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08 Oct 1999     Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
These are from Father Peter Helbron's Greensburg Register Sportsman's Hall, Latrobe, PA

Zindorff, Peter of George & Anna Mary Zindorff, b 12 Oct, evidently of the preceding year, bapt 24 April 1803; Sp: John
Noele (Noel) and Mary Kuhn.

Zindorff, Henry of George & Mary Zinsdorf, b 12 April, bapt 31 May 1804; Sp:  Dionysius & Catharine Handel

Handel, Catharine, of Dionysius & Catharine Handel, b 2 Feb, bapt 6 May 1810;  Sp: Catharine Zinsdorff, maiden & Conrad

Bivers, Susan of  Thomas and Elizabeth Bivers, two years old, b 2 Mar, bapt 29 June 1806.  Sponsors John Henry & Mary

These people may have been from Goshenhoppen along with the Ruffners and Griffin's.

 09 Oct 1999   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
  For the lady whose address I have lost. This is more likely the doctor you are  looking for.

 From:     The History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Penna.

 Dr. Agideous Noel, physician is in it, a short biography of him, son of Samuel  who settled in Adams Co. of French descent. Came to Adams Co. in the beginning  of the 18th century.

 Also, Peter was married 2 times, children...Jacob, Samuel, Peter, Henry, Bernard,  Louis, Gerome, George, Elizabeth, and Margaret..wife was a Miss Dull. By Peter's  2nd marriage, with Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas, he had 1 son and several
 daughters. There are other Noels in the book also, can't type them all down.  Most of the names are with a group of names...not a lot of info just names.

 06 Mar 1998     Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
Mt Pleasant Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA TAX LISTS 1811-1815 (Published 1995)

Westmoreland County Historical Society
951 Old Salem Road
Greensburg, PA  15601

1811  Joseph Noal 100 Acres-by improvements-2 horses 2 cows Taxed Value- 86
1812  Joseph Noal              Same as above                                                        88
1813  Joseph Noal              Same as above                                                        96
1814  Joseph Noel 300 Acres by improvements          1 cow  TaxedValue       160
1815  Joseph Noel              Same as above

      18 Nov 1998  Jim Cyphert <jimcyphert@labyrinth.net>

Sorry, but the pages I have do not include any birth, baptism, or marriage dates.  There are only two references to a female. However, there are many references to Ruffners. For example, when the first land was purchased for a place for public worship, it states, "In the deed of Philip Freeman, dated March 13th, 1789, transferring the property for the nominal sum of
five shillings, we find the names of six Catholic signers, John Probst, John Young, Patrick Archbold, Simon Ruffner, Christian Ruffner, and George Ruffner."

When Father Theodore Brouwers arrived "...he made his home with Christian Ruffner, and said mass and attended to the spiritual needs of the people in an apartment of his house."

The subscription list for the first chapel reads:

        We the under Named Catholicks belonging to the
        Rev. Doctor Hillbrons Congregation Do Promise to
        Simon Roughner or any other person that may be Ap-
        pointed the Sum Annexed to our names for the purpose
        of enlarging the Church at the Rev. Doctor Hilbrons
        the money to be paid the one half When the work ap-
        pears to be carried on the other half When finished.
                Witness our hands----
Jacob Burgoon   $3.00           George Senduff  $2.00
James Maguire    3.00           Mari Zindorf     5.00
Barnaba Burgoon  1.00           Henrig Kriffin   3.00
Levi Burgoon     1.00           James McGill     2.00
Joseph Brick     5.00           Gorg Reintzel    3.00
Johannes Heinrich Jr 5.00       Simon Ruffner            1.00
Johannes Heinrich       12.00           Dennes Handley   6.00
Henry coon               1.00           John Buck                3.00
Anteres ?                2.00           Abram   Noel             1.00
Jacob Kuhn               5.00           Jeorg Miller     3.00
John Greenawalt  1.00           James Aron               1.00
John Rodgers     8.00           Jimmi Irton              4.00
Francis Kelly    5.00           Patrick McBarron         1.00
Peter Nohel              1.00           Patrick Kriffin  2.00
John Wade                 ?             Patrick McAfee   2.00
Christian Ruffner        8.00           Joseph Brantman  1.00
Simon roofner    1.00           Atam Staub               1.00
Joseph Arron     2.00           Daniel Greth     2.00
John Curry               2.00           Johannes Hersman         1.00
Margaret Kelli   1.00           Pheter Arrens    5.00
Joerg Miller     2.00           Hewig Brick              2.00
Joseph Zindort   2.00           Mohses Gillespie         5.00
David Mullholland        1.00           Daniel McFadin   2.00
John McDermott   2.00           Michael McKeever         2.00
Martin Miller    5.00           Georg Ruffner    3.00
Anna Markreta Kun        1.00           Peter ruffner    3.00
James Gret               3.00           Henrich Reintzel         6.00
Henrich Reintzel Jr5.00         Patrick Corran   7.00
Joseph Henry       ?            Jocob Noel               1.00
Simon Ruffner    6.00           Joerg Art                1.50
Joerg Kun                1.50           William Machrudi         1.00
Fritrig Zebter   2.00           Fritrig Kins     4.00
George Ruffner   1.00           Handel Boodenham         2.00
Matthew Brick    2.00           George Ruffener  4.00
Johannes Magrudi         5.00           Joannes Gilday   2.00
Bernard Mullin   2.00           Edward Delaney   4.00
Joseph Harvey      ?            TOTAL               $206.50

15 Dec 1998     Jim Cyphert <jimcyphert@labyrinth.net>
I saw in your response to Rus Holmes his reference to McSherrystown and remembered purchasing a book at a used book store many years ago titled "Bicentennial 1763-1963 McSherrystown, Pa."  I bought the book because there was a John Seyfert present at the killing of Dudley Digges in 1752. Have not determined where he came from.

The book has a history of the area - Indians of Conewago, Jesuits, Penn and Calvert, Digges Choice, Early Settlers, Towns, Churches, etc. The Noels are included a number of times.  One is a crude map of Diggs Choice which shows a Henry Noel and a Francis Noel. Another is a short write up on the Bernard I. Noel Family.

15 Mar 1999   "Jeffrey Norris" <jeffreynorris@usa.net>
Do you have any information about NOELs who lived in Wyandot Co., OH? There was Michael NOEL who married Anastasia ARNOLD in Frederick Co., MD, and then went to OH.  I believe he may be the grandfather of my g-grandfather, Clement NOEL.

