As of  6 December 2003, the DNA Project shows a close relationship with the Adams County Clan so we can rule out a lot of the the previous speculation. Also the accounting of the Blasius Will seem to show that Joseph the son of Blasius was still alive after 1839. This being so, it looks like this:

Joseph     1680
John       1722        or     Peter  1720
Jacob      1757        or     Daniel, son of Peter
Joseph     1778?
Jacob      1834
Leo        1887

As of 4 November 2005 my new speculation looks like what is below based on the DNA study, the church records, the oral history and research done by others.

Our oral history says that Adam Noel was the father of our Joseph Noel and that the brothers of Adam Noel were Joseph, Peter, Abraham, and Simon Noel. That Adam was at the surrender of Cornwallis and was an Officer in supplies and transportation. However we have learned that there was no unit of supplies and transportation in the Continental Army. This was handled by civilian contract and Paul Noel has found that there were only two Pennsylvania Noel's at Yorktown and both were ranked as Privates. However one of these, Jacob, born in 1757 in Paradise Twp, York Co, PA, the son of John Noel who was born in Europe in 1722 and the son of Joseph Noel born in 1680, later became an officer in the army and was in supplies and transportation. He was listed as a Lieutenant in the 5th Company of Capt. Tobias Kepner of the Light Infantry, 6th Regiment of York County on February 21, 1794. The brothers of this Jacob Noel were Nicholas, John, Peter and Philip who all went to Hampshire County, VA and what is now West Virginia just south of Westmoreland County, PA before 1790 and all but John resettled in Ohio. It could be that Jacob's name was Jacob Adam Noel as it was common to use the middle name within our family. Jacob may have followed his brothers at a later time, before 1800, and settled in Westmoreland County, PA with his family. This family may have been:
Jacob Adam Noel b 1757

       Joseph  b abt. 1778 d abt. 1839  DNA Match to Joseph Noel b. 1680 by an Ohio Noel
             Adam        b  1800  mother Margaret Griffin
             George      b  1802               “
             Joseph      b  1806               “
             Margaret    b  1809               “
             Ann         b  1810               “
             John        b  1811               “
             Peter       b  1831  mother  Maria Longmeyer or Maria Borgmeyer
             Jacob       b  1834  mother  Maria Kreitzer

        Mary Magdelina  married  John Henry b. 1777

              Mary         b  1804
        Peter            DNA Match to Joseph Noel b. 1680 by an Ohio Noel
              Simon  b abt. 1790  d 11 Sept 1848 in Cambria Co PA
                       documented to Peter by land sale in Westmoreland
              Peter     b  1800
              Susan   b  1801
              Micael   b  1806
              Henry    b  1809

        Abraham  b abt. 1795   d 23 may 1876 in Cambria Co PA married Mary Magdalene Ruffner
                         DNA Match to Joseph Noel b. 1680 by an Ohio Noel
              Daniel         b  1816
              Mary Barbara   b  1820

      To be fited in:  Elizabeth Noel and James Noel (Jacob Noel)

From Father Helbron’s records at Sportman’s Hall, LATROBE, PA

Abraham Noel and Mary, his wife  -   3 Dec  1816  Birth of Daniel
Abraham and Magdalen Noel        -  30 Jan. 1820  Birth of Mary Barbara

Elizabeth Noell and Christian Ruffner  - 18 Oct 1812 sponsors of O'DONNEL, Elizabeth

Jacob Noel and Mary Andreis      -  24 Aug 1817  Sponsors of NOAL, Mary Ann
Jacob Noel and Margaret Senduff  -  10 May 1821  sponsors of SCUPTRE, Jacob

James Noell and Rose Wight       -  12 Feb 1815  sponsors of WIGHT (WHITE?), Mary Magdalen

John Noele and Mary Kuhn         -  24 April 1803  sponsors of ZINDORFF, Peter
John and Petronilla Noel         -     Jan.  1804  Birth of Mary

