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16 Jul 1997 1    tom taylor <totaylor@seidata.com>
Seeking information on DANIEL NOEL, whose daughter MARGARET married JOHN VAWTER early 1700s in Virginia

19 Jul 1997      sandy <sctnoel@USIT.NET>
 I am searching the Noel line also.  Your site has been the best source but I am not sure there is a link.  I am married to Robert Stuart Noel II.  His father is Robert Stuart Noel, and his father was Thurman F. Noel.  He was married to Beulah Teaford Noel.  They had Frank, Ernest, Anna, (I forgot her name!), Robert, and two or three other children (still born or died shortly after birth according to Beulah (Grandma). Apparently Thurman came to Eagle Rock, Virginia (early 1900's?) to work
(in the mines? and then a paper mill ? in Covington, Virginia).

28 Jul 1997    biwer@aero.net (Biwer, Marty)
Trying to find someone with information regarding the Alfred Noel family from Ottawa.(Clarence Creek).  He had 12
children.  Four sons, Alfred, Jr., Telesphore, F. Joseph and my Grandfather, Benjamin Noel who came to Upper Michigan around 1906.  Alfred Noel died around 1949 in Canada.  He also had eight daughters. We are of the French descend and Roman Catholic.      I'm just beginning with my family tree and have very little to go on as all of my father's family is deceased.

5 Aug 1997     "Michael J. Godshalk" <godshalk@suntan.eng.usf.edu>
Descendants of Henry NOEL

1       Henry NOEL      b: 1812 in Virginia     d: 1878 in Leesburg, Indiana (age 66)
..              +Lydia FARMER   b: 20 December 1806 in Virginia d: 1 December 1890 in Leesburg, Indiana (age 84)      m: in Frederick County, Virginia
........        2       John NOEL
........        2       Lewis A. NOEL   b: 29 July 1838 in Ohio d: 16 January 1887 in Leesburg, Indiana
............            +Elsie GUY      b: 1 February 1845 in Virginia  d: 2 March 1894 in Leesburg, Indiana    m: 1 October 1868
..................      3       Louretta NOEL   b: 24 September 1870 in near
Syracuse, Indiana (Dewart Lake) d: 19 June 1958 in Waterford, Indiana (age 87)
......................          +Joseph "Joe" Harvey GODSHALK   b: 2 July 1869 in
Ohio    d: 16 October 1953 in Milford, Indiana (age 84) m: 3 May 1893 in Warsaw, Indiana
............................    4       Pearl Maude GODSHALK    b: 8 January 1894 in Syracuse, Indiana    d: 26 April 1972 in Warsaw, Indiana (age 78)
................................                +Arthur "Artie" William HUMMEL  b: 25
October 1892 in Milford, Indiana        d: 7 May 1957 in Oswego, Indiana (age 64)     m: 29 January 1914 in Warsaw, Indiana
............................    4       Ruby Belle GODSHALK     b: 26 March 1897 in Syracuse, Indiana       d: 19 November 1979 in Syracuse, Indiana (age 82)
................................                +Doris HUMMEL   b: 18 September 1894 in Goshen, Indiana d: 14 June 1958 in Syracuse, Indiana (age 63)   m: 31 May
1916 in Warsaw, Indiana
............................    4       Fred Isaac GODSHALK     b: 4 July 1899 in Syracuse, Indiana       d: 4 April 1983 in Columbia City, Indiana (age 83
................................                +Arrvilla Irene BEATTY  b: 11 August 1899 in near Van Wert Co, Ohio  d: 26 March 1975 in Columbia City,
Indiana (age 75)        m: 2 July 1929 in Kosc Co, Warsaw, Indiana
............................    4       Charles "Charlie" Allan GODSHALK        b: 1
May 1901 in Syracuse, Indiana   d: 10 June 1986 in Warsaw, Indiana (age
................................                +Eva L. YODER   b: 16 April 1908 in near
North Webster, Indiana  d: 1 September 1993 in Milford, Indiana (age 85)
m: 8 May 1928 in Syracuse, Indiana
............................    4       Ted Everett GODSHALK    b: 14 March 1903
in Kosciusko County. Syracuse, Indiana  d: 1 January 1991 in Granger,
Indiana (age 87)
................................                +Eda Mary HARTLEB       b: 9 February 1907
in Shelbyville County, Ridgeville Township, Illinois    d: 28 March 1988 in
Granger, Indiana (age 81)       m: 18 June 1927 in Syracuse, Indiana
............................    4       Ralph Simon GODSHALK    b: 29 July 1905 in
Turkey Creek Township, Kosc Co, Indiana d: 15 November 1977 in Syracuse,
Indiana (age 72)
................................                +Elizabeth Louise HUFFER        b: 9 August
1911 in Kosc Co, Indiana                m: 18 January 1935 in Warsaw, Indiana
............................    4       Henry John GODSHALK     b: 25 April 1908 in
Syracuse, Indiana
................................                +Marjorie Helen NEELY   b: 2 January
1914 in Leesburg, Indiana               m: 7 February 1933 in Jefferson, Ohio
............................    4       Joseph "Ray" Ray GODSHALK       b: 24 August
1910 in Kosc Co, Indiana        d: 9 December 1983 in Goshen, Indiana (age 73)
................................                +Edith Allegra DEWART   b: 27 February
1915 in Milford, Indiana        d: 24 September 1995 in Kosc Co, Indiana (age
80)     m: 9 December 1933
..................      3       Viola NOEL
......................          +Christian "Frank" Frank STARNER        b: 25 July 1876
in Kosc County, Indiana d: 2 December 1932      m: 26 October 1898
............................    4       Lucy May STARNER        b: 29 December 1899 in
Leesburg, Indiana       d: 3 June 1991 in Leesburg, Indiana
................................                +George Dewey HUMMEL    b: 17 May 1899  d:
19 January 1946 in Indianapolis, Indiana        m: 24 September 1919
............................    4       Cecil STARNER           d: Bef. 1979
............................    4       Roberta "Rilla" STARNER b: in Lives in
Goshen, Indiana d: Aft. 1979
................................                +Everett MATTHEWS
............................    4       Hazel STARNER   b: 16 January 1906 in
Leesburg, Indiana       d: 14 May 1979 in Leesburg, Indiana
................................                +Max MILLER             d: Aft. 1979    m: 8
............................    4       Pauline STARNER b: in Lives in
Melbourne, Florida      d: Aft. 1979
................................                +Mr_MINER
............................    4       Mary STARNER            d: Bef. 1979
............................    4       Florence STARNER        b: in Lives in Warsaw,
Indiana d: Aft. 1979
................................                +George VAN CUREN
............................    4     Girl STARNER
..................      3       Oscar NOEL
..................      3       Obesa NOEL      b: 3 August 1872
......................          +Mr_SUTTON
..................      3       Lydia NOEL      b: 1887 in Leesburg, Indiana    d: 1888
in Leesburg, Indiana (died young)
........        2       Jacob NOEL
........        2       William NOEL
........        2       Unknown child NOEL

6 Aug 1997     Chanteline@aol.com
I have only that which someone sent me on the Noels and Warrens....Barbara
Noel married Frederick Warren.
Susannah Noel married Isaac Warren. I have no dates of marriage.
Theresa Noel married David Warren. No dates.
Do you have this....Cumberland  Co. Death Records......Matilda Noel, white
4 years old... died 7 Nov. 1852 of bronchitis.  Buried ...Cocklilns Church,
Upper Allen Township, Cumberland Co. Pa.
Father: Daniel K Noel and mother Anna Noel...occupation Common School Teacher
(I can only assume that means the father) Returning the Certificate of Death
...Dr. M. Musser..date of certificate..28 Jan.1853

08 Aug 1997      Jeff Noel <fin2ka5@wcoil.com>
My name is Jeff Noel and I am researching our family tree and I saw your listing. I have a Joseph Noel listed,he is the son of Joseph Noel that sailed over on the Princess Augustus in 1736.All my listing shows is that he became a bound apprentice in 1754.He was born 25 dec. 1739 in paradise twp.,York Co.Pa.That is all I have on him I don't know if there is a connection?