16 Mar 1999 1   Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
I did not know that Michael Noel went to Ohio. I would be very interested in his story since I believe he is the brother of my g-grandfather Joseph Noel from MD., the son of Blasius.

What I have is that Michael married Anastasia Arnold (born 11-11-1804 died 4-17-1873) on 5-27-1823. Michael was the son of Blasius, who was the son of Peter from Europe, the son of Joseph from Europe.

The sons of John Noel also went to Ohio before this time. Be sure to read my 'Noel History Page'. The Main Page is at:


The link 'My Line' shows Michael near the bottom.

If you do not know if this is the same Michael, his records are at St Joseph's at Tanneytown, MD.

NOTES!  In the 1800 Census, looks like:
Under 10
Peter  ca.1790 per M.Waterman book
Christopher died 1819
Jacob  ca. 1792 per M.Waterman, and married Barbara O'bold of Joseph
Blasius I  N/A dead
Blasius II   1792- ?    (Was In war of 1812)
Caty  Feb. 7, 1794 Per M.Waterman book
Henry 1797-1815 died at 18 yrs old.
Michael 1798?
Mary Magdalene ?
Joseph 1777-1839 per DN
John 1779-1852? (the 1850 census of Derry shows him at 71, Marilyn states 79?)
Over 45
Blosse should show 1754-1832, that would match St.Jos. entry of 78 yrs old
Mary Ann ??

NOTE: Catherine and Mary Magdalene married the Lansinger & O'bold lads.
NOTES! From St Joseph's Tanneytown, MD
Helena  Aug. 1800 John&Elizabeth NOEL 20 Nov.1812     Cath.&Jacob NOEL

James NOEL 24 July 1816 Jacob&Susanna  3 Feb.1817      Mary Hardr...??

Joseph NOEL
         Note:The last entry was the one I thought might be Mary Andriesen ??

Henrietta Aug.1824 Daughter of Michael&Ann NOEL  21 Aug.   Anthony&Ann Arnoto

Ruina Emily 17July 1826 Michael&Ann NOEL            13 Aug.   Elias Arnoto & Benjamin Durbin

My Note - Arnoto is believed to be Arnould, the priest sometimes used a latin version of names. Ann is believed to be Anastasia.

17 Mar 1999   "Jeffrey Norris" <jeffreynorris@usa.net>
Michael and Anastasia NOEL did go to Wyandot Co., OH.  They had a son, George Joseph, whose son Clement Oscar is my g-grandfather.

Other members of the Arnold family also went to Wyandot.  There were a few NOELS in Seneca Co., which is right next door.  Most of the other NOELS I have found in the online pedigrees went to Scioto Co., OH, which is the other end of the state.

13 Jul 1999    "L. DeBarea"       wolfone@sktc.net
Peter Noel was born about 1860 in Mississippi or Alabama and was married to Lorinda Bohannon

Peter Noel was full blood Choctaw.  His wife Lorinda was 1/2 Choctaw and 1/2 Chickasaw.  It is said that Peter was
an elected Chief of the Choctaws.  (Have not proven this yet.)

Peter and Lorinda had 4 children that we know of:    Robert Noel born 1880, Edmund Noel born August 26, 1889,
Ben Noel and Mary Brown. (Don't know if Brown is a married name or she had a different father or if it means
something else entirely.)

I have a letter regarding the enrollment number given to the Noel's for the Dawes Commission Roll.   It says that Edmund's parents were deceased before he was put on the roll at 14 years of age - Robert was 23.   Edmund's roll number is 14122 and Robert's is 14121.  I was told that if a person had mixed blood (Choctaw and Chickasaw) that the individual had to pick one tribe or the other to enroll as and it was decided the children of Peter and Lorinda would enroll as Choctaw.

On the Choctaw by Blood Census Card - #5579 - Edmund and Robert are listed as being 1/4 Choctaw.  This is an error.  Edmund and Robert should have been listed as full blood Choctaw.  Ben Noel is on Census Card #5437. Mary Brown is on Census Card #7463.  Both Ben and Mary are listed as being full blood Choctaws.

Edmund Noel married Victoria Mathews.  Their children were:  Mary F. Noel, Joann Noel, Wanema Noel, Wayne Noel, Lawrence Noel, and Leo Noel.  (No birthdates for these individuals)

Mary F. Noel married Dallas S. Horn.  Their children were:  Vicki Horn, Monty Horn, Lawrence Horn, Gerald Horn, Brady Horn and Edward Horn.  (I have birthdates for these people but can't give them out without permission from each individual.  Hope you understand.)  Wish I had more but that's all for now.

28 Oct 1997    Mary Noel <mnoel@earthlink.net>
 My paternal grandfather Michael A. Noel was born in Hungary between 1896-1898. I have to find my father's birth cert. for the exact date. He married Margaret Ebner, who also was born in Hungary. I know that Margaret Ebner was from Grodd Jetsca Village in Hungary, perhaps my grandfather was also. My father's name was Frank M. Noel, he was born in Philadelphia in 1918.

12 Apr 1999     "GEORGE M MADDEN" <GMADDEN@prodigy.net>

 I think my gg-grandmoother was Elvira/Alvira Griffen/Griffin b. 1801/1802 in CT who was married to Solomon Burdick, b. 1794/1795, NY, in 1818. My g-grandmother, Samantha Burdick Logan, was living with them and I assume was their daughter, when the 1850 census was taken. She married my g-grandfather, Jonathan B. Logan in Henderson County, IL in 1854. Their are enough commom names in the families, I'm pretty sure I have the right family. Also, the states of birth shown on later censuses where Samantha appears are the same as those shown for Solomon and Elvira. There is a discrepancy in the age of Samantha as shown on the 1850 census and those taken later. The 1850 census shows her as 13 whereas she shows 1839 as her year of birth on later censuses. The 1900 census shows her as being born in Feb 1839 in OH. If this is correct, she would have been only 15 when she got married in 1854.

17 Aug 1999 1 Valerie Kennison <valken@sunet.net>
I found your name in the surname index for ACGS.  I am wondering if you have any information on the family of Samantha Griffin who married Joshua Stowe 31 Dec 1838 in Windsor.  They had three children:  Celia, Harmon and Eunitia.

I have little in the way of information on the Griffins, but have lots on the Stowe line.