Joseph Noel and Margaret nee Griffin) -  11 June   1800   Birth of Adam
Joseph Noel and Margaret nee Griffin) -  16 March  1802   Birth of George
Joseph Noel and Catharine Ruffner     -   23 March 1802   Sponsor of SEPTER, Mary Ann
Joseph Noel and Catharine Ruffner     -  23 March  1802   Sponsor of GRIFFY (GREAVY?), George
Joseph Noel and Mary Ruffner, maiden  -  12 June   1803   Sponsors
Joseph Noel and Margaret              -   8 July   1804   Sponsor of SEPTER, Elizabeth
Joseph Noel and Mary Ruffner, maiden  -   5 Oct.   1806   Birth of Joseph
Joseph Noel and Mary Ruffner, maiden  -  25 June   1809   Birth of Margaret

Joseph Noel and Margaret nee Griffin) -  12 March  1810   Birth of Anna
Joseph Noel and Margaret              -  16 March  1811   Birth of John
Joseph Noel and Margaret              -  30 May    1819   sponsors of SCEPTER, Juliana

Magdalen Noel                         -  22 Feb    1820   sponsor of ZIEGLER, Elizabeth

Peter and Margaret Noel               -  10 May    1800   Birth of Peter
Peter and Margaret Noel               -  15 Sept.  1801   Birth of Susan
    Susan Noel and Henry Bock         -   6 June   1819   Sponsors of WADE, Rose
Peter Noel and Anna Rogers            -  26 July   1801   Sponsors of DOFF (DUFF?), Frank
Peter and Margaret Noel               -   6 April  1806   Sponsors of SEPTER, Margaret
Peter and Margaret Noel               -    1 Dec.  1806   Birth of Michael
Peter and Margaret Noel               -  18 Dec.   1809   Birth of Henry
Peter Noel and Margaret Noel          -   9 April  1815   Sponsors of NOELL, Margaret
Peter Noel and Margaret Noel          -   9 Feb    1817   Sponsors of NOEL, Daniel
Peter Noel                            -  27 April  1817   Sponsor of SOALS, Peter
Peter Noel and Margaret Noel          -  16 Sept   1818   Sponsors of GRIFFIN, Peter
    Margaret Noel and Frederick Sceptre   -  28 Nov 1819  sponsors of SCEPTRE, Simon

Simon the son of Peter
Simon Noel and Catharine Isly (Easly?)    -  13 June   1806  Sponsors of RUFFNER, Mary Anna
Simon Noel and Susan Zinsdorff            -  28 Aug    1809  Sponsors of BIVERS, Susan
Simon Noell and Mary Andreas (Andrews?)   -  29 Aug.   1811  Sponsors of SEPTER, Christina
Simon Noel and Mary Andressin             -  12 Aug    1812  Marriage
Simon Noel and Mary                       -   5 March  1815  Birth of Margaret
Simon Noal and Mary his wife              -  24 Aug    1817  Birth of Mary Ann
Simon Noel and Mary                       -  19 Oct.   1819  Birth of Sarah  

That  below  was past thoughts.

John NOEL (b. 1812) was the half brother of my grandfather Jacob Noel (b. 1834)

Source: 1883 History of Henry and St. Clair Counties Missouri , National Historical Co., pg: 617

John Noel, farmer and stock raiser, section 14, owes his nativity to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, where he was
born November 26, 1812, being the son of Joseph and Margaret (Griffin) Noel, natives of Maryland. John grew to manhood in the county of his birth, his youth being spent on the farm. After his sixteenth year he learned the stone and brick mason's trade, at which he worked for about sixteen years. In 1835, moving to Iowa, he located in Scott County, and was one of its pioneers, residing there upwards of thirty years, engaged in farming and working at his trade. He sold this property in 1865, and in the fall of 1866, came to Missouri, and settled in Henry County. He moved on the place where he now resides in the spring of 1867. Mr. Noel was married in Scott County, Iowa, January 9, 1846, to Miss Rachel Goldsmith. a daughter of
Benjamin Goldsmith. She is a native of Preble County, Ohio, but was reared in Scott County, Iowa. They have six children:
Mary A. (wife of A. McLaughlin), Benjamin F., Lucy E., Margaret C., George A., and Jacob V. They have lost five children.
Mr. Noel has 180 acres of cultivated land in his home place, upon which are good buildings and an orchard of 300 bearing
fruit trees. He and his wife are members of the Catholic Church.

