-Montreuil was part of
the old Department of Vienne situated at L'Auzance and Vandelaigne in the vicinity of Poitiers. about 180 miles southwest of Paris and ten miles west of the Vienne river.

11  Francois NoŽl:  Born in 1646, married on October 22 1669 to Nicole Legrand in the province of Quebec, CANADA.
111   Philippe NoŽl:  Born on December 28, 1670 at Ste.-Famille, Ile D'Orleans, he was married on November 05, 1692 to Madeleine Marie Rondeau, at St.Pierre, Ile d'Orleans.

1117  Philippe NoŽl: Born on March 15, 1705 married on November 15, 1729 to Genevieve Leclerc, St.Pierre, Ile d'orleans. The Leclerc name is also spelled on the record as: Leclaire.

111772  Pierre NoŽl:  Born on(   )married on July 30, 1816 to Francoise Leroux, at St.Laurent, Ile d'Orleans.  Children: 04: Marguerite, Olive, Pierre-David, Marie.

1117723  Pierre-David NoŽl:  Born on(   )married on July 17, 1843 to Esther Giguere at St. Marie de Beauce. They had seven children. His second marriage was to Adele Granier on July 15, 1861 at Stratford, Ontario; two more children.
Children: 09: Marie, Pierre, Leon, Adele, David, Delima, Joseph, Theodule, Philomene.

11177235  David NoŽl:  Born in 1858 married on August 22, 1876 to Virginie Lussier, at Weedon, county of Wolfe.  She was born in September 1852. She was the daughter of Cyrille and Hermaine (Girard) Lussier of Weedon.

111772356  Albert Joseph NoŽl:  Born on January 14, 1886 at Woburn, County of Frontenac, married on September 28, 1903 to Regina Marie Chauvin, at Woburn.

1117723561  Ernest Antoine NoŽl:  Born on July 21, 1904 at Woburn, Frontenac County, Quebec, and moved with the family to Alberta in 1908.  He was a farmer all of his life.

02 Sep 1997 Constance Mayo <mayo@tcsn1.tcsn.uswest.net>
DUFF, John.  Native of County Dublin, Ireland.  Subject of Queen Victoria.  Arrived at New York about May of 1849.  Filed DI 23 Aug 1854.  Now aged about 27 and living in Derry Twp.  Admitted as citizen 24 Aug 1855.  Vouched for by Conrad HENRY and Blasius NOEL.

NOEL, Thomas.  Native of County Kilkiney, Ireland.  subject of Queen Victoria.  Arrived at New York about 04 Apr 1849. Filed DI 01 Jun 1853. Now aged about 32 years and living in Derry Twp.  Admitted as citizen 24 Aug 1855.  Vouched for by Conrad HENRY and Blonus NOEL.
OLD WESTMORELAND, Vol. III Num 4, May 1983; pp. 32-33; Southwest
Pennsylvania Genealogical Services, P.O.Box 253, Laughlintown, PA 15655.
30 Jul 1997   Lslycord@aol.com
In reviewing the "1820 Federal Population Census - Ohio Index copyright Ohio Library Foundation, 1964, Columbus, OH", I found the following NOELs listed.

Last,First, MI             Page           Cty         Twp

Noel, Abraham E        130             Sci          Uni
Noel, Casper              195A           Sta          Tus
Noel, Jacob RP         115              Sci          Way
Noel, John                  116             Sci          Way
Noel, Peter                 131             Sci          Uni
Noel, Peter, Jr             132             Sci          Uni
Noel, Philip                 131             Sci          Uni
30 Jul 1997     Lslycord@aol.com
Marriages of some Virginia residents, 1607 - 1800; compiled and published by Dorothy Ford Wufeck, 51 Park Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. 06770;  Series 1, Volume 5.  p. 115


____ m. Judith Bowie, dau. of John and Judith (Catlett).  Caroline, p.388.
Bazel m. 8 Oct., 1794, Mary Gregg.  Shelby Co., Ky.  Mar. Record.
E. m. William Arnold.
James m. 9 March, 1797, Judith Bowie.  Caroline Co.  23V198
James m. bef. 1756, Elizabeth Taylor, dau. of William, whose will of that
date, Essex Co., proves it.
John m. 23 Oct., 1775, Mary Smith, dau. of Robert Cumberland Co. Mar. Record
Richard C. m. bef. 1789, Mary Crutchfield., dau. of Stapleton, whose will of
that date named "daughter Mary Noel" and "son-in-lawRichard Noel."  A deed,
1792, shows he was "Richard C. Noel."
Taylor m. 6 Sept., 1798, Aggathy Woolfolk.  Caroline Co. 23V199.
Verand m. James Newman.

 20 Jul 1997     fredr@mail.netshop.net (Fred Roisum)
I am looking for information of my wifes g-aunt MAUD BENT b. 1860 ? in Granville Nova Scotia, married ALBERT NOEL. Believed to have lived in Lynn Mass. Children Edward,Thelma,Arlene and Bernard.

20 Jul 1997        Johngarber@aol.com
I've found Jacob Noel (also spelled Noels and Nole) in the 1850 and 1860 Washington Co., MD census. So far I have been unable to locate him prior to 1850.  Anyone have any idea where he might have been.  He would have been born 1820 - 1825.

Family scuttlebut says he, or perhaps his ancestors, came from Alsace Loraine.  I have no proof of this.

Jacob had three sons - Andrew J. (b abt 1839), George W. (b 1845), and Jacob L. (b abt 1849).  George was my g-grandfather and I have info on his children, if anyone is interested.  Anyone know what happened to Andrew and Jacob L.?

20 Jul 1997     Lslycord@aol.com
Descendants of Louis NOEL
                1       Louis NOEL      b: Abt. 1840 in Ohio    +Elsie GUY      b: in Virginia
........        2       Louretta NOEL   b: 24 September 1870 in near Syracuse, Indiana (Dewart Lake)
                                  d: 19 June 1958 in Waterford, Indiana (age 87)
............            +Joseph "Joe" Harvey GODSHALK   b: 2 July 1869 in Ohio  d: 16 October 1953 in Milford, Indiana
                         (age 84)       m: 3 May 1893 in Warsaw, Indiana
..................      3       Pearl Maude GODSHALK    b: 8 January 1894 in Syracuse, Indiana
......................          +Arthur "Artie" William HUMMEL  b: 25 October 1892 in Milford, Indiana   d: 7 May 1957                                in Oswego,     Indiana (age 64)       m: 29 January 1914 in Warsaw, Indiana
..................      3       Ruby Belle GODSHALK     b: 26 March 1897 in Syracuse,
Indiana d: 19 November 1979 in Syracuse, Indiana (age 82)
......................          +Doris HUMMEL   b: 18 September 1894 in Goshen,
Indiana d: 14 June 1958 in Syracuse, Indiana (age 63)   m: 31 May 1916 in
Warsaw, Indiana
..................      3       Fred Isaac GODSHALK     b: 4 July 1899 in Syracuse,
Indiana d: 4 April 1983 in Columbia City, Indiana (age 83
......................          +Arrvilla Irene BEATTY  b: 11 August 1899 in near
Van Wert Co, Ohio       d: 26 March 1975 in Columbia City, Indiana (age 75)     m:
2 July 1929 in Kosc Co, Warsaw, Indiana
..................      3       Charles "Charlie" Allan GODSHALK        b: 1 May 1901 in
Syracuse, Indiana       d: 10 June 1986 in Warsaw, Indiana (age 85)
......................          +Eva L. YODER   b: 16 April 1908 in near North
Webster, Indiana        d: 1 September 1993 in Milford, Indiana (age 85)        m: 8
May 1928 in Syracuse, Indiana
..................      3       Ted Everett GODSHALK    b: 14 March 1903 in
Kosciusko County. Syracuse, Indiana     d: 1 January 1991 in Granger,
Indiana (age 87)
......................          +Eda Mary HARTLEB       b: 9 February 1907 in Shelbyville County, Ridgeville Township, Illinois       d: 28 March 1988 in
Granger, Indiana (age 81)       m: 18 June 1927 in Syracuse, Indiana
..................      3       Ralph Simon GODSHALK    b: 29 July 1905 in Turkey
Creek Township, Kosc Co, Indiana        d: 15 November 1977 in Syracuse, Indiana (age 72)
......................          +Elizabeth Louise HUFFER        b: 9 August 1911 in
Kosc Co, Indiana                m: 18 January 1935 in Warsaw, Indiana
..................      3       Henry John GODSHALK     b: 25 April 1908 in Syracuse, Indiana
......................          +Marjorie Helen NEELY   b: 2 January 1914 in
Leesburg, Indiana               m: 7 February 1933 in Jefferson, Ohio
..................      3       Joseph "Ray" Ray GODSHALK       b: 24 August 1910 in
Kosc Co, Indiana        d: 9 December 1983 in Goshen, Indiana (age 73)
......................          +Edith Allegra DEWART   b: 27 February 1915 in
Milford, Indiana        d: 24 September 1995 in Kosc Co, Indiana (age 80)       m: 9
December 1933
........        2       Viola NOEL
............            +Christian "Frank" Frank STARNER        b: 25 July 1876 in Kosc
County, Indiana d: 2 December 1932      m: 26 October 1898
..................      3       Lucy May STARNER        b: 29 December 1899 in Leesburg,
Indiana d: 3 June 1991 in Leesburg, Indiana
......................          +George Dewey HUMMEL    b: 17 May 1899  d: 19
January 1946 in Indianapolis, Indiana   m: 24 September 1919
..................      3       Cecil STARNER           d: Bef. 1979
..................      3       Roberta "Rilla" STARNER b: in Lives in Goshen,
Indiana d: Aft. 1979
......................          +Everett MATTHEWS
..................      3       Hazel STARNER   b: 16 January 1906 in Leesburg,
Indiana d: 14 May 1979 in Leesburg, Indiana
......................          +Max MILLER             d: Aft. 1979    m: 8 June 1929
..................      3       Pauline STARNER b: in Lives in Melbourne, Florida
d: Aft. 1979
......................          +Mr_MINER
..................      3       Mary STARNER            d: Bef. 1979
..................      3       Florence STARNER        b: in Lives in Warsaw, Indiana
d: Aft. 1979
......................          +George VAN CUREN
..................      3       Girl STARNER
........        2       Oscar NOEL
........        2       Obesa NOEL
............            +Mr_SUTTON