 4 Oct 1999    Irja R. Coles"    <irja@brads.net>
I have been looking for a Patrick Griffin and Molly McBride. Is it at all possible that it was Molly O'Brien instead of McBride?
Or that your Molly should be McBride? I have both born about 1725 in Ireland and came over on a ship to USA. I have children Catherine and Patrick and John and Ann. Catherine was born about 1745. Patrick died about 1811 in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA. Catherine married Simon Ruffner in January of 1771. Please let me know if it is at all possible that they are the same person.

06 Nov 1998 A Harvey Noel who was in line with my g-grandfather Joseph did all the work. At the time, since my Jacob and his Adam were born 34 years apart, he did not think they had the same father because the mother was different.  Since then he learned that they are half-brothers. He said that he did look for marriage and death records but found none. I think he may have misspelled the mothers names or did not look to far because he was just at the start of his search, new nothing except that the name of his  g-g-grandfather was Joseph. My dad sent him to St Vincent's. He has done a lot of work, and this work is in the basement of the Library at Davenport, Iowa. I have seen some of it but was not interested in genealogy at the time.

The Noel's in Frederick County, Va is interesting could they be of the Cornelius Noel family?

Also I do have the early records of ST V's, 'Father Hebrons Register'. . It covers 1799 to about 1819/28.
   Daniel         9 Feb 1817         Peter & Margaret Noel
   Mary Barbara  22 Feb 1820               Barbara Ruffner

   Mary  1804              Simon Ruffner & Margaret Griffy

   Adam     6 July 1800          George & Margaret Ruffner
   George  22 March 1802         Patrick & Margaret Griffy
   Joseph   5 Oct 1806  Joseph Schmit & Elizabeth (maiden)
   Margaret 4 Sept 1809   Simon Ruffner & Margaret  Griffy
   Anna    15 July 1810          John Henry & Mary Henrich
   John    26 Nov 1811                 Edward & Mary Toner <<Tanner?

   Peter  7 Sept 1800           Patrick & Margaret Griffin
   Susan  8 May  1801                Nicholas & Mary Wally
   Isaias 3 June 1804              John & Mary McCoy/Magoy
   Michel 4 april 1807   Adam Kuhn & Mary Andress (maiden)
   Henry  4 March 1810           Philip & Barbara Seyverth

   Mary Ann 24 Aug 1817          Jacob Noel & Mary Andreis
   Sarah    28 Nov 1819       Joseph Bock & Sarah Dogherty
   Margaret  9 April 1815            Peter & Margaret Noel

   Elizabeth 1 Nov 1801 Christian & Magdalen (Isly) Ruffner
   Mary Magdalen 27 Dec 1807      Simon & Catharine Ruffner
   George 12 June 1803  Joseph Noel & Mary Ruffner (Maiden)
   Henry  14 Oct 1810  George Ruffner & Margaret Isly/Easly
   Rachel 17 Aug 1805             Patrick & Margaret Griffy
   Margaret 17 Apr 1814                   Jacob & Mary Kuhn

   Andrew    15 Nov 1807           George & Sibylla Ruffner
   Catharine 22 Nov 1812           Henry & Magdalen Griffen
   George    22 Oct 1803              Philip & Mary Hartman
   Margaret  15 Oct 1809          Simon & Catharine Ruffner

   John  16 Sept 1818                     John & Mary Henry
   Peter 16 Sept 1818                 Peter & Margaret Noel

   Mary Anna 13 June 1806 Simon Noel & Catharine Isly/Easly

   Mary Ann 15 April 1810     John Grunewald & Mary Andress

   Catharine 11 April 1811               George & Mary Kuhn
   Catharine 11 April 1814     William & Margaret Daugherty
   Johanna Simon 22 aug 1802   John Henry & Barbara
Ruffner                                                       (maiden)
   John Jacob 15 Aug 1805  Jacob Kuhn & Catharine
Seyverth/                                                Seybert maiden
   Peter 28 Aug 1809  George & Sibylla Ruffner

   Elizabeth 8 July 1804  Joseph & Margaret Noell

   Mary Ann 23 march 1802  Joseph Noel & Catharine Ruffner
   Susan    23 march 1802  Patrick & Margaret Griffy
   Henry    23 March 1802  Patrick & Margaret Griffy

   Simon    28 Nov 1819   Frederick Sceptre & Margaret Noel
   Margaret 28 Nov 1819   Frederick Sceptre & Margaret Noel
   David    28 Nov 1819   Frederick Sceptre & Margaret Noel

   Christina 29 Aug 1811  Simon Noell & Mary Andreas/Andrews
   Elizabeth  7 Jun 1801          Patrick & Margaret Griffin
   Margaret 6 April 1806              Peter & Margaret Noell

   Susan 28 Aug 1809            Simon Noel & Susan Zinsdorff

   Frank 26 July 1801               Peter Noel & Anna Rogers

   Elizabeth 18 Oct 1812 Christian Ruffner & Elizabeth Noell

   Peter  27 April 1817                           Peter Noel

   Rose  6 June 1819                 Henry Bock & Susan Noel

   Mary Magdalen  12 Feb 1815  James/Jacob Noell & Rose Wight

   Elizabeth  22 Feb 1820   Magdalen Noel

   Peter  24 April 1803  John Noele & Mary Kuhn

Here’s what I found from Noels when I went to Winchester VA in September 1998. The courthouse has two sections;  one for Frederick County - which was what it was before the name change.  The other section is Winchester - after the name change.  I spent time on the Noels in the old Frederick County side and not the newer Winchester side.  Was looking up some marriages on another line on the Winchester side and they were more current.   I try to check as many names as I can wherever I am cause you never know who you will stumble into.  Then I make a note of it and file it in “my box”.  Some day I may find I need this info and won’t remember where it was.  Thought I would share it with you.

County Births  1853 - 1912

Book 8 page 72
Catherine Noel  b 6/7/1868 in Frederick Co  - Father Joseph Noel (farmer)  mother Mary
source Joseph Noel

Female (not named) Noel born ?/?/1855 in Frederick Co, Va.  Book 8 page 18
Mother’s maiden name Sarah Noel.  Father  Unlisted    Source A. Fenly (overseer of the poor)

County Deaths  1853 - 1896

None   (Yes there were a lot, but no Noels.  (I also check for Speaas and Tanner)

Wills  Again,  no Noels
Marriages - Frederick County  -Virginia

Book 1    1820-1824

Joseph Noel to Mary Hays  11/3/1824    page 125

John Noel to Letitia Whitacre   10/10/1826   page 125

Nicholas Noel to Nancy Kearns  4/9/1830  page 126
(I think this was Kerns which I associated with some below since that name appeared in other entries in the book  not Kearns which wasn’t common for these pages.)