As far as I know there is no documentation that my great grandfather Joseph Noel is the son of Blasius Noel, the son of Peter Noel. In fact our oral history states that Joseph's father was an Adam Noel. That Adam was an officer in supplies and transportation  and in the American Revolution with his five brothers, was at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown and that Joseph came to Pennsylvania from Baltimore (maybe county), Maryland. My grandfathers death certificate states that Joseph was born in Pennsylvania. This is consistent with being a son of Blasius as Blasius moved across the Pennsylvania border to Taneytown, Maryland after the war when Joseph would have been about fifteen years old. However Daniel, also a son of Peter, had sons named John and Samuel whose names we find in Westmoreland County, PA at the same time as our Joseph.

The 1790 United States Federal Census gives:
          Septimus Noel   Baltimore Town, Baltimore County, MD
          Blosius Noel      Unknown Township, Frederick County, MD
          John Noel          Unknown Township, Frederick County, MD

However Paul Noel has found that there were only two Noel's who were at Yorktown and were officers.  One of these, Jacob is unaccounted for after 1794. Most of his brothers went first to what is now West Virginia and all but brother John went to Ohio. The West Virginia site is a very short distance from Westmoreland County, PA. Jacob was a Private at the battle of Yorktown.  He was listed as a Lieutenant in the 5th Company of Capt. Tobias Kepner of the Light Infantry, 6th Regiment of  York County on February 21, 1794.  If this was so then my Joseph must have been sixteen years old and by 1800 had moved to Westmoreland County, PA and Jacob must have been Jacob Adam Noel.  This we may never know.

At one time I believed there could have been confusion on the part of my Uncle George, born in 1860, with Adam Peter Noel his Uncle who went to Davenport, Iowa in 1835 and may have taken his half brother Jacob, aged one year, with him; however it would be consistent for Joseph to name his first son after his father. Peter Noel, age four, another half brother was with this party.  My Aunt Dilly, Esther Odillia, told of her grandfather who built Conestoga wagons for the pioneers moving west. This must also have been her Uncle Adam. He did this in Iowa. She told of Uncle Pete who was wounded in the Civil War. Peter Noel died on his way back to Iowa from these wounds. She told of "Uncle Peter" who was with Washington's troops when they crossed the Delaware on Christmas day. This would have been her great granduncle. At the cemetery at St Vincent's near Latrobe, PA, in the nineteen thirties, we visited graves of other Noel's who may have been older then my Grandfather. These stones are unreadable today although that of my grandparents is in good shape. (Note! There is some question whether the old graves adjoining St. Vincent's church were removed to a new cemetery to give room for additional buildings, and the bones of many were interred in one common grave.)

Since my Grandfather was only five when he became an orphan in 1839, where did these stories come from? His obituary states that relatives raised him and that he went to Iowa after the Civil War.  However,  Harvey Noel has found evidence that Jacob went to Iowa with his half brothers in 1835 and returned to Pennsylvania when he was eighteen. Somewhere I read that he apprenticed to someone in Lycippus, PA at the age of eighteen , the place of his birth. This could have been a Kreitzer family. I have found records at St Johns in Mt Pleasant in this time period and although Maria Kreitzer can not be found one or more Kreitzer families lived in  Mt Pleasant Township from at least 1819 when Sara Anna was born to 1837 when Maria Jane was born. An Israel Krytzer married Sue Walton in 1884. They both were from Lycippus where my grandfather Jacob was born.

Then again it has been reported that Adeline Rose Noel, the eldest daughter of my Uncle Frank Noel, in a letter called Jacob Sylvester, Jacob Stillinger. The only Stillinger that I can find was the Rev. James A Stillinger who came to the St Vincent Church on November 18th 1830. He also took care of the SS. Simon and Jude Church in Blairsville where he died in 1873.
If there is a connection it is unknown at this time.

