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3 Nov. 2003    mtaylor@hal-pc.org
 I am having a problem identifying my Noel ancestor in Kentucky.  James Noel was born in 1795 in KY & was living in Boyle Co. with his wife & children in 1850 & then they all disappear except for daughter Mary who married Daniel Hocker & moved to Texas (my gg-grandmother). We all believe that he was a grandson of Bernard Noel who died in Mercer Co.KY ca 1805 there in Mercer Co. but which son is his father?

I am almost positive that my line is from Cornelius of Essex Co.Va. Bernard had 5 sons but I have ruled out Lewis & Bernard Jr. That leaves William dc 1825; Scott d.c. 1805 & Elijah dc 1805 in KY. I have a lot of information on William but have not proven a relationship. Scott & Elijah have been almost impossible to trace unless we can find some descendants of these men. Census records are no help at all that early in Kentucky & so far have not found any land records.  If any has any suggestions I would appreciate it.   Margaret

29 November 2003   noel@mcn.org
From the Richmond Times Dispatch Newspaper 21 April 1907 Section A-2  Column 6

This was a reply to a genealogical query of the Virginia Noel's

"The first of the name mentioned [was] Cornelius Noel Sr and Jr of Essex County. He had a son or grandson, Rice Noel , who was living in Essex County, previous to 1792. His son Richard Noel  married Mary, daughter of Stapleton Crutchfield, of Spotsylvania; by this marriage he gained a moiety in a grant of 6,000 acres in Kentucky. His son Richard Crutchfield Noel, was living in  Spotsylvania 1795-96."

Rice was in the will of
James Noel  1680 - 1741 Occupacia Essex Co Va

3 January 2004          notjustjoan@yahoo.com
I am descended from CORNELIUS Noel, b. abt 1623 in Leiden, South Holland; d. 1699 in Essex Co., VA.  I understand his parents were Jacob Noel, b. abt 1599 in Sedan, Ardennes, France, and Tryntgen Cornelis, b. abt 1600; that Jacob's father was Pierre Noel, b. abt 1565 in Sedan, Ardennes, France; and that Pierre's father was Jacque Noel, b. abt 1530 in Francheval, Ardennes, France.
Now I see on these pages that instead of Pierre, Jacob's father was Passchier Nowe, or Nowe Passchier.
My branch is as follows:
CORNELIUS Noel and Elizabeth Page
    JAMES Noel (b. 1680, VA) and Elizabeth Evans
        JOHN Noel Sr (b. abt 1721 in VA) and Anne Garnett
            THOMAS Noel (b. 1741 in VA) and Mary Drucilla Sellers
                MOSES Noel (b. 1779 in VA) and Lucy Bourne or Brown
                    HEZEKIAH Noel (b. 15 Feb 1812 in KY) and Rebecca Freeman
                        ELISHA Bracston Noel (b. 12 Dec 1851, IA) and CELESTIA
Celestia (or Celestial or Celestine or Celeste; on the 1900 Census it looks like Celestia) must have been Elisha's second wife; first wife was named Minerva Miller.
                          MARLEY Noel (b. 20 August 1899, Corning, IA)
                            and Vera Wallbridge
                            BETTY NOEL Lawrence (b. 12 Aug 1924, Spokane, WA)
I'm Betty's daughter Joan.  I never knew my grandfather; he left my grandmother with three small children back in 1928.  My grandmother never said anything negative about him.  All we knew about him was that his family was supposedly from Alsace-Lorraine, and he had a sister named Lena.  Apparently he remarried and moved to California, and may have had other children.   I found through research that he died in Arizona in February of 1982. We believe that in his second marriage my grandfather, Marley Noel, had a son, in California -- and I would be interested in finding him. He would be in his mid-70s now, if still living.

23 January 2004         marest@frontiernet.net
I am looking for some information on a James Noel, and cannot find anything in any of my notes.  I was able to obtain the page that everyone was missing from THE NOEL TREE a couple of years ago....and now I cannot find my copy of the book!  Perhaps there might be some mention of him there, but I have no way of knowing.  According to a list that a friend of mine copied at the Adams Co. Hist. Soc. several years ago, there was a James and Catharine Noel who had the following children:
James  b. 3-12-1804           c.  6-3-1804  Sponsors James and Maria Adam, Catharine Marthins
Anna (South Mountains)  b. 5-13-1806    c. 5-20-1806  Sponsors Andrew and Theresa Noel
Charles  b. 10-21-1808      c. 11-15-1808  Sponsors Charles and Maria Delon
Catharine  b. 2-8-1811        c. 2-20-1811  Sponsors Andrew and Elis. Noel
These were transcribed from the records of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Conewago Chapel, in Edge Grove, Adams Co.
Since my Henry was supposedly born in 1804, I thought this was worth checking out.  I am considering the possibility that his name could have been James Henry Noel.  If you can shed any light on James and Catharine Noel, I would really appreciate it!
I had been focusing on Peter and Miss Dull (Doll) as strong possibilities, but then a couple of years ago I received a note from another descendant of Henry that showed a note that had been written in an old book that said "Sarah Ca__el the Mother of Henry Noel died March the 3 AD 1856 aged 74 years."  You may recall that I forwarded the image to you and Ted to get your opinion in trying to decipher the last name

2-12-2004      brandts270@charter.net
I am trying to find the parents of Mary ( Maria ) Noel, who married Augustine Brandt.
Augustine Brandt b. 2/10/1813 - Loretta PA. married Mary (Maria) Noel b.abt. 1820  on August 13, 1837 in Harts Sleeping Place.  The time period for Mary's death is given as 1852 to 1856.   Have not been able to locate a burial place for her.   They lived in Clearfield County so have to "assume" it would be there.  Hope to get to Clearfield this summer at least for a day of research.   
It is "assumed" Mary died prior to 1856 since Augustine married Philomena Martin on 4/4/1856.

3-8-2004    CarolVass@comcast.net 
I can't help you with Peter Noel/Catherine Hoak, but wanted to correct the record about one of their children that you listed:  Elizabeth Noel.

It is without question that this daughter was born in 1829 from the Ledoux, Vol. II, Record #1868 NOEL, Elizabeth (Petri/Catharinae) b. 8-19; bp 10-10-1829; gp: Rev. D. A. Gallitzin/Maria Magdalena Noel, wife of Abraman.

Some researchers have thought this daughter of Peter/Catherine then married John Rager based on this Ledoux record: Ledoux, Vol. II, Record #4824 RIGAR, Joannem Protestant m. 5-2-1847 NOEL, Elizabetahm, wi: Andreas Regan/Sara Dillon.

It is important to note the date of this marriage 5-2-1847 and then look at the 1850 census records where you can find Elizabeth Noel/John Rager in their own household in Jackson Twp, Cambria Co, PA and Elizabeth Noel in her parents household in East Deer Twp, Allegheny:

1850 Jackson Twp., Cambria County
13  66   68  Rager          John           35  M    W     Labourer,  Pa
14  66   68  Rager          Elizabeth      21  F    W      Pa
15  66   68  Rager          Sarah C.       2   F    W    Pa
16  66   68  Rager          Willaim A.     6m  M    W     Pa

1850 census in East Deer Twp., Allegheny Cty.
Peter Noel 46 M Coal Digger 200 PA
Catharine Noel 51 F PA
J(?)acob 28 F
Elizabeth 20 F
Benjamin (??) 15 M Laborer
Henrietta Noel 11 F

Peter/Catherine's daughter Elizabeth is still in their household on the 1850 census while Elizabeth & John Rager are in their own household with the two oldest children of their ten children.

I have good evidence that the Elizabeth Noel who DID marry John Rager was one of the daughters of the William Noel who died in Cambria Co, PA in 1882 which I would be happy to post here if you need further documentation for this correction.

16 March 2004    vinil@aol.com
Here is what I have on Mary Noel:

JACOB SHARBAUGH and MARY BENDER: Marriage: November 24, 1835, Ledoux vol I # 03417 St Michaels, Loretto

JACOB SHARBAUGH and MARY NOEL: Marriage: May 07, 1838, St Micheals Loretto Pa
1850 Census for Cambria County Pennsylvania, Carrolltown, Page 22:
Jacob Sharbacher Age 36 Blacksmith $800 in real estate Born in Germany
Mary C. Age 28 Born in Germany
Susan Age 11
John Age 8
Mary Age 5
James Age 3
Catherine Age 10/12
Michael Barnacle Age 20 Blacksmith
Martin Seymore Age 18 Laborer
All household members except Jacob and his wife Mary were born in Pennsylvania.
I would be glad to correspond with others and share what I can find. Again, thank you for the contact.
6 April 2004         ejlangley@email.msn.com
By any chance was this Emmanuel Noel of Northumberland County, PA related to Jerome A Noel (1839-1916, husband of an Emma Catherine Ream (Rheem/Rheam/Reem)of Perry Co?