Henry Noel to Lydia Farmer  9/13/1833  page 126

John Noel to Phoebe Whitacre  4/18/1838 page 126

Peggy Noel to Henry Young  6/5/1812  page 197

Elizabeth Noel to Nathan Kerns  1/11/1821  page 93

Elizabeth Noel to Peter Oliver  3/12/1826  page 128

Catharine Noel to Nathan Kerns  8/9/1832  page 96B

Sara Jane Noel to Jeffersen Largent  12/8/1844  page 102A

Mary Jane Nole to Samuel Oats 12/6/1849  page 128A/26

Martha Jane Noel to Elisha Kerns    9/21/1852 page 96D

Sarah Elizabeth Noel to Vincent D McKee  7/3/1853  page 122F/10
Marriages - Frederick County, Va

Book 2   1853 - 1907

Margaret Noel , (daughter of John and Letitia Noel, ) Age 21 to Elias Kerns Age 22  12/12/1856
   page 35

Rachel Noel  (daughter of Nicholas and Nancy Noel) Age 21 to Meredity Whitacre age 24  4/27/1857  page 38

Sara Elizabeth Noel to Vincent D McKee  7/3/1853  page 5

Marriages - Frederick County, Va
Book 3   No Noels
Other Sources on names I was checking:   (These were found in the Archives - which is a whole special place in the basement of the library with books, microfilms, computers, etc for genealogy research.  Wish I had a whole lot more time and two good legs while we were there.)

Clasping Hands with Generations Past by Emma Rouse Lloyd published 8/1932 hardcover
had this:

Robert Tanner came from Alsace with the 1717 colony and settled in Madison Co, Va on 350 acres in 1728.  His wife Maria and these children came with him:

Christopher, Christiannia, Katherine, Mary and Parva

Robert Tanner was an attorney at law in Madison Co.  Christopher son of Robert and Maria married Elizabeth Aylor  5/12/1781 in Madison Co, Va.  Their children were
Jacob, Frederick, Christopher II, John, Abraham, Dorothy and Mary (Maria) Magdalene.

Mary (Maria) Magdalene married Christopher Zimmerman in 1768
PA Vital Statistics Book Vol 1, 2, 3

Henry Tanner married Mary Games 12/10/1778

11 Jun 1998  <elsworth@connect-me.net>

This appeared in the January 8, 1908   front page of the Latrobe Bulletin  (local newspaper)


Remarkable Life of James Murphy Was Brought To A Close Today

    James Murphy an aged resident of Bradenville, whose life was intimately
associated with the early development of this section of the state died at
8:35 o'clock, this morning following an illness of several years duration.
He had been failing in health for a long time, but his illness had not
taken a serious turn until about three weeks ago.  He was well known
throughout the county and especially so in Bradenville and in Derry.  He
was one of the earliest settlers in the town of Derry.
     Mr. Murphy was born on the thirty first of October in the year 1819 in
Gorey County, Waxford, Ireland.  He was thus over 88 years of age when he
died.  He came to this country in the year 1851 and at once located in
Derry, where he lived in one of the first houses to be erected in the
railroad town.  The house was located near the water tanks.  Immediately
upon his arrival in Derry he took a position with the Pennsylvania railroad
company as a trackman and he was engaged on the first grading done through
Blairsville Intersection.  He resided at Derry until the year 1865 when he
was transferred to Bradenville by the company still in the position of
trackman.  He kept the same position until the year 1882 when his health
compelled him to retire.  In all the thirty one years in which he had
worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad company, he never once asked for a
pass, although it would have been his for the asking, it having been the
practice of the company during those years to issue passes to trackmen who
requested them.
     From the time he came to Westmoreland county in 1851 until his death
this morning, he had never once been out of the State of Pennsylvania and
but twice in the fifty seven years had he gone outside of the bounds of
Westmoreland county.
     During the thirty one years in which he worked for the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company he never made more than $1.50 a day.  Upon these wages he
raised a family of wife and four children comfortable and also laid aside a
competence which sustained him in his declining years.
     In the year 1860, he was united in marriate to a daughter of Blasius
Noel of Derry and four children were born to them, all of whom are living.
The children are Andrew J. of New Derry, William S. of Derry, Mrs. Mary E.
Galvin and Mrs. Elizabeth Allison both of Bradenville.  EIghteen
grandchildren are also left to mourn his loss.
     The funeral services have not yet been arranged.  The . . . . . . tomorrow.