In the early 1800's a John Noel and Peter Noel may have  lived  near Joseph. I do not believe they were the sons of Blasius Noel of Taneytown, MD but the sons of Daniel the brother of Blasius. The John and Petronilla Noel, in Hempfield Twp., had a child named Mary in 1804. This John does not seem to be  the son of Nicholas who moved with his father and his brothers Joseph and Abraham to Loretto. However the Tax lists for Menallen Township, Adams County  from 1799 to 1811 list two John Noels, occasionally calling one "John of Daniel".  In 1808 one is noted as "out of township".  The other John continued to live there until at least 1842.  This John moved to near Massillon, Stark County, Ohio, in 1822; thence to Adams Township, Seneca County, Ohio, in 1830.  We now find a John married to Mary Magdalene Grundy Storm and living in Derry Twp. This is the son of Blasius for his marriage is recorded at St Joseph's in Taneytown, MD. If this is true then our oral history is either that of John Noel of Blasius or of Joseph's  half brothers in Iowa and if my Grandfather Jacob S Noel was related to these people then Blasius is our Adam.

In retrospect, if Jacob was raised in Iowa as suggested by a sketch of Jacob Noel in the History of Westmoreland County, all the oral history fits better than if he was raised in Pennsylvania. The confusion between Adam, Joseph and Blasius can be reconciled by the fact that Jacob may have thought of Adam as his father (Adam was 34 years older than Jacob) only knowing Joseph and Blasius by what he was told by his three older brothers, as Peter who was born in 1830, was in the same situation. This would also explain why Peter stopped in Latrobe during the Civil War to see his brother Jacob whom he was raised with in Iowa. Otherwise they could not have know each other. Jacob's family keep in touch with the Iowa descendants well into the 1920's when Dorothy A Noel, born 1-29-1911 went with her father William F Noel ,the grandson of Jacob, to Iowa to visit John the son of Adam. John had died and his people sent them on to Missouri and Oklahoma in search of the decedents of John Noel the brother of Adam and Jacob. They could not find them and I have learnt latter that after Johns death the sons went to California. Through the internet I have made contact with the descendants of Adam and his son John who referred me to Harvey Noel who my father told me about in the early 1960's.

The oral history at Lorreto has Elizabeth Kuhn married to Nicholas Noel the brother of Blasius and the  son of Peter Noel, moving, after her parents died in 1781,  with her siblings, John JR, and Catherine Kuhn Gerstenweiler to Westmoreland County, PA. From there, John JR & Elizabeth (with their families) moved to Loretto. Catherine who married Andrew Gerstenweiler lived out  their lives in Westmoreland with the name spelled Casterwiler.

This does not seem to be true. Andrew Gerstenweiler is found among the pascal communion and confession records at Loretto, in 1810-1813. He and Catherine are thereafter found at Sportsman's Hall: Andrew Gerstenweiler sponsored the baptism of John, son of George and Catherine Miller, at Sportsman's Hall, Westmoreland County, Pa., on April 7, 1814. He and his wife Catherine also sponsored the baptism of Andrew, son of Jacob and Mary Kuhn, at Sportsman's Hall on December 11, 1814. It looks like Nicholas never did live in Westmoreland County.

We also find Blasius the son of Blasius and maybe the brother of Joseph, Jacob, and John  in Loretto with Uncle Nick. However it has been found that Joseph Noel the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth was born in Emmitsburg, MD, only six mile from Taneytown, MD, on the 28th of January 1796. So it looks like this group of people moved from Conewago to the Taneytown area maybe with Blasius and then later my Joseph moved to Westmoreland Co., PA between 1796 and 1799. Maybe with his brothers John and Jacob moving at a later time. The catholic people from eastern and southern Maryland moved to the Emmitsburg-Tanneytown area when Catholicism was outlawed in Maryland. The Catholics from Conewago moved there later. Horace Ory gives an account of this history.