10 April 2004              http://www.angelfire.com/ga2/Andersonvilleprison/index.html

Andersonville Civil War Prison

click on Prisoner lookup then click on Code and get all the info

Code Last Name First Name Rank State


For example
Andersonville Prisoner Profile
Code No:  67355
Last Name:  NOEL
Company:  D
Regiment:  17
State:  IA
Branch of  Service:  INFANTRY
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Place Captured:  TILTON, GEORGIA
Date Captured:  10/13/1864
Alternate Names:
More Information Available:  NO

Andersonville Prisoner Profile
Code No:  45855
Last Name:  NOEL
First Name:  WILLIAM
Company:  E
Regiment:  1
State:  WI
Branch of  Service:  CAVALRY
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Reference*:  P 19 [414]
Date Captured:  5/9/1864
Alternate Names:
More Information Available:  YES

17 April 2004   This has been placed at Cambria Co Hist Soc in Ebensberg, PA by Jean Sharbaugh <JeanShar40@aol.com> who is researching all early Cambria Co families of; Luther, Baker, Kuntz, Sherry,Cramer, Weakland, Kirkpatrick, Sharbaugh, Platt, Miller, Noel

Descendants of Joseph Noel of Cambria County, PA

Generation No. 1

1.  JOSEPH1 NOEL was born 1790, and died March 03, 1865.  He married ELIZABETH SPIECHER.  She was born 1790.

Notes for JOSEPH NOEL: Maiden name for Elizabeth his wife In 1838 Aloysius Swope married Mary Noel, a daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Spiecher) Noel, then of Allegheny township. Mr. Noel was a native of Rhenish Prussia and came from the Fatherland to America in 1834. He was a farmer by principal occupation.

Burial: St Michaels Loretto


i. JOSEPH2 NOEL, b. 1810; m. CATHERINE STOLTZ, November 03, 1840; b. 1822.

Marriage: November 03, 1840
Lived in Munster Twp

ii. MARION A NOEL, b. Abt. 1812; m. ALOISIUS SCHWAB/SWOPE, January 09, 1838; b. August 15, 1811; d. April 12, 1879.

Aloysius Swope, only son and only child of Joseph and Mary (Gerber) Swope, was born in Pheterhausen, Alsace, August, 15, 1811. In 1833, when twenty-two years old, he came to America with his widowed mother and settled in Allegheny township, Cambria county. He bought a farm and farming was his occupation in life. He lived on the farm he first purchased for about fourteen years, and then removed to what was then White township, but now is Chest township. In this locality he acquired possession of two of the very oldest as well as the largest farms of Chest, township. The one he first occupied was known as the Glen Connell place, with which settlement much that is interesting in the early history of Chest township is associated. He purchased the farm from the McConnell heirs and built a house, the material for which, except the stone and logs used in its construction, was brought by wagon from Philadelphia. It was a very large house and for the time and place was considered almost a mansion. Here Mr. Swope lived a number of years and then bought what was known locally as the Proudfoot place, about two miles distant from the Glen Connell place. This locality, too, has its history, and here once lived Richard J. Proudfoot, a distinguished member of the Pennsylvania legislature in 1857 and 1861. Here Mr. Swope spent the remaining years of his life and died April 12, 1879.

Marriage: January 09, 1838

iii. KATHRYN NOEL, b. Abt. 1813; m. LOUIS MAYER/ MYERS, February 10, 1839.

Marriage: February 10, 1839

iv. MARY CATHERINE NOEL, b. May 04, 1815, Germany; d. August 18, 1880, East Carroll twp cambria co pa; m. JACOB A JACQUES SHARBAUGH, May 07, 1838, St Micheals loretto pa; b. June 11, 1814, Kubelberg Germany; d. December 24, 1875, East Carroll twp cambria co pa.

Burial: St Benedicts cemetery Carrolltown


CD # 273, Passenger & Immigration Lists, NY 1820-1850;
  Jacob Schabacher, age 13, farmer from Erbach, from Amsterdam, NYC arrival 6/4/1832;  (age mistake, should be 18)
  Theobald Schabacher, age 23, farmer, from Amsterdam, NYC arrival 6/4/1832. (both on ship, Herald)

The Sharbaugh family is of German descent, and locate their trans Atlantic home in one
of the present states of the great German Empire, whose educational progress and military growth have been so wonderful since its establishment in 1871. From this great land, which was not over powerful fifty years ago, came Jacob Sharbaugh and his family, who landed in the United States in 1832. He soon removed to Carroll township, where he resided until his death.  He was a blacksmith by trade, and in religious faith and church membership a Catholic. He married in Germany and had a family of five children, three sons and two
daughters: Jacob, who married Mary Noel, and died December 24, 1875, aged sixty-one years; Catherine wedded Michael Latterner, and is now deceased; Peter, now engaged in farming in Carroll township; Elizabeth, who married John Flick, and is now deceased, and Squire John Sharbaugh all born born in the Grand Duchy.

   After I found  the Sharbaugh birthplace in Germany as Kubelberg, Joe Sharbaugh, Brother of WilliamSharaugh Jr, visited the Home in April 2000. He and his German born wife Elke were treated as Royalty by the small villiage of Kubelberg. Kubelberg was combined in 1969 with the village of Schoenberg to become Schoenberg-Kubelberg. The nearest City would be Trier . The home that Jacob Schabacher and his wife Magdalena  left in 1832   is still occupied by family though not named Schabacher but Mohrbach . The town is the size of Carrolltown   ,pa. The Shabacher family were the town blacksmiths a trade they continued here in Cambria co pa. They also had a farm in the outskirts of Kubelberg, Joe and Elke were told that the family had money when they left. The brick  home in Kubelberg reminds me of the Sharbaugh and Flick Brick homes built outside Carrolltown in the 1850's  . The photos of the church are almost identical with early photos of St Benedicts , Carrolltown. We found that the son of Jacob and Magdalena, Jacob A Sharbaugh, b 1814 left Kubelberg in 1830 with his first cousin John Theobaldus Sharbaugh  b 1809. These two young men came to Cambria co and prepared for the rest of the family to follow which they did in 1832. Other families from this town also settled here in Carrolltown area, Hubers, Strittmatters, Stoltz,Mayer,Jahner etc .

Burial: 1875, St Benedicts cemetery Carrolltown

Marriage: May 07, 1838, St Micheals loretto pa

v. PETER NOEL, b. 1823, Germany; d. December 10, 1906, Carroll twp; m. SARA ANN COONS,/ Kuntz / Koons April 20, 1847; b. 1819; d. 1896.

Marriage: April 20, 1847

vi. ANNA NOEL, b. January 26, 1825, germany; d. April 10, 1902, cambria co; m. PETER SHARBAUGH, February 29, 1848, st michaels loretto pa; b. June 1824, germany; d. April 03, 1912, cambria co.

More About ANNA NOEL:
Burial: 1902, st benedicts carrolltown pa

Burial: 1912, st benedicts carrolltown pa

Marriage: February 29, 1848, st michaels loretto pa

vii. JOHN NOEL, b. 1827; m. CATHERINE SCHWAB/ SWOPE, April 12, 1853.

Marriage: April 12, 1853
Lived near Brotherinlaw Peter Sharbaugh in Carroll Twp

viii. DOROTHY THERESA NOEL, b. September 20, 1831, germany; d. October 17, 1891, cambria co; m. CHARLES AUGUSTINE HUBER; b. September 24, 1824, kubelberg germany; d. November 07, 1906, cambria co.

ix. MARY MAGDALENA NOEL, b. 1837; m. FRANCIS HUBER, November 08, 1853, St  Michaels  Loretto; b. March 03, 1827, Kuebelberg Germany.

Marriage: November 08, 1853, St  Michaels  Loretto

20 August 2004    nsnoel7@netscape.com
I have searched for Madison Noel who married Sarah Van Bibber But NO ONE can find him. Seems like he came by once in a while to make an off spring and disappear again.  He did create my grandfather William T.Noel and I find every thing but his death.  He was still alive in 1900 in
Jonesville Ky but no where can I find a record of his death. Census takers have really messed up on names. It says he married a lady named Cormelia in 1869. How ever I finally found he married a Pamelia Noel the daughter of R. Calvin Noel and Nancy Wilhoite. Sarah moved on with her life with a James Lee in Owen County after remarrying in late Sept 1850.. I now need to find the parents of R.Calvin Noel who would be my ggrand father on Grand mothers side. I think you knew of Sarah's back ground that there is an attatchment to Daniel Boone. I will make a list of Noel children from W.T. and also from Sarah and Madison as well as Sarah and James Lee. Hope these names will help someone.