 William Bazel Noel
19 Jul 1997         "Florence M. Jensen"     flojen@mtangel.net
My gg grandparents were William Bazel Noel and Mary Gregg Kitchen Noel. Family records say that he was born in 1762 in England and she was born in Dublin, Ireland. I have found a record of their marriage Oct 8, 1794 in Shelby Co., Ky in, "Kentucky Marriage Records." My mother said that he was a ship owner in Baltimore, had been quite wealthy but lost his
ships in a storm. William Bazel Noel's first wife and children reportedly died in an epidemic. Someone supposedly married his sister for her money. One note even suggests her husband may have "done away with her".

A November 1781 record in Baltimore cites Bazil Noall as appointed Measurer of Grain. "Ohio Source Records" pub. by Geneal. Pub. Co lists a Basil Noel as well as John and Daniel Noel as being an electors in Champaign Co. William Bazel Noel and Mary Gregg Noel's daughter, Mary Noel Kitchen Hatfiled ended up in Green and Clark Co. Ohio. An elderly
cousin of my mother's said that the Noels were from Indiana, near the Ohio line. "Early Kentucky Tax Records" showed Basel Noel having 3 horses and 12 cattle in Shelby Co. in 1795 and another record shows him having a house for rent in Shelbyville.

Can anyone tie any of this information into their Noel line? There seem to be Noels in Md, Ky, Oh, In and Pa., but I don't know if any of them are the same line. Perhaps Mary Noel was the only child of William Bazel Noel and Mary Gregg Noel since he had a previous family.

17 Jul 1997      John Kays <jkays@INETWORLD.NET>
This information was found in "The Lincoln County, Kentucky Records".

"Bond of John MANNION to marry Nancy NOEL, with Archer NOEL as surety March 10, 1796.  Consent of Drusilla NOEL for her daughter, March 15, 1796, witnessed by Archer NOEL, John NOEL, and Berry NOEL"

Drusilla was married to Thomas NOEL and they are my gx4 grandparents.  I don't know who Archer, John, and Berry NOEL are!

"Bond of Joel NOEL to marry Judith MOODY, with Thomas BUFORD as surety, November 2, 1796.  Consent of William BUFORD for the bride, same date."   I don't know who these NOEL's are!!

 17 Jul 1997     Lslycord@aol.com

I have transcribed the following from the 1840 U.S. Census.  Microfilm Roll No. 425.  This was from the State of Ohio, Scioto County, Nile Township.

Name of Head of Family:  Matthias NOEL

Free White Males:
  Under 5 yrs:  1
   10 & under 15:  1
    20 & under 30:  1

Free White Females:
   20 & Under 30:  1

Total:  4

Number of Persons in each family employed in Manufactures and trades:  2

17 Jul 1997             Lslycord@aol.com

I have transcribed the following from the 1840 U.S. Census.  Microfilm Roll
No. 425.  This was from the State of Ohio, Scioto County, Nile Township.

Name of Head of Family:  Nicholas NOEL

Free White Males(including head of family):
   Under 5 yrs:  1
    10 & under 15:  1
    20 & under 30:  1

Free White Females (including head of family):
    5 & under 10:  1
   10 & under 15:  2
    30 & under 40:  1

Total:  7

Number of persons in each family employed in Agriculture:  2

 17 Jul 1997         Lslycord@aol.com

I have transcribed the following from the 1830 U.S. Census.  Microfilm Roll
No. 140 and Page No. 110 (line 2).  This was from the State of Ohio, Scioto

Name of Head of Family:  Nicholas NOEL

Free White Males (including heads of family):
     Under 5 yrs:  1
      5 & under 10:  1
     15 & under 20: 1
      40 & under 50: 1

Free White Females (including heads of family):
      Under 5 yrs:  2
      15 & under 20:  1
       40 & under 50:  1

17 Jul 1997     Lslycord@aol.com
I have transcribed the following from the 1820 Census.  Microfilm Roll No. 95
and Page No. 131.  This was from the State of Ohio, Scioto County, Union

Name of Head of Family:  Nicholas NOEL

Free White Males:
      Under ten years of age:  3
      Of twenty-six & under forty-five, including family head:  1

Free White Females:
       Under ten years of age:  1
       Of twenty-six & under forty-five, including family head:  1

No. Engaged in Agriculture:  1

I would be happy to share information about my "NOLL" family from
Hummelstown,PA and Mount Joy, Lancaster Co., PA  John Riser Noll was born
1852 in Hummelstown  His father was John Noll who married a ____ Riser and they had John Riser
Noll.  John Riser Noll married Elizabeth Shuh Page and they went to Dickinson Co,
Abilene,  Kansas in 1879 with the River Brethren. They went with Samuel Page,
Elizabeth's  father.    BLNA@AOL>com

16 Jul 1997            Lslycord@aol.com

Below is a biography of P. W. NOEL found in the book "History of Lower Scioto
Valley, Ohio" published by Inter-State Publishing Co, in Chicago, in 1884.

P.W. NOEL was born in Scioto County, Sept. 16, 1824.  His father, Solomon NOEL, was born in the same county in 1797, and in 1821 married Mary M. HUSTON, who died July 31, 1858.  Mr. Noel's death occurred June 30, 1842.

Our subject was reared on the old homestead, and attended district school about two months during each winter.  He was married Jan. 3, 1850, to Harriet, daughter of Judge William OLDFIELD.  She died Feb. 13, 1851, leaving one son - John F.  April 3, 1861, he was married to Sophia, daughter of Rev. E. B. CHASE of Delaware County, Ohio.  By this union he has three daughters  - Jannette C., Annie S. and Elsie C.

Mr. NOEL followed farming till 1859, when he was elected Treasurer of Scioto County, and in 1861 was re-elected.  After retiring from the office he was elected County Auditor, in 1864, and served two terms, after which he engaged in farming.  He has thirty-three acres of land one mile from the city of Portsmouth, and is an extensive wheat and corn grower on leased lands.