The records at Sportsman's Hall begin with the Rev. Peter Helbron, who came on November 17, 1799 and remained until his death, seventeen years later. From these records there were three other people in Westmoreland County in about 1800 with the same names as the sons of Blasius, being John, Peter and Jacob. There was also a Abraham,  Simon (by the 1825 tax records he was age 44 [born abt 1781], Militia farmer in Unity Township), and Alban (Adam?) Noel. These were not of the Nicholas Noel family and could all have been brothers and the sons of Alban who could have been our Adam Noel of the Joseph Noel oral tradition. However, Adam P Noel, the first son of Joseph was a witness of the wedding of Blasius the son of John at St Vincent's. Joachim, the brother of Blasius, the son of John, was married to Maria Anna Christe on  May 7, 1833 in Allegheny Twp, Cambria CO., PA ( Loretto). The Christe's were from  Loretto. Joachim is buried at St Vincent's, Latrobe, PA. They all belonged to this church and lived within a few miles of each other. The rare name Blasius pops up too many times for these people to be unrelated to him.

It should be noted that Simon and others moved to Cambria County after their sojourn in Westmoreland County. Daniel Noel, the son of Peter had  a son named John and one named Samuel  who was born the 16th of  Jan 1798 and listed in the 1810 Census. In 1810 Mary, the mother, was dead and the girl and five boys had left home. The girl could have been Mary Magdalene who married a Henry and the five boys could have been any one of Peter, Jacob, Simon, Abraham and Alban. However the John and who had a child in 1804 and Peter who had a child in 1800 and Joseph do not seem to fit in with the later Noel's. The John, son of Blasius, who had a child in 1812 seems to fit in with Joseph. This needs more study.

The Ruffeners lived in Mt Pleasant Twp and were close to my Joseph Noel. George and Margaret Ruffner sponsored Adam Noel (1800) Joseph's first son. Simon Ruffener sponsored Margaret in 1809. Simon Ruffner also sponsored Mary Noel (1804) the daughter of John Noel and Petronilla. John's daughter, Eliza Ellen may have been born in Maryland and may have married in Westmoreland County to John S Henry the son of John Henry who sponsored Anna, Joseph's daughter, in 1810. John Henry Sr (b. March 7,1777 ) was married to Mary Magdelina Noel. This does not seem to be the sister of John of Taneytown since Mary married a Lansinger. What this shows is the close relationship of these people in a time when survival was predicated on good neighbors joined together by faith, origin or genes.

From the Journal of Col. John May, of Boston  in 1789 which was in the Pennsylvania Magazine Vol 15 Page 103. "The Col. stayed at the home of a Noel just one days travel (usually 18-20 miles a day, my remark)  from the foot of Laurel Mountain on his way from Boston to Marietta, Ohio". This was either the east side of Laurel Hill on Forbes Road or the west side of the Hill on Braddock's Road. Since this family was established in a house in 1789 they must have come with the Goshenhoppen group. The Goshenhoppen migration may have passed through Conewago, PA and Taneytown, MD where they picked up new members. These people settled near the Catawba Trail south of Forbes Road which connected with Braddock's Road from the Taneytown and Conewago area. While Braddock's Road was not the shortest it was the oldest and maybe the easiest for the Goshenhoppen people and the Colonel to travel.

Joseph's son Peter, born in 1830, was mothered by Maria Longmeyer. However on Nov. 19, 1833 Thomas Longmere married Susanna Risher/Fisher at St Joseph's Taneytown, MD where Joseph Noel is thought to have lived before going to Westmoreland County. The priest at St Vincent's were German and may have used the German spelling. Longmere is a English name.

My father told me in 1945, although it may be false memory, that his middle name was Bloss. The "History of Westmoreland County, PA Vol. IV 1918" refers to him as Leo B. He is buried as Leo B Noel, however he was baptized as Leo Anthony Noel. There is no one living who knows why. This may have not been unusual since I was baptized as Eugene Domenick, ouch! but the birth certificate states Dominic Eugene my preferred usage. In my mothers obituary of 1932, I am referred to as Regis. Some people to this day correct themselves when they use Regis. In the German custom, at baptism, two names were given to the child, the first name was a spiritual ( i.e. a saint's) name. The second name was the secular name, which is the name the person was known by, within the family and to this rest of the world.