30 August 2004    nsnoel7@netscape.com
Searching my line of Noel,s and of course lost. My immediate family, all passed away are W. T. Noel b1846. Pamelia wife about 1856.Children,Emma S, 1870, John S 1872, Peter V 1874, Willie B 1876, Jane A 1878, James F 1882, Addie D 1885 Robert W 1888, Joseph O 1891, Isa M 1895 and Donald K 1900. Williams father was supposedly Madison Noel and mother was Sarah Van Bibber.  Madison noel has not ever left any records of his where abouts.  It seemed he would come home and father a child ans disappear.  William was his second child with Sarah. It is suggested that Sarah had an erlier relative thar married Daniel Boones son and they went to Mo. The matrriage of Sarah and Madison took place in Vevay Indiana, I have this record. William my grandfather married Pamelia in 1859 and she was already a Noel.  I dont know if its blood or from a different clan.  Her father was R Calvin Noel and mother was Nancy Wilhoite. Their children were Amos, Henry, Pamelia, Mantatia, Mary, Florence and Willis. All are from Owen County Kentucky
and if any one has any information on any one in this clan that will help me connect Please Contact me. Robert W son of W. T. is my father.

9-23-2004    ALMAHL@aol.com
 My 1st mother-in-law was Queen Victoria Noel, She married Howard Clabern Hensley. Some of the little kids in the family had trouble with her name and they started calling her Minnie. Her          brother William Noel called her Vickie or Minnie. Their father was Landon Noel, but I don't know her mothers name. Her mother died when the kids were very young and an uncle took them in. His name was Wash I think and his wife was Jennie. Most likely it was Washington and Virginia.               I have been working on my family, but I need to do these folks for my children. You can ckeck in Amherst,Co., Va. and find these Noels. Their address was Snowden,Va. at that time, but those people up there get their mail at Big Island,Va.

9-25-2004               nicolepegg@yahoo.com
I am looking for information on Jacob Noel (b abt 1787 d Jan 1850). He was married to Elizabeth Albright m. 2 Nov 1815. and had 3 sons Jacob (b abt 1819) Samuel (abt 1819) William (b abt 1822). I know that he owned a farm in Shenandoah Co, VA. Anyone how has information about this line, please e-mail me. ....Thanks a bunch

10-16-2004                    pismo77@yahoo.com.
Daniel Skelly was my gr. gr. Grand father, William Skelly, was my gr. grandfather, Albert Skelly, was my grandfather and His daughter Alice was my mother. Albert was from Cambria Co. I Think he was born at Wilmore.  He worked for the Railroad at the Juaniata Yard {Altoona} and was transferred to the Homestead yard at Pittsburgh,Pa.

Albert married Bertha Walker Lucas at Juaniata. Albert and Bertha had my mother Alice in 1914 and a son William in 1922. Albert's sister was Mary  Skelly Shimp. There were other children by William and Julia McKinney but I only had the privilege of knowing my gr aunt Mary Shimp.     Patricia

2-10-2005    Notes on Simon Noel of Westmoreland & Cambria Counties , PA 
Just found this from the Greensburg, Pa Registries (also called "Sportsman's Hall" & "Clear Springs")
transcribed by Barbara Brady O'Keefe These records are on file at the CatholicPA website if you want to search for more Noels.
I'm sure you folks know this, but I had to look it up - Greensburg, Pa - Westmoreland County, Hempfield Twp.
Since the parents of Simon are Peter & Margaret Noel, I added any baptisms that included those names. I'm pretty sure that all the Peter & Margaret baptizing babies in these records aren't Simon's parents, maybe a sibling?
Marriages (the only Noel marriage)
NOEL, Simon 12 Aug 1812, Simon Noell (sic) to Mary Andressin
[the "in" could be an addition to the name Andress - I've seen it in other records]
Some Baptisms mentioning Peter & Margaret Noel:
NOEL, Peter of Peter & Margaret NOEL
b 10 May bp 7 Sep 1800
spon Partick & Margaret Griffing (Griffin?)
NOEL, Susan of Peter & Margaret Noel
b 15 Sep bp 8 May 1801
spon Nicholas Wallhy & Mary his wife
NOTE from a previous bapt record of DE BELAN, Mary Theresa, of ANthoby Constantine & Elizabeth DeBelan
b 31 Mar bp 9 Nov 1802
spon Ludwig de Walleur & Mary Julia Berthow, maiden (The name Walleur here is probably the same as Wallhy and Wally which have been encountered here before . It is apparently a French name which in previous entries may heve been spelled phonetically*) * Father Felix Fellner, O.S.B. calls attention to the fact that the Wallhy lived near the Sportsman's Hall whilst de Waller lived in Pittsburgh.
NOELL, Isias of Peter & Margaret Noell
10 Nov, without stating what happened on that day, peviously of no religion
bap 3 June 1804
spon John & Martha Magoy (McCoy?)
SEPTER, Margaret of Adam & Mary Septer
b 14 Jan bap 6 April 1806
spon: Peter & Margaret Noell
Jane's comment here: This is the Septer/Zepter family who had various Noels & my John Platt & wife as baptismal sponsors. All the Zepters are siblings. However, surnames of any of the Zepter spouses have never been found. 
NOELL, Michael of Peter & Margaret Noell
b 1 Dec evidently of the preceding year bp 4 April 1807
spon Adam Kuhn & Mary Andress, maiden
NOELL, Henry of Peter & Margaret Noel
b 18 Dec  bp 4 March 1810
spon Philip Seyverth (Seybert?) & Barbara his wife
NOEL, Daniel of Abraham Noel & Mary, his wife
b 3 Dec 1816 bap by the same 9 Feb 1817
spon Peter NOEL & Margaret NOEL
NOELL, Margaret of Simon Noell & Mary his wife
b 5 March bp by the same 9 Apr 1815
spon Peter Noell & Margaret his wife
Baptisms mentioning Simon Noel & wife Mary:
SEPTER, Christina of Adam & Mary Septer
b 28 Jun bap 29 Aug 1811
spon: Simon Noel & Mary Andreas (Andrews?)
Jane's question, not Bobbie's additional comments: IS this Simon's future wife????
NOAL, Mary Ann, of Simon NOAL & Mary his wife
b 5 June bapt by the same 24 Aug 1817
spon Jacob NOEL & Mary ANDREIS
GRIFFIN, Peter of John & Susan Griffin
b 1 Apr bp 16 Sep 1818
NOEL, Sarah of Simon & Mary Noel
b 19 Oct  bp 28 Nov 1819
spon Joseph Bock & Sarah Dogherty

Family Group Record

Husband: ~ Simon NOEL
          Born: Abt 1790
          Died: 11 Sep 1848 - Cambria Co PA
        Buried:  - Hart's Sleeping Place, (St. Joseph's) Cambria Co PA
        Father: ~1 Peter NOEL (Abt 1765-          )
        Mother: ~1 Margaret NOEL* (Abt 1765-          )
       Married: 12 Aug 1812                      Place: St. Vincent,Westmoreland, PA
   Wife: ~1 Mary ANDREISSEN
           AKA: Margaret ANDREISSEN, Mary ANDRESSIN
          Born: 1795 - PA
1  F  ~ Margaret NOEL
          Born: 5 Mar 1815 - Westmoreland County, PA
      Baptized: 9 Apr 1815
2  F  ~ Mary Anna NOEL
          Born: 5 Jun 1817 - Westmoreland County, PA
          Died: 2 Dec 1898 - Cambria Co PA
        Buried:  - St. Lawrence Cemetery, Chest Twp., Cambria Co PA
        Spouse: ~1 John WARNER (1814-1866)
    Marr. Date: 30 Apr 1839 - St. Michael's Catholic Church, Loretto, Cambria Co PA
3  F  ~ Sarah NOEL
          Born: 19 Oct 1819 - PA
4  M  ~ Christopher NOEL
          Born: 1820 - PA
        Spouse: ~ Sarah Ann HELSEL (1823-          )
    Marr. Date: 30 Aug 1841 - St. Michael's Catholic Church, Loretto, Cambria Co PA
5  F  ~ Anna Matilda NOEL
          Born: 1821-1827 - PA
          Died: 19 Dec 1893 - St. Lawrence, Chest Twp, Cambria Co PA
        Spouse: ~ Daniel KLINE (1820-1892)
    Marr. Date: 28 Aug 1845 - St. Michael's Catholic Church, Loretto, Cambria  Co PA
6  M  ~ Simon P. NOEL
          Born: 1827 - PA
        Spouse: ~ Barbara Ellen FARCHEY (1828-          )
    Marr. Date: Abt 1850
        Spouse: ~ Barbara HUBER (1828-          )
    Marr. Date: 21 Apr 1868 - St. Lawrence Catholic Church, St. Lawrence, PA
7  M  ~ Anthony Jacob NOEL
          Born: 19 May 1832 - Cambria Co PA
      Baptized: 26 Aug 1832 - St. Michael's Catholic Church, Loretto, Cambria  Co PA
8  M  ~ John Henry NOEL
          Born: 23 Jun 1834 - White Twp., Cambria Co., PA
      Baptized: 21 Sep 1834 - St. Michael's Catholic Church, Loretto, Cambria Co PA

At 02:58 PM 2/9/2005 -0500, CarolVass@comcast.net wrote:
Dear Cambria rootsweb:
Is anyone on this forum researching the family of a Simon Noel who appears on the 1840 Cambria census in White Township:

1840 US Census  White Twp, Cambria Co, Pennsylvania
Roll 451, Page 89
Simon NOEL
3 m <5; 1 m 5-10; 1 m 10-15; 1 m 40-50
1 f 5-10; 1 f 10-15; 1 f 40-50

Simon died in 1848 and I believe this is the census for his widow and some of his children, still in White Twp:
1850 US Census  White, Cambria, Pennsylvania
Page:  2    Roll:    M432_761
20/21  Mary Noel  55 F                           PA
            Simon  "      23 M  farmer  $300     PA
            Anthony "    18 M  laborer           PA
            John      "     16 M    "            PA
South Cent PA Genealogical Society Publication # 61
Some 18th century marriage & death records from the
area of York Co PA.
This is not a Catholic records of marriages & deaths,
but some records are from the PA state archives. One NOEL...
April 19, 1759
Anthony Sell and Mary Noel
I have CVR vol 1 page 102, record # 02172:
NOEL, Antonius Jacobus (Simonia & Mariae Annae)
b. 05-19 bp 08-26-1832
gp Simon Weakland & Maria Eva Kuebler  DAG
I don't have a handle on any of the Noel family, but added this marriage
because of the possibility of Simon & Mary Ann being siblings
& children of a Simon Noel.
Later, in 1839,
CVR vol 1 page 165, record # 03480
WANNER, Joannes (po) m. 04-30-1839
Maria Anna Noel (Simonis/omitted)
wi Simon Noel & Joannes Storm DAG
If that's a possibility, then the baptisms of the WANNER
kids might give up some NOEL info.
CVR vol 2 page 22 record 0442
WANNER, Johannes (Johannis/Mar. A.)
b 04-08 bp 06-08-1844
gp Jacob Eckenrodt/Mathildia Noel  PHL (Loretto)
CVR vol 2, page 44 record # 1144
WANNER, Charles of John & Mary Ann Noel
b 03-24-1846  HPG (Loretto)
CVR vol 2 page 199 record # 4907
WANNER, Christophorus (Joannis/Mariae)
b 07-20 bp 08-30-1841
gp Christoph. & Sara Noel  PHl (St. Joseph's Hart's)
CVR vol 2 page 206 record # 5095
WANNER, Joannes, (Joannis/Mar. Annae)
b 04-08 bp 06-08-1844
gp Jacob Eggenrod/Mathilde Noel  PHL (St. Joseph's Hart's)
CVR vol 2 page 218 record 5340
WANNER, Maria MAtildes (Joanne/Mariae A. Noel)
b 07-06 bp 09-04-1849
gp Maria Jos. Urban/ommitted  TB (St. Joseph's Hart's)
one mention of a Simon Noel
CVR vol 2 page 225, record # 5545 St. Joseph's Hart's Sleeping Place
NOEL, Simon d/bur 09-11-1848, of consumption and dropsy
of the chest, aged 35 y
CTW has no mention of Anthony J. or Simon, same for Conewago records
or St. Joe's Taneytown.
Jane Tripp
It would appear that Simon died before 1850 because I think this is the same family in 1850:
1850 US Census White, Cambria, Pennsylvania
Page: 2 Roll: M432_761
20/21 Mary Noel 55 F PA
Simon " 23 M farmer $300 PA
Anthony " 18 M laborer PA
John " 16 M " PA

and living a few households away is 'probably' an older son, based solely on the child named Simon, so this may be a wild speculation:
15/16 Christopher Noel 28 M farmer $90 PA
Sarah " 24 F PA
John " 6 M PA
Simon " 4 M PA
Carol Vass

Baptisms at St. Michaels, Loretto (Cambria County), PA
#02172 NOEL, Anthonius Jacobus (Simonis/Mariae Annae). b. 7-24; bp: 8-26-1832.
gp: Simon Weakland/Maria Eva Kuebler DAG
[Carol’s NOTE: Parents name in ()’s, so ‘if’ this is the correct Anthony J. Noel, then his father was ‘a’ Simon Noel, mother Mary Ann (no surname recorded for her, as often happened), but she might have had a family relationship with either WEAKLAND or KUEBLER.
"Catholic Vital Records of Central Pennsylvania"
Rev. Albert H. Ledoux, Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD 21727-7797
Volume I, 1793-1839, pub. 1993

Following ‘might’ be the son, Henry Luke Noel, but the birth date in your email doesn’t quite match, although they are close:
Baptisms at St. Benedict, Carrolltown (Cambria County), PA
#4688 NOAL, Henricum Lucam (Anthonii/Emiliae Carol) b. 12-0-1862 (sic); bp. 2-11-1863; gp: Luscina Carol/John Dietrich PAE
[Carol’s NOTE: There are other Henry Noel’s in this volume, but none of them have a father named Anthony Noel.
"Catholic Vital Records of Central Pennsylvania"
Rev. Albert H. Ledoux, Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD 21727-7797
Volume IV, 1858-1864, pub. 1994

Then going on to Anthony J. Noel’s possible marriage record,
Marriages at St. Benedict, Carrolltown (Cambria County), PA
#4968 NOEL, Antonius (Samuel/Anna Maria omitted) native of Cambria Co. m. 2-13-1859 at St. Lawrence in Glenconnel Amalia KARL (Conradus/Louisa Wild) native of Clearfield Twp. wi: Joannes Noel/M. Elisab. Carol; spouses residing Clearfield Twp.
[Carol’s NOTE: This is clearly the marriage record for the Henry Luke Noel, but in this record Anthony’s father is shown as Samuel Noel. Since the wife of Samuel is Anna Maria (reversal of Mariae Annae) I think there is a good chance that Samuel Noel = Simon Noel, and this is either a transcriber’s error, or the priest mis-recorded the 1st name. I can prove that happened on more than one occasion!!]
"Catholic Vital Records of Central Pennsylvania"
Rev. Albert H. Ledoux, Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD 21727-7797

Volume IV, 1858-1864, pub. 1994
William " 2 M PA

3-14-2005      Virginia Crilley

Crilley, William F. born June 10, 1851 in Lancashire, England, son of Mary McCarthy and Matthew Crilley.  Both parents born in Ireland, but family lived in England for one generation, working in cooper or coal mines.

William F. arrived in America around 1870. He married in Pittsburgh, (Allegheny Co) July 20,1874, Mary Virginia Pulliam who had come from Fredericksburg/Falmouth VA area with her brothers who were working in the coal mines.

William F. Crilley files Naturalization papers in Fayette County July 10, 1878.

The family lived in Westmoreland County, Smithton and worked in the coal mines. He died Oct 4, 1931 and is buried in West Newton Cemetery.

Homepage for Crilley family              http://home.hot.rr.com/crilley/

5-30-2005    WQ9T@ARRL.NET

What I have found is a bit conflicting, but at the same time, may prove helpful.  William Noel enlisted during the Civil War from Morris, Grundy County, Illinois.  On his Muster Roll entry, he listed his place of birth as Blair County, Pennsylvania.  From early census records, I think he may have been the William Noel listed in the 1850 US Census as a 16 year-old laborer in York County, Pennsylvania.  In every census record found, he lists that he was born in Pennsylvania.
His obituary, however, tells a completely different story.  William died at his son's home, with that son listing his father as born in Holland during the 1900 census.  William's obituary states that he was born in Germany about 1836, and came to this country at the age of 4.  Whether he actually was born in Germany as claimed by the writer of the obituary, or Pennsylvania as he himself claimed, it would appear that his family was at least of German origin with ties to Pennsylvania.  I thought perhaps he might have been related to the Noel family of Pigeon Hills, Pennsylvania.
Obituary - Ottawa Fair Dealer - 28 July 1905
William Noel died at 10 o'clock Monday morning at the home of his son
Reese of Kangley.  For some time he had been suffering from heart disease
and bronchial trouble.  Sunday morning before breakfast he had been to the
country to bring in some oats.  He began to feel bad after he had had his
meal and became gradually worse until he succumbed. 
Mr. Noel was born in Germany but came to this country when he was but four
years old.  He was about 69 years old.  Besides his son of Kangley he leaves
a wife and two daughters, Mesdames Hurd and Johnson of Chicago.  The deceased
was a member of the G.A.R., having served in the civil war, but on his return
followed the occupation of a miner.  He was a member of the Congregational
church of Kangley, where the funeral services were held.  Interment was made
in Riverwood cemetery.  Mr. Noel had been a resident of Streator and vicinity
for thirty-two years.