 16 Jul 1997        Lslycord@aol.com

Below is a biography of Michael J. NOEL found in the book the "History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio" published by Inter-State Publishing Co., Chicago, 1884.  p. 338

Michael J. NOEL was born Feb. 22, 1843, in Scioto County, Ohio, a son of David and Nancy (MORGAN) NOEL.  He lived on the farm till he grew to manhood, when he went to Portsmouth and engaged in the drug trade for two years, and
returned in 1875 to the farm on which place his grandfather, Phillip NOEL, kept hotel a number of years. He was married to Alice C. CRAINE.  They have two children - David L. and Clarence F.  Mr. NOEL has belonged to the Masonic fraternity since 1868, and was Senior Warden in the lodge three years, after which he was Master for one year.  He and his wife are members of  Valley Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church.

His father, David NOEL, was born in Scioto County, where he grew to manhood.  He learned the hatter's trade in Portsmouth, at which he worked seven years, after which he engaged in farming till his death in 1868.  Our subject's mother was a native of Morgantown, VA., and when a child came to Ohio.  She died in August, 1868.  They reared a family of nine children of whom three are living - Mary E., Rachel S. and our subject.

16 Jul 1997      Lslycord@aol.com

Below is a biography from the book "History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio"
published by Inter-State Publishing Co., 1884.   p. 337 - 338

Aaron NOEL was born July 13, 1807, in Adams County, Ohio, and after attaining his majority went to Portsmouth, where he learned the baker's trade, after which he sold goods for his brother, Jacob P., on the Ohio River, and after some time became his brother Isaac's partner in the dry-goods and grocery trade, at Portsmouth.

His first wife was Catherine ORM, whom he married June 3, 1832.  She died Feb. 25, 1864, leaving seven children, of whom six are still living.  He was again married Dec. 30, 1875 to Rhoda P., daughter of Absalom SEVERNS.  They had one child, born March 1, 1877, and died May 19 of the same year.  In 1846 he removed to his present farm, now comprising between 500 and 600 acres of fine land, lying three miles north of Portsmouth.  Mr. NOEL has served as Constable of Portsmouth, and in 1867, he was elected Treasurer of Scioto County, holding the office for two years.

His father, Phillip NOEL, was born in 1765 in Pennsylvania, and died at the age of eighty-four years and four months, April 12, 1849.  His wife Susannah PUTMAN, was born in Virginia in 1767 and died Oct. 11, 1851 in her eighty-fifth year.  They came to the Scioto Valley in 1798, where he engaged in farming.  He also kept the Noel Hotel for thirty-four years.  They reared
a family of thirteen children - Peter, John, Philip, Jacob P., Mary, Solomon, Catharine, Issac, David, Absalom, Margaret, Aaron and Elijah, all deceased but our subject.

16 Jul 1997       Lslycord@aol.com

Below is a Soundex record from the 1920 Census.

State:  Iowa
County:  Wayne
City:  Seymour
Street: N. 6th
House Number:  329

Head of Family:  William E. NOEL
Color:  White
Age:  43
Birthplace:  Iowa

Name:  Edna NOEL
Relationship:  Wife
Age:  39
Birthplace:  Iowa

Name:  Burdette NOEL
Relationship:  Son
Age:  18
Birthplace:  Iowa

30 Mar 1997 08:47:27 -0800
Dominic <noel@mcn.org>

From Father Peter Helbrons Greensburg Register  (PA)

DANIEL NOEL, s/o Abraham & Mary 12-3-1816 SP- Peter Noel & Margaret
MARY BARBARA d/o Abrham & Magdalen NOEL  1-30-1820 (Barbara Ruffner)
* ADAM NOEL s/o Joseph & Margaret nee Griffin  6-11-1800  (George &
Margaret Ruffner)
* GEORGE NOEL s.o Joseph & Margaret Noel  3-16-1802  (Patrick & Margaret
Griffy/Greavey)  (my note! Patrick Griffin?)
JACOB NOEL sponsor to a child of Frederick & Catherine Septer/Scepter

* JOHN NOEL  s/o Joseph & Margaret Noel 11-26-1811  (Edward & Mary
MICHAEL NOELL s/o Peter & Marg 4-4-1807
(Adam Kuhn & Mary Andress/maiden)

* JOSEPH NOEL  s/o Joseph & Margaret Noel  8-3-1806  (Joseph Schmidt &
ISAIS NOEL s/o Peter & Margaret Noell  11-10-1804  (John & Martha
SIMON NOELL  8-12-1812 to Mary Andressin
JOHN P NOEL m. SARAH JANE MANSFIELD Unity twp.  11-23-1865

29 Mar 1997      DirectorTH@aol.com
The following is the list of NOELS who married in Scioto County Ohio, between 1803-1860. Hope you find it useful. I have index information if you want it; e-mail me directly, & I'll be happy to pass it along.

The list is alphabetical - and males only. Didn't have a chance to look up
the Noel brides. Sorry!

Noel, Aaron, & Catharine Orm    30 June 1832
Noel, Abraham G. & Mary Glaze    5 Oct. 1815, by Benjamin Feurt
Noel, Absolam & Mary Goldsberry   11 Sept. 1855
Noel, Absolim & Susanah Noel   4 Jan 1827
Noel, Andrew & Sarah Pollock   25 Mar 1827 ("shows his name Veach")
Noel, Andrew & Laurette Coppage    6 Nov 1842
Noel, Andrew &  Sarah Crain  30 Dec. 1845
Noel, David & Sarah Landers   16 Oct 1823
Noel, David & Nancy Morgan   12 Jan 1828
Noel, David & May Jane Zornes  6 Apr 1848
Noel, Ezra H. & Louisa Barber  8 Jan 1846
Noel, Francis Volney & Angeline Huston  3 July 1859
Noel, George & Eliza Landers (Landry) Her father Adam Landry cons., w/ David
                                                             9 Apr 1826
Noel, Isaac & Maryann Orm    30 Jan 1823
Noel, Isaac & Harriet Johnson  27 Sept 1832
Noel, Jacob & Lucretia Hitchcock  7 Apr 1807
Noel, Jacob & Anna Glover  5 Sep 1815
Noel, James & Elizabeth T. Cody (Hody)  27 Oct 1833
Noel, John & Margaret (Peggy) Lowery   2 Apr 1815
Noel, John F. & Olive Kelly     16 Feb 1853
Noel, John H. & Sarah Ann Hayward   1 Aug 1852
Noel, John P. & Hannah V. Powers  W.H. Noel att. ages, 24 June 1860
Noel, Joseph & Polly Pollock   4 Dec 1828
Noel, Joseph O. & Mary Jane Finton  1 Jan 1856 (1857)
Noel, Mathias & Elizabeth Wright   18 Mar 1838
Noel, N.M.  & Margaret Miller   18 Oct 1855
Noel, Nicholas & Nancy Frizel  21 Sep 1812
Noel, Peter & Susannah Feurt. Marey Feurt cons., witn. Gabriel Feurt,
                                     Feurt.  23 Oct 1806
Noel, Peter & Maria Hogue   25 Jan 1827
Noel, Peter Jr. & Mary Ellen Goolsberry (Goldsberry)  12 Aug 1838
Noel, Philip & Massie Feurt. His father Peter Noel Sr. cons., att. Peter Noel
                               6 April 1812. (**Phillip is my ancestor**))
Noel, Philip & Elizabeth Thomas  11 Apr 1837
Noel, Soloman Jr. & Fanny Johnson    23 Mar 1821
Noel, Solomon & Mary Huston   10 Apr 1812
Noel, Telemachus P. & Rebecca Briggs  Joseph H. Cole att. ages  27 Dec 1860
Noel, William D. & Nancy Ann Prior  He is 20, born Pike Co., OH, res. Morgan
                           son of Aseraim & Mary Noel.   26 Mar 1856?
Noel, William H. & Mary Huston  29 Aug 1860
Noel, Zeblin M.V. & Elizabeth Newman  24 Apr 1856
Noell, Chesley & Amanda Pond  11 Aug 1853

27 Mar 1997      Lslycord@aol.com

Wayne Co, IA   Marriages 1851-1902

Wayne Co, IA  Marriages  July 15, 1880 - Oct.1, 1891
Marriage Register Book 1
pages        date
53  492      30 April 85   John C. NOEL 29  Sarah E. JAMES 19
55  526      29 October 85  Edward JAMISON 29  Clara A. NOEL 21

Wayne Co, IA  Marriages - Book 8
15 July 1898 - 10 July 1902

 No.                       2338                       1842
Marriage Date        8 Jan 1902               21 Dec 1898
Groom                  Bert NOEL                W.E. NOEL
Age                      21                            23
Bride                    Maud OTTOE            Edna PARKER
Age                      21                            18
Groom's Father     Albert R. NOEL          Wesley NOEL
Groom's Mother     Inez NEFF                 Martha WILLIAMS
Bride's Father        J.J. OTTOE                Harry PARKER
Bride's Mother       Elizabeth WARREN    Alice HARLOW

 John NOEL (1722-1765) GER>PA
27 Mar 1997      Lslycord@aol.com
More information rec'd from Susan Smith.