Although it seems that we are related to Blasius Noel of Maryland, there are still a few holes to cover. There was Simon Noel and Mary Andressin who married August 12, 1812 at St Vincent's and moved to Loretto,  not the son of Nicholas as he has been found to be the son of  a Peter Noel.  The Peter whose wife was Margaret sponsored their child Margaret on April 9,1815. Jacob Noel and Mary Andreis sponsored Mary Ann in 1817. Sara was born in 1819. Peter and Margaret Noel sponsored Daniel Noel son of Abraham Noel and wife Mary in 1816. Mary Barbara was born in 1820.

In the 1850 Census of Derry Twp., Westmoreland County we find these children living with John and Barbara Ann Friend. There was Luisa 20, Susan 13, Wm. H 15, Julyann 10, Lucinda A 8, and Martha 5.  Cecelia 13 was with Nancy Kimbel who was born in Maryland and again with John and Luisa Case. Lucinda 8, is also listed again with Adam and Mary Beamer.

Alban Noel was on the building fund at St. Vincent's in 1810. Abraham (1788-1876), married to Mary Ann or Magdalen, had children from 1816-38 at Loretto, he was not the son of Nicholas. Simon Noel married  Mary Andressin at Sportsman's Hall in 1812, but their children were born at Loretto.  Peter Noel was at St Vincents 1800 - 1810 but seems to have been at St Patrick's, Newry, Blair Co, PA. An Isaac Noel married a Mary Magdalen Roudebush at Loretto in 1829. This Isaac may have been the son of Peter and Margaret Noel of Sportsman's Hall. A Henry Noel married a Mary Ann Plunkett and had children at Loretto between 1834-38. Blasé Noel married a Sophia Bukre at Loretto in 1826. A Sophia Burke is found in Sportsman's Hall records in 1819(?).

 Thomas Noel came from Ireland in 1849 and Jacob Noel came to Ligonier in 1823 from Adams County.  Nicholas Noel's family is well documented in Loretto. Jacob Noel's family is well documented in Ligonier and John Noel's family* is well documented. The Joseph, Peter, Simon, Abraham and Alban are unaccounted as to origin. Does that leave Joseph Noel the son of Blasius by default as no one else fits into the picture?

However we must ask, how many men had six sons in the American Revolution? Or better still how many Noel's did? There is only one Noel known and that is Peter Noel the son of Joseph of Adams County, PA. Second how many Joseph Noel's, who were of the Catholic faith, went to Westmoreland County, PA from Maryland before 1800? There seems to be only one, our Joseph, since the Joseph of Ligonier was from Adams County, PA and the other Joseph was the son of Nicholas in Loretto, PA.

There is strong theory but no documentation.   DN   6-24-2000.

The last will of Wolfgang Speass/Speace, the father-in-law of Blasius Noel

* John Noel of Derry Twp., shoemaker, s/o Blasius and Mary, born in
Frederick County, Maryland; died 15 Mar 1855 in Derry Twp of old age,
aged 74 years.  Buried in (Mt?) St Vincent Cemetery.  Spouse: Magdalena.
 Living issue: Joachim, Blasius, Aloysius, and Eliza E w/o John (Henry?).
 Certificate returned by Joachim Noel of Derry Twp.

The above is from Death Certificates, Westmoreland County 1852-1855
published in the "Old Westmoreland Quarterly" in August of 1985
by Wm. Iscrupe of SW PA Genealogical Services in Laughlintown.

NOTE!  Both Blasius and his brother Daniel were in the York County Seventh Battalion, 4th Company in the war.
The others are documented but I do not have that now. I would like to know if this outfit was under Lafayette at Yorktown.
What is below is incomplete, no title, but lists all but Nicholas. Casper was the son of John. It should be remembered that in those times the men served many times for short periods. They had to tend the fields, slop the pigs and make future pioneers.

Vol.II 6TH Series reviewed pg.417-706 only York County

Capt. Henry Moore's Payroll Aug.20-Sept.20 1781 John Noel Page 636 John Nowel Page 693 (7 mos.) John Noell Page 523 made his mark (X) 1780 oath.