1850 US Census - South Ward York Boro, York County, Pennsylvania
NA Series: M432  Roll: 839  Page: 55 & 56    Date: 30 September 1850    D/F: 284/309
 James Walen, 48 M Wagonmaker $600 MD
 Mary Walen, 45 F PA
 John Pyle, 17 M Wagonmaker PA
 Zackariah Eckholtz, 20 M Wagonmaker PA
 William Noel, 16 M Laborer PA
(NOTE - William's age given here is a perfect match for the 1870 census, but not so much for the 1880 census.)
1860 US Census - Not Yet Found.
NOTE - While William and family has not been found in the 1860 US Census, they were probably in the Grundy/La Salle county area.  William married Susan Carpenter in Grundy County, Illinois on 14 January 1858.  A possible match for an infant son:
1860 Mortality Schedule - LaSalle County Illinois
*** NOEL, John  Ottawa  1  m  Ill.  Sept.  Unknown  6 wks. (Resided Ottawa, 1 year old male, born in Ill., died Sept 1859, ill 6 wks.)
IF this is their son, perhaps named for William's father?
1870 US Census - Streator, La Salle County, Illinois
NA Series: M593  Roll: 243   Page: 72   Sheet: 31    Date: 20 July 1870    D/F: 251/239
 Wm. Noel, 36 M W Coal Miner PA
 Susan Noel, 25 F W Keeping House OH
 Elizabeth Noel, 12 F W At School IL
 Wm. Noel, 6 M W IL
 Emily Noel, 3 F W IL
 Rosella Noel, 1 F W IL
1880 US Census - Streator, La Salle County, Illinois
NA Series: T9    Roll: 222    Page: 107D
 William Noel, Self M W 43 Married Coal Miner PA MD MD
 Susan Noel, Wife F W 38 Married Keeping House OH OH OH
 Reese Noel, Son M W 20 Single Coal Miner IL PA OH (Not listed in 1870?)
 William Noel, Son M W 18 Single  Coal Miner IL PA OH
 Emma Noel, Daughter F W 13 Single Attends School IL OH PA
 Drusilla Noel, Daughter F W 11 Single Attends School IL OH PA
 Ida Noel, Daughter F W 8 Single Attends School IL OH PA
1900 US Census - Not Yet Found
Possibly related -
CUNLIFFE, WILLIAM      NOEL, EMMA   01/07/1883 1  /248  97       LA SALLE
KOEHLER, LEOPOLD    NOEL, LIZZIE   10/24/1895 4  /48   614       LA SALLE           

NOTE - Morris is in Grundy County.
NOEL, WILLIAM                          PVT      F    11 IL US INF (3MO) MORRIS               
NOEL, WILLIAM                          PVT      C    76 IL US INF       MORRIS
40th Proceedings of the Illinois Encampment, Grand Army of the Republic (1906)
 William Noel, died 24 July 1905 - Member of Streator Post #68, Streator, IL
 Pvt. Co. F 11th Ill Vol. Inf & Pvt. Co. C 76th Ill Vol. Inf.
Name:    William Noel
Residence:    Morris, Illinois 
Enlistment Date:    24 April 1861 
Side Served:    Union 
State Served:    Illinois 
Unit Numbers:    296 296 
Service Record:    Enlisted as a Private on 24 April 1861
Enlisted in Company F, 11th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 30 April 1861.
Mustered out Company F, 11th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 30 July 1861
Name:    William Noel
Residence:    Morris, Illinois 
Enlistment Date:    21 July 1862 
Side Served:    Union 
State Served:    Illinois 
Unit Numbers:    399 399 
Service Record:    Enlisted as a Private on 21 July 1862
Enlisted in Company C, 76th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 22 August 1862.
Mustered out Company C, 76th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 22 July 1865 in Galveston, TX
1883 List of Pensioners - January 1, 1883 - LaSalle County Illinois
Pensioners on the roll as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882 
*** NOEL, Wm. Streator inj. r. hand 3.00 - 125,961
1900 US Census - Kangley, Eagle Township, La Salle County, Illinois
NA Series: T623  Roll: 315   Page: 235    Sheet: 8B    ED: 44    Date: 8 June 1900    D/F: 136/137
 Reese Noel, Head W M Nov. 1859 40 Married 17 Yrs. IL HOL HOL Coal Miner Rents Home
 Jennie Noel, Wife W F Oct. 1865 34 Married 17 Yrs. 8 Children, 3 Living MD IRE SCO
 Oliver Noel, Son W M Oct 1895 4 Single IL IL MD
 Alice Noel, Daughter W F April 1888 12 Single IL IL MD At School
 Gladys Noel, Daughter W F May 1898 2 Single IL IL MD
1910 US Census - Cedar Street, Cuba, Putnam Township, Fulton County, Illinois
NA Series: T624  Roll: 288   Page: 196   Sheet: 9A    ED: 98    Date: 22 April 1910    D/F: 203/211
 Rees Noel, Head M W 50 M1-27 IL GER OH Superintendant Coal Mine Owned Mortgaged Home
 Jennie Noel, Wife F W 44 M1-27 12 Children, 5 Living MD IRE SCO None
 Oliver Noel, Son M W 14 Single IL IL MD None
 Gladys Noel, Daughter F W 11 Single IL IL MD None
 Wessley Noel, Son M W 7 Single IL IL MD None
 Kennith Noel, Son M W 4 Single IL IL MD None
1920 US Census - Cuba, Fulton County, Illinois
NA Series: T625  Roll: 369   Page: 156   Sheet: 13B    ED: 102    Date: 28 January 1920    D/F: 331/333
 Reese Nole, Head Rents M W 60 Married IL PA OH Laborer Coal Mine
 Jennie Nole, Wife F W 54 Married MD IRE SCO None
 Kennith H. Nole, Son M W 13 Single IL IL MD None
 R. Nole Mooris, Grandson M W 12 Single IL IL IL None
1930 US Census - 239 West 11th, Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
NA Series: T626    Roll: 1935    Page:    Sheet: 6A    ED: 72-109    Date: 10 April 1930    D/F: 55/165
 Carpenter R Noel, Head Rents $50 Radio M W 70 Married at 23 IL PA OH Superintendant Apartment House   
 Jennette Noel, Wife F W 64 Married at 17 MD IRE SCO None
 Elizabeth Stokes, Servant F W 52 Single AR AR AR Servant Apartment House
World War I Draft Card states Oliver was a bookkeeper for Big Creek Coal Company.
Oliver Noel 21 Oct 1895 Oct 1973 Dumas, Moore, Texas Texas (1952 ) 451-56-3940
Texas Death Index -
Noel  Oliver  R    10-18-1973  ECTOR  M  WIDOWED
1920 US Census - 28 North Elwood Street, Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma
NA Series: T625  Roll: 1486   Page: 94   Sheet: 12B    ED: 206    Date: 30 January 1920    D/F: 118/152
 Westly Noel, Lodger W M 17 Single IL IL IL Laborer Oil Supply Co.
 Oliver Noel, Lodger W M 23 Single IL IL IL Mechanic
(NOTE - Oliver married Letha Henderson in Fulton County, Illinois abt. 1917.  They separated before the birth of their son, Kenneth, on 21 Sep 1918.  The story is that Oliver wanted to go west to "strike it rich", while his young bride would not leave her parents behind.)
1930 US Census - 610? Grove Street, Jacksonville 4th Ward, Morgan County, Illinois
NA Series: T626  Roll: 545   Page: 205    Sheet: 21B    ED: 69-17    Date: 1930    D/F: ---/---
 Oliver R. Noel, Head Rents $25 Radio M W 34 Married (At age 27) IL PA PA Grocier Non-veteran
 Verna H. Noel, Wife F W 30 Married (At age 19) IL MO IL None
 Judson Noel, Son W M 9 Single IL IL IL None
(NOTE - Second marriage for Oliver Reese Noel)
1930 US Census - 1128 Main Street, Galesburg 4th Ward, Knox County, Illinois
NA Series: T626  Roll: 527   Page: 229    Sheet: 10A & 10B    ED: 48-22    D/F: 211/238
 Glenn R. Gillmore, Head Rents $40 Radio M W 29 Married (At age 22) IL IL IL Lineman Power & Light Non-veteran
 Letha A. Gillmore, Wife F W 28 Married (20) IL IL KS None
 Veda M. Gillmore, Daughter F W 5 Single IL IL IL None
 Kenneth W. Noel, Step-son M W 11 Single IL IL IL None
(NOTE - Second marriage for Letha Henderson, shown with son Kenneth Noel.) 
 15 June 2005     george.marsinko@navy.mil
My grandmother's maiden name was Noel. She  was born in northern New York and lists as having lived there during the 1930 census. Her parents were French Canadian as listed on the census at that time. Her parents were Eugene J. Noel and Isabel A. Kernan. Eugene's parents were John and Alexina Noel. Let me know if you have any information on them or they are in your genealogy.

 21 June 2005       bettyclarknky@aol.com

 I am looking for the family of a JOHN NOEL II of Nashville TN.

John Noel II married Andromedia BAGWELL and resided in Nashville in the 1950's, 60's and 70's ...they had sons, one named John Noel III, who I believe became an attorney.

The Bagwells were my stepfathers family: N. L. and Lillie B. Bagwell. They lived at 3710 Woodmont Boulevard in Nashville in the 50's, 60's 70's....N.L. Sr. died in the 50's I believe. Andromedia was the eldest daughter; my stepfather WALTER MOORE BAGWELL was the eldest son. N.L. Sr. and Lillian founded the Bagwell Preserving Company.... Other siblings were Sara (Rice); Mary, and a son N.L. Bagwell Jr. who died as young man. HE had two sons however....