John NOEL b. 1722 in Palatine, Germany d. 1765/1766 in Paradise Twp, York Co., PA
Spouse:  Margaret His will was signed Johannes NOEL

1.  Andrew NOEL b. 1754 in Paradise Twp., York Co., PA, d. 1817.
     Spouse - Theresa, married before 1770
2.  John NOEL b. 1755 in Paradise Twp, York Co, PA
3.  Peter NOEL b. 1756 in Paradise Twp., York Co., PA  d. in 1838 in Scioto
Co, OH
     Spouse - Sophia GOOD, married in PA
4.  Jacob NOEL b. 1757 in Paradise Twp, York Co., PA
5.  Nicholas NOEL b. 1758 in Paradise Twp, York Co, PA, d. in 1804 in Scioto
Co, OH
     Spouse - Mary POLLOCK
6.  Casper NOEL b. 1760 in Paradise Twp, York Co, PA
7.  Philip NOEL b. 1 Dec 1764 in Paradise Twp, York Co, PA, d. 12 Apr 1849 in
     Twp, Scioto Co., OH, buried in NOEL Cemetery, Clay Twp, Scioto Co., OH
     Spouse - Susanna PUTNAM, married about 1785 in VA

 Joseph NOEL (1680-1753), GER>PA
27 Mar 1997    Lslycord@aol.com

Joseph NOEL b. 1680 in Palatine, Germany and died about 1753 in York, Co., PA.

(This family arrived at Philadelphia on 16 Sept. 1736 from Rotterdam, Holland on The Princess Augustus.  An Enos NOEL also on the ship---don't know who he is.)

1. Peter NOEL  b. 1720 in Palatine, Germany and died in Oct. 1771 in York, Co. PA.  Spouse - Margaret
2. John NOEL b. 1722 in Palatine, Germany and died about 1765 in York, Co., PA
Spouse - Margaret
3. Nicholas NOEL b. 1723 in Palatine, Germany
4. Philip NOEL b. 1724 in Palatine, Germany and died about 1785 in York, Co.,
5. Jacob NOEL b. ?? in Palatine, Germany and died in 1826
6. Andrew NOEL b. ?? in Palatine, Germany
7. Daniel NOEL b. ?? in Palatine, Germany
8. Joseph NOEL b. 25 Dec 1739 in Paradise Twp., York Co., PA

22 Mar 1997     Lslycord@aol.com

David Noel married Mary Jane Zornes 6 Apr 1848 in Scioto Co., Ohio. David was born abt 1824 in Sciotio Co. Mary Jane born abt 1828 in Ohio. 1850 census shows them with 4 month old son - initials L. P. Family moved to Iowa. David son of Nicholas Noel & Nancy Frizel married 21 Sep 1812 Scioto Co. Siblings(all born Scioto Co):Mathias b abt 1817 m Elizabeth Wright 18 Mar 1838; Andrew b 5 Feb 1820 m Sarah Crain 30 Dec 1845 d 21 Jul 1873; Sophia; Tabitha b 12 May 1826 m Lyman Perry 17 Dec 1846 d 12 Sep 1852 in Agency, Iowa; Eliza b abt 1829 m Morgan Worley 15 Mar 1849 living in Iowa
in 1884. Nicholas Noel b 1788 Hampshire Co, Va son of Nicholas Noel & Mary Pollack . Nicholas Sr b 1758 Pa d 1804 Scioto Co. Nicholas son of John Noel & Margaret. Other ch of John & Margaret: Andrew, John, Peter (my line), Jacob, Casper, Phillip. John Noel b 1722 son of Joseph Noel. Family orginated in Palatine, Germany. If you think this is right family & want to send me mailing address, I'll send copies of what I have.  bsmith@ island.com

15 Feb 1997    DirectorTH@aol.com

My GG-grandfather was Henry Clay NOEL (born 1838; date unknown; married 18 July 1863 to Sarah Ann McCLARY; died 1920, date unknown). He lived & was born in the Scioto County Ohio area. The big mystery is this: who were his

I have seen conflicting family records that say his father was either Peter Noel or Peter's  brother, Philip Noel (both sons of Philip Noel, born Paradise Twp. York Co PA; died 1841 Scioto Co Ohio);  and that his mother was Catherine HIBBS (absolutely no information on her, or her marriage to either Noel.)

HELP! Any help greatly appreciated - I'm also interested in Henry Clay Noel's birth & death infromation, if anyone out there has it, and anything at all on Catherine Hibbs.

 Willing to share any other Noel information that I have. This family had a bad habit of having a Peter & a Philip Noel in every branch of the family, & this is making it very difficult.

15 Feb 1997       Lslycord@aol.com
Below is a biography from the book "History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio"
published by Inter-State Publishing Co. in 1884, in Chicago.

Ezra H. NOEL was born in Scioto county, Ohio, in 1822, a son of Solomon and Mary (HUESTON) NOEL.  His father was a son of Philip and Susan (PUTNAM) NOEL, who came to Ohio from Virginia in 1794.  Of his ten children six are still
living--Ezra H., P.W., J.H., Telemadius P., Solomon D. and Isaac H., all but Ezra residents of Clay Township.  Joseph P., Eliza J., Jacob P. and Josephus S. are deceased.  Mr. Noel died in 1841, aged forty-seven years.  His wife died in 1858, aged fifty-eight years.  Our subject was reared on a farm, receiving a limited education, frequently having to walk two and three miles
to attend school.  He remained with his mother four years after his father's death, helping to clear off the indebtedness on the farm.  He was married in 1846 to Louisa, daughter of Uriah and Rachel (BEARD) BARBER.  Two children were born to them--Winfield Scott and Oscar A., the latter deceased.  Mrs. Noel died April 18, 1864.  In 1871 he married Lou HUTTON.  They have two children--Blanch and Edith.  Mr. and Mrs. NOEL are members of the Methodist church.  Politically he is a Republican.  He owns a farm of 328 acres, all well cultivated.

15 Feb 1997     Lslycord@aol.com

Below is a biography of Andrew NOEL from the book "History of Lower Scioto
Valley, Ohio" published by Inter-State Publishing Co. in 1884 in Chicago.

Andrew NOEL, deceased, was born in Scioto County, Ohio, in 1820, a son of Nicholas and Nancy NOEL, who emigrated from Pennsylvania to Ohio at an early date.  They had a family of six children-Mathias, Andrew, David, Sophia,
Tabitha and Eliza.  David and Eliza are now in Iowa where their father removed and died.  Andrew was married in 1845 to Sarah, daughter of Ora and Lydia CRANINE, and a native of this township, born in 1822.  They settled in Nile Township, but a year later removed to Washington Township.  In 1862 they went to Indiana, returning in 1873 and settling on the farm where Mrs. Noel now lives.  To them were born six children--Orson D. (deceased), Laura, Oliver H. (deceased), Florence W., Rhoda and Lydia.  Mr. Noel held the offices of Township Treasurer, Trustee and Clerk.  He died in 1873.