30 Dec     gendaemon@ProgCons.COM (GenServer Daemon)

NOEL, Marie Jeanne 888    POTIER, Charles  N400                         caph6ia
NOEL, Marie P      3717   CHARTIER, Joseph N400                         lamc6ja
NOEL, Martha Ellen 949    LYNESS, Thomas   N400                         ferrch1
NOEL, Martha Jane  44     STONE, William R N400  4 Jul 1834 28 Feb 1886 schc6ga
NOEL, Marthe       1051   TOUREAU(TOURAUD) N400                         kellc1
NOEL, Mary Lee     3475   GRANT, Gary Earl N400 19 Sep 1943             wheado1
NOEL, Mary Thomas  10774                   N400        1864    Feb 1927 evap6ja
NOEL, Matt         18     MILLER, Theresa  N400        1884 22 Apr 1950 dyed6da
NOEL, Matthew      404                     N400        1976             dowg6fa
NOEL, Matthew A "  1465   SWINEY, Emma N   N400                         walc6ea
NOEL, Maud Miriam  8187   WRIGHT, Frank L  N400                         flen6ba
NOEL, Melissa F    2951                    N400  7 Oct 1974             gusc6da
NOEL, Melissa L    10761  DAVENPORT, (?)   N400                         evap6ja
NOEL, Michael      2545   STRASBACH, C     N400        1771        1832 gorb6ha
NOEL, Michael A W  396    DOWD, Barbara    N400                         dowg6fa
NOEL, Michael B    327                     N400        1829             felp6na
NOEL, Michele      3238   GIGNAC, DENIS    N400                         leejs1
NOEL, Millie M     367                     N400        1908             felp6na
NOEL, Minnie B     134    BROWN, Robert M  N400 11 Jan 1873             felp6na
NOEL, Minnie V.    4621   WHITED, Isaac A  N400 10 Feb 1875  5 Apr 1953 hivn6ga
NOEL, Myrtle Vera  347    SCOTT, Leston M  N400  8 Nov 1908             beaq6ja
NOEL, N M          386                     N400        1835             felp6na
NOEL, Narcisse     1455   CHARPENTIER, J   N400        1825             leejs1
NOEL, Narcisse     65     CORMIER, M       N400        1845             leejs1
NOEL, Nazaire      12132  ROBITAILLE, Eve  N400                         lamc6ja
NOEL, Nelson       132                     N400  3 Dec 1875             leejs1
NOEL, Neva May     143                     N400                         baic6ba
NOEL, Nicholas     2356   STRASBACK, M     N400        1725        1756 gorb6ha
NOEL, Nicholas     2829   RENOUF, Lorance  N400                         hulmda1
NOEL, Nicholas     3256   STRAUSBAUGH, M   N400                         gorb6ha
NOEL, Numa         15054  PETITPAS, Eldora N400                         vaia6fa
NOEL, O'Hara       1092   CADDEY, M J      N400                         qwilkj1
NOEL, OLIVER       259                     N400                         evaa6ga
NOEL, OVIDE        255                     N400                         evaa6ga
NOEL, Olive        10173  MARCOUX, Ignace  N400                         vaia6fa
NOEL, Olive        1218   RICHARD, Antoine N400                         heliro1
NOEL, Oliver H. P  10483  BROYLES, S       N400 23 May 1818 20 Apr 1883 evap6ja
NOEL, Oscar        365                     N400    Oct 1895             felp6na
NOEL, Parthenia    381                     N400        1840             felp6na
NOEL, Patty D      856    THOMAS, Carl Lee N400 18 Nov 1937             sipekw1
NOEL, Paul         405                     N400    Jul 1894             felp6na
NOEL, Paul Emile   8682   JOYAL, Madeleine N400                         levn6ba
NOEL, Pauline      406                     N400    Jul 1894             felp6na
NOEL, Pearl        411                     N400    Aug 1898             felp6na
NOEL, Philippe     1010   AUBIN, Agathe    N400 13 Mar 1734             lamc6jc
NOEL, Philippe     1073   LECLERC, G       N400        1705             lamc6jc
NOEL, Philippe     1099   AUBIN, Agathe    N400 13 Mar 1734             lamc6ja
NOEL, Philippe     1148   RONDEAU, Marie   N400 28 Dec 1670 30 Sep 1736 lamc6jc
NOEL, Philippe     1166   LECLERC, G       N400        1705             lamc6ja
NOEL, Philippe     1298   RONDEAU, Marie   N400 28 Dec 1670 30 Sep 1736 lamc6ja
NOEL, Philippe     2361   MARTINEAU, M     N400                         pelp6ka
NOEL, Philippe     3018   MACHON, Rachel   N400    ABT 1734             hulmda1
NOEL, Philippe     3155   RONDEAU, Marie   N400                         chrila1
NOEL, Philippe     3696   LECLAIRE, G      N400                         leejs1
NOEL, Philippe     3700   RONDEAU, M       N400                         leejs1
NOEL, Philippe     3931   MESSERVY, Susan  N400    ABT 1708             hulmda1
NOEL, Philippe     3998                    N400    ABT 1732        1733 hulmda1
NOEL, Philippe     4046                    N400 12 Sep 1761             hulmda1
NOEL, Philippe     4374                    N400    ABT 1732        1733 hulmda1
NOEL, Philippe     4582   LE_MASURIER, C   N400        1680             hulmda1
NOEL, Philippe     687    AUBIN, Agathe    N400 13 Mar 1734             lamc6jb
NOEL, Philippe     753    LECLERC, G       N400        1705             lamc6jb
NOEL, Philippe     884    RONDEAU, Marie   N400 28 Dec 1670 30 Sep 1736 lamc6jb
NOEL, Phyliss      1188                    N400  2 Nov 1944             herbo1
NOEL, Phyllis B.   3843   HULL, Henry C.   N400                         cruq6ka
NOEL, Pierre       3851   BARBE, Maria M   N400                         crob6ba
NOEL, Pierre       4223   AUGUSTIN, E      N400        1617             lamc6jc
NOEL, Pierre       8610   COTE, Therese    N400                         vaia6fa
NOEL, Pierrette    8102   ROY, Rosaire     N400                         levn6ba
NOEL, Polly        18327  MILLNER, Thomas  N400        1789        1840 ropefr1
NOEL, Porter L     363                     N400    Oct 1899             felp6na
NOEL, Price A      403    GOURLEY, Henry E N400 23 Aug 1862 14 Apr 1944 gourley
NOEL, Price A "    10759  GOURLEY, Henry E N400 23 Aug 1862             evap6ja
NOEL, Prisque      2774   TRUDEAU, Flavie  N400        1800    Dec 1879 rudqda1
NOEL, Queen V      10757  RHODES, Burch    N400        1861             evap6ja
NOEL, RION         598    BARKER, ADELA F  N400                         barker
NOEL, ROGER        256                     N400                         evaa6ga
NOEL, ROLAND       264                     N400                         evaa6ga