JOHN NOEL II was a successful businessman  but I am not certain in what area. He may have been an attorney as well. Both families were quite wealthy. My step-grandmother Lillie B. Bagwell, died in early 70's and I lost touch with the family. I believe John's middle initial was A.

My stepfather: Walter "Moore" Bagwell, died in 1973. He married my mother Rhoda HORTON, in 1959 in Louisville, KY and they were married 14 years until his death in 1973. *** I have some wonderful photographs of this NOEL/BAGWELL family that I have wanted to return to someone of closer kin if wanted.

I believe that JOHN NOEL III, "Johnny", son of Andromedia and John II, may be an attorney in Nashville. I would especially like to connect with him. His younger brother may have been named Nicholas.

If anyone who receives this message can help to give me ANY information on any of the above names in the Noel family, OR redirect me, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Regards,    Betty

24 June 2005    paigelindsey@bellsouth.net

Looking for information on the Noel line in Lauderdale County, Alabama. They came from Virginia early in 19th century and were Planters. The two sons I can locate are James and William. James is my ggg-gftr and married to a Mary.  I do have an Edmund Noel in the county aged 60, in 1850, and a Sally Noel aged 76 in 1860 per the census

Thanks.  P.L. Smith

12 August 2005       brittgrandma54@hotmail.com

Marie Madeleine Noel married Charles Goulet on Nov. 7, 1774 at St. Pierre I.O. Quebec, Canada.  Her parents were Jacques Noel & Madeleine Dupil.  I am looking for any info on Jacques & Madeleine.
Jacques Noel, Son of Pierre Noel & Louise Gosselin
Born:  about Feb. 11, 1717 (18) in Quebec
Married:  Madeleing Dupil on Feb. 14, 1757 at Saint Jean, Quebec
Children:  Marie Noel

Pierre Noel, Son of Francois Noel and Nicole Legrand
Born Sept. 11, 1677 at Ste. Famille (Ile d'Orleans), Quebec
Died Oct, 1748 at St. Pierre (Ile d'Orleans), Quebec
Married  Louise Gosselin on May 11, 1703, Saint Pierre, (Ile d'Orleans), Quebec
Children:  Dorothee, Pierre, Jacques, Raphael, Jacques, Elizabeth
Note:  when one child died, another one born often was given the same name as the sibling that had passed on, thus 2 Jacques

Francois Noel, Son of Pierre Noel & Elisabeth Augustin
Born:about 1644, Chire-en-Montreuil, Poitiers Vienne (France)
Died:  May 26, 1725, St. Laurent (Ile d'Orleans), Quebec
Occupation:  Domestique. Habitan (Farmer)
Married:  Nicole Legrand, Oct. 22, 1669, St. Famille (Ile d'Orleans), Quebec
Children:  Philippe, Catharine, Francois, Clair, Pierre, Marguerite, Ignace, Michel, Jean Baptiste, Madeleine


30 Oct  2005    nlfitch@comcast.net

If you have any information on or interest in this family please contact me.  Nancy

1910 census  Nicolas F Neal London, Kanawha, WV abt 1872 Ohio White Male
From image:   303/303

Noel, Nicolas F 38 married for 6 years OH OH PA Laborer for Railroad
Roda M, wife 26 married 1 had 3 children, all survive WV US WV
      Charles C son 4 WV
      Christian son 2 WV
      (Nameless) son 1 mo. WV

1920 census   Nicholas F Nore [Nicholas F Noel] Woodland Terrace, Kanawha, West Virginia abt 1879 West Virginia
                         150/167 Railroad Street

Noel, Nicholas F 41 WV PA OH General Repairman/?Extract Co.
Rhoda M wife 37 WV WV WV
      Charles C son 14 WV
      Ernest son 5 WV
      Maggie dau 3 11/12 WV
      Leonard son 2 6/12 WV

Cobb, Floyd boarder 18 WV
Ashley, Columbus Boarder 19 WV

1930 census  
Nicholas F Noel Fayetteville, Fayette, WV abt 1876 Pennsylvania Head PA OH married first at 23, Carpenter/Coal Miner
Rhodie M Noel abt 1887 Wife age 43, married first at 19, WV VA WV
      Ernest Noel abt 1913 Son WV
      Leonard Noel abt 1918 Son WV

Mitchell, Susan R sister-in-law 

This may be same Nicholas from 1900:

Fred Noel Cabin Creek, Kanawha, West Virginia abt 1870, Pennsylvania White Head

From image:   446/446

Noel, Fred born June 1870, 30 married for 4 years PA OH PA Coal Miner
MC wife Sept 1873, 26, no children WV VA WV

[ A possible MC –  Catherine Minnie Brogan of Kanawha County born 1873, Father - James Brogan 1820, Mother - Mary J. Newcomer 1832, both from Virginia but married in Kanawha County.  Alternately find her listed as Minnie C.  in 1880 ]

Note:  current family knew him as “Fred”

Obit   The Charleston Daily Mail, June 23, 1933

N.F. Noel-Funeral services for N.F. Noel, who was killed in a slate fall at Concho on Thursday, will be held at the
       Brogan cemetery of Davis creek, at 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Noel, who was a former resident of Charleston, is survived by his widow; three sons, Ernest and Leonard Noel,
       of Concho, and Charles Noel of Blooming Rose; and one sister, Mrs. Maggie Hill of Spring Hill.

Confirmed with Death Certificate:  killed June 22, 1933 in Rock Lick, Fayette District, Fayetteville County
       Age 63, Miner, slate fall in mine, wife Nora Noel

Thanks to Sue & Tina for their assistance in this research.

10 October 2005       lavoie@personainternet.com

EDWARD NOEL  He was married twice
1ST WIFE EMMA      Maiden Name Unknown
          CHILDREN:   JOSEPH PHILIPPE     No Information
                                 ANNA MARY             born  8 June 1920   Baptized   June 13 1920
                                                                      married  Roland Lavoie of  lac, au saumn quebec,  they had 11 children.

Also would anyone know about a J  Baptiste Noel and wife Anrelie.

2 November 2005             edlinda23518@cox.net
This is the information I have on the Noel family, #2 Smith married into the family.
I hope this helps.  Lynda
Descendants of Samuel A. Smith

Generation No. 1

1.  SAMUEL A.1 SMITH died in Irishtown, Pa.  He married ?KUHN.
2.                i.    JOSEPH S. A.2 SMITH, d. January 01, 1935.
                  ii.    SAMUEL SMITH.
                 iii.    EMMA SMITH.
                 iv.    ANNIE SMITH.
                  v.    LUCY SMITH.
                 vi.    LILLIE SMITH.
                vii.    MINNIE SMITH.

Generation No. 2

2.  JOSEPH S. A.2 SMITH (SAMUEL A.1)1 died January 01, 1935.  He married SARAH A. NOEL1 November 20, 1887 in Conewago Chapel, Mt Pleasant Twp, Hanover, Pa, daughter of JEROME NOEL and CHARLOTTE.  She died August 03, 1942. 
3.                i.    MARY M.3 SMITH, d. November 30, 1963.

Generation No. 3

3.  MARY M.3 SMITH (JOSEPH S. A.2, SAMUEL A.1)2 died November 30, 1963.  She married HILARY A. SMITH, son of FRANCIS SMITH and MARY HEMLER.  He was born July 31, 1881, and died December 16, 1955.
Fact 1: December 16, 1955, Harry F. Walter, Funeral Director
Fact 2: McSherrystown, Pa
4.                i.    MARY A.4 SMITH, b. May 22, 1913; d. June 14, 1998.
                  ii.    GORDON PAUL SMITH, m. RUTH C.
Property: April 01, 1953, Rental of farm situate in Mt. Pleasant Twpl, Adams County, Pa
                 iii.    GEORGE SMITH.
                 iv.    JAMES FRANCES SMITH, d. December 05, 1944, Germany  (buried in Luxenburg).
Burial: November 22, 1947, Conewago Chapel Cemetary
Fact 1: January 23, 1944, entered the service
5.               v.    CATHERINE REBECCA SMITH, b. February 09, 1919, Hanover, Pa; d. May 14, 1973, Hanover, Pa.

Generation No. 4

4.  MARY A.4 SMITH (MARY M.3, JOSEPH S. A.2, SAMUEL A.1) was born May 22, 1913, and died June 14, 1998.  She married BERNARD P. MURREN October 30, 1937 in Sacred Heart Church, Conewago Chapel, Pa.  He was born August 25, 1915, and died December 12, 1995.
More About MARY A. SMITH:
Burial: Hicks Funeral Home McSherrystown,Pa
                   i.    BERNARD P. MURREN5 JR..  expired  -   other children still living.          

5.  CATHERINE REBECCA4 SMITH (MARY M.3, JOSEPH S. A.2, SAMUEL A.1) was born February 09, 1919 in Hanover, Pa, and died May 14, 1973 in Hanover, Pa.  She married EDGAR CHARLES B. WORLEY January 17, 1942 in St Vincent's Church, Hanover, Pa, son of CHARLES WORLEY and BEULAH BAKER.  He was born June 26, 1918 in Brushtown, Adams County, Pa3.