97-01-24      Lslycord

Below is the listing of the NOEL surname in the 1840 Census Index for the state of OHIO.  There are no variant spellings in this list, so only first names are indicated below.  The columns are: (1) name (2) county - first 4 letters of the county name (3) page number (4) township.

I am listing the complete county name at the bottom of the page.

Aaron - SCIO - 076 - Clay
Abrhama G. - SCIO - 102 - Union
Absalom - SCIO - 100 - Morgan
Albert - LICK - 341 - St. Alban
Andrew - SCIO - 102 - Union
Andrew - PREB - 225 - Palmyra
Anna - SCIO - 096 - Clay
Daniel - SCIO - 076 - Clay
David - SCIO - 076 - Clay
Eliphey - SCIO - 076 - Clay
George - TUSC - 298 - New Phil
Henry A. - COLU - 219 - Elkrun
Jacob - SCIO - 097 - Portsmou
Jacob - TRUM - 235 - Berlin
James - SCIO - 102 - Union
John - LOGA - 070 - Rush Cre
John - JACK - 056 - Lick
John - JEFF - 144 - Warren
John - SENE - 132 - Adams
John P. - STAR - 105 - New Berl
Joseph - SCIO - 104 - Union
Lucretia - SCIO - 076 - Clay
Mary - SCIO - 076 - Clay
Mary - TUSC - 365 - Sugar Cr
Mary Ann - SCIO - 076 - Clay
Mathias - SCIO - 085 - Nile
Michael - CRAW - 052 - Tymochte
Nicholas - SCIO - 085 - Nile
Nicholas - TUSC - 365 - Sugar Cr
Peter - SCIO - 076 - Clay
Peter SCIO - 102 - Union
Philip - SCIO - 104 -Union
Philip - SCIO - 076 - Clay
Phillip - JACK - 058 - Jackson
Sarah - STAR - 155 - Lawrence
Solomon - SCIO - 075 - Clay

SCIO - Scioto
LICK - Licking
PREB - Preble
TUSC - Tuscarowas
COLU - Columbiana
TRUM - Trumbull
LOGA - Logan
JACK - Jackson
JEFF - Jefferson
SENE - Seneca
STAR - Stark
CRAW - Crawford

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Below is a listing of the NOEL (or variant spelling NOELL) surname found in the 1860 Census Index for Iowa.  The columns are (1) name (2) county (3) page number and (4) township.  Unfortunately, I didn't find my family members there...but thought that someone else might.  Good luck!  (P.S--if I don't list the surname it is the spelling NOEL)

Alvin - Madison - 666 - Madson
Bartholomew - Davis - 790 - Union
Charles - Madison - 666 - Madson
Cole - Dallas - 651 - Adel
Elisabeth - Wapello - 888 - Pleasant
Emily - Davis - 791 - Union
Frances - Washington - 268 - Washington
Frank - Dubuque - 789 - Mosalem
George W. - Dallas - 593 - Union
Hezekiah - Marion - 582 - Summit
James - Mahaska - 59 - Richland
James P. - Madison - 820 - Winterset
John - Dubuque - 482 - Dubuque
John - Scott - 463 - Davenport
John - Dubuque - 781 - Mosalem
John - Scott - 30 - Winfield
John F. - Dubuque - 665 - Dubuque
Joseph - Dubuque - 566 - Dubuque
Joseph - Buchanan - 533 - Liberty
Margaret - Scott - 463 - Davenport
Martha - Clinton - 356 - Lyons
Mary - Mahaska - 61 - Richland
Nicholas - Dubuque - 482 - Dubuque
Peter Y. - Davis - 749 - Salt Creek
Samuel - Mahaska - 191 - Cedar

Variant Spelling -

NOELL, John F. - Louisa - 997 - Grand View

1880 Census Record - David NOEL
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State:  Iowa
County:  Wayne
City:  Town of Seymour
Enumerated:  July 7, 1880

Head of Family:  David NOEL
Color:  White
Sex:  Male
Age:  56
Birthplace:  Ohio
Birthplace of Father:  Pennsylvania
Birthplace of Mother:  Ohio

Name:  Mary J. NOEL
Color:  White
Sex:  Female
Age:  52
Relationship:  Wife
Occupation:  Keeping House
Birthplace:  Ohio
Father's Birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace:  Ohio

Name:  Sarah Alice
Color:  White
Sex:  Female
Age:  14
Relationship:  Daughter
Occupation:  Keeping House
Birthplace:  Iowa
Birthplace of Father:  Ohio
Birthplace of Mother:  Ohio

NOEL, Thomas and Ida - Tombstone
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The following is a tombstone inscription in Trenton, Missouri.

1891 - 1970

O. Thomas NOEL
1893 - 1972

NOEL, Albert Clinton - 1920 Soundex
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 08:59:42 -0500 (EST)

Below is the Soundex record for the 1920 Census.

State:  Iowa
County:  Wayne
City:  Seymour
Street:  N. 2nd St.
House Number:  123

Head of Family:  Albert Clinton NOEL
Color:  White
Age:  32
Birthplace:  Kansas

Name:  Florence NOEL
Relationship:  Wife
Age:  33
Birthplace:  Missouri

Name:  Reva Elaine NOEL
Relationship:  Daughter
Age:  1 year 3 months
Birthplace:  Iowa

1880 Census - William NOEL
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Below is a record of the 1880 Census for William W. NOEL.

State:  Iowa
County: Wayne
Township: Walnut
City: Seymour
Enumerated: July 7, 1880

William W. NOEL - white - male - age 29 - head of family - married - laborer
- place of birth - Ohio; place of birth of father - Ohio; place of birth of
mother - Ohio

Martha A. NOEL - white - female - age 26 - wife - married - keeping house -
place of birth - Iowa; place of birth of father - Kentucky; place of birth of
mother - Kentucky

William E. NOEL - white - male - age 4 - son - single - at home - place of
birth - Iowa; place of birth of father - Ohio; place of birth of mother -

John C. NOEL - white - male - age 23 - brother - single - laborer - place of
birth - Iowa; place of birth of father - Ohio; place of birth of mother - Ohio

NOEL, William E. - 1920 Census
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Below is the Soundex record of the 1920 Census.

State:  Iowa
County:  Wayne
City:  Seymour
Street: N. 6th
House Number: 329

Head of Family:  William E. NOEL
Color:  White
Age:  43
Birthplace:  Iowa

Name:  Edna NOEL
Relationship:  Wife
Age:  39
Birthplace:  Iowa

Name:  Burdette NOEL
Relationship:  Son
Age:  18
Birthplace:  Iowa

 15 Feb 1997    Lslycord@aol.com

Following is an obituary of Ralph Raymond NOEL, Sr.

Ralph R. NOEL, 79, of 2201 18th St., East Moline, died Sunday at Roosevelt Square, Silvis.

Services will be 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Schroder Mortuary, Silvis, with the Rev. Francis J. Ryan, of St. Anne's Catholic Church, East Moline, officiating.  Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery, East Moline.

Visitation is 2 to 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Mr. NOEL was born in Seymour, Iowa, married Clara MARTENS in November 1942 in Unionville, Mo. He was employed as a switchman for the Rock Island Lines, Silvis Shops for 42 years, retiring in 1965.
He was a member of the East End Club. Survivors include his widow; a daughter, Mrs. Johnnie LATHRUM, St. Charles,
Iowa; a son, Ralph, Norwalk, Iowa; five grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

27 Feb 1999        "Earl A. Noel" <eanoel@erols.com>

I am a direct descendant of Joseph Noel, who came to Philadelphia via the Princess Augusta in 1736. The line is Joseph, Johannes, Peter, Jacob, Alpheous, Austin, Earl Alpheous, Sr. & Me, Earl A. Jr.

My family's oral history claims connection to the Wright Brothers but in all my searching I couldn't find a link,  just as my trying to find evidence of my Noels in the Revolution. I couldn't place them in my family.  In the Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications, there are 2; Thomas Noel, VA S31278, and Taylor Noel, VA S1240. Any familiar ?