NOEL, Rachel       28154  CHEVALIER, D     N400    ABT 1758    ABT 1824 schr6ja
NOEL, Rachel       2966   CHEVALIER, D     N400    ABT 1758 15 Oct 1824 hulmda1
NOEL, Ralph L.     1309   CUNION, C        N400 24 Dec 1915 29 Sep 1981 cunnst1
NOEL, Raymond      798    REDDICK, Robbie  N400 13 Sep 1923             herbo1
NOEL, Rebecca      2508   STRASBACH, B P   N400  4 Jun 1819  8 Jun 1884 gorb6ha
NOEL, Rebecca Dawn 1887                    N400 18 Mar 1993             terc6ba
NOEL, Richmond     99     PRUITT, Rody     N400                         schc6ga
NOEL, Robert       1190                    N400 23 May 1947             herbo1
NOEL, Robert       24156  MOUNFORT, Alice  N400        1127             smittd1
NOEL, Robert       407                     N400    Feb 1896             felp6na
NOEL, Roger        402    GILLESPIE, M     N400 31 Mar 1952             barnbr1
NOEL, Ronald       1194   HORNKOHL, P L    N400        1944             tibn6ja
NOEL, Ronald Todd  1886   COLE, Cynthia L  N400 18 Feb 1969             terc6ba
NOEL, Ronda Marie  1197                    N400  3 Jan 1964             tibn6ja
NOEL, Rose         335                     N400 26 Aug 1884             felp6na
NOEL, Rose Anna    1965   LEVASSEUR, C E   N400  1 Jun 1885             levn6ba
NOEL, Rose Marie   732    SCHWAB JR., A F  N400                         worlja1
NOEL, Roy Allen    730    RUDDELL, Mary J  N400                         worlja1
NOEL, Rusty        76     RESIDES, N K     N400                         stre6ja
NOEL, Ruth Eileen  735                     N400                         worlja1
NOEL, SARAH (      3150   ROBINSON, JOHN   N400                         smitsj1
NOEL, Samuel       11353  CRISLER, Nancy   N400 29 Dec 1814  1 Nov 1842 evap6ja
NOEL, Sandra J     2943   SPREHE, Daniel   N400 23 Jan 1956             gusc6da
NOEL, Sandra Kay   2741   PETERS, John D   N400 16 Oct 1943             dulggs1
NOEL, Sarah        3456   SPINDLE, M       N400                         barv6ba
NOEL, Sarah        89     PEMBERTON, S     N400                         dougse1
NOEL, Sarah        9465   DICKEY, John     N400                         franj1
NOEL, Sarah F      328                     N400 20 Aug 1860             felp6na
NOEL, Seraphine    11892  VAILLANCOURT, O  N400                         vaia6fa
NOEL, Sheri Lee    1195   CONSTONTA, A     N400  7 Nov 1961             tibn6ja
NOEL, Sherry Lynn  3410                    N400  3 Oct 1966             alln6ba
NOEL, Sheryl Jane  737                     N400                         worlja1
NOEL, Silva Dell   617    ____, Stratford  N400 19 Aug 1895             peebly1
NOEL, Stephanie J  19295                   N400 14 Jul 1988             welmayf
NOEL, Stonewall J  10772  WILSON, Nettie B N400        1869             evap6ja
NOEL, Susan Ann    524    CALHOUN, M F     N400 10 Aug 1841             hole6fa
NOEL, Susan I      4826                    N400  2 Jun 1941             smittd1
NOEL, Susanne      3963                    N400    ABT 1739             hulmda1
NOEL, Suzanne      4047                    N400    ABT 1767             hulmda1
NOEL, Suzanne      5825   BELLEMARE, M     N400 28 Feb 1950             vaia6fa
NOEL, Suzanne M    1983   WEBER, Balthasar N400                         simpwu1
NOEL, Suzanne M    1985   WEBER, Balthasar N400                         simpwu1
NOEL, THOMAS       3151   DRUCILLA,        N400                         smitsj1
NOEL, Terry Lee    738                     N400                         worlja1
NOEL, Theresa      1680   WARREN, David    N400        1796             hipp6da
NOEL, Theresa      1682   WARREN, David    N400                         hipp6da
NOEL, Thermon      3476   FERGUSON, Nora   N400                         wheado1
NOEL, Thomas       19585  STRANGE, M       N400        1151        1187 smittd1
NOEL, Thomas       4772                    N400    ABT 1705             hulmda1
NOEL, Thomas       566    SOUNDE, Jane     N400        1393             rootdo1
NOEL, Timothy G    598                     N400 25 Jun 1981             peebly1
NOEL, Toussaine    476    GEORGIN, D       N400        1653  9 Jul 1739 weih6ib
NOEL, Urgel - D D  41     MARTEL, Emilie   N400  3 Feb 1883             goob6ga
NOEL, Ursule       1593   LECLERC, Adrien  N400        1693             marb6ga
NOEL, Ursule       430    LECLERC, Joseph  N400 11 Oct 1712             lamc6jb
NOEL, Ursule       466    LECLERC, Joseph  N400 11 Oct 1712             lamc6jc
NOEL, Ursule       845    LECLERC, Joseph  N400 11 Oct 1712             lamc6ja
NOEL, VERONIQUE    35     ROY, JEAN B      N400 23 Jun 1737 11 Aug 1761 beao6kf
NOEL, VIRGINIA     1716                    N400                         zwick1
NOEL, Vera         2293                    N400                         leejs1
NOEL, Vicki        1191                    N400 11 Sep 1949             herbo1
NOEL, Victoire     2467   ROUSSEAU, Joseph N400                         pina6da
NOEL, Victoria     1060   MOLTER, Anthony  N400 25 Feb 1839  3 Dec 1919 holseb1
NOEL, Victoria Ann 52     MILLIKEN, J D    N400 31 Jul 1948             mild6ea
NOEL, Virginia     279    WHEELER, J S     N400                         wheq6kg
NOEL, W J          387                     N400        1837             felp6na
NOEL, Walter       92     BENDELL, Harriet N400                         benq6ka
NOEL, Willard Lee  731    STANTURF, Elma L N400                         worlja1
NOEL, William L    329    ____, Nannie B   N400 13 Oct 1864             felp6na
NOEL, William T.   14209  GREEN, Ivy H.    N400                         smittd1
NOEL, William T.   4824   JORDAN, Myra I   N400  8 Sep 1908             smittd1
NOEL, Wright H     10771                   N400                         evap6ja
NOEL, YVONNE       469    ROBINSON, D G    N400 18 Jul 1949             evaa6ga
NOEL, Yvonne       15019  VAILLANCOURT, A  N400                         vaia6fa
NOEL, Zachary A    19296                   N400 12 Oct 1991             welmayf
NOEL, Zeblin M.V.  2042   NEWMAN, E        N400        1835        1865 dueq6kc
NOEL, Zoel         16689  VAILLANCOURT, E  N400                         vaia6fa
NOEL, alice        1043   DE_HARCOURT, s   N400                         ropere1
NOEL, unknown      1557   GREVILLE, C      N400                         ottikr1