I am trying to find the parents of Thomas Noel b.1774/1775 maried to Magdelena Noel b.1775/1776 I have her parents but not his.They were both Noels so I am guessing they were first cousins they lived in Menallen twp. Adams county before they moved to Venango Co.

There is very little known about our early Noel branch (they were my mother's second cousins). It is thought that:
Anna Noel (husband's first name unknown) gave birth to: Elisabeth On May 23, 1907 and Anna on October 23, 1910 in the Mercydorf area of the Hungarian Banat (now Romania). They spoke German. Childhood was very sad for them: The parents did not have a happy marriage...there was a serious problem regarding "the other woman", and their father was often away.
He was severely beaten in his own yard by a several "Russians".  There also was a fire, and it is not certain whether that directly
caused the death of their mother, Anna, at 36. (a real life soap opera) The girls were left on their own at very tender ages. My grandmother, who was their distant Aunt, sent for them. The girls came to College Point, near NYC, to live with their distant Aunt, Elizabeth Meyer (nee Reiter), her husband, Johann, and their children, Adam, Frank, Teresa and Elsie. Later, Elisabeth (Betty) married Raymond Schnell, a commercial artist. They stayed in the NYC area, had no children. Anna (Anne) married her distant cousin, Adam Meyer, in Caracas, Venezeula, where he worked as an Interpreter of German & Spanish for a
geologist. They returned to the NYC area, where their identical twin daughters, Luisa and Norma were born October 16, 1929. Luisa Meyer (Louise) married Donald Nevins in Whitestone, NY, circa 1951 and had a daughter, Kathleen Nevins in Dec. 1955. Kathleen married Paul Silver and had two sons, Mark and David Silver. Norma married Robert Brosnan (1952) in Whitestone, NY. They had a daughter, Patricia Brosnan, born 1956. Feel free to add any of the above to your web page, if you like. An item of interest... I found another Noel & Reiter connection: A Josefine Noel married Peter Reiter and immigrated to Philadelphia. They were from the town of Gross Jetscha in the Banat. (I received that info from part of a ship's passenger list on the internet, but do not know the date nor the ship's name, nor whether they were in fact, the links to our Noels.

1 Sep 1997      Johngarber@aol.com
I too have run into a roadblock in my search for the Noels.  I do not have a
record of Phillip Noel but do know that my ancestors had brothers and sisters
that I have not yet found.  Perhaps Phillip is one.  It would be helpful if I
knew some approximate dates.  Also would help if I knew the area of the
country where he lived.

My gg grandfather was Jacob Noel, b. 1814.  Family scuttlebut (repeat
scuttlebut) says he was born in Alsace Loraine but I have not found one shred
of evidence to confirm this.  Jacob's son, George William Noel was born in
1845 (location unknown) and died 1924 in Hagerstown MD.

I have done a little bit of searching in the census records and found the
name spelled Noell, Noels, Noel and Nole. Take your pick!  Don't know whether
any of this helps, but all it takes is one tiny little clue.  Got my fingers crossed.

 4 Sep 1997    AustPurr <austpurr@geocities.com>
  I'm looking for ancestors of Albina Mary Noel,born April 30 1886.  She married Joseph Nelson Quenneville on June 10 1907 at Casselman Ontario. Her fathers name is listed as Pierre Noel but I have since found out he was born Pierre Noel dit Cliche.  Her mother was listed as Rose Delima Loiselle.

5 Nov 1997        Dazy888@aol.com
 Deed book 6, Adams County,Ohio
Page 272. Aug. 10,1808 from Peter Noel and Suffie, his wife,of Scioto
County,to Jane Faulkner of A, for $30, all that tract of land in A and
Washington Twp., in lot # 91.Signed -Peter Noel "(in German)", Suffie(+ her
mark) Noel.Wit- none. Recorded Aug. 6 1808

Hi Noel researchers.I found this in a deed book for Adams County yesterday
and thought I would share it.Is Suffie German for Sophia?Or did someone mess
up the spelling?

13 Dec 1997      "pambri" <pambri@erols.com>
 No I haven't.  I found an address for him in LA, and sent him a letter a few weeks ago, but haven't heard back.  I am interested in the information it contains about:

WILLIAM NOEL, born July 5, 1801.  He was possibly a son of Andrew Noel, Jr. and Elizabeth Walter.

30 Jan 1998      cw372@freenet.carleton.ca (Richard Carruthers)
Noel was a surname used by one branch of the le Vavasseur family of St Helier
parish, Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands from about 1700 onward in the form
le Vavasseur dit Noel (another was le Vavasseur dit Durel).

01 Feb 1998      "Brian Sherrod" <kj5ag@alltel.net>
 My 7th great-grandmother was Francois NOEL born 1670 near Ray, France. She died 10 Sep 1733.  Her Husband was Claude PARETTE born 1673 and died 05 Jun 1740.

The above information source is:
Parochial Register from Bok Church in Ray and Tincey France
Researched by Marcel Demesy; Mantoche 70100 Gray; Haute-Saone, France.

Hope this helps you.  If you find any connections, Please let me know,

24 Oct 1998      Michael Fisher <jmf@lcc.net>
 Here is what I have on the Noel Family:
Ignathial Noel (Ignatial Noel/Eneous/Ineas) was born about 1685 in Lorraine . He married
Catherine(unknown name) in Berks Co PA.They had one recorded child, Marie
Anna Noel. She was born about 1745 in Berks Co PA.
Ignathias Noel (Ineas) received a warrant to purchase fifty acres of land in
Berks Co. This was surveyed in Longswamp Township, Berks Co PA.
The notation in the Goshenhoppen (Catholic ) Registers 1741-1819 states that
Noel, Ignatius, Ninety years of age, a native of Lorraine, resident of
Pennsylvania for more than thirty, had once been rich, but died in poverty,
where his drunken son-in-law had brought him; died March 23, 1775. He was
buried in the  Goshenhoppen Catholic Mission Graveyard. The son-in-law was
not named, but he was not the husband of Marie Anna Noel who married Andreas
Schorb. Marie Noel and Andreas Schorb are my relatives and I have quite a
lenghty amount of information on them. Thus it would appear that Ignathius
and Catherine had more than one child. I do not have a record of any other
I believe that the Eneas Noel that immigrated on the Princess Agusta is the
same Ignathius Noel described above.

23 Jun 1999      Becka2949@aol.com
I don't have any earlier information on the Noels, other than what I sent
you.  Thanks so much for the e-mail addresses.  This is the family history I
do have.  John J. Noel  born:  1810, Natural Bridge Va.  married to ?
widowed with 2 sons.  He married Jane Trial, 5/14/1840 in Peoria Co. IL.  She
was the daughter of  John G. & Elizabeth Bowman Trial who moved to IL from
VA.  Their children were:  Albert 1840, Arminda 1850, Elizabeth 1842, Harriet
1848, Margaret 1850, Warren 1852, Minerva 1858, Nathaniel 11/23/1855, Charles
1858, Mary 1859, & Jackson 8/31/1846, my g-g-grandfather who married Rachel
Elizabeth Noden 3/11/1869 in Peoria Co. IL.  Her parents were Richard & Mary
Jones Noden of England & Wales.  Their daughter Etta Lucy married Robert
Bradley which was O'Brallaghan before the name change by immigration.  Their
daughter Irma Lillian married William H. Astle, Astel, Astill, & Astley.
Most of our relatives go by Astle or Astel.  Their son Joseph Edmund married
my mother Edna LaRue Lipsey which brings us to me Rebecca Sue Astel Hornung.
I''l let you know if we are from Cornelius' line.