Here is What I have, although there is no mention of their regiments: Some time ago, In the DAR Patriot Index, I found these NOELs:
Elisha, Sgt. NY, b.7-17-1736, d.before 1790,  m.Elizabeth Granger
Jacob, Ens. PA, b. c1742, d.1784, m. Anna Catherine Reis
Jacob, Pvt, PA, b.8-13-1765, d.3-6-1835, m.Susanna Schull
John Y., Ens. VA, b.------, d.5-18-1782, m. Sally Estes
Richard, Lt., VA, b.1759/1760, d.1-16-1800, m.Mary Crutchfield
Septimus, PS MD, b. c1735, d.5-10-1794, m.Ruth------.
Theodorick Chp, VA, b. c1753, d.1812, m. -----Sulivan
William, 2nd Lt, NC, b. c1750, d 1820, m. Sarah Simmons

Canada Noel's  25 Mar 1999   Dave Stephens     stephens@netaccess.on.ca

James Noel about 1818 born in England married Mary Ann unknown. (Married in
Canada or on route or immediately prior to leaving UK)
7 children
1. Robert about 1839
2. Sarah Anne about 1843
3. Henry 1846
4. John R 1846
        married Julia Marie Purdy no children
        married Caroline Neff 2 children (female)
        married Elsie Freeman, 2 children Edwin Noel and Mary Noel
5. Stephen James Noel Jul 3 1849 married Caroline Amanda Laur
6. George W 1855
7. Suzanne 1857 married James Kilmer

27 Jun 1999      Betty Matteson Rhodes  Betmatrho@aol.com

I am looking for the family line of the following Noel:
Thomas Noel born 1775 in PA - wife Mary born 1766.  They may be the parents of Thomas Noel born 1815 in PA married to Sally, with children: George, William, James, Mary Jane, Samuel, John.  Thomas Sr & Mary Noel may also be the parents of my 2nd great grandmother, Susan Noel born 1820 married William Reynolds. All of the above Noels lived in Cherry Tree twp, Venango County, PA in 1850. Any help on this line would be appreciated.

13 Jun 1998        wwhiting@glinx.com (William E.Whiting)

I am researching Pierre Joseph Noel,born abt.1793 Paris France.He was a French prisoner  held in Halifax  during the Napoleonic war.Following his release,he lived in various places in Nova Scotia,before settling in Cocagne, New Brunswick.He married Mary Hayes,probably in Tracadie,Nova Scotia.Have the names of their children,Mary,s parents names,and Mary's death date.

Pierre,s 2nd wife was Susan Bellinger.I have more information on this family.I do not have any information on where Pierre was born,other then Paris France,or who his parents were.

31 Jul 1999
There are hundreds of "Noels" here. Visit the following link, choose GRENADA, and then search for NOELs.

6 Nov 1998 Mary Henry <rmhenry@westol.com>
I am searching for information on the Henry Family of Westmoreland County. PA.  John Henry was b. March 7,1777 and d. March 15, 1855.  He married Mary Magdelina Noel.  John S. Henry was b. in 1816 and d. in 1893.  He married Eliza Noel.  John M. Henry was b. April 11,1862 and died March 11,1946.  He married Amelia Thaner. Thanks for any help you
can give me.

13 Jul 1999    "L. DeBarea" <fjldeb@sktc.net>

Peter Noel was born about 1860 in or near Stigler, Oklahoma and was married to Lorinda (last name unknown).

Peter Noel was full blood Choctaw.  His wife Lorinda was 1/2 Choctaw and 1/2 Chickasaw.  It is said that Peter was
an elected Chief of the Choctaws.  (Have not proven this yet.)

Peter and Lorinda had 4 children that we know of:    Robert Noel born 1880, Edmund Noel born August 26, 1889,
Ben Noel and Mary Brown. (Don't know if Brown is a married name or she had a different father or if it means
something else entirely.)

I have a letter regarding the enrollment number given to the Noel's for the Dawes Commission Roll.   It says that
Edmund's parents were deceased before he was put on the roll at 14 years of age - Robert was 23.   Edmund's roll
number is 14122 and Robert's is 14121.  I was told that if a person had mixed blood (Choctaw and Chickasaw) that
the individual had to pick one tribe or the other to enroll as and it was decided the children of Peter and Lorinda
would enroll as Choctaw.

On the Choctaw by Blood Census Card - #5579 - Edmund and Robert are listed as being 1/4 Choctaw.  This is an
error.  Edmund and Robert should have been listed as full blood Choctaw.  Ben Noel is on Census Card #5437.
Mary Brown is on Census Card #7463.  Both Ben and Mary are listed as being full blood Choctaws.

Edmund Noel married Victoria Mathews.  Their children were:
Mary F. Noel, Joann Noel, Wanema Noel, Wayne Noel, Lawrence Noel, and Leo Noel.  (No birthdates for these

Mary F. Noel married Dallas S. Horn.  Their children were:  Vicki Horn, Monty Horn, Lawrence Horn, Gerald
Horn, Brady Horn and Edward Horn.  (I have birthdates for these people but can't give them out without
permission from each individual.  Hope you understand.)

5 Nov 1998 VFW2615@aol.com
SW Louisiana Records:
Therese Noel married George Fall as recorded at Opelousas Court House marriage record #58, and at St Charles Boromeo Catholic Church in Grand Coteau, LA as recorded in GC Church Records Vol 1, page 142. They had two children : William Fall born 14 Jan 1844 as recorded in GC Church Records Vol 1, page 217 and Marie Louise Fall born 21 Jun 1847 as recorded in GC Church Records Vol 1, page 265.

Malisa    MBuch10124@aol.com
Vincent Curt Noel
DOB: July 15, 1951;
DOD: April 7, 1981
Place of birth: Illinois
father: Percy Noel, born Louisiana
mother: Mary Burgo, b. Illinois
place of death:  LA County
informant: Ernest J. Noel, brother

August 06, 1999   Leila Rispens-Noel    <  leila@rispens.tweakdsl.nl >
MAXIMINO JAEN NOEL who was raised in Carcar, Cebu Philippines, and born on May 29, 1879. His parents had 11 children. Their eldest son, VICENTE EMILIANO JAEN NOEL, born on January 5, 1873. All were born and raised in Carcar, Cebu.

We are now looking for more information about Maximino Noel's parents. His father I was told was of Spanish origin and most
likely a Spanish friar. I would appreciate it very much if anybody can tell me anything about the Noel's of Spanish origin.

Greg Noel <g-noel1@uiuc.edu>
 Apparently my family was from Belgium (Leige?), and migrated to Missouri in the mid 1800's and spoke French at home.  Marshall Noel, my grandfather may be buried in Keiser, AR.  The last living MO link passed away in Moberly, MO about four years ago.

16 Aug 1999    "Bill Noel" <  noel1@direcway.com  >
 You mention a Michael Noel, do you know if he was a brother of Marcellus E. Noel or possibly a father.  Marcellus E. Noel had a son with the same name and four daughters, which we believe were Stacey, Emma and Lillian.  4th unknown.
Michael & or Marcellus were at one time living in Logonsport Indiana and/or Cincinnati Ohio

16 Aug 1999  "Sue Lewman" <lewman@redshift.com>
I'm looking for Thomas Noel,  born 1828-1857, In Noel, McDonald Co., Missouri and died January 30, 1880 in Shawneetown, Gallatin Co., Illinois.  Married Tabitha Satterly in Shawneetown, Illinois. Children:
Estella (Stella) Noel born January 30, 1878 in Shawneetown, Illinois. March 2, 1930 in Poplar Bluff, Wayne Co., Missouri, Married James Hower.
Lura "Maw" Bell Noel born January 11, 1879 in Shawneetown, Illinois, Died January 12, 1968 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri.