Burial: Annunciation Cemetery, McSherrystown, Pa
Fact 1: May 14, 1973, Leonard B. Hicks Funeral Home

Baptism: July 14, 1918, Rev. F. S. Lindaman, D.D.
Died: April 27, 2005
Burial: Annunciation Cemetary, McSherrystown, Pa  

1.  funeral card.
2.  Mary's Personal Mass Book.
3.  Gettysburg Historical Society. noted in The Compiler - marriage returns, Jan. 24, 1942 m. of EC Worley and CR Smith.

November 2 2005        dommert@comcast.net
Do you know anything abt. a Park Noel - born abt 1867 in Adams Co, Gettysburg, PA
It looks like his father was William  Noel born abt 1805-1807 in PA married a Catharine born abt 1826.
In 1880 cens. records -Gettys. Adams Co.
Wm 73 Blacksmith
Cath. 54
Molly Picking 24 daughter
Park Noel 13
Per 1850 cens. records. Adams Co, Reading
Wm Noel age 45 blacksmith
Catharine -22
Jacob -3
William - 6
Addison -1
Jacob W. Noel age 74 (abt 1776)
Franklin Noel age 21 (abt  1828-1829)
Henry Noel age 23 (1826-1827)
Jacob Noel age 35 (abt 1814-1815)
I was wondering if they fit onto our Noel Line? Park was a stone cutter (I have his obit) and aided in the erection of several monuments on the Gettys. battlefield.  (He has his P. Noel carved into a stone at Devil's Den, it's really cool.)

Any help will and would be appreciated.
Thank you,      Denise

11 November 2005     dommert@comcast.net

Just found something today of interest.  I purchased two tin Potato Chip cans that read:  Noel's Potato Chips, Inc.  Hanover, PA.
Do you have any idea or ever heard of this?  I was wondering how long  they were in business and the first names of the Noel family who owned the company?  Also, did they sell the company to the UTZ Potato Chip Company in Hanover, PA?
Any help is appreciated.   Denise

10 January 2006    mjohat@hotmail.com

My great-grandmother was Georgina Noel, born 1858 in Quebec, CN and died 1935 in Michigan, USA.
I am looking for more information on her parents, Edouard Noel (born 1822) and Mathilde Collin (born 1823).
Information I would like on them is their parents names, ethnicity, etc.   Marcie

29 March 2006      l-sykes@sbcglobal.net
In reading your web-site I was pleased to see the name of my wife's grandfather, DANIEL NOEL who left Inkerman, New Brunswick and settled in Lincoln, Maine. Daniel's parents were JEAN NOEL and MARGUERITE BOUDREAU. I have copied the baptism records of most of Jean Noel's siblings and his and Marguerite Boudreau's children from the church records of Inkerman, Saint Michel. However, I have not been able to find the marriage record for Jean Noel and Marguerite Boudreau. Apparently they were not married in Inkerman. Do your records show where they were married or can you suggest the name of someone who might know? I would like to try to follow-through on the Boudreau family history if I can locate where Marguerite Boudreau lived. Any help would be appreciated. Laurence Sykes

25 August  2006     Urbancg17@aol.com
This is in response to the Barbara Noel account on Letters Page 1. "Barbara NOEL was born in 1818 and married Abraham KIME on 15 Sept 1836 in Hilltown, PA.  Out of this union they had eleven children."

Abraham's civil war papers say he was married Barbara Noel on sept 15, 1836 by rev. Benjamen Kellar, but records at the Philadelphia Historical Society of the St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church of Gettysburg list their marriage date as October 17, 1837.

Most of this information is from census records and the church records and show 12 children. In birth order they were: Peter, Franklin, Elizabeth, David, Daniel, Caroline, Ferdinand, James, Margaret, George, and twins Harriet Susan and Sarah Alice. Barbara died February 23, 1904 and Abraham died August 1902. Abraham and Barbara's first child Peter was born March 12 1838 and died Jan. 2, 1841 and is buried in Arendtsville.
I  have a lot more info if anyone would like to email me I could mail it to them.  Abraham and Barbara's son George born May 11, 1856  was my great great grandfather.

May 26 2007     Gary Munson

I have an ancestor, Philip/Phillip Freeman, and have the following information about him (not sure it’s 100% reliable):  - born in 1743  duied in Stahlstown PA July 5 1829. He  served in the Revolutionary War and his  wife named Mary.    I am also aware of a Philip/Phillip Freeman through some web pages who  moved to Westmoreland County PA around 1787-1790 and  built/had built the original part of the Inn (now the Compass Inn Museum) in Laughlintown PA in 1799  and - served in the Revolutionary War.  I suspect that they are the same person, and am looking for more information on the Philip/Phillip Freeman associated with the Inn in Laughlintown. Can anyone help me?   Thank you!  

July 9 2007     Dolores Yoke
Several months ago you sent me some information on Aloysius Noel. This is the information I have found and since.
Barnard Noel married a Amelia A. Timmins on September 20, 1849 in Mount Pleasant Township, Adams County, PA
Barnard (Barney) (Bernard) Noel was born in 1812 according to the 1870 Census for Mount Pleasant
Amelia was born in 1836 and died in 1919
Sister Agnes Mount Hope Retreat Maryland
George T. Noel  DOB 1859 DOD 1928  at the time of his death he was survived by one sister Mrs. Veronica Noel Smith,  two brothers Howard and Harry Noel of McSherrstown, PA. One stepbrother  Frank (Francis) Noel of McSherrystown, PA.
Howard Joseph Noel DOB 2/26/1872  he passed away at the age of 8 in Hanover R. 4 Conewage Township.  Surviving children George C. Noel of Hanover, Marie Noel at home, Dorothy at home, Bernard J. McSherrstown, Lawrence J. Hanover, Mrs. Donald Hickenbomyer Vacaville, Ca. Paul F. Noel New Oxford.  He was the last surving member of Barnard and Amelia Noel.
Veronica Amelia (Noel) Smith 1878-1953 husband Harry J. Smith 4 sons Walter H, J Arnold, Andrew F. and Mahlon J. all of New Oxford.  One brother Howard Joseph Noel of Hanover.
Sister Lucy of St. Joseph Convent 1840  McSherrystown Ward 1, Adams PA  on the 1910 census she list Barnard as her stepfather.
Jane Noel 1870 no information found
Peter Noel 1867 no information found
Harry Noel born 1866 in PA married a Sarah Bunty  surviving him was one sister Mrs Harry Smith and brother Howard Joseph Noel Centennial
Jennie Noel 1865 no information found
Aloysius Barnard Noel 1864=1916  Baltimore MD. Wife Annie (Currens) Noel two children Marie and Evelyn.  Marie Noel is Vivian Stucky mother.  They were from Mt. Rock Mt Pleasant before moving to Balimtore
Thadeus Noel 1862 no information found
Caroline (Carrie) Noel DOB 1853 she died in Philadelphia in 1922.  Surviving one brother Frank Noel McSherrystown, Sister Lucy of St JOseph Convent, also the following step brothers and sister. Harry Noel McSherrystown Howard Noel Mc Rock, George Noel and Mrs. Vernoica (Harry) Smith of near Gettsbury.
Francis (Frank) Noel  DOB 1851  Mount Plesant, Adams PA
Ignatius Noel Dob 1847  Port Carbon, Schuylkill, PA married a Catherine or Katherine
All of the above information is from the Newspaper or Census.
In Amelia death notice Sister Lucy, Sister Agnes, Ignatius W. Noel, Francis S. Noel and Caroline are listed as stepchildren.
ALSO on July 29 2007

I'm still working on the Noel I have found some new information for you.  Barnard Noel was married before Amelia.  Found a death record for a Sister Mary Lucy of the order of St. Joseph's Academy Convent.  She was 85 years old at the time of her death.  She was born to a Bernard and Sarah (Fleshman) Noel.  A brother Frank Noel, McSherrstown, survives. She was born in January 1840 and had been in the convent for 51 years.  Also I found a death notice for Miss Carrie Noel Philadelphia she was 70 years old at the time of her death born on August 22, 1922.  This also showed one brother Frank, Sister Lucy of St Joseph's Convent, stepbrothers and sister Harry Noe McSherrstown, Howard Noel, of Mt. Rock, George Noel and Mrs.Harry (Vernoica) Smith of near Gettysburg. 

Hope this might help someone.

Sept 4 2007    cejan@sbcglobal.net

My family has four generations of Eugene A. Noel, and I am hoping we can find the first one, or at least the one that started it all. My grandfather is supposed to hail from Nashville, Tennessee.  His grandfather is said to have been a red-headed barber.

My grandfather Eugene A. Noel was probably born around June 18, 1910?  His father, Doc, was probably born around 1890 or so?
There is also an Arthur Noel, not sure if Eugene and Arthur were related, but may be an answer to the middle name of Arthur.
There is a John Noel in Nashville, may possibly be a link too.