Capt. Wm.Dodds Payroll Oct.5-Dec.5 1781 Jacob Noll Page 639 Jacob Nowell Page 683 (7 mos.) Jacob Noel Page 525 (Capt.Shearer 5th Btn.) 1780 (Also Capt. Leehner's Co.)

Capt. Ephraim Pennington 1781/2 Jacob Newell Page 652

Capt. John Myers Co. Peter Noll Page 701

Capt.Zolinger's Co. Danl. Noel Page 706 Bloss Noel Page 706

Capt. Andrew Foreman 1781 Casper Noell Page 643

Nowel, Casper - Payroll for the bounty of Captain Andrew Foremans Company of Militia of York County in the State of Pennsylvania guarding the convention prisoners at Camp Security in the Months of November and December 1781

District No. 6, page 247 (index says district 7 - actual page says 6),
Thomas Gurley enumerator,  BLASSE NOEL 1 male 80/90, 1 female 50-60, 1 female 80-90. No one is household
blind/deaf/dumb. No slaves. No free colored. Neighbors, in order of listing, GEORGE WYBLE, PAUL ECK, ELIZABETH
(at least one full page of listing, sometimes two pages) Jacob Smith also age 70-80 and Baltzer Hesson age 80-90, and down
the road at least one page Henry Fox 60-70.

US CENSUS 1820, FREDERICK COUNTY MARYLAND, p. 179, Taneytown Election District, No Township Listed,
Sam'l  L. (Dorsey?) enumerator, census taken October 20, 1820: BLASSIUS NOEL  1 male over age 45, a female over age
45, 1 female slave age 14-26, 1 free colored male age 45 or older, 1 individual engaged in agriculture: Next door neighbor:
PETER NOEL, 2 males under age 10, 1 male age 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 F 10-16, 1 female 16-26. Near neighbors
Frederick Smith, Jacob Smith, Christian Troxall, Blassius Noel, Peter Noel, Abraham Orndorf,  (next name not legible)
Frederick Black, Jacob Gouyger, Joseph Wible Sr, Henry Finfrock Sr, Henry Finfrock Jr.


[ Since the writing of this Page a list of all the Noel's in the Regiment that Louis-Marie Noailles who was second under Colonel d'Oliers in the French Army under General Rochambeau in the Colonial War has been found and there is no Adam Noël listed or any names similar to the Noel's at Sportsman's Hall in the early 1800's, "Les Combattants Francais' 1905.  Also it has been suggested that my Joseph Noel could have been Adam Joseph as he named his first son Adam Peter and to carry this back to Blasius he could have been named Adam Blasius which would concur with the oral history. However all of this information was in the lost records of the Conewago Chapel.

A biography of John Noel, the son of Joseph Noel and Margaret Griffin who went to Iowa in 1835 and them later to Missouri states that his father and mother were from Maryland which concurs with our oral history from his half- brother Jacob who stayed in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

These are the Noël's, Noel's and Noailles who were with the Regiment de Soissonnais at Yorktown. There were also six other French regiments at Yorktown, the Bourbonnais, Royal Deux-Ponts, Saintonge, Agenais, Gatinais and the Touraine. Jean Noel of the Bourbonais is burried at Yorktown. There were 600 French lost in battles on both the land and the sea. One of these was Jean Noël with the Bourbonnais.

de Noailles, Louis-Marte , Colonel at Yorktown
Noailles ; Le Roux dit
Noaille, Jean

Noël, Jean-Baptiste,  Captain
Noël,  Andrei
Noël,  Anterne
Noël,  Bernard
Noël,  Claude
Noël,  Etienne-Thomas
Noël,  Felix
Noël,  Francois (2)
Noël,  Francois-Pierre
Noël,  Guillaume
Noël,  Hamon
Noël,  Henry
Noël,  Jacques
Noël,  Jean (8)
Noël,  Jean-Baptiste  (2)
Noël,  Joseph
Noël,  Julien
Noël,  Louis  (3)
Noël,  Louis-Joseph
Noël,  Michell  (2)
Noël,  Michell-Louis
Noël,  Nicolas
Noël,  Pierre   (5)
Noël,  Pierre-Francois

Noel,  Nicolas
Noel,  Pierre    ]