 Below         - Kreitzer - Critzer - Crytzer - Kratzer - Creysher
I took your Kreitzer/Critzer from the Maryland data.  We might be seeking the same family!!  Three different spellings are coming down to meKreisher/Creysher/Keyser. There were a Simon and Peter Kreisher in Rev. War  payroll records.  When two distant relatives joined the S.A.R., the SAR  deemed Simon Peter to be the same man.  My records come down that Simon Peter Kreisher had a farm three miles away from Peter Brown, in Adams County, on the state line, in PA .   Peter's
son, John Brown, b. July 26, 1782, m. Simon Peter's daughter, Susanna/Susan Kreisher, b. Jan. 15, 1790.   This area may have bounded back and forth between  MD and PA.  The  Mason/Dixon Line settled it.  I was told to look in Annapolis for records of the farms as they weren't in Harrisburg.  Simon Peter came to America from Germany, with his parents  ca. 1765.  Simon Peter m. Susanna/ Susan Keim/Kime, a cousin of Brig. Gen. Keim. There was a Sebastian Kreisher, of Berks Co., father of Simon and Peter Kreisher. DAR  records Simon b. May 1743, d. May 4, 1806, m. Susan Keim. Their children might have been: Kreisher surname Susan b. Jan. 5, 1790  m. John Brown;  Kate (Catharine) m. Jacob Brown; Mary  m.
Stough/Strode/Strock; Jacob; Daniel; John, who died at age 10 or 12. If  any of this sounds right to you, I'd like to go further into this line.

 Karen Krugman    karen@miprofgenie.com

 Although my Kreitzer lines comes from PA I can't be of any help to you. I don't have alot on the PA families. Most of my info is on the lineage of the KREITZER family in Ohio.

  Sheila       AlohaRoJa@aol.com

Thank you for writing to me regarding the Kreitzers.  I am just beginning myself, and have minimal information.  I tried to obtain information from Virginia, however they told me that I had the wrong county.  I am trying to follow up on that at this time.  As far as Maria from PA, I haven't any information about her.  As I said, I am just beginning so my information is limited.  My grandmothers' name was Naomi Kreitzer, and her father was Charles Kreitzer, both from New Castle, Ohio.

Alana  Bauman         <sbauman@netnitco.net>
I'm afraid that I cannot help you with your Kreitzer line.  I did not find anything in my files about her, nor does it seem to be my line.

 Stan Ingram         <n3wna@tbscc.com>
 This is all I found good luck on your search.

1#..Maria Magdalena Kreitzer
Born..29 Mar 1780
Bapt..15 May 1780
Father..Johannes Kreitzer
Location..Berks Co Pa. Vol-4
2#..Andreas Kreitzer
Born..7 Jun 1779
Bapt..27 Jun 1779
Father..Peter Kreitzer
Mother..Elizabeth ..??
Sponsors...Andreas Kreitzer & Anna Maria
Location...Berks Co Pa..Vol 4
1#..Anna Maria Meyer
Born..12 Mar 1784
Bapt..24 May 1784
Father..Michael Meyer
Location..Berks Co Pa  Vol-4

Church Records: Selected Areas of PA, 1600s-1800s
Andreas of Peter Kreitzer and Elisabeth, b. June 7, 1779; bapt. June
27, 1779.  Sponsors: Andreas Kreitzer and Anna Maria.
Berks Co Pa vol-4

Church Records: Selected Areas of PA, 1600s-1800s
Christina Barbara of Michael Kreitzer and Susanna Maria Lutzin, b.
April 14, 1781; bapt. April 29, 1781.  Sponsors: Henrich Au and Christina Barbara.

Anne Hawn Smith              <HawnSmith@aol.com>
I don't know anything about my Kreitzer ancestor other than that she was named Harriet Kreitzer and lived in PA.  I wish I knew more.  I'll keep your name and share information if I get any.

 Ed Critzer,  Richmond, Va.      ELCritzer@aol.com
 I read your page about "Johann Kreitzer/Critzer who arrived before 1760"  I have been researching his descendents for over twenty years now and have a fairly complete record.  (He had 9 children including a son George that I am descended from).  I have never been able to connect him to parents in Pa., even though I have the same records as you, that he married Susannah in Berks, not Bucks, County.  Do you have any more info on him?  I would greatly appreciate anything you have, and if you would like more info on the Critzers, I would be glad to exchange.

Sue Hall          <jhall@blissnet.com>
Your page is most interesting.  My ancestor Henry Weidman landed in Phila 1737, and  helped to build roads around Easton.  He was granted land around 1750 in Upper Mt Bethel Twsp., Northampton Co, Pa.

In the DAR book, Adam Emerick (Emery) b 11/11/1728, d aft 1/27/1813 m Catherine Kreitzer.  My great uncle once wrote Henry Weidman m Anna Maria Kreitzer.  I'm not sure if this is the correct surname of Anna Maria.  I'm trying to see if Catherine had any sisters.  Anna Maria did name a daughter Catherine.

Christopher D. Anthony          <cda@nb.net>
I am also interested in this information on this family.  There is a possiblity that that could be linked to me.  I have Crytzer's from that area.  The names are spelt so many ways, who knows.  I have seen my ancestors with spelling similar to this..

 My starting line is with David Crytzer, born in 1800.  He married Nancy Stitt and they progressed to Kittanning, after living in several places along the way.  I am more interested in his parentage.  It sounds like the Crytzer husband could be a brother maybe.  By chance is there a Joel Crytzer.  He suddenly appears out of no where and he is not linked with any Crytzer's in our area.  He is buried in Propect Cemetery in Natrona Heights.  He lived in many places, for children are buried in several
different cemeteries...

 Sue Hall            <jhall@blissnet.com>
 My Kreitzer from E. Pa - Northampton Co, borders Delaware R.  Only ancestor I'm sure about landed in Phila 1737 - a Henry Weidman, b 1720. A son married a Labar, daughter of first settlers (1700) in area.  They landed in Phila and were French Huguenots.  I thought French Huguenots were Protestants who were kicked out of France, went to England, weren't
accepted by Anglicans, so they came to US.  Help me with my history!  At least I've learned they didn't migrate from Quebec.

In my husband's family research, he's from Mi Protestant, me, NJ Catholic, we live in Wyo.  My dad's generation only one to convert; others before him Methodists and Lutherans. Husbands Family:  "The Catholic Church in Detroit", 1850, Rev. George
Par Germantown, Pa founded 1683, by Pastorius  and thousands of German immigrants came to Pa.  From 1710-1727 Germans passed through Pa on way to back country.  Majority belonged to various Protestant denominations and in 1760 only 900 Catholics in Pa.

In 1747, Michael Yax, a Catholic, born in Germany, left Pa for Louisiana.  With his wife and child he was on the Ohio R and captured near Portsmouth, Ohio by Ottawa Indians from Detroit.  de Longuell paid a ransom, and Michael Yak was supported by the people of Ft Pontchartrain for three years.  In 1751 Quebec wanted to colonize Detroit and Michael was granted a farm on the Detroit R.  His wife Catherine Herbiness had been brought up as a Lutheran.  Some years after her arrival she became the first convert to Catholicism in Michigan by Father Bocquet at St. Anne of Detroit Erie, 4/29/1754.

The writer of Jim's family research does mention that de Longuell was a commander only in 1743, so Michael's family probably captured that year.  He also states that many experts say it was impossible to enter the Ohio Valley before 1760 so Michael was probably captured in Eastern Pa and transported to the Shawnee village at the mouth of the Scotia R. Also the oldest child of Michael and Catherine b 2/1747 at Ft Pontchartrain.

Karen Ansley Krugman     <krugman1@wwnet.com>
I have quite a few Kreitzers in my data base.  All of them trace back to a Peter Kreitzer who came here in the early 1700's, spending quite a bit of time in Pennsylvania and then some of his children migrating into Ohio. I have a Maria Kreitzer, she was born 23 SEP 1801.  Don't know for a fact that she is yours, although she was born in Pennyslvania and is about the right age for childbearing in 1830's.  She is the daughter of Andreas "Andrew" Kreitzer and his wife, Catherina.   Sorry I don't know much more about her than what I have here.  I have a few Henry's in my data base but none that went by "Heinrich".   If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me!

Linda L Mott           <bikelady@juno.com>
I wish I had some information on Maria Kreitzer for you....don't think I do, but here's what I have. Barbara Kreitzer was born May 5, 1839 in Germany (?).  She died April 28, 1914 in Kenyon, Minnesota.  She married Ernest (changed to Charles)
Gatzke September 8, 1960. Barbara came to the US in 1849.....since that would have made her only 10 years old, I would assume she came with other members of her family. Family notes said that she had two brothers and two sisters.  One brother
was the father of Henry Kreitzer. Other notes say Barbara spent from 1849 to 1855 in New York.  She moved to Wisconsin in 1855 and lived there until 1859.  She moved to Faribault, Minnesota in 1860. She is buried on Old Kenyon Cemetary, Kenyon, Minnesota.  Her family supposedly had a winery in Germany.