Sept. 23, 2007     clairereeder@sbcglobal.net

I have a great deal more family statistics for later generations.

Samuel E.J.C. Noel was born in Ohio and moved to Iowa about 1841. His wife's name was Lovica (no maiden name found) b. 1822 in Indiana and her folks were also born there .

Children were all born in Iowa:
Mary A.       b.1846
Sarah M.      b.1848
Samuel E.     b.1852
Elizabeth E.   b.1854
Merida H.R.  b.1857

Samuel was widowed by his 62nd birthday.
The grandsons Samuel died Nov.14,1950 and George died Dec.9,1963

S.E.J.C. Noel-born Dec.18,1818 in Missouri, died Dec 18,1909 in Oroville,Ca.
   Son-Samuel E.J.C.-born  Oct.13,1852  died-Jan.20,1939
        Married-May Comstock Jan.8,1872  (born-Sept.25,1855 died-Apr.21,1926)
            Their Children
Mary Ellen              b.Nov.6,1872  d.Nov.1877
Johnny Martin         b.Oct.4,1874  d.    1877
Daniel Elliot             b.Jul.8,1876  d.Jul.20,1936
Jessie Robert           b.Jan.8,1878  d.Apr.   1878
Leonard Locklyn     b.Jan.11,1880 d.Dec.5,1959
Harry Robert           b.Feb.28,1882 d.Aug.   1951 (My Grandfather)
Samuel Blain            b.Jun.13,1884 d.Nov.12,1950
David Carlton          b.Oct.13,1886 d.Jan.25,1887
Olive May               b.Jan.14,1888
George Washington b.Oct.5,1890
Alta Marie               b.Aug.8,1895

March 4, 2008        Lisa
My name is Lisa and I am a descendant of Michael Noel (1798) & Anastasia S Arnold (1804-1873)
George Joseph Noel (1830-?) & Margaret J Murphy (1834-?)
Casper George Noel (1862-1928) & Minnie Willa Torrey (1862-1920)
Doris Francis Noel (1899-1954) & Ambrose William Strouse (1901-1983)
Patricia Ann Strouse (1927-2005) & Thomas James Boylan (1926-2003)

My grandmother, Patricia, and her sisters were raised in Sandusky, Ohio and moved to Canton, Ohio which is where she raised her children.
If there is any more information I can give you please let me know.
Thanks,   Lisa

July 16, 2008     < noel615@yahoo.com >

My maternal grandfather was ORIE JAY NOEL, son of CARY RUDOLPH, son of MOSES, Son of BARNET, son of JACOB.
MOSES NOEL was born 6 Nov 1846 at Youngstown PA. He married Eleanore E Grossman 22 Oct 1874 in Indiana and died there 10 Jul 1918.

I show JACOB & SUSANNE having JACOB b. Sep 1810, ANDREW b.  Nov 1811,  JOHN Dec 1813, and BARNET b. Jul 1816. Susanne's name shows up as Susannah in some cases.

If I fit in your line I would like to hear from you.   Tina

January 3, 2009    <  turzillo@embarqmail.com  >

Noels in France

MY father: George Noel, mother nee Clementine Alice Marcelle Gallay  (Noel) . Both deceased. All three of Paris France. All records of the family tree was lost during WWII. Any info pertaining  to the above would be appreciated.

Merci, Rolande

October 27, 2009  <  andrea.wheatley@ntlworld.com  >

Noels in Germany and Hungary

I am tracing my maternal Grandmother's family line - she was Anna Maria Noel and her father was Christov Noel, whose family fled Alsace for Hungary in the 1800's. Christov was an artist before the 2nd World War and painted on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church in churches and cathedrals in Hungary.

My mother and her family were displaced into Germany in 1946 when she was 14 years old. Her mother's family was Schwäbisch (Swabian, Suabian) and we speak German.  The family was devout Catholics and was very much involved in performing the stories from the Bible at religious festivals. We, as a family are still devout in our faith and continue our good works. We are proud of our Noel roots.


July 9 2010  < hlthomas@charter.net >
My ancestral line goes Benjamin (Berry), his son Horace H., who married Mary B
"Polly" Asher November 1815, in Mercer County, Kentucky.

The children I know of from the union of Horace and Mary B. Asher
are-Elizabeth, b. abt. 1819, Mildred, b. abt. 1824, Sarah, b. bet.
1825-1828, Joshua T., b. abt. 1830, Nancy, b. abt. 1832, William H. b. abt.
1834, and my direct ancestor, Mary B. b. abt. 1837?

Mary B. Noel married Jesse Hayes/Hays in Knox Co. ILL.


August 9 2010     wesbrow@verizon.net wrote:

My great grandmother, Catherine Noel Brun was born July 11, 1802. She lived  in the Rening town area in Lorraine 'sbetween Metz and Strasbourg. She
married my great grandfather, Nicholas Brun from Rening and they came to the Monroe, Michigan in 1847 with five children. From there, the family went to
Ohio, Minnesota, and later to North Dakota. Her son, John Baptist Broun was  the priest who had the catholic cathedral St Bernard's built in Akron, Ohio
in about 1900. However, John Baptist Broun used one of the earlier family names, not Brun.

Catherine's father was Thibault Noel 7/15/1767 - 2/6/1819 and her  grandfather was a Thomas Noel, mostly from the town of Insming.
Older family names from that area in France include Noel, Schoubrenner, Clement, Parisot, Picot, Spor, Schwartz, Lander, and Coureur (about 1550).

There was a Michael Noell who came with his wife Anna Stein and five children from Dept 54, Meurthe, France in 1853, also to Monroe, Michigan as
seen in the 1860 census. They had 3 more children after coming to the USA. They came via Havre. John and Marie Noel Schaffer lived in Alsace-Lorraine
until 1869 when they emigrated to the USA with their son Nicholas and two daughters, landing in New York. Michael and John were assumed to be brothers
by somebody. I don't know that I'm related to them.

    Right now, I'm trying to update my 2000 book on the family and put it on a CD.

March 20, 2011       < sab1@ns.sympatico.ca >

I am searching the Noel side of my family, the info I have of my grandmother is as follows:-

Agnes Noel (maybe Mary Agnes and/or Agnes Mary)
DOB - 15 December 1869, Harbour Grace or Brigus
DOD - 4 December 1917, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Married - Lorenzo Andrews, of Harbour Grace South Side
              May 7, 1893, Methodist Church, Carbonear
              and immigrated to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

She may have a half-brother Jim Rose, and she may also be related to the Verge family

I think her family was originally from Jersey, Channel Islands

I cannot seem to connect her to any Noel family, any help would be appreciated.


August 24, 2011     pyle2@iowatelecom.net

I am looking for information on Catherine NOEL born around 1820 in Missouri.
She was married to a Thomas ROBERTS born in Kentucky. My great, great
grandfather, John Jackson ROBERTS was their son. Their names and places of
birth are given on his death certificate. I can find no other information on
either of them, not even a marriage. My great great grandfather, John was
born in 1848 in Boone County, Missouri and married Sarah J. CLEETON,
daughter of John J. CLEETON and Mary A. BAKER.  The story has been handed
down through the family that Thomas and Catherine NOEL ROBERTS had two
children: a daughter and my great, great grandfather, John. Catherine died
when the children were at a very young age and their father, Thomas ROBERTS,
left them in the care of relatives - whether ROBERTS or NOEL - I do not
know. His was gone many years. My grandmother, Grace Odessa ROBERTS GOFF
says that she remembers that as a young girl when they would go to visit
these relatives a black woman, I am assuming must have been a slave in the
household at the time, would run out and throw her arms around her father
and call him her "little Johnnie", so she must have helped in his growing-up
years. My grandmother also remembers a man coming to their home claiming to
be her grandfather, Thomas ROBERTS, but her father would have nothing to do
with him.

Thanks Margaret

May 25, 2012      melmakhlouf@comcast.net

I am looking for  any information of a John Edward Noel, whose parent were listed as Edward John Noel - mother is Myrna Carpenter - John Edward was born in Republic, PA , date given as April 21, 1917- this information is from his social security application which listed his address in 1940 as Washington DC.  I have been told he had brothers and sisters that were living with his mother in the Scranton area of PA.  He also lived in Chicago, IL in the late 1940's and early 1950's.  I would appreciate any other information from anyone on this page, as I have been looking for almost 6 years.


August 22, 2016      paul.t.noel@gmail.com

The New information that I have is that we are looking for a John Noel who lived in Hunter, Huntingdon County when his son Charles Noel 1827-1899 was born. So this would put his birth back to the turn of the century as they married in their late twenties at that time.

Charles parents were listed on his marriage certificate to Mary Crawford as John and Mary Noel

1st Wife  - Anne Marie Nash 1837-1886
2nd Wife – Mary Crawford 1848 –

All the Children were born to Charles and Anne Marie

Daniel Noel 1856-1918

John T Noel 1861-1928

Henry Clay Noel 1871-1937

Frances E. Noel 1876-1947

Anne Mary Noel 1867-1912