13 Feb 1997     Dominic Noel <noel@mcn.org>

BY  Harry Joseph Mayo   1923 CA..
      251 Marnell Ave
        Santa Cruz, CA (in 1986)

Susie Noama Noel        1905 CA..1983 CA
 Henry Harrison         1872 PA..1936 CA
   William Henry        1850 PA..1941 CA
     Peter              1818 PA..1901 PA
       Jacob/James      1773 PA..1847 PA
         Andrew Sr      1754 PA..1816-17 PA
           John         1722 GR..1765 PA
              Joseph    1680 GR..1752-53 PA Adams County

This is from:
   Founding Catholic Families of Conewago
      by Barbara Brady O'Keefe
            2120 S W 127 Avenue
                Miami, Florida 33175
                    (dated 1986)

01 Mar 1997    Susan Parks <scparks@pacbell.net>
Found a Thomas Noel, Caroline Co. MD       Choptank Hundred Twp.  can be found in Court records.

18 Mar 1997      Cobra XLT <nunleyrs@sisna.com>
I am a descendent of James NOEL md Mary Ann "Polly" CLARK 02 Dec 1841.  They had several children but I am descended from their daughter, Susan Lucy NOEL (md John D. TAYLOR).  Susan had a brother named Thomas
Jefferson NOEL who resided in Pennsylvania in the early 1900's.  Do any of these names show up in your family tree?

21 Mar 1997    Helen Ormsby <heleno@Alaska.NET>
 The following are all the people named NOEL who are listed in the index of
the 1860 census of Adams County, Pennsylvania.  The number after each name
denotes where they are located in the census.  For example, in Franklin
Township, John Noel and Martha Noel both have the number 070.  This means
they are both in the same household.  In Mount Pleasant Township, Francis
Noel has number 497 and Jacob Noel has 498.  This probably means that they
have adjoining property.

Butler Township:
        Peter Noel - 013

Franklin Township:
        John Noel - 070
        Martha Noel - 070

        Marie Noel - 192
        Susan Noel - 209

Menallen Township:
        David Noel - 415

Mount Pleasant Township:
        Francis Noel - 497
        Jacob Noel - 498
        James Noel - 498
        Jerome Noel - 491
        Lewis Noel - 503
        Peter Noel - 499
        Samuel Noel - 502
        Samuel Noel - 499

Oxford Township:
        Epideous Noel - 528
        John S. Noel - 529
        Peter Noel - 548

Reading Township:
        Abe Noel - 564
        Franklin Noel - 577
        J. Noel - 564
        Jacdson Noel -579
        John Noel - 578
        Mary Noel - 577
        Mary Noel - 578
        Mathias Noel - 572
        William Noel - 579

Straban Township:
        Mariah Noel - 583

22 Mar 1997 1   "Florence M. Jensen" <fjensen@hq.tcfarm.com>
William Bazel Noel b. 1762 in England. Resident of Maryland where he owned ships, but lost them in storm, and Kentucky. First wife died, then married 8 Oct. or Dec., 1794 in Shelby Co, KY. Mary Gregg b. Dublin, Ireland. She d. about 1848.  Seeking parents of both and any further information. Have lineage of their daughter, Mary Noel Kitchen Haftield, to myself.

 9 Apr 1997 2     Dorcutt931@aol.com
I believe that my Noel's settled in VA., yes you have early Noel Lineage
correct.  The following is my line as I know it, I will go just up to
Vawter's marriage because I am sure you aren't interested in my line later
on. I have also been told that their is a Noel Book in the library, and I
have a e-mail correspondent that has seen this book. It just may help in your
PA connection.
I have received two versions of Noel lineage, and I have found out that as in
any "early" lineage books there are alot of misinformation.  The first Noel
Lineage goes like this:
1. Passchier Nowe, b.
                              m. Stijntje Jaspers, March 19, 1583
                              children: Jacob

2.  Jacob Nowe, b. Abt. `1599 Leiden, SH Netherlands
                         m. Treintje Cornelisdr, Feb. 2, 1621 in
                              Leiden, Netherlands
                         children: Cornelis

3. Cornelis Noel, b. Nov. 8, 1623 Leiden SH Netherlands
                         d.  VA
                         m. Elizabeth Page, daughter of Thomas Page
                         children: Daniel Noel
                                       Mary Noel
                                       Margaret Noel
                                       Cornelius Noel
                                       Elizabeth Noel
                                       James Noel
5.  Daniel Noel, b.
                         m. Elizabeth Elliott
                         children: Daniel Noel
                                        Cornelius Noel
                                        Bernard Noel
                                        John Noel
\                                       Benjamin Noel
                                         Margaret Noel
                                         Samuel Noel

5.Margaret Noel, b. abt 1714 in Essex VA
                          d. Abt. 1756, Culpeper Co., FA
                          m. John Vawter
                          children: Winifred
                                         Richard Beverly

The second lineage information is a little different until Cornelius then
everything is the same, so which early info do we believe?
Second Lineage of Noel: This info from the Noel Book
1. Jacque Noel of Francheval m. Jeannie Vintier
                             child: Pieter (Pierre) Noel b. Sedan,
                                      Ardennes, France.

2.  Pieter Noel, b. Ardennes France
                        m. Elisabeth Denault (Deno) Sept. 1, 1596
                         children: Jacob

3.  Jacob Noel, b. abt 1599 Sedan, Ardennes, France
                       m. Treintje Cornelisdr in 1621 in Leiden,
                        children: Cornelius ( b. 1622 died young)
                                       Cornelius, b. 1623 in Leiden, Holland

4.  Cornelius Noel, b. Nov. 8, 1623, Leiden SH Netherlands
                             m. Elizabeth Page in Essex Va, daughter of
                                  Thomas Page
                             children: Daniel

5. Daniel Noel, b.
                       m. Elizabeth Elliott
                       children: Daniel Noel

6.Margaret Noel, born abt. 1714 in Essex Co., Va
                          died: Abt. 1756 Culpeper Co., Va
                          m. John Vawter
                         children: Winifred
                                        Richard Beverly

You will see that everything in both lineages match up on #3.
The Noel Book I am referring to is called Cornelius Noel, From Holland to
Virginia and his descendents in America. Compiled by Mary Roberts Noel
1908-1950 and Jennie Noel Weeks 1930-1977.  Pub. 1977 Salt Lake City,
Compiled over several volumes this is a documented and researched book on
Cornelius Noel and his descendants.
>From Neol book-25 Sept. 1665  1097 Acres & 27 prchs of Land lyeing on the
south side of Rappa River in the freshes of the same about 4 miles from the
river side and on the main branch of a creeke called Occupar Creeke to Henry
We believe that our Noel's were not Catholic but Protestant
and that is why they had to leave France.
>From the Book:
Nov. 7, 1666 "Whereas Cornelius Noel has lived in this County Servan and
Freeman and of the Reformed Religion and taken up land with a full resolution
to make his constant abode in this County and to remain himself as a true and
factful servand towards his Majesty and his Liege people hath petitioned he
might be admitted a Denizen of this County.  It is by the Governor Council
and Burgesses of this Grand Assembly Granted or ordered that said Cornelius
Noel be made a free Denizen.  Journal of the House of Burgesses of Virginia
1659-60-1693.  Francis Lord Howard Governor".