Sue Hall          <jhall@blissnet.com>
 Think many Kreitzer's you sent to me are Amish/Mennonites.  Yesterday went to local Mormon church and scanned their Kreitzer file.  One was about Westmoreland but I didn't copy it as a man would not let me use the computer myself,  I only could point and he'd download, a real pain.

What I did find in their index of books and microfilm was the Kreitzer name.  A family, John Peter Stahl m Catherine Kreitzer (1793-1869) about 1812.  She was born in Northampton Co and is a cousin of my Catherine Kratzer (later spelling) m to Henry Weidman, both from Northampton. Catherine Kratzer b 1781 to Anthony Kreitzer (Kratzer) and Elizabeth Rinker.  Trying to find this Catherine's siblings.

About John Peter Stahl and Catherine Kreitzer - had 12 children and lived in Northampton Co, Centre Co, and Indiana Co. PA.  In 1866 moved to Avilla, IN where oldest son lived and died 1869 1868.  You're Kreitzer may be a cousin, etc of this Catherine or my ancestor.  Many children of Henry and Catherine have Kratzer's as baptismal sponsors.  Do you want them?  Like John Peter and Catherine they could have moved to counties west of Northampton.

Anne Hawn Smith        HawnSmith@aol.com
I have Maria Kreitzer b.23 Sept 1801, sister of John.  She was the daughter of Andrew Kreitzer who was the brother of Harriet Kreitzer.  However, this information is possibly not correct.  Harriet was born about 1808 and was one of the younger children in the family so Andrew had to have been much older for this to work out, or possibly some of the dates are not
correct.  This is based on old family information which has been amazingly correct for the most part, however there have been errors in the dates.  I do not have places of birth, but the family during this period was mainly from PA.  I also have a few more names in Harriet's family.  Does anyone have any more information?

Linda L Mott                  <bikelady@juno.com>
I wish there was a connection with my lone Barbara Kreitzer. Barbara was born in Germany in 1839.  She came to the US in 1849, one would assume in the company of other members of her family.  If your Kreitzers were born in Pennsylvania around 1800, they could be her parents' relatives.  I will keep my eye open for your Kreitzers in my research.

Karen Ansley Krugman       <krugman1@wwnet.com>
I too am a Kreitzer descendant.  I have photographed many of the Kreitzer headstones - especially those who migrated into the Montgomery County Ohio area.  My grandmother was a Kreitzer.    I would like to see the descendancy of those who are receiving this "list" of sorts. Also, I found Peter Kreitzer listed as a Rev. War soldier, does anyone have any proof of this?  I had no luck finding a pension record on him.    My descendancy is thru:  Peter > Thomas > George > Andrew > George > Pauline >  ME!

This is part of a letter sent June 2, 1974 from Morris E. Swartz, Jr. who is deceased now; a distant cousin.
"Now as to Peter Creysher or Kreisher.  He came from Germany with his parents in 1765 and they settled in Berks County near Reading.  The C and K are pronounced almost alike and in those days all written records were in longhand and subject to phonetic spelling.   For instance, Peter's wife, Susannah Kime or Keim is spelled Kime on the gravestone of Peter, but the
family's right name was Keim.  Peter Creysher entered the Revolutionary service on Mar. 22, 1776 under Capt. Henry Christ, Jr. (thare are many in this area today who spell the name Crist and only a few Christ) in Col. Samuel Miles' regiment (page 238 Continental Army Record)  This Continental Army Record is an official publication and is in the State Library at the Capitol in Harrisburg). The Berks County, PA, Historical Sociely in Reading has a book of Berks County residents who signed the loyalty oath at the outbreak of the war - those  loyal to the colonies.  On page 35 is the name Cimon Kreisher (notice
Cimon instead of Simon) and Peter Kreisher on page 39 (K not C). Peter Creysher's gravestone reads as follows:  "In memory of  "Peter Creysher was born 1754 & departed this life May 4, 1806 aged 52 years & was married to Susanna Kime & kept house 27 years & was the parents of"    the remainder of the stone is buried in cement.  Here's the gravestone story.    The old
Silver Run churwas used jointly by the Lutherans and Reformed congregations - one holding services on one Sunday, the other on the following Sunday.  They had a common cemetery. Then came trouble and a split with the one group moving further north a couple of hundred yards to build a new church and a new more modern cemetery.    The old  church group had some financial troubles and to help solve them, they rented the cemetery out to a farmer to use as a field.  The farmer tore up all but two tomb stones, those two being encased in the trunks of two pine trees.  The removed stones were stacked neatly against the stone wall fence around the cemetery.  The cemetery then was farmed.    Finally some irate relative of a person interred there brought suit and as a result of a court order, the church had to forbid further farming use of the cemetery.  No one
knew where any grave was so rows of cement were laid, like in the unknown soldiers' graves at Gettysbury, and the various tombstones were placed upright in the cement, back to back, with the inscriptions on the outside.  Hence, the names of Peter's children are on that part of the stone buried in cement.  I never found Susanna's stone there but I assume she went to live with a son or daughter after becoming a widow.  I am no cartographer but here is a rough layout of the cemetery at Silver Run, Maryland".

[I don't know how to type what he has drawn].  "On the east side of the cemetery is Route 140, running from Littlestown in the north to Baltimore in the south.  I have put a veteran's flag at Peter's stone but it is always removed for grass cutting and not replaced.   I did take take a picture of  Peter's gravestone which I have on a slide.  If you ever visit the cemetery, you have to go down one row and back on the other side and then the next until you find it.  I have forgotten whether the plan of the cemetery I made is accurate or if his stone is in the second or third row from the fence.  I am sorry but it is many years since I was there" Connie

Records of Mt Bethel Union Church, Northhampton Co., Pa.:
Maria Kratzer, born Sept. 17, 1813, dau. of Frederick and Susanna Kratzer confirmed Oct. 31, 1813

To All, I have a 50 page manuscript entitled "THE KRATZER (KREITZER) FAMILY" by Frank L. Crone, dated January 29, 1935, from which the above info comes.  It is a short history, but also contains many church records of births, deaths, marriages, land records, etc. from the period roughly 1737 to 1830, in the Southeastern Pa. area.  I would be willing to photocopy this for anyone interested and mail it to you for $15.00.  It is all on typewritten pages and very legible.  Send your check made out to Ed Critzer to 119 N. Shields Ave., Richmond, Va. 23220 and allow me about two weeks to get it to
you, as I am still full-time employed and don't own a Xerox machine.

 Christopher D. Anthony         <cda@nb.net>
I am just writing again, to see if you think that our names are linked somewhere.  I have recently found several Critzer's with several spelling of the name in Unity and Loyalhanna Twp in the 1850 census.  One was George Critzer, who was born
in New York and was 65 yeard old.  There are many others younger than he, but there is also a John in 1820 and 1830 in Armstmrong County who would be about the same age.

The one lady wrote me and said there were only one in Westmoreland County in 1810, being that George.

Then I have had several other people send to me tonight, one was a James Creutzer with property in book 2 page 147
He is found as a joiner of property.  I did not know how close to the courhouse you were, and thought is you were, sometime you could  check this out and let me know for both of us.  There is a J. Kreitzer in Unity Twp near a P. Noel in the 1867 Atlas of Westmoreland County.

John W. Shrum             <jshrum@home.com>
P. Noel had two properties four miles apart listed in the 1867 Atlas of Westmoreland Co. located as follows:

1) Unity Twp. along 9-mile Run, 2.5 mi. northwest of the Unity/Cook Twp. Line.
2) Cook Twp. on same road as #1 above, 1.5 mi. southeast of Unity/Cook Twp Line.

J. Kreitzer had a property in Unity Twp located 1.1 mi. southwest of P. Noel or 1.2 mi. ESE of Lycippus (PO).

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