22 Jun 1999      Becka2949@aol.com
 I am also researching Noel Family History.  My great-grandmother was Etta
Lucy Noel Bradley.  Her father was Jackson Noel  born:  8/31/1846 in Peoria
Co., IL.  His father was John Noel born:  1810 in Natural Bridge, Va., he
married Jane Trial of Peoria Co, IL 5/14/1840.  We can not find out who
John's parents were.  He was married before coming to IL, they had 2 sons
before he was widowed.

30 Apr 1999         Kkonet2@aol.com
The two Philip Noel's and Polly Webbs are different people, believe it or
not.  My parents had Philip Noel's (born 1817) obituary plus the have his
hand painted birth certificate from Adams Co., PA.  Polly Webb was married
once before to a Mr. Messenger and had two boys by him..they are listed in
the Jefferson Co., WI census as being born in Illinois. Polly then married
Philip.  My folks also have Philip's will (he died in 1893). My Philip and
Polly's children's name are completely different from the ones of your Philip and Polly.

Philip Noel and Polly Laurinda Webbs Children:
Albert Messenger born abt. 1838
James Messenger born abt. 1840
Harriet Noel born 1842
William Ira Noel born 1845 (prisoner at Andersonville, GA and survived)
John Noel born 1848
George Washington Noel born 1850 (my gg grandfather)
Louisa Noel born 1853
Philip H. Noel born 1855

17 Apr 1999    Melanie <melaniejk@geocities.com>
   Hello. I'm trying to find information about Noel families that lived in
Charlotte County, Virginia.  I know about the book by J. Week "Emmigrant
Cornelius Noel from Netherlands to Virginia." And the book lists a
Charles H.A. Noel but I don't understand how he is related to Cornelius
Noel. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've searched a
microfilm at the LDS that has a batch submitted by a J. Weeks and there
is a page with Charles H.A. Noel  with his parents names and siblings
but I couldn't find anything about his grandfather on the film or their
connection to Cornelius Noel.
    There is a lot of information on the Noel family on the Internet but
I can't seem to find any about the family I am researching.

5 Feb 1999    "Arthur Clarkson, Jr." <a.clarkson@worldnet.att.net>
 My maternal grandfather's name was Charles F. Noel.  He married Ora V.
Muffley and they had a farm near Hannibal Missouri.  My grandfather died in
his early 60's in 1948 or 1949 in Hannibal Missouri and he is buried in the
Mt. Zion Christian Church cemetery near Hannibal.  My grandmother was born
01/01/1887 and died in Helena, Montana in February, 1973.  She is also
buried in the Mt. Zion Church cemetery.

22 Jan 1999     funke@cyberport.net (Jim Funke)
 Do you have any info on a Jacob Noel born abt 1778 and married
Elizabeth Albright Nov 2 1815 in Shenandoah, VA. Elizabeth born Oct 22, 1793.
He was a Private in the war of 1812 in Captain George Parks Infantry from
Hampshire Co. VA.  Their children were:
1. Jacob born 1819
2 Samuel born abt 1819
3. William bornabt 1822

 4-5 two daughters

 17 Oct 1998      "SANDRA L SANCHEZ" <EWESTFALL@prodigy.net>
I have Jacob's father as Passchier Noel b. HALWEIJN,VLAANDEREN
have nothing further back then that.

By the wife in case you don't have it Corneilius's wife was Elizabeth Page b. about 1645 in London, England.

17 Oct 1998
Jennie Noel Weeks changed the Ancestry of Cornelius with corrections to her
book after receiving information from a professional researcher in Holland.
Below is the correct information.
Cornelius Noel b. 1623 Leiden So. Hollond died 6/6/1699 Essex Co. Va. was
the son of Jacob Nouwelsz Noel b. about 1599 Leiden South Holland and
TREINTJE CORNELISDR b. about 1603 Leiden South Holland. Sources: !BIRTH:
Jacob was the son of PASSCHIER NOWE born Halweijn, Vlaanderen,Belgim.  and


8 Sep 1998      "Noles, Robert B." <noles@gs.verio.net>
Thanks very much for responding to my inquiry about Benjamin & Jesse Noel,
possible descendants of  Cornelius Noell (1623-1699).

I would very much appreciate a list of the relationships for which you have
references, along with the list of those references. (when you get a chance)

I believe my line ties in to either a Jesse or a Benjamin Noel, but I'm not
sure which one.

I am aware of the following three (2 Benjamins & 1 Jesse) that I believe
are descendants of Cornelius Noell.  If there are others that were born
prior to 1800, I'd be interested in them as well.

 I have reference to the following as being descendants of Cornelius Noell:

 Benjamin NOEL (born 1712), son of Daniel NOEL from Essex Co., VA.
 Benjamin NOEL (born circa 1765), son of Thomas NOEL & Drucila.
 Jessie NOEL (born circa 1747), son of Cornelius NOEL (born circa 1719)  & Anna FOGG.

3 Sep 1998 1     "V. Lovell" <vlovell@pacbell.net>
Major Noel and Caleb were the sons of Caleb Noel and Elizabeth Garnett,
who was the son of James Noel (or spelled Noell) who is a descendant of
Corelius Noel. Most of the information I have on my Noel line was taken
from the source (Emigrant Corelius Noel from Holland to Virginia & his
Descendants in America, Compiled by Mary Roberts Noel 1908 -1950 & Jenie
Noel Weeks 1930-1977, Published 1977 Salt Lake City Utah, film # 1206297
item 1-7 (Volume 1-4) Volume 4 contiues on film #1033752, item 1-5. This
film contains charts, history, wills, letters.)
        Caleb Noel married Elizabeth Osborn in Jefferson Co. KY.in 1798 and had
my descendant Frances E. Noel. Caleb's brother Major Noel married Nancy
Osbourne (who is either Elizabeth's sister or cousin) in Trigg Co., KY
in 1808, their children were Thomas, Franklin G., and Edwin. Caleb Noel
(Major's brother, who btw wasn't called Major because of being in the
service, it was a family name) died young without an estate. His
daughter, Frances Noel went to live with her Uncle Major and Major moved
his clan to Missouri. I don't have Caleb Noel's death date, but his
daughter Frances was born in 1807 in Essex Co. Virginia and she married
in 1818 in Jefferson Co., KY. her father died before her marriage and
she lived with her Uncle in Missouri before 1818. I am trying to find
them in Missouri as well as find more information about the Noel's and
Osborne's that lived in Trigg. Co., Kentucky. Who are your descendants
that lived in Trigg Co., KY.??

2 Nov 1997       "Michael J. Godshalk" <godshalk@suntan.eng.usf.edu>
  Descendants of Henry NOEL

        1       Henry NOEL      b: 1812 in Virginia     d: 1878 in Leesburg, Indiana (age
..              +Lydia FARMER   b: 20 December 1806 in Virginia d: 1 December 1890 in
Leesburg, Indiana (age 84)      m: in Frederick County, Virginia
..      2       John NOEL
......          +Mary ANN
......  3       Pearl NOEL
..........              +A. Wildinson CARMEN
......  3       Matilda NOEL
..........              +Loren TREPLE
..      2       Lewis A. NOEL   b: 29 July 1838 in Fayette County, Ohio d: 16
January 1887 in Leesburg, Indiana
......          +Elsie GUY      b: 1 February 1845 in Turkey Creek, Indiana     d: 2
March 1894 in Leesburg, Indiana m: 1 October 1868 in Syracuse, Indiana
......  3       Loretta NOEL    b: 24 September 1870 in near Syracuse, Indiana
(Dewart Lake)   d: 19 June 1958 in Waterford, Indiana (age 87)
..........              +Joseph "Joe" Harvey GODSHALK   b: 2 July 1869 in Ohio  d: 16
October 1953 in Milford, Indiana (age 84)       m: 3 May 1893 in Warsaw,
......  3       Obesa NOEL      b: 3 August 1872        d: 1949 in Leesburg, Indiana
..........              +Wilbur E. SUTTON                       m: 10 April 1894
......  3       [1] Oscar D. NOEL       b: 7 January 1875       d: 23 October 1957 in
(age 82
..........              +Eltie PENLAND                  m: 14 November 1894
......          *2nd Wife of [1] Oscar D. NOEL:
..........              +Martha Rilla McCREARY                  m: 24 October 1904
......  3       Viola NOEL      b: 11 April 1884        d: 1954 in Leesburg, Indiana
..........              +Christian "Frank" Frank STARNER        b: 25 July 1876 in Kosc
County, Indiana d: 2 December 1932      m: 26 October 1898
......  3       Lydia NOEL      b: 1887 in Leesburg, Indiana    d: 1888 in Leesburg,
Indiana (died young)
..      2       Jacob "Jakie" NOEL      b: 1841 d: 1926 in Leesburg, Indiana
..      2       William NOEL
......          +Molly RAMSEY
......  3       Bernice NOEL
..........              +Henry HEETES
......  3       Mildred NOEL
..........              +William STOCKTON
......  3       Charles NOEL
..      2       Unknown child NOEL

03 Mar 1998        Jim Cyphert <jimcyphert@labyrinth.net>

>Here are some names that had a social or family connection
>to the Noel's in Westmoreland County, PA 1800-1820.  If
>you are in any of these lines, I would like to hear from you.
>Dominic E Noel
>ANDRESS      1807         Mary ANDRESS (maiden)
>BIVERS       1809         Thomas & Elizabeth BIVERS
>DUFF         1801         Frank & Anna DOFF/DUFF
>DOUGHERTY    1819         Joseph BOCK & Sarah DOUGHERTY
>GRIFFEN      1818         John & Susan GRIFFEN
>             1800         Patrick & Margaret GRIFFIN
>HENRICH      1810         Mary HENRICH
>HENRY        1810         John HENRY
>KUHN         1807         Adam KUHN
>McCOY        1804         John & Mary McCOY/MACOY
>Rogers       1801         Anna Rogers
>RUFFNER      1812         Christian & Elizabeth RUFFNER
>             1800         George & Margaret RUFFNER
>             1806         Peter RUFFNER
>             1804         Simon RUFFNER
>             1820         Barbara RUFFNER
>SEPTER       1806         Adam & Mary SEPTER
>             1804         Frederick & Anna SEPTER
>             1819         Frederick & Catharine SCEPTRE/SEPTER
>SOALS        1817         John & Elizabeth SOALS
>SCHMIT       1806         Joseph SCHMIT
>SEYVERTH     1810         Philip & Barbara SEYVERTH
>TONER        1811         Edward & Mary TONER
>WADE         1819         George & Elizabeth WADE
>WALLY        1801         Nicholas & Mary WALLY
>WHITE        1815         George & Elizabeth WIGHT/WHITE
>ZIEGLER      1820         Jacob & Catharine ZIEGLER
>ZINDORFF     1803         George & Anna Mary ZINDORFF
>Zinsdorf     1809         Susan Zinsdorf
Philip and Barbara Seyverth (Philip and Barbari Seifert) are my g-g
grandparents. Philip's father (Philip) arrived in Philadelphia on 25 Sept
1749 on the ship Speedwell.  According to one of my aunts, Philip jr. was
born on the ship.  He had a brother Joseph and a sister Mary Elizabeth.
They were raised on a farm in northern Berks County near Shartlesville.

Philip and Barbari moved to Westmoreland County, PA with other Catholic
families from Berks County in the late 1700s; where they lived with their
10 children until Philip's death in 1823. Sometime thereafter, Barbari,
some or all of the children, and many  families originally from Berks moved
to what is now Clarion County, Pa.  They may have had a short stay at Sugar
Creek, but settled at Crates (near Kingsville).  There the Catholic
families built the St. Nicholas of Tolentino Church.

Families that you mention that had descendents at Crates include Griffen,
Henry, Kuhn, Ruffner, Schmit, and maybe others as most names changed many
times in the various records.

An excellent reference to the families at Crates is "Aarons of Crates, PA
1820-1980" by Paul and Catherine Shannon. The Shannons still live a short
distance from the church.  Their address is: Rd 1 Box 89, Mayport, PA
16240.  Phone 1-814-856-2327.

25 Mar 1998    Ed Noel <enoel@kpmg.com>
My family tree traces to Pierre Noel (b1609) through Francois (his son) who came from Chirzy, Poitou. to old St. Laurent.

05 Aug 1998    James <murjast@csrlink.net>
 I was seeking info on my maternal G-G Grandmother Matilda Noel, b 12 MAR, 1822 md to Daniel Kline.

I checked your homepage but did not connect.Since then I have received new info that Matilda's parents were Samuel and Margaret [Felix] from Adams Co.  Samuel's parents were Daniel and Mary[?] ; Daniel's parents were Peter and Margaret [?] ; Peters parents were Joseph and [?]. The lady who sent me this claims to have done considerable researching of early Cambria Co. families. So now I'm out to prove or disprove the above. Sure hope she's right.

So now it wants to fit into you line providing the above DANIEL is your BLASIUS' brother.

10 Apr 1999 1    "betty cain" <cainbet@hotmail.com>

Mt. Pleasant Twp., ST PAUL LUTHERAN & REFORMED TEXT ......

Page 106    Baptismal #806

SARA ANNA  born 12 Oct 1819  bpt 12 Dec 1819
           parents: Henrich Kreyzer and Sofeya Markoreth

Also the name Margaret Kreitzer appears as sponsor at the baptisms of
Margaretha b.15 Sep 1813 bpt. 27 Feb 1814 d/o Daniel Dormeyer & Anna
Maria.  and secondly for Maria b. 01Apr 1812 bpt.27 May 1815 d/o Thomas
McClelland & Regina.

I have most of Ruff's books--(don't tell on me, please :).  I have a
list of all his publications and this is the only reference I have on
St. Paul.

May I suggest you contact Pastor Ruff.  He is a great guy; very
interesting and very knowledgable.  His E-mail is <oldanthony@aol.com>.
It usually takes him two or three days to answer.

11 Apr 1999  "betty cain" <cainbet@hotmail.com>
 John Noel of Derry Twp., shoemaker, s/o Blasius and Mary, born in
Frederick County, Maryland; died 15 Mar 1855 in Derry Twp of old age,
aged 74 years.  Buried in (Mt?) St Vincent Cemetery.  Spouse:
Magdalena.  Living issue: Joachim, Blasius, Aloysius, and Eliza E w/o
John (Henry?).  Certificate returned by Joachim Noel of Derry Twp.

The above is from Death Certificates, Westmoreland County 1852-1855
published in the "Old Westmoreland Quarterly" in August of 1985 by Wm.
Iscrupe of SW PA Genealogical Services in Laughlintown.

10 Oct 1999     Raymond Noel <raynoel@videotron.ca>
I am a descendant of Francois Noel and Nicole Le Grand. On my Web Page you can find some details on my ancestors.


10 Oct 1999       PEGASSI@aol.com
The Noel's that I am looking for made their home and some are buried in Williamstown, MA. Henry, married to Clara Gingras and his father Cassimire Noel married to Odile Hinkle are the names that I have in mind.

11 Oct 1999       VFW2615@aol.com
It is great to know that there are others interested in the Noel line in SW Louisiana. The only information I have been able to glean from the census records and Rev Hebert's books is slim. Here is what I know:

Eugene Noel immigrated to the US in 1874. He married Elodie Gastal on 22 October 1878 in Abbeville (Vermilion Parish) Louisiana. His parents were
Jacques Noel and Victoire Nablom, supposedly from Belgium/France a fact I cannot confirm after having gone through all the Internet locations I could find. They had twelve children (6 boys and 6 girls)

Any information about where the family originated or if they are related to any of the lines that you all have would be appreciated.

11 Oct 1999     "Paul Noel" <pnoel@Whidbey.net>
 Here is somemore Noel lore that may be of interest.

#When traveling in the Philippines we were in Cebu City. Checked the phone
book, as I always do, and there were at least a half page of Noels. As to be
expected a large percentage of given names were Spanish derivation. My
spouses reaction---there must have been a sailing man among the early Noels!

#Have you heard of the "Melungeons", possibly a lost settlement from early
frontier days? Noel is one of the family names mentioned.Would be glad to
send some Web addresses for further reading.

#Short note, Seattle newspaper, 10 Aug 1996: "The Navy has its first Muslim
chaplain, Lt.jg Monje Malak Abd al-Muta' Ali Noel, Jr.---"

#Story in the Santa Ana, CA Register, 14 Aug 1972: Spaniard lion tamer,
Pablo Noel, touring US
with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey-----Seven lions---puts head in

#Cover of Newsweek Magazine, 15 April 1996 is of the Unabomer (sic) and FBI
Agents who made the initial arrest. The Agent on the left is Max Noel, my
cousin. He is now retired from FBI and working on genealogy. You will see
his name in the inquiries, perhaps in your letters.

#My grandmother, Essie Kate Noel, of Corning, KS is listed as one of the
longest lived Noels, having died at 103 years of age. I got some super

11 Oct 1999     SVass@aol.com
My Noel ancestor is  Sarah Noel b. 1845 in ? (Westmoreland, Cambria, Adams) Co, PA and married John G. Glass
in PA before they moved to Howard Co, IA in ca 1860.)

14 Oct 1999   Troy Sagrillo <t.sagrillo@utoronto.ca>
Name:   Joseph Neikirk
Birth:  2 Apr 1806      , Washington, Maryland
Death:  2 Mar 1887      Adams township, Seneca, Ohio
Father: Michael Neukirch (1763-1849)
Mother: Catherine Pense (>1763-<1826)

Spouse: *** Barbara Noel ***
Birth:  25 Mar 1804     , Seneca, Ohio
Death:  22 Feb 1869     , Seneca, Ohio

1 M:    William Neikirk
Birth:  7 Sep 1831      Republic, Seneca, Ohio
Death:  28 Jan 1901
Burial:         Block Cemetery, Adams township, Seneca, Ohio
Spouse: Martha S Shaw
Marriage:       12 Mar 1854     , Seneca, Ohio

 19 Oct 1999 1 <bsmith@island.net>
Alpheus Noel (s/o Jacob Noel & Lucretia Hitchcock) born 1810 in Scioto Co, Ohio died 1860 Scioto Co, Ohio married 1838 to Olivia V Wright (d/o James Wright);  had 6 children. Looking for marriage & death information on 4 of them - Jacob W. Noel b 1840 (no longer on Scioto Co census after 1860); Johnson Noel b 1845; Henry Clay Noel b 1846 (known as Clay); Austin Noel b 1853 (last three disappeared after 1870 census in Scioto Co). Also death information on Olivia Wright Noel (last on 1870 census in Scioto Co)

19 Oct 1999     Ps60yo@aol.com
Alpheus Noel (s/o Jacob Noel & Lucretia Hitchcock) born 1810 in Scioto Co,
I don`t have data on these people , But I do have the Noel and Hitchcock family in my family .....  Jacob Noel who died 1778 in Scioto Co  and a Lydia Hitchcock who died  Jan 1864 in  Scioto ,   I would bet we / they are part of the same families ......  Would you like to explore the possibilities ?  , Phil

20 Oct 1999     BLNA@aol.com

 21 Oct 1999     Earl Noel <eanoel@erols.com>
Descendants of: Alpheous Noel

* Alpheous Noel b. 11-MAR-1810 d. 08-DEC-1859 m. 13-MAR-1838 Olivia Van Meter Wright b.
??-___-1815 d. ??-___-1894
   * Leander Noel
   * Johnson W. Noel b. 14-MAR-1844 d. 20-JUL-1910 m. 05-JAN-1879 Virginia Ann Leonard b. 1853
d. 15-JUL-1933
      * Frank L. Noel
      * Mable
      * Roma
      * Roy Noel
      * John Noel
      * Paul Noel
   * Clay Noel
   * Jacob Noel
   * Austin Seymour Noel b. 18-SEP-1853 d. 11-MAR-1937 m. 24-DEC-1878 Susan Belle Hampton b.
14-JAN-1855 d. 06-FEB-1919
      * Clella Noel b. 27-DEC-1879 d. 12-JUN-1880
      * Earl Alpheous Noel b. 02-DEC-1881 d. 24-NOV-1942 m. 10-NOV-1909 Anna Elizabeth
Gottschalk b. 03-FEB-1887 d.
                 m. 14-FEB-1922 Aileen  Mai Hastings b. 08-MAY-1897
         * Charles Edward Noel b. 04-APR-1913 m. 30-APR-1938 Vivian Alverda King b. 04-DEC-1912
            * Roger William Noel b. 02-FEB-1939 m. 15-JUN-1963 Marcia Ann Loomis b. 19-APR-1940
            * Gary Edward Noel b. 04-MAY-1942 m. 07-AUG-1964 Carolyn Shirley Ravey b.
         * Dorothy Aileen Noel b. 22-JUL-1923 m. 19-JUN-1948 Albert Frederick Zeibig b.
            * Robert Alan Zeibig b. 25-JAN-1951 m. Heidi Anne Hakel b. 04-FEB-1950
            * Donald Albert Zeibig b. 17-AUG-1954 m. 24-FEB-1989 Rebecca Ellen Plehn Matteson
b. 2 Aug 1950
            * Thomas Noel Zeibig b. 08-NOV-1956 m. 08-AUG-1981 Mary Ellen Dorothy Smits b.
         * Earl Alpheous jr. Noel b. 18-JAN-1925 m. 24-JUN-1956 Jeanne Cross Feaster b.
            * Elizabeth Aileen Noel b. 03-DEC-1958 m. 09 OCT-1982 Wayne Hart
                             m. 29-JUN-1988 Forest Edwin Jr. Morrison
            * William Earl Noel b. 19-SEP-1960 m. 03-AUG-1991 Erin Slonaker b. 27-MAY-1965
         * John Austin (Jack) Noel b. 05-MAY-1927 m. 15-JUN-1952 Judy Nielsen b. 07-NOV-1930 d.
                       m. FEB 13, 1991 FLORINE SHELTON MORGAN b. 20 Sep 1934
            * John Noel b. 23-SEPT-1960 m. Ginger Frazee b. 25 Nov 1966
      * Chatta Belle Noel b. 05-FEB-1884 d. 27-JUN-1935 m. ??-___-1908 Carl Everett Weimer d.
         * Carl Everett Jr. Weimer b. 21-JUN-1909 d. ??-___-1958 m. 21-JUN-1937 Gladys Bothwell
d. 1956
         * Orville Earl Weimer b. 06-OCT-1911 m. 06-OCT-1911 Lucille Peterson d. 1966
            * Noel Suzan Weimer b. 14-DEC-1945
         * Ruth Belle Weimer b. 01-MAR-1915 m. Charles H. Avery
                       m. 1958 Herbert Potter
      * Arthur Hampton Noel b. 12-AUG-1889 d. 11-MAY-1950 m. 12-SEP-1915 Garnet Icle Ireland b.
19-SEP-1894 d. 25-FEB-1973
         * Robert Arthur Noel b. 07-JUN-1916 m. 27-JUN-1941 Carole Margery Johnson b.
            * Nancy Ann Noel b. 20-OCT-1943 m. 24-JAN-1964 Keith Harden
            * Anita Kay Noel b. 07-JUN-1947 m. 24-JAN-1964 David Gargasz
            * Dana Paul Noel b. 18-AUG-1955
         * Genevieve Irene Noel b. 21-JUL-1925 m. 05-AUG-1944 Robert D. Emahiser
            * Richard Bruce Emahiser b. 01-JUL-1950
            * Susan JoAnn Emahiser b. 01-AUG-1953
      * Claude Garvey Noel b. 07-AUG-1896 d. 29-JUL-1957 m. 30-JAN-1921 Loyal Grace Buche b.
25-JAN-1896 d. 15-JUL-1973
         * Rosemary Belle Noel b. 18-JUN-1922 m. 17-DEC-1941 Evald Theo Larson
                       m. 15-JUL-1972 Robert Boester
            * Darleen Rose Larson b. 23-APR-1942 m. Raymond Palmer
            * David Noel Larson b. 05-AUG-1944
            * Linda Sue Larson b. 19-MAY-1946 m. 19-JUN-1964 Bernard Meyer
            * Russell Ware Larson b. 14-DEC-1947 m. 23-JUN-1979 Cynthia Holten
            * Constance Gail Larson b. 21-AUG-1951
            * Pamela Sue Larson b. 07-JUN-1956
            * Catherine Lynn Larson b. 01-DEC-1958
            * Leslie Loyal Larson b. 20-SEP-1961
         * Grace Jane b. 25-MAR-1925 d. 1981
         * Clayton Frances b. 01-APR-1927 d. 29-OCT-1987
         * Donna Ruth b. 18-NOV-1928
      * Clay Wright Noel b. 17-AUG-1896 d. 18-APR-1954 m. 22-JAN-1925 Sue Hill
         * Beverly Sue Noel m. 07-JUL-1951 Richard Dunnum Radford
                       m. June, 1996 Bill Barrows
            * Susan Elaine Radford b. 18-JUL-1953
            * Richard Dunnum Radford, Jr b. 11-JAN-1956
            * James Noel Radford b. 22-FEB-1960
         * Shirley Elaine Noel b. 30-MAR-1931 m. 08-JUN-1957 Francis Anthony Dostie
            * Lisa Noel Dostie b. adopted 1955
            * Larry Anthony Dostie b. adopted 1956
            * Laura Ann Dostie b. 13-DEC-1972

22 Oct 1999     tonyb39@idt.net (Anthony Bentivegna)
Andrew Gerstenweiler is found amond the pascal communion and confession records at Loretto, in 1810-1813. He and Catherine are thereafter found at Sportman's Hall: Andrew Gerstenweiler sponsored the baptism of John, son of George and
Catherine Miller, at Sportsman's Hall, Westmoreland County, Pa., on April 7, 1814. He and his wife Catherine also sponsored the baptism of Andrew, son of Jacob and Mary Kuhn, at Sportman's Hall on December 11, 1814.

22 Oct 1999      JMatuch537@aol.com
researching the NOEL family looking for information on the parents and siblings of Henry Wilkens NOEL s/o Jean NOEL and Elizabeth Wilkens both of whom are from St. Helier but their children Jean and Henry Wilkens NOEL b. Mar 11, 1811.  Both Jean and Henry were christened in St. Petersport Guernsey.  Jean NOEL the father was the son of Jean NOEL and ?

I have been searching in the LDS files and there are over 200 Jean NOELs.

1.   have found Jean NOEL married to Jeanne PALLOT w son Jean NOEL b. 13 Mar 1811 in St. Helier Jersey and wonder if they might be related to my family  line.

2.  Jean NOEL h/o Ann Le GALLAIS f/o Jean b. 11 Mar 1791 St Helier

3.  Jean NOEL h/o Marie NORFOLK f/o of Jean b 22 May 1791 St. Helier

4.  Jean NOEL h/o Anne MESSERVY f/o Jean b. 12 Apr 1734 St. Partin Jersey

5.  Jean NOEL h/o Anne RENOUF f/o Jean b 1738 St. Martin

6.  Jean NOEL h/o Rachel GODFREY f/o Jean b 1753 St. Martin

7   Jean NOEL h/o mARIE jennes f/o Jean b 1756 St. Martin

8.  Jean NOEL h/o Anne RENOUF f/o Jean b 1738 St. Martin

9.  Jean NOEL h/o sUSAN gallichan f/o Jean b 1772 St. Martin

10. Jean NOEL h/o eLIZABETH laurens f/o Jean b 1801 St. Martin

11. Jean NOEL h/o Anne RENOUF f/o Jean b 1738 St. Martin

23 Oct 1999    "Nancy Huber" <nhube@email.msn.com>
I and a distant cousin are also doing research on Noel in Catherine Township, Blair Co. PA and in Cambria Co. PA. Direct line is Daniel Noel married to Ellen Taylor, lived in Canoe Creek, Blair Co. where the state park is now located.   We have Ellen Taylor's parents but not Daniel Noel.   He was born about 1835.  I have a list of most of his brothers and sisters.
Their daughter Priscilla Noel moved up to Gallitzin, PA about 1885,  was a widow of Wm. Aurandt, married Francis (Fitz)Gibbons in Gallitzin.   Do you have any information on the Blair Co. Noel families?

 26 Oct 1999        rmhenry@wpa.net
 I was at the Hope Methodist Church Cemetery in Youngstown, PA today. I  found a tombstone for Margaret Noel. It has the following on the stone:  Margaret Noel  Wife of Lazarus Noel November 3, 1881 - In the 57th year of her age.

This was from the Jacob Noel family who went to Ligonier. I never noticed this before but he was baptized a Catholic while none of the family where at St Vincent's. That was a long trip in those days. The Dellon/Delon family was one of the Seven Families on The Princes Augusta.  Some went to Loretto and other places..

From "The Noel Tree" - LAZARUS NOEL (N4C6) ,sixth child of Jacob and Catherine, was born 9 Oct 1815 in Menallen township, Adams County, Pa.  He was baptized at Conewago Chapel in Adams County on 5 May 1816.  Sponsors were Michael and Theresa Dellon.  Lazarus accompanied his parents to Hamiltonban Township, Adams County, in 1816; and to Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in 1823.  He was taxed in Ligonier Township in 1838, 1839, and 1840 for one horse; but appears in the 1840 census in Freeport Borough, Armstrong County, Pa., living with his wife. Lazarus was probably married in early 1840.  His wife was Margaret Stepp.  The Stepp family history is found in Chapter VI.

27 Oct 1999    Webrene1@aol.com
She has Eliza Ellen Noel daughter of John Noel (B)  ca  1815

 27 Oct 1999    rmhenry@wpa.net
Anyway I have made a visit to St. Vincent Cemetery.
John S. Henry  1816-1893
Eliza E.  1817-1889

I spent seven hours at the library today working on the 1850 census. I found John S. Henry and his family.
Westmoreland County  Unity Twp.
John Henry  36  m   farmer    $661.00
Eliza       39  f
Mary        9   f
Matilda     7   f
Isralle     5   m
Elias       2   m
This is my husbands gg grandparents. Would this be your Eliza Noel?

27 Oct 1999   rmhenry@wpa.net
This article is in the OLD AND NEW WESTMORELAND BOOK.
John M. Henry, one of the most successful business men of Unity Township,
Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, comes of good old Pennsylvania stock,
and is decdnded from one John Henry, his grandfather, who was born March 7,
1777. The Henry family is of German origin, but whether this original John
Henry was born in that country or been decended from German parents, has
not been definitely ascertained. However that may be, he owned a farm in
Westmoreland county conssisting of some one hundred and ninety acres, one
hundred and twenty of which now constitute the Palmer farm in Unity
township. Here he spent a large portion of his life, engaged in farming,
and here he eventually died on March 15, 1855. He married Mary Magdelina
Noel, a member of another very old Westmoreland county family, and among
their children was John S. Henry, the father of John M. Henry, of this
review. He was one of two children, the other being a sister Mary, who
later became the wife of Michael Palmer, who died in Youngstown in 1916. To
Mrs. Palmer the old Henry homstead was left, which is now in the possession
of her son, Edward Palmer. Mary (Henry) Palmer's death occurred while she
was still a very young woman. John S. Henry became the owner of a farm that
was originally a portion of the old Nosker farm of about thirteen hundred
acres, and here he lived during the major portion of his life. He married
Eliza Noel, and they were the parents of eleven children, as follows:
Israel J., who now resides in Derry township; Matilda, who became the wife
of Frank J. Slater, and eventually died in Latrobe; Elias C. who is engaged
in business as a carpenter at Greensburg; Eliza Agnes, who became the wife
of Frank Miller, and eventually died at Manitou; John M. with whose career
we are particularly concerned; Edward, who died when but twenty-two years
of age after taking a course in pharmacy at the State College; and five
other children now deceased. John S. Henry erected the handsome barn,
forty-five by sixty-five feet in dimensions, in the year 1859. He and his
wife were Catholics in their religious belief and attended St. Vincent's
Church which is located about two miles from their farm. Born on April 11,
1862, on this old farm, John M. Henry son of John S. and Eliza (Noel)
Henry, passed the years of his childhood there and gained his education at
the local public schools. While still a young man he purchased interests in
his father's farm, which was located in the coal region and which was one
of the most prolific in that neighborhood. In the year 1880 the underlying
coal was sold at the rate of seventy-five dollars per acre. For a time Mr.
Henry followed farming as his occupation, but eventually entered the paper
hanging and slating business which he has developed to its present large
proportions. His sons are associated with him in this enterprise, and the
firm makes a specialty of slate roofing, a line of industry that demands
more than the supply can keep pace with at the present time. In this he has
made a great success and has done a very large business in and about that
region. John M. Henry was united in marriage, January 9, 1884, with Amelia
Thana, a daughter of John and Catherine (Beckman) Thana who came from
Germany in 1846 in the same ship that brought the Rev. Francis Boniface
Wimmer, who was the founder in America of the Benedictine Order of St.
Vincent. They had been his parishioners in Germany and were ready to follow
him to America, where they continued in close relationship with him and
were communicants of the mother church here. They resided in Denison in
Unity township, where Mrs. Henry was born, and they are buried at St.
Vincent's, their deaths occurring at the ages of seventy-five and seventy
years respectiveely. They were the parents of two sons, besides their
daughter, Mrs. Henry, Thomas, of Latrobe, and Clement, who died at the age
of thirty-two years. To Mr. and Mrs. Henry the following children have been
born: Joseph, who died in childhood; Mary T. who became the wife of Charles
B. Smucker, who resides at St. Vincent's Crossing, where he is employed as
a machinist; Charles J. who is engaged in business as a carpenter in
Latrobe, and who married Blanche Nessler; Catherine, who became the wife of
James A. Mills, of Mine No. 1, at Connellsville; Edward, who is now engaged
in business as a blacksmith; and Francis. Edward and Francis are the two
sons who are engaged waith their father in the paper hanging and slate
roofing business and are members of the firm with him. Mr. and Mrs. Henry
and all their children are members of the Catholic church and all attend
St. Vincent's Church of that denomination. They are all of them Democrats,
but do not take an active part in the actual politics of the region. They
are all possessed of a strong musical talent and the sons are all members
of an orchestra. Mr. Henry is a fine type of the Pennsylvania business man
and merchant, absolutely honest and square in his dealings with all men, a
strict disciplinarian where his own conduct is in question, keeping himself
closely to work at his daily tasks, yet tolerant of other men. A great
lover of home and all its associations, he finds his chief happiness by his
own fireside and is a most devoted husband and father. He is of a retiring
disposition, as may well be observed in his connections with politics. He
is a strong supporter of the Democratic party and the principles and
policies which it stands for, but he neglects to press his position of
influence as one of the most important citizens of the community, and never
held any office. It is said of such men that it is more than ever the duty
of prosperity to preserve the records in order that they may be insured of
their true mead of praise that might suffer a certain eclipse in their own
too modest treatment.

30 Oct 1999    <tsharvey@gateway.net>
 I am the daughter of William John Noel and Kay Diane Lender Noel.  My parents still live in Latrobe, PA (Youngstown, to be exact, though the municipality is Unity Township and they have a Latrobe mailing address).  I am attempting to trace my parents' lineage, but I can't seem to find a link to your family.  My father is the son of Harry Francis Noel (b 7-29-1916, d 8-27-1988) and Josephine Hotra Noel (b 3-27-1920, d 8-31-1988).  Harry and Josephine, my grandparents, had 11 children and lived in Irwin, PA.  Harry's father was also named Harry Francis Noel.  My father's side of the family was Catholic.  I haven't been able to find much info yet or been able to trace any further back.  I do know most of the family is buried at Unity Cemetary in Irwin and I can't discern any ties to St. Vincent.

08 Nov 1999    rmhenry@wpa.net
 John M. Henry m. Amelia Thaner or Thanner. They had the following children:
Mary T. Henry
Charles J. Henry
Catherine Henry b. Mar.20,1881 d. 1979
Edward J. Henry
Francis X. Henry
Catherine Henry m. James A. Mills July 2, 1913. They had the following children:
Mary M. Mills m. Michael E. Stahovic May 6, 1944
Raymond P. Mills m. Margaret M. Macey Sept. 17, 1955
Edna C. Mills m. James L. Noel June 28, 1947
Edward J. Mills
Matilda A. m. a Maiers and lived in Pittsburgh, PA
James Mills

10 Nov 1999    rmhenry@wpa.net
 Peter Noel  b.abt. 1820  d. Sept 28 1883 In Loretto
m. Sarah Ann Coons
Children: Christina, Joseph, Peter, John and Mary Ann

11 Nov 1999    "Martha Conrad" <msc@nauticom.net>
Then Catherine Noel who married Issac Conrad is buried in St Patrick's ChurchCemetery in Newry, Blair Co, Pa.  She died on Aug 26, 1878 in Hollidaysburg, Pa.  I have her parents as John Noel and Maria Little.  But none of this is verified.  I have her as being born in Maryland, but that is questionable.

 ST. VINCENT CEMETERY    Tue, 02 Nov 1999 23:47:16 -0500     rmhenry@wpa.net
 John S. Henry   1816-1893
Eliza E. Henry   1817-1889
Eugene Henry  1931-1946
Edward F. Henry  May 8,189?  24 years
Francis X. Henry  1896-1965
Mary E. Henry  1909-1955  WIFE
Charles J. Henry    July 11,1889-June 3,1973
Blanche Henry  Mar.7,1884-Aug.9,1956
John M. Henry Apr.11,1862-Mar.11-1946
Amelia Henry  Dec.2,1859-Oct.31,1933
Edward J. Henry III  1961-1984  Grandson of Edward J. Henry.

John Henry m. Mary Magdalina Noel.
Their children: John S., Mary
John S. m. Eliza E. Noel
Their children: Israel J., Matilda, Elias C., Eliza Agnes, John M., Edward
F., Mary
John M. m. Amelia Thanner-Thaner
Their children: Mary T.,Charles J., Catherine, Edward J., Francis X.
Charles J. m. Blanche Nessler. After her death he m. Theresa Schmucker.
They had no children.
Their children: Eugene, Cyril J., John
Cyril J. starts my family. He married Stella M. Dempsey

I don't know if the rest of these people are related.
John Nessler  1850-1933
Sabina Nessler  1873-1932
Lawrence Nessler  Aug.30-1883-Dec.23,1957
Blanche A. Nessler  Oct.25,1885-June 18,1976
Andrew Nessler  1858-1939
Michael Nessler  Sept.29,1820-Sept.10,1897
Margaret A. Nessler  Sept.28,1822-Mar.26,1900
Martha A Nessler  Oct.23,1863  Age 19 yrs. 18 days DAUGHTER OF M.& M.A.
Ellen Nessler  DEATH Oct.23,1863  AGE 9 yrs. 14 days  DAUGHTER OF M. & M.A.
Roseannah Nessler  COUSIN OF BLASIUS NESSLER DIED July 17,1862 Age 19 yrs.
4 mon. 23 days
Conrad Henry  1824-1881
Catherine Henry  1831-1865
Anna Henry  1842-1922
William A. Henry  1860-1885
John Henry  1856-1888
Edward S. Henry  1862-1922
Mary A. Henry  1869-1925
James C. Henry  1855-1933
Michael G. Nessler  1852-1933
Mary Jane Nessler  1858-1925
Arthur A. Nessler  1896-1957
Michael A. Nessler 1885-1960
William Nessler  1852-1910
Henry Nessler  1880-1943
Henry J. Nessler  1886-1910
Mary G. Nessler  1868-1906
Leo R. Nessler  1894-1915
Elizabeth Nessler  1865-1937
Irene McAtte  1887-1950  nee Nessler
Thomas A. Nessler  1897-1898
Germain F. Nessler  1897-1939
Naomi G. Nessler  1903-1906
Edward Nessler  1890-1913
Robert H. Ruffner  1935-1972
Gertrude L. Ruffner  1905-1935
Clyde H. Ruffner  1908-1954

Blanche Nessler Henry's parents are Joseph Nessler and Elizabeth Ruffner.
John M. Henry m. Amelia Thaner or Thanner. They had the following children:
Mary T. Henry
Charles J. Henry
Catherine Henry b. Mar.20,1881 d. 1979
Edward J. Henry
Francis X. Henry
Catherine Henry m. James A. Mills July 2, 1913. They had the following
Mary M. Mills m. Michael E. Stahovic May 6, 1944
Raymond P. Mills m. Margaret M. Macey Sept. 17, 1955
Edna C. Mills m. James L. Noel June 28, 1947
Edward J. Mills
Matilda A. m. a Maiers and lived in Pittsburgh, PA
James Mills

10 Nov 1999   rmhenry@wpa.net
Peter Noel b.abt. 1820 d. Sept 28 1883 In Loretto m. Sarah Ann Coons
Children: Christina, Joseph, Peter, John and Mary Ann

 ZINK 12 Nov 1999    rmhenry@wpa.net
I haven't really gotten into this part of the family yet. About 2 or 3
years ago I met a lady, Zita Pershing, at Sunnyland Nursing Home in
Pleasant Unity. She was a very nice lady but she was very hard of hearing
and it was very difficult to talk with her. She told me that Elizabeth Zink
was m. to John Thaner, Amelia's brother. She said they were m. at St.
Vincent. She said she m. Lewis Pershing Apr. 23, 1923 at Holy Family
Church. Lewis was b. Aug. 14, 1898. Lewis d. Oct.1,1962 and is bur. at St.
Mary Cem. She said she had a sister Marie, a sister, Edna, that m. a
Murray, Agnes d.as an infant, Charles d. young and Joseph d. at 6 wks. old.
Zita told me that John Thaner had a sister Amelia, a sister Theresa that m.
Joseph Kloos, a sister Agnes that m. George Kloos, a sister Kate that m.
John Schriber, a sister Philomenia that m. a Smith and a brother Clement.
She also told me Elizabeth Zink had a brother, Frank that m. Belle Schick
and they had a dau. Gertrude that m. Bill Porter. Gertrude and Bill had a
dau. Dorothy that m. a Carrvagio. Lewis and Zita never had any children but
they adopted a dau. I found her obit in the paper this summer. Does any of
this sound familiar to you?
Mrs. Lewis S. Pershing
Mrs. Anna Zita Pershing, 96, of Latrobe died Tuesday, June 8, 1999, in
Latrobe Area Hospital. Born April 8 1903, in Loydsville, she was a daughter
of the late John and Marie (Zink) Turner. In addition to her parents, she
was predeceased by her husband, Lewis S. Pershing, and sister, Edna Murray.
Surviving are her daughter, Mary Lou Rullo (and her husband Herman) of
Tucson, Arizona; three grandchildren, Tony Rullo and Mary Anne Tolme of
Tucson and Eric Rullo of Steelton, and two great grandchildren, Dominic
Rullo and Timothy Tolmie of Tucson. Friends will be received from 7 to 9
p.m. Thursday in John J. Lopatich Funeral Home Inc., 601 Weldon St.,
Latrobe. Funeral Mass will be celebrated 10 a.m. Friday in St.Boniface
Catholic Church, Chestnut Ridge, by the Rev. Simon J. Toth,OSB. Interment
will be in St. Mary's Cemetery, Unity Township.

16 Nov 1999  <gdwilson@texas.net>
I'm looking for descendants of two Noell families that lived in Eastland Co.(Carbon and Kokomo) Texas around 1900.  I'm not sure if the Noell husbands were brothers or not, but the Burton wives were sisters.  Please let me know if you have any information on these two families:

Frances Elizabeth (Burton) and husbands, Putnam "Put" F. Noell (d. 29JAN1890) and Perry Snow

     Lucy Belle (Noell) Worley (dau, b. 03JUN1880 Glen Rose, Somervell County)
     Willie Jemina (Noell) Bender (dau, b. 11MAR1883, Eastland co)
     Susie P. (Noell) Wharton (dau, b. DEC1885)
     Thomas P. Noell (son, b. JUN1889)
     Carmon P. Snow (son, b. SEP1895)
     Leona F. Snow (dau, b. MAR1898)


Dora Belle (Burton) and James Noell (d. 20FEB1906)
     Rosa (Noell) McNeely, (dau, b. MAY1891)
     Alva Noell, (son, b. 1901)
     Wynter (Noell) London, (dau, b. 1904)

 17 Feb 1999 Noeln@uncwil.edu
Thanks for getting back to me with all the detailed information.  I will be busy sorting this out for a long time!
 Joseph S. was my great great grandfather.  He and Adaline were both Catholic and had many children, one of whom was Francis Augustus Noel. "Gus" Noel had Carl Nicholas, Sr (my grandfather), who had Carl Nicholas, Jr. (my father).  All of them had many children (5 - 10) so there are many Noels still in South Central PA descended from him.  It would be
interesting to make the connection with your family, because I'm sure there is one.  Joseph S. Noel's decendants are replete with Josephs, Nicholas's, Johns, Georges, Andrews, Marys, and Elizabeths, as are the people in the Charles Noel book.  One other clue that I have is that Francis Augustus Noel and his wife owned land and houses on the Codorus Creek near York, PA
in the early 1900's.  I got the feeling from the old stories that this property had been "in the family" for a long time.

Nora Noel