12 Apr 1997    Sandra J Hood <sjhood@wimmera.net.au>
Searching for information regarding Noel/Noall family from Cornwall England. William and Samuel came to Australia approx 1850-1860. Parents were Alexander Noall and Jane Berriman. Do you have any relevant info or contacts of others who may be conducting a similiar search?

01 May 1997      "Kenneth R. Noel" <kennoel@erols.com>
 Anything in your lines noting Anthony J. Noel c1820 or so in West Irvona, Clearfield or Westmoreland Co., PA?

14 May 97    "Russ Jurgensen" <RVJ1207@msn.com>
email address momisb@aol.com   is looking for connections of William Tinsley Noel who's parents were James and Elizabeth Tinsley Noel.  Any help?  I have nothing.  Georgene Jurgensen

18 May 1997      Dominic <noel@mcn.org>
 Ken I found the referance to Anthony Noel you may want to contact Susan below.  If you tie into any of the Noel's listed below, I would like to hear from you.   Dominic
  From:           SusanNoel@aol.com
Do not recognize any of those Noel names.  My husband's ancestors seem to be from Cambria/Clearfield Counties.  Do Anthony or Henry Luke Noel appear in your lines anywhere?
Letter to Susan today 5-18-97
Susan, If this is new, there is a Henry Noel son of Peter and Margaret ---  born 18 Dec 1810, bapt 4 Mar 1810  This family may have been from St Patricks, Newry.  Ref: Catholic Trails West

My dad was baptized Leo Anthony Noel (1887..1963).  If this fits with your info I would like to know more. I have started a Web Page centered on Joseph Noel trying to learn who his brothers and father were. If you have anything to add let me know.


Probable Brothers OF Joseph Noel (17xx..1839)

Peter Noel & Margaret ---
   Peter        10 May   1800
   Susan        15 Sept        bapt. 15 May  1801
   Isasias                     bapt.  3 June 1804
   Michael       1 Dec   1806?
   Henry        18 Dec         bapt   4 Mar  1810

John Noel & Petronilla ---
   Mary            Jan   1804

Simon Noel & Mary Andressin married 12 August 1812
   Margaret      5 March 1815
   Mary Ann      5 June  1817
   Sarah        19 Oct   1819

Abraham Noel  & Mary ---
   Daniel        3 Dec   1816
   Mary Barbara 30 Jan   1820

Jacob Noel

Alban  Noel
 FROM  Father Peter Helbrons Greensburg Register

DANIEL NOEL, s/o Abraham & Mary 12-3-1816 SP- Peter Noel &
MARY BARBARA d/o Abrham & Magdalen NOEL  1-30-1820 (Barbara
ADAM NOEL s/o Joseph & Margaret nee Griffin  6-11-1800  (George &
GEORGE NOEL s.o Joseph & Margaret Noel 3-16-1802  (Patrick &
JACOB NOEL sponsor to a child of Frederick & Catherine

JOHN NOEL  s/o Joseph & Margaret Noel 11-26-1811  (Edward & Mary
MICHAEL NOELL s/o Peter & Marg 4-4-1807
(Adam Kuhn & Mary Andress/maiden)

JOSEPH NOEL  s/o Joseph & Margaret Noel  8-3-1806  (Joseph
Schmidt &
ISAIS NOEL s/o Peter & Margaret Noell  11-10-1804  (John & Martha
SIMON NOELL  8-12-1812 to Mary Andressin
JOHN P NOEL m. SARAH JANE MANSFIELD Unity twp.  11-23-1865

 07 Jun 1997   No e-mail
Per Fr. Donald Raila and Fr. Omer here at St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe PA, the only two baptismal entries we could locate are:

[book 8, page 58]
Walter Leo Noel
born . . .  21 Nov. 1886
baptized . . . .6 Dec. 1886
father: George Noel
mother: Elizabeth Gerlack

[book 8, page 58]
Leo Anthony Noel
born . . . 8 Jan. 1887
baptized . . . 8 Jan. 1887
father: James Noel
mother: Mary Sophia Zink [Fink??]

N.B. Married
        Maria (Mary) Fannell (Farrell)   [Jannell (Jarrell)??]
        in Saint Vincent Church   8 Nov. 1923

Hope this helps!   Pax et Bonum,   Phil Engle

20 Jun 1997       biwer@aero.net (Biwer, Marty)
Are any of these Noel's connected to a Alfred Noel from Canada.  He had l2 children.  4 sons & 8 daughters.  Married a Perixode Rochon or Rochow?  Lived in or near Clarence Creek, Canada.  Alfred Noel would be my Great-Grandfather.  Grandfather was Benjamin Noel.  Father was William Benjamin Noel.  My father thought my Great-Great-Grandfather's
name was Joseph Noel.

07 Jul 1997     Donna Stewart <donstew@memphisonline.com>
I am a Noel, from Omaha, Illinois.  Well, my married name is Stewart, but
my given name is Noel.  I was raised on a farm in Omaha, IL, and the farm
has been with my family for three generations.

My father's name was Leon Mitchell Noel (deceased in 1989).  His father was
named Elbert Noel, his father was Isiah Noel from Posey County, IN.  Isiah
and his wife, Lizzie moved to Illinois after they married.  Isiah was a
farm hand for Lizzie's father, and when she married Isiah, they moved to
Illinois to run from the unpleasant situation in IN.

Leon had one brother who died shortly after birth.  There were no other
siblings of the marriage of Elbert and Madeline Mitchell Noel.

Elbert had brothers named Harold, and Orpheus.  He had a sister named
Lottie.  Lottie and Orpheus were settled in CA, and Harold lived in
Decatur, IL.

I don't know dates, nor much family history, though I am very interested in
it.  I have had no time to research.  My father did some research prior to
his death, but I do not know where his paperwork is located.

I have a brother named Richard Leon Noel who now farms the family farm in
IL.  I also have a twin sister named Deanna Lentz who lives in Grayville